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Pool Party

Request: hey,could you do a newt AU?he and the reader are best friends, and have a crush on each other but to shy to admit it. Reader is kinda insecure about her body (short and chubby) and thinks she’s not good enough for him, bc teresa is so beautiful and skinny and one day they meet all at the pool at Thomas’ place and Teresa gives reader a bikini bc she thinks she'lllook great in it, she changes in the bathroom she starts crying bc she thinks she’s too fat and then Newt finds her and all fluff thx <3

Warnings: AU

Newt smiled, admiringly staring at you. You and him were walking home from school, talking about each other’s days. You were telling Newt about what the school’s class clown did in your class today. It was hilarious to you, and therefore Newt found it funny, too.

Newt always tried to be on your good side. He really liked you, and really wanted you to like him back. Thing was you already liked him. Both of you were far too shy to admit it. Newt thought you were out of his league, but you thought you weren’t good enough.

You were on the shorter side, and chubby. You thought you looked like some fat whale, when in reality you were averaged sized. Society filled your brain with that you should be stick thin. Thigh gaps, flat stomach, tiny wrists, and decent sized breasts, kind of like your friend Teresa. However, you had thighs that touched, belly rolls, and bigger breasts for a girl your height. You were highly insecure about your physical image, so therefore you thought you weren’t good enough for tall, lanky Newt.

“Hey, Thomas is having a pool party at his house. A summer kickoff. Want to come?” Newt asked as you got to your house. 

“Oh, uh… Sure. Well, I’ll think about it?” You said, clearly unsure. You hated swimsuits. 

“Okay,” Newt looked at you. “It would mean a lot if you came though. But whatever you want. See you later.”

You both hugged and he was gone.

You ended up going to the pool party. You wore a single piece swimsuit with a pair of swim shorts. You also wore a cover-up and planned not to get in the water.

All your’s and Newt’s friends were there. Thomas, Minho, Alby, Gally, Teresa, and a few others were all in the pool, splashing around. You only sat in a chair, observing in the shade. You wanted to get in the water because it was so hot, but you couldn’t bring yourself to do it. Not in front of all your friends.

“Hey, Y/N, get in the pool, yeah?” Teresa asked. She was dripping wet and in a bikini. She looked fantastic, and it made you feel even worse. 

“I think I’m okay…” You sighed, looking away from her.

“What’s wrong? I know you love the water.”

You shrugged, still not looking at her. “I just… I’m not in the mood.”

Teresa rolled her eyes. “I know what you’re thinking. You look fine, Y/N. Honest. What do you have on? A cute swimsuit? If so, it’ll definitely catch Newt’s eyes.”

You blushed at the mention of his name. She knew you had a thing for him. 

“All I have on is a plain pink swimsuit… Single piece.”

“Come on, then. I brought another one, and I know you’ll fit into it.” Teresa grabbed your hand. “We’ll be back, boys!” She shouted at them.

You grimaced. “Teresa, I’m fine, really. I don’t… I won’t fit. You’re so small, and I’m so… not.”

“Y/N, you’re beautiful, and you’ll look amazing in this suit.”

She pulled out a two piece swimsuit from her bag. It was a teal top and bottom. Nothing with a spectacular design, just a nice teal color. She took you to the restroom, shutting the door. 

“You’re not leaving that room until you put it on,” she yelled from the other side. 

You sighed, stripping from your original attire and changing into the new one. It did fit. It wasn’t too snug, or too big. It was perfect for you. Though you couldn’t help but stare at your huge thighs and bulging stomach. You looked terrible.

“I look awful, Teresa.”

She opened the door, smiling right away. “What? No you don’t. You look great, Y/N. It fits perfectly, shows off some skin, you look fine.”

“But… I jiggle.” You were embarrassed. Your body parts jiggled when you walked and you couldn’t stand it.

“So do I and everyone else. Look.” Teresa walked normally, showing that she, too, jiggled. Her thighs shook, despite them being small. Even her stomach shook a little. “See?”


You and Teresa walked back out to the pool. All the boys were still rough housing in the pool, music playing from a stereo. All the boys stopped and stared, looking right at you. You felt so insecure. They were probably thinking how you looked fat in it.

“Looking good, Y/N,” Thomas grinned. “I don’t think I’ve ever seen you in a bathing suit.”

“Yeah, I love that color on you.” Someone else said.

Newt couldn’t keep his eyes off you. He thought you looked so fantastic. Your body was perfect proportioned. You weren’t too thin. You had fat in all the right places. And he especially loved your tummy. He thought it was cute.

“I told you you looked fine. And look, Newt can’t stop staring. Now let’s go swimming,” Teresa whispered.

You nodded your head, feeling slightly better. You both held hands, ran, and jumped in the pool. The water felt cool on your skin. It was refreshing, and you loved to swim. 

“Y/N, I’m so glad you made it. I don’t think I told you that yet,” Newt blushed. He was grinning like he always did when looking at you. 

“Thanks… I’m glad I came, too.”

You and Newt talked and hung out a majority of the time. It was filled with laughter and fun. The rest of the group would occasionally tease the two of you, which often resulted in splash wars.

“I really like you, Y/N,” Newt confessed towards the end of the party. “I think you’re real great.”

“Oh,” you blushed, “I like you, too.”

That was a start of a whole new relationship between you and Newt.


Firstly, THANK YOU ALL FOR YOUR PATIENCE!! This has been an incredibly long process and some of you have been waiting on your request for months and months. Just thank you for waiting. I had nearly 120 requests when I last closed requests, so you can probably imagine why it took so long.

There are about 3 requests that are queued to post every night this week, and I will be taking a short break for the rest of the week. I’m sorry if it bothers you, but I’ve been drowned with this blog since November and it feels good to have nothing on my plate for once. I just need a quick breather before I jump back in next week!

Since I’m drafting a full-length fic (I started writing today!) for AO3, I would like to be able to take time to write some of that and get ahead while I have an opportunity. In order to allow myself that extra time, I will be limiting the amount of requests I can take at once. I’ll start the limit somewhere around 15 requests or so. If I can handle more, I’ll take some. I’ll be sure to keep you all updated :3

In about a month from now I’ll be taking a vacation for a week and will be unable to write requests. That being so, I may only open the ask box to match-ups (that’ll be new territory for me, so please be patient with me!) only for about two weeks before my vacation and just queue them to post that week I’m gone. I’ll think about it for the rest of this week!

I’m going to be very busy the next two/three weeks with graduation, vacation, orientation, etc., so please bear with me. I’ll try my best to get requests open and new content out, but I cannot guarantee anything until about mid-June.

As always, thank you for your support and love! And if you read all the way through this, thank you so much! If you have questions about anything on this post or just in general, feel free to send a message or an ask. I look forward to hearing your new ideas!

—Mama Katsudon <3

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Haven’t made an official post yet because I’m still waiting on all the photos to come in but YOUR GIRL GRADUATED UNDERGRAD THIS WEEKEND! <3 

 I know i haven’t posted the rest of my napowrimo poems, but that’s gonna change today. I finally typed them all up and have them queued up for a poem a day. 

I’m still exhausted from exam week but I’m high of life because I’m done until July when i start teaching and grad school. 

Love y’all, 


– hey cuties I’m Bee, just a 20 year old loser who spends too much time watching rick and morty conspiracy theories. tomorrow is my last day of school so throw some confetti for that. I’m going to be leaving for work when occ interactions start so I’ll have this queued and once I get home from work I’ll be all yours for the rest of the night. Anyways onto this piece of trash, meet Arden

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Ficlet - Rest (Olicity, post-4x15)

This spontaneously wrote itself over the weekend, along with a couple other ficlets I ended up queuing for some reason. This is a small post-4x15 ficlet:

His eyes kept slipping shut of their own volition.

Every few seconds, his lids would grow heavy again, start shutting without his permission, and a few seconds later he’d jolt himself awake, his eyes finding the television screen where Mission Impossible played. It wasn’t that late - it was barely nine - but apparently it was late enough.

A minute later, it happened again and when Oliver opened his eyes, he saw he’d missed fifteen minutes of the movie.

Thirty seconds later, it happened again.

“We’re getting old,” Felicity whispered, pulling him out of another dozing spiral. Her voice was thick with sleep, the words slurred where she laid sprawled on top of him on the couch.

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Calum Girl After All Part 2 - Requested (Calum)

As promised. Part 1

“That was amazing!”

“I know. I liked their music, but I think I just became a super fan”

“Happy I brought you right?” you laugh.

“Super happy”, Jenna pecks your lip as you are queuing to go out.

“I’m buzzing from their energy. I think I’m still a Michael girl though. I mean Cal is hot and all, but did you see how Michael was jumping around. I love that boy”, you scare when a hand rests on your shoulder. You turn around, a tall broad guy is now standing in front of you.

“I’m sent to got you”

“Ge get us?” you stutter, impressed by him.

“To backstage, please follow me”, he turns around and starts walking. You and Jenna quickly follow him.

“What did we do wrong that we have to go back?” you ask Jenna worried.

“We didn’t do anything wrong. Maybe it’s a part of the meet and greet”

“Maybe”, you mutter.

“There are our guests”, Michael immediately comes walking towards you as you walk into the room the guy had let you in. “Enjoyed the show?” he asks hugging you.

“Loved it”, you say a bit surprised.

“What’s wrong? You look scared”

“What is going on here? Are we in trouble”

“Of course not. We liked you girls and thought we could spent some time with you”

“You do know we’re not groupies right?”

“First ouch!” he puts his hand on his heart. “Do you really think we only ask girls to hang out with us to get laid”, you shrug. “No, we like a good conversation too and if something more happens that’s only a bonus”, he winks. You smile, role your eyes and walk in further. You give Luke and Ashton a hug before your eyes meet Calum’s.  You get a shiver down your spine.  

“Hi again”, he says in a husky tone.

“Hi”, your voice is much more silent than what you intended.

“What a drink?” he points to the beer in his hand.

“Yes please”, you’re secretly thanking him, hoping it will loosen you up. He comes back and hands you the drink. You sit down and he does the same thing. You quickly take a couple of sips, only able to think how close he is to you.

“Did you like the show?”

“It was amazing”

“What was your favorite part?”

“Are you seriously gonna make me choose?”

“Yeah”, he smirks.

“Well I can’t, it was all fucking great”, you lean back a bit.

“Yeah I’ll give you that one. We’re just to awesome basically”

“Problems you have”

“Know right”, he laughs. Michael now sits next to you.

“Do you like pizza (Y/N)”, he asks you.

“Of course”

“You like beer?”

“Yeah when it’s cold”

“Like video games?”


“We’re gonna be really good friends, I can feel it”

“Yeah, I feel it too”, you laugh frowning a bit at his weirdness.

“Don’t worry about him, he’s still high on the show”, Calum laughs. “You want another one?”

“I’ll get it”, you smile and get up. You walk to the fridge as Jenna is over there too. “Okay, I have a problem”


“I like Michael”

“That’s good”

“But as a friend”

“Nothing wrong with that babe”

“Yeah, but I get these feelings when Calum looks at me. I feel like I’m getting turned up side down”

“Oh you like him”, she teases”

“Shut up”, you take another beer and walk back. “Don’t you mind other people playing your bass?” you ask Calum as you sit back down.

“Yeah, I love my bass”

“But you just let someone come on stage and play it”

“I know, but I love the fans so that’s fine”, you nod understanding his logics. “Have you ever played?”

“Oh no”, you laugh. “I would suck”

“Won’t be that bad, come on”, he pulls your arm and you let him. You follow him until you’re with the guitars. “Are we lucky they aren’t packed up yet”, he gets his bass out.

“Not that sure if I would call it luck”, he puts it round and places your fingers on the right place.

“Try”, you do but it sounds awful.

“I don’t want to break your baby”, you say wanting to give him the bass back.

“She can take it”, he comes and stands behind you. His body so close that your knees are getting weak. He puts his arms round you, his hands on yours, it fires up all your fibers. Your breathing becomes more shallow. You let him guide you your hands. “See sounds great already”

“That’s because of the great teacher”, you can feel him breathing against the skin of your neck, leaving goosebumps all over your body.

“You’re pretty great yourself”, he says and pecks your cheek, his touch makes your body tremble. “I would love to give you some more lessons”

“I’d like that”, you smile as he takes the bass back. I’m a Calum girl after all, you think getting butterflies in your tummy as Calum intertwines his fingers with yours.