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Based on prompt by @winter-in-wakanda: Could you write a Bucky x Reader where Reader is always getting scrappy with people who badmouth Bucky? That’s how he realizes how much she cares about him? If you can fit it in that she’s Tony’s little sister (maybe she roughs Tony up a bit for being cruel to Buck?), awesome, but if not, cool.

A/N: Ugh I feel like every author’s note I write is just me apologizing for not writing more and promising to try harder.  I write when I can, I promise you that, and will continue to do so as my schedule permits.  Also, I’m writing prompts out of order because certain ones just work for me on certain days, so while my Coming Soon list does have all the prompts I have, it doesn’t really reflect the order of what I’ll be writing just because my inspiration and will to write is super random.
Logistic note on this story, I’m not exactly sure when it takes place because it kind of doesn’t fit within the MCU canon, so let’s just go with it and call it a day, okay?  Okay.

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You’re heading out of the briefing room when you first hear the whispers.

You try to ignore it, but you’re not a super spy for nothing, and you can’t help but catch every single word of the passing agents’ conversation.

“I don’t know why they let him go on missions,” one agent says, her face contorted in a condescending sneer.  “Frankly, I don’t know why they don’t have him locked up in maximum security.”

“Is he really that bad?” the other agent asks, his face half-horrified, half-disbelieving.

“He’s a monster,” the first one says, and it’s then that you blood begins to boil.  You know exactly who she’s talking about.

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Le Figaro interview (google translation)

By  Nathalie Chuc Published 22/03/2017 at 13:00

New York. Cute costume and eccentric socks, very witty and laughing, Dan Stevens has a piercing azure look. Revealed by the Downton Abbey series , the 34-year-old Briton is the hero of Beauty and the Beast , a wonderfully adapted musical film by Walt Disney’s Oscar-winning classic, released in 1991.

What did the animated movie La Belle et la Bête mean to you ?
When it came out, I was 9 years old: I never imagined then playing the beast one day! I liked the movie as everyone did at the time and I remember the soundtrack that remains in the lead. On the filming of our adaptation, I have never been tired of rehearsing these songs. We added three new ones, one of which I interpret myself. My wife, a singing teacher, coached me for the audition. She then helped me to work on this song. It was a first for both of us, working together for a film.

Did you know the story of the tale by Jean Cocteau of 1946?
Of course! And there are a few winks to this beautiful version in our film. I hope the French will find them. The director Bill Condon would have even wanted to do even more “Cocteau” if he could. We were also inspired by the way of playing the Beast, very tragic, by Jean Marais, for whom I have great admiration. I also saw the version of Christophe Gans with Vincent Cassel.

One imagines that your children are proud to have a dad hero of a Disney film …
My children are in heaven! It is for them that I do it. I like, from time to time, to make a role really thinking of them - it’s very special for me, suddenly, when I play. This was also the case when I played Lancelot in The Night at the Museum 3 with Ben Stiller. I had them come on the set, it was magic for them. They’re watching this movie all the time.

'The Downton Abbey movie will happen': Michelle Dockery on playing Lady Mary, a toilet-cleaning con artist and a feminist cowgirl

For now, she’s sweeping away her genteel reputation in Good Behavior and Godless – as well as starring alongside Bryan Cranston in Ivo van Hove’s stage adaptation of the 1976 film ‘Network’

Gerard Gilbert Wednesday 27 September 2017

It must have come as a shock to fans of Michelle Dockery’s Lady Mary Crawley in Downton Abbey – or perhaps as a sneaking satisfaction to those who thought the haughty aristocrat verging on the insufferable – to have witnessed the actress’s follow-up television role in the American drama Good Behavior.

The establishing shots of Dockery’s character, a paroled junkie grifter called Letty Raines, see her flipping burgers and cleaning a lavatory pan in a scuzzy diner and kneeing a would-be rapist in the groin. It almost feels like some form of self-abasing penance – the type that medieval nobility might practise – for all those years playing the imperious Lady M.

“I wasn’t actively out to do something so vastly different,” says Dockery, back in the UK after a long summer shooting the second season of Good Behavior in North Carolina. “I loved Mary, I loved that character so much, so I would be doing a disservice to go ‘eugh…I want to do something completely different’. But then most of the British people watching the show, the last thing they would have seen me in was Downton, so there’s no denying that will draw people to seeing Lady Mary cleaning the toilet…" 

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I haven’t had too amazing of a con yet (my hotel overbooked and a Huge Mess was created - more on that later in my main blog) but here’s me from today. I had three people asked me how I did my hair and were amazed it was a wig. That was whoa because I was kinda like ‘eff this’ when I was putting it on whoops lol (then again if the S6 wig can win an Emmy). Anyway, I did have one person ask me what I was from and when I told her Downton Abbey, she was like, ‘oh, you’re Mr Bates’ wife!’ ngl that’s not the first time someone can’t remember Anna’s first name but hey. More pics of my adventures are on my Instagram.

I was tagged by @thecrownedgoddess. Thank you! (and sorry it took so long).

Zodiac Sign? Libra

Which of the 7 Deadly Sins fits you best? Gluttony, I guess

When picking a brownie, do you pick the middle, side, or corner piece? Middle

When it comes to sound, which is prettier: Violin or Piano? Piano, I’ve loved it for as long as I can remember

List your OTP’s here, as many as you can think of! Victoria and Albert (Victoria), Matthew Crawley and Lady Mary (Downton Abbey), Tommy Shelby and Grace Burgess (Peaky Blinders), Matt Murdock and Elektra (Daredevil), Kara and Mon-El (Supergirl), Barry and Iris (The Flash), Betty and Jug (Riverdale)

What colour lightsaber would you have? Pink, idk if it’s a thing tho, I never watched Star Wars

What is your aesthetic? I feel like this blog is quite representative of it

Hogwarts house? Hufflepuff

Which one of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse do you think you could totally be/want to be? I had to google this and like… neither (?) maybe the white one idk

Aliens or ghosts? Aliens

If you could live in any past era, what one would it be? late 1800s - early 1900s

Would you ever swim with sharks? Nah

What’s your favourite word? Serenity, ethereal, transcendental 

Favourite band? Arctic Monkeys, Vampire Weekend, Fleet Foxes, The Killers

Have you ever wondered, even for a moment, what another human tastes like? Not that I particularly remember, but I probably have lol

Fire or ice? Ice

Light or dark? Light

What’s your favourite romantic troupe? Forbidden love is a good one, but I’m a sucker for pretty much any type of love story

What’s your favourite quote of all time? “I don’t do anything with my life except romanticize and decay with indecision” - Allen Ginsberg. There are many more I love, but this is the one I feel resonates with me no matter what.

What’s your favourite holiday? Christmas for sure

How far would you go to keep the person or thing you love the most? I will try my hardest to not lose someone I love, but at the end of the day if a person is completely uninterested to maintain the relationship you just gotta let it go, whether it’s a romantic relationship or a friendship. You can’t force people to love and care for you.

Who or what are you most loyal to? Friends, family, my principles

What’s your favourite flower? I like all flowers, perhaps roses

Favourite amusement park ride? I was never a big fan of rides, they’re not my thing

Favourite board game? Monopoly and Risk

What’s your favourite meme? I don’t have one, they all get either boring or annoying after a while

Favourite ice cream flavour? Chocolate

Disney character you are going to FIGHT: None, they’re all getting what they deserve haha

Last book you read/book you are currently reading: Last book I finished was Simon vs the homo sapiens agenda. And the books I have currently started but not finished are Morning Star by Pierce Brown, All the light we cannot see by Anthony Doerr, Atonement by Ian McEwan, Madame Bovary by Gustave Flaubert

What characters are your “children,” so to speak? Peter Parker is the only one I can think of right now

Favourite comic series? I haven’t read enough comics to have a favorite

Favourite Tim Burton movie? Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children or Big Fish

What character, and it can only be one character, do you ship yourself with? I don’t really ship myself with any characters. Maybe Captain America lol

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I remember filming the garden party sequence at the end of the first series when war is announced. We were so lucky - I think we shot that over two or three days and the weather was so kind to us. I remember the ash cloud when there were no planes in the sky for ten days, and Maggie and I standing out on the lawn with this beautiful clear blue sky, in these costumes, and there were no vapour trails, not the echo of a plane anywhere. I remember her saying, “This is what it must have been like”, and suddenly I was transported back a century, and she was right. That was a vivid moment. - Hugh Bonneville

“The under-butler winding the clocks, what are we coming to?”

*season six spoilers below*

In general, I adore the idea of Thomas and his clocks, but this scene is especially touching. 

Without Jimmy, there’s no one left to care for the clocks, just like Thomas thinks that without Jimmy, there’s no one left to care for him. 

He winds and repair the clocks in Jimmy’s absence (”no one else’ll do anything about it”), while at the same time, he tries to fix himself with the injections from the advert. But you’re not a machine, Thomas. People can’t be “fixed” easily like a clock. 

When he faces that harsh reality, he finally allows Miss Baxter to care for him. It’s a beautiful little subplot and a sign of so much growth for his character.

A lovely episode like this one is what makes me so disappointed with Thomas’s story arc in s6. He learned, he grew, he reached out to Miss Baxter before things were too dire. It’s like an eraser was taken to everything accomplished up until that point. I despise when suicide is used as a cheap plot device (and I’m biased for my own reasons when it comes to that) - but biases aside, it just made no damned sense. It would have made no sense even after s2, or should we just forget his experience with Edward Courtenay?

So, I close my eyes and pretend s6 wasn’t a thing, and I try to remember episodes like this one, where Thomas’s story was complex and nuanced and worthy of his character. 

And in my headcannon, this is always Thomas’s happy place; his hands and mind busy, feeling a sense of accomplishment when he helps a broken clock to tick again.


Then & Now

The cast and crew of Downton have already said their goodbyes, but for the audience, the end is just beginning.
It’s almost time for us to say goodbye, so let’s remember the moments when we first said hello.

Enjoy! And don’t forget to watch in HD (-:



we will, Phyllis, we will :)

To the Downton Abbey fandom...

The reason I’m really dreading the end of Downton Abbey is this: I want this fandom to keep going even when it’s over. 

I want us to keep churning out heartwarming and heartbreaking fics, crafting lovely photosets, and supporting each others ships. We are a small but mighty fandom, and we’ve gotten bigger with each passing series. I want this fandom to be like the Harry Potter fandom: even after the final credits roll, we must keep writing our drabbles and loving our OTPs, becoming even more passionate than when the show was on. 

I’m just putting it out there: don’t stop bringing life to this fandom. Keep it going for years. Make sure they remember us. I don’t want it to end.

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Downton Abbey creator Lord Julian Fellowes speaks to Fresh Air’s Dave Davies about his personal realization concerning the upstairs-downstairs social dynamic portrayed in the show:

“I remember one time when I was quite young … I was staying in a house and I got lost and I went through the wrong door, and I was standing at the top of the staircase that led down into the kitchens and everything. And there was a tremendous row going on between what sounded like four or five, six people shouting. … And I suddenly had such a powerful sense of the lives that were being lived by the people who worked there. Not, you know, only the family who lived there, but people who worked there were also, you know, enjoying life or hating each other or loving each other or whatever.”

Lord Fellowes in front of Highclere, where Downton is filmed

Fic: A Learned Man of Letters

I turned 34 today and, while that is a long way past the time where birthdays are exciting, I didn’t want my Thommy friends to be sad on my birthday! So hopefully this cheers you up a bit. Based on someone (flippy’s?) prompt about Jimmy’s letters to Thomas. Although I should warn you it gets worse before it gets better.

A Learned Man of Letters (almost certainly AU). Spoilers for season 5, episode 1 and THAT scene of episode 2.

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I just knew that I had to go for it. There was something really liberating, actually, playing Mary and being completely covered in mud and falling over. I loved it. When I read that scene, I was like, “This is madness.” I remember coming out of my trailer in this beautiful purple dress, and the costume department was standing there with buckets of mud, and they were all wearing rubber gloves, and said, “Are you ready?” I was like, “Go for it.” They covered me completely. I felt like a kid again actually.
—  This season we saw Lady Mary get down and dirty, very literally. How was it filming that pig scene?
-Vanity Fair

“You do remember that I’m Irish and you’re English–”

“Half English,” Sybil reminded him with a wink.  “Besides, I thought you liked my ‘American spirit’ that I had inherited from my mother?”

Tom chuckled and gave her a wink in return as he chopped the union for the sage and union stuffing that would accompany the turkey.  “I do think it’s funny though,” he added.  “That your grandmother allowed your mother to bring something as 'vulgar’ as an American holiday to Downton.”

Sybil laughed.  “Actually, it wasn’t Mama, but me…” she sighed.

Tom paused in his chopping.  “Really?”

Sybil nodded and gave him a sheepish smile.  “When I was six we went to New York to visit my American grandmother–”

“I miss Martha,” Tom sighed.  “We need to go visit her sometime in the near future.”

After the baby,” Sybil reminded, though she did grin at Tom’s longing to see her grandmother; she knew both he and Martha Levinson would become thick as thieves upon meeting.  “Anyway, we were visiting Grandmama, and she took me into the city to see the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade, and then we had a scrumptious feast back at the house–”

“Cooked by someone else,” Tom added.

“Trust me, that’s a good thing,” Sybil assured him.

Tom gave a mock gasp.  “I’m going to tell her you said that.”

“ANYWAY!” Sybil groaned, trying to get back to the story.  “I loved the Thanksgiving holiday so much that I begged Mama and Papa to please, please, please let us celebrate it at Downton, and…well, there are some perks to being the youngest,” Sybil giggled, not feeling guilty in the slightest.  “Parents are a little more likely to give in to one’s requests.”

“Remember that when our youngest demands she wants a tattoo.”

Sybil rolled her eyes and Tom chuckled.  “So it’s your fault then, is what you’re saying?”

“Guilty as charged,” Sybil sighed, before looking down at the table once again and checking the place settings.

“So then why are we hosting this meal?”

Sybil laughed.  “Well, because this is our first Thanksgiving as a married couple,” she told him, before coming over and weaving her arms around his neck.  “And by hosting it, that means 'Branson house rules’; no forced-dressing up, no excess or unnecessary extravagance, and certainly no talk about 'Tory politics’–”

Tom cut her off by kissing her deeply, to which Sybil happily returned.

“Have I told you how much I love you, Mrs. Branson?”

She smiled and brushed her lips against his once more.  “One never tires of hearing it,” she whispered.


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