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This is much crackier than the previous episode’s iteration, but I love how the writers this season are having Sam explicitly draw on his own experiences to relate to and comfort others (12x05)

  • What artists say: #soon
  • What they really mean: Definitely not soon. In fact, so far in the future that you might have grand children by the time we release the new album. Enjoy the waiting!
Dean Winchester’s list of accomplishments (abridged)

1. Survived Hell

2. First human to escape Purgatory

3. Overcame the Mark of Cain

4. Befriended angels, the King of Hell, and God himself (among others)

5. Survived being raised by John Winchester

6. Evaded the police despite being on the FBI’s Most Wanted list for years

7. Protected Sam Winchester (because let’s face it, keeping that little shit alive is a full-time job)

8. Saved people who will never know to thank him

9. Hunted things most people who piss themselves at seeing

10. Killed Hitler

about jasper’s single-mindedness

i feel like i’m one of few jasper fans who’s not waiting on the scene where we find out jasper watches romantic comedies or paints in her spare time. i honestly don’t think that would add much to her character, and while i wouldn’t mind, i think people kinda… fail to understand the whole point, the whole tragedy of what she’s been up until now.

here’s the thing - one element of jasper’s character that we’ve seen again and again is that she doesn’t have a life. she’s defined herself by her purpose, as a way of coping with everything that happened. she can dismiss the traumas of the war and, later, malachite, because she has one, focused goal. if she fails, she falls apart. she loses to her own self-pity.

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come on guys don’t hate on this episode! it wasn’t my favorite. it’d be hard to call any episode without cas a personal favorite at this point. but it was exactly what we needed. a little mind-numbing escapism with a hint of reality check. we didn’t need the soap-opera of emotions tonight. i think most of you can agree with me when i say this week has been enough of an emotional roller-coaster already. sometimes you just need a little goofy, trashy, whatever amusement to get away from the world for an hour or so. take some time for yourself, gather yourself. and then return to facing the real issues. like i said, there’s a reason this episode was slotted for this date. enjoy the break. (to paraphrase  @casthewise​) not everything has to be perfect and amazing all the time–it’s clear in real life that’s not the case. so take a little bit of silliness. we’re already agonizing over real life right now.

stay kind, stay hopeful, stay loving my friends xx

You know the reason why I’m still waiting for him? It’s because I don’t want to spend my whole life wondering ‘what if he comes back looking for me’.
—  Late night thoughts #33 // i can wait forever
Thoughts on 12x05

Just got around to watching the new episode before bed (I know I’m a little late to the party) and wow… Uh… I know they filmed this a while back but all the talk of resurrecting the Fuhrer being perfect in the current economic climate, and said Fuhrer exclaiming ‘imagine what I can do with Twitter!’ is just hitting a little too close to home at the moment eh?

The whole characterisation of him as a petulant child rather than a very intense serious figure just adds to the overall feeling that clearly SPN are out of fucks to give and are throwing clear political parallels in left right and center at this point xD

On a happier note though I’m getting the warm and fuzzies just imagining the next conversation Dean has with Cas.

“Hey, hey Cas, guess what? I killed Hitler.”


In fact Dean is a complete puppy throughout most of this episode, it’s nice to see him more upbeat, and frankly… enjoying himself and enjoying his job. It’s almost as if he’s comforted with a clear good/evil line for once, like he’s relishing in the fact that he gets to play the hero for once. 

I mean if we look back to Pacman Fever Charlie’s game was very similar to what Dean and Sam have just been through - fighting Nazi Necromancers (I think they might have been actual zombies in Charlie’s game but the two share similarities) to save the patients, or Ellie in this case. 

Basically Dean’s having a whale of a time and taking a lot of glee in potentially getting to use the grenade launcher to take out Nazis. Sadly it wasn’t meant to be in this episode, but hey, we’ve got plenty of time. 

One thing I was looking out for is how violent Dean was getting, as from experience it is generally this and lack of appetite that is always used to suggest something is very wrong with Dean. But I felt that they never go there - I mean, we’ve got Sam and Dean in a full out brawl, shooting people in the head etc. but their force never comes off as excessive. neither has to step in and stop the other when they believe they’re getting too rough, or getting too much enjoyment out of this.

Then Dean suggests they go get pie at the end of the episode.

I don’t know how much is conscious effort on the writers’ part, but we’re continuing down a path where Dean has yet to fall into old habits, the bad coping habits. Nothing to suggest he hasn’t slept, no excessive drinking…

I’m sure a lot of people have already torn apart the comment about sublimation being kinda Dean’s thing in relation to his habit of projecting his own insecurities onto others among other things - but it’s again worth noting as something Dean uses as a distraction in this particular episode. He has trouble expressing himself about how he feels about Mary leaving, so he takes satisfaction and security out of a relatively easy hunt where he gets to actually kill the bad guys. It’s not what he really wants, but it’s enough to channel some of the hurt and frustration into something good.

I’m no pro at psychology though, so don’t take my word for it xD

There’s more to say on this episode for sure but for now I don’t have the time or brain power to delve deeper into it >> time for bed!! Good night all :D

Feeling like I’m a little out of practice drawing traditionally, what with all the painting and digital stuff I’ve been doing lately, so I did some really quick pen and marker busts of people’s Fatebinders with what art stuff I had on my person.

Done without an under-drawing (big mistake), and I got impatient and didn’t wait for the black ink to dry, so it’s a little bleedy. Sorry for mangling people’s fatebinders. ;_;

Clockwise, from top:

Kyriake (mine), Colette ( @those-strange-trees ), Inkar ( @professorwillynilly ), Delphina ( @kittymaverick ), Caithness ( @christinedabae ), and finally, Reyvanna ( @evilrevan )

Apologies for the truly awful lighting DX

He likes to hurt you. He loves to see you in pain, it gives him some satisfaction. He enjoys to see you in tears, from begging for his love. He waits for you to be unguarded and distracted, for him to steps in. He realizes youre unaware. He fills you with love, just about time for him to leave you. He knows youre suffering, thats how he knew he made it. Dont take this personal, its just his way to kill you.
—  What my brain tells my dying heart