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the serpents come out at night - Jughead Jones

requested: “Jughead smut about the jacket? Like the reader is really mad he took it but he looks really hot and sin happens? Plz I’m a ho sorry”


warning(s): SMUT, slight alcohol use

fuck here we go


The night is cold, tranquil. In FP Jones’ trailer the moonlight gives off a blue glare through the shutters on the windows, and the cans of Bud Lite that were previously gulped down with ease are now laying on the carpeted floor, slightly crushed.

You’re pinned against the wall, your legs wrapped against Jughead’s waist - your lips furiously moving against his in a rushed motion as he takes your shirt off effortlessly, your hands latching onto his clothing and doing the same.

And then he’s pouncing onto you again - his name written against your breaths of desperation for him to just do something already. He grabs your waist and kisses down your neck, nipping softly, before there’s a knock at the door.

“Oh my god -” You gasp out, Jughead losing his confidence in the spur of the moment, his head whipping around to look at the door.

“Is that your mom..?” He asks quietly, setting you down on the kitchen counter, pulling his shirt on, not bothering to fix his hair when he walked to the door.

You didn’t bother replying, you just followed him close behind.

Jughead was conversing with the Southside Serpents, from what you could tell - something about FP not snitching and how they would always have his back.

And then you saw the jacket.

That god damned jacket - the Snake embroidered leather jacket that symbolized all that was the antichrist of Riverdale. It shocked you, for a small moment.

But what really got to you was when he put it on.

Your boyfriend, Forsythe Pendleton Jughead Jones III, innocent, weird writer kid, with sex hair and a little smirk on his face, puts it on.

And you fucking die, you swear.

You widen your eyes and feel your heart tense up, your hand grabbing onto his arm, which is now guarded by his new article of clothing. “Juggie..?”

He thanks the Serpents and waves to them before closing the door behind him, walking back inside, an aura of badassery clinging to him. It was a new vibe, and strangely, you liked it.

“Jug -”

He didn’t even let you speak before you were hurled up into his arms and making out with him again, right back where you started. His hands decide to travel more, unzipping your shorts and shoving them down.

You whine and pull back, his lips all smudged from your lipstick, and you swear it’s the hottest thing you’ve ever seen. He doesn’t hesitate to get to the point. He runs his fingers over your heat slowly and pulls them back, grinning and biting his lip.

“Naughty girl..” He mutters to himself and picks you up again, running to the small bedroom in the given space of the trailer, tossing you onto the unmade bed. “I want your underwear off.”

You immediately obey him, taking your lacy thong off, sliding it down your legs teasingly.

He leans down and kisses at your v line, leaving tiny hickies along his way to your cunt, pinning your hips to the bed so you couldn’t move away when he licked a stripe up.

You gasped and curled your toes, looking down at your beautiful boyfriend. “Jug -!”

He moaned, raspily, and began to eat you out, using every skill known to man with his tongue, and his lips, sucking on your clit as well. He’s so good at it and you don’t know if this is his first time or not, but fuck, does he know how to go down on you.

You have no idea where this boost of confidence came from, but you are not complaining in any way. Jughead is taking his time and going hard, looking up at you with lust the entire time, his eyes seducing you to the point of insanity.

You whimper underneath him, your body writhing on the bed in attempt to buck up and have some sort of liberation, your hand fisting in his somewhat nappy brown locks, back arching.

“Juggie, oh my god - yes..”

“Mhm?” He moans against you, and just as you’re about to come he pulls away, his lips wet and red. “Was that good, baby?”

“Wh - no! Go back!”

“I don’t think you call the shots, (Y/N)..” He purrs, kissing at your neck again, rubbing you slowly, one of his long, amazing fingers slipping into you. “God, how is it that you’re so wet already and I’ve barely touched you?”

You sobbed and held onto him tight, rolling your hips against him and sucking on his collarbone, making sure he fucking felt that. “Take your shirt off, and the jacket - please..”

(there’s about to be some serious sin here folks prepare yourselves)

In almost an instant, his jacket and his shirt come off, as well as his socks and jeans, and he’s left in nothing but his tented boxers.

“Here’s what you’re gonna do..” He mutters, his lips pressed against your ear, “I’m gonna let you go, and you’re gonna make me feel good. Got that?”

You obey him when he let go of you, and start palming him through his boxers, squeaking quietly when you felt him twitch underneath his hand. “Jug..”

“Keep goin’.”

You nod, gulping and slowly taking his boxers down, your breath catching in your throat when you see him fully. But you still wrap your hand around him, stroking slowly at first - speeding up when Jughead moans at you to continue.

“That’s a good girl..” He rasps. “Suck me off.”

God, this was it.

You wrapped your lips around him and sucked slowly, teasing him, moving all the way down to his base, cupping his hip. He threw his head back and pushed himself into your mouth even more, panting. “God, (Y/N).. that mouth is astonishing.”

You groan around him and look up, using your tongue to brush the underside of his cock, his breath hitching.

It’s been a few minutes of you giving him head, and it’s tense - and hot. Jughead is moaning and gripping your hair and pushing you down further onto him, so close.

“H - Haah.. god, I’m close, baby, come on..”

His encouraging words made you speed up, and you pulled back, stroking him as fast as you possibly could. “Come on, Juggie, come on..”

“Open your fuckin’ mouth.”

You obeyed him again, sticking your tongue out while you opened.

Jughead felt a rush of excitement pulse through his veins as he reached his release, letting a low cry out as he came into your mouth, his back arching. “Fuuuck..”

You swallowed so the horrible taste wasn’t in your mouth anymore, panting when you were finished. “Thank you, Forsythe..”

“Mhm.” He grunts, laying down and pulling you next to him, “You’re welcome.”



“I - I didn’t come, yet..”


“C - Can I?”

Jughead though for a moment. “No.”

“Why not?!”

“Tomorrow, my love, I will wake you up with a surprise.”


“Now, enough talking, go to sleep.”

You cuddled closer into him and nuzzled his neck, appreciating the warmth of his body. “Okay, goodnight, baby.”

“Night, babe.”


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Cheating series: Yoosung x Mc [Part 4: Saeyoung Ending]

Sooo guys! Seven’s ending is here! You wonder why I use both Seven and his real name Saeyoung? That’s because he’s most known as Seven or 707, but depends on situation, I use his real name because he wants it (if you played his route, you know it right?)

Tagging @lennyloekyto because she doesn’t want to miss any updates lol. Such a cutie <3

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Yoosung Ending

✉ ✉ ✉ ✉ ✉ ✉ ✉ ✉ ✉ ✉ ✉ ✉ ✉ ✉ ✉ ✉ ✉ ✉ ✉ ✉

Seven’s POV:

“I will talk to him, Seven.”

MC said, her voice weak and hoarse from all the crying. At that moment, I couldn’t help but feel my heart broken into pieces like a shattered glasses. She would probably forgive Yoosung and come back to him since she wanted to talk to him. She was too nice of a person. Honestly, Yoosung didn’t deserve her. Why? Because he was just an innocent college student, he depended on her too much while taking her love for granted. He cheated on her with another woman that looked like Rika. Sure Rika was an important person for creating RFA, but that fact had changed ever since I found out the truth about Mint Eye. Right now, all I wanted was to take her into my arms and protect her from all harms. Last night when I came to Rika’s apartment, she was crying so much she couldn’t even speak properly, but I knew that she needed a shoulder to lean on. She was so vulnerable that I couldn’t just leave her alone. A part of me hate Yoosung for hurting MC, for breaking her heart. I wished I could be the person who can heal her wound. Hesitating for a moment, I nodded and went to open the gate for Yoosung. ‘This is the end, isn’t it? It’ll all be over once she’s done talking with him’. I thought to myself as he walked in, sadness was the only thing I could see on his face.

“I’ll leave you two alone then.”

I said then turned on my heels to return to my dark and small room where I could hide my true self. I put on my headphones to block out all the sounds. I didn’t work on my current task. Instead, I lied down on the bed and closed my eyes, recalled all the messages I exchanged with MC. I sighed ‘Haah…She would never choose me right? There was never a chance for me’. Little did I know, my wish was about to come true.

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Desperate (James x MC NSFW)

(Alrighty, here’s a thing! So the lovely Nai (naidrawsnsfw) mentioned this idea while we were chatting a while ago, and I’m sorry it took me so long! School kills the soul and stuff tbh. This isn’t as long as my other fics, but it’s a little over a thousand words which equals a oneshot in my book. xD

Enjoy! Also check out Nai’s art cause it’s hella awesome! :D)


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re: Life Senjou no Bokura Spoilers

I can’t stop anyone from checking the raws and posting their summary on other websites but please stop discussing it through this blog’s ask. (´・ω・`)
I don’t mind them and there are some points really REALLY I want to address but I want to keep this blog spoiler-free. I don’t want to reveal the story without the visuals since my slob of a narration will just ruin the brilliance of Miya-sensei’s writing.

In light of the recent chapter update, I think I should put out a warning (albeit a little late.)

If you don’t want drama cliffhangers, wait until we finish working on the whole volume before reading.

There’re just 2 chapters and an extra left so I think we’ll be done in about 15-20 days. I seriously want everyone to continue reading even if you felt betrayed by c.3!

Here, I want to go into detail as to why I avoid spoilers as much as I can. It’s wordy and some might find it to be a rant (I’m not ranting! I’m pretty indifferent but I like reasoning with people haha) but if you’re interested, read on under the cut. I’m open for discussions too. Leave a reply/shoot me a message (・∀・)b 

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Letters to You [12]

Genre: Fluff, Angst, Comedy
Pairing: Shigezane x MC (Aki)

tagging: @i-dont-look-good-i-look-great @han-pan @amigoingbananas @longing4 @myotomespace @gobigforshigz2k17

One TwoThreeFourFive Six SevenEightBonusNineTen Eleven • Twelve: Lovers for a Day

Exhausted. But still had to work.

Aki Katakura can’t help but frown at the men in front of her. Their faces bruised and some of them were groaning. She looked around the training hall, sweat dripping from her forehead down to her chin. In front of her was one of the men of the Date army. She positioned herself in a fighting stance, ready strike at any time.



How disappointing.

“Too slow! Damn it, you’re not kids anymore to teach things over and over again. You should be able to do a simple thing such as this!” She took down one of the men in a single swing of her bokuto. “Your sides were wide open! Don’t tell me a woman can even beat the shit out of you all!”

The men whom she took down kept on groaning in pain, she can’t help but click her tongue in annoyance.

A week just after Masamune asked her to help for Shigezane’s wedding, Aki resumed to her duties for a few days as his page once more, Kojuro then asked her as part time trainer for the men of the Date army. Today she gave them a series of practice match.

“Take a water break first, then do sword swings, all of you!” Her voice rang through the training hall. The groaning and whining of the men louder than the usual. It’s hell of a training for them, since they soon will depart for battle. “You can’t stop until I told you to!”

“Damn, why does the dragon lady have to train us, today of all days?!”

“At least, it’s Lady Aki who’s training us and not Lord Kojuro.” One of the men said, “Compared to Lord Kojuro, this is a light training already.” Hearing the the men around her exchange, Aki furrowed her eyebrows. She approached them, practice swords in hand.

“Should I make you train outside in the heat then? Enough gossiping and get to training already.” She glared at them, the soldiers then hurriedly positioned themselves along with the others. Practicing sword swings.

“Take this seriously, you lot! Remember we are fighting for Lord Masamune and the Date clan!” She shouted once more, boosting the morale of the soldiers.

“Yeah!” They responded, Aki lightly smiled. “That’s the spirit! We might go at the front any day now, we should always be prepared.”

“Mm? I heard a dragon lady was training a group of men here!”

That voice.

“Lord Shigezane!!” The men cried once they saw him on the door of the training hall. Aki continued to wipe the sweat off her forehead, ignoring Shigezane.

“Save us, Lord Shigezane!” One of the men called, soon after lots of them are asking the same thing. This made Aki step up, confusion eyes she spoke. “Tch, a few minutes ago they were so fired up, what happened to their morale?” Shigezane approached her, before putting an arm around her shoulder.

“Now, calm down my doll.” He chided her.

“I am calm. And Who are you calling doll? This is not the time for whi–”

“You. I am calling you a doll you matcha loving woman.” He said, “Don’t pout like that in front of other men. You being adorable and such was only for me.”

“Ew, Shigezane.”

“Ahaha Aki. You say ‘ew’ yet you blush whenever I compliment you. Look at how tsundere our Aki has become.” He pinched both of her cheeks, earning an ‘oooh’ from the men surrounding them. Aki blushed furiously. His actions sure are making her embarrased.

“Just get together already!” Tanaka shouted, fist up in the air. Shigezane laughed among the cheers. He fixed his eyes on Aki, who’s blushing while scolding the men for being noisy. Shigezane then cleared his throat.

“I’m going to challenge Aki to a practice sword fight.” He said, “The loser gets to do 3 things the winner wants them to do, the winner also gets to do whatever they want with your training.”

“Go on and win this Lord Shigezane and ask Lady Aki to marry you instead of that Maeda guy!”

“Yeah! We don’t care what happens to our training!”

“Hey!” Aki shouted.

“Idiot Shigezane,” she groaned, “Kojuro will kill me if I don’t train these men. You know that better than anyone don’t you?”

“It’s fine. I’ll take responsibility for this. So what do you say, Aki?”


“Come on!i It’s been a while since we’ve done this, us being busy and all, so?”

She’s having second thoughts. But as Shigezane said, they haven’t done this in a while. Aki raised a brow at his challenge, bloodlust in her eyes. She gave him a practice sword, smiling at him

“Bring it on.”


“Gah!” She groaned, her hands gripped the bokuto tight. Shigezane was getting the upper hand. She panted, trying to catch her breath.

“Match!” Tanaka shouted, halting the match between them.

Shigezane reached out a hand to her. Which she took. She stood up, her breathing ragged and her body on fire.

“I accept my defeat. So, what do you want me to do?” She asked, catching up her breath.

“Mm, come to think of it Aki, you never had any lover don’t you?”

“… I hate you Shigezane.”

Shigezane smiled, whispering his conditions for her.

“We what?!”

Being a loser, sucks.

After getting a fresh change of kimono
, taking a quick bath to freshen up and cooking, Aki walked around the castle while waiting for Shigezane. Furoshiki in hand she waits for him in her garden. She felt the exhaustion from the past days took over her. All she can do was stretch out her shoulders while checking her flowers.

“Hack! Haaah… haah.” Her cough is also not getting any better. She held her kerchief close to her mouth, covering it. Once she looked at the kerchief, disgust was all she can feel. Disgust for herself, for letting something like that affect her decisions and in almost everything.

“Hm, won’t last until fall, huh? Well, shall we check on that one?” She murmured to herself. She held the kerchief tight, before putting it back on the inside of her kimono. She chewed some of the medicine and popped a bekko-ame to her mouth. Feeling the sweet taste, she chuckled to herself bitterly.

“Haha, such a pity I fell to this. I don’t have much time left, so I better enjoy everything, right?” She sighed,

“What do you mean you don’t have much time left?” Masamune’s voice startled her, she bit her lip, cold sweat trickled on her back. He heard her. She practiced to smile as if nothing happened, before turning to face him.

“Lord Masamune~ what brings you here?” She acted jovially, even when Masamune was giving her a serious look. She hid the jar of bekko-ame in the furoshiki she brought.

“I was looking for you,” he said, looking closely at her. Masamune pursed his lips, he focused his gaze on her eyes. “Kojuro told me you were training the soldiers on your day off.”

“Well, he asked me to and it’s just for a half day. Ah, well… I’m free this afternoon but I need to attend to Shigezane today.” She said sheepishly, even though she said those in a cheerful tone, Masamune’s unwavering gaze did not falter.

“Is something the matter?” She asked again,

“I see. Come and see me once you’re free.” Masamune said briefly, turning his back and walking away.

He knows. Kojuro might’ve told him.

She fixed her eyes on Masamune’s back. Nervousness welling up inside her. She bit her lower lip. She doesn’t know what to do if Masamune really does know, she can’t imagine what could possibly happen. He made things clear when she became his page; never lie or keep anything from him.

“Aki!” Shigezane’s voice startled her, she threw the furoshiki away. She picked it up, checking if the contents inside the bento were still as it is. She took a deep breath, putting a hand on her chest.

“Ah… are you alright? Is something the matter?” He checked on her. She gave him a reluctant smile, nodding nervously.

She stared straight to his eyes, debating with herself to confess the truth to him before everything becomes worse.

“No… it’s nothing. Ahaha. I was just startled, that’s all.” She answered, “So… what are we going to do today?”

“Hey, if you don’t feel like going we can–”

“No. It’s alright. I don’t go back on my word.” She smiled, trying to put the mask she always wears.

“If you say so, well. Shall we?” His hand found its way to hers. He chuckled, grasping it tightly.

“Wha?! Hey, Shige. You did mention we’re going to be lovers for a day and I agreed only when we are out of the castle.” She tried to protest. Shigezane chuckled,glancing around the place to see if there are any others who can see them. Seeing no one but her flowers, he held her hand tight.

“Matchaki, there’s no one around, and you don’t need to worry about Ayame. I told her I had to go on an errand with you.” He said “But you’re right, we don’t want to get caught like this, do we? Let’s ditch!” He said, dragging her as they ran towards the castle gates, hand in hand. He was laughing, and she can’t help but feel the happiness too.

She remembered her late father’s words to her, he said that never let anything take her happiness away from her. Right now, she finally got what he meant.

“… I won’t hold back!” She shouted once they are on a good distance away from the castle. Shigezane laughed with her, not caring about the heat of the noon.

They went to the riverbanks to cool down. Laiding down the blanket she brought and preparing the bento box, Aki watched as Shigezane helped her, smile in his face. The light in his eyes adding more to his handsome features.

She would do anything for him, on this only day, that they can be together.

“It will be fall soon,” Shigezane said, an orange leaf fell to the palm of his hand.

“So it is. Time… sure is fast, huh?” She said, smiling. Taking time to make sure to picture out the surroundings, Shigezane by her side, the winds, the warmth. She’ll make sure to remember this.

Until her last breath.

“Aki.” She turned to meet his eyes. His smile was full of love. “Thank you.”

Smiling lovingly, she intertwined her hands with his. She knows very well the consequences of their actions if they were found out, but this moment was too precious for her, and she knows that it is for him too.

“No, thank you, Shigezane.”

“Ahaha, say. Your name, Aki…” Shigezane laughed, looking at the changing colors of the trees surrounding them. She got what he meant before smiling. “It means fall, right?”

“Mm. My name was written like 'Aki’ the character for fall.” She answered him, “Though my real name is a boy’s name.”

“It’s a beautiful name, just like you.” he said, making her grin in an awkward manner. She pinched his cheek, blushing furiously at what Shigezane had said.

“Ah, why are you like this Shigezane?” She said. He pulled her close to his chest, his face a few inches from hers and his hands on her waist.

“Because, you’re adorable to tease, doll.” He gave peck on her forehead. They blushed, realizing how close they are.

“This is unfair. But, let’s eat!” She said, getting off of him. Shigezane chuckled, clearly enjoying her blushing face. “You’re enjoying this, aren’t you? Would you kindly stop making me blush?!”

They walked around the town after having lunch. They went around various shops, enjoying the entire afternoon with each other. Aki had bought Shigezane
“My my, what a lovely couple!”

“Oh no. We’re not tha–”

“Ahaha, thank you, grandma. In fact I was here to get my… beautiful lady a kimono.”

“My, your lady looked a lot like your mother.” The owner said, nostalgia in her eyes. “Calm but fierce, passionate and dignified.” The owner added. She went to one of the corners of the store, getting a crimson and blue dyed kimono, with gold and silver peony accents.

“You should give this a try, young miss.” The owner smiled kindly, “the harmony of the colors and the patterns suit you.”

“Are you… sure? I couldn’t possibly try as something that looks so beautiful…”

“Of course you can. Shigezane will try something for himself too.”

“Ahaha, I couldn’t get out of this shop without trying anything, grandma. What do you have for this handsome man?”

“Shh! Just go get changing, both of you!”


“Ah…” she stared at her reflection in the mirror. She can’t believe a kimono as expensive as what she’s wearing right now would make her look like a noble woman,

“Woah, I could really look like I’m really a Katakura.” She mumbled. The obi was a perfect fit, her hair was fixed into that of a court lady, rouge on her lips.

“My, aren’t you a fine young lady. You and Toki-kun were a perfect match, ahaha. Reminds me of the late Lord Date and his wife.”

“You mean…? Lord Shigezane’s parents?”

The owner smiled, “Mm, brings back memories.”

The owner placed a kanzashi on her hair, pinning it carefully just behind her ear.

“Mm, perfect. Well then, Lord Shigezane must be waiting for you.”

“Thank you.” Aki bowed in gratitude, before opening the shoji door to finally meet Shigezane.

She looked down once she saw his face, he’s wearing a kimono in similar color with hers, and he was undeniably stunning. She can’t bring herself to look at him.

“Well, what are you waiting for, my lord? Go on!” The owner of the shop pushed him to her, his face red. She stared straight at him. He looked at her with gentle fondness, intertwining his fingers with hers. Aki can’t help but gasp at how affectionately Shigezane looks at her right now. Her heart beats with love for him, and she could never want anything more but for this moment to stop, for them to be forever like this. She squeezed his hand, feeling his warmth.

“Shall we go?”

A few more hours.

“Shigezane, I want to bring you somewhere.”

Walking away from the busy streets of Oshu, Aki brought Shigezane on a hill where they used to go since they were kids. The sky was painted in soft orange, just like the autumn leaves, they both sat down the plain grass fields. She held the red ribbon she bought for him close to her chest, wishing every bit of happiness for Shigezane from that moment until his last breath, prayers to protect him from harm and for longevity. Without saying another word, she held his left hand, wrapping the ribbon on his wrist like a bracelet.

“What’s this?” He asked

“Ahaha, something for you to remember me by,” she giggled. “We got a matching ones. You bought me a red ribbon. I tied in on my wrist too.” She showed him her wrist.

Shigezane laughed, “It’s like a couple’s. Thank you, Aki.”

She held both of his hands to hers, leaning closer to his face, she gave him a slow and gentle kiss. Enough for them to feel their love for each other. Aki felt like crying, sharing this day and this moment with him will be forever in her heart and her mind.

She broke the kiss first, her eyes misty from the tears and happiness she felt. Shigezane smiled at her weakly, brushing the hair from her face.

“Come on, I did not expect of you to do that. My heart was beating like crazy right now, Aki.”

“Ahaha and so am I,” she laughed, before giving Shigezane another peck on his lips.

“Happy Birthday,”

How she wished she had done this sooner, how she wished she had more time.

They both fixed their gazes at the setting sun, their hands intertwined and her head resting on his shoulders.

“Aki,” Shigezane spoke in a soft voice. A chill ran down her spine, it felt like this will not be a good news, or whatever it he’s going to say. Still she gathered the courage to stare at his eyes,


“I’m sorry,” he said “I decided… to continue the marriage with Ayame.”


HaruFes feat. Kuroko & Mayuzumi ~KageFes~ at J-WORLD

[Translation] Kuroko & Mayuzumi Audio Drama & Find the 3rd Person! Mini Game 

I went to KageFes on Mayuzumi’s birthday/opening day. The full report with pictures and how-to-play will come later but first is the “story” part of KageFes! :) Please imagine Mayuzumi talking with the most pissy tone ever.

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anonymous asked:

Hi, i love your blog! And I was wondering how would the Gom+ Kagami and Hanamiya, react to their s/o dressing up as Cruela De Vil, but the OUAT version (i'm loving her costume)

Originally posted by reginamlls

Okay, ignore the caption but this is how sexy the outfit is. I made this request into headcannons! I hope you don’t mind! Thanks for loving my blog xoxo. <3

Generation of Miracles


-       He would be shocked before his mouth curled into a sly grin.

-       He would definitely think of dirty things before pulling you to him and leaving a love bite on somewhere visible so that people would know that you are his.

-       “I am going to be taking this off you tonight.”


-       He would be so surprised he would drop anything he is holding at the moment.

-       He would demand for you to change out of the sexy outfit.

-       If you refuse, he would pin you against the wall and kiss you until you forgot why you even wore the costume in the first place.

-       All in all, you would never leave the house dressed so sexily.


-       He would squeal and pull you against him, asking in a bewildered tone what you are wearing.

-       When you told him it was an outfit from OUAT, he pouted and said that he didn’t want anyone to see his _____-cchi so sexy.

-       In the end, he went out with you and glared at the guys who glanced at you.


-       He blinked in shock before letting a smile curve up his mouth.

-       “You look really beautiful but I am not entirely sure it is appropriate to wear this out.”

-       When you told him you are going out, he just passed you a pepper spray.

-       “Call me if anything happens. I will be there.”


-       He spat out the water he was drinking when he saw you and spluttered.

-       His face flushed a bright red before he covered his mouth.

-       “What… What are you wearing?!”

-       He immediately demanded for you to change and when you teased him, he pushed you against the wall.

-       “Has no one ever taught you not to test a man’s limits nanodayo?”


-       He would drop the chip bag he was holding and pull you into his lap.

-       “Hnn, where are you going like this, _____chin?”

-       “Haah, don’t go. Accompany me instead.”

-       Without giving you a choice, he would keep you busy for the entire night.



-       He flushed at how sexy you were looking and started stuttering.

-       “Do I look pretty?” “No! I mean… Yes.”

-       When you tried leaving, he pulled you into his embrace.

-       “No, you are not leaving the house like that,” he growled.

-       In the end, he resorted to tagging you along on Halloween and glaring at any guy who diverted their attention to you.


-       He let out a chuckle when he saw you and grabbed you to him.

-       “Do you really think I will let you out of my sight looking like this?”

-       Licking his lips, he would lean down to claim your lips for his and you would never leave the house in the end.

Mei emerged from her dream torturously slowly. She could still see and feel Yuzu in her mind. Just Yuzu, smiling, or talking, or in class. Her mind did not recognize she was awake until her eyes blinked and all that was left was an afterimage. For several long seconds she just laid there and stared at the ceiling, eyes adjusting to the darkness of the room.

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♪ Listen to me tag ♫

Hi guys, I came up with a tag idea and would really love if you guys went along with it and participated!

Basically in this tag, the person tagging the other people assigns/chooses a song for each and everyone of the people they tag. Then, the tagged people may listen to that song and create a sim inspired by it. 

Info under the cut!

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