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Cheating series: Yoosung x Mc [Part 4: Saeyoung Ending]

Sooo guys! Seven’s ending is here! You wonder why I use both Seven and his real name Saeyoung? That’s because he’s most known as Seven or 707, but depends on situation, I use his real name because he wants it (if you played his route, you know it right?)

Tagging @lennyloekyto because she doesn’t want to miss any updates lol. Such a cutie <3

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Yoosung Ending

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Seven’s POV:

“I will talk to him, Seven.”

MC said, her voice weak and hoarse from all the crying. At that moment, I couldn’t help but feel my heart broken into pieces like a shattered glasses. She would probably forgive Yoosung and come back to him since she wanted to talk to him. She was too nice of a person. Honestly, Yoosung didn’t deserve her. Why? Because he was just an innocent college student, he depended on her too much while taking her love for granted. He cheated on her with another woman that looked like Rika. Sure Rika was an important person for creating RFA, but that fact had changed ever since I found out the truth about Mint Eye. Right now, all I wanted was to take her into my arms and protect her from all harms. Last night when I came to Rika’s apartment, she was crying so much she couldn’t even speak properly, but I knew that she needed a shoulder to lean on. She was so vulnerable that I couldn’t just leave her alone. A part of me hate Yoosung for hurting MC, for breaking her heart. I wished I could be the person who can heal her wound. Hesitating for a moment, I nodded and went to open the gate for Yoosung. ‘This is the end, isn’t it? It’ll all be over once she’s done talking with him’. I thought to myself as he walked in, sadness was the only thing I could see on his face.

“I’ll leave you two alone then.”

I said then turned on my heels to return to my dark and small room where I could hide my true self. I put on my headphones to block out all the sounds. I didn’t work on my current task. Instead, I lied down on the bed and closed my eyes, recalled all the messages I exchanged with MC. I sighed ‘Haah…She would never choose me right? There was never a chance for me’. Little did I know, my wish was about to come true.

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Desperate (James x MC NSFW)

(Alrighty, here’s a thing! So the lovely Nai (naidrawsnsfw) mentioned this idea while we were chatting a while ago, and I’m sorry it took me so long! School kills the soul and stuff tbh. This isn’t as long as my other fics, but it’s a little over a thousand words which equals a oneshot in my book. xD

Enjoy! Also check out Nai’s art cause it’s hella awesome! :D)


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anonymous asked:

Hi, i love your blog! And I was wondering how would the Gom+ Kagami and Hanamiya, react to their s/o dressing up as Cruela De Vil, but the OUAT version (i'm loving her costume)

Originally posted by reginamlls

Okay, ignore the caption but this is how sexy the outfit is. I made this request into headcannons! I hope you don’t mind! Thanks for loving my blog xoxo. <3

Generation of Miracles


-       He would be shocked before his mouth curled into a sly grin.

-       He would definitely think of dirty things before pulling you to him and leaving a love bite on somewhere visible so that people would know that you are his.

-       “I am going to be taking this off you tonight.”


-       He would be so surprised he would drop anything he is holding at the moment.

-       He would demand for you to change out of the sexy outfit.

-       If you refuse, he would pin you against the wall and kiss you until you forgot why you even wore the costume in the first place.

-       All in all, you would never leave the house dressed so sexily.


-       He would squeal and pull you against him, asking in a bewildered tone what you are wearing.

-       When you told him it was an outfit from OUAT, he pouted and said that he didn’t want anyone to see his _____-cchi so sexy.

-       In the end, he went out with you and glared at the guys who glanced at you.


-       He blinked in shock before letting a smile curve up his mouth.

-       “You look really beautiful but I am not entirely sure it is appropriate to wear this out.”

-       When you told him you are going out, he just passed you a pepper spray.

-       “Call me if anything happens. I will be there.”


-       He spat out the water he was drinking when he saw you and spluttered.

-       His face flushed a bright red before he covered his mouth.

-       “What… What are you wearing?!”

-       He immediately demanded for you to change and when you teased him, he pushed you against the wall.

-       “Has no one ever taught you not to test a man’s limits nanodayo?”


-       He would drop the chip bag he was holding and pull you into his lap.

-       “Hnn, where are you going like this, _____chin?”

-       “Haah, don’t go. Accompany me instead.”

-       Without giving you a choice, he would keep you busy for the entire night.



-       He flushed at how sexy you were looking and started stuttering.

-       “Do I look pretty?” “No! I mean… Yes.”

-       When you tried leaving, he pulled you into his embrace.

-       “No, you are not leaving the house like that,” he growled.

-       In the end, he resorted to tagging you along on Halloween and glaring at any guy who diverted their attention to you.


-       He let out a chuckle when he saw you and grabbed you to him.

-       “Do you really think I will let you out of my sight looking like this?”

-       Licking his lips, he would lean down to claim your lips for his and you would never leave the house in the end.


HaruFes feat. Kuroko & Mayuzumi ~KageFes~ at J-WORLD

[Translation] Kuroko & Mayuzumi Audio Drama & Find the 3rd Person! Mini Game 

I went to KageFes on Mayuzumi’s birthday/opening day. The full report with pictures and how-to-play will come later but first is the “story” part of KageFes! :) Please imagine Mayuzumi talking with the most pissy tone ever.

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Mei emerged from her dream torturously slowly. She could still see and feel Yuzu in her mind. Just Yuzu, smiling, or talking, or in class. Her mind did not recognize she was awake until her eyes blinked and all that was left was an afterimage. For several long seconds she just laid there and stared at the ceiling, eyes adjusting to the darkness of the room.

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♪ Listen to me tag ♫

Hi guys, I came up with a tag idea and would really love if you guys went along with it and participated!

Basically in this tag, the person tagging the other people assigns/chooses a song for each and everyone of the people they tag. Then, the tagged people may listen to that song and create a sim inspired by it. 

Info under the cut!

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