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It's 2 am and you just came out of the library, you are exhausted and your vision is blurry. Are those street lamps or willo the wisps? You just don't care.

Get good at walking home with your eyes closed; know how many steps it is till you have to turn, know what the light feels like when the walk is safe. Never blindly trust a path.


Spn 12x12 - Stuck in the Middle (With You)

dir. Richard Speight Jr.

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(Au anon) ALRIGHT THE BOARDING SCHOOL AU,,, so like because Even is older he sleeps @ another wing than Isak but when its thursday hang out night they totaly notice each other for the first time outside of school,, and Isak is like omg and the boy squad is like boii its yr turn in this poolgame what r u seeing??? But Even is also just kinda stARin at him and its all fun nd games until everyone goes home for the weekend and Even and Isak definitely hit it off after like asking Vilde for //

(Au ano ) // each others number cuz vilde totally has everyones number in the boardin school,, and then evry mentor just completely loses their minds at these 2 cuz ‘hey mr NæshEIM THIS ISNT YOUR WING AND CERTAINLY NOT UR ROOM AND LIGHTS OFF HOUR WAS 2 HOURS AGO??’ Or 'no u cant sit together u have to make homework,,’ 'Mr. Næsheim ur dinner table w ur age is over there not here’ but like ofc they go off @ isak aswell u kno like especially the boiisquad like //

(Au anon) // 'Isak the guy bathroom is the other way,,,’ or mentors totally walkin in at wrong times which causes them to be like omg,, bois,, this is the public nO UR NOT ALLOWED TO GO TO HIS ROOM EiTHER ISAK???!!! Lets they Thursday free time is the best day othr than the weekends cua everyone totally notices that Even and Isak sneak off in the middle of the Monopoly game but no one mentions it ever cuz everyone is the coolest,, also cool boii squad hang outs in each others room,,

(Au anon) // also Even slips notes under Isaks door and gets busted like 8 times but its cool and its worth it to imagine isak blushing when he reads them while Even is being lectured by the mentor again,, and itw also totally worth it whe sleepy Isak opens his door and pops his head out and kisses Even real quick when hes send back to his wing,, also these bois totally have 5 secret phones laying in their room that no one can find so they keep textin each other even when its fuckn 5 am so cute

oh, man. i love this so much. but can you also like imagine??? when they fIRST start hanging out, isak is like taken aback every single time even goes somewhere he’s not supposed to be to hang out with him and does that little sputtering you cant just do that!!! thing before giving in and everyone Knows why he’s doing it and sees through it so easily, but isak isn’t used to. you know. affection and flirting and all that especially from a guy so he adamantly insists that they’re just FRIENDS and that even’s doing this to get to know him better its not like he’s FLIRTING or anything. and they get busted so many time at each other’s dorms past curfew and everyone assumes they’re banging but they’ve not even kissed yet, because isak is so nervous and hesitant about all this and even’s just endlessly patient and obvious and there are sO many rumors going around the staff and the students about this and they’re all surprised when they find out that they’re not dating yet. like????? haven’t you guys been dating for like two months now??? you literally go everywhere together we’ve busted you a million times????? what the fuck’s wrong with you guys why did it take you so long????

short callout posts for the kids

John Egbert

Beat up an 11 year old for drawing bad yaoi of his friends.

Rose Lalonde

She told her friend to go find a treasure that was actually a bomb.

Dave Strider

Took him like 3 years to listen to his sister’s predictions about how gay he is.

Jade Harley

She’s a furry.

Jane Crocker

She said she was gonna turn the Crockercorp logo back into a spoon but she made it a spork. Whats the truth?

Roxy Lalonde 

Has done no wrong.

Dirk Strider

Anime isn’t real you idiot.

Jake English

Booty shorts with a tuxedo. 

Sheldon thought Amy looked beautiful in her dress, so he smiled at her and told her so. Maybe he was also hoping that she wouldn’t notice that he rearranged everything in the apartment or the giant train engine covered and shoved into the corner.  The guys weren’t able to get it out of here before she came home, but they did help him move everything back.

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the thing about impeaching donald trump is, you need Congress to actually impeach a president. and may i remind you congress is controlled (in both the senate and the house) by the republicans, who are at the moment much to busy jerking off and cumming everywhere over having the freedom to roll out all the conservative dipshit measures they could wish for. 

so our best hope for the removal of trump is the following scenarios:

a) he does something so egregious that congress turns against him (not likely, since what the fuck does he have to actually do for republicans to actually act against him in any significant way)

b) in the 2018 midterms, congress swings back to democrats, and the democrats decide to finally get off their asses and do something (in this scenario we have to wait pretty fucking long)

c) trump dies. he is the oldest president (at the time of taking office) ever and idk what they say about his health he looks gross and the presidency is a very stressful demanding job. so.. 

d) trump resigns. but knowing the man’s ego, do you think that’s likely? 

even if any of these happens, we’re not likely to be rid of trump soon by any means. and even if he is impeached or dies we’ll have President Pence who may talk more like a regular politician and may seem less criminally insane but is still a religious extremist who is willing to let people suffer and die for his beliefs (remember the Indiana AIDS and abortion crises). so anyway: we are all screwed.

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Your anon said, "This whole thing is like Barbados all over again." I wasn't around then, but this time he was attending you know who's brother's wedding, which is a personal and family thing to do. This somehow seems like a different level of relationship. I'm not sure if we can do this comparison. Mama, what do you think?

I think it’s a perfect comparison.  We agonized over that trip.  People jumped ship over that trip.   Sam took a lot of heat over that trip, and look how it turned out.  Down the road a bit from now if it comes out say, through an innocuous FB post,  that the Sam is nothing more than a family friend, will you still think it’s an unfair comparison?

Tip to release resistance when negative thoughts are too much.

As you know, the first way the law of attraction affects you is by assisting you in your thoughts process, and matching same feeling thoughts to the ones you’re already thinking, creating a momentum, that will then translate to the vibration you’re sending out to creation.

But sometimes, we get caught in a negative momentum, and it can lead to severe anxiety or depression, where we feel like those negative thoughts are the only things we can think. We may try hard as we can to find a subject to feel better, but because the negative momentum is so strong, we often end up turning what used to be a positive into a negative, and we feel trapped there.

Whenever that happens, when there’s too much negativity going on in your head, I suggest that you don’t try to do positive affirmations right away, and meditation can also be difficult, because even if the goal is to quiet your mind, the momentum can be so strong that being left alone with your thoughts can turn against you. Don’t get me wrong, meditation is a great tool, but it has to be practiced daily, and not just when you need it. It’s like starting practicing for a marathon the day before, it won’t do much good.

In other words, you can’t make the jump from here to there.

In those case of extreme negativity, we need to find a way to soften the resistance before even trying to get your vibration up a positive momentum. One thing that I’ve found works great for me when I’m feeling stuck in a negative loop, is remembering the following :

“Whatever I’m thinking right now, those are only opinions, not facts !”

Actually, you can make it a rule to never believe the negative thoughts to be true when you’re feeling down, they are temporary opinions, nothing more. The law of attraction is just doing its job, by matching the vibration you’re sending out, but it’s doing it in an absolute neutral manner, it doesn’t convey facts, it just brings you what you asked for vibrationally. Saying that sentence can help you take a neutral state on what you’re thinking about, and by doing that, instead of fighting the negative, you let it be there, you observe it without judging, and you decide that they don’t have any meaning.

During or after that, you can use other techniques, like focusing on the sensations in your body and describe how they feel physically, without associating any thoughts to the sensations. The emotions you feel and the sensations that come from it are just your inner guidance system doing its job, telling you there’s a gap between what you’ve been thinking and what’s actually true for you. So use the body scan technique to let yourself feel those things, and also find some form of gratitude for your guidance system working as intended.

In For The Money - Part 2 (Auston Matthews)


Word Count: 902

Team: Toronto Maple Leafs

Warning/s: none? sad?

A/n: Finally! Listen to Life Worth Living by Laurel while reading. Requested by a lot of Anons.

Originally posted by mttymrts

“Y/n wait.”, Auston called out as you were almost by your car.

“What? Are you not done with yelling at me yet?”, you asked with a cracked voice. 

“I am so sorry. I shouldn’t have said those things. I’ve- Oh goddamnit I’m so stupid.”, he called out in frustration. 

You turned around slowly, crossing your arms in front of your chest.

“What do you want to say?”, you asked.

He should’ve just let you go home. That’s where you wanted to be at that point that evening, just cuddled up in blankets bawling your eyes out because you once again got your heart broken. This time by the guy you had least expected it from. The friendly Arizonan teen that you had run into in front of the Uni.

The tensed atmosphere that had been between the two of you had disappeared. Both Auston and you were tired of yelling and you were no longer in the mood to defend yourself. Just get it over with, you thought.

“What?”, he asked.

“You came after me. What do you want to say? Or why did you follow me?”, you explained quietly.

Your eyes were fixated on the ground in front of Auston’s feet. His eyes, on the other hand, were watching you, standing in front of your car with your head down.

“I missed you.”

“What do you mean? In the ten seconds since I left your house?”, you asked sarcastically. 

“No. On the road trip. I missed you so much.”

“I missed you too. That’s why I was here.”, you muttered.

“Why are you even with me?”, he questioned, his gaze burning into your skin. You lifted your head up, the tears streaming down your cheeks now visible to him.

“In case you forgot. I just broke up with you.”, you croaked.

You couldn’t break out into tears in his driveway. But the stinging pain in your chest made it hard to breathe. You focused your gaze onto the ground again, taking deep breaths. The tears that had made their way out of your eyes were wiped away by the back of your hand. You managed to reach a certain level of control as you looked back up.

But the hurt look on Auston’s face was only making it worse. His eyes were shining and you could tell that he was holding back tears of his own.

“I’ve been asking myself that question ever since we started that road trip. I missed you so much, I started questioning everything. I’m never home so we barely see each other. I have a contract that forbids basically everything that is a little bit out of the ordinary, making it hard to do something exciting. There are tons of people trying to hit on me for my name, not for me. Just so they can say they had something with Auston Matthews.”, he said, a dry sob escaping his lips, forcing him to quit talking. 

He squeezed his eyes shut for a second, taking a few deep breaths before he made another attempt.

“You, you are beautiful. You’re smart and funny. You like people, especially me, for what they are and not what they appear to be. You could walk down the street and meet someone that could give you everything you need. Attention, time, love. That’s why I was so upset about money. It’s basically the only thing I can give to you. I know you’re not a golddigger. I’m sorry- just- why?”

Your eyes were wide. All of your work had been for nothing, as Auston’s statement just made you cry more. Hearing his voice break, seeing him drive his hands through his hair in frustration because he couldn’t even finish what he was going to say. It caused your heart to break even further.

“Because I’m not looking for someone that can give me what I need. I’m looking for someone that can give me what I want. And what I want… is you. I love you, Auston. The guy that insists on cuddling and watching a movie instead of going out to some fancy restaurant. The guy that watches me, cook, pretending not to do it. Yes, I miss you a lot when you’re gone and that’s most of the time, but the time that we do spend together… It just makes it all worth it.”

Auston looked at you for a few seconds, mouth hanging open slightly.

“I- I love you too. Please come back inside.”, he begged, lowering his gaze to his shoes.

You carefully made your way over to him. When he saw your boots in front of him he looked up, only to be engulfed in a warm hug. Your arms were wrapped around his waist, squeezing him gently, just showing him that you were still there. He didn’t need a second to close his arms around you, using the height difference to put his head on top of yours.

“I’m sorry.”, he muttered once again.

“I know. I know. Let’s just get back inside and cuddle, what do you think?”, you offered,  wiping away your tears.

Auston let out a quiet chuckle, wiping his own face before intertwining your fingers and leading you back to the still open front door.

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Hi~ I just found your blog and I'm already flat out smitten~❤v❤ I just want to request how the RFA+V and Saeran will react (and what will they do afterwards) when they saw MC wearing the "Virgin Killing Sweater" hahahaha I love you~ Keep writing~ Toodles~ Mori

thank you, cupcake <3 that means a lot to me <3 love ya more!

#when ur fckn out of touch with trends and gotta google everything 😂💘


-where tf did you even get that tho???

-at first he’s like oh sweet, what a cute sweater, but then you turn round and he just?!!!

-there is no way in hell you’ll leave the apartment like that, bc even tho jumin may seem composed and in control, he has his limits, and that sweater is his weakness

-“mc, take it off.”

-?!!!!…no, its not bc he doesn’t like it;)))))


-probably bought it for you tbh

-he’s weak to how the fabric moves with your body.

-will stare for hours, and ghost his lips on your neck, and draw patterns into your back.

-it’s a game of who breaks first.

-obv zen does tho like….dang


-deadpans “why does this exist?”

-“is it winter on your torso, but summer on your arms ???”

-is more confused than turned on tbh

-she does appreciate ya shoulder blades tho wow


-a flustered mess

-wont even comment on it for the first hour, just avoid eye contact and cover his crotch with a pillow

-when he finnally works up the courage to comment on it, its more of a plea than an actual question

-“uh mc…..why..when did you get that?”

-pls have mercy on him


-probably owns one of his own tbh, as he is always up to date with internet trends

-will wear it with you, but your probs gonna end up doing the nasty with em on

-constantly slipping his hands inside the sweater to grab your ass

-lots of horrible jokes


-…..ok so if you were expecting him to jump you, you’re going to be dissapointed.

-he’s too much of a aesthetic whore for that

-will look at you as something beautiful, to be appreciated, and want to take aesthetic photos of you.

-of course he also finds you sexy as fuck, but like i said….he’s an aesthetic whore.


-looks like a flustered child for about 10 secs but…

-no fucking patience, or self restraint

-will just pin you again the door right away, and have you wherever is closest, be it the floor or kitchen counter, doesn’t matter.

-will probably tug on it while fucking you, so your sweater wont last long rip

Ok I am annoyed.

Recently, @hausofax drew a super cute pic of me that I loved and shared everywhere and earlier today she apologised on twitter for white washing me. I was confused and basically turns out some people on here are giving her grief…


The thought is probably coming from a good place but hausofax is my friend who has actually seen me in person and knows what I look like. I never want to be the reason she gets any hate, ever! She doesn’t deserve it.

Secondly, I am actually white. If I have confused you in any way, I didn’t meant to. When I moved to the UK, I was a lot more tanned and I got used to drawing me darker when everyone around me is the colour of a wedding dress. Not as tanned now but old habits… (The nose is my greek showing)

Also, I have never had any problem standing up for myself and wouldn’t reblog anything that offended me.

But what matters the most is that accusing people without having all the facts is wrong. And by crying wolf, you undermine all the actual cases of deliberate white washing. So, please, consider carefully and do some research before putting any blame on people you don’t know.

Thank you.

Weapon (Thorin x Reader)

Originally posted by daoriginalhigh

Summary: In the modern world, the reader was turned into a weapon against her will. Now part of Thorin’s company, she has to deal with the fallout of Thorin’s close call after the company barely escapes Azog’s ambush and takes refuge in Beorn’s home.

Notes: Written for the dear anon who underwent chemo a while ago. I hope it’s what you were hoping for. :)
Warning: It gets quite violent in the beginning.
Words: 4164

Sweat drips into your eyes as you twist and slash your dagger across an orc’s bare thigh. The orc howls. Blood spurts from the femoral artery. You lean sideways to evade the spray and twist again to evade a clumsy mace blow.

The orc stumbles, dragged off balance by the momentum of his own weapon. To your enhanced senses he seems to move in slow motion. For a moment, the orc’s chin lifts, exposing his throat above the armor. You feel a short pang of dismay as you flip the dagger and slice again.

Time speeds up as you dip beneath the flashing arc of a mace blow meant for your throat. You turn, quicksilver fast, and make use of the opening it affords you. Another orc drops to his knees. You leave him to choke on his own blood and press on.

Around you, the forest is burning.

You are forging a path toward Azog. The Company is cornered and outnumbered, and time is running out. There are entirely too many orcs; killing their leader is the only way to survive. Thorin was right about that. But he shouldn’t have tried to go it alone, weakened as he was by a persistent bout of illness that had swept through the Company for days.

Taking refuge in the trees had been the only option. Not for you — you had been subjected to years of experimentation and conditioning for this very purpose: infiltration, Guerilla tactics and the whole array of wetwork skills. So you had signaled Thorin and went to ground, making your silent way towards the white warg. Undetectable. Deadly.

Your whole body is a precision instrument engineered for this specific purpose. Even your sweat adapts to mimic the scents around you. You could stand right in front of a warg and it wouldn’t be able to smell you.

But none of that matters now.

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Betrothed Part 3

Summary: You have been betrothed to a disgusting pig to settle your father’s gambling debts. The night before your wedding, you are rescued by an unlikely party.

Read Part 1 here. Read Part 2 here.

A/N: Here’s Part 3! Sorry it’s been so long since I’ve posted much of anything, but especially this story. I just realized it’s been over a month! Life’s gotten crazy. Let me know what you think!

Warnings: alcoholism, gambling, arranged marriage, bullying, maybe even verbal abuse, anxiety


Originally posted by littlemisssyreid

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Why do you think mac was out in the earlier episodes (besides Wolf Cola, I agree he wasn't)? Also why is the premiere chronologically last in your opinion? I figured it would also be irrelevant. Not hate, I love what you're doing I'm honestly rly curious!!

okay so! i’m just gonna bullet point this shit bc that seems like the easiest way to handle this

  • the gang turns black- mac talks very frankly and openly about musicals and doesn’t seem at all embarrassed about it (nor does anyone question it), the way i’d imagine things would go if he were still closeted at that point
  • i think he was closeted in water park because of all that drain bullshit– if he had been out at that point i think we would have just gotten an offhand comment about hot lifeguards or something, since his sexuality seems to be very understated now that he’s out.
  • old lady house- this was a tough one because there’s LITERALLY no way to tell based on mac’s actions in the episode. i think he’s out mostly because i think old lady house happened after ptsdee, based on how nice charlie and dennis are to each other in old lady house (seeing how they bonded in ptsdee)
  • wolf cola is pretty self-explanatory
  • making dennis reynolds a murderer literally doesn’t matter in the timeline bc the only thing that happens in the present day is the “murder is chips” conversation at the very end

you’re right that the gang turns black can technically go anywhere, since it’s mostly a dream sequence and therefore irrelevant. but i think mac’s discussion of musicals when they’re actually watching the wiz means mac was out at that point, so it must be someplace after hero or hate crime.

as for why i put it at the end, that came from an interesting theory that @richalperts shared with me last night! wherein at the end of dennis’ double life, things are relatively back to normal (or the gang is pretending they are) and they go back to dee’s apartment for movie night, thus making it so that the entire season loops back on itself.

the evidence for this theory is that the gang turns black was filmed around the same time dennis’ double life was. we STILL haven’t seen aniya wolf yet, either, and we know she’s set to make an appearance sometime this season. in the set photos that were posted of wolf on set, rob and charlie are wearing their clothes from the gang turns black. it might not mean anything, but it could point to a possible link between the two episodes, since we know the gang was wearing the same outfits in the dream that they were wearing the night before in real life.

this is a very long and wordy ask but hopefully it answered your questions!!

Don’t Worry - 3 (Frank x Child!Reader)

Originally posted by calif0rnia-lovers

(Gif credit to owner)

Fandom: Marvel

Character: Frank Castle

Persona: Female child

Word Count: 649

Request: Hi! I don’t know how to tell you this… I usually don’t go for this kind of stories… But I’m loving the hell out of “Don’t worry”! Is there gonna be more? Like… What does he do with this girl now? ’*^*’

A/N - Part 1 | Part 2 | <3

It had been early in the evening when you’d started your journey with Frank but as the car whizzed down the roads, the hours flew passed and the sky turned black.

“I spy with my little eye, something beginning with d”, you giggled from the passenger seat watching Frank with large eyes full of glee; Frank’s on the other hand held an aching tiredness as he drummed his fingers on the steering wheel. “I don’t know (Y/N)”, he sighed breaking at a set of traffic lights. You watched the cars out of your window, “You have to guess Frank!”, you whined. His brown eyes scanned the area around him until they focused on the plastic toy tucked under your arms.

“Is it a dinosaur?”, Frank asked, a sly smirk playing on the corner of his lips. You dropped your head and crossed your arms, “How did you know?”. The traffic lights changed, Frank started the car up again chuckling all the while, “Musta been a lucky guess”. 

Silence fell in the car while Frank drove quietly.

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The gift [ Nobunaga X Reader ]

Three weeks. You rechecked the calendar. The doubt in the back of your mind was solidifying into a surity, along with the anxiety you have been feeling.

“What are you thinking?” came a familiar voice from the door.
“Milord..!! Sorry I didn’t notice you..” you turned back to look at him.

He sighed, muttering about how foolish women should pay more attention to their surroundings and proceeded to pull you into his arms.
You stiffened at his touch, the worries coming back again to haunt you. Your actions didn’t escape the notice of your lover either.

He pulled back and tilted your chin to face him.
“What are you worrying about?”

Your mind was in disarray. To tell him or not. Though it if was what you thought it was, he would know it sooner or later.
You took a deep breath and proceeded to tell him that you have been feeling sick for a few days.
But before you could tell him the reason, he had shot out of the room, calling for a doctor.

“She is not coming down with something dangerous is she?”
You could feel the panic in his voice that he was trying so hard to hide.
“Its nothing like that Milord. On the contrary, it seems that I have a good news.
Congratulations, it seems that she is with a child.”

Pin drop silence. You could hear your heart thud loudly in your ribcage. You worst fears rendered you unable to look at his face as you sat there, grasping at the sheets.

“A.. a child? ” A shocked voice came from your Lord.
“I.. I was about to tell you Milord.. but I wasn’t sure.. ” you trailed off.
“I see. Thank you doctor. Furthermore you are to come and check on her everyday from now”
“Everyday milord..? ” The doctor seemed at loss on hearing the order.
“Yes. Her health would now be your topmost priority. In fact I’ll ask Mitsuhide to arrange it so you can live in a quarter in the castle.”
“I would be glad to be of service to Oda Nobunaga.”
“Very well. Mitsuhide show him his quarters.”

After the doctor left with Lord Mitsuhide, Nobunaga closed the doors and looked at you.
With slow steps he came and embraced you.

“Foolish woman, you never fail to surprise me do you? ”
“You.. you aren’t angry.. or upset?” You ask timidly.
Nobunaga looks at you and smiles.
“Upset? I told you I would give you a child did I not? ”
“But.. the unification and the battles and I…just don’t want to be a burden.”
“More reason for me to quickly see that I bring peace. I would like our child to grow up in the world I.. no we want”

You couldn’t stop the tears that had started to flow from your eyes.
“Why are you crying? Does being a mother to my child not make you happy?”
“I am crying because I am so happy. The happiest. There is nothing I want more”

He looked at you, and in his glance you saw the promises, promises to keep you and your child safe and protected. And you saw a man, a man who despite being betrayed by family never hated them, a man who was the happiest on hearing that the woman he loved was carrying his child.

“I promise you, I’ll take care you both of you. You gave me the greatest gift possible and in return, I will give both of you all my life.”

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What do you think about the mystic class released in Unearthed Arcana? Do you think that could make a good rogue multi class?

This could make an excellent multi-class.

Imagine a Mystic being able to identify whether a object they “want” is cursed or magical.

And there are disciplines for the Mystic class which can literally turn you into a superhero.

You gain Tremorsense, meaning you’re able to feel the footsteps of an approaching enemy.

And the “Blade Meld” ability allows you, a Mystic/Rogue Multi-Class, allows you to absorb a valuable or priceless magical object, into your body, and so nobody can access it.

Plus, and this is the best part, you gain the ability:


I don’t see how multiclassing into a Mystic wouldn’t make your character better!

So, as a semi-professional… I say go for it!

After all, it’s your character…

5| Pas De Deux

Pairing: Jimin x Reader
Genre: Ballet au, Romance, Angst
Warnings: None
Wordcount: 2839

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Through the whole night you were plagued with yesterday’s events in sharp, dream-like detail. Again and again, you felt his hands on you, lifting you, letting you fly…and again and again you saw his expression turn to disgust as he snatched those hands back and left you. But this time being in a dream, made you cry out desperate. “Jimin! What did I do? Jimin!”

“(Name)?” A hand shook you awake. You moaned, eyes fluttering open. You were back in the dorm room. It was dimly lit with a few bedside lamps. Coming out of your dream, you suddenly realised that you were being stared at by five girls.

“Huh?” You mumbled, sitting up. Jiwoo’s face hovered in front of you.

“Uh…” She hesitated. “You were kind of yelling in your sleep.”

“Oh God!” You groaned, blood rising to your cheeks. However you shouldn’t have been surprised. Your Mom always used to tease you about your dramatic mutterings when you slept. Ugh! How embarrassing, you wanted to disappear and never be seen again.

“What did I say?” You asked Jiwoo nervously.

She didn’t have time to answer before a mockingly high voice interrupted. “Oh, Jimin, please don’t go! Oh Jimin!” You didn’t need to turn around to know it was Minjee

You cringed. “How many times?”

Jiwoo looked away. “Just a few…”

“We’ve been trying to wake you up for at least ten minutes.” Said Yuna from across the room. “Oh yeah, by the way can I have my pillow back? I have bad aim.”

You did so, picking up the pink satin pillow from beside your bed and chucking it to her.

“I’m really sorry.” You said to everyone. This was beyond embarrassing. Most of them were sniggering, finding the situation rather funny. Yeah, it’s totally normal to have over-emotional dreams about some God of a guy who you’ve only know for what? Two days? And had spoken to, well… never. Totally normal.

The door opened, stifling everyone’s giggles as a crumple haired Madam Hyejin stood glaring at all of you. “Why are we up at this time?” She asked wearing a red satin dressing gown and slippers. It was sort of comical…

“(Name)’s having erotic dreams and she wanted to share.” Minjee answered sniggering.

“Oh shut the hell up!” Snapped Hyeun, then slammed a hand to her mouth as she swung back to meet Madam Hyejin’s sharp gaze.

She just looked at her in distaste before turning to the rest of you. “Go back to sleep. If there are any more disturbances you can give the cooking staff a break and wash up tomorrow’s dinner.”

“Yes Madam Hyejin.” You all chorused.

She gave everyone one last doleful glance and left, shutting the door behind her.

Apparently Hyejin’s threats were true, because no one made a sound as they slid back under their duvets and switched off their lights.

You stayed sitting in your bed, scared that if you went to sleep you would do it all over again. You cringed mentally, thinking of tomorrow. Everyone would know that you had dreamt of Park Jimin…Everyone.

However it didn’t take long before you drifted into a mercifully dreamless sleep when Madame Hyejin was at the door yet again, signalling the beginning of another day. Judging by her cross face and blood red pencil skirt and blouse, she wasn’t in a good mood.

“Up and ready in ten minutes.” She snapped, spinning on her stiletto as she walked out of the room.

“Had anymore dreams about Jiminnie?” Minjee mocked, once again, everyone’s eyes were on you.

You rolled your eyes and swung your legs out of the duvets, but suddenly a hideous pain shot through your stomach.

“Ah!” You gasped, your hand flying to the bedpost to stop you from toppling over.

“(Name)?” Jiwoo was at your side, worried. You just shook your head, telling her it was nothing. “What?”

“Nothing.” You told her, and stood up very carefully to get a towel. Jiwoo raised her eyebrows in confusion but went back to her trunk. You took a deep breath through your nose. Sweet God that was painful. Trying to keep your midriff frozen, you hurried to the bathrooms.

Once in the shower, you nervously looked down. You swallowed. You shouldn’t have been surprised, the way you had let Kihyun hold you yesterday. Overnight, the red marks had darkened into dark mottled blue and grey bruises, covering your stomach and hips. You tentatively bent your back forward, then stifled a groan. Damn it was painful.

You hurried through the shower, remembering Madam Hyejin’s wrath. No one could know about your bruises. It would mean a day off for sure, and you couldn’t afford that. When you got back you chose a plain black leotard from your trunk. It had short sleeves and its back didn’t plunge too low, so it wouldn’t show the bruises round the other side. You hated the sleeves, but all your other leos just had straps at the back.

Slowly you pulled your tights and leo on, but the elastic around the tights hurt as you gently slid them up your hips. Your leo wasn’t as bad, but by the time you were finished, Hyejin was at the door, smartly looking around for any fault. She strode up one side of the room and back down the other. This morning she flipped if a single hair was out of place. You stood tall as she finally reached you. She looked at you up and down and then stepped closer.

“Will you be able to attend classes today, Miss (Name)?” She asked you quietly, so that the others couldn’t hear. A little bit of last night’s motherly warmth returned to her.

You nodded quickly, but then hesitated. “…Just not Pas de Deux, Madame.”

She nodded. “Master Jinho is making arrangements for a new partner for you.” With one last, rather suspicious look at you, she left, this time with no joyous comment of ‘have a good day girls’

“Hey, what’s with you earlier?” Hyeun asked curiously, trotting up behind you and Jiwoo as you headed for the stairs.

“Uh, had a creepy dream?” You answered.

“No.” She said. “I meant the whole gasping thing ten minutes ago.”

“Oh, right…” You tried for a smile. “Cramps, you know?”

“Right.” She said sympathetically. Really? You were a terrible liar.

“Anyway, what were you actually dreaming about, (Name)?” Hyeun asked.

“Just about the academy and stuff…” You trailed off.

She giggled and raised a dark brown eyebrow. “He’s gorgeous, isn’t he?”

“I guess…” He was more than just 'gorgeous’…He had the perfect dancers body. His face was so beautiful and focussed and full of strong emotion…he was strikingly handsome and also in a way that you’d never seen before.

“It’s kinda sad he’s stuck with Taeyeon.” Muttered Hyeun. Your head snapped around.

“What?” You demanded, almost tripping on the stairs. “I thought they were just partners.”

“That’s because they are just partners.” Said Jiwoo. “People just assume that they’re going out because they’re partners.”

“Oh come on Jiwoo.” Hyeun groaned. “They are so cute together. Even if she can be a bitch sometimes. The Ballerina and Ballerino of the school, together.”

“Head Cheerleader and Quarterback.” You muttered. “Perfect match.”

Jiwoo glanced at you. “Hardly. All he cares about is his dancing. If Taeyeon wasn’t up to his standards. Then this so called 'relationship’ would be over in five seconds flat.”

“Mmmmm.” Drawled Hyeun dreamily. “But I love the way he’s so serious like that. And that vein that always pops out when he’s thinking is so sexy.”

Jiwoo just shook her head. “Honestly, Hyeun.”

You reached the dining hall and got in line for breakfast. “I wonder if he’ll be in class today.” Hyeun muttered, taking a bowl of muesli.

“He has to be.” Said Jiwoo. “It’s a part of his education, remember?”

“Yeah, but the way he left yesterday…” She replied. You cringed mentally. You still didn’t know what you exactly had done wrong. However you guessed that it probably had something to do with not doing anything right. Like Jiwoo had just said. Jimin had high standards. How could you, a first year who’d started ballet way too late, be able to fulfill those standards.

“Oh God.” Hyeun grumbled. “(Name), I think you’d better brace yourself.” You glanced up from pouring your apple juice. Lee Kihyun was coming towards you, his face looking more child-like and innocent than ever.

“Hey (Name)” He said.

“Can I take something for you?” He asked, gesturing to your glass and bowl.

“It’s okay.” You said, trying to give him a reassuring smile, but he wasn’t having it.

“Right.” He said. You turned to go to the table. Jiwoo and Hyeun trailing behind. “(Name), I’m so sorry.” He choked out.

“Oh, don’t worry.” You said. However the bruises on your stomach disagreed very much. “We all make mistakes.”

“I’m so sorry.” He repeated weakly, not seeming to have heard your words. “I really didn’t mean to, and I can’t believe I did it, but I’m so sorry and I never wanted to hurt you and I just can’t believe – ”

“Kihyun.” You said, trying to stop his guilt trip, but he went on.

“-And I did it in front of everyone and I must have hurt you so bad and oh God!” He glanced up at you.

“How bad is it?” He asked you. “How badly are you hurt?”

You hesitated…somehow you didn’t think telling him your stomach was black and blue would solve many problems. But he took your silence badly. “Oh God, will you ever be able to dance again? Oh God, what have I done?”


“I swear I didn’t know I was doing it and God I didn’t think and now you’re hurt and you won’t be able to dance and oh God I – ”

“Kihyun!” You said loudly, making a few heads turn. His startled expression made him thankfully shut his mouth and you lowered your voice.

“Kihyun, it’s okay, you just made a mistake, that’s all.” He opened his mouth to say something, but you continued.

“And I most certainly still can dance, in fact I need to finish my breakfast so that I can get to tech, so don’t worry about it, okay?” Seeing his utterly downtrodden face, you put a hand on his shoulder. It was then that you noticed a pair of sharp brown eyes on you.

Park Jimin. He was sitting at the table with Jung Dawon and their other friends. His eyes was focused strongly on the polished wood of the table, his jaw muscle twitching. Oh God… Kim Namjoon made a joke and the boys excluding Dawon roared with laughter. Jimin, gave a half hearted smile and began picking at his food.

“I guess, I guess…” You frowned, realising Kihyun was still talking to you. His baby-brown eyes looked into yours. They weren’t outstanding compared to the vibrant ones you’d just been staring into. “Did I really not hurt you?”

“It was just a mistake, Kihyun.” You told him for the fifth time, trying to get it into his mind.

“Oh God, I did, didn’t I?” You sighed, but surrendered and gave a quick nod.

“Only a little, Kihyun. Just promise me that you have learnt your lesson?” This approach seemed to be working a little better.

He nodded weakly. “Good, now move on. I’m sure Madam Zhang can help you out with you technique.”

“Master Jinho has taken me out of Pas de Deux classes.” He mumbled, staring down miserably at his plate. “He says I’m not ready for them yet.”

“Oh, I’m sure you’ll be put back in soon, Kihyun.” You assured him, though you ashamedly thought that Master Jinho was making a good call. Kihyun wasn’t ready. You gently patted his back as he glumly picked up his spoon.

“Um…(Name)?” Hyeun’s voice warned you once again. “Might want to turn around.”

You spun in your chair, and found yourself staring up at none other than Shinn Taeyeon. She was dressed in a shimmering black and gold camisole leo, her white tights mostly concealed by thigh high black legwarmers. Her dyed strawberry blonde hair was done up in an intricately plaited bun, her pencilled eyebrows raised above two cold hazel eyes. “I take it you’re (Surname) (Name)?”

“Yes.” You said, frowning. Sitting down was making you feel somewhat vulnerable, so you slipped out of your chair and stood. Your belly screamed at the movement, but you forced your face to stay blank.

You realized that every table within the canteen had turned quiet.

Taeyeon looked you up and down. “Hmm, so not only do you have erotic dreams about my partner and dance with him, but you’re also the one I caught spying on him the other day.”

Unwillingly, you blushed, two angry splotches on both cheeks. She’d said it loud enough for the whole hall to hear.

“I wasn’t spying. I was observing.”

“Jimin doesn’t like people watching him.” She snapped.

“Then why doesn’t he say it for himself?” You asked, trying to inconspicuously glance at him. He, unlike everyone else, was looking away, his gaze frozen at a spot on his table.

“Tsk.” Taeyeon’s wild hiss brought you back to her. She’d seen where you had been looking. “You’d like that, wouldn’t you? For Jimin to talk to you?”

You rolled your eyes. Good god this girl was immature. “May I ask why you’re being so obnoxious to me? Or do you welcome all new people to the school by public interrogation?”

She glared at you. “Jimin is my partner, and he doesn’t dance with anyone other than me. Particularly not a first year.”

“So you think I forced him to?” You asked her, raising your eyebrows. “That’s a little farfetched. He’s his own person.”

She put a hand on her hip. “You don’t know anything about Jimin.” She took a step forward, coming way too close for comfort. “Jimin’s not even – ”

“Taeyeon.” His strong voice rung out through the hall. He was standing by his table, his eyes fixed on Taeyeon, not once wavering to you.

“Stop this.” Taeyeon frowned, looking at him. He walked towards the two of you. “Miss (Surname) is one of my students and I was demonstrating with her. Nothing more.” He didn’t even acknowledge your existence. He lowered his voice so that only she could hear, but you heard anyway. “Taeyeon, what the hell are you doing?”

“Jimin, she – ”

His face darkened. “This is between you and me and nobody else. Particularly not the entire school.” He put a hand on the small of her back, straightening up. “Now let’s go.”

She send you a last angry glance before strutting out of the hall, gripping Jimin’s hand. The hall was filled with an eerie silence. Even the teachers were quiet. Only Master Jinho sat demurely, sipping his tea and reading his newspaper as if nothing had happened. Madame Hyejin sat with her hands folded in her lap, quietly watching the doorway where quick footsteps were slowly fading.

“Dear God! Little Chimmie’s got himself a conflict!” Min Yoongi roared, slapping his hand on the table. This seemed to release everyone from their hypnotised stares and they all began whispering excitedly amongst one another.

“Jeez.” Yuna whistled, blowing a lock of silver hair off her face. “That was weird.” You sunk back down into your chair. God, what had just happened?

“(Name’s) in dangerous waters now."Jongsoo said with a grin.

You shook your head. "I think I’ve already drowned in them. She’s going to kill me.”

“But you only danced with him.” Jiwoo exclaimed.

“That’s like saying, 'You only spent the day with Dylan O'Brien.’” Hyeun said. She looked at you with a new respect in her eyes.

“You’re freaking amazing!” She erupted. “It’s taken me a whole month plus the summer course to just get a few of the crappy second year guys to even know my name. Now the whole school knows who you are! You’re famous, (Name)! And this is like what, only your third day here?” She sighed. “You’re a legend.”

“Oh please.” Muttered Minjee, who you hadn’t even realized was at the table. “Who wants to be known for erotic dreams and getting into pre-lost arguments with Shinn Taeyeon? She killed (Name) up there.” She smirked at you. “You just stood there like an idiot.”

“Thanks, Minjee.” You sighed. “Your voice at these times is so reassuring to me.”

“Anytime.” She muttered, standing up with her plate and leaving.

You put your elbows on the table, holding head in your hands. You felt the same pain as yesterday. Seeing that total distaste in Jimin’s eyes. What was wrong with you? What had you done so wrong yesterday to offend him? Why was he completely ignoring you?

“(Name).” Jiwoo put a friendly hand on your wrist. “I know she can be kind of intimidating, but…”

“No, that’s not it.” You said, raising your head. You pushed your chair back and picked up your plate. The day had just begun but you were already worn out and confused. You dumped your dish at the counter and left the hall, feeling many pairs of eyes as you left. Great. Like Hyeun had said. 'You were famous now’



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