this is what you have done to be public education system

My Debate Questions

I could think of some good questions for Trump: 

1. How many abortions have you paid for in your life time? 

2. Can you eliminate the word very from your vocabulary? 

3. Can you talk without hand gestures? 

4. Did you know who Justice Scalia was 2 years ago? 

5. Can you name 10 countries in Africa without help? 

6. How would you explain the comments you’ve made about women to a classroom full of 12 year old girls and their parents? 

7. If the IRS says there’s no problem with you releasing your taxes while being audited, why haven’t you done so? 

8. Explain the three branches of government and the balance of power. 

9. How much do you think the average gallon of milk is in America? 

10. How can you form an opinion about what needs to change in the American Education system if your children never attended a public school and you have done little to be involved personally in public schools? 

11. Why are you so pervy with your daughter? 

12. You started this all as a joke didn’t you? Then you got so insulted that people laughed that you decided to try to go for it for real? 

13. How do you look veterans and Gold Star Families in the eye after you’ve said you have sacrificed for our country? 

14. When will you admit you have a man-crush on Putin? 

15. Why won’t you let your first wife to speak openly about you?