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So uh. I noticed you're kinda naked. Is that intentional, or... ? For Tsuna and Reborn please

“So uh. I noticed you’re kinda naked. Is that intentional, or…?” Tsuna trails off as he huddles in his cocoon of blankets, preparing to go to bed. 

Reborn scoffs. “Your cow brat destroyed my bed, so I’ll be sleeping with you. And I happen to sleep naked. Budge over, Dame-Tsuna.”

Tsuna doesn’t move though. “Maybe I don’t want you in my bed.”

Reborn arches an eyebrow and looks distinctly unimpressed. Tsuna meets his eyes and says nothing.

This is part of their game. Ever since Reborn’s body caught up to where he was before the curse, its been becoming increasingly hard to ignore the weight of his gaze, the way his hands seem to linger just a hair longer than before whenever he touches Tsuna. He’s still Reborn, but the boundaries between them are being subtly prodded into changing once more. This time, in ways Tsuna has no experience in, and has no clue on how to deal with.

So perhaps it says something about the amount of time he’s spent with Reborn that his default idea is playing hard to get. 

“Why not?” Reborn asks, putting a hand on his hip (and nope, Tsuna’s not going to be lured into looking below the chest at all). “You should be honored to have someone like me grace you with my presence. You certainly never seemed to mind when I was small.

“Yes well,” Tsuna points out dryly. “There’s a world of difference between sharing a bed with you as a baby when I was thirteen, and sharing one with you as a grown man now when I’m twenty two.”

Reborn’s gaze darkens, and he looks very much the part of the predator as he tilts his head slightly and utters and quiet “Oh?”

Tsuna has to remind himself to breath after a second, and after swallowing down enough saliva to wet his suddenly very dry mouth, continues. “Well yes. For one, you didn’t hog nearly as many blankets as you probably will now back then. And I refuse to sleep with a blanket hog. So shoo!” And he rolls over, sticking his head under his pillow and praying to whatever gods are available that Reborn takes the hint.

No such luck. A second later the pillow over his head is thrown aside, and Reborn grins down at him, wicked. “Well then, we should snuggle, so we don’t hog blankets, hm?”

Oh no, Tsuna thinks, and a second later he sighs as his blankets are whipped off him, and a warm body wraps itself around him in their stead. The blankets are returned, but the pillow remains gone, a prisoner to Reborn. “There we go,” the man says smugly. “Now isn’t that better?”

Tsuna kind of wants to die a little. While there’s nothing necessarily sexual going on right now, this is rather intimate. Tsuna has very little idea how to deal with intimate as far as Reborn’s concerned. His Guardians? Sure, put him in a snuggle pile with his Guardians any day of the week. Reborn? Not so much.

“Sure,” he says, and turns his back to Reborn, hoping the man will take the clue. He’s used up all his defiance for tonight, and the idea of pushing his luck further results in mental images of Reborn yanking his chain while he blushes and stutters and tries to make himself melt into the floor. “Now go to sleep.”

Except. Except.

Reborn presses himself up against Tsuna’s back, tangling their legs and hooking his chin over Tsuna’s shoulder, arms wrapping themselves around Tsuna’s sides. “Alright,” he purrs. “Goodnight, Tsunayoshi.”

Tsuna says nothing. Reborn drops off after a few moments, but Tsuna doesn’t dare to move. He stays awake until almost two in the morning, when he’s simply too exhausted to stay awake panicking. 

The first thing he hears upon waking is the sound of soft humming. There are fingers, gentle and warm, stroking the back of his neck. Tsuna mumbles nonsense into his pillow, snuggling closer to whichever one of his Guardians has snuck into his bed again. Surely a few more minutes of sleep won’t hurt. It’s Sunday. There’s barely anything to do on Sundays.

The fingers dig into a muscle on his shoulder, and Tsuna positively purrs and arches up into the hand, stretching. Soft laughter meets his actions. “Look at you, all affectionate. After how cruel you were to me last night, I was certain I’d wake up alone.” The fingers dig again, and Tsuna drifts between being almost asleep and almost awake, unsure which way to go. “I should have known you’d be a snuggler.”

“G’t sleep,” Tsuna says to whoever they are. He’s too tired to put a face to the voice, but he knows they’re familiar, and that’s enough for him. “S’nday.”

“So it is.” The body presses closer, and Tsuna rolls over and happily presses closer, letting his own arms wrap around the warm torso, nuzzling into their bare chest. “You’re lucky I’m a patient man, Tsunayoshi, or you’d likely be getting a different kind of wake up call right now.”

Tsuna falls back asleep before whoever the person is can make good on whatever threat they’re making, or whatever the heck they’re talking about. The next time he wakes up he’s alone, and feeling much more rested. He scrubs the sleep from his eyes, takes a warm shower, and then goes downstairs for breakfast. 

“Sleep well?” Reborn asks as he sits down. “I didn’t hog too many blankets, did I?” he snickers at the look on Tsuna’s face.

“Demon,” Tsuna mutters. “Horrible, horrible demon.”

“Now now, let’s not go using such nasty names so early in the morning. You were so sweet to me earlier - let’s go back to that.”

Sweet? Tsuna frowns, wondering what Reborn’s talking abo–

Oh. Oh wait, he…. there was someone in bed with him this morning, wasn’t there?

“You bastard,” he whispers, heat flooding his cheeks as he remembers. Oh dear lord. Reborn’s smirk only makes it that much worse. “You say anything, and I swear I’ll put you in a grave, Reborn!”

“Say anything about what?” Reborn gives his most innocent look. “I didn’t see anything. Certainly didn’t hear anything. What were we talking about again?”

Tsuna isn’t buying it for a second. “One word.”

Reborn just smiles his sunny I’m going to blackmail you so hard smile, and drinks his coffee. 

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Hey! I saw your post on HOO continuity errors and I was wondering what some of them were. I know the one I picked up was when Blackjack spontaneously turned from female to male😂

There’s a full list on the official wiki here, but I’ll highlight a few of my personal favourites (only ones that actually impact the plot, though there are plenty of ridiculous name swaps that should be noted) for you too:


  • [SoN] Thanatos tells Frank after the giant is unconscious that they will meet again in unfavorable circumstances. However, this meeting does not occur at all, even until the end of the series.
  • [SoN] Hazel is told by Pluto that her curse would be washed off by a descendant of Neptune. However, further details about who washed it off, how, where, when, etc., are not mentioned even until the last book.
  • [TLH] When Jason’s memories return, he mentions Hazel as a good friend of his. However in The House of Hades, Hazel admits that she has a hard time warming up to him, and that she can’t get a read on him… This implies that the two barely knew each other before Jason disappears. (He may have considered her a friend while she didn’t return the feeling.)
  • [MoA] Hercules warns Piper and Jason that he will kill them and their friends on the Argo II if they try and contact them. Later when Piper thinks of a plan to pass Hercules without giving him the Cornucopia, she uses an Iris Message to contact them.
  • [HoH] Nico bitterly says that since he is a son of Hades, he has no friends and “might as well be covered in blood or sewage,” judging from how almost all other demigods fear and hate him. However in The Last Olympian after Nico helps save Olympus, Percy states that everybody acted friendly with him and complimented his amazing fighting skills. Even the Ares demigods consider him “pretty cool.”
  • [BoO] Neither Hazel nor Frank’s curses are resolved.
  • [BoO] Percy’s fatal flaw of loyalty doesn’t come into play, despite being hyped up throughout the series.


  • [MoA] Percy mentions that he knew the Romans for weeks. However by this point in the series he had only known the Romans for about ten days, including the time he spent with Frank and Hazel on his quest.
  • [SoN] Percy yells at Hera for taking eight months of his life from him. However Percy was only gone for six months, as he vanished from Camp Half-Blood on December 13 and then appeared at Camp Jupiter in late June. (Percy might have thought that he was gone that long, because Jason went missing from the Roman Camp in October, eight months before the book’s events. He eventually realized his error in The Mark of Athena.) [Even so, where the hell was Percy being kept between December and June????]
  • [TLH] While Jason is looking at the old photo of Annabeth Chase, Luke Castellan, and Thalia Grace in Cabin One, it is said that in the photo Thalia was “maybe fifteen”- however, Thalia couldn’t have been any older than twelve or thirteen at the time the photo was taken.
  • [MoA] Percy mentions that it has been five years since he arrived at Camp Half-Blood. However The Mark of Athena only takes place four years after the events of The Lightning Thief.
  • [Various] Nico’s age is stated to be 14, but according to the timeline of PJO he should only be 13.

Bonus! Things from other books in the universe that don’t match HoO:


  • Chiron claims that the Titans are still alive but imprisoned. This seems to be supported by Poseidon telling Percy that the Titans cannot die anymore than the gods can. However, their claims are contradicted in House of Hades when Krios says that Jason Grace killed him.
  • Percy speaks in Latin, although Greek demigods should speak in Greek and not Latin.
  • In The Blood of Olympus, Nico claims that he did not design the Hades cabin despite him designing and having it built in The Last Olympian.

The Demigod Files:

  • During their trek through the Underworld with Nico di Angelo, Percy thinks to himself that because Thalia is now immortal, she had not aged since about a year ago, and that would mean he was now older than her. However, Thalia was a day younger than sixteen when she became a Hunter in The Titan’s Curse, and since The Sword of Hades takes place on Christmas Day of the same year as The Battle of the Labyrinth, Percy would only be about fifteen and a half and therefore younger than Thalia.
  • In The Lost Hero Nyssa tells Leo Valdez that Charles Beckendorf found the Bronze Dragon in pieces and rebuilt it. However, in The Demigod Files, Percy Jackson, Annabeth Chase, and Silena Beauregard were the ones who found the dragon, and Annabeth fixed it.

The Demigod Diaries:

  • Thalia said that Amaltheia led her to find Luke the night that she ran away. But Thalia said that she ran away when Jason disappeared when he was two, and since she was seven when he was born, that would’ve made her nine-years-old, but Thalia and Luke only knew each other a few months before they met Annabeth, and they were 12 and 14-years-old.
  • It is mentioned that Leo has been working on the Argo II for two months, despite this story taking place less than a week after the events of The Lost Hero.

Bonus Bonus! Submitted by other people who read my post:

  • Anonymous said: One thing about your hoo rant that imo you might have missed: in tlh chiron kept saying stuff about him being sworn to secrecy about things but they never actually see what he was being sworn about
  • Anonymous said: Did the scene in BoO with Jason talking to Percy about him wanting to die seem a tad OOC? I know Jason is awkward with stuff like that and all (ie: Cupid scene) but I think he’d know better and encourage Percy to talk it out or something?
  • @percabeth-is-endless added: don’t forget enough with the ‘no demigod will heal your heart’ bullshit with reyna like can she just be healed on her own??

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Could you maybe do an imagine where Kakashi is in love with Naruto's guardian/mother figure? Fluff or smut, I'd be happy with whatever you do! Just do whatever you'd like with the story. Keep up the great work! You're doing amazing! Thank you! ❤️

Sorry for the wait, anon! Kakashi is a very complex character and I wanted to do him justice. I don’t know if I really achieved that but I hope you like your 3000+ word story despite any short comings.

I might expand on this story line should we get more requests that fit its criteria as its a fun topic to explore!

~Mod Whipski

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Hellowwwwwwwwwwwww!!! I'm new to your blog because I just found about it yesterday and if you're not so occupied with life right now, could you maybe do a Nico di Angelo x Reader that involves hella ANGST because we need more Nico di Angelo in this world. (uppercase intended) so sorry if I somehow bothered you with this note. But it'll be okay if you can't write this =)

Dead serious I think this is the first time I’ve ever written angst. I hope you enjoy this, Nonny!!

“Hey, can we talk?” You peeked your head in through the Hades Cabin door. Nico was lying on his bed reading a book.

He quickly tucked the book away and nodded. “Hey Y/N, what’s up?”

Nico sat up and motioned for you to sit next to him on the silk sheets. You stepped in and it felt like the air had dropped 10 degrees. The obsidian walls trapped cool air inside and it was welcome relief from the hot July night. You shut the door behind you, and the dim light from the sunset was gone, replaced by the sconces of greek fire.

“What’s up?” Nico asked again and patted the bed next to him.

You stayed standing and kept your distance, because you knew if you sat down you would melt in those deep brown eyes and lose all the nerve you had fought to get up.

“Nico, you have to be honest with me.”

“Y/N, what’s going on?” He looked worried. He stood up and made a move to come near you but you held up a hand; distancing yourself from him.

“Please.” You nearly begged him. Your heart was aching and your eyes were burning with unshed tears.

“I saw you and Will at the lake yesterday.”

His mouth fell open a little bit. “I - We were just talking. We’re friends.” He smiled innocently.

“You kissed him!” You sobbed. A couple of tears leaked from your left eye. You crossed your arms across your chest to hold your heart inside. You were sure it was about to fall right out.

Nico’s eyes were no longer warm. They looked sad and guilty. He couldn’t look you in the eyes. “Y/N..”

“Why?” You rasped. Your throat now sticky and thick; you were choking on your words. “Why would you not just tell me?”

Nico shook his head desperately. “I didn’t think you would understand.”

“You’re right, I don’t.” You were trying so hard, using every fiber in your being to not be angry. Sad-crying was one thing, angry-crying was a whole other.

“How long? How long has this been happening behind my back?”

Nico shook his head again, like he couldn’t believe the Son of Hades could be involved in a love triangle.

“A few weeks.” he muttered

You breathed in sharply through your nose and pinched the bridge of it, as you felt a headache start to form. You thought carefully for your next words.

“Do you not love me?” You asked. In your mind you were still begging for this all just to be a misunderstanding.

Nico sighed and rubbed his face and pushed back his hair from his eyes. He decided to sit back down on the bed before answering you.

“I do love you.”

You had to admit that those words made your heart jump painfully.

“But I don’t love you in the way I once did.”

You closed your eyes to keep from looking at the boy who just broke your heart.

When you opened them you kept your face as neutral as possible. “That’s all I needed to know.”

You walked out of his cabin, hoping that maybe he might come after you. That he might grab your arm and spin you around and say that it was all a lie. That he could never love someone more than you. And then he would kiss you and apologize and wipe the tears away. But that didn’t happen.

You shuffled your feet towards the Apollo cabin where you would face your brother, Will. You hoped he would noticed the red eyes and stuffy nose before he called lights out and know what he did to you.

The son of Hades needed a guiding Light and you just weren’t bright enough.

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"This whole time I've been using you to make me feel better, and you never caught on. You never caught on. I want you to hate me now, but I don't think you're even able to." With Dean? Sorry, I'm on mobile so it took me so long to write this out lol.

Goodbye in her eyes

Summary: When pushed too far sometimes you just have to walk away.

Pairing: Demon Dean x Reader, MoC Dean x Reader

Characters: Dean, Reader, Sam

Rating: R on the safe side

Warnings: angst, torture, violence, heart broken

Word count: 1,529

Setting: Middle to end of season 10

Notes: I struggled with how to write this story/drabble that’s why it took me so long. Anon requests plus angst drabble starter request. They fit so well together so I thought why not do them together. Italics means flashbacks to when Dean is a demon torturing the reader. This story is from Dean’s point of view.

Tag list: Taken off or put on send me an ask.

Forever: @winters-buck @angryschnauzer @marvel-lucy @feelmyroarrrr @aquabrie @fandommaniacx @thetalesofmooseandsquirrel @supernaturallymarvellous

Supernatural: @smoothdogsgirl @aprofoundbondwithdean @ruprecht0420  @oneshoeshort


I could see it in her eyes, such sadness and regret mixed with a heavy dose of goodbye. I knew from the moment she told me everything’s copacetic that somethings truly wrong. She’s been avoiding me for the better part of three days. Can’t say as I blame her much not after everything I’ve put her through. Words that were meant to kill what was left of her love for me, disappearing for weeks, capturing and torturing her for days, leaving her for dead. Now that one should’ve taken the cake right but no none of that detrude my stubborn girl.  

Adamantly stating that what I’d done; the pain I’d caused wasn’t my fault I’d been a demon at the time. Soul black as night because if that damned Mark of Cain and the First blade. Yet every time I closed my eyes I saw what I’d done, the mess I’d made of her. The scars I left and she forgave me for.

“I told you not to follow me, to let me go and what’d you do?” Knife’s edge drawing a thin line of blood to drip down her right forearm making it dance in all directions. Knowing it’ll leave a permanent reminder behind a warning I told her to heed. The muted scream from behind the gag is all I gets.

“Ah yes I remember now,” evil smirk gracing my lips as I sneer at her. “Follow, that’s what you’ve done when I explicitly told you to stay away. I always figured you were stupid Y/N but not this much.”    

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Hey, whenever you have the time could you write something about Remus coming to visit Sirius in Azkaban? Like Sirius trying to get Remus to hear him out and Remus just being all cold and distant and both of them heartbroken? I saw something upthehill drew and it made me want to read about it. Idk if you write Wolfstar but you're probably my fav writer on here so I immediately thought of you. Also sorry for the pain.

Thank you so much, I’m so honored that you’d ask me to write this! @upthehillart is my absolute favorite Harry Potter artist. This piece, as well as all of her other work, is absolutely amazing, so I highly suggest that everyone checks her blog out and gives her a follow if you haven’t already! 

Warnings: angst, mentions of depression, might break your heart a little, IM SORRY

It had been a year. A whole year since Sirius had been sent to Azkaban. An entire year since every single friend had been lost. 12 horrible months of being alone. 52 miserable weeks of harrowing depression. 365 dreadful days of being unable to believe that it had happened, how it had happened.

That went for both of them. Neither of them felt these things more than the other, but that’s how they had always been, sharing each other’s pain rather than one of them being forced to take and bear it all. But this time, even sharing it, the pain was still unbearable.

Sirius knew something Remus didn’t, though. He knew that he was innocent. He knew that he didn’t belong in a prison cell, having the happiness sucked out of him. He knew that it was Peter that belonged there. That Peter, who was responsible for James and Lily’s death, the deaths of 12 innocent muggles, and for Sirius living in this hell, was still out there, free. And the fact that Remus didn’t know the truth, that he thought Sirius deserved this, destroyed Sirius more than a cold cell with soul-sucking dementors ever could.

As well as it being a year of misery and depression, it had also been a year since they had seen each other. Remus hadn’t gone to see Sirius. He couldn’t. He couldn’t put himself through that. It would be too much. Sirius sat in his cell everyday, waiting. He was sure his Moony would come, would demand an explanation. He needed him to come, he had to tell him the truth. He had to have Remus back on his side again. He had to make sure he and Harry and everyone else, muggle and wizard, were safe from their rat of a friend. But Remus never came. Sirius waited and hoped. For the first few months, he was always positive that would be the day Remus would show up, but as the days continued, Sirius knew he wasn’t coming, so he stopped waiting. Stopped hoping. Or at least stopped consciously hoping, because in the back of the head he was always hoping and wishing to see Remus.

But on that anniversary, although Remus hated to think of it as that, as he normally considered anniversaries to be happy events, he decided that he had to go. He had been putting it off for a year, and now it had to be done. He wasn’t sure how to go about it, if something had to be scheduled or if he could just show up. He opted for the latter because he decided he wouldn’t be all that upset if he found out he was forced to leave and set up a later visit. There was also the fact that he didn’t even know how he would set it up. Were there even people who worked at the prison, or was it just dementors? He figured that he’d soon find out.

Upon arriving, he saw that there were, in fact, people who worked there. Before you enter the area with the inmates and the dementors, there was a type of office, waiting room area. He talked to the surprisingly nice lady at the desk about visiting, and she said it was fine to visit Sirius today. She then led him to a different room, specific for visits, with two doors, a window where Remus could see into another part of the building, a table, and chairs. Remus didn’t sit. He felt it would be best to keep the visit brief, and sitting only implied longevity of conversations.

The woman then went to get Sirius, saying it would only be a few minutes. Remus was nervous. He could feel his heart beating in his chest and the sweat on his hands. He didn’t know what he was expecting, but when he caught a glimpse of Sirius through the window, he was shocked at what he saw.

Sirius, who had always been lively and happy, was almost unrecognizable. His clothes, which always used to be up to the latest fashion, had been replaced with a striped jump-suit. His hair, that he had always took such good care of, was a right mess. His eyes, which used to shine so bright, were now sunken in and looked as if he was in a daze. His previous muscular build was nowhere to be seen, now just skin and bones.

Remus felt his heart break at the sight. He immediately felt sympathy for his friend. But then he quickly scolded himself for his thoughts. He couldn’t allow Sirius to do this to him. Sirius is the reason his friends are dead. He couldn’t feel bad. He couldn’t allow Sirius to work his charm, if it was still there, and somehow get Remus back on his side. He wouldn’t let it happen. He was there to get a year’s worth of hurt and anger out. He would yell and scream until he was blue in the face if that’s what it took.

Sirius seemed to not notice Remus when he walked past the window. Or maybe he was just unable to see him, Remus suspected the window was one-way glass.

But when Sirius was led through the door opposite the one Remus came through, his look of confusion at where he was being taken and why, was quickly replaced with his eyes lighting up and a smile gracing his somehow still handsome face the second he laid eyes on Remus.

“Moony!” Sirius gasped enthusiastically.

Remus fought to keep a straight face. He wanted nothing more than to take his former best friend into his arms, hug him, be able to take him away from this place. But he knew he couldn’t, knew he shouldn’t. He knew Sirius deserved this for what he did. He wished that every bit of evidence didn’t point to Sirius. But as much as it killed Remus, it did, and he just had to remember that to get through this visit.

“Black,” he responded with a curt nod.

That one word made Sirius look as if his whole world had been shattered. Clearly he had been expecting a just as enthusiastic “Padfoot!”, or a “Hey Pads”, or at the very least, a simple “Hello Sirius”. Remus knew he was hurting him, and he hated doing it. He wanted to reach out to him. He crossed his arms over his chest to prevent himself from doing so.

Sirius opened and closed his mouth several times, unsure of what to say. Remus just stared at him with a blank expression.

“Would you like to sit down?” Sirius gestured to the table and chairs.

“No,” Remus said harshly.


“I’d appreciate it if you just called me Remus.”

Remus knew he was only hurting both Sirius and himself more, but he couldn’t bear hearing Sirius call him Moony. It would be too much. He knew he would crack it he did.

Sirius gave him an attempt at a cold stare, but he was never good at hiding how he really felt. Remus could see the heartbreak in those grey eyes.

“W-Why are you here?”

Remus took a deep breath. This is what he had been preparing for.

“You…” Remus trailed off into mumbles and stutters, unsure of how to begin.

Sirius’s lips twitched up into a small smirk in reaction to Remus’s lack of composure. For some reason, that look, a little piece of the old Sirius, set Remus off.

“You want to know why I’m here? I’m bloody here because it’s you’re fault they’re dead. James, Lily, Peter, all dead because of you! And then you were rightfully put it in here. So that just left me. Alone. Forced to sit with my thoughts of three best friends dead and one in Azkaban who betrayed them. Why couldn’t you just finish me off along with them? Why did I have to be the one to have to deal with this? As if I don’t suffer enough! God, how could you do that to me, to them?! We all trusted you! We were best friends! And you do…this. You disgust me.”

Remus was shouting by the time he reached his last words. Fists and jaw clenched. Shaking with anger.

Sirius had tears in his eyes.

“Remus…it’s not like that, I swear.”

Not like that? Who are you trying to kid?!”

“That’s not how it happened! You don’t know the true story! Let me explain!”

“I don’t need you to explain! All the evidence left, and by that I mean one of Peter’s fingers, is enough explanation. You killed him. You as good as killed James and Lily. And I’ve been dead inside ever since, so I guess you could say you killed me too,” he spits out.

“Remus, no! You don’t understand! You have to listen to me!”

Sirius dropped to his knees in front of Remus.

“Funnily enough, you killing our friends and being thrown in prison kind of voids you of telling me what I have to do,” Remus says coldly.

Sirius reached up to grasp Remus’s sweater. He let him. He didn’t want to, but he needed the touch. He knew allowing it would just break them a little more, though.

Sirius clung to him as if his life depended on it.

“Please, Remus, I beg you, just hear me out…” he pleaded. His voice broke at the end.

Remus looked down at Sirius. He felt tears in his own eyes at the sight of the broken man in front of him. He couldn’t do it anymore. He couldn’t be here anymore.

Remus gently untangled Sirius’s fingers from material of his sweater and took a step back towards the door so they were no longer touching.

He shook his head sympathetically at the other man.

“There’s nothing more to hear, Sirius,” he said simply and turned to the door.

“Remus! Please!”

Remus hesitated for a second, but then walked out of the room without looking back.

“Remus…” he heard him cry quietly one last time before he reached the point where he could apparate home.

Remus went up to his bedroom the second his feet hit the ground in his house. He laid down, teary eyed, and mulled over what had happened. Had there really been anything to hear? Was there actually something Remus didn’t know that Sirius could have explained? Remus wanted to believe that there was, that Sirius was somehow innocent, but the reminder of Peter’s single finger kept him from doing so. The way Sirius cried his name, though, it was so genuine and it broke Remus into a million pieces. He wanted nothing more than to comfort his friend, tell him things were okay, take him home with him, cook him a warm meal, give him a bath, let him sleep in his bed. But he knew it couldn’t happen, that it would never happen. He accepted the fact that he would never be truly happy again, especially after today’s visit. He went in expecting it would make him feel better, only coming out to feel worse than he has in his entire life.

Sirius was left crumpled on the floor, a sobbing mess. He needed Remus to know. If he knew, then maybe he could get him out of here, they could find Peter, give him what he deserves, and they could finally be happy again. He hated living like this, but even more, he hated seeing how broken Remus was. The whole time that he had known him, he had done everything in his power to keep Remus happy, only to be the cause of his ultimate sadness. Sirius cried Remus’s name over and over again, but he never came back. He knew he wouldn’t. He knew he would probably never see him again. And if he did, it wouldn’t be for another whole, miserable year at the very least.

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Sentence prompt: you're watching way to much of that murder tv nonsense, sweetheart.

Okay so I got way excited on this one and it got a little dark. But big thanks to @paigemarie007 for sending the prompt!



Living with two of the seven in the Mikaelson family was bearable, most days, but with the heat in Mystic Falls at an all-time high in the dead of summer, today was not a great day. Lately Kol had been irritable and with Bonnie away for work that week he was impossible crowding both Caroline and Klaus with his pestering and his presence. Klaus on the other had was becoming slightly more concerning, working all day and crawling into bed with her at odd hours of the night.

Her mind was over-analyzing things that much she knew she trusted Klaus and was secure in their relationship. The fact was that she just wasn’t sure about what he was getting up to every few months and the summer heat wasn’t helping. Neither was the fact that she had so much spare time now that her event planning business was gone along with her business partner, Alaric, who had left her in the ruins.

That had led to a fight with Klaus because she didn’t want to rely on him after having to sell her mother’s house in order to pay off the debts of her former business partner done in her name. In the span of twelve hours she had woken up, dressed for work and found out that her partner had been under investigation for some time. That he was in the wind now and Caroline was in serious trouble if she was involved at all.

Pausing the Murder ID channel she walked into the kitchen reaching into the freezer Caroline pouted upon realizing Kol had stolen the last Klondike bar out of the freezer and left the box inside empty. She began plotting six different ways to make his day just a little bit worse when she heard a noise in the garage. Reaching for Kol’s bat by the back door she exited the house armed when she quietly toed her way into the garage.

A lone figure stood in the corner by the garage door pushing the button to close as Caroline breathed a sigh of relief dropping the bat down. She surprised him, his back going stiff before he realized it was his girlfriend who had caught him. The last thing Caroline needed to know was what he had done just the night before and what he’d been doing all morning.

Images of Alaric’s dismembered body flooding him as her pushed his hands into his front pockets as Caroline approached him with a smile gracing her lips. She kissed his lips making him grin as he wrapped her in his arms, he truly didn’t deserve her especially after what he’d done in recent months. Carefully disappearing and killing off each and every single person who had had a hand in destroying her life and business hadn’t been easy but it sure had been fun.

His thoughts swarmed him, “Klaus?” her melodic voice asked garnering his attention once more with her utter perfection.

Kissing her forehead he nodded replying, “Yes?” eager to take her to their bedroom and distract themselves for a few hours before Kol spotted them.

Caroline kisses him briefly before turning her head back behind her, “Why’d you get a freezer the size of André the Giant?” she inquired.

He halts, hopes she doesn’t feel him harden against her as he loosens his hold on her keeping his tone breezy as he answers her, “Because I can’t keep burying the bodies in the desert.”

Caroline rolls her eyes expecting exactly that answer, “See, that’s a joke but I was watching Snapped the other day,” the other day being just a few minutes ago.

Klaus stops her right there, “You’re watching way too much of that murder tv nonsense, Sweetheart,” he assures her not wanting her to worry or get an idea of what he’s been up to.

“I love you, but if you question my viewing habits again,” he cuts off her threat with a kiss biting on her lip in the process making her moan softly in response.

“How about I take you to our bedroom,” he cajoles lifting her up in his arms bridal style, “Take off this poor excuse of a top and these,” he offers, his thumb brushing the hem of her shorts.

Caroline laughs encouraging him, “And I kiss your neck here,” he says pressing a kiss to her neck, “And here,” he adds kissing lower down her collar.

“If you must,” Caroline says flipping her leg in the air as he walks them out of the garage, with one last curious look at the fridge Caroline let Klaus sweep her away.

It wasn’t until Caroline was sure Klaus was spent from their lovemaking that she snuck out of bed with a flimsy excuse to get a glass of ice cold water. With haste she moved to the garage looking over her shoulder to make sure Klaus hadn’t followed as she wrapped her robe around her body. Slipping inside she shut the door behind her and ran to the large freezer pulling the lid open.

A gasp escaping her at the sight, her stomach dropping, the chemical smell nauseating, “Caroline,” his voice behind her was surprising making her jump in awareness.

“Is that Alaric?” she whispers as the freezer door slams shut behind her, her grip slackening in her shock as she turns to face him.

“I saved him for last,” Klaus answers her grimly shutting the door behind him and adjusting the sheet around his waist before stalking in her direction.

Caroline clutched at the fabric of her robe, “There was something beautiful about the symmetry.” He said thinking about how Alaric had taken everything from her and he had simply returned the favor.

It was unfortunate that by the time Klaus had found him, Alaric had burned through most of Caroline’s savings but he did manage to get one thing from the man. One thing before he died rather pitifully, Klaus had been concocting a story about how the left over money had come to be found but now it seemed unnecessary. He now was apprehensive that she would be frightened of him, of what he had the power to do but looking at her now with the shock lessening he found no fear in her eyes.

“I think I could go another round,” she tells him as he reaches her his hands lifting her by the waist to sit her on top of the freezer.

“Do you?” he asks parting her legs with a smirk as she tugged off the sheet that covered him as she nodded taking him in her hand as he groaned against her mouth.

“Right here too,” she sighs into his mouth just before he kisses her wrapping her legs around his waist as he slides back inside of her making them both groan at the feeling.



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anonymous asked:

Hey! I was wondering if you know some good Bethyl fanfiction out there? Thanks in advance :)

Hi! Yes of course :) I made a Bethyl fic rec list here and can actually add some since I’ve been reading new ones ever since:

_Give it some time (till the end of the world) - by onborrowedwings (rated T, one-shot)
The others, they begin to forget her, and Daryl tries to be okay with that.There should be someone who remembers though. There should be someone and it’ll be him.

_tomorrow there’ll be so much to do - by lindentree (rated T, one-shot)
Everybody seems to think it’s kinda funny or odd, or something, but Daryl’s always been good with babies.A lost scene from early season 4 that probably totally happened, I bet.

_what signs remain - by lindentree (rated M, WIP)
Beth’s kidnapping goes down a little differently, in that it doesn’t go down.A Bethyl AU that splits off from canon during 4x13 “Alone.”

_what we became along the way - by onborrowedwings (rated T, WIP)
They’ve been out on the road too long, he knows that. Too much time out in the wild, and he’s begun to forget what safety feels like, begun to forget how to be around people - how to be around anyone but her.

_Hold on - by JodyBarsch (rated T, WIP)
Beth stands close to Daryl. Daryl’s eyes always float to her. The group is beginning to notice… [Set post Season 3, the bulk written before Season 4 aired, so now it’s a little AU, i.e. no Zach, Carl’s not in the farming penalty box, etc.]

_Faith - by JodyBarsch (rated M, WIP)
If Beth had NOT been kidnapped and Daryl and she had stayed on the road together: On the road, searching for safety, searching for community, keeping an eye out for their dispersed group, Daryl and Beth make a go of it as best they can, becoming a solid unit of two. Encountering both the living and the dead, they must fight not only for survival but for faith the fight is worth it.

_Heavy - by CoraRochester (rated M, WIP but last updated in 2014 :/)
“He didn’t think on Beth. Tried not to… That was a fool thing to do, and Daryl Dixon wasn’t a fool. Just a man trying to survive.“Daryl brings some books home from a run, causing a subtle shift in his relationship with Beth. Heavy charts a slow burn relationship between the pair, taking a look at life at the prison and diverging slightly from the events of season 4.

_I bet you didn’t know someone could love you this much - by dynamicsymmetry (rated E, two-shot)
Daryl’s back from hunting earlier than expected, with a prize to show off to Beth. Throw in an unexpectedly open door, weeks of tension, a very different kind of showing off, and a decision to not walk away, and… Well. Watch what happens.

_Howl - by dynamicsymmetry (rated E, WIP)
A year after the mysterious slaughter of her entire family, Beth Greene is no closer to finding those responsible, and no one will believe her when she insists they weren’t human. But when she’s saved by - and proceeds to save - a monster of a very different kind, she finds herself drawing close to her goal in ways she never expected.And he might be the most unexpected thing of all.

_tune my heart to sing thy grace - by dynamicsymmetry (rated G, one-shot)
Little Christmas Eve thing, in the peaceful time before the fall of the prison. Of course Daryl is sort of uncomfortable with this whole Christmas business. Of course Beth won’t leave him alone.

_real and untouched - by wellthatdepends (rated M, one-shot)
let’s stop chasing ghosts and live

_say the word - by Abelina (rated E, one-shot)
Daryl, Beth, a cold night in a warm barn, and a game of words that gets out of hand. Canon-divergent post Alone.

_Seconds and Hours - by Abelina (rated T/M, one-shots)
It doesn’t matter much, in the end, how she came to be not dead, just that she isn’t. She isn’t and she found them and she’s here. Beth arrives alive and (mostly) well at the ASZ, much to the surprise of everyone.

_My shiny, shiny love - by Schwoozie (rated T, one-shot)
Beth thinks she’s seen everything there is to see in this sleepy Georgia diner; everything, that is, until a man comes in with a sleeve tattoo and a baby in his arms. Who could fault Beth for melting like an abandoned slice à la mode?

_Landslide - by bicycles (rated M, one-shot)
Beth and Daryl spend their first Christmas together at the funeral home.

_’Til I’m home again - by HaloNoir (rated T, complete)
Beth and Daryl’s journey, if things had gone a different way. Now AU. Started right after Beth’s kidnap.

_sooner or later - by Swiftsnowmane (rated G, WiP)
Life in the prison is safe, but Beth finds herself longing for…something. Daryl notices, and makes her a promise.

_will you be my anchor - by dynamicsymmetry (rated T, one-shot)
Daryl can’t handle it when Beth cries. Except after the moonshine and the fire, maybe he can. Maybe she showed him something. Maybe she taught him how.

_A favor and a fantasy - by rebbie (rated E, one-shot)
Daryl has a fantasy and Beth has a favour to ask.

_This need in me - by PunkyNemo (rated E, one-shot)
re are only so many places to hide at the end of the world. And some of them are small and some of them are cramped. Doesn’t mean they can’t make the best out of a bad situation though. Doesn’t mean that at all.

_Surfacing - by lindentree (rated M, complete)
It’s the strangest thing, surfacing from unconsciousness.
Beth lives.

_Red Strings - by sheriffgreene (rated M, WIP)
Beth’s been waiting her whole life to meet him. Daryl’s only certain of one thing: staying far away from her, far from the places a girl named Beth could possibly be, was the best idea he’s had his whole damn life.

_It’s just a poncho? - by flippantninny (rated T,one-shot)
Daryl loves his poncho, if anyone even dares to touch it they can expect to have to deal with a very pissed of redneck. Well… maybe there’s one exception.

_Will you miss me when I burn and will you eye me with a longing - by Zagzagael (rated T, WIP)
How long has Daryl been aware of Beth?

That’s it for now and should cover you for a while ;) Don’t forget to leave some love and kudos for those talented and generous authors and don’t be shy to put suggestions in my askbox! 

The Last Five Years Starter Sentences (Part Two)
  • "You're sitting there, eating your corn beef sandwich, and all of the sudden this pair of breasts walks by and smiles at you."
  • "It's just a challenge to resist temptation."
  • "I'm showing her my left hand. I am gesticulating with my left hand."
  • "There's this really awkward moment where I try to show I wasn't encouraging this, though of course I sort of was."
  • "I shouldn't care what she thinks since I can't fuck her anyway."
  • "I'll be so proud to call you 'mine.'"
  • "Don't give up on me yet."
  • "I am so proud of you baby."
  • "When I walk in the room there's a table of men, always men - usually gay."
  • "I am a good person. I'm an attractive person. I am a talented person. Grant me Grace."
  • "I should have told them I was sick last week, they're going to think this is the way I sing."
  • "Why is the director staring at his crotch?"
  • "Don't stare at my resume, I made up half my resume."
  • "Stop looking at that, look at me."
  • "I hate these fucking shoes."
  • "Why's I pick these shoes? Why'd I pick this song? Why'd I pick this career?"
  • "If I don't get the callback I can go to Crate and Barrel with mom and buy a couch."
  • "I'm obviously such a horrible annoying distraction to him - what's he gonna be like when we have kids."
  • "Jesus Christ! I suck, I suck, I suck."
  • "I will not be the girl stuck at home in the 'burbs with the baby, the dog, and the garden of herbs."
  • "I will not be the girl who gets asked how it feels to be trodding along at the genius' heels."
  • "I will not be the girl who requires a man to get by."
  • "There are people, and they are publishing my book."
  • "While you've made it very clear that you're not going - I will be going."
  • "Is it really about a party?"
  • "Can we just for a minute stop blaming and say what you feel?"
  • "Did you think this would all be much easier than it's turned out to be?"
  • "If I didn't believe in you, we'd never have gotten this far."
  • "It never took much convincing to make me believe in you."
  • "Don't we get to be happy? At some point down the line?"
  • "If I'm cheering on your side, why can't you support mine?"
  • "Why do I have to feel I've committed some felony doing what I always swore I would do?"
  • "I don't want you to hurt. I don't want you to sink. But you know what I think? I think you'll be fine."
  • "I will not fail so you can be comfortable. I will not lose because you can't win."
  • "This is the life I choose - this is the thing I can't bear to lose."
  • "If I hadn't believed in you, I wouldn't have loved you at all."
  • "My best friend had a little situation at the end of our senior year."
  • "I thought about what I wanted- it wasn't like that at all."
  • "He wouldn't leave me alone unless I went with him to dinner."
  • "I guess he was cute, and Iguess eh was smart, and I guess he was good in bed."
  • "I gave up my life for the better part of a year."
  • "He needed to take some 'time off,' focus on his 'career.'"
  • "He blew me off with a heartfelt letter."
  • "You don't have to change a thing just stay with me."
  • "I want you and you and nothing but you."
  • "Finally I'll have something worthwhile to think of each morning."
  • "I don't need any lifetime commitments, I don't need to get hitched tonight."
  • "When we get to my house take a look at that town, take a look at how far I've gone."
  • "I feel like my life led right to your side and will keep me there from now on."
  • "Say you'll move in with me."
  • "I made a promise. I took a vow. I wrote a story, and we changed the ending."
  • "Nobody needs to know."
  • "I start making concious, deliberate mistakes."
  • "Come back to bed, kid."
  • "Hold on, don't cry yet. I won't let you go."
  • "Since I need to be in love with someone, maybe I could be in love with someone like you."
  • "All you can say and all you can feel was wrapped up inside that one perfect kiss."
  • "I have been waiting for you."
  • "Goodbye until the rest of my life."
  • "I called Alise to help me back my bags."
  • "It's not about another shrink, it's not about another compromise."
  • "I don't know what the hell is left to do."
  • "I could never rescue you... all you ever wanted."
  • "All I could do was love you hard and let you go."
  • "So we could fight, or we could wait, or I could go."
  • "I didn't see a way we both could win."
  • "Just close the gate, I'll stand and wait."
ReiRin drabble (anon request): NSFW (striptease)

Rei stops hating Nagisa for booking a stripper the second the sexy policeman starts swaying his hips. The uniform grips the redhead in all the right places and Rei finds himself gripping the chair hard as Rin slowly pops open the buttons of his shirt and runs a finger teasingly around his nipple.

Rin gives the nub a quick squeeze, biting at his bottom lip and rocking his hips forward. He’s sultry and perfect; running his hands across his chest, over toned muscle and erect nipples.

And Rei can’t do anything but swallow when Rin slowly approaches him, practically moaning when the stripper climbs into his lap and arches towards him. 

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alpha-whale  asked:

If you're still taking fic requests--CT is getting married and invites Wash but if he doesn't show up with a date she'll set him up with Locus. He can't find a date so goes onto Craigslist and hires Tucker for the job. What could possibly go wrong?

Thanks for the prompt :D I hope it doesn’t disappoint!



“Well, my friend, today is your lucky day. I took the liberty of finding someone and calling them for you cos I knew you wouldn’t have the balls,” York said with a grin.

“What?!” Wash screeched. “They could be a psychopath!”

“Don’t worry. I got CT to do a thorough background check. You’re all good to go.”

“Jesus fucking Christ…”

“Hey, it’s not so bad. It’s just one night. What could possibly go wrong?”


Washington looked at the delicate piece of paper he held in his hands and read over it for the second time.

CT and South had finally done it. They were finally tying the knot. Getting hitched.


It had taken them long enough; they’d been engaged for years. The rest of their friends had started taking bets on when the Big Day would be held. None of them were even close.

Wash peered closely at the hand-written scrawl at the bottom of his invitation, his brow furrowing as he read the words.

‘You’re now allowed to come alone, Wash!’ Had been scribbled and it was hard to tell who wrote it. The sentiment was clearly from CT— she always did like to tease him — but the handwriting looked like South’s. Great. They were both in on it.

As soon as he’d first received the invitation and noticed that specific instruction, he called CT to make sure she was kidding. Surely this was a joke, right?

CT had laughed and said if he didn’t find a date, she would set him up with Locus because his partner, Felix, couldn’t make it.

Wash really didn’t want that. Locus managed to get on his nerves.

The first person Wash thought to ask was Four-Seven-Niner. He knew that if he went with the pilot, no one would tease him for fear of getting a tongue lashing of poisonous words from his ‘date’.
Wash hadn’t expected the apologetic expression on her face when she said that Maine had already asked.

Goddamn it! Maine had been his second option.

“Way to leave your best friend in the dark,” Wash muttered grumpily when he next spoke to his giant friend.

Maine shrugged and his voice rumbled.

“I am not taking it personally. I thought you’d have my back.”

Maine offered Wash an apologetic smile and a shrug. He didn’t want to end up with Locus himself and Four-Seven-Niner was a good friend. Maine couldn’t put her through that either.

As the date drew nearer, Wash was starting to panic. He wasn’t the type of guy who’d go to a bar, pick up some person and then invite them to a wedding. Who knew what he’d find at a club? Time was running out.

His attempts at setting up a profile on a dating website had proved useless. He people that messaged him seemed nice enough, but once they got chatting things didn’t click. Wash wasn’t really interested in anything except for a companion for the wedding. That was all. It may have been because of the photo that York had uploaded on his behalf — a sneaky shot of him working out shirtless — that was resulting in all of these unwanted messages.

Wash had tried to change it numerous times, but every time he logged in, the photo was back. He supposed that’s what he got for having a hacker for a friend. At least it was only his profile photo that York screwed around with.

One afternoon a week before the wedding, Wash and York had gone to a bar for drinks.

“I’m screwed,” Wash groaned. He was dateless and would be stuck going with Locus. He was half tempted to just call Connie the night before saying he was too sick to go.

“Don’t be like that, Wash. Maybe Locus isn’t so bad once you get to know him?”

Wash gave York a look. “He followed me around for six months because I was his ‘ideal soldier’ before he met Felix. I’m not even a soldier!”

“Have you tried Craigslist? I mean, you are desperate, right?”

Wash’s reply was instant. “I’d rather go with Locus.”

“Well, my friend, today is your lucky day. I took the liberty of finding someone and calling them for you cos I knew you wouldn’t have the balls. They’re gonna meet you at the park where the ceremony is, so you’d better get there early to introduce yourself before everyone arrives.” York said with a grin.

“What?!” Wash screeched. “They could be a psychopath!”

“Don’t worry. I got CT to do a thorough background check. You’re all good to go.”

“Jesus fucking Christ…”

“Hey, it’s not so bad. It’s just one night. What could possibly go wrong?”

Wash fiddled with his jacket as he waited at the park entrance, waiting for his ‘date’. He was both curious and nervous. With York setting it up, he could get anyone. The only reassuring thing about this was that CT had looked whoever it was up. Wash hoped that the poor person he was going to meet wasn’t expecting much.

Wash had been playing with his phone, trying to seem nonchalant when approaching footsteps made him look up. Whatever it was that he had been about to say was lost. The man approaching him was immaculately dressed in an all-white suit which contrasted beautifully with his dark skin. The only splash of colour was his teal — or was it aqua? — tie. His dreadlocks had been tied back neatly giving Wash a very clear view of his face. His brown eyes seemed friendly and an easy smile graced his features. Wash had not expected this. He had not expected this in the slightest and he didn’t know whether to thank York or punch him in the face after the wedding was over.

“Excuse me, are you ‘Washington’?” the newcomer asked.

Wash cleared his throat before speaking. “That’s right.”

“Oh, thank fucking christ you’re hot,” he said. “When your friend called and said you were dateless for a wedding I started to freak out.”

Wash decided he wanted to punch York. The guy looked nice and exceptionally presentable, but when he opened his mouth…

“I’m Lavernius Tucker and I’ll be your date this afternoon. Now, before everyone else gets here lets set up some ground rules. Rule number one: call me Tucker, only my Mom calls me by my first name. Rule number two: Anything goes, sweet cheeks. This is your gig, so you call the shots. Hugs, hand holding, kisses, making out and banging are all on my okay list for you.”

Wash simply looked at Tucker awkwardly for a few seconds.

“Or, you know, we can just talk. You hired me, so it’s your call. Well, technically your friend hired me but whatever.”

“I just need a date for this wedding, that’s all. Sorry if York told you otherwise,” Wash apologised.

“Hey dude, it’s all good. I know this is a one-time gig.”

Tucker seemed like a decent guy… what could possibly go wrong?

Throughout the reception, Wash needed to keep reminding himself that he was only a one-time thing. Despite some of the things Tucker would say, he was actually interesting to be around. He got along well with North and York, managed to do okay with Tex and Carolina and even South seemed to think he was an okay kind of guy. His laughter was infectious and Wash caught himself grinning whenever Tucker smiled. At some point in the evening, Wash had taken to putting an arm around Tucker’s shoulders when they were standing together talking with someone, and Tucker seemed to easily fit against him.

When the bridal waltz started and everyone took to the dance floor, Wash was unceremoniously dragged up there too despite his protests.

“I can’t dance,” Wash grumbled.

“Then let me lead you,” Tucker said as if it was obvious.

“But that’s the girl’s role.”

“Since you can’t dance how the hell are you supposed to lead me then?”

Wash didn’t want to admit that Tucker had a point.

“It says absolutely nothing about your masculinity, which must be pretty fragile if you’re worried about being lead in a dance.”

Truthfully he didn’t care about being lead on the dance floor. He just didn’t want to make an ass of himself.

“I’m sorry if I step on your feet,” Wash sighed heavily.

“It’s fine,” Tucker said with that infectious smile of his as he gently took Wash’s hand in his own.
Tucker brought his other hand to Wash’s back and pulled him close. Wash glanced awkwardly at everyone else and realised they were dancing even closer. It took him a song or two to finally get the hang of it, but once he’d managed to get the steps, Washington found that he was enjoying it.

He may have also been enjoying the way Tucker lead him around the dance floor, the warmth of the hand at his back and the way Tucker’s hand felt in his.

“So…about this being a one-time gig…” Wash started. He wasn’t sure if he was pushing any boundaries, but he’d actually had a really good time and wouldn’t mind getting to know Tucker better. He never would have thought!

“What about it?” Tucker asked.

“I was hoping that maybe we could extend that? And that maybe you’d be here because you’re my date?”

“How about we pretend your friend never hired me for this in the first place and that we met at a bar one night and you asked me to come with you?”

Wash grinned. “I like the sound of that.”

Tucker returned the smile and pulled Wash a little closer.

“Me too.”

What could possibly go wrong, York had said.

Falling in love was a start.

cuddlyhufflepuff  asked:

In a recent text post u said the reasons why the writers don't put cas in every episose were valid? Was this sarcastic? I'm slightly confused. What are these reasons you're referring to? Hope ur having a great day! :)

It wasn’t sarcastic at all. I do agree that Cas should be in more episodes but the reasons he’s not in every episode are valid. 

The main reason is because Cas is so powerful. The season 8 DVD has a documentary about Cas were they talk about this, I recommend checking it out. Many of the problems the Winchesters come up against, especially in filler episodes, could be solved pretty quickly using angel powers. Filler episodes exist for a reason. When Supernatural first started the focus was on Monster of the Week type episodes and the running plot line of Yellow Eyes was a secondary focus. Starting in season 3 that flipped, the running plot line (Dean going to hell) became the main focus and Monster of the Week episodes became more rare. Many fans love Monster of the Week episodes, and the classic monsters, so they can’t get rid of them entirely. But if they had put Cas in an episode like Southern Comfort 8.06 there would have been no action. Why would the fragile human and vampire be sneaking up on vamps and chopping their heads off if they had an angel that could pop into every room, do some smiting, and kill the entire nest within seconds?

Hunteri Heroici 8.08 is a filler episode that actually had Cas in it and on the DVD commentary Andrew Dabb talked about it being difficult to make it work. If people are dying because one guy is creating a bubble of weird the best solution is to get him away from people, which Cas could have easily done. With a snap of his fingers Cas could have sent Fred to an isolated island and all the looneyness would have stopped but that also means the story would have been boring. The solution Dabb came up with was to have Sam say this “Fred’s radioactive, Cas. You zap him, no telling what will happen.” It’s believable that they wouldn’t have gone for the easy solution because they were dealing with something new and weren’t sure that it’d be safe. But if they’re hunting a classic monster like a werewolf they can’t use work-a-rounds like this, they know that the best way to handle it would be to send in the angel to do some smiting.

The writers continuously try to find new ways to weaken Cas so he can be in more episodes. In season 5 his powers were reduced because he was cut off from heaven. In season 6 the work-a-round to put him in Eve’s final episode was that his powers couldn’t work when he was that close to her. In season 9 and 10 his fading grace and lack of wings has limited what he can do. 

Another way they’ve been able to put him in more episodes is to give him his own story-lines. In season 6 he was busy fighting a war in heaven and wasn’t always available when the Winchesters needed him. We saw a lot of episodes where Cas popped in to help with parts of the investigation but when it came to killing the monster Cas was too busy to help and the Winchesters had to fight it the human way. Since season 8 we’ve gotten a lot of Cas episodes where he interacts with the Winchesters only briefly, most of his screen time is him off on his own developing his personal story-line. That’s a great way to get Cas in more episodes but many fans don’t like it, they want him to always be a part of Team Free Will when he’s in an episode. I agree that the best episodes are when they’re all together but Cas having his own side story means we get to see more Cas. 

anonymous asked:

Hope you're still taking prompts- emma is cold so killian tries to take his jacket of to give her but cant get it off so emma shows him how to do it (first day with his modern clothes that he went shopping for with Henry) sorry if its a really bad prompt i just thought it would be cute :)

A/N: This is a good prompt! There’s no such thing as a bad prompt! :)


Killian watches her when he thinks she’s not looking (she is, she always is). He watches her and he notices things and it’s so endearing that her heart aches at the thought of it. No one has ever taken the time to get to know her so well, to be able to tell just by looking at her what she’s thinking or what kind of mood she’s in.

She rolls her eyes and pretends to be annoyed, but she has to bite back a smile, and she’s sure he notices that too. 

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Big-Sister Talk.

Swarto one-shot, totally SFW, SFF and fictional! 1000+ words, thoughts?

Replying to one last email and closing her laptop with a soft thud Sarah breathed a contented sigh. Off the clock at last. Rising from her post on the sofa she quietly padded into the kitchen.

‘I’m going out babe! See you later’ a voice called, echoing throughout their shared apartment.

'Wait, Hannah’ Sarah frowned, and rounded the corner to see her girlfriend pulling on her jacket.

'Where’re you going’ the blonde questioned, confusion pooling in her green eyes.

'I have plans’ Hannah smiled, grabbing her keys from the shallow bowl by the door.

'Plans..? Hannah I’m your manager, I know when you have meetings, appointments and all that shit. You’re free tonight’ Sarah stated, a small frown creasing her forehead.

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