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A few tidbits from the NYCC POI Panel

Plageman: “We’re not sure the Machine has a heartbeat.”  

Plageman: “There’s going to be heartbreak.”

Fisher: “I think the season premiere is one of the best we’ve done.”

Caviezel: “John is very focused this year. He wants to bring the team together.”

Emerson: “Finch is in a bad place. Lots of emotions to come.”

Chapman: “Fusco is going rogue this season.”

Shahi: “Shaw comes back in a very dynamic way. She gets a stand alone episode.”

Shahi: “I wanna talk about Root and Shaw. The audience is going to be happy about what they see.”

Shahi: “I’m more than happy to continue this relationship on behalf of the LGBT community out there.”

Shahi: “I feel like the LGBT community is very underrepresented. Thank you Greg and Jonah for writing it.”

Acker: “Root feels like their relationship is strong enough, that she can turn Shaw back.”

Caviezel: “Reese will doubt Shaw, he’ll be wary of her because of Samaritan.”

Emerson: “Shaw has always been a mixed blessing.”

Chapman: “I think Fusco has always had a fondness for Shaw. There’s always going to be a bond.”

Caviezel: “Reese might find love in episode 7 for 5 minutes. But the whole premise of the show is the numbers and saving people.”

Caviezel: “I love my cast mates. I’ve been blessed to have such a great team. Whatever happens this’ll be one hell of a season.”

Shahi: “Let your mind run rampant about Shoot’s relationship.”

Shahi: “AMY AND I BOTH HAVE BRUISES AND IT’S NOT FROM ANY FIGHT SCENES I’VE DONE.” (yeah I freaked out sorry not sorry)

Shahi: “What took you so long, bitch?! That’s what I’d ask Root.”

Acker: “Root would beat Illyria.”

Shahi: “I have twins and my character at the moment is tired so my life parallels that a little bit. I haven’t been sleeping since March 1st.”

Plageman: “When you get 13 episodes instead of 22, you’re not sure what crew is going to come back.”

Shahi: “I love eating on camera. Shaw’ll eat anything. I get to indulge.”

Obviously this isn’t all of the panel and I highly recommend that you watch it if you haven’t. Really worth it. Sarah had great words especially, about the LGBT community and the importance of Root and Shaw.