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this isn’t sh but CYRUS GOODMAN LOOKED BACK AND I AM EXPERIENCING EMOTIONS! theres a 90% you have no idea what I’m talking about so allow me to elaborate. Some of you may know that Disney has been breaking down barriers with their new show Andi Mack. They show the world of untraditional lifestyles instead of the perfect family trope that’s always used. And Disney is getting ready to do something amazing. In this scene, Amber, the girlfriend of a boy named Jonah Beck, explains to him that “if she looks back, it means she likes you, not just as a friend.” Jonah wants to know if Andi likes him, and yes she does look back… But get this… CYRUS LOOKED BACK TOO! they’ve been hinting at Cyrus’ sexuality and crush on Jonah this entire season and this makes it nearly canon. DISNEY. DID. THAT.

list of all clips in the degrassi: next class season 4 1 minute trailer (i slowed it down so you don’t have to) 

  • grace walking, tiny and zig are in the background. esme is on zig’s back
  • grace and zoe hugging, zoe is holding a flyer for a ‘degrassi fair’
  • the seniors on the steps, tiny is holding a flyer that says the fair is ‘tomorrow’ meaning the fair is a day after that scene 
  • hunter is on his computer by the pool and zig + esme + frankie are hanging out behind him. he asks if they would remove armpit hair from a photo and the two girls answer yes. zig answers no, then says he would if he was a girl. hunter looks worried/upset.
  • lola shows yael something on her phone and says it calls for a makeover. yael replies that not everything calls for a makeover, and lola says ‘you’ve never been more wrong’.
  • lola is looking at yael (we don’t see yael’s face) meaning she likely got a makeover.
  • grace and jonah kissing against a bus
  • grace says she doesn’t want to be a secret anymore and jonah replies that he thought she liked being a secret. 
  • frankie smashes a guitar against a tree in front of hunter, grace, jonah, and many others. jonah screams at her asking what her problem is and grace looks shocked. frankie replies ‘it used to be you’. 
  • zoe looks worried in the gym (we hear a voiceover of zoe asking ‘aren’t you mad at me?’)
  • rasha tells zoe she’s falling in love with her in a crowd and they kiss
  • some men bully/shove winston
  • rasha and frankie swimming in the hollingsworth pool
  • zig (in a classroom) asks esme why she ‘gets so crazy’, and esme responds ‘i’m the crazy one? not maya, the one who tried to kill herself?’ 
  • esme strips with no emotion
  • someone (assuming it’s esme but the way they cut it, it could not be) drops their clothes in front of a shocked saad
  • goldi tells saad ‘your actions put all muslims in danger’ and saad takes the podium at a ‘we stand with belgium’ rally. 
  • saad says ‘people will never understand.’
  • hunter asks saad if he’s pro-terrorist and vijay pipes in saying ‘maybe he is’. 
  • saad punches zig
  • goldi (with no hijab) holds her hair and cries to (assumedly her dad) saying she ‘wishes she could go back in time and stay home tonight’
  • miles, angry at tristan, says he was by tristan’s side while he was in a coma and ‘gave up everything’ for him
  • tristan crying
  • lola and yael in a bounce house 
  • baaz and vijay sitting up in suits (could be a magicians act) in the auditorium 
  • shay kisses tiny, both of them lying down in what looks like a tent
  • frankie and esme pin down zig in what looks like a threesome
  • people are walking around miles but he’s standing still, looking upset and confused
  • zoe is having a pillow fight with grace
  • graduation: looks like zig, tristan, goldi, tiny and jonah and what looks like maya (but it’s the back of her head so i’m unsure) are all seen.

I honestly gain so much more respect for Andi herself as a character with each episode. My first impression of her was that she was a daydreaming 11-year-old with a crush on a boy and artsy hobbies like an American Girl protagonist. Now I’ve come to see how brave, independent, mature, and realistic she actually is. 

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What I really love is how even though Jonah was being a total spaz (and I no joke had secondhand embarrassment for him), Amy just intuitively understood that he was just spazzing out over what he said at the wedding. And she kinda has this roll-of-the-eyes attitude like RELAX YOU DON’T HAVE TO KEEP USING THAT WORD I GET IT YOU’RE NOT TRYING TO HIT ON ME BECAUSE YOU’RE NOBLE.

Also, as a midwesterner, can I just say this episode is 100% relateable. a big shoutout for all the people who were totally nonplussed by inclement weather and we’re still shopping in the middle of a tornado.

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hey I hear you make gifsets? Well, I have a request for superstore. Remember that one episode when Jonah makes Amy close her eyes and she's all like "Okay, I'm sorry, I just keep having this mental image of you doing that cliché where you get me to magically discover the one thing I never knew I wanted. So dumb. Okay, my mind's clear." and he's all like "Well, now you ruined it, so you're never gonna know what you want." I bet it would look great to contrast that with their evolution!!

the feels! but here

let’s talk about natalie kabra for a minute

this bitch grew up idolizing her mother. just as ian fears to disappoint vikram, natalie fears to disappoint isabel – but for an entirely different reason. ian feared vikram, natalie wanted to be isabel. she wore the same perfume, the same clothing styles, the same makeup. when ian called her “mum”, she always called her “mummy” because she knew that’s what isabel liked. when isabel was knocked out in storm warning, blood gushing from her head, natalie stayed with her to make sure she was okay.

and yet, isabel isn’t the most important person in her life. 

ian is. ian was the only constant that natalie had, besides material things like money and clothes. very likely, ian was the only genuine human contact natalie had. and the same goes for ian – both vikram and isabel were away all the time and their “friends” were spies from the other branch or were bought. when ian started to show signs of doubting isabel and her motives, natalie caught on to them. but what did she do? she didn’t make a blatant show of it, like ian did. she doubted her idol but didn’t let it show because she knew it would hold consequences. isabel had all the more reason to shoot ian in into the gauntlet because of his lack of compliance since book 6, isabel had very little idea that natalie was against her as well.

but why did isabel shoot natalie? obviously to get ian to do what she wanted, but why didn’t she shoot amy then? not only would it bring isabel more satisfaction since amy had been in her way since the beginning, but it would also cause ian to get jonah like she wanted. so why natalie? because it would have hurt ian more. despite what fanfiction would have you believe, ian’s life does not revolve around amy after book 3, it’s revolved around natalie since the beginning. he risked his own death during their first mission to insure her life. multiple times. 

of course they were close. of course he was her most important person.

of course she was ripped from him when she needed him most.

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Interesting, I thought she was about to put herself forward as leader and then that got derailed and Martin was briefly in charge. Okay, a Rip ready to get some... how would Sara seduce him? What if there was some way Gideon could? How about Jonah? Anyone else you'd like to see a mutual interest with Rip and if so, who and how would the seduction go?

I think she’d have stepped forward to make the immediate decision, but she hadn’t consciously considered herself the leader at that point.

As for seduction.  Ye gods.  That…I tend to think that would be a trainwreck.

I would say for Sara, well, she knows Rip by now.  So she probably realizes her best bet is just to trip the idiot and pounce.  Don’t give him time to think about it.

Gideon, well.  I think it’d depend on if we were talking about a human/android version or a disembodied AI inside his mental dreamscape.  Well, no.  Either way, I think she’d be likely to propose the idea in clear logical terms.  Explain why this would be a mutually beneficial arrangement.  Then while he’s freaking out about the idea, she’d give him gentle but aggressive encouragement.  :-)  

Jonah… I think Jonah has an edge here really, because whether or not you think they actually had a physical romantic relationship in the past, their dynamic has its roots in a version of Rip that predates all of the current pain, turmoil and angst.  He’s got an in past all the prickly defense mechanisms.  He’s also completely separate from whatever drama is currently going on in Rip’s life.  So he’s kind of a bit of a sanctuary from all that.  And since both of them are likely to go their separate ways in the morning, there’s less for Rip to freak out about.

I can pretty much imagine any one from the crew working as a romantic interest for Rip.  He does love them dearly.

In either case, the technique would probably have to be some variation on Sara’s.  Don’t give him any warning or he’ll flee.  Just ambush him.  Gently of course.  :-P

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So like... what are you debating exactly XD?◇Jonah's mod◇

I’m trying to figure out who to send his way. :P On one hand, I feel like poor Gills is being neglected and should get some interaction. On the other hand, I think it might be interesting to see how your jackass (who I love) would interact with my asshats, the trio. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

What does love feel like?

I remember when I was in high school and I had my first real girlfriend over for dinner my little cousin asked me what it felt like to be in love. I laughed for a little bit before sitting back into the couch having just been hit with a question I never really thought about before. As a 16 year old, I was no stranger to the shoes of a hopeless romantic. I don’t think there’s just one definition for love and to say a 16 year old can’t feel love is just not true. That being said, I felt what I thought was love many times. And the only time I realized I hadn’t been in love was after the fact when I had the chance to look back retrospectively. I thought I loved this girl but so many other times it turned out to be something else so how could I know for sure. And as it turns out, I wouldn’t know what that felt like until 3 years later. But let’s take a couple steps back.

It’s 4th grade. I’m 9 years old and I’m in love. Or am I? It’s 2 AM and I’m writing a soon to be triangularly folded note to her. Circle this if you like me, yes or no? She circles yes. We both like green day, I spike my hair up with my dad’s hair gel, she wears all black. My mom says I’m not allowed to kiss girls. Cole Sprouse says he regrets that his first kiss was as early as it was so I have lots of reasons not to kiss her. I write what I think are brilliant poems about her. She’s the first girl to like me. We sit in the slide of the playground too afraid to hold hands. One day we do. Fireworks don’t compare to the feeling. We have competitions for who can jump the farthest on the swings. The school year ends and I never see her again.

It’s the 7th grade. I’m reaching the peak of my coveted awkward phase and she sits next to me in english. She has hair that reminds me of a lions mane. She’s an actress. I’m the only one in the grade without a cell phone but she’s going be a star one day. She’s in the school play and her monologue gives me goosebumps. We are best friends. She tells me about boys she thinks are cute and I pretend it doesn’t feel like daggers. She’s my first slow dance. We get detention for passing notes. We call each other every night. Over summer break she gets a boyfriend.

It’s 9th grade. I broke up with her after 2 weeks. Did I make the right decision? I didn’t. She has a boyfriend. She wanted me and now she doesn’t. I took her for granted. Fuck that stupid song Big Yellow Taxi. Why is the radio always stop on. I learn a Katy Perry song on guitar to impress her. She isn’t impressed. Regret is a stupid emotion.

It’s 11th grade. My braces are off and she likes my pictures on Instagram. She is a year older than me. She is beautiful. She smiles at me when we see each other in the halls. We get ice cream. She is my first kiss. It feels like a nuclear bomb had a baby with Coachella. I ignore my responsibilities to be with her. I sneak out to be with her. She is sick. She is going off the rails. I think about her every day but she hurts herself every day. She looks for validation in other guys. I delete her number. She goes to college.

It’s 12th grade. Get me out this town. This town is suffocating me. This town is horrible… who is that? She’s the prettiest girl in our town. She goes to the same school my mom teaches at. She looks like an angel. She listens. She understands my goals. She dreams bigger than I do. We talk on the phone every night. We fall asleep talking to each other on the phone and text each other throughout the day. 2 AM movie nights in my parents basement with our clothes in a heap by the heater. You party too much. I wish I was more social. I learn social skills to keep up with her friends. I hate her friends. Her friends hate me. She thinks I cheated on her with a girl in another state. We fight every day. It’s not worth it anymore. I go to college.

It’s 2014. I dropped out of college a couple months ago. I’m scared. I’m excited. I’m broke. I miss my family. I’m more turbulent that a fighter jet in a thunderstorm. I’m going to change the world. Halloween is so stupid. I don’t usually hate halloween but I do this year. I can’t afford a costume so I’m decked out in Good Will. Fuck it tonight will be great. Nice to meet you I’m Jonah. I don’t smoke but it’s part of my costume! So I guess I should probably get your number. She is smart, funny, interesting, and drop dead gorgeous. I’m so unbelievably lucky, how did I land this. Wanna meet for coffee? She likes red velvet. “The slice of red velvet cheesecake that flew from LA to your house, Merry Christmas”. She is the one. I repeat this is not a drill; she is the one. I’ve never had a 4 month anniversary. What do you even get a girl for her birthday. Dude I have $3 in my checking account. Maybe she can teach you something that she loves and that’ll bring back the spark! When was the last time I did something for myself? I don’t make art anymore. When was the last time I talked to my friends. I don’t feel like me anymore. She keeps telling me she’s losing herself to us and I agree but I tell her it’ll be fine. I’m drowning. She’s drowning. Who is this person and why is he acting so petty. You deserve better. We just went super nova. Matthew McConaughey and Neil deGrasse Tyson couldn’t save us from this black hole. 3 AM. Incoming call. I’m gonna need a big fuckin bandaid.

Love is irresponsible, unnecessary, and, until you learn how to control it, it will wreck you; kinda like trying to ride a horse without knowing anything about horses. At first it’s exhilarating and euphoric but then you realize you’re trying to ride a horse without knowing anything about horses. And you fall off. But for a little bit, the face full of dirt is so absolutely worth it man.

Chapter 26 - “This Was Me All Along”

Word count: 2,028


The words ‘Jonah’s got nothing on me’ rang like a siren in your mind. Why was Cameron bringing Jonah into the equation and why were you so reluctant to forgive Cameron?

“Yo Y/N what’s wrong?” Kai asked, snapping you out of your day dream. You didn’t realise that you had completely zoned out of the conversation and was just playing with your food.

“Uh, nothing.” You smiled, lifting your head up. Kai frowned and gave you a look of ‘we’ll talk about it later’.

Out of the corner of your eye you saw Cameron smirk and you exchanged glances. Cameron’s eyes seemed to burn a hole in yours and you had to quickly look away. Jonah screwed his eyes in suspicion at the two of you.

You smiled at him reassuringly and stroked his arm. He shook his head and said “Y/N please can I talk to you for a minute.” Jonah said, picking up and walking away.

You nodded and gathered your things.

Jonah had already sped off down the hall and you had to run to keep up with him. “Hey wait.” You called tugging on his arm.

“Jonah, stop.” You shouted.

He eventually stopped and turned around; you could tell by his face that this was going to be bad. He took two strides to meet you and held you by the waist.

“Be honest with me.” He said.


“Be honest with me when I ask you this.”

“Ask me what?”

“What happened with you and Cameron?”

“I-I don’t know what you’re talking about.” You stuttered, immediately giving you away.

“For fucksake I said be honest.” Jonah growled, squeezing you tighter to the point where it was almost hurting. You flinched to signal this and his eyes turned soft and so did his grip around you – he didn’t let you go though.

“We erm, earlier we hooked up. I’m sorry,” You whimpered, looking away from his eyes as you felt ashamed. “You probably hate me now.”

“I don’t hate you for going back to someone you love. How could I?” He asked.

“I’m sorry Jonah I really am, I-I don’t know what the fuck is wrong with me. No matter what he does he just, ugh, he manages to pull me back in.” You confessed. “I wish I could get over him but I can’t no matter how much I like you.” You grumbled.

“You like me?” Jonah asked, clearly shocked.

“C’mon J of course, look at you. You’re like a Greek God.” You laugh. “If it wasn’t for Cameron…” You paused to see his reaction.

“Yeah I get it.” He mumbled.

“I’m sorry, it’s just Cameron will always be my Cameron. Regardless of what happens I will always make excuses for his actions however heartbreaking they may be.” You groaned.  “I will always love him.”

Cameron’s POV

“What do you think Y/N and Jonah are talking about?” Kai smirked. I swear to God, one day I will end up kicking the living shit out of him. I clenched my jaw as everyone gave their opinion.

“I’m sure it’s just nothing.” Logan said, jumping straight to Y/N’s defence. I frowned, was there more to the story? Did Y/N lie to me?

“Lo I don’t know, you didn’t see the way he was looking at her this morning. It’s like they were coming back off of a honeymoon.” Noah said.

“True and he has always liked her, since like the second grade.” Grayson continued, which only added to my suspicion.

I knew that Jonah liked her but I was always confident that she would never go there… would she?

“She wouldn’t even be with Jonah if someone didn’t go and fuck it up yet again.” Logan frowned. I rolled my eyes and put my head in my hands.

“I get it Logan, I fucked up again. I don’t think that she’s gonna forgive me this time though, after what I said.”

“She will, no matter what you do Cam she will always pick you. Believe me.” Logan said.

“And I will always pick her.” I sighed. Why did I have to give her the ultimatum, even after what happened this morning I could tell she wasn’t fully into it. Something was clouding her judgement, or should I say someone.

Is it too late? Does she already have feelings for Jonah?

“I know what you’re thinking and no she doesn’t. Her heart will always belong with you Cameron.” Logan said. “So go and show her you feel the same.”

It’s true, what the hell was I waiting for.

I nodded and got up to find her, to maybe stop a possible relationship. What the fuck am I on about, Y/N wouldn’t betray me like that.

I walked out of the cafeteria and found Y/N and Jonah talking about something. My fists clenched when I saw the way he was holding her then the anger dissipated when I heard what she was talking about.

She was talking about me.

I just stood there listening to her rambling on, a smile taking over my face; I could listen to her all day.

“…Regardless of what happens I will always make excuses for his actions however heartbreaking they may be.” She groaned.  “I will always love him.”

God I love her so much.


“Glad to know I’m not the only one.” You heard a voice say. You spun around to see Cameron eyeing you and Jonah.

“Cameron what are you doing here?” You asked.

“I came to see what was taking you guys so long. Now I know why,” He shrugged, turning around and strolling back to the cafeteria. “And Y/N, likewise babes.” He sang.

You rolled your eyes and turned back around to Jonah.

“See what I mean? He is impossible to not fight for.” You sighed and then looked up to see the hurt in Jonah’s eyes. “Oh god, I’m so sorry I forgot, I-I” You stuttered.

“It’s okay Y/N; I’ll get over it someday.” He half smiled. “Today’s not looking so good.”

You gave him a sympathetic smile and stood on your tip toes to wrap your arms around his neck. He engulfed you in his strong arms.

“Thank you for being you Jonah, I know this is hard to keep your cool and not revert to your old ways.” He nodded and nuzzled his head into your neck which only made it worse for you, you felt terrible.

“Is there any way I can make it up to you, anything I can do?” You pleaded returning to your original height.

“You’ve given me everything I need Y/N,” He smiled. “A second chance to not be an asshole.”

You laughed and hugged him again.

*a couple of days later*

“Why are you still not talking to me? We are back together aren’t we?” Cameron groaned through the phone. “Please babe, I’m dying over here. We haven’t fucked in like two weeks and I need you.”

“Is that all you want from me a quick shag and to call me your girlfriend.” You scoffed.

“Of course not babygirl.” He chuckled. “I’m kidding; I miss everything about you although your pussy does play a big part in it.” You sighed and you could feel him smirking through the phone.

“I don’t know yet Cameron, I think we should not have sex for a while or at least stay away from each other for a few weeks.” You said.


“All we ever used to do was have sex; literally that’s what our whole relationship consisted of.”

“Yeah and that’s what made it so good.” Cameron groaned. You raised your eyebrows and scoffed, typical boy.

“No Cameron, when we first met we fucked. Then we had a no strings attached and then when we actually got together the first thing we did was have sex.”


“Don’t say and.” You said mimicking his tone of voice. “We can’t just rely on sex to fix our problems we have to face them head on.”

“Babe seriously?” Cameron whined.

“Seriously.” You replied.

“Well I certainly don’t want to go on a break. I-I missed you too much to stay away for any longer.” He responded which made your heart flutter. “So we’ll just have to have no sex.” He sighed.

You laughed through the phone, you had no idea he would actually go for it.

“I guess so,” You heard him yawn through the phone.

“Good night baby, I love you.” He said, waiting for your response.

“I love you too Cam.”

“I’ll make everything right again, I promise.” He responded.

“I believe you.” You whispered and ended the call.

After a long ass day at Grace and Noah’s you and Cameron were heading home.

“So how did you find today? Me being around Grace and all.” Cameron asked, focusing on the road.

“I don’t know really. I trust you so I’m not really that worried.” You shrugged.

“Good.” Cameron smiled; he reached out and grabbed your hand. “You’re my favourite person in the world you know.” He grinned.

“My favourite person is Alec from Shadowhunters.” You grinned. “Ugh he can totally do me whenever he wa-”

“Hey I’m still in the car.” Cameron said squeezing your hand.

“I’m kidding babes; you are more than enough for me.” You said pecking his cheek. Cameron flinched as you even refused to kiss him.

“You’ve got to stop leaving me kisses on anywhere but my lips Y/N otherwise I’ll have to stop the car and fuck you senseless.” He growled.

“Whatever.” You smiled.

You reached your house and Cameron was about to get out as he decided to sleep at yours.

“I’m super tired.” He yawned. “Can we just go straight to bed?”

“I’m not tired at all.”

You climbed over to his seat and straddled his legs.

“Um babe what are you doing?…” You chuckled and peppered soft kisses on his neck. He moaned quietly. “I thought you said-

“I know what I said.” You panted. You grabbed his face and grinded forwards, keeping eye contact.

“Ugh fuck babe you need to stop that.” Cameron warned.

Truth be told, you were starting to regret the agreement you had made with Cameron, the reason that you and Cameron were so close was because you could be open and intimate with one another and because you weren’t, you felt further away than ever.

Before you could answer Cameron had a hand at the back of your neck, pulling you close as his lips smashed on to yours. You both moaned and entangled your hands in each other’s hair. Your eyes widened before fluttering close as you felt his lips open mouth your neck.

“I love you.” He said against your lips.

“I love you too.” You replied.

Cameron kissed you once again before pulling away. You almost whine from the loss of contact, biting down on your lip to stop you from kissing him again. Cameron’s lips were swollen and pink from kissing you and all you wanted was to have them back on your own again.

You couldn’t take the intense stare he was giving you, it made butterflies circle in your stomach.

You almost collapsed on top of his lips as you swirled your tongue in his mouth. As the kiss deepened you could feel the bulge grow in his jeans as it rubbed against you.

“We should go inside.” You panted.

“Okay.” He agreed.

You climbed of him and got out of his car to your front door.

As soon as you got inside of your house you were slammed on the wall.

“Babe you’re torturing me, can we please have sex?” He begged. You raised your eyebrows.

“If we must.” You sighed, trying to pretend that you weren’t bothered when in reality, your panties were already soaking wet for him.

Cameron growled and picked you up. You were carried upstairs like you weighed nothing and dropped on to your bed.

“I have been waiting for this for three weeks Y/N.” Cameron growled. “Three fucking weeks, do you have any idea what I am going to do to you?”

You whimpered as he hovered over you.

“Can’t wait.” You grinned.

a/n: I’m still taking requests so give me some ideas and I’ll write them.

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I’m Your Light

Another musing because I’m lucaya trash and wanted to write something other than a midterm. 

Lucas suspects something is going on with Maya, so he decides to investigate and drops by her window around midnight. See what happens during his unexpected visit; set in the fall of their sophomore year.

Brought to you by my ears listening to “Last Chance” by Emily Kinney a million times.

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Dog days (Part 1 of 2)

Character: Sam x reader

Summary: A spell causes the younger Winchester to be turned into a dog and you take care of him until you find a solution. And you hope, maybe even after that.

Words: around 3.7k

Warnings: Hell of a lotta awkwardness, it’s kinda adorable tho

“Doctrines of the Middle East and Africa during the medieval times“

“The witchcraft of the 19th & 20th century- The modern ways of bewitching“

“No gods, no glory- Deities: their origin & impact on our society.“

You groaned loudly, rolling your eyes. You’ve been sitting inside the bunker the entire week, you couldn’t even tell if it was dark or bright outside.

Losing track of daytime is familiar to you, as well as not knowing how many pots of coffee you’ve already had. You were pretty sure that you couldn’t even smell yourself anymore, which was good because you didn’t wanna know.

You could handle all that, but bad God-puns when you were practically on the verge of hallucinating due to the lack of sleep? That was one hell of a nope.

Eventually, you took the books out of the shelf you were standing in front of and they landed on the table surface with a loud bump. You sat down and let out a whine of frustration, lying back in your wooden chair, the solid material hurting your strained back even further.

You leant your head back and closed your eyes for a second, thinking about good times.

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What should we cut off first?’ Efram got closer and raised his blade. ‘Eeny,meeny,miny or moe?’ he said pointing it at Cas’ wrists, nose and crotch. 

Maybe moe will go first? What do you think?’ he turned and looked at his companion - Jonah  ‘It’s been a while since Castiel used it for the last time’  he stared back in Cas’s eyes.’Or maybe you have found yourself another whore to play with?’ he whispered. For the first time in hours Cas felt fire burning inside him. And it wasn’t the curse.

Angel walked to the small table in the back and sat on it. ‘How long has it been? A year? Something like that right?’ upon seeing hurt in Castiel’s eyes the angel continued. ‘She is in Heaven now’ he looked at Jonah for confirmation. He nodded. ‘Unbelievable’  Efram scoffed ‘Obviously you don’t need much to go there. Well maybe sleeping with angel. Maybe that was how she wanted to define her worth because let’s be honest there wasn’t anything else’  Castiel swayed in his chains.

Don’t…you…ever…dare…speak…of…her…again’ he gritted his teeth. That only made Efram smile.

Tell me Castiel don’t you think you wasted your time on this filthy mortal’  he came closer to his hurt brother.’She had to be good’ Castiel spat in his face. 

Efram looked at him disgusted and punched him in the face. ‘And what do you think Jonah? Why our brother’ he said it like something loathsome ’protect her so much right now?’ 

‘Maybe he feels guilty. He was with her the moment she died’ the asked angel said.

Oh yes! You were there! How does it feel that you couldn’t save her? With all your powers? You were so useless then. You coudn’t help the one you claimed to love. You could just sit there and looking at her while she was bleeding out and getting cold. While her eyes were becoming dull. Did you ever manage to clean up her blood from your hands?’ each of the sentence was followed by small cut on Cas’s body. But nothing, nothing hurt more that the image of your last moment that appeared before his eyes once again. So vivid an real. Castiel’s eyes were full of so much pain and despair right then. It only spur Efran to cut him with his blade once again.

5SOS Preference : Your Child Takes On After Another Member

(basically your kid does something another member does)

Michael: “Chrissie, what the hell are you doing?” Michael asked mostly to himself as you came out of the bathroom with a towel trying to capture your naked daughter as she ran around the hotel suite having no worries about anyone seeing her. “She says she’s acting just like Uncle Calum.” you say and Michael turns to glare at his band mate who just shrugs his shoulders at him. “What can i say? I’m an idol.” You whipped him with the towel and he rubbed at his arm where you hit him. “Hey!” “Hey back to you. That was for having our daughter take after you.” You threw the towel at him, covering his head and he threw it off and looked at Michael, searching for a way to get you to stop your assault on him and Michael laughed. “She took after you, you go and capture her.”

Luke: “What are you doing Jonah?” Luke asked coming home from a day at the studio to see your son looking up some stuff online. “Drums. I wanna play them, they look like fun.” Luke smirked to himself. “Yeah they are.” Jonah put the laptop to the side. “Do you think that Uncle Ashton would teach me? Or would that just be too much?” Luke shrugged. “Well, he only has daughters who have no interest in playing the drums. I’m sure he’d love to teach you, knowing someone is taking after him in some way.” Jonah lit up. “Can i call and ask him right now?” Luke threw him his cell phone. “Have at it, invite him over for dinner tonight anyways, your mom said for me to do it, but you’re already calling him, you ask.”

Calum: “Dad! Dad! Look at me play this video game that Uncle Michael got me! Look!” Little Casey gripped at her father who followed her into the playing room and saw the pretty gruesome game she was playing. “Remind me to yell at your Uncle Mikey for getting you to play this kind of thing. I don’t really care for it.” Your daughter’s face turned upside down in a hurry. “But dad, i really enjoy it, it’s one of the first things i’ve been able to do and enjoy it all at the same time without hurting myself or others, please let me do it and i like hanging out with Uncle Mikey. He doesn’t treat me different because i’m a girl and i like playing video games.” Calum grinned. “Sorry for being judgmental. Didn’t mean to, i’d rather have you take after him then some people, just be careful.”

Ashton: “Did you seriously get that just because your Uncle Luke has one?” Ashton asked his teenage son, Joshua, as he came home from a day out with some friends of his. “Look dad, all the girls were all over Uncle Luke because of the piercing, i was thinking that maybe if i did, the girls would be all over me and besides, unlike you, i think i really have a chance to be punk rock.” You walked into the room laughing when you heard your son say that. “Yeah right, Josh, you’r baby sister is more punk rock then you and the only thing she can do right now is poop in her diaper!” Ashton laughed and smirked at your son. “See, you don’t need a lip piercing to get the right girl for you, all i had to do was bang some drums then her later.” “Ashton!” you scold as your son looked mortified at the words of his parents having sex.

Chapter 16 - “This Was Me All Along”

Word count: 3,586

*a couple of hours later*

You were extremely bored. Yeah the music was great, and the alcohol was a bonus but you felt lonely. Jonah and the rest of them guys weren’t even here yet and Cameron was obviously avoiding you to prevent any suspicion about you.

You then noticed that Cameron was soon surrounded by girls once he made himself be seen, you scoffed and rolled your eyes at him.

Lost in your thoughts you didn’t even hear someone calling your name until you felt two strong arms drag you backwards by the waist, you jumped and spun around to see Jonah.

“Ugh thank fuck you’re here.” You smiled giving him a quick hug.

“Nice to see you too,” Jonah slurred, you could tell he was drunk out of his face already. He was eyeing you up and down and raising his eyebrows.

“Uh, where’s Grace and…um Noah.” You stuttered.

“They couldn’t make it but I’m glad, Grace is a real buzz kill.” He sighed.

“What do you mean? I thought you liked her.” You laughed.

“Nah, we’ve fucked a couple of times, but she just gets on my nerves constantly – she’s always there when I only really need her for one reason.” He confessed.

“You are such a hypocrite J.” You smirked, you couldn’t help but agree though, she was literally always there.

“Please explain Y/N.” He said, his eyes occasionally flickering shut.

“Jonah,” You snapped your fingers to get his attention. “Well, you kicked off at me for being with Cameron, and you’ve just told me that you’re doing the exact same thing with Grace.” You said folding your arms.

“Yeah but it’s not the same, I’m a guy.” He reasoned.

“Jonah you do realise you’ve just explained the very definition of a double standard.” You laughed.

“I have no idea what that is.” He slurred.

“Of course you don’t… Right I’m gonna go.” You said raising an eyebrow at him. You were starting to regret your decision about Cameron because if that was the way Jonah thought about Grace – who by the way is one of the nicest guys ever, you could only imagine what Cameron thinks of you.

“No stay…” He begged.

“Fine but just shut up about you and Grace please, it makes me feel a bit sick.” You continued as to which he just smirked.

“Okay fine.” He said laughing and you joined in, then Cameron came and stood with you, you saw Jonah clench his jaw which you thought was a bit odd.

“Do you want anything to drink Y/N?” He asked, shouting through the music.

“Yeah but not from you,” You faked, you saw Cameron’s mouth twitch into a small smile then he pretended to be annoyed.

“Ergh you guys are so fucking infuriating I can’t stand it. One minute you’re friends the next you’re not, I can’t keep up with this shit.” He said clutching his head. “Let me get you a drink Y/N.”

You nodded. “Okay, I’ll have a…” You said squinting your eyes to check the menu. “Uh I’ll have…” Before you could finish your sentence you were dragged away by the waist by an unknown person. You swore you were going to have to tell people to stop doing that to you; they could just tap your shoulder or something.

“What the fuck?” You asked still not knowing who it was.

“Hey Y/N.” You heard Kai and turned around quickly.

“Oh my god Kai?” You cried, hugging him. “I’m so glad you’re here, wait I thought you weren’t back from New Jersey until next week?”

“Yeah my folks and I decided to come back a little earlier.” He laughed. “So how are things, you haven’t replaced me with Jonah have you?” He said furrowing his eyebrows.

“No of course not, you weren’t here and he was I guess. We were close after you and I broke up, he was there for me.” You sighed; you decided that you had too many guy friends, and that looked kinda weird from someone else’s perspective.

You couldn’t help it though, you grew up with Ethan and Grayson, Noah was your first new friend in the sixth grade and Jonah has been a pain in your ass since the second grade – so it wasn’t your fault that you had no friends that were girls until like middle school.

“Okay, that makes sense I guess.” He smiled. “So what’s happened?” He said as if he already knew what’s gone on.

“Um, it doesn’t matter right now, come on let’s dance.” You shouted excitedly you were kinda stood awkwardly in a corner so you took his hand and guided him to the middle of the room where the club was most alive.

“Dance Kai.” You laughed, fiddling with your hair.

“Okay whatever.” He said starting to dance with you. He brushed his body against yours and wrapped his arms around you. You flinched at first remembering Cameron but if he could flirt with random girls, dancing with Kai who is a good friend wouldn’t matter.

You were intoxicated by the music and alcohol running through your veins, all thoughts of Cameron left your mind, all you could think about was the present and how you felt.

Then you felt Kai stop, you opened your eyes to see Kai staring at you.

“Could part of what you need to tell me have to with Cameron?” Kai laughed.

“No, what makes you say that,” You panicked pushing the strands of hair that had fallen from your pony behind your ear. You glanced over to where he and Jonah were stood and they were both glaring at you, you hoped Cameron hadn’t taken you and Kai together in the wrong way.

“Maybe because he is looking at me like he wants to murder me.” He laughed nervously. You looked again over to Cameron and shit, if looks could kill.

“It’s fine.” You said, not believing what you were saying.

“Okay well, I don’t fancy getting killed tonight so ima just leave you alone.” Kai said backing away. “Text me when you get home babe and don’t forget - you owe me an explanation.” He shouted referring to you and Cameron before turning around and walking away.

“Fuck sake.” You said aloud, you walked over to Cameron who looked kinda angry… so did Jonah. Cameron obviously had to look like he didn’t care but Jonah was free to say whatever he wanted.

“What the fuck? Why is here and why were you with him?” He shouted.

“Because it’s a free world, he can do what he wants.” You frowned; you had enough of people telling you what do with Kai.

“You said you weren’t going to see him anymore.”

“No I didn’t, I actually said I was going to hang out with you guys more – I’m not gonna stop seeing Kai.” You snapped.

“I don’t understand how you can even look at him he broke your heart Y/N, I know that every time I see him I want to knock his teeth straight through.” Jonah seethed, you were shocked, even Cameron widened his eyes.

“Okay, I think it’s time you stopped with that.” You said confiscating his drink. “Let’s dance even you Cam, it seems like it’s just us three tonight.” Logan and Grayson were nowhere to be seen and since Ava arrived Ethan had gone too.

“Might as well.” Cameron said, nodding at you, you smiled at him and led him and Jonah into the crowd and you were immediately engulfed in the number of people surrounding you.

Since you and Cameron were pretending to hate each other you had no other option but to dance with Jonah. You could feel how tense Cameron was behind you but you decided to ignore it.

Cameron had just dropped off Jonah at home but once he left Cameron was silent, not talking to you at all.

“Cam?” You said touching his arm.

“Not now Y/N.” He said shrugging you off.

“Are you mad at me?” You said biting your lip, but he didn’t answer instead he tightened his grip around the steering wheel.

You refused to go home so Cameron reluctantly let you into his house; you couldn’t bear the thought of him being angry with you before you went to bed.

Once you were in his room you started with the questions. “I’ll ask you again; did I do something to annoy you?” You said resting on your hip.

“What do you think?” He muttered sitting down at his desk chair.

“I don’t know what to think that’s why I am asking you.” You replied sassily.

“Did you think you could just flirt with Kai and hope that I wouldn’t notice?” Cameron said, you rolled your eyes, his face hardened at your actions.

“Kai is harmless Cameron for fuck sake,” You snapped. “He is just a friend Jesus Christ, in fact he deserves to know and I might tell him.” You said.

“Don’t you fucking dare Y/N I asked you stay away from him.” He said walking towards you; you cautiously took a step back.

“Why does everyone insist on keeping me away from him? How many times do I have to say that we are just friends?”

“Because Y/N I know guys like Kai, they pretend to be your friend so they can get what they really want.” Cameron stated.

“And what’s that?” You said raising an eyebrow.

“All they want is to get with you, trust me I know.” He

“Are you forgetting he has already been with me? Trust me there’s no way I’m going back there.” You scoffed. “And you would know this because you were ‘apparently’ some bad guy before you met me? Please Cameron, get a grip.”

“Don’t test me Y/N.” Cameron warned.

“Oh whatever, you’re acting really jealous, we said no jealousy remember?”

“I’m not jealous; I’m just protective of you. I don’t want him hurting you again.” Cameron said, his face softening.

“He won’t get to I promise, how can he when he is just a friend?” You asked.

“I guess you’re right.” He muttered.

“Right I’m glad that’s sorted anything else?” You said, regretting it almost as soon as the words come out of your mouth. Cameron was probably going to start again.

“Yeah actually, I’m nowhere near finished.” He said, his temper resurfacing.

“Ugh, what now mom?” You sighed.

“Let’s not forget about Jonah.” He said.

“Fuck sake, what about Jonah?” You were sick of his name always creeping up.

“You were fucking flirting with him all night and he was loving it, he’s my best mate Y/N – I can tell. So since I can’t tell him not to go near you I’ll tell you, stay the fuck away from him, I know what he’s like with girls. He’s practically the same as Kai.” He said which was right, Jonah was a major fuckboy.

“Cameron stop being so ridiculous, you know firsthand that Jonah and I are close.” You said.

“You’re not that close,” Cameron scoffed, clearly annoyed. “Not close enough to be grinding up on him all night, while I stood and watched.” Cameron stated. You wouldn’t go as far as that… dancing maybe.

“Will you stop with the questions now; quite frankly you are being pathetic and childish. We are not together Cameron – even if I was flirting it would be none of your business.” You scoffed, he was being unreasonable. Cameron stood up angrily and took two massive steps so that he was right in front of you.

“Why? Why do you insist on flirting with everything that has two fucking legs?” You widened your eyes and gasped.

“It has nothing to do with you, you don’t fucking own me Cam.” You tested; you wanted to see how far he would go.

“It has everything to do with me Y/N, you’re fucking mine.” He growled.

“You’re hot when you’re jealous.” You dared, biting your lip. After all, rough Cameron is the best Cameron.

“I swear to god, I am not jealous.” Cameron argued, his voice getting spookily low.

Your eyes met his and you saw the hunger before you could even get a word out. He roughly grabbed your body and smashed his lips on to yours.

“What the fu-?” You trailed off, distracted by Cameron walking you backwards.

Cameron stopped, you looked up desperately. “You have too many clothes on.” He smirked.

You nodded and turned around slowly. Little by little, you pulled your dress down, making sure to take your time when it came to your butt. You could hear Cameron panting behind you. You turned around; Cameron took in your body as he bit his lip. You glanced at his shirt hinting that he should take it off; he quickly pulled it over his body and tossed it on the floor.

Finally he had had enough. He shoved you into the wall, moving his hands on your thighs as he lifted you up so your legs spread as you locked your legs around your waist, he immediately pinned your arms above your head. You gently grinded on him, earning a low groan – this seemed to be Cameron’s favourite position.

You tried to take control kissing him deeply your tongue fought with his over dominance – he won of course. He had you pinned to a wall and his tongue was raking over yours, all you could do was sit there and take it.

Cameron grabbed your hair and pulled the bobble out letting your hair flow down your body so that he could run his fingers through it. He started grinding his leg into your clothed core causing you to whimper.

His hands trailed down your body and immediately found your panties, he put pressure on your clit causing you to moan loudly. Continuing, he rubbed your bundle of nerves causing you to shake and quiver.

“Already shaking and I haven’t done anything to you?” Cameron smirked. You responded with quick breaths.

He pushed aside your panties and pushed two fingers in your pussy.

“Fuck!” You gasped.

His fingers pumped in and out of you slowly. “Should I make you come like this?” Cameron asked. His fingers did a beckoning motion which would have made you collapse if it wasn’t for Cameron holding you up.

“Shit.” You panted. Your hands gripped his muscular arms for support.

“I think I’m just gonna wait until later.” Cameron said pulling his fingers out of you. He let you down and gave you his infamous smirk.

You groaned loudly. What the fuck was he doing?

“Go to the bed.” He grunted.

You look at him with a heated gaze and walk to his bed with shaking legs; your panties are still on but soaked. Cameron followed you closely his hands not leaving your body. Once you were there he pushed you harshly and floated over you.

“You are so beautiful baby girl.” He said stroking your hair; he kissed you hastily before nudging your legs open and positioning himself between them. “You’re especially beautiful when I look up from between your legs.” He purred.

Then he flicked his tongue over your clit, causing you to flinch in response. Cameron grabbed both thighs before swirling his tongue on your clit occasionally nipping with his teeth.

“Holy shit,” You breathed. Cameron reached up to softly knead your breast.

Cameron carried sucking harshly, sometimes dipping his tongue into your entrance causing you to cry out. You squirmed relentlessly as you could feel your orgasm approaching.

“Shit Cam I’m gonna,” You breathed. Cameron applied more pressure on your clit after hearing your words, hooking his arms even tighter around your thighs, pulling you closer to him. He slammed two fingers into you and you came immediately.

Cameron rubbed your clit for a second then emerged from your legs, his underwear removed.

“I fucking hate you.” You breathed pushing your hair back.

“Oh come on Y/N, you know you love it.” Cam grinned. He stood up and sat down in front of you, you crawled over to him as you licked your lips, running your tongue up his body.

You smirked as he closed his eyes whilst you sucked on his neck, reaching down you palmed his dick causing Cameron to twitch. You kissed him sloppily before positioning yourself on his lap. He grunts, head falling back, as you seat yourself around his dick.

With one hand you rub the head of his cock through your folds, the new feeling of his hardness against your almost bare pussy makes you tremble.

“No teasing baby,” Cameron slurred. He uses one hand to roll one of your nipples between his fingers and you arch at his touch. You grin dangerously and then angle him just right. When you slide onto him, he fills you up so well. In unison you both moan in pleasure.

You slowly try to adjust to the feeling when he grabs your hips and thrust up into you not giving you the time to get used to the adjustment. And then he was fucking up into you, grabbing your ass as he slams his hips into your over and over, pulling desperate screams from you as you get hotter and hotter.

Cameron sneaks a hand down to your clit and rubs quickly, you cry out, just a moments warning before you’re coming again falling on his chest.

He suddenly pushes you onto your back and thrusts into you rapidly, you scream again and again as he sets a rough pace.

“Fuck me Cam, I can’t.” You stutter, feeling the familiar sensation in your stomach.

“Wait Y/N.” He warns. You are a moaning mess as the bed begins to move. Cameron speeds up his thrusts as he massages your boob with one hand.

“This is what you wanted wasn’t it? You wanted to make me jealous just so I could fuck you like the little slut you are.” He panted. You squeezed your eyes shut trying to focus on anything but Cameron.

“Faster Cameron.” You moan and dig your nails into his back. He fucks you faster and starts to hit your g-spot when he puts one of your legs on his shoulder. Heavy panting from each of you was the only sound filling the room, along with the sound of skin slapping against skin.

“Fuck me Cam.” You pant, not being able to see anymore – your third orgasm approaching.

“Okay, now Y/N.” Cameron grunted. You scream as you come and he kisses you to quieten you, Cameron groans as you feel his cum leak inside of you.

Cameron seems to think that one more orgasm is possible for you, because he slides three fingers up into you, crooking them and slamming them into your g-spot over and over again, thumb rubbing your clit until your coming around his fingers.

This orgasm is more intense than the others, and you almost pass out from the sensation, even the slightest touch on your clit causing you to jerk because of how sensitive you were. Cameron flops down next to you and runs his hand over his head.

“Fuck me that was great.” He grinned at you.

“Uh huh.” You mumbled, your voice was shaky and your breaths were still uneven.

“Shower?” He asked.

“You go. I don’t think my legs work yet.” You panted.

“They won’t be working for a long time.” He smirked.

You laid down in silence for a while until you felt like you were strong enough to walk.

“Right I’m gonna go.” You said slowly sitting up.

“No stay… it’s late. I don’t want you walking by yourself.” Cameron stammered.

“Are you sure?”

“Yeah, just like old times.” He smiled.

“Okay, you do realise we haven’t even kept our word on this. We stay at each other’s house even though we said that we weren’t going to.” You explained.

“Y/N, you over think things way too much. Let’s just get some sleep.” Cameron said.

“Fine, can you get me a top please?” You said laying back down.

“Yeah sure.” He said grabbing a shirt from his door and giving it to you. You quickly put it on and collapsed down on the bed. Cameron gently pulled you closer to him; again he lifted your shirt up and traced small circles on your back.

“Cam what are you doing?” You finally asked.

“What?” He mumbled sleepily.

“Um, you’re doing that thing that you used to do.” You whispered.

“Oh, I didn’t even realise. It just feels right when you’re next to me.” He replied.

“Uh okay.” You responded.You just hope this doesn’t come to bite you in the ass in the future.

Your eyelids were beginning to feel heavy as you closed you eyes and fell asleep.

You woke up and stretched, you felt achy all over and you were in desperate need of a shower. You checked your phone and saw 14 messages from Logan, and 5 missed calls.

“Fuck.” You said aloud.

“What is it?” Cameron asked waking up.

You read all the texts and sighed. They all read:

Logan: Yo wake up fam.

Logan: Got some news.

Logan: WAKE UP Y/N.

Logan: My parents just gave me the key to the lake house you coming?

Logan: What am I talking about? Of course you’re coming.

Logan: Pack your bags we leave at the weekend everyone’s coming; bring some bomb ass clothes too. You might get lucky with Cameron or wait is it Jonah or Kai now?

The last message made you laugh.

“What?” Cameron smiled.

“We are going on our first romantic getaway.” You smirked.

a/n: I finished this off at early hours in the morning and I cba going over it. So if there are any mistakes I’m sorry. Next chapter on Sunday. Feedback is much appreciated!!!


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A few tidbits from the NYCC POI Panel

Plageman: “We’re not sure the Machine has a heartbeat.”  

Plageman: “There’s going to be heartbreak.”

Fisher: “I think the season premiere is one of the best we’ve done.”

Caviezel: “John is very focused this year. He wants to bring the team together.”

Emerson: “Finch is in a bad place. Lots of emotions to come.”

Chapman: “Fusco is going rogue this season.”

Shahi: “Shaw comes back in a very dynamic way. She gets a stand alone episode.”

Shahi: “I wanna talk about Root and Shaw. The audience is going to be happy about what they see.”

Shahi: “I’m more than happy to continue this relationship on behalf of the LGBT community out there.”

Shahi: “I feel like the LGBT community is very underrepresented. Thank you Greg and Jonah for writing it.”

Acker: “Root feels like their relationship is strong enough, that she can turn Shaw back.”

Caviezel: “Reese will doubt Shaw, he’ll be wary of her because of Samaritan.”

Emerson: “Shaw has always been a mixed blessing.”

Chapman: “I think Fusco has always had a fondness for Shaw. There’s always going to be a bond.”

Caviezel: “Reese might find love in episode 7 for 5 minutes. But the whole premise of the show is the numbers and saving people.”

Caviezel: “I love my cast mates. I’ve been blessed to have such a great team. Whatever happens this’ll be one hell of a season.”

Shahi: “Let your mind run rampant about Shoot’s relationship.”

Shahi: “AMY AND I BOTH HAVE BRUISES AND IT’S NOT FROM ANY FIGHT SCENES I’VE DONE.” (yeah I freaked out sorry not sorry)

Shahi: “What took you so long, bitch?! That’s what I’d ask Root.”

Acker: “Root would beat Illyria.”

Shahi: “I have twins and my character at the moment is tired so my life parallels that a little bit. I haven’t been sleeping since March 1st.”

Plageman: “When you get 13 episodes instead of 22, you’re not sure what crew is going to come back.”

Shahi: “I love eating on camera. Shaw’ll eat anything. I get to indulge.”

Obviously this isn’t all of the panel and I highly recommend that you watch it if you haven’t. Really worth it. Sarah had great words especially, about the LGBT community and the importance of Root and Shaw.
For Person of Interest's LGBT Root and Shaw, 'A Lot of Milestones' Ahead
By Matt Webb Mitovich

When GLAAD released its latest hand count of the LGBT characters currently populating the TV landscape, both Person of Interest‘s Root and Shaw made the list — for the first time ever. “As they should,” co-showrunner Jonah Nolan observed when speaking to TVLine at the CBS series’ 100th-episode party. “It’s firmly established in canon.”

“Shaw has always been the one that doesn’t experience emotions the same way that every other person does,” notes executive producer Denise Thé. “Her emotions have always been dimmed. So to awaken those in her, you have to have pretty strong chemistry”

“However you want to quantify it,” says co-showrunner Greg Plageman, “the audience has definitely felt the tension.”

“I think you’ll see a lot of milestones,” shares Thé, “As a writer, these ladies are so fun to write — they’re flirty, they’re fun — but there’s a deeper relationship, a deeper emotion simmering there. We have a very ‘interesting,’ Shaw-centric episode coming up where you get to see what her life has been like, living in the grip of the enemy. And you’ll also get to kind of experience what the road might be like if she ever was to get back”

Tennessee Teacakes: Twenty-Four

Hi, my lovely little cupcakes! Hope everyone is well and is having a great start to the new year! Here we are at 24, which I like to refer to as the start of the second half of the story! Can’t wait to hear what you think!! <3

Sugar on the Asphalt & Previous chapters



kiss my country cherry chip cupcake; july 10, 2019

I was on a bit of a barbecue kick. 

And by bit I mean we had to buy a smoker because Harry was tired of fighting London traffic in order to get to the barbecue place I liked down in Soho. It got particularly bad on a Friday night at the end of June, which resulted in tears after he returned home with a parking ticket and no burnt ends. I decided then and there to take matters into my own hands, and after paying an astronomical amount of money to have it shipped overnight, we had a professional barbecue pit. I was currently living in pulled-pork heaven while Harry nursed a few of his own burnt ends, a small battle wound on his bum after accidentally backing into the smoker. 

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For Person of Interest's LGBT Root and Shaw, 'A Lot of Milestones' Ahead

- by Matt Webb Mitovich

When GLAAD released its latest hand count of the LGBT characters currently populating the TV landscape, both Person of Interest‘s Root and Shaw made the list — for the first time ever. “As they should,” co-showrunner Jonah Nolan observed when speaking to TVLine at the CBS series’ 100th-episode party. “It’s firmly established in canon.”

Of course, though it was Shaw (played by Sarah Shahi) who planted a kiss goodbye on Root (Amy Acker) in last season’s pivotal, heartbreaking episode “If-Then-Else,” the former until that point had been decidedly reserved with her feelings — despite Root’s occasional come-on.

“Shaw has always been the one that doesn’t experience emotions the same way that every other person does,” notes executive producer Denise Thé. “Her emotions have always been dimmed. So to awaken those in her, you have to have pretty strong chemistry” — which the lady killers indeed share (and then some).

“However you want to quantify it,” says co-showrunner Greg Plageman, “the audience has definitely felt the tension.”

And from the sound of it, things will only get more tense once Season 5 secures that elusive premiere date.

When last we tuned in, Root worked with Harold to extract The Machine from Her hiding place in the nation’s electrical grid and squeeze Her into a suitcase packed with memory boards. But leading up to that dire denouement, Root — alas, unsuccessfully — followed every lead available to track down Shaw, who had been grabbed by Team Samaritan following the “If-Then-Else” shootout.
It was of course just prior to taking one (or several, bullets) for the team in that melee that Shaw said that very special goodbye to a gut-punched Root. With Shahi set to return to the series not long into Season 5, will Shaw and Root mark any other relationship milestones, if and when they are reunited?

“I think you’ll see a lot of milestones,” shares Thé, who penned “If-Then-Else.” “As a writer, these ladies are so fun to write — they’re flirty, they’re fun — but there’s a deeper relationship, a deeper emotion simmering there.

“We have a very ‘interesting,’ Shaw-centric episode coming up,” Thé continues, “where you get to see what her life has been like, living in the grip of the enemy. And you’ll also get to kind of experience what the road might be like if she ever was to get back” to Root, Harold et al.

That episode — the fourth of the show’s midseason run, and raved about by Shahi herself — is, Nolan echoes, no less than “awesome.”

- original article here [x]

TBT, I truly believe that Jonah and Greg saw the natural chemistry between Sarah Shahi and Amy Acker from the start (2.16) and ran with it and here we are now. Organic, natural progression of Root x Shaw’s relationship. No force. No so-called male-gazing fantasy shite that Shahi loves to allude to for some reason! ;)

Breaking the Ice- Cameron Dallas Imagine for Jaime

I sighed, tapping my pencil on the front of my textbook. I wasn’t even paying attention to the lecture that Mr. Clark was giving about the Golden Age of the Byzantine Empire. I was too caught up in the fact that the spring dance was in a week, and I didn’t have a date yet. No one had asked me. 

I had someone on my mind too, someone who I could only imagine asking me to the dance. 
Cameron Dallas. He was a senior like me, famous on Vine. So of course, girls were all over him. He could have any girl he wanted, why the hell would he choose me? I’m quiet and I sit in the back of the class and only talk to my friends. I don’t think there’s an amount of money high enough that I wouldn’t pay for Cameron Dallas to ask me to the dance. 


Students shuffled to get their books, no one caring or even listening to hear Mr. Clark’s announcement about homework. I shoved my books into my backpack, picking up my Starbucks cup and leaving the room with my best friends Clara, and Grace. 

“You looked down in the dumps all class.” Grace nudged my shoulder, and I sighed, shrugging as we walked towards the cafeteria for lunch. 

“I’m fine.” What a lie. 

“Is it because of the dance?” Clara asked, seeming unsure if it was an okay topic to be discussing. 

I looked up at her, (she was taller… and wearing heels) and nodded, “I can’t help but wonder what the hell is wrong with me.” I picked at my nails, taking a sip from my almost cold coffee. 

“Babe!” Grace squealed, slinging her arm around me, “Nothing’s wrong with you. Guys here are awkward, I’m sure one will grow the balls to finally ask you out." 

"You’re only saying that because you and Clara both already have dates.” I pointed out, cocking an eyebrow up, “And besides, I don’t want just anybody to ask me." 

"Is this about Cameron?” Grace sighed, waving at a friend for a split-second befoe turning back, “I thought you guys were friends." 

"Yeah, didn’t you have a semester project with him last quarter?” Clara asked, and I nodded. It was true, Cameorn and I have talked before. We’ve hung out, but only for the project. I have his number, but I’m too scared to use it. What if he didn’t reply? I know it’s dramatic, but I couldn’t live with that humiliation. 

“I did, yeah. I guess we’re friends. But he has girls all over him all the time, I’m sure he’ll ask a cheerleader or some other popular girl.” I rolled my eyes at the thought. 

“Well, I guess you’ll just have to wait and see what happens.” Clara said with a little amusement in her voice. What was so funny? I was genuinely upset and concerned about this whole situation, and she finds it amusing? I mean, it’s probably normal to, her and Grace have both got lovely boyfriends who love them very much, and I’m still a single pringle. 

“I guess.” I finally sighed, as we walked into the noisy cafeteria. It was packed, and I could already feel the headache coming on. 

“Let’s go to the courtyard. It’s too noisy in here.” Grace scrunched up her nose, and you nodded immediately. Anything to get you away from these loud kids. You followed your two friends through the back door, leading to a lovely, sunny little courtyard that was occupied by only a few other kids.

You smiled, taking in the sunshine and sat down at the table your friends chose. “So, have Jonah and Max been talking about the dance a lot?” You asked, trying to start conversation. Deep down, it kind of hurt you to talk about their boyfriends, because Max and Jonah treated Grace and Clara like princesses. You’d never get treated like a princess by anyone, let alone Cameron.

You swallowed your Goldfish blandly, just shoving more into your mouth to give you something to do other than think grumpy thoughts. “Actually, I haven’t talked to him about it. I just showed him a picture of my dress.” Grace shrugged, talking about Max. “What about you-”

Did she literally just ask you that. Her breath caught quietly in the back of her throat, and her eyes widened. You could tell she was sorry, so you just shook it off. Whatever.
There was a little more tension now, so you just went back to eating your Goldfish and thinking about your plans for the week. Clara took out her phone, blinking to adjust to the light of the screen.

“Jaime, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to-”

“It’s fine Grace, really.” You shot her a comforting smile, it really wasn’t her fault. She let it slip, you only felt a bit worse now. Clara pursed her lips, looking up from her phone. Suddenly, a bright smile overcame her pretty face, and she jumped up, “Hey Jonah!”

Oh great. More lovey dovey crap. Just keep eating your Goldfish Jamie, ignore it. You liked Jonah, he was cool. he was also best friends with Cameron, and they were always together. But where was Cameron?

“What are you doing here babe?” Clara asked, as Jonah pecked her cheek. He was holding something behind his back, so he couldn’t hug his girlfriend back. Jonah had this smug look on his face, looking at Clara like she already knew exactly what was going on. What were you missing?

“I actually have a message. For Jaime.” Clara let go of Jonah, and he came over to me. I furrowed my eyebrows, swallowing my food.

“For me?” You asked, a little surprised. Who would be sending you a message?

“Mhm.” Jonah nodded, and took the object from behind his back. It was a huge ice cube.

“I get some ice?" You asked, taking the huge cube from him. Jonah, Clara, and grace all laughed. What was so funny?! You didn’t think anything was funny. This was literally just an ice cube on steroids.

"There’s a message inside. Smash it.” Jonah nodded for you to carry on, and you narrowed your eyes, “Who the hell would send me a message in a damn ice cube.”

“C'mon Jaime, just do it.” Grace pleaded, nudging your shoulder. You shrugged, why not? Why eat your lunch and use your lunch time wisely when you can smash big ice cubes. Yolo?

You sighed, raising the cube above your head and smashing it on the ground. The ice shattered, and heads turned. Pink rose to your cheeks, as you ignored the looks and dug around the ice for the message. It was a little laminated piece of paper, with Sharpie writing on it. very familiar handwriting, but you couldn’t put your finger on it.

It said, now that we’ve broken the ice (haha ;) meet me in the auditorium.

That was it. Who sent this?

“Who is this from?" You looked up to your friends, who shrugged even though they obviously knew who it was from. Little shits.

"You better go find out.” Clara winked. You sighed, stepping over the ice and taking the message with me you, “I’ll be back.”

“I can’t believe she hasn’t caught on yet.” You heard Jonah snicker to his girlfriend, who erupted in giggles.

What are they even talking about? You were so confused, who would even send you this?

You walked to the auditorium, anxiety building up. What if this was all a prank, pulled by your friends? No, Clara and Grace would never do that to you. Would they?

You creaked the wooden doors of the auditorium open, letting the cool air envelope you as you stepped inside. You looked around the dark room, nearly tripping on a seat. The stage was dark, there was no one here. You walked around a bit, disappointment setting in with each step. The auditorium was empty, there was no one waiting for you here.

Dammit. It was a stupid prank. You felt so foolish, how stupid could you be? No one would ever ask you to the dance, how could you think that this wasn’t a trick? You felt tears well up in your eyes, you needed to get out of here. This was so mean, why would your own friends do this to you?

“Hello?” You called out, in spite of yourself. You just had to check to make sure the place was empty. Nothing.

You sighed, ruffling your hair and turning around. You didn’t want to face your friends, you didn’t want to hear their laughs and snickers about you. You wanted to yell and scream at them how this prank was unfair and went too far, but betrayal was heavy on your shoulders and you just wanted to cry.

You walked back to the doors, opening them.

Suddenly, there was a flickering noise. Like, lights switching on. You whipped around, startled, to see the stage lit up. A gasp escaped your lips, as you saw it was covered with pale pink balloons, your favorite color.

In the center of all the balloons, was the star of the show. Holy mother of chest pains. Cameron Dallas.

You stared at the stage in shock, as Cameron looked on you with a smile. He was holding a bouquet of daisies, your favorite flower. How did he remember all your favorite things? You felt a smile light up your face, as you walked closer. You felt like you were floating on air, you were unsure whether you were breathing or not.

You walked up the stairs of the stage with your shaky legs, facing Cameron.

“Hi.” He smiled, and you blushed. “Hi.”

“I take it you got my message.” Cameron smirked, winking at you and rolling back and forth on his heels. You giggled, “Yeah I got it, it was clever.”

“Thanks.” Cam laughed, “But anyways. I wanted to ask you something.”

You felt your heart thumping in your chest. Cameron Dallas was about to ask you only something you have dreamed of.

“Go on.” You nodded, with a small smile. Cameron returned it, “Well, after our project last semester, we didn’t really talk much which upset me. You’re a great girl.”

“I am?” You almost choked, and Cameron laughed his musical laugh, nodding, “Yeah, and I really like you, Jaime. I’m sorry we lost contact, but hopefully all of this, ” he motioned to the whole stage and set up he’s done for you, “makes up for it.”

You grinned, he liked you. He liked you. You let out a shaky sigh, “This definitely makes up for it, don’t worry.”

“So, will you go to the dance with me?” Cameron asked, licking his lips nervously. Was he nervous? Because there was no way in hell you were saying no to this beautiful boy. You beamed again, running up to him and hugging him. His strong arms wrapped around you, lifting you up off the ground a little. You inhaled his faint scent, you forgot how great it felt to hug him. And now, you were going to the dance together. You thought this day was going to be crap, but look how it turned out!

“I thought you’d never ask.”