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literal disney channel appreciation post

so last summer i got on my laptop and binged a disney channel show called andi mack. i don’t remember why, but i somehow always manage to find the media i appreciate without even knowing it at the time. i watched the entire first season, and the second season premiere came out last saturday or sunday night; i don’t remember which one. i watched it just a few minutes ago, and i’d like to commend disney for this episode.

there’s a particular scene i’d like to mention here, and there’s a link here if you’d like to watch it. i strongly recommend you do so, but if you’re unable, i’ll summarize.

these characters, buffy and cyrus, are seventh graders. they have these friends, (also seventh graders) andi and jonah, who seem to be near getting together. they’re “talking”, if you may. cyrus and buffy are talking, and cyrus is expressing his mild jealousy. he likes jonah.

in case you haven’t yet realized, this boy is practically coming out to his friend. the most meaningful thing about this scene is what she says back. he tells her, “i feel weird…different.” and she tells him, “cyrus, you’ve always been weird. but you’re no different.”

this scene means a lot, and i’d like to thank disney for including the lgbtq community and exposing children to the existence of these people in the world. even moreso, i’d like to commend their morals.

here’s an abbreviated list of reasons why disney definitely shouldn’t have aired that episode.

  • they probably lost views
  • very “controversial”
  • their entire reputation just changed
  • they probably lost a lot of money on this because of homophobes in the media

here’s a list of reasons they should have.

  • social and cultural progression for the lgbtq community in children’s media

that’s it. let me highlight this for you.

this company valued social justice over money.

and i appreciate it a lot. so, in conclusion, i’d like to thank disney for making history by educating children on the existence and validity of the lgbtq community. seriously, it means a lot to many of us. ❤️💛💚💙💜

Bad Reputation (J.A)

Description - Everybody is against Jack dating you because of your past.
Song - Bad Reputation by Shawn Mendes
Warnings - angst, swearing, mentions of physical abuse
A/N - this is set in an A/U universe where all of the boys went to the same high school and all grew up in the same hometown in L.A, but besides that everything else is the same

“ She got a bad reputation
She takes the long way home ”

“Where have you been?” Corbyn asked as Jack subtly walked into their shared house. Jack glanced up and took notice of all of the boys staring at him, arms crossed and eyebrows raised.

“What is this? An intervention?” Jack scoffed, locking the door and shoving his hands into his pockets.

“You could say that,” Jonah huffed. Jack rolled his eyes and took a few more steps into the house.

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Because You’re Scared-Jack Avery

Summary: Meeting Jack was the best thing that had happened to you ever since your messy break up with your ex. You felt an instant connection with him and while your heart wanted so badly to fall for him, the rest of you was trying its best to take it slow in order to avoid being hurt again.

Requested: Yes

♥ ♥ ♥

Your P.O.V.

“Are you sure you can’t stay for one more movie?” Jack asked as he began cleaning off the coffee table where the two of you were sharing some popcorn. The past couple of weeks, you and Jack had been spending time together.

When you were introduced to by a mutual friend that thought the two of you would hit it off, the last thing you were looking for was a boyfriend. You had just gotten out of a relationship and you didn’t think you could ever be happy again. 

There was something about Jack, though, that had you wanting more and more. His looks originally drew you to him but his personality was what made you take a chance on him, and boy were you glad you did. 

You still didn’t think you were quite ready for a relationship so you mostly just hung out, doing all of you and Jack’s favorite things. Having similar experiences with past relationships, he was so patient with you.

He listened to you talk about your ex and was always sure to cheer you up. “I wish I could but my parents will kill us both if I’m late again.” You said as you headed to the door and scanned the floor for your shoes.

“Hey Jack, where are my-oh” he cut you off by waving them in the air. “Looking for these?” he smirked as he held your sandals above your head. “Yes, now give them to me!” you yelled through your laughter. 

After about a minute of your pointless efforts, Jack lowed them with a laugh. “Wow, (Y/N), that was truly a great effort but I’ve definitely got a few inches on you.” he said cockily. 

“Oh shut up.” you said, rolling your eyes before snatching your shoes from his hands to put them on. “I had fun with you tonight.” he said seriously. “I did too.” you said and gave him a hug. 

The hug was was quick but you would have been okay if it lasted forever. “See you tomorrow!” he yelled after you as you made your way to your car in the driveway. 

“Are you sure you don’t need a boost to help you see above the steering wheel?” he joked. “Yeah, yeah. God you annoy me.” you joked back, flashing him your middle finger before you drove away. But that was far from the truth. 

You were falling for Jack, and faster than you would have liked to admit to yourself. You liked everything about him-the way he smiled and laughed, the way he made you feel.

He was all you thought about. Your first thought in the morning when you woke up and your last thought when you went to sleep. He was the only thing on your mind as you drove home.


“Hi sweetie.” your mom said as you took off your shoes at the door. Apparently, she’d been waiting up for you for quite some time now. “I’m not late yet. It’s not quite eleven.” you stated as you headed to the kitchen for a glass of water.

“I know I was just making sure you brought the groceries I asked you to grab on the way home?” she asked, already sure of your answer when she realized that you were empty handed.

“I’m sorry mom. I totally spaced.” You tried to think back to when she texted but you couldn’t even remember. To be honest, Jack was the only thought in your head the whole ride home.

She leaned against the counter and grinned. “You must really like this boy.” she said and you blushed at her bluntness. “Jack.” you corrected politely. “And yes I do.” you added. 

“So is he your boyfriend?” she asked, her grin growing wider. “No.” she raised an eyebrow at your answer and you felt the need to explain. “Its not that I don’t want to date him, I just don’t know if I’m quite ready yet, after…”

You fell silent as you finished, the sting on your tongue would spread to your heart if you dared to say your ex’s name. “I understand. But don’t push Jack away just because you’re scared okay?” she said and her words really hit you.

“Thanks mom.” you hugged her tightly and finished your water. “I love you. Now get to bed.” she instructed and you headed up to your room for the night. After you changed into some pajamas, you hopped into your bed.

Ten minutes, twenty minutes, and then thirty went by and your mind just wouldn’t quit wandering. You were still in the exact same position you were almost an hour ago and your eyes wouldn’t stay shut.

You wondered about what Jack was doing and if he was even awake. You wondered what he was thinking about. And if he was thinking of you. Suddenly, your mom’s words came back to you. 

“Don’t push Jack away just because you’re scared.” you thought, and you finally decided that you wouldn’t. Throwing on a hoodie and some jeans, you grabbed your keys. 

Jack’s P.O.V.

The second (Y/N) left Jack felt like a piece of him was missing. He watched her drive away with a wave and headed back inside where he was met by the other boys. 

“I had fun with you tonight.” Daniel mocked, making Jonah, Corbyn and Zach to laugh and Jack to roll his eyes. “Shut up.” he said but the teasing continued. “Why did (Y/N) leave so soon?” Jonah asked after a moment.

“She has curfew. Her parents aren’t very strict but I’ve already made her late a few too many times.” he explained. “You’ve only been together for a couple of weeks and her parents already hate you?” Zach asked in disbelief.

“That’s rough!” Corbyn threw in his two cents and the teasing resumed. “They don’t hate me…and we’re not together.” “Yet.” Daniel added, causing Jack to blush. 

“We’re taking is slow. She’s been through a lot.” Jack stated but the boys just weren’t buying it. “I’m serious! We haven’t even kissed yet!” he threw his hands up as he defended himself from his band mates.

“But you really like her don’t you?” Jonah asked and Jack’s smile grew bigger as he thought more about (Y/N). “So much.” A light knock on the door ended the boys’ conversation and began their confusion.

“Who would that be at this time of night?” Zach asked with a hint of annoyance in his voice. “Logan? A fan maybe?” said Corbyn. “I’ll get it.” Jack groaned when no one else volunteered and made his way to the door.

When he opened it, he was surprised to see (Y/N) on the other side. “(Y/N)? What are you doing here?” She didn’t answer him. Not with her words at least. Instead, she raised herself up onto her tip toes and crashed her lips onto his. 

a future // jonah marais


i wrote like half of this on a nyc bus so i apologize if it’s shitty lmaoooo but i think this was good? idk i loved writing this but sorry if it’s choppy and stuff but i hope you guys enjoy!

triggers: cursing


everything was beginning to feel wrong between y/n and jonah.

it started off small, almost miniscule. fights over the tiny things, like leaving the toilet seat up and not washing the dishes. small arguments that were resolved in a matter of minutes and kisses.

“babe!” y/n groaned in contempt, sighing deeply as she stared at the dishwasher.

“yeah babe?” jonah stuck his head out of the bedroom doorway, looking at his frustrated girlfriend.

“would you care to tell me why the dishwasher is still full after i asked you to empty it and put the dishes away?” she put her hands on hips, giving jonah an annoyed look. he sheepishly stepped out from the bedroom, walking to where y/n stood.

“i-i forgot about it. i’m sorry baby, i’ll put them away right now,” he offered, giving y/n a charming smile. almost instantaneously, her annoyance washed away, being replaced with the pure infatuation she had for this boy.

“thank you babe,” she smiled, leaning up and pressing a sweet kiss to jonah’s lips. he deepened the kiss, only to have y/n pull away a second later.

“nu-uh jonah, you have some dishes to put away,” and with that she waltzed away, leaving jonah with a full dishwasher and red cheeks.

then it escaladed into bigger things, not answering phone calls, not listening to what the other was saying. all cleared up with kisses and cuddles.

“jonah? babe? are you even listening to me?” y/n questioned, and irked tone being laced in her voice.

jonah shook himself out of his distracted daze. “what? oh, of course i was listening!” he tried to defend himself, but y/n knew better.

“if you were listening, then what was i talking about?” y/n inquired, rendering jonah completely silent. “yeah, that’s what i thought,” she huffed, turning away from him.

“baby i’m sorry okay? i promise that i’ll listen to every single word you say from now on,” he said, but y/n’s stubborn side was beginning to shine through.

“i-it just seems like you never listen anymore jonah,” she exclaimed, turning back towards him with pain in her eyes. his heart melted, guilt seeping through his skin.

“i promise that i will always listen to what you have to say baby, and i’m so sorry that it seems like i never listen, because i swear i do. i swear that for the rest of my days that i will listen to everything you say,” he pledged, causing a smile to form on her face.

“gosh, i love you jonah,”

“i love you more y/n.”

then, the big fights. being off the radar for hours, not texting back for what felt like days. ignoring, yelling, silence.

“you know what y/n? maybe if you weren’t so overbearing then we wouldn’t be having problems like this,” jonah yelled, causing the anger inside y/n to flame up even hotter than before. jonah had come home nearly four hours after the time he had promised, and y/n was mad. she had cooked dinner, which had already gone ice cold by the time jonah was finally home. and well, y/n was not ready to take any of jonah’s shit.

“me? overbearing? maybe if you would even try to come home on time, maybe i wouldn’t have to worry about you! i’m your girlfriend, not your fucking mother! you said you’d be home by five. guess what genius? it’s fucking nine thirty and you just came home!” she seethed at him, angry tears beginning to sting at the corners of her eyes. jonah scoffed angrily and clenched his fists.

“i was busy! they held us back at the studio, and afterwards i went out with the boys. we lost track of time! i don’t have to fucking tell you where i am all the time,” he shouted out, causing y/n to roll her eyes.

“so you can’t shoot me a text? tell me you’re gonna be late? tell me that i don’t have to take an hour out of my day to fucking cook?” she exclaimed, the hot tears beginning to roll down her face. she hastily wiped them away, the anger she felt coming in strong waves.

“i’m fucking sorry then okay? i’m sorry that my job requires me to stay late. i’m sorry i want to actually have a fucking social life, rather than stay locked up in the apartment like you,” jonah scoffed, gesturing about fiercely.

“excuse me? i’m in this apartment all day because i have work to do! i’m trying to get a fucking degree so i can have a future!” she paused in her yelling, breathing in deeply. “and now i can see that maybe i don’t have a future with you,” her voice trailed off, breaking slightly at the end of her sentence.

jonah’s breath caught in his throat, the pure anger he had felt moments again washing away when he heard the words come out of her mouth.

“w-what?” he whispered, nearly collapsing on the floor. they had fought before, but they always resolved it. it had never gone this far, neither of them ever thought it would go this far.

“i-i have to go. it’s best if i just, go.” she whimpered, grabbing her purse off the couch and rushing out of the door. jonah stood in shock for a moment before rushing out after her.

the night sky seemed even darker as he ran out, catching y/n as she started her car. there were no stars to be seen, the eerie moonlight shining down on the broken couple.

“y/n, please, i’m sorry baby,” he pleaded. tears began welling up in his eyes. y/n sighed, her own bloodshot eyes looking up into his teary blue ones.

“give me a reason.” she said, stepping out of the still running car.

“what?” jonah wiped away his tears, looking at y/n in confusion.

“give me a reason to stay,” she said, and jonah’s eyes widened, but he nodded. he took at moment to collect his jumbled thoughts before speaking.

“stay because-” he took in a deep breath. “stay because i love you more than anything in this world. i know we fight, and i know we don’t always see eye to eye. but no matter what, i know we’re strong enough to get through it,”

“stay because you’re my sunshine, you’re my light. you’re the most amazing girlfriend i could ever imagine, and i don’t deserve any bit of you. but for some reason you’ve stayed so long, despite me being a complete dickhead so often,” this made y/n smile just a bit.

“stay because even though you said you can’t imagine a future for us, i can. and i’m willing to do anything for you to start imagining one too, because you, y/n y/l/n, are the most important thing in my life, and a life without you isn’t one i’m willing to imagine.” he was practically on his knees at this point, looking up at the girl he loved with his whole heart.

y/n’s eyes began tearing up again, but this time not out of anger or sadness. it was out of the pure beauty of jonah’s words.

“i was lying,” she mumbled, causing jonah to furrow his brows in confusion.

“lying about what?”

“lying about not seeing a future with you,” she looked up into jonah’s eyes. “because, i see a future with you so bright it’s practically blinding. there is nothing i want more than to be with you until the end of time jonah marais roth frantzich,” she breathed out. a wide grin painted itself on his face.

“i love you so fucking much, no matter what happens. because me and you,” he paused, but y/n jumped in before he could finish.

“we’re in it for life,” she finished, crashing her lips onto his. he deepened the kiss, relishing in the feeling of her warm lips finally being on his. they stood there kissing for what felt like hours before the broke apart, gasping for breath.

“can we go inside now? it’s kinda cold,” she mumbled, being met with a laugh and a nod. they ran inside hand in hand, laughing lightly together. they were already inside when jonah came to a realization.

“oh shit,” he groaned, getting a perplexed look from y/n.

“what is it jo?” she asked him.

“we left the car on.”

and so they went back outside again.

anonymous asked:

Do you think Jyrus (like them being canon) is too unrealistic?

In what sense? Like Disney standards? I mean Terri Minsky seems to have pretty good pull and ability to do whatever she wants story wise. And the show already got its major backlash that it’s gonna get when Cyrus came out. So at this point, canon Jyrus would just have the same naysayers that existed when Cyrus came out. And I don’t think Terri cares about those people. And tbh, there’s just way too much subtext so far. It’s hard to believe Jonah wouldn’t even at least question his feelings or something.

If you mean unrealistic in general, I don’t think it’s necessarily unrealistic. Yes, rejection and unrequited feelings happen (sometimes you like someone and they’re totally straight and that sucks), but rejection and unrequited feelings happen in straight pairings too (sometimes a person’s just not that into you). Yet no one seems to be posting about how it is important to have the girls go through this with any of their crushes…… 

At the end of the day, I think if the show wanted to do ‘Cyrus likes his straight best friend and it’s totally unrequited’, then there wouldn’t even be a fraction of all the Jonah subtext we’ve gotten so far (1x08, 1x10, 2x01 having some prime examples in them).

Ultimately, I just want to see Cyrus be happy, whether that means Jonah or not.

Common Crush

I’ve had this in my notes for a long time but I decided in honour of Cyrus looking back, I would post my first Jyrus fanfic. Honestly it’s not very good it’s just some random thing I decided to write because I’m Jyrus trash. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Summary: Cyrus develops feelings for Jonah, but are the feelings just one-sided?

Pairing: Jyrus (Jonah Beck x Cyrus Goodman)

Genre: Fluff

Warnings: None

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Cyrus sat against a tree after one of Jonah’s frisbee games, thinking deeply even after everyone had already left.
He has never really had a crush anyone. That is, before he met Jonah. It started out slow at first. He would smile whenever he passed by him in the halls, he would watch him during class. However it started, it did stumble into a full on crush eventually. When Cyrus first started liking Jonah it was confusing. He’s never liked anyone, so he never really thought about his sexuality or anything like that before. It wasn’t until he found out that Andi started hanging out with Jonah that he started to feel something. He was kind of mad? No, jealous. Yeah, he was definitely jealous of Andi and Jonah, but he was really jealous when he found out about Amber. He knew that he could never come close to the beautiful blond high schooler or his talented best friend. And there was also the fact that he wasn’t a girl. He’s never had these kind of problems before. Liking someone. Not getting liked back. Liking a boy. It was all to confusing and complicated he didn’t exactly know how to handle it.

“Hey, Cyrus?” A soft voice broke his worrying thoughts.

“O-oh hey.. J-Jonah!” Cyrus’s voice broke and he sighed under his breathe.

“What’re you thinking about?” Jonah asked and sat down next to Cyrus.

“You..” His face went red. “You’re.. G-game.. You were great. What are you d-doing back here?”

Jonah chuckled softly. “I forgot my jacket.”

Cyrus frowned. “You gave it to Ambrr before the game.. She left with it.”

Jonah looked startled. “Oh well.. I forgot.” He chuckled. “Why’re you still here?”

“It’s complicated.” Cyrus sighed. Jonah tilted his head.

“Just thinking about someone.. That I l-like.” He finally said, looking at the frisbee player nervously.

“You like someone?” Jonah grinned. “Is it Iris?” Cyrus shook his head.

“N-no…” He answered.

“Andi? Buffy?” Jonah had a hint of something in his eye.. Jealousy? No, that wasn’t possible.

“A.. A b-boy…” Cyrus stuttered. Jonah sighed as if he was relieved about something.

“Oh..” He smiled. “Anyone I know?” Cyrus’s eyes widened slightly by how calmly he answered. He didn’t freak out or question it, he just listened.

“Uh.. Yeah.” Cyrus turned and was suddenly very interested in the sunset.

“Why are you so upset about liking him?” Jonah questioned.

“Well obviously.. Because he’s straight.. and he has a girlfriend.. And my best friend also likes him.” He rushed through his words quickly. Jonah laughed and looked at him, amused.

“Are you /sure/ he’s straight?” Jonah smiled.

“Well.. Yeah.” Cyrus frowned and Jonah moved slightly closed.

“Maybe he’s not.” Jonah said slowly. Cyrus looked at him curiously.

“Okay.. Let’s say he’s not.” He started. “He still has a girlfriend.”

“They could’ve broken up…” Jonah looked at him softly. Cyrus started realizing what was happening.

“What about Andi?” Cyrus looked at him. Jonah shrugged.

“She’ll be happy for you.”

“Why would she be happy.” His heart beat sped up as he stared at Jonah with slightly confusion.

“Because.. Your crush likes you back.” Jonah replied sweetly.

“He.. He d-does?” He stuttered. Jonah just nodded slowly.

“He does.” He replied. Cyrus sighed softly and grinned brightly.


“You’re awesome, Cyrus.”
Cyrus looked down and smiled.

“Th-thanks.. J-Jonah…” His voice broke and his cheeks tinted pink.

Jonah smiled and grabbed Cyrus’s hand gently.

“I like you… Jonah.” Cyrus whispered. Jonah laughed lightly and the stars sparkled in his eyes.

“I like you too, Cyrus.” He whispered back.

Well, that was unexpected.

I know we’ve all had over a year to get used to this kid’s take on the character, and two to wrap our heads around the concept of Homecoming in the first place, but it really is worth reflecting again for a moment on how this movie is impossible. This movie can not be. Spider-Man’s over there, and the X-Men are over there, and the Avengers are over here, and we all knew from day one of Feige & companies’ grand experiment that never the twain would meet. Hell, it wasn’t even just box office failure or negotiations that led to this, but the franchises’ sheer freak incidental connection to The Interview via Sony and therefore the North Korean hack a few years back, with the humiliating scope of how little Sony knew what they were doing with Spidey spilling out into the public eye and forcing them into a corner where they had to take the only realistic way out that everyone was also now yelling at them to do.

But, well, it happened, and in getting the biggest character they could under their umbrella, Marvel Studios had to take on what must have been an almost unthinkable degree of pressure with this flick. Because with this, they had to:

1. Do a movie with an exponentially more popular character than they’d ever handled before.

2. Do the sixth movie in this characters’ series and make it distinct, without moving him into wildly new narrative territory because they want to bank on the preexisting affection for him.

3. Handle this characters’ second reboot in a decade, when the last one was already getting reboot fatigue complaints.

4. Establish this character not just as a successful new franchise like Doctor Strange or Ant-Man, but as the guy who they’ve all but publicly announced they’ll be positioning as the central figure of their $11 billion and counting cinematic universe once Evans and Downey leave.

5. Do all this knowing that if they fuck it up out of the gate they might not necessarily have a second chance to get it right, Sony might just take their ball and go home.

So…it’s fair that I wasn’t expecting too much here, right? Not that I thought it would be bad by any means, but the trailers weren’t exactly blowing me away, they weren’t going to address Uncle Ben which meant the arguable biggest underlying idea of Spider-Man - his overwhelming guilt - wasn’t going to be in here, they were shortchanged a lot of Spider-Man’s biggest stories between wanting to avoid the previous ones and Sony wanting to play hardball with the villains (whether in the hopes of prodding Marvel to fork over a billion or two to buy Spider-Man back outright, or because they’re genuinely dumb enough to think that after all this they can really make a successful solo Venom/Kraven/Mysterio/Black Cat/Silver Sable movie series), and it had an untested director and like six writers. By all indications, this was going to be a very conservative, standard-issue, focus-tested-to-hell-and-back MCU flick where they’d play it fairly safe while integrating him into the larger universe and giving Tom Holland a chance to charm audiences into accepting him, and hopefully all involved would try something a little ballsier for the sequel. No crime, understandable given the circumstances, but they’d have a lot of work to do later on.

This is the first great Spider-Man movie.

Some obvious caveats there: yes, the first two Raimi films are great superhero movies, but as far as I’m concerned that the dude in there is named Peter Parker and wears Spider-Man’s costume is a complete coincidence. They’re the endpoint of a very particular, masochistic strain of thought on the character as defined by pain and isolation - rather than being a dumb teen who thinks the world is constantly shitting on him, because he’s a dumb teen and of course he thinks that - losing in the process most of his charm and energy in favor of framing him as sainted, suffering martyr to New York’s sins. The Amazing movies on the other hand had a basically perfect Spidey in Andrew Garfield, the embodiment of the frustrated, funny, cocky, eventually decent Parker of the original Lee/Ditko years, but he and Emma Watson’s great Gwen Stacy were embedded in some overall crappy movies, which had the unfortunate side-effect of rendering that interpretation of the character radioactive for the time being.

This, on the other hand?

Not to too dramatically oversell what happened here - this isn’t an all-timer hall of fame entry to stand alongside your Dark Knights or Logans. They didn’t take any bold, outlandish risks with it either; this isn’t any more of a deviation from the tonal norm for these movies than, say, Winter Soldier. It’s got flaws to be sure: a couple characters don’t get the time and development they probably deserve (especially Zendaya’s Michelle, who it feels like the writers wanted to invest with a little more of a sense of character development by the end than she’d been given), the plot definitely isn’t as tight as it could be, and the music’s nowhere near as good as the trailers and early parts of the movie would have you think. But it’s a damn fun and funny movie with a lot of heart and palpable stakes, anchored by a take on its hero that, rather than going for a more generic “goofy savior” cartoon-style version I was expecting, ends up pretty heavily and thankfully indebted to Brian Bendis’ original run on Ultimate Spider-Man. It’s a Spider-Man who really does always want to do the right thing and doesn’t want to hurt anyone, but at the same time he’s shortsighted as hell and driven by a boundless need to prove himself for the sake of both spite and a hope of acceptance, mixed with low-grade resentment of his circumstances that gives him just enough of an edge to feel like an actual teenager. Left without the option of talking about his sense of responsibility in terms of guilt, the filmmakers wisely chose to instead blur the line between where his sense of heroism ends and his self-interest begins and ask how far he’s really willing to go in favor of the former, and what kind of strength there actually is in him when it truly comes down to it after a whole movie’s worth of him essentially treating superheroism as an after-school gig.

Speaking of him as a teenager, boy all the high school stuff was great in this one. Maguire and Garfield both paid lip-service to that material as a necessary component of his youth, but speaking as someone only a few years out of those days, this absolutely felt authentic. The crappy announcements, the deliberately weird kids who clearly think they’re better than everyone else, the assholes, no one really knowing yet how to keep themselves in check emotionally, the low stakes that are still at that point the most important thing in your world - even the physical classrooms felt real (I got some serious nostalgia seeing those stacked chairs in the visibly repurposed music room, or the gigantic hall pass). It’s as petty and small-scale as Peter’s time as Spider-Man largely is, and therefore can integrate into the plot as an important part of what’s going on far more easily than ever before, even aside from being the source of a ton of excellent bit players like the teacher in charge of the debate team. The larger characters by and large do just fine too; Tomei’s warm and funny as May, Harrier does a solid job as Liz Allen (especially considering that while she’s the love interest and ends up pretty important plot-wise, they never cheap out try and position her as some true love figure when she and Peter barely know each other), Batalon is fun as hell as Not Technically Ganke, Zendaya steals her scenes even if I get the impression there might have been some meatier work left on the cutting-room floor, Downey is Downey, Favreau as Happy Hogan does a great job essentially taking Jolly Jonah Jameson’s place as the dickish, unreasonable authority figure in Peter’s life, and Keaton is scary as hell with just enough screwed-over “how dare you take what I’ve earned” resentment in the vein of many of USM’s better villains to make him feel like a real guy. And you saw Civil War, you already know Holland’s basically perfect.

There’s a dozen other bits I’d love to go into - like how much mileage they pull out of him not operating in Manhattan proper, or how well the seemingly out-of-place tech actually ends up working, or any number of great moments - but I’d prefer to keep this largely spoiler-free. Suffice it to say that the trailers, which already indicated a pretty decent time at the theater, were misleading: as much as they showed they really did leave a lot of the best out, and what they kept generally works far better in context. To be sure there’s room for improvement in the next one, but this was a far better reintroduction and recontextualization of the character than anyone had any right to expect, and it absolutely does the heavy legwork of setting him up as an engaging figure for the MCU to believably end up pivoting around in years and movies to come. Upper-tier Marvel to be sure; somehow they did the impossible and managed to actually earn a title that brazenly cheeky as hell. Sony, for once you made the right call with Spider-Man: stop thinking you have good ideas and let the grown-ups handle things from here.

tired (jonah marais)

Based Off Prompt: 4, “Walk out that door and we’re through.

A/N: woah woah woah its been a minute since i last posted an imagine… sorry yall:( hopefully this makes up for it. also sorry if this makes you cry as much as i did hehe AND I KNOW ITS SHORT IM SORRY

“I feel like we’re doing this constantly, Jo! This happens way too often in our relationship!” you plead, noticing the fresh tears rolling down your cheek.

The two of you and the rest of the Why Don’t We gang spent the day with Logan. Of course, he brought along his usual friends, little Kong, Evan, Brendan, and Logan’s new assistant, Skylar.

In your eyes, Skylar was all over Jonah as the day went by. She’d give him a little playful shove and laugh at every single thing that came out of his mouth, even if it wasn’t even close to funny. Jack and Daniel noticed how close she stood to him when merely just waiting in line at Chipotle, too. Even they were uncomfortable at the sight of Skylar’s “friendliness.”

When all of you got home, you pulled your boyfriend aside, confronting him about the situation. He told you what he always told you when every other girl flirted with him like there was no tomorrow, that it was “no big deal.”

“Babe, nothing happened!” he raises his voice. “She was just being nice!”

You step closer to him, “Nice?! Jonah, what the hell is your definition of nice? Her hands were all over you, and her eyes were glued onto you like it was nothing!”

“For Christ’s sake, Y/N. You’re over reacting… again!” He reaches for your hand, but you quickly move it away from his.

You let out a sigh, done trying so hard to get through to him, “I’m just so tired of having this same conversation over and over again.”

He throws his hands up in frustration, “I don’t know what you want me to do about that! I’m trying here, Y/N. I’m trying so hard to get you to understand that those girls are nothing! Nothing compared to you.”

“It honestly seemed like I was the one that was nothing with you ignoring me the whole day to talk to that ‘friend’ of yours.” You wipe your cheeks, ridding them of the tears. “This is just so exhausting, Jonah. I- I don’t know how long I can continue to take this anymore.”

His face softens, looking into your Y/E/C eyes. Not wanting to meet his, you stare at the ground and ignore his sweet eyes boring into you.

After the moment of silence, Jonah finally speaks up, “F- fine. What do you want to do about it then?”

Hesitantly, you confess, “I, uhm, I think we need a break.” You finally look up to him, your eyes meeting his clearly full of hurt.

“Wait, Y/N, you can’t be serious… I love you unconditionally, and you know that!” He tries to persuade you. “Baby, plea-”

You begin to sob, the salty tears dropping from your chin, drenching your shirt. “I’m so sorry, Jo. I think it’s what’s best,” You say, probably inaudibly with your crying preventing you from speaking clearly.

You make your way to the door, face still wet with tears, and you hear Jonah’s footsteps following you, trying to stop you.

As you reach for the doorknob, a hand grabs your wrist gently, turning you around.

Facing you, Jonah shakes his head. He stands in front of the door, telling you, “Walk out that door and we’re through.” Slowly, he steps aside, waiting for you to make your decision.

“I’m so sorry, JoJo. I love you, but I’m tired of this fighting.” You take the door’s knob into your hand. Twisting it, you begin to walk out. As you take a step onto the “welcome” mat, you can hear the boy behind you trying to stifle his tears, whispering, “Y/N, I love you so much.”

appreciation ~ jonah marais

a/n: requested by @jonahmaraisgirl​ y/t/n - your twitter name


y/t/n: jonah is just as good as a singer as everyone else!

y/t/n: he’s amazing! i don’t understand why you can’t see that!

y/t/n: why don’t we is a band with corbyn, daniel, jack, zach, AND jonah

y/t/n: you should appreciate EVERYONE in the band! not just the other four!

the sound of the notifications kept going off as all the boys stared at each other with confusion on their faces. they were on our way back from the vma’s and y/n kept tweeting about how jonah should be more appreciated.

they were still so hype about the vma’s and had a blast watching the other artists perform and being interviewed. most of them were wondering why y/n all of a sudden was tweeting about supporting jonah and appreciating him more.

“dude, what’s going on?” corbyn asked jonah.

jonah and y/n had been dating for seven months and the fans were supportive of your relationship. so to be honest, he had no clue what was going on.

“i don’t know,” jonah shrugged and combed his fingers through his hair.

y/t/n: i just don’t get why you say these things about the man i love

jonah was now pretty worried as to what was wrong with y/n and immediately texted her. his fingers danced across the screen as he typed out a semi elaborate text to his girlfriend.

it read… “hey baby, is everything alright? i’m seeing your tweets and just wanted to check in.”

when jonah looked up from his phone after sending the text, all of the guys’ eyes were on him.

“what?” jonah asked defensively. “i’m not the one tweeting so i’m just as clueless as you are!” jonah explained as his phone went off, signally that he had just gotten a text message. he picked up his phone without hesitation and read the text to himself before reading it aloud.

“i don’t know, i was just watching the VMAs and noticed that you weren’t talking much in your interview and it just made me mad because nobody talked about it so i thought i should. don’t get me wrong; zach, daniel, corbyn and jack are all amazing but so are you and i just think that you really deserve a bit more praise.”

“i mean,” daniel sighed. “she isn’t wrong.”

“daniel’s right,” corbyn added. “we all have our areas of expertise and i think that yours is to be the bit more mysterious one in the band. we aren’t trying to limit you to that but i guess it’s just always what you seemed like you liked.”

“wait,” zach interrupted. “do you feel the same as y/n?” the room went silent and all eyes were on jonah, then on each other, then back on jonah.

“um,” jonah delayed. “i mean, sometimes.” nobody knew what to say for a moment before jack spoke up.

“if you’re ever feeling down buddy, you can come to us,” jack said, putting his hand on jonah’s shoulder in a reassuring way.

“look at all the fan accounts for you!” daniel exclaimed, scrolling through all of the jonah fan accounts. “they love you, man.”

jonah just nodded in response and thanked the guys before pulling his phone back out.

“thank you, baby girl. you really brought the situation to all of our eyes and it was very helpful. don’t worry about me. i’ll be fine, i promise,” is what jonah texted y/n before throwing his phone aside and laughing with the guys until late hours into the night.

thank god for y/n, am i right?


sorry @jonahmaraisgirl​ it’s a bit short but i hope you liked it!

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Single parent AU: Stacie convinces Beca to go to a support group for single parents.

“What? Dude, no!” Beca says as she picks up a squirming toddler from his highchair. 

Stacie sighs and moves to grab a baby wipe to clean the toddler’s hands and mouth. “Why? I think it’s a good idea.” 

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an Andi Mack prediction

I’ve missed making theories and predictions since GMW is over, so I figured I’d make one for Andi Mack, specifically about episode 2x01 (aka the missing episode 1x13). I’m basing this on what we’ve seen so far in the show + all the footage of the missing/not yet aired episode from the promos. I love some good detective work :)

So as the iconic Cyrus Looked Back scene showed us, Cyrus, in addition to Andi, has a crush on Jonah Beck. There are still idiots out there (outside of Tumblr) trying to debate this, but the scene couldn’t be more intentional. I mean….TV production 101 (plus the cast reaction video…c’mon). Ok, that’s pretty settled.

Anyway, when Jonah dumps Amber in 1x12, he asks for the bracelet (that Andi made) back. In the promo, we see Jonah giving Andi the bracelet back. Andi looks surprised and we see Jonah walking away down the hall. Mostly likely he just told Andi about the break up and gave the bracelet back. Later in the promo, we see Andi (in the same outfit as the hallway scene) talking to Bex, saying “my mind is like a see saw—yes…no…”. I picture Andi telling Bex about Jonah dumping Amber, plus getting the bracelet back, and Bex asking Andi how she feels about Jonah now and that’s how she responds. Her answer saying she’s indecisive makes sense, given the fact she was living a “Jonah free lifestyle” prior to this…..but she also did turn back in 1x12. 

In another promo, we see Andi in the same outfit and scene with Bex, freaking out: “What am I going to wear??” While this seems like it would be something someone would say before a date, I don’t think that’s what’s happening. I think when Andi tells Bex she isn’t sure how she feels about Jonah, Bex encourages her to go to the Space Otters awards ceremony/event to hang out with Jonah again and find out how she feels. Bex is all about Andi discovering herself and having moments etc, so no doubt she would want Andi to go and sort out how she feels.

So Good Hair Crew goes to the Space Otters event (pretty sure it’s an awards ceremony….I think there were trophies on the table next to Jonah when he was talking). Jonah hosts and gives out awards, and we hear and see him say, “There is one person who truly stands out”. In the promo, it cuts to Andi sitting at her table and smiling, but I think that’s a misdirection. Given the fact that Andi quit the team, but Cyrus is the #1 supporter (and Jonah “loves it when Cyrus comes to the games in that vest with all the swag”), I think he’s actually talking about Cyrus. Also, Andi’s smiling like she just heard a corny joke (which is plausible with Jonah lol), not smiling like she won an award, and Buffy and Cyrus turn away from her, not towards her. So I really do think he’s actually talking about Cyrus when he talks about the person who truly stands out.

Understandably, Cyrus is thrilled to be recognized by Jonah (oh middle school crushes). Also, I wouldn’t be surprised if the awards ceremony was something Cyrus suggested to Jonah in an effort to cheer him up post Amber break up. Anyway, after Jonah’s done hosting, we see him approach the Good Hair Crew and is talking with them. Cyrus is holding a Space Otters shirt and making one of his patented “trying to flirt with Jonah Beck” faces that we’ve seen him make all season. So I’m guessing Jonah gave Cyrus his own team shirt (omg imagine if the back says Cy Guy) and Cyrus is trying to flirt. But then Jonah cuts him off and says to the group “I was hoping I could talk to Andi…..alone”. We don’t see Cyrus’s reaction to this, but I’m sure he’s at least kinda crushed, especially after Jonah gave him the award and shirt. So then in the promo, we see Jonah say to Andi “I like being around you”, and Andi is beaming at him. This is where I think Jonah and Andi get together/ask each other out. At first I thought Andi texts Buffy and Cyrus about it, but then when I rewatched the promo, it seems clear that Buffy and Cyrus are standing outside of The Spoon by the window and they’re actually spying on the whole Andi and Jonah thing via Buffy’s cell phone front facing camera (you can see Andi and Jonah in the distance inside). Buffy, excited, asks Cyrus if he’s happy for Andi and we get the obviously-not-happy “yeah…..”. Poor Cyrus is obviously crushed by his crush, but doesn’t say anything. Buffy probably picks up on the weird vibe, but doesn’t confront him about it.

Next day/later in the week either Iris asks Cyrus to go out or Cyrus asks her. But regardless, Cyrus tries to really date Iris, but clearly isn’t totally comfortable. He probably introduces her to everyone as his friend, which leads to her saying “You can say girlfriend…” and Cyrus smiling kinda uncomfortably. Iris later kisses him goodbye and he gets confused: “what’s happening??”. Or the scenes are other way around and he gets confused at the end of the date (”what’s happening?”) and then she kisses him. Regardless, I think Cyrus realizes something doesn’t feel right. Cue some very conscious realizations about his feelings and who is crush really is.

Obviously, this might be an overwhelming realization for him given the current circumstances and he is going to feel like he can’t tell Andi about it obviously, so he asks Buffy to meet him at The Spoon the next day. She arrives and he’s already at the table, hands folded and kinda nervous. And he tells her he has to tell her something but she can’t tell anyone. Buffy, remembering how Cyrus didn’t really seem happy for Andi the previous night, asks the question we saw in that initial promo, “Do you like Andi?”. Cue Cyrus admitting he realizes that he likes Jonah. And because it’s Andi Mack……*end of episode*…… and the ball really gets rolling on Cyrus’s sexuality story line.

Now obviously I don’t know any of this for sure, just my guesses based on the promos, but I wouldn’t be mad if this is how it went down. What do you guys think?


Summary: It seems as if every Disney show has an episode where they go to some kind of cabin. I decided to write my own.

Pairing: Jyrus (Jonah Beck X Cyrus Goodman)

Fandom: Andi Mack

Genre: Fluff, angst, smut

Warnings: Mature language, slight smut

Additional note: They are aged up in this fic so Cyrus is sixteen and Jonah is seventeen.


“Woah this is so cool!” Cyrus grinned once they arrived at Andi’s family’s cabin. It was small, three bedrooms, a main area with couches, one bathroom, and a tiny kitchen. The Mack family never really needed a big cabin, as it was just the four of them, but this time Andi, Cyrus, Jonah, and Buffy were there to occupy the small building. The group didn’t really know how they convinced their parents to let them stay in a cabin by themselves. It took a lot of convincing, that was for sure. Andi had to convince her grandparents that her and Jonah were only just friends and they would only be staying for one night. Buffy’s parents were a little more easy too convince, the only request her parents had was that Marty, her boyfriend of a few years, could not join them on their little trip. Jonah’s parents were completely fine with him going. And although he told them countless times him and Jonah were just friends, Cyrus’s parents would only let him go if he let them give him a long talk about teen sex and emotionally readiness for intimate relationships. All in all, it wasn’t that hard for the four friends to go to the cabin. Sure, it took some planning, they had to map out the weather, go when no one was busy, wait until a weekend or summer break, but nothing too major. Everything was perfect.

“Docious Magocious!” Jonah exclaimed, setting his stuff down next to the couch on the floor, where everyone else had put their stuff.

“Are you really still saying that?” Buffy laughed as she inspected the fire place, furrowing her eyebrows. Cyrus rolled his eyes.

“He still says it when he’s really excited.” He answered, sitting down on the couch gently, a slight creak coming from the small rickety sofa.

“And how do you even know that?” Buffy raised her eyebrows and her arms crossed over her chest. Cyrus’s cheeks immediately went pink.

“I’m just a good friend..” He bit on his lip slightly.

“Sure.” Andi giggled and Cyrus rolled his eyes. The two girls were always making hints at his major crush on the other male friend, ever since Andi and Jonah had decided they only liked eachother as friends. He didn’t know what was worse; Andi and Jonah being together, or Buffy and Andi constantly teasing him for his crush on Jonah.

“Shit.. there’s no service here.” Jonah looked up from his phone in frustration. Oblivious as ever.

“Well no..” Andi sighed. “We don’t get service out here, you have to go into town.”

“Then how’re we supposed to tell our parents we got here?” Cyrus looked up. “My parents told me I had to call them as soon as I got here.”

“Relax,” Buffy rolled her eyes. She wiped her hands on her jeans after starting a somewhat successful fire before sharing a look with Andi.. “Andi and I will go into town to pick up some extra firewood and contact all our parents.”

“Are you sure? We can come with you.” Jonah smiled and set his phone down.

“No it’s fine, there’s no need for all of us to go. We’ll go and you two can just stay here and.. hang out.” A devilish grin broke out on her face as she grabbed her coat and her keys. Cyrus groaned internally.

“Yeah.. We’ll be back soon.” Andi put on her jacket and shot a slight wink to Cyrus before the two girls headed out the door in a rush. Jonah chuckled.

“Girls.” He smiled, sitting down on the couch next to Cyrus. “You can never know what they’re thinking.” Cyrus nodded even though he had a pretty good idea on what they were thinking about.

“This cabin is so peaceful..” Jonah yawned and closed his eyes in content. Cyrus smiled and looked around. His eyes landed in the small flickering flames in the fire place. Warmth washed over him and he sighed softly, watching the flames dance across the wood.

“Fire is.. pretty.” Jonah leaned his head on the other’s shoulder. Cyrus stiffened slightly. Electricity shot down his spine and he shivered.

“Y-yeah..” Cyrus stuttered, biting down on his lip nervously. Jonah sat up.

“Cyrus.. why’re you being so nervous?” Jonah questioned, looking at Cyrus thoughtfully.

“Nothing..” Cyrus sighed, trying to calm his pounding heartbeat. “I’m just.. I don’t know.” Jonah frowned.

“I thought.. we were over this, you know.. nervousness.” He looked down sadly. Cyrus’s hearty leapt out of his chest and he looked at Jonah.

“L-look, Jonah… it’s not your fault, don’t be mad.” Cyrus put his hand on the other boy’s shoulder, ignoring all of the screaming in his ears from the simple contact. “It’s my fault..” Jonah looked up.

“I’m.. I’m not mad.. It’s just.. I wish I knew what I was doing wrong.” Jonah sighed.

“Everything.” Cyrus said in slight frustration. Jonah looked hurt as if he just watched someone kick a puppy.

“Wh-what?” His voice broke.

“Everything!” Cyrus’s voice picked up in volume and he looked at Jonah with a glint in his eye. “Your perfect hair, your perfect eyes, your perfect smile, that stupid smile is so perfect I just want too kiss it..” He was rambling at this point. Not really realizing what he was even saying.

“What?” Jonah’s eyes widened slightly. Cyrus swallowed.

“Well… I mean I’ve, everything about you is perfect.. It tends to make me pretty nervous.. but that’s probably only because I’ve had a huge crush on you si-” he was cut off by warm lips pressing against his.

He was taken by surprise, but he found himself moving his lips along with the other boy’s. The chapped lips melded together like the inside of a clock. Electricity ran through the kiss, making both of the boys feel warm and safe.

That warmth eventually turned into a blistering heat. Lips smashed against each other, followed by a hot rush of teeth and tongue. Jonah pushed Cyrus down against the couch, hovering above him as their mouths crashed together in a wave of passion and pure want. Small, whiny whimpers escaped from Cyrus mouth, causing Jonah to just deepen the kiss. Cyrus sucked on Jonah’s lip needily and he pulled away panting.

“You’re so needy, Cy.” He murmured, moving his mouth down to his neck. Cyrus whimpered and leaned his head back. Jonah smirked and pressed a gentle kiss down on the other’s neck before sucking gently. Cyrus whined and Jonah continued, biting and sucking purple marks around the younger one’s neck. Cyrus moaned loudly and his hands managed to tug on Jonah’s hair. Jonah smiled at the sounds, moving up again to place a gentle kiss onto Cyrus’s open mouth. Cyrus quickly obliged, kissing back with urgency. Jonah ran his hand down Cyrus’s neck, carefully unbutton the first few buttons of the boy’s shirt. Cyrus whined, trying to say something, but was way too much into the moment to do so.

Jonah ran his tongue over the other’s bottom lip, when the front door to the cabin started to turn. Both Jonah’s and Cyrus’s eyes widened as they quickly pulled away, sitting on opposite sides of the sofa. Buffy walked through the door sighing.

“The people in that town were so rude..” She complained.

“You were kinda being rude to the cashier at the store, Buffy…” Andi replied.

“Yeah, but they were still rude-” They both stopped and stared at the two boys sitting on the couch. Both wore swollen lips and completely messed up hair, and they also panted heavily as they looked up at the girls in fear. Not to mention Cyrus’s half undone shirt and hickies littering his throat.

“H-hey guys..” Cyrus tried to steady his breathing and heartbeat the best he good, but adrenaline and lust ran through his entire body.

“Um.. First of all, gross.” Andi started. “That’s my family’s couch.” Both Jonah and Cyrus blushed immensely, looking down.

“Second,” Buffy crossed her arms and smirked. “I assume you two will be sharing the master bedroom tonight?”

Absentee ♡ Jonah Marais Imagine

Title: Absentee

Pairing: Jonah x Fem!Reader

Word Count: 1,007

Summary: You go into labor, and Jonah isn’t there.

Warning(s): Family not approving of a relationship (initially), pregnancy, labor, pain

A/N: Thank you so much for the request! If anyone else would like to request an imagine, you can do so here: x

I’d like to add that this isn’t necessarily the most accurate representation of pregnancy and the birthing process, but I am by no means a medical expert. Much of the process was dramatized for the sake of the imagine.

You’d heard it all before. You were too young to be graduating high school. You were too young to be getting a degree. You were too young to be in a serious relationship. You were too young to think—or, as you said, know—you were in love. You were too young to think you could build a life for yourself. You were too young to be having a child with a guy who could leave you at the drop of a hat. Everyone looked at you like you were some wide-eyed, innocent doe. They didn’t understand—they didn’t care—that you were now an adult, and you could make your own decisions. Maybe you would regret them. Maybe you wouldn’t. But they were your decisions, and no one could take them from you.

That being said, you were terrified when you told Jonah you were pregnant. You knew what guys were like. You knew Jonah wouldn’t be ready to deal with a kid. His career was just taking off. A kid would get in the way of that. You were ready for him to leave. You were ready to be a single mother. You were to do anything to support you and a child all on your own. You were so worried that Jonah was going to leave you that when you told him, you explained that you were having a baby and you were keeping it and he could leave and you would be fine with that and—he was actually excited? He was worried about the future, he said, but he wouldn’t leave you because he loved you and he was going to share that love with your baby.

You were sure that his family would be another story entirely—and it was…Sort of. They were definitely worried that you were using Jonah for money and fame. You were a girl who, in their eyes, at least, showed up at random, declaring that you were pregnant with Jonah’s child. They warned Jonah to be wary of you, in case you turned out to be a gold digger who wanted nothing more than to milk Jonah dry. You pretended to not be hurt by these accusations. 

But when they finally got to meet you, everything they said changed. Jonah’s parents had never seen him so in love with someone else. You and him were the couple everyone wanted to be like. The only time they’d ever seen Jonah that happy was when he was performing. You were so kind, too, acting like you had never heard any of their hurtful comments (because everyone knew you did). It didn’t take long for his family to change their mind about you, and that quickly turned into a good thing.

You and Jonah were visiting his parents. You were in the last trimester of your pregnancy, and you had wanted to be close to Jonah’s parents when you had your baby. Your parents disowned you after they found out you were pregnant and were planning on keeping the baby. After Jonah’s parents came to accept you, they became the only adults who supported your decision to be a mother. Jonah’s mother, Carrie, was going to help you in the first few months after your baby was born as you adjusted to your new life, and you couldn’t be more thankful.

It was a pleasantly warm November day. Jonah and his sister had left to hang out, and you were left at home with Carrie. She was trying to calm your nerves about childbirth, explaining that most mothers forget the pain once their bundle of joy is in their arms. You weren’t entirely convinced of that, if you were being honest. But you decided to trust Carrie’s words. Surely she would know, as she was both a mother and a midwife. 

But then, something felt off. Like, this-shouldn’t-happen-for-another-week off. 


She looked at you. “Yes?”

“I think my water just broke.”


What happened next was a blur. You didn’t even remember getting in the car, or Carrie driving you to the hospital. You were in a hospital room, and had been put into a gown. Carrie was on the phone with Jonah, explaining as forcefully but gently as possible that he needed to get to the hospital ASAP. You were screaming in pain. Carrie tried to be as soothing as she could, but you didn’t want her to be the one to soothe you. You wanted Jonah to be the one at your side.

Hours passed and as your contractions got closer and closer together, you began to doubt that Jonah was going to show up at all. Carrie kept insisting that he was on his way, that there was traffic, that he’d be there any minute now. But, as your doctor told you it was time start pushing, you knew he wasn’t going to there in time. 

Then, your doctor was declaring that you had given birth to a beautiful baby girl. Carrie was congratulating you. The nurses were taking care of your baby. Your baby was being put in your arms. Jonah still wasn’t there.

Where was he?

Then, the door creaked open. As though God was answering your prayers, Jonah walked into the room. He offered you a sheepish smile as he walked over to your bedside. He cupped your face in his hand, his thumb stroking your cheek. “I’m sorry, baby,” he apologized. “It was like hell trying to get out here. Someone got in an accident on the interstate, and we had to take a detour, and then a road was closed…It was just a mess. I’m so sorry.”

You smiled up at him. “It’s fine. You’re here now.”

He looked down at the baby. “Have you named her yet?”

You shook your head. “I was waiting for you.”

“Do you have an idea of what you want to name her?”

“I was thinking Bethany,” you suggested. “Bethany Grace Frantzich.”

He smiled. “I love it.”

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me, in the mood for baby hcs even tho i know nobody wants to give me baby hcs: ripsara + kids tho

DID SOMEONE SAY BABY HEADCANONS. warning: as @rosalinesbenvolios will tell u my baby headcanons range from shits-n-giggles to angsty as hell.

- rip doesn’t want kids again. as someone who has already lost a child rip 100% never intends to have another baby because the thought of loosing a second child is so huge, so incomprehensible, that when he finds out sara is pregnant he is fucking terrified.

- he retreats to his office mumbling barely three words to get and happily drinks himself silly in a panic until she goes in and basically says “what the fuck, dude” until rip tells her that he doesn’t know if he can bear the thought of doing it all again. so she just, takes a seat beside him, grabs his hand, and says “i cant promise it will all be okay. but you won’t be alone”

- the team decides its “our baby” and not their baby and that they’re all going to be involved. when rip announces that jonah is the baby’s godfather both ray and stein are outraged and rip is like ‘well we wanted someone responsible’ ‘wE’Re rESponSIBle’ ‘ray you’re keeping a box of miniaturized dinosaurs in your quarters’ ‘yOU’re noT SuppOSED TO knoW ABOut ThAT’

- ‘so who wants to help raise our baby?’ *everyones hands go up* ‘who’s actually changed a diaper before?’ *everyone hands go down but mick* ‘guess we’ve found our poop-guy’

- “Sara?” “Hmmnnn” “Where’s our child?” “Nerd Twins have got ‘im” “alone????”

- listen,, rip is such a good dad, he knows how to do the pooping and the burping and the exact heat of a proper bottle and sara is left feeling??? less adequate than him and retreats a bit until rip goes to find her and asks what’s wrong. “I’m not. Good at this stuff. Not like you are.” and rip just starts giggling like a shit and says, “That’s because I’ve done it before, christ, did you think I knew all this when Jonas was born? I spent a week sleeping by his cot because I was scared that he’d roll over and fall between the bars. I had to learn - and you will, too. Let me show you?”

- so rip teaches sara how to burp a baby and his laughter when she gets sick in her hair is so genuine and he doesn’t notice how he said jonas’ name without thinking about it for a day

- having a kid just makes both of them so much brighter - the tired look in rip’s eyes slowly fades away and he smiles so much, it’s strange, jax is sitting at the kitchen table one day like ‘whats up with rip’s face?’ and they all look and rip is grinning at the bab and its at that moment that they all know that they’ve never seen him really smile, smile like his lips are gonna crack, not before. but it starts showing up more and rip starts singing to the baby and pulling silly faces and he’s killing them. he’s killing them. the man they met is unrecognizable from the man reading from a kids book in a funny voice, completely oblivious to the fact that sara is livestreaming it back home to their friends.

- and sara is just such a mama bear about it. some nights she just wakes up in the middle of the night and sits by the cot and takes her baby’s tiny hand and whispers “nothing bad is ever going to happen to you. not while I’m around. or if it does, I will always, always, come for you. I promise” and she honestly couldn’t remember what it felt like to love something so much, so much she aches, so much her heart feels like it’s gonna crack when she holds her baby

- they fabricate era-appropriate clothing for the baby and sara keeps a facebook album of all the cute outfits. a little sailor uniform. the smallest roman toga ever seen. a prim-and-proper 1920s suit and a fake curled mustache ray puts on the baby’s face. the tiny cowboy one gets over a hundred likes and she gets a snap of oliver crying looking at it.

- sara, breaking into a strong-hold with two guns, a knife, and a hand-grenade and fighting off 200 men with rip following right behind her picking off the strays she misses: give me back my fucking baby

- like ohhh boy, mess with rip and sara? fair game. mess with their baby? you better run. fast. through space and time, and never stop running, because they’re coming for you.

- rip tells bedtime stories of places he’s been and people he’s met and sara laughs you’re gonna turn our kid into a nerd but she curls up right beside him and falls asleep to the sound of his voice, too

listen i love kid headcanons so much i could go on for days but its late and i have so many asks now, so, more kid headcanons will come another day

this isn’t sh but CYRUS GOODMAN LOOKED BACK AND I AM EXPERIENCING EMOTIONS! theres a 90% you have no idea what I’m talking about so allow me to elaborate. Some of you may know that Disney has been breaking down barriers with their new show Andi Mack. They show the world of untraditional lifestyles instead of the perfect family trope that’s always used. And Disney is getting ready to do something amazing. In this scene, Amber, the girlfriend of a boy named Jonah Beck, explains to him that “if she looks back, it means she likes you, not just as a friend.” Jonah wants to know if Andi likes him, and yes she does look back… But get this… CYRUS LOOKED BACK TOO! they’ve been hinting at Cyrus’ sexuality and crush on Jonah this entire season and this makes it nearly canon. DISNEY. DID. THAT.

list of all clips in the degrassi: next class season 4 1 minute trailer (i slowed it down so you don’t have to) 

  • grace walking, tiny and zig are in the background. esme is on zig’s back
  • grace and zoe hugging, zoe is holding a flyer for a ‘degrassi fair’
  • the seniors on the steps, tiny is holding a flyer that says the fair is ‘tomorrow’ meaning the fair is a day after that scene 
  • hunter is on his computer by the pool and zig + esme + frankie are hanging out behind him. he asks if they would remove armpit hair from a photo and the two girls answer yes. zig answers no, then says he would if he was a girl. hunter looks worried/upset.
  • lola shows yael something on her phone and says it calls for a makeover. yael replies that not everything calls for a makeover, and lola says ‘you’ve never been more wrong’.
  • lola is looking at yael (we don’t see yael’s face) meaning she likely got a makeover.
  • grace and jonah kissing against a bus
  • grace says she doesn’t want to be a secret anymore and jonah replies that he thought she liked being a secret. 
  • frankie smashes a guitar against a tree in front of hunter, grace, jonah, and many others. jonah screams at her asking what her problem is and grace looks shocked. frankie replies ‘it used to be you’. 
  • zoe looks worried in the gym (we hear a voiceover of zoe asking ‘aren’t you mad at me?’)
  • rasha tells zoe she’s falling in love with her in a crowd and they kiss
  • some men bully/shove winston
  • rasha and frankie swimming in the hollingsworth pool
  • zig (in a classroom) asks esme why she ‘gets so crazy’, and esme responds ‘i’m the crazy one? not maya, the one who tried to kill herself?’ 
  • esme strips with no emotion
  • someone (assuming it’s esme but the way they cut it, it could not be) drops their clothes in front of a shocked saad
  • goldi tells saad ‘your actions put all muslims in danger’ and saad takes the podium at a ‘we stand with belgium’ rally. 
  • saad says ‘people will never understand.’
  • hunter asks saad if he’s pro-terrorist and vijay pipes in saying ‘maybe he is’. 
  • saad punches zig
  • goldi (with no hijab) holds her hair and cries to (assumedly her dad) saying she ‘wishes she could go back in time and stay home tonight’
  • miles, angry at tristan, says he was by tristan’s side while he was in a coma and ‘gave up everything’ for him
  • tristan crying
  • lola and yael in a bounce house 
  • baaz and vijay sitting up in suits (could be a magicians act) in the auditorium 
  • shay kisses tiny, both of them lying down in what looks like a tent
  • frankie and esme pin down zig in what looks like a threesome
  • people are walking around miles but he’s standing still, looking upset and confused
  • zoe is having a pillow fight with grace
  • graduation: looks like zig, tristan, goldi, tiny and jonah and what looks like maya (but it’s the back of her head so i’m unsure) are all seen.

Coffee Date 《Jonah Marais 》

Requested : No

Warnings : fluff but kinda short


Every Saturday, you and your boyfriend Jonah goes to a small café around the corner.  You and Jonah walked in hand-in-hand and walked to your usual spot which is a booth near the bookshelves.The interior of the café gives out a cozy and warm feeling, the air smells like coffee and pasteries. Since both of you are bookworms, this is your favorite spot to chill.

Once you sat down, a waitress walks to your table and greets you “Hey guys, what can I get you today?“   "I’d like a black coffee and for the beautiful lady she’ll have an iced mocha.Thank you!"  "Okay is that all?"  "Yes, thank you."  After writing down your orders she walked off.

After a few minutes, the waitress came back with your drinks. Then Jonah suddenly slams a book down onto the table, making you jump in fright. "Jonah!"  "Yes babe?"  "You can’t just slam a book down onto the table!"  "Oops?” Jonah says chuckling slightly. Pulling out your book from your bag, you put on your reading glasses and started to read and sip on your coffee.

You were so focused on the book, you didn’t realise Jonah taking pictures of you, your head instantly shot up and looked at Jonah. “Babe can you please stop taking pictures of me please?"  "But you look to cute to not take pictures of you."  "You know that I don’t like being in front of the camera"  "Fine. Fine I’ll stop.” but knowing Jonah he won’t.

Your phone blew up with notifications from Instagram. You unlocked your phone and found the picture that Jonah posted. He captioned it ‘Coffee date with this cutie’ , it was you in your glasses laughing at what he said earlier. There were so many likes and comments on the picture when you opened it. Jonah can feel you glaring at him, so he looked up slowly and smiled sheepishly at you. “Sorry, I just had to!"  "You’re an idiot”

After you both finished your coffee’s, you walked out of the café, Jonah being a gentleman and opening the door for you, you thanked him by kissing his cheek. You interlock  your hands together and begin walking home together.

badass ~ jonah marais

a/n: i don’t know if this is a zach herron or jonah marais imagine, but i’m just gonna go with jonah loll

“why do you always look so cute?” jonah sweetly commented, looking down at me from the position he was in. if you know jonah, like, at all, you know that he is the cuddliest person you will ever meet, next to me. we are both such touchy feely people and whenever we are at home, we are cuddling. it’s just a fact. 

just as i was about to respond, i was cut off by screaming coming from behind the door that leads to the kitchen. i looked up at jonah questioningly to see he looked just as confused as i did. we sat there for a second, both of us trying to pick up on the conversation that was going on behind closed doors. 

“get out of my house!” we heard zach shout. after that, we heard a bit of bickering. loud, bickering. jonah pushed me off of him lightly, standing up and walking to the kitchen but grabbing my hand and taking me with him so that we were still attached. 

“we aren’t dating anymore, melody! we were over a long time ago! please, leave!” zach screamed. oh, melody. melody is zach’s crazy ex girlfriend. they didn’t date that long, maybe a month or so, but melody made sure to milk the relationship and the breakup. 

zach met melody at one of his shows in idaho. she is pretty, and she was sweet, but that was all an act. zach soon discovered that melody was just using zach for the attention. she then began to get very clingy, overprotective, and she didn’t trust zach in the slightest. all of the other guys and i saw the flaw in the relationship, but for some reason, zach didn’t. it was like she brainwashed him into thinking that she was some perfect angel. 

she would come over and take a few pictures of him, post them with a cute caption, and then ignore him for the rest of the evening. she would take his money and treat herself to a shopping spree with it. she would yell at zach for doing nothing. she was just all around always very bitchy towards zach. this obviously concerned all of us, but we didn’t want to step in until she turned her back on all of us. 

she wouldn’t let zach hang out with christina or i anymore, even though we are two of his best friends. she hardly let zach hang out with the guys, even, which is crazy considering they are in a band together. 

finally, after a week or two of trying to open zach’s eyes to this toxic relationship, it clicked for him. he suddenly realized that she was terrible. i have no idea why he didn’t realize it sooner, but i’m just glad he finally processed it. 

jonah pressed his ear against the door, trying to listen in as best he could and pulled me behind him, still holding my hand incase the door were to swing open so i wasn’t right in the way. 

“i swear to god melody if you get one step closer to me i’m calling the cops,” zach warned. 

“try me,” she taunted in her venomous voice. we heard rustling around and that is when jonah decided to go in.

“stay here, alright?” he confirmed with me before he walked in the door and more yelling started. 

“melody, i think it’s time for you to go,” jonah told her in the calmest voice possible. just as he said that, corbyn walked down the stairs. 

“what’s all that about?” corbyn asked, motioning to the kitchen. 

“melody,” is all i had to say before he knew exactly what i was talking about. melody had her own key made to the house and would straight up walk in at any time of day, or night. she acted like her and zach were still together. it got to the point where zach is considering filing a restraining order, no joke. just as i heard melody scream jonah’s name, i turned around and walked right though the door. she isn’t about to get away with saying shit to jonah. not when i’m here. 

“i told you to stay there,” jonah said. i shrugged before leaning my back against the counter behind me as if nothing was happening. i wrapped my arm around jonah’s waist before asking a simple question. 

“what’s happening here?” i asked, raising an eyebrow at melody. 

“nothing that concerns you,” melody scoffed. 

“oh, really? cause i’m pretty sure i heard you say my boyfriend’s name. and since he is my boyfriend, i think that concerns me. ya know, just a little bit,” i sassed. i could feel jonah smirking at me. he always loved when i got all sassy and protective over him, i don’t know why. 

“i was just trying to ask zach a simple question but it seemed to have escalated,” melody claimed innocently. 

“hmm,” i hummed. “well, i don’t care what the intentions were, i’m gonna have to ask you to get out,” i smiled at her. 

“no thanks,” she smiled back. melody and i had some back blood ever since she tried hitting on jonah, so we don’t get along too well as you can probably tell. 

“funny,” i mumbled, pushing myself of the counter and unraveling myself from jonah’s grip. before melody could process what was happening, i had one hand on her shoulder, the other holding both of her hands as i pushed her towards the door. 

“bye bye now!” i called out as i shut the door and locked it behind her. 

“her purse is here,” zach laughed. i walked over to it, opening it and taking the key out that was painted red with white hearts over it. assuming it was the key to the house, i took it out and put it in my pocket. 

“she isn’t getting back in here anytime soon,” i smiled, putting the purse back down on the table. 

“thanks,” zach told me as i walked towards the door that led back to the living room. 

“you’re welcome,” i smiled, pushing through the door and plopping down in my previous spot on the couch. 

“god,” jonah groaned as he sat down next to me, wrapping his arms around me, his face just inches from mine. “you’re such a badass. i love it,” he whispered before connecting my lips to his incredibly soft ones. i told you, he loves when i do stuff like that. 

a/n: wtf was this idek but i just wrote whatever came to mind i guess :/ 

First [7]


All Rights Reserved

© 2014 Katarina Jones


Lara’s eyes watered, she shook her head and took a deep breath, repeating over and over in her head that she was stronger than a crying little brat. She wiped her teary eyes away with the back of her hand and turned around on her heel.

It was then that she vowed to force herself to stop wanting Lucas.

She had to face reality and the reality of her situation was clear; Lucas didn’t want her other than to treat her like a little sister. Yes it bothered her but she also realized that maybe she had just laid eyes on the wrong guy.

Maybe if he hadn’t been her step-brother, she wouldn’t have wanted him as much as she did now. She couldn’t understand it; she knew of his player ways, she knew the amount of broken hearts he left behind and how many crying girls left their houses whenever Lucas dropped the major bomb.

She knew she was stepping on dangerous grounds as soon as she saw Lucas differently, but there was nothing she could do about it.

Heaving out a sigh, Lara closed her door behind her and suddenly felt all the vulnerability taking over her. A small sob escaped her lips and she groaned. She didn’t want to cry over this! It was stupid to do so!

There were plenty of guys out there that she could sleep with and try to find pleasure; Lucas wasn’t the last man in the world!

Nonetheless, Lara didn’t feel any better. Again she turned to Jonah for comfort and quickly dialed his number.

After a couple of rings, her friend answered the call. “What’s up, baby girl?”

“Jonah,” Lara whimpered, “he’s fucking some whore.”

Jonah widened his eyes from the other line almost dropping his turkey sub and said, “He’s what?! No! Ugh, Luc what are you doing, honey?” he shook his head, taking a deep breath and said, “Lara, baby, don’t you worry, I’m going to take Friday off so that we can spend it together.”

Lara hid her face in her pillows, groaning, “But that’s two days away!”

He rolled his eyes, taking a sip from his herbal tea and cleared his throat, “It’s two days away, but it’ll give you enough time to fix your shit, honey. Maybe you’ll be talking to Lucas by the time I get there. Now stop crying because it makes you look ugly.”

A small giggle escaped her lips, making Jonah smile in the other end and she mumbled, “Ugh, I’ve never lost my cool like this, Jo, what the hell is he doing to me?!”

“Mm,” he shrugged, running his fingers through his dark black hair, “life works in mysterious ways, baby. Now go to sleep because it’s late and I have to meet up with the girls for tomorrow’s fashion show.”

“Don’t leave me,” she whimpered, jokingly and then said, “alright, I’ll see you Friday?”

“Definitely, boo, and remember, try to sort your shit with Lucas so that by the time I get there y’all can be talking.”

They bid their goodnights, wishing each other sweet dreams and then hung up. As soon as the call ended, Lara felt alone. She wanted to cry again like a pathetic dumbass, but she forced herself to sleep.

As her sleep became heavy, Lara hoped that Jo would be right. She hoped that by Friday Lucas and her were already acting like siblings—or maybe something better than siblings.


Two days went by surprisingly quick—surprisingly because Lara had no type of communication with anyone other than her B.O.B and even he was failing her.

She was sexually frustrated and Lucas hadn’t even spared her a damn glance.

The anger was eating her insides slowly, leaving behind a dark void. She felt so neglected by him that she had resorted to eating Chips Ahoy, the delicious chocolate chip cookies topped with a bit of whipped cream and even more chocolate drizzle—it was whatever could get her mind off the pain.

She was also angry at herself; she didn’t expect herself to stoop so low! Lara had always been one to take care of her body; she treated it like a temple that always needed care—and right now her body wasn’t the only thing that needed cleansing.

Lucas had been going in and out of the house, not even telling her where he was going. He didn’t even leave notes to inform her of his whereabouts. Not that Lara minded much, but it bothered her how much of a coward he was being.

After their amazing kiss he hadn’t even breathed the same air she did and it was making her want to punch him so hard he would forget his own name. She wanted to fuck him as much as she wanted to beat him up.

It still surprised her. She thought that by now, her sexual desire for her step-brother would have gone away, but somehow it only increased and since her body had weirdly craved the presence of Lucas, she was now in a full-on heat battle.

Jonah had told her that he would be at her house around seven to help her get ready. Tonight she was in his hands and as she glanced at the clock she realized that she only had a couple of minutes before her beloved gay friend strutted into her room and yank her hair into weird styles.

Begrudgingly, Lara pulled herself out of bed and forced herself into the bathroom. She took an extremely hot shower, leaving behind red spots on her delicate skin and washed her hair to make it smell like kiwi.

Jonah walked into Lara’s messy room and shook his head. Of course she’d leave her clothes all over the floor in this state of mind. He rolled his eyes, kicking a pair of slacks over to the corner of her room and walked over to the bathroom.

He only knocked twice, giving her enough time to cover her goodies and then threw the door open. Lara widened her eyes as she tightened the white towel around her trembling body. “J-Jonah!” Her teeth chattered.

“Darling!” He grinned as he crushed her small body into his slightly-build frame. “It’s been so long since I last saw you!” he grabbed a piece of her wet blond hair and said, “Ugh, I told you that this hair color would look fab on you and it lasted all this time!”

She giggled, hugging him tightly and said, “You saw me like two weeks ago!”

He shrugged, stepping back to let her grab her dirty laundry and said, “It still feels like it’s been forever. Now hurry up because Pulse opens at nine and that’s when all the hot guys come in.”

Lara puckered her lips, walking behind him into her room and said, “Jo, how many times will I have to tell you that I still need two more years to legally go to a club?”

“Psh!” he waved her comment off, “Girl, I’m dating the owner’s son! He took care of everything since I told Pete of your little breakdown because of your asshole of a brother.”

“Ahem,” Lucas cleared his throat. He hadn’t been standing near the room long enough to know what they were talking about, but it had been long enough for him to hear that Jonah had insulted him.

Jonah grinned, reminding Lucas of the Cheshire cat. “Hello there, Lucas. I was just trying to cheer Lara up.”

Lara felt her cheeks heat up slowly as she made eye-contact with Lucas, who happened to be glaring at her with a tight jaw.

“Why does she need cheering up?”

Jonah opened his mouth to probably tell him off, but Lara, luckily, beat him to it and said, “It’s none of your business, Lucas. Now if you’ll excuse us, Jonah has to help me get ready. See your way out the door, thank you very much.”

Lucas opened his mouth to scold her for speaking to him in that tone, but before he could get a word out, Lara slammed the door shut in front of his face. Lucas let out a growled curse, clenching his fists at his sides and then stalked towards his room.

He had been spending the last two days with his buddies from where he used to work in. Jackson had come up with the idea of meeting up tonight at Pulse to pick up some girls and have some fun. He just didn’t know that he would be stumbling on Lara.

In the room, Jonah pushed Lara down in front of her vanity mirror and began playing with her hair. He decided to go for a more natural look tonight since all of the dancing that they would be doing, would mess up his work, and curled her hair a bit.

For her outfit he chose a sleek beautiful off-the shoulder dress, with a low backline, which revealed Lara’s freckled back. The dress hung on to all of the right curves and made her figure appear more seducing than ever.

Her make-up was done heavily, but nothing that would make her look like a clown. Her thick plump lips were accompanied by a gorgeous bright red lipstick and her silver eye shadow made her dark blue eyes more prominent.

During her pampering, Jonah caught her up on his life, talking about Pete, his boyfriend and the latest gossip from work. He was still studying to widen his horizons in the beauty industry, but he was set to open his new salon in Manhattan.

They also spoke about Lilly, their other best friend, whom was coming back into town in a couple of weeks. She had been studying in Maine to become a registered nurse for little kids and they had finally gotten a break from all the studying.

It seemed that Lara was the only one that wasn’t studying for a career, but she didn’t mind. She had done two years at trade school to join the entertaining industry but she never got around to sending photos in to her modeling coach.

By the time Jonah had finished “beautifying” Lara, it was already eight and they were ready to go out and have an unforgettable night.


Pulse was one of the hottest clubs in town. The owner was known for being one of the youngest and most handsome men to open up a club so successful and word in the street was that he was fabulous in bed. Not that Lara cared much, but it intrigued her.

She had never met the man and it was said that he was barely at clubs anymore, since he had other places to run, but it was still something that made her curious.

Loud music boomed from the lavish club as they stood outside, waiting for Pete to come and let them in personally. Jonah had told her that they could just go in through the bouncer, but Lara was afraid that he’d ask for her I.D. and he’d see that she wasn’t of age yet, so she begged him to make Pete come out.

Women looked at her jealously as Jonah placed his hand on the small space of her back and waited by her side and she rolled her eyes. If the only knew that Jonah rooted for the same team they did, they wouldn’t be glaring at her so much.

Jonah was one of those boys that could be a hit with the ladies if he was straight. He was very much attractive, with beautiful bright green eyes and a killer smile, not to mention that he had a nice body worthy of drooling, but none of that mattered if he liked men.

She remembered when he’d tell her of stories of girls begging him to sleep with them or even just kiss them, because he was that hot.

Jonah knew he was hot, he didn’t need to be told, but he said that it never hurt to receive a compliment. Pete was damn attractive as well. Both were the type of guys that would make you want to cry because they weren’t interested in females.

Pete stepped outside of the club, grinning at them as he pushed the bouncer out of the way and hugged Jonah tightly. They shared a light kiss, automatically making all the girls slouch in disappointment and he gave Lara a friendly squeeze.

“Darling! It’s been forever since I last seen you!”

She laughed a bit, smiling widely at him and shrugged. “How are you?”

Pete rolled his brown eyes, waving her comment away and said, “Girl, you came here to have some fun, not have some small talk. Now get your ass in here!”

As soon as he opened the door, the loud upbeat music greeted them, along with the smell of alcohol and sex in the air. Sweaty bodies grinded against each other to the beat of the music and strobe lights flashed quickly over them.

Lara let out a small laugh as Jonah grabbed her hand, pulling her through the crowd and took her straight to the bar. “Alright, baby girl, this is the night that you’ll get so wasted you won’t remember who you gave your panties to!”

Her bright blue eyes widened a bit and she said, “Hell no! Who the hell’s driving us back home?”

“Chillax, hoe,” Jonah wrapped his arm around Pete, “we’ll stay sober.” He turned to look at the bartender and said, “Give her your special drink, Joey. Just the way I like it.”

Lara was never one to back out of things. She was adventurous and very outgoing, but she hadn’t exactly planned on getting drunk tonight. Nonetheless, as the image of Lucas rejecting her came about her mind, she grabbed the special pink drink and gulped it back.

It was sweet with a hint of sourness around the rim of the small glass cup. She licked her red covered lips and smiled at the bartender. “More, please?”

“That’s what I’m talking about!” Pete high-fived her, laughing as Joey raised his eyebrows at her. “Go ahead, Joey, it’s on the house.”

Three drinks later, Lara was already feeling a tad tipsy, nothing that would make her forget her own name, but enough to make her feel hyper and touchy.

The couple sat down at the bar, watching as the girl danced her way into the crowd and found an Alex Pettyfer-lookalike. He had spiky blond hair with piercing green eyes and he smelled delicious—his cologne did.

S.O.S by Jordin Sparks came on and Lara let out a small shriek. Her body swayed along with the beat, against the guy she hadn’t bothered learning his name, and she felt his erection pressing up against her naked back.

Couples bumped into them, almost knocking Lara off her five inch heels and Alex’s lookalike wrapped his hands around her waist to steady her. Lara turned around, sliding one of her legs in between his and grinded her front into his hard bulge.

A low guttural moan escaped his throat as she looked up and buried her face into his neck, nibbling on his salty skin. She didn’t exactly liked the taste; it was a mix of sweat and musky cologne, but she kept on sucking on his skin long enough to leave him a hickey.

With a devilish smirk, she swung her hips side to side as she lowered her hands down his muscled chest, making him hiss in a couple of breaths and she darted her tongue out unto his jeans, right on his bulge.

Alex’s lookalike groaned, pulling her back up and began tracing her curves. All the while, they moved along to the beat of the song. Suddenly, Lara pushed him away and used him to push herself on the counter of the bar.

Multiple men turned to look at her as she began lowering her hands down her chest, grinning and throwing her head back as she laughed. At the moment, she didn’t care that she might’ve looked like a horny slut, she just needed to get laid and have some fun.

Currently she didn’t give a shit if Lucas wasn’t her first.

The somewhat drunk girl whipped her hair back and forth, dancing around the bar like a professional. Men rooted her on, screaming and shouting for her to finish taking her clothes off. She was tempted to, but wasn’t exactly sure if she wanted to.

Joey, the bartender chuckled as she crawled on the bar and asked him for another drink. When he gave it to her, she pressed a light kiss to his cheek and slurred her thanks. Once she had gulped the drink, she was back on her feet and dancing around lowering the only strap she had on.

On the other side of the club stood Lucas. He was a bit uncomfortable with thoughts of where his sister had been, but it wasn’t enough to prevent him from taking a couple of drinks.

Jackson, his friend, had short military-cut brown hair and was currently in a lady sandwich, leaving Lucas to the drinks since he had denied multiple offers of whores.

Jackson turned to look at him, rolling his eyes and said, “Come on, man! Loosen up! Here, how about you buy another drink, it’s on me.”

Handing him a twenty dollar bill, Jackson pushed him off in the direction of the bar, where a drunken girl was dancing her ass off. She seemed fairly attractive—okay who was he kidding, the girl was gorgeous, but she had too many men drooling over her.

Her blond her reminded him of Lara’s and as soon as he thought of her, he did a double take of the dancing girl. He widened his dark blue eyes, shaking his head as he walked over to the crowd of horny men and he stared at his nineteen year old sister dance around the table like a minx.

A blond guy grabbed her hand, pulling her down to where he was at and pressed a kiss to her lips. The rage that Lucas felt inside was enough to scare the devil himself. He pushed the drunken bastards away from his path to get to his sister and once he did, yanked the dumbass off Lara.

She turned around to face him, a bit pissed and hissed, “Hey buddy, you can wait on your turn!”

Lucas, filled with rage, yanked her arm towards him and growled, “What the fuck are you doing here, Lara?”

“Lucas?” her eyes widened in fear. She was drunk, but not so drunk that she couldn’t realize how pissed her step-brother was. His anger was practically showing through his blazing blue eyes. “W-what are you doing here?”

Lucas glared down at her. “I asked you the same fucking question, Lara. Now come on, I’m taking your fucking ass back home.”

She frowned. “No you’re not!” Lara tried yanking her arm out of his hold, which only made him tighten his hold on her and she let out a quiet whine. Men from behind her groaned in complaint, only making Lucas even angrier and he whipped around as a hand wrapped around his shoulder.

“Hey, man! Let the lady go, she was having fun with me.”

Suddenly, all that Lucas saw was red. The angry beast inside of him took over and he threw a punch at the guy with so much force that he fell on the floor completely knocked out. He stared up, challenging the rest of the drunken assholes and they all stepped back, not wanting to fight him.

Lara whimpered as he grabbed her arm again and growled, “Now come on, Lara. I’m taking you home this instant.”

She no longer put up a fight; instead Lara slapped Lucas with all her might and yanked herself out of his surprised arms. Lucas was only stunned for a couple of seconds before he realized that his sister was making a run towards the exit.

He quickly caught up with her, wrapping his arm around her waist, making her push him away and growl out an incomprehensible curse. “Let me go, you asshole! Just let me go and fuck that whore of yours!”

Lucas stared at her confusedly and tried to reach out for her again. Lara let out a sob as she tripped and fell on her knees, scraping them in the process and tried to pull herself up, but her vision was too blurry. Not only was she a bit drunk, but her tears weren’t helping her either.

Slowly, Lucas came into realization. He had hurt his sister—and he had hurt her bad. Now he had to do everything in his power to gain her trust and love back. He just didn’t know that the only way Lara would forgive him was if he gave her what she always wanted.

What he had been craving like crazy for the past two days.


Born to Make (Wizarding) History part ii

So I decided to write a drabble as warm up before I settle in to try and knock out a big scene in bysoti(d) tonight… and I felt like writing more on this… sooooo.   Yeah.  (If you’d rather read it on ao3, I’m going over there to post it next.)

There was one place in the dungeons that Yuuri headed to whenever he wanted a bit of alone time.  Usually, this was when the newest issue of his favourite Charms magazine would come out, but sometimes he just needed a place to be alone.  A place where he could get upset or have a panic attack or just about anything.  There weren’t many places in the castle that one could actually be alone since so much of the castle was covered in portraits, and like everyone knew, portraits were nosy buggers.

Yuuri swore that if he ever had his portrait painted, he would not be a nosy bugger.

So his favourite place in the dungeons was a little nook off a side corridor that led toward where the old Potions laboratory was.  It had been vacant for years now, and many of the portraits had squawked until they had been moved to a part of the castle more frequented, the spaces where they had formerly resided brighter and cleaner than the darkened area of wall surrounding them.

The only portraits that remained were the ones that, like Yuuri, enjoyed a bit of peace and quiet.  He even knew all their names.  There was Icarus Sonnengut and Jonah the Mollycoddler and finally the Lady Anastasia Lotta Stainton-Pennington.

“Wotcha, Yuuri!”  Jonah leaned against the edge of his frame.  "It’s been almost two weeks.  I thought you’d forgot about all us down here.“

Lady Anastasia Lotta Stainton-Pennington (yes, you needed to use her full name whenever possible) tutted.  "Leave the poor boy alone, Jonah.  It is absolutely none of our business what the boy gets up to.”

Thank you, my lady.“  Yuuri bowed slightly and slid down the wall opposite them.  "There’s a new Charms professor.”

“Oh?”  Lady Anastasia Lotta Stainton-Pennington pretended that she wasn’t the least bit interested, and examined her nails as if there was a possibility that one of them had chipped, but the tone of her voice gave her away and Yuuri bit back a smile.

“There is!  And boy is he a bit of all right.  Never seen one like him.”

Jonah, stuck between the other two portraits looked back and forth between them.  "Tell!  Don’t leave me guessing!  I want to know!  Who cares if missy prissy over there isn’t interested.“

"Did you follow him around the castle, Icarus?” Yuuri asked from his seat on the floor.  he shifted, the stone cold beneath his feet and wrapped his hand around his wand in the pocket of his robe and whispered a localized heating charm.

“I might’ve.  He wears his robes quite fitted.  Is it a Russian thing?”

Yuuri shook his head.  "It’s a Viktor thing.“

Lady Anastasia Lotta Stainton-Pennington fluttered he lashes and tapped a long manicured finger against her chin.  "A Viktor thing?  I thought he was a teacher…”

Yuuri blushed.  He could even feel his ears getting hot.  "I… uh… that is…“

"THAT’S WHERE I’VE SEEN HIM!” Icarus cried.  "He’s been on the cover of your magazines!

“Oi!  You mean it’s that one?  The one that…” Jonah trailed off and looked down at Yuuri’s lap.

“RUDE!” Icarus scolded.

Yuuri for his part, just drew his knees up and pressed his face against his knees.  "This is the absolute worst! I can’t believe…!  How did you…!“

Jonah laughed.  "Well, the Baron knows everything that goes on in the Slytherin rooms and that painting of Trina the Prude in the room of you lot?  Well, she’s not a prude!”

Yuuri groaned.  Of course it would just be his luck that all the portraits in the castle knew that he … to… Viktor…   He groaned again.  "What am I going to do?“  He looked up.  Lady Anastasia Lotta Stainton-Pennington’s frame was empty.

"She went to go see for herself.  Said she’s been waiting for a fit Charms Professor from Russia to come and buy her portrait from the school.  Next thing you know, she’s going to be asking to be moved to this Viktor fellow’s room.”

Yuuri sighed and took his Charms text out of his pocket and embiggened it.  He might as well study.  Maybe if he did that he wouldn’t have to think about how all the portraits knew about his proclivities.  The sooner he studied the quicker the school year would go by, right? Right!  Then he’d be free of Hogwarts and could really focus on his Charms work.  He might not have the goal of meeting his idol at the iCaSC anymore, but he still needed to find work after he left school.

That or he could always go back and help his parents run their wizarding inn.