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I like you and your writing, but the kataang and korrasami hugs are two different things. Kataang hug was a "we've spent the past three years together, saving the world, and look what we've accomplished" hug. Korrasami was "we haven't seen each other in three years" hug. Two different situations. Besides, how many different ways can a hug between two people "look?" I think that was a poor parallel tbh. But I still like you!

Katara and Aang did not spend the “past three years“ together; the events of ATLA happened in the span of a year and they weren’t together-together during that time. If that that is what you meant. I hope the “three years” was a typo.

As for Kataang “saving the world and looking at what they had accomplished to get there”, you are aware that you had just downplayed everything Korra and Asami did to get to the part where they hugged. The Gaang’s main enemy throughout ATLA was the Fire Nation. The Krew so far had three villains and each brought a different conflict to the table. As a result, the Krew (which include both Korra and Asami):

  • Stopped Amon’s Revolution
  • Prevented 10,000 years of Darkness
  • Stopped Zaheer’s Sect of the Red Lotus and in doing saved the newly-formed Air Nation

And on Asami’s Part:

  • She consoled Korra when she hit the lowest point of her life and was a witness to Korra nearly dying
  • Was willing to leave everything behind to accompany Korra to the Southern Water Tribe
  • Korra Trusted Asami so much that she was the only one she wrote to. In the letter, she had revealed her greatest fear and in doing so, placed herself in a vulnerable position
  • Asami kept that secret for an entire year per Korra’s request

If you have read all my analyses including the new one, then you should be aware of the significance of the hug and how intimate it was

Yes, the hug happened because they haven’t seen each other in three years but why was that?

It was because Korra was tortured, poisoned and nearly killed in the Avatar State by a mad man and Asami knew that. She was one of four people who knew Korra’s inner struggle (probably one of two since it was never shown that Korra told her parents but we assumed she did). 

And then BAM!

Korra disappears.

Then she re-appears.

And considering all the Korrasami hints that have been given to us, that hug they shared is very reminiscent to how Aang and Katara hugged in the series finale where the nature of their relationship officially changed. I was merely pointing out the similar pose.

And the only difference between the two hugs is that the Kataang one happened at the series finale (which led to a kiss) while the Korrasami one happened mid-book.

Both hugs were of relief and happiness (unlike the Makorra one which was very casual). 

And another thing, as I have mentioned multiple times in my analyses, Bryan is very particular about certain poses, gestures and actions especially when it comes to romance

So if they could re-use the exact same hand-grasp that indicates romantic intent, why can’t a hug? In animation, everything has to be deliberate

While I agree with you on the very romanticized/symbolic nature of the Kataang finale hug, what I disagree is how you downplayed everything that Korra and Asami went through.

That is what I have a problem with. 

And thanks.