this is what we find when we get bored

Getting by Without Friends

1. Don’t see it as personal. We all have time when we feel lonely and alone.

2. Learn to enjoy your own company. See it as a time to reflect on your life, and really think through what you want for yourself.

3. Find different things you can do, and enjoy, by yourself. Also, developing new interests will stop you feeling bored.

4. Spend time looking after a pet or animal. Pets are consistent, loyal and reliable. They’ll never hurt your feelings, and they’re good company.

5. Talk to other people that you meet casually (at the checkout, in a queue, or when you’re ordering some food). You’re likely to find you get a warm response – and that will remind you that you’re actually OK!

6. Don’t let this bad experience undermine your confidence. Keep reaching out to others, and one day things will change - and you’ll find other people who like to be with you.

EXO REACTION: underwear shopping


Minseok would stay quiet while he watched you pick through what you like. “Those are nice,” he pointed out to a plum coloured pair of briefs. “You could sleep in those and my shirt.”


Junmyeon would end up giving you underwear he thinks would look good on you. “All these are awful. You’ve got zero fashion sense,” you laughed, going to return the underwear. “I’m very fashionable.”


Yixing would use this time to shower you in as many compliments as possible. “You’d look amazing in these!” “These ones would look so cute on you!” “You need to get these ones! You’ll be realy sexy!”


Baekhyun will be distracted while trying to imagine what you look like in some of the sexier items that are offered. He’d pull your hand until you got to the lacy section and stood next to you. “I came here for boxers, Baek,” “But you need some lace… I need you to need some lace.”


Jongdae would be annoyed that you weren’t able to try anything on until you got home, so he just stood by you, trying to imagine you in whatever you picked up. 

“You alright?” you asked as you noticed his distant look. “How long until we can go home and I can se eyou in them?”


Chanyeol would be in his element. He’d spend 90% of the time in the shop trying to find underwear that match so you could wear it together. 

“We need to get these!” he grinned, holding up the matching bear underwear. “We’re adults, Chan,” you laughed. “But we’ll look cute when we hang out and sleep!”


Kyungsoo would try his best to help you pick out some underwear, but often failed at picking something in your style. “What about these? They look sensible and comfortable,” “They’re neon yellow…”


Jongin would be bored, so he’d entertain himself by dancing to whatever song was playing in the store. If you needed his opinion on something, he’d give you his full attention.


Sehun would be flustered. He’d stay as close as possible to you while you tried finding something you liked. “What do you think of these?” you smirked, handing him a pair of black lacy panties. “They’re sexy,” he said quietly before his cheeks turned an even darker red.

Christine and Chloe eventually convince Michael to tell Jeremy how he feels
Michael decides to do it over text since he doesn’t think he could handle doing it in person

Michael: Hey Jeremy can we talk? 
Jeremy: sure whats up
Michael: This is gonna be hard for me to say but
Jeremy: hey its ok take your time
Michel: I have a huge crush on you and I’ve had it for a few years now.  Sorry.
Jeremy: shit im sorry michael but I dont feel the same im sorry
Michael: Oh right yeah sorry dude didn’t mean to make this awkward haha
Jeremy: you ok
Michael: I’m sure I’ll be fine 

Michael’s crying at this point 
Both Chloe and Christine had convinced him to tell Jeremy because they thought he felt the same
But obviously, they were wrong
Of course they were
Why would anyone like Michael
He was annoying
A loser 
A stoner
And to top it all off now he didn’t even have a best friend 

When Michael tells her, Chloe is all ready to fight Jeremy but Michael tells her to let it go
Over time the group splits
With Michael, Brooke, Chloe, Jenna and Christine in one grou[
And Jeremy, Rich and Jake in the other
Over time the two sides of the group lose most contact
Though Chloe and Jake still talk from time to time 

In his second year of college, Jeremy works out that he is definitely bi after a few nights at a club 
In his last year of college, Jeremy realises that he was actually in love with Michael 
But it’s too late to do anything about that 

Chloe invites both sides of the group to her and Brooke’s wedding  
Everyone shows
Except Jeremy
Michael tries not to let it get to him
But it does
He’s just so angry that Jeremy allowed all of this to become so awkward between them
They were meant to be a team
Player 1 and Player 2
Who cares if it’s platonic or romantic?
He just wants his best friend back

Rich and Jake’s wedding? No Jeremy 

When Brooke has her first kid? No Jeremy 

When Jenna gets promoted to head of her newspaper? No Jeremy 

When Michael is half asleep on his sofa with a glass of wine in his hand after looking after Christine Lohst all day? Of course that’s when he shows up 

Ugh they’re gonna start to shout soon
Oh hell yeah I’ll open it soon
It sucks Chlo left me here alone
Here in this toddler’s battle zone
I feel a headache coming up
Is Chloe ever giving up?
Splash splash splash splash
Throw some water in my face
Now I’m in a better place I open up the door and - 

“Wait why are you surprised? This is my house”
“Christine said it was he- oh shit”
“Christine said what?”
“You’re a terrible liar Jeremy”
“But she didn’t say ANYTHING”
Michael raises an eyebrow
“Ok fine well she may have told me that this was her new apartment and so I was stopping in to visit her like I usually do”
“…you usually visit Christine?”
“So are you two…”
“NO NO NO she’s not my type”
“Why are you still here Jeremy? Christine’s not here.  Unless you wanted lil Christine in which case she’s sleeping in the guest room”
“Right yeah sorry.  I’m bothering you aren’-”
“You’re no-”
“I’ll jus-”
“You don’t ha-”
“Uh what?”
“Would you like to come in for a drink?”
“Oh I…”
“You don’t have to Jeremy, it was just an idea”
“No it’s ok I’ll come in”

Michael finds another wine glass
“Red ok?”
“Red’s perfect thanks”

“So Jeremy how’s everything? What are you doing now?" 
“Oh I’m a games developer”
“You don’t look particularly excited about that? That was like your dream job”
“Oh well normally people get really bored when I talk about work”
“Jeremy you’re talking to the guy who was tempted to play apocalypse of the damned with his adopted niece this morning”
Jeremy looks at up that
“Apocalypse of the damned huh? We never did finish it did we?”
“Never too late to continue”
Both of them look at each other and then there’s a quick scramble to the living room

“I don’t know how well it’s gonna work cos I obviously haven’t played it in years" 
“Dude the console doesn’t have a speck of dust don’t lie to me you probably played this yesterday”
“Shut up Mr Games Developer”
The loading screen comes up and it’s just like high school again
Just the two of them
Michael presses start an-
Lil Christine comes in
“Uh hey Chrissie”
“Uncle Michael why didn’t you tell me Uncle Jeremy was gonna be here”
“I didn’t know myself”
“Mom’s gonna be so happy”
Both men look at each other
Michael speaks first
“Uh why?”
“Because mom is always talking about how you two should have been together and now you are!”

Jeremy and Michael both go bright red and neither of them speaks
Michael manages to get some words out  
“Nah Chrissie it’s fine.  Why don’t you back to bed and I’ll come in and see you in a moment”
“But I want to talk to Unc-”
“Christine Lohst - bed now”

"I’m sorry about her”
“She’s not the one who’s apparently been telling her three year old that we should be together”
“Chloe has very strong feelings about what happened in high school”
“So do I”
Michael stares at him, saying nothing
 "I shouldn’t have let your feelings get in the way of our friendship and I’m so sorry that I did.  It was stupid and I hate myself for it"
“Wait shit no don’t say that.  I’m just as much to blame as you are.  It’s not like I really tried to keep our friendship together.  I thought it’d be easier to just let it fall apart.”
“So we’re both sorry and stupid and wish we could be friends again?”
“Then I’m glad to be your new old friend Michael Mell”
“And I’m glad to be yours Jeremy Heere”
“I should probably tell you something though”
“In my last year of college I worked something out - I was an idiot in high school.”
“We already said this”
“For another reason.  I was an idiot because I didn’t realise I was head over heels for you" 
“I’m sorry Michael.  It took me so long to figure it out and I just rejected you in high school even though I felt the same”
“What about now?”
“Do you feel the same now?”
Jeremy takes in Michael
His scruffy hair, his glasses that need to be pushed up, the oversized hoodie he still hasn’t gotten rid of and looks into his eyes
“Well, what about you Michael? Do you still like me?”
Michael doesn’t even hesitate

The 1975 inspired starters!


  • “Man I’m so high. I think I love you.”
  • “I don’t wanna be your friend, I wanna kiss your neck.”
  • “You look so cool”
  • “I know when you’re around because I know the sound of your heart.”
  • “You should be loving someone”
  • “I like it when you sleep for you so beautiful and yet so unaware of it.”
  • “I love you, don’t you mind.”
  • “I know it’s me that’s supposed to love you.”
  • “This must be my dream.”
  • “I want you now.”
  • “This song is about me and I love you…”


  • “So I heard you found somebody else…”
  • “Don’t call it a fight when you know it’s a war”
  • “You’re walking overdose…”
  • “You call yourself a friend?”
  • “You’re cold and I burn, I guess I’ll never learn.”
  • “Why don’t figure my heart out?”
  • “If I told you I need you, is that what you want?”
  • “Our love has gone cold.”
  • “I wanna see you but you’re not mine.”
  • “Does he take care of you, or could I easily fill his shoes?”
  • “I can’t give you my soul”
  • “You just write about sex and killing yourself and how you hardly ever went to school”


  • “Finding a girl who’s equally as pretty won’t be hard.”
  • “I’m done baby, I’m out of the scene.”
  • “You’re mad thinking you could ever save me.”
  • “What does it matter if I lie to you?”
  • “You got a beautiful face but got nothing to say.”
  • “Love me if that’s what you wanna do.”
  • “Man you’re putting me up on a shelf.”
  • “You and your fit friends, I’d take them all out anyday.”
  • “I don’t want your body but I hate to think about you with somebody else.”
  • “I just had a change of heart”
  • “You used to have a face straight out of a magazine, now you just look like anyone.”
  • “Why do you talk so loud?”
  • “What happened to just messing around?”
  • “ You know I can’t be found with you”
  • “ It’s not about reciprocation it’s just all about me”


  • “Oh I was thinking about killing myself, don’t you mind?”
  • “And she just wants to feel something and I don’t think that’s asking for too much.”
  • “ I can’t believe that we’re talking about him”
  • “I’ve been so worried ‘bout you lately. You look shit and you smell a bit.”
  • “I think he might die!”
  • "If you don’t wanna go to hell then, Miss, you better start selling this.”
  • “And in the end, she chose cocaine but it couldn’t fix her brain”
  • “ I think you can tell I haven’t been doing too well”


  • “If you wanna find love then you know where the city is”
  • “We’re all just the same, what a shame.”
  • “Don’t fall in love with the moment and think you’re in love with the girl.”
  • “If I’m lost then how can I find myself?”
  • “They’re just girls breaking hearts.”
  • “You say I’m such a cliché”
  • “When the smoke is in your eyes you look so alive.”
  • “So far it’s alright.”
  • “Well I think we better go.”
  • “What’s the fun in doing what you’re told?”
  • “I’m petrified of being alone, it’s pathetic I know…”
  • “If we’re gonna do anything we might as well just fuck”
  • “ Don’t you wanna take me up in the clouds?”
  • “You know he likes to get blown”
  • “Well, shouldn’t you be fucking with somebody your age instead of making changes?”
  • “ You call me when you’re bored and you’re playing with yourself”
lying, vagueness, and being boring: crucial job skills for every archaeologist

Archaeologists often have to be discreet. Which is to say, we are a bunch of professional liars. There’s a decent chance you’ve been lied to by an archaeologist at some point in your life.

“Hello, random person out by the road with an orange vest and a shovel,” you might have said. “What are you up to???”

“… soil survey,” said the shovel-wielder, looking shifty.

Here’s why:

  1. Archaeological sites are sensitive, and we don’t want people snooping around and looting them when we go home for the night.
  2. Some projects that archaeologist contract for are controversial to some extent, and the clients don’t want us blabbing about the specifics to curious and concerned citizens.
  3. Archaeology is extremely interesting to a lot of people. When they hear the word “archaeologist”, their eyes light up and we can almost hear the Indiana Jones theme start to play in their heads. They simply can’t help asking us a million questions: “Where did you study?” “What’s the most interesting thing you’ve ever found?” “Find any dinosaurs/gold/bones today haha?” etc., all of which are the start of much longer conversations and explanations, involving many more questions. We can’t stand around gabbing to locals all day when we’re being paid by the hour, and we don’t want to seem rude: “I’m an archaeologist, now will you kindly fuck off and let me get some work done?”

So we lie. Frequently. We describe what we are doing in the vaguest, most boring way imaginable, that no one could possibly be interested in hearing more about. And then you go away, and forget about us, instead of telling everyone you know that you met an archaeologist today, and they’re working in X location because of Y project that’s happening soon.

You play with their hands when your bored (Block B)

Zico: -he would catch on after the many times you had done it that you were very bored- “what do you want to do babe?”

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Jaehyo: -he would instantly know and would want to do something to fix it- “do you want to go do something exciting?”

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P.O: -you would whine when he tried to pull his hand away. So he would be stuck letting you do it until you found something to do- “you know babe I want to be able to use my hands”

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B-Bomb: -he would find it cute that you were doing it and he would end up taking your hand with his other- “can we hold hands instead?”

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Taeil: -he would get used to it and often times would tease you when he could with it- “how about we find a better use for your hands”

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U-Kwon: -the boys were used to the fact you played with peoples hands. So when you grabbed Yukwon’s hand they knew that you were bored as well- “how about we do something exciting as a group”

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Kyung:-he would be happy when you do it because then it gave the two of you the ability to do something other than sit around- “what do you wanna do babe? Something fun right?”

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Hi! So hapy to know you're doing something special for the Choi boys! Can I request MC deciding to give a cat to Saeyoung for his birthday?

Countdown to the Cake: 4

The Rainbow Code


You feet hurt. You’ve been strolling in the mall for almost 2 hours now, trying to find the perfect birthday gift for your fiancée, it wouldn’t be that hard if it wasn’t for the two whining messes complaining behind you.

“My back hurt.” Yes, Yoosung, we got it when you said the 9 times before.

“Ugh… I’m bored. Can we stop and get some ice cream?”

“No, not yet. Let’s stroll a little more, Saeran. Please… bare with me, guys.”

“MC, we’ve wandered around these shops before,there’s nothing here you haven’t seen before.”

“I know, but what if we passed for the right gift and I didn’t notice?”

“You know you could give him a pair of socks and he would still squeal like an idiot because it’s coming from you, right?” Saeran says, crossing his arms.

“Ugh… but I can’t give him socks, Saeran. I… he really didn’t give you any hint on what he would like?”

“Nope. And I would have noticed since he is not really subtle at hinting, that fool.” You groan in annoyance. “Just… accept you’re not finding anything here, MC.”

“What about some fancy hair products? I saw this shampoo that revitalizes color and…” Saeran shuts down and stops listening, it’s not like you cared as you keep blabbering and walking inside the cosmetic store.

He sits next to Yoosung in the bench and groans in annoyance.

“What’s wrong with her? Why she doesn’t just give up? Ugh… my brother and her are such a match in that sense.”

“But, Saeran… if you don’t like helping her, why are you here?”

“I can’t help it, she… she called the violet code.”

“The what?”

“Violet stands for ‘MC needs help’. It’s a stupidity Saeyoung created, we have these secret codes between us to make sure MC is happy, it’s… it’s so cheesy and stupid!”

“And whatever this is, you’re still following it.”

“Well, yeah! It’s simple, happy MC means happy Saeyoung, and happy couple means less problems for me to deal with. Seriously, you have no idea the hell these two fools make when they fight.”

“Oh, I do. Last time they fought, Saeyoung called me crying because MC apparently hated him and he wanted to rent a zeppelin to win her back.” Saeran rolls his eyes, yeah… he knew everything about the zeppelin ordeal.

“So you know why I follow Saeyoung stupid’s rainbow code.”

“Rainbow? Oh my God, there are 7 codes for this? You gotta tell me which are the other codes!”

“Yoosung, have you found something for him?” you walk out of the store and stop in front of them.

“I did, MC. I bought these comic books I thought he would like while you were seeing those customized sweaters.” Which, thankfully… you didn’t buy.

“Oh… comic books, yeah… that’s so thoughtful and adorable, Yoosung. Ugh… you should be his fiancé instead of me…”

“I’ll pass, but… don’t feel down, MC. I’m sure you’ll think of something meaningful to both of you that expresses your feelings very well.”

“How about cat lingerie, then?”

“He already has cat lingerie…” you sigh. Saeran feels like saying something, but… nah, better pretend he didn’t hear this.  

“Okay, have you ever considered asking him directly what he wants, like you did to me?”

“I did, but… I want to think of this myself, you know? We’re getting married pretty soon, I have to be able to give him what he wants without him telling me.”

“MC… don’t you think you’re putting too much pressure on yourself? You’ve been engaged for less than a year now…”

“Don’t even try, Yoosung. She’s stubborn just like him. And…” he gets up and starts to walk “I have no patience for any of this!”

“But Saeran, the violet code…”

“Fuck the violet code, MC”

“Wait, isn’t the rainbow code a thing just between the twins?”

“Yeah, and there’s the blue code in this.”

“Which means ‘MC is spending too much time with us and learning how to hack, so she knows the codes.’” Saeran explains in total boredom.

“Yeah…I called the violet code, not Saeyoung. So you still have to help me, Saeran!”

“I’m trying to help you, but there’s nothing I can do if you can’t take my help, you know? Ugh… fuck this, I’m gonna get some ice cream.”

“Ugh… what do I do, Yoosung?”

“Right now? Tell me all the codes, I’m so curious,MC!”

Saeran goes all the way to the ice cream shop muttering. How can you and his brother be so alike? It’s almost disturbing! Too bad you’re actually likeable most of the times and now he really feels this need to help you…

He picks the flavor he wants and pays to the girl in the cashier, who… happens to look vaguely familiar. What the hell?

“Have a nice day, sir!”

“You too… Saeyoung.” The girl widens her eyes before lowering her head and chuckling.

“Guess I can’t fool you, brother.”

“I’m not sure if I really want to know, but… what the fuck, Saeyoung?”

“Well, you know those days when you just want to put on a cute dress and infiltrate into the ice cream shop in the mall where your fiancée is buying your birthday gift? It’s… one of those days.”

“So you’re spying on her.”

“I prefer ‘watching her steps attentively’, please.”

“And why are you s… watching her steps attentively?”

“Yes, Saeyoung, why are you spying on me?” holy shit! You and Yoosung are standing next to the balcony.

“Saeyoung? Who is this handsome man named Saeyoung you all keep talking about?” he does this weird high voice, and you cross your arms, glaring at him and making him sigh. “Hi, honey…”

“What are you doing, Saeyoung? I told you before how creepy it is when you do things like that!”

“I know, and I’m trying to stop, but… I couldn’t stay at home knowing you and my brother were trying to get something for me. I… don’t know, MC, I panicked, okay?”

“Why did you panic?”

“Because… it’s… it’s still hard to believe, MC. My fiancée going to the mall with my brother and my best friend to get me a birthday present, is this real? Is this… happiness real? I… can’t really stay home while something like this is happening, I can’t miss all the happiness that is surrounding my life right now, because… what if it ends?”

Yoosung looks at you and Saeran, he’s honestly shocked, he knew how much Saeyoung still struggled with his depressive thoughts from time to time, but he never really saw one of these moments in person. You and Saeran apparently did, though.

“You’re such a moron, Saeyoung.” Whoa… not the reaction he was expecting from Saeran.

“Ugh… I know. And I’m really sorry, bro. I’m sorry, Yoosung. And I’m sorry… MC.”

“I… told you more than once you don’t have to apologize so much, silly. And… I also told you it won’t end, Saeyoung. I’m here, we’re getting married in less than a month, and your brother is here too. This is just your first birthday we’re spending together, the first of many. I’ll be here for you getting older with you every year of our lives. So… don’t worry about missing moments, there are so many important ones to come.” You just feel your own tears when you see his.

“I can’t believe you two are really crying and making a scene in an ice cream shop. Can you believe it, Yoosung?”

“I can…” of course, because he’s crying too.

The four of you finally leave the shop. Saeran still can’t believe he’s the one to apologize for his friends’ weirdness. He, of all people.

He really needs a break from you two, and Yoosung needs to recompose yourself. So now it’s just the two of you sitting in the bench.

“So, uhm… thank you for what you said, MC.I… am sure you’re tired of always repeating the same stuff to me, but I appreciate it, you know, the way you appreciate me. The way you love me.”

“I do love you, don’t I?”

“Yes, you do… and that makes me realize that’s the best gift I could possibly have, and not only for my birthday.” You blush, and he giggles. You don’t really mind getting flustered if he makes him smile like this. “The idea of us being this old couple, sitting on our rocking chairs in the porch, talking about how young people have no respect and… surrounded by cats, and…”

“Wait, what?”

“What what?”

“Surrounded by cats?”

“Well, yeah… I… love cats, and  despite of what Jumin think, I would be a good owner, if you… helped me.” then it hits you, the perfect birthday gift!



“I’m calling the red code.”





“YEEEESS!” he gets up and takes your hand, hugging you. Then he lifts you up before pulling you closer for a kiss. And you two laugh.

“Whew… they’re okay. I thought we would have to call the zepellin guy again…” Yoosung whispers to Saeran. But you and Saeyoung notice their presence again pretty quickly.

“Hey, Saeran, guess what?” you ask him.


“She called the red code!” you two giggle, still hugging each other.





“SOMEBODY TELL ME WHAT DOES THE RED CODE MEAN, FOR GOD’S SAKE!” Yoosung almost shouts in confusion.

“MC WANTS TO ADOPT A CAT!” you and Saeyoung say at the same time.

You can see the other days here!

In Each Others Eyes

Third of my new Soulmate au stories.

Tag list:  @rabidwrestlingfan @wrestlingnoob @anonwriter-lady @somehow-lovable-trash @youngandbiitter

Warnings: None. I was a good girl.

Summary: Everyone has heterochromia, where one eye is their natural eye colour, and the other is your soulmate’s eye colour. You always wondered how it was possible for someone to have eyes so blue, until you saw him for yourself.

Word Count: 3625


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You know with all the problems that Kaladesh, Theors and now Amonkhet it really seems like Wizards of the Coast could really do with having an Anthropologist on staff to make sure they don't totally misrepresent peoples cultures when using those cultures as inspiration for set designs. Like just someone to go, you're f**king up here, might want to try a different approach.

Theros and Amonkhet have problems? Serious question. Theros felt like a greek myth set, it was the enchantment theme that wasn’t really recieved, from my understanding.

Amonkhet seems really cool so far. I think I should be clear that when we’re talking real-world influences, we don’t expect it to be a literal copy. That would be pretty boring and problematic in a lot of regards (see: Arabian Nights). A top-down world should ‘feel’ like what it is inspired by without also being that thing. I’m sharing a lot of factual information on ancient Egypt because I find it fascinating, not because I expect Amonkhet to be the same.

Kaladesh was not a top-down design. The problem, for me and for others, is that there won’t be an Indian top-down set, and so Kaladesh is what we get. I think a lot of my issues, at least, can be resolved on a return with a few relatively minor changes to give it a bit more of what I’d expect from an Indian block. This has been talked about in the community a lot already, it’s just not worth continuing the discussion. Wizards does care, and they’re paying attention to issues like this.

As for the anthropologist? No. They’d have to employ an entire anthropology department to cover every culture they brush up against.

What they should do, and more importantly, what they are doing, is hire consultants to advise them on topics they’re not familiar with. Bringing on Monique Jones to help create Kaya was really well received. More importantly, though, is that the consultants advise on what kinds of things to do to emphasize the flavor of a culture, and not just what to avoid. Kaladesh had mixed results, but I think it’ll be better next time around. And future sets will be even better for having this kind of policy in place.

I Love You to

Summary: Jeremy and Michael are having a movie date night and Michael falls asleep. Michael then admits something sweet well sleep talking


Warnings: none unless you have like a fear of sleep talking and boring rom com movies.

Word count: 839

Jeremy and Michael were spending the night together watching a movie in Jeremy’s room it was some kind of romantic comedy. Michael suggested it, something about Christen
saying they need to be more romantic from time to time, “ A real life Romeo.” she put it. As good as his intentions where it was very obvious that neither of the boys were enjoying it. In fact Michael was falling asleep, though he was trying to hide it. The woman on screen was in some kind of argument with her father, something about her father not approving of her new boyfriend. “ You don’t know anything about me, I love him!” she yelled.
“ Glad we never went threw that huh dude, your parents were thrilled when you told them we were dating.” Jeremy smiled. Michael was slowly nodding off on Jeremy’s shoulder.
“ Ummmmm Michael? You Awake?” He poked Michael in the face, his eyes snapped open.
“ What huh? I wasn’t asleep.” Michael said sitting up straight.
“ If you find this movie boring we can turn on something else. I mean I -”
“ No no no this movie is great! I love it.” Michael said trying to make it seem he was interested in the film. They both tried to get back into the story. The woman had ran off with her boyfriend to move to the big city, or something like that neither of them were paying much attention to what was going on. Michael was starting to nod off again. His eyes were getting heavy. He tried to stay awake but the movie was so boring, before he knew it he was fast asleep. Jeremy felt Michael’s head fall on his shoulder. He looked at his sleeping boyfriend and smiled. He moved Michael’s head onto his lap to make it more comfortable for both of them. He played with Michael’s hair, twirling his fingers around the waves in his hair ruffling it. Jeremy started to braid a lock of Michael’s hair. Michael’s arms wrapped around Jeremy’s waist and snuggled up closer to him. Even in his sleep Michael is a cuddler. Jeremy smiled and brushed some curls out of Michael’s face. Michael started to mumble in his sleep. Jeremy melted he loved hearing him sleep talk, he thought it was the cutest thing. Most of the time it was just random bits of sentences but sometimes he would have a full on conversation. Jeremy even caught him singing in his sleep a few times as well. “ Yes , I like you puppy.” Michael said sleepily. Jeremy got out his phone to record him. Michael continued to speak nonsense, “ Good puppy yes so fluffy. So fluffy. You have a very pretty flower crown.”  Jeremy stifled a laugh as typed out the caption. “ Sleepy boyfriend” with a ton of hearts. He posted his video on snapchat story and sent it to Rich and Christen. Michael nuzzled his head in to Jeremy’s tummy and mumbled,
“ Very soft like Jeremy. Yes my Jeremy. Nice soft pretty curls. Pretty eyes. I love him. I love Jeremy. Love love love. I love my Jer bear very much.” Michael hugged Jeremy tighter. Jeremy went bright red. The two of them had been dating for a little over three months. They both knew they loved each other but both of them were awkward and didn’t want to say I love you before the other one did. So hearing Michael say he loved him made Jeremy completely melt. Jeremy put his hand over his mouth to keep himself from making noise and waking up Michael. The amount butterflies in his stomach was unbelievable. Did he really just say he loved him, for real. Jeremy sat there for a few more minutes trying to contain his heart then  Michael woke up.
“ Mmmmm, whoa long was I out?” Michael asked stretching his arms as he sat up.
“ Oh, like ten fifteen minutes.” Jeremy said struggling to sound casual, the voice crack didn’t help.
“ Aw man I missed the end of the movie. What happened?”
“ You can admit you didn’t like the movie.” Jeremy smirked.
“ It was awful.” Michael admitted.
“ Yeah it sucked.” Jeremy laughed. “ What do you wanna do now?” he asked.
“ You already know what I’m gonna say Jer bear.”
“ Videogames.” they said in unison. They put on Mario for a  more chill game. They finished the first level in record time. Jeremy leaned over and kissed Michaels cheek in celebration.
“ Aw what was that for.” Michael said.
“ Can’t I kiss my boyfriend who I love.” Jeremy smiled.
“ Y-you uh you l-love. I mean. I love you to.” Michael stammered his face growing red.
“ Yeah I know, you said so in your sleep.” Jeremy smirked.
“ Oh.” Michael’s face was bright red now. Jeremy laughed and kissed Michael on the nose. They decided to put on a movie they actually enjoyed. They cuddled on the couch. Michael laced his fingers with Jeremy’s and kissed his hand. “ I love you Jeremy.” he smiled.
“ I love you to.” Jeremy blushed as he lay his head on Michaels chest.


Antis, Ok already. Cait said she has war wounds. Whatever is on her thigh was put there during filming this last week. Since her main contact in this show is James Frazer (Sam), I think it would seem obvious that he probably had something to do with this wound. As she has stated before he seems to whack her around a lot on set. I don’t think anyone is dreaming up that he is the culprit responsible for this wound.

For some reasons Antis seem to dislike anything associated with these two people being together. Sorry Antis, but they are filming a show. There are sex scenes involved in the books so I am sure some will make it into the show. Sam and Cait are just having some fun with us all. Remember fun???? It’s when you laugh and sometimes kid around with others. Even if we speculate, and since nobody has confirmed just how this wound, bruise, hickey or thumbprint came about, then we can play with what is given to us.

Shipper or not, it’s fun. Just remember, you don’t have to agree or read what is said about this. Just like you can stop reading or turn off your TV set when you don’t like something. Meanwhile, since nobody made you King or Queen, we get to carry on with our freedom of opinion and speech. Maybe you could get out and take a walk. Find something to do with yourselves, other than policing this fandom. I can’t understand who would want that boring job. Sam and Cait are enjoying watching dolphins and being in a sun drenched place so I doubt they care what we think of that wound.

Life goes on and in the end the only thing that will matter is remembering the fun. Have a great day Antis, hope you find your happy pills. You need them.

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The sides watching old kids shows: Morality absolutely loving it and singing along to every cheesy song, Logan pointing out every mistake/stupid question the characters ask, Princey making a list of every quest he NEEDS to go on (based on what the TV characters do) and Anxiety wanting to turn the TV off the whole time

Okay, so sorry this took so long. I didn’t actually watch that much TV as a kid, (my parents weren’t a fan), so this took some more time for me to write, and I’m still not sure I did your awesome prompt justice. I hope you like it anyway though!

“Why are we doing this again?” Anxiety’s voice rang out in the common room, filled with mild irritation.

“Because” Morality replied cheerfully, “Isn’t it fun to relive the fun times of your childhood? Watching these shows brings back all kinds of memories.”

Morality had dragged the rest of the sides into the common room, for what he felt was a well deserved break. They had all been working hard lately, and what better way to relax, than to watch all the TV shows they loved as kids?

“Why would I want to relive childhood?” Anxiety complained, “Middle school was a nightmare, I’d much rather forget it. And anything we watched in elementary is bound to be boring and childish.”

“While that was a rather emotionally charged statement,” Logic cut in, “Anxiety does have somewhat of a point. While we did enjoy these shows previously, that was when we were at a less sophisticated level of thinking. I can’t imagine we’d find them to be very stimulating now.”

“You’re missing the point,” Morality said, determined to get the others on board. “We don’t need to be stimulated or anything like that. Tonight’s all about relaxing, not having to think too hard, and just feel like a kid again.”

“Well I think this sounds like a great idea” Prince boomed out. “Those year were the best. It was a time of imagination and adventure. I remember entering Daydream Mode almost every day. Why did we ever stop living like that?”

“Mostly because you kept doing it when Thomas had homework, and if you’d kept it up, he would have failed math.” Anxiety pointed out. He had flopped down on the couch, apparently resigned to the binge-watching.

“Yes, that was extremely irritating,” Logic agreed. “But regardless of your past habits, I suppose it is logical to take some time to rest. We don’t want to burn out after all. What are we watching first?”

That last question was directed at Morality. He shrugged.

“I don’t really know,“ he explained. “I just manipulated the mindscape enough that the TV will show us shows from when we were younger, but I left it up to chance which ones will come up. It’s more fun that way.”

“And if we hate the show?” Anxiety asked.

“Well, then we just change the channel, silly.” Morality grinned and sat down on the couch between Logic and Anxiety. “Now let’s start.”

The first show was PowerPuff Girls much to Prince’s excitement.  

“I loved this show,” he proclaimed. “It gave me some great ideas for quests. Perhaps I should revisit some of them? Oh, and of course, Blossom just reminds me so much myself.”

“Who do you think the rest of us would be?” Morality asked intrigued.

“Well Doom and Gloom over there is obviously Buttercup,” Prince stated confidently.

“Do not involve me in this,” Anxiety said flatly.

Prince continued on as if Anxiety hadn’t said anything. “And for your Morality, you seem like the Bubbles type.”

“I love Bubbles!” Morality grinned. “But wait, who would Logic be?”

Prince and Morality looked over to study Logic, who only raised an eyebrow at them.

“He can be the Professor,” Prince decided. “They’re both brainy, scientist types.”

“I wouldn’t really consider the Profess much of a scientist.” Logic said dryly. “After all the entire premise of the show is based on his poor lab safety skills. Well, that and a ridiculous nursery rhyme about what constitutes human beings. I can assure you that what humans are really made of is-“

“Stop.” Prince commanded. “We don’t need to hear it, just watch the show.”

Logic frowned at that, so Morality hastily cut in. “It’s not that it isn’t interesting,” he insisted, “It’s just that the point of this was not to think. So maybe just sit back and enjoy it, silliness and all, ok?”

Logic sighed, but then nodded, sinking back into the couch cushion. They watched a few more episodes of PowerPuff Girls before Morality decided to change the channel. He wanted to revisit as many shows as possible, and he’d only be able to keep the other on the couches for so long. Anxiety was already asking when he could leave.

“Seriously,” he said, from where he had now draped himself over the back of the couch. “I’ve watched TV with you now. I’ve relived childhood. Can I go now?”

“Aww, just give it a few more shows, kiddo?” Morality begged, looking at Anxiety plaintively.

Anxiety gave a long-suffering sigh. “Fine,” he muttered.

Morality beamed at him, and changed the channel. It turned to.. the Teletubbies?

Prince was staring at the TV in mild horror, Logic with confusion, and Anxiety fell off the couch.

“NO!” Anxiety said, “I’m not doing this, no. Turn it off. Turn it off!”

“It, ah, it can’t be that bad,” Morality said weakly.

“No, I think it can be,” Prince said, “This is one show we don’t need to rewatch.”

“They do seem much more disconcerting now then they did when we were children,” Logic added.

“Exaclty,” Anxiety said, having emerged from behind the couch to snatch the remote from  Morality’s hand. “This time, I’m changing the channel, maybe we’ll get something good this time.”

Batman: The Animated Series flickered to life on TV.

“There,” Anxiety said, settling back on the couch. “Finally something decent.”

“Not a bad choice, Hot Topic,” Prince said thoughtfully. “For once we have similar taste. While it’s not Disney, there’s nothing like a good superhero story. And I’m not surprised that you like Batman. The two of you go well together, all dark and brooding.”

“Just shut up and watch the show,” Anxiety grumbled, tugging his hood up and over his face, his cheeks slightly red.

Just as Batman made a particularly daring leap, Logic spoke up again.

“You know there’s no way he would be able to do that,” he said. “The physics alone make it impossible.”

“It’s superheroes,” Anxiety replied, “As a general rule, they tend to throw physics out the window.”

“Well, yes, but normally that’s due to various improbable superpowers. But Batman is supposed to be entirely human. As such, he should be adhering to the laws of physics.”

“You know I bet I could do that,” Prince cut in, staring at the TV thoughtfully.

Logic looked at him in askance. “Haven’t you been listening to anything I’ve been saying. The physics alone make it-“

“No, no” Anxiety cut him off. “Let him do this, I want to see Epic Fail fall on his face.”

“Oh, really, you think so? Well, I will certainly show you,” Prince said, rising from seat.

“How about we just finish watching the show, kiddos,” Morality said, knowing all too well what would happen if he let them continue. “And, Roman, if you really want to, maybe after you can try out some Batman moves. So long as you have some safety precautions, like mattresses, maybe some pillow armor.”

“Fine,” Anxiety and Prince muttered, both sitting back down on the couch. They continued to watch a few more episodes, but Morality could see that Prince was getting antsy, and on the verge of leaping into Daydream Mode.

Eager to prevent any death-defying stunts, Morality decided to change the channel before Batman gave him any more ideas.

“Pokemon!” he squealed in delight. “You guys it’s Pokemon!”

“Yes, we can see that,” Logic deadpanned, but Morality could tell he was pleased by the small smile tugging on his lips.

As the theme song began, Morality prepared himself. “I wanna be the very best, like no one ever was,” he sang out, motioning for the others to join in.

Prince was quick to jump at the opportunity, joining him on the very next line.

“To catch them is my real test, to train them is my cause.”

Morality was all but bouncing now as he and Prince harmonized. Next him Anxiety was rolling his eye, and Logic only looked bemused, but Morality was quick to nudge them, begging them to sing along with his eyes.

Logan shook his head in exasperation, but still came in on the line, “Each Pokemon to understand the power that’s inside.” His voice was a little more halting and unsure than the other sides, but he didn’t stop singing.

Now Anxiety was the only one still silent, with the other three now staring at him expectantly. He stared resolutely at a wall, refusing to get drawn in, but he understated the determination of the others. Prince leapt off his seat, standing directly in front of Anxiety, impossible to ignore, as he leaned in, getting right in Anxiety’s face. Morality was now shaking Anxiety’s shoulder, and even Logic had leaned over to stare at him pointedly.

In the face of such an assault, Anxiety’s resolve cracked. Sounding extremely put upon, he sang, “Oh, you’re my best friend, in a world we must defend.”

The sides kept singing, their voices weaving in and out of each other as they sang the song from their childhood. And despite any initial reservations, they all seemed happy to do so. Even Anxiety had stopped looking so grumpy, and had a small smirk on his face.

As the last “Pokemon!” rang out through the common room, Morality could feel himself grinning widely. He knew this would be a great idea!


“You know, Anxiety, despite being an emo nightmare, your voice really isn’t that bad. Not as magnificent as mine, of course, but I really should gt you to sing more often. It may help improve that dark demeanor of yours.”

A pillow flew out and smacked Prince in the face.

“Shut it!”

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Hey I'm kinda new to owning budgies and caring for them and recently I found out seeds aren't really good for them and I'm really worried about what to feed them I've been researching and found some safe fruits and veggies for them to eat but I'm not sure how to introduce them to new things? and what mixture of veggies should i give them? and i kinda don't trust sites because some are outdated or the people giving info are just as clueless as me :/

Seeds aren’t inherently bad, the problem is how much, how often, how, and cages.

In the wild budgies spend all day foraging, flying for miles, digging in trees, scouring Australia for high energy yummies such as seeds, fruits, and really about anything they can find.

When we bring them into captivity…they don’t have to go looking for that food. We put a high energy diet in a dish in front of them and since they’re usually in a cage they never get to burn off those calories, even if they were out loose why would they need to? They’ve got all they need right in front of them!

This leads to birds that are lazy, fat, and bored with a lot of pent up energy that they don’t know what to do with leading to aggression and feather picking.

Diet change does seem like the go-to option. Less energy means less pent up rage! And you can pack in more nutrition too! But diet reform isn’t all you need, because seeds are actually pretty good for them.

So here’s what I suggest for an adult, healthy parrot:

1. Feed in meals. It’ll take some work to determine how much and how often, but your bird should be able to consume all within a limited amount of time. For Rex, I do 2-3 meals a day depending on the amount of activity she’ll do that day. I only give her enough that she can consume all within half an hour. Like I said, this will vary depending on the bird and you need to observe them in order to know what they need. Your bird should be hungry by the next meal, if they’re not digging in you’re giving too much.

2. Variety. Once again, you’ll need to adjust this according to YOUR bird, and consider consulting a vet. From what you should feed most to least but all are important:
- Fresh fruits & veggies. Broccoli, peppers, peas, and spinach. You can feed individually or make chop, don’t feed too many fruits as this is just as bad as feeding too many seeds
- Pellets. Species-specific, a brand like roudybush or Harrison’s, colored ones tend to have more sugar and the dyes aren’t good for them
- Sprouts. Try lentils, millet, or peas, google how to sprout seeds. Feel free to mix these into the chop.
- Grains. Rice (NOT instant rice), wheat, sorghum…can be hard to get your bird to eat but are healthy. These must be in the grain form and not bread or something like that
- Nuts
- Seeds like millet, safflower, canary seed…do as many different ones as you can. It’s a good idea when converting to a healthier diet mix them into the chop
- Eggs, pasta, and other people food can be giving on occasion…sometimes it’s healthy by usually not. Should never be part of their regular diet.

3. Activity. Don’t just open your bird’s door and expect them to burn calories! This is a great time to train your bird, have them recall for treats. Training is so important and lots of fun, and great for stimulating that wonderful mind. Budgies are especially fun to train because they’re so little and fast, you can have them do all sorts of flying tricks indoors. I suggest checking out @flock-talk for training tips. For a healthy parrot you really need to keep them flighted, if your bird has clipped wings or otherwise can’t fly then you’ll need to modify the diet to be even more low-energy

5. Foraging. Don’t just give your bird their food! Make them work for it, put it in buffet balls, puzzle feeders, crumbled up (safe) paper, hide it, put it in multiple bowls in different places, have them do tricks for food, anything that’ll make it harder. You’ll need to take it in steps if your bird isn’t used to foraging

Make sure you always check to make sure what your bird eats is safe. You can look that up yourself.

Hope that helps!

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Hey what are some bad things of being a vampire? Like do you guys get thirsty too easily, etc??

Reiji: Living so long is the worst trait of being a vampire.

Laito: True~ It’s boring living for so long and seeing the same things everyday!

Laito: That’s why I always try to have fun and find out about new stuff… if you know what I mean, nfu~.

Subaru: It’s even worse when you have to live with stupid people around you.

Kou: So mean~, Subaru-kun!

Yuuma: And yeah, sometimes we really get so thirsty, especially after being without food for a long time or because we weakened by getting seriously hurt…

Ayato: … so we have to feed on the first source of blood we can find…

Laito: … and it’s not always a beautiful girl.

Help out call center workers!

Any time you call customer service or tech support, you are probably calling a call center- a cubicle farm with maybe hundreds of agents all hooked up to headsets and computers for eight hours or more a day, answering calls one after the other.

I have been training to be a customer service agent for three weeks. Today was my second day taking calls. Here are some things you should know about us.

1) As customer service representatives, we are expected to exude confidence and competence at all times, even when we don’t know what the fuck we’re doing, because we are supposed to be the experts. We are not allowed to tell you “It’s my first day,” or “I’m still in training.” That girl you’re cussing out? You might be her first ever call. Try to have patience, we really are doing our best!

2) When we put you on hold, even when the hold takes awhile, we aren’t being lazy and we haven’t forgotten you. We are actually frantically pulling information from half a dozen programs (account info, policy info, procedure methods, etc) to find what we need to do to take care of your problem. There is even a good chance that when you’re on hold, your rep might have their hand in the air, flagging down a support agent to help answer a question. I know being on hold is frustrating and boring, but I promise we aren’t off taking a smoke break- we’re still trying to help you.

3)Those customer service surveys you sometimes get after a call? Those are scaled different than you think, and this was true when I worked retail, too. On the 1-10 “how did we do” questions, ONLY scores of 9 and 10 are considered good. 7 and 8 are neutral. 6 and under is BAD. So if you liked your rep and want the survey to come up as a good one, rate 9’s and 10’s.

Please, if you can, reblog this and get the word out. We’re not just faceless voices on the phone- we’re real people who are doing our best and working our hardest!

A routine for interrupting someone

Here is something I used to do with my friend Nicholas that I really, deeply miss.

When in conversation with someone and they are talking, if you have the urge to interrupt them, follow this routine:

1. Say, “Pardon me, may I interject?”

2. Listen to what they are saying until they say, “yes, go ahead.”

3. Remember what they were saying.

4. Go off on your tangent for however long you need to.

5. When you are done, say something like, “OK, thank you, now, as you were saying… ” and repeat the words or the gist of the words that you remember them saying when you interrupted.

A lot of people fall into different camps when it comes to interrupting. The common convention is to just not do it. It’s considered rude. But, NT and ND people do it alike. When NT people do it, I’ve noticed, it’s a clear indication that they are bored with you, and that’s why it’s considered rude. When ND people do it, it’s more along the lines of a compulsion. We have something we really need to say, otherwise we can’t concentrate on what you’re saying. Interruption is an import part of our process of communicating and processing, well, everything.

But, when a ND person interrupts another ND person without using a procedure of courtesy like above, it can totally demolish the original speaker’s train of thought and they may never get it back. I personally find it extremely distressing and actually downright abusive or traumatizing.

When I first went on a long walk with Nicholas, and we started one of our long conversations and I interrupted him the first time, he stopped me and told me about the above procedure and explained why it was important. Thinking of it as a procedure that would improve things made it easy for me to adopt it. And, we had a lot of practice after that.

I found that being able to relax about interruptions because we were both keeping track of each others words and thoughts made it *easier* to keep track of both my thoughts and his thoughts. It made socializing fun, instead of a chore. And, I found I wanted to talk and listen to him far more than I wanted to with anybody else.

My wife and her family never did this, and neither did any of her friends, and it took a huge toll on my confidence as it became more and more clear that my words just didn’t fucking matter to them (even if they did in their way). It contributed enormously to my PTSD and autistic burnout.

I really think we should spread this convention around as far and wide as possible (maybe with some addendums for people it doesn’t quite work for?). I think it would help in so many relationships and spaces, from marriages to support groups to business.

The Way You Look Tonight [Grace/Frankie]

Frankie returns from Santa Fe when she and Grace receive a special honor for their business. Inspired by Jane Fonda’s dress at the 2017 Emmy Awards. You know the one (or rather, my interpretation of it. See author’s note). Hope you enjoy (: Here on A03.


“I really wish you’d let me take you to Patty’s,” Frankie guilt-tripped for the third time that morning, shuffling after Grace as they approached Lord & Taylor.

“Why, because you’re afraid of the revolving door here?”

“I’m not afraid,” Frankie insisted, hiking her purse up on her shoulder, stopping in her tracks to stretch her calves. “I just prefer establishments that don’t force me to vault myself through a human-sized blender before I can get my shop on.”

“Well, come on then.”

“I mean…okay. You go first.”

“Fine,” Grace sighed, quickly pushing past the spinning entrance. When she reached the other side, she turned back only to find Frankie still waiting, pressing her hand to her sternum as she watched the golden slats between the panes of glass go round and round, counting to herself “One, two, three, one, two, three,” like she was memorizing some sort of life-or-death dance routine. Grace felt her patience running thin, the usual let’s go, Frankie bubbling up inside, but she held it back this time, determined not to do that so much anymore. She pushed it down instead, crossing her arms, trying not to tap her foot as she waited.

“One, two, thr…good fucking Christ…okay, and I’m through,” Frankie exhaled loudly, wiping her brow as she stuck the landing, shaking out the adrenaline. “Alright. Show me where the fancy ladies buy their fancy lady clothes. I’m all yours.”

Grace bit the inside of her lip, blinking a few times before leading them past the men’s ties and the escalators, thankful they didn’t have to brave another “man-made death trap” as they found their way to the evening gown section of the department store.

A few weeks ago, when she received the invitation honoring them and other female entrepreneurs at the Southern California Women’s Business League’s Annual Gala, Grace almost tossed the invitation right in the trash. She and Frankie being honored for Vybrant had to be some kind of joke. Certainly an organization made up of mostly upper to middle class older, white, straight-laced women who were more prudish than she’d ever been had to have made a mistake. They’d done quite a bit of work at winning over that market online, where they could still remain somewhat anonymous. There was still plenty of work to do in person. And yet there it was, right on the mailer, confirmed on their website. They’d even pulled a photo of she and Frankie from the Vybrant media kit, making it clear this was in fact serious. They were receiving some kind of award, and as co-owner of the company, Grace didn’t think she should make the decision to attend or not on her own, even if her best friend and business partner had up and left a few weeks earlier.

Santa Fe was only temporary, Frankie promised. A trial run. A last hurrah, if anything. Grace knew that wasn’t true, not after the pep talk she’d given, not after she’d stupidly restored Frankie’s confidence and made her rethink breaking up with Jacob in the first place. So, the next week, Frankie packed up half her studio and went with him to visit his property there, simple as that.

Except the day she left, Grace could barely make it downstairs to say goodbye. She was nauseous all morning, but played it off like it was a stomach bug she’d picked up from the grandkids. She refused to get Frankie sick before taking the train far away from her doctors, so Grace held her breath dramatically while Frankie threw caution to the wind and wrapped her arms around her anyway. She settled for an air kiss to either side of Grace’s cheek and then hopped into the Lyft with Jacob.

Grace stood in the doorway, watching all her sanity, her safety and stability, the foundation she’d begrudgingly and inevitably built over the past two years get in the car and pull away. But before it could, Jacob looked back one last time from inside the car, made eye contact and slowly mouthed “Thank you.” It took all Grace had not to hurl her coffee mug at him, to stop the cheap Toyota in the driveway by chipping away just a little more at its deteriorating paint job. Instead, she went inside and back up to bed, where she stayed for the good remainder of the day.

That was a little over a month ago. Since then, she’d been determined to let Frankie do her thing, figure out if Santa Fe, and Jacob by extension, really was worth picking up her life and starting over somewhere else. Still, Grace thought it only fair to tell Frankie about the invitation to the gala, not as an excuse to get her to come back. No, definitely not that she told herself. It made sense to present her with all the options. As a business owner. As equals in their mutual success.

She waited until the very last minute to tell her, with only a few days left until the big event, thinking that might make things easier all around. Little did she know Frankie would be so excited, she’d book a flight that very night and be back in town two days later. That gave them just enough time to shop for dresses and make it to the party that evening.

“So, what should I be looking for?” Frankie asked. “What’s the dress code at one of these things anyway?”

“Black tie,” Grace repeated. “That’s why we’re here in the first place.”

“Yes, because you wouldn’t let me take you to Patty’s.”

“Because I don’t feel like showing up to a high society dinner in a mumu made from alpaca fur,” Grace rolled her eyes, running her fingers over the garments calling from their little islands in the center of the showroom.

“Now when have you ever seen me wear alpaca? I mean, outside the house? That I haven’t crocheted myself? You can’t find that at Patty’s. We’d have to go somewhere way out in the bowels of Encinitas for…”

“Can we just focus on what we’re here for, please?” Grace clipped, immediately cursing herself for the tone. She’d really resolved to do better. She had to.

“Okay, Ms. Priestly, then tell me what the latest trends are? What would look good on a woman with my hip-to-ass ratio? Got any hot tips?”

“Maybe don’t talk about your ass when we get there tonight,” Grace smirked, pulling out a navy blue number that might just work. “How about this?”

“Ugh, too boring,” Frankie whined.

“This isn’t backstage at a Rolling Stones concert, okay? This is a business affair.”

“I know that. But what do they always say? Business in the front, party in the back. Is that right? Speaking of which, check this out,” Frankie lifted a bright fuchsia gown off the rack, twirling it between them, mesmerized by the attached necklace, a strip of faux diamonds with emeralds dangling from the hanger. She swatted at it with her free hand, making it swing as it hovered over the extremely low neckline, or what Grace soon realized was the back of the dress. “Jesus, this would look great on you.”

“Me?” Grace balked, mouth agape. “I…yeah, maybe if I was forty years younger.”

“Uh uh, don’t even start with that ageist bull. You know you can rock any gown in this place, and this one’s got you written all over it.”

“Are you kidding me?” Grace continued to look for other options. “Since when have you ever known me to wear something that…that…”

“Unconventional? Exciting? Not that often, I must admit, but why let that stop you? The color’s perfect. It even matches our packaging, sorta. Come on, won’t you try it on for me? Pretty please?” Frankie batted her lashes.

“Why? So you can take a photo and put it up on Snapfish or whatever the hell you want to do with it?”

“Snapchat, Grace. Don’t play dumb, you know what it is. And no, I won’t take any pictures. I’ll be a perfect gentlewoman if you just try it on. And I’ll try on whatever you think would look good on me.”

“What is this, an impromptu say yes night?” Grace complained. “Because I didn’t agree to any…”

“No, no, not tonight. There’s too much pressure, I know it. I wouldn’t do that to you. Just trust me on this. This dress will make us stand out from the crowd, not that we need much help with that. But believe me, they’ll notice you. For all the right reasons.”

“And what about you? I’m not worried about me as much as I am about you. I’m not letting you walk into that place in clogs and a peasant skirt.”

“Oh don’t worry, we’ll find me something. But first, this. Come on, the suspense is killing me. If you hate it, we’ll move on to the next one. What do you say?”

Grace looked down at the dress again. It really was stunning, not something she ever would have picked out for herself, but maybe would have stopped to compliment on someone else if she saw it. Then again, there was no telling unless she tried it on. Frankie clearly saw something she didn’t. Far be it for her to cut down her vision so prematurely.

“If I can’t get it up over my hips, don’t even start to drag me over to the dessert table tonight.”

“Honey, there was no way you were gonna eat any of that anyway,” Frankie shook her head. “Let’s go.”

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