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This new BI ... is it okay to be a bit sad about all the changes? I mean it was so sudden. I know they have talk about the "boy" part getting a bit awkward as they grow up but to changed it up to Beyond The Same? With a new logo? I don't know I like BTS as it was before with the bulletproof vest... does that mean that the Bangtan Bomb will change also? New Lightstick, New logo, New merchs? My wallet is not ready for that type if abuse neither is my emotions - I'm sad to see an era die so soon.

(BTW it’s Beyond the Scene). I think it’s okay to be a bit sad. Honestly, the bulletproof vest was how I got to know BTS. However, don’t think this brand identity changed anything that BTS stands for as a group. They are still fighting for the youth around the world! As for the logo, the article stated that all products related to BTS will change to this logo. As to what extent Big Hit will incorporate these changes is up to them and we will just have to wait and see. I wouldn’t see this as an end of an era. BTS and Big Hit just felt that they needed a new symbol to represent them. It seems that a lot of research and prep went into this brand image change, so while it is okay to be sad, I think as ARMYs all we can do is support them and look forward to what they have in the future! 
- Kylie


Imagine #36 || Request #33


“Well,” you cut off the growing awkward silence that engulfed the two of you once you heard the honk of a car and the familiar convertible entering the driveway. “That’s my ride.”

You bid goodbye before heading to where the car was parked, Brett watched you as you walked down the stairs of the school’s entrance.

“Hey,” you greeted him with a peck on the cheek once you climbed inside, putting your bag at the back seat beside his lacrosse equipment bag before buckling your seatbelt. Once you were settled, you waited for Brett to drive but he only kept silent while still looking at your way. He had his shades pulled back, making him look like he was wearing a headband to tame the messy blonde locks.

“What?” you looked at him questioningly before following the direction to where we was looking at, his brows furrowed in an angry but cautious expression.

“What’s he doing here?” you can hear the bitterness in Brett’s tone when talked about your past relationship.

“Who? Jackson?” You saw that Whittemore was now headed to his own car that looked to be brand new. “He’s back for a year ‘cause his school in London was under construction because of a mishap.”

You looked back at the werewolf and watched him pull his shades off and place it back on his face, his fingers running through his hair to pull back the strands that strayed out of his slick back hair style-those habits of his that you discovered was quite a turn on to you.

“He better not make a move on you or I’ll-”

“Hey,” you cut him off, slightly laughing at this jealous side of Brett. “I’m with you aren’t I?”

“Stopping being such a jealous ass,” you tickled his side which made him jerk to the side, making you laugh.

“I am not,” he replied by tickling your side which made you jerk away as well.

“Sure, whatever makes you sleep at night.” You joked, reaching for him to place another kiss on his cheek in which he welcomed as he leaned to his side and pressed his lips to yours instead.

The next day was interesting with the way you saw Brett watching you as you walked to where the class was being held, your bike rolling beside you. You knew that your PE class was going to be a distracting one also with him showing off by scoring a goal, you could see the way the looks the girls from Beacon Hills High were giving him which annoyed you somehow-a personality trait of yours that Brett simply adored therefore he enjoys seeing the annoyance on your face. Especially when you’re painfully trying to concentrate in class knowing that he was just several meters away from you running around shirtless for god’s sake.

“Alright, we’ll be biking in pairs and we’ll do 15 laps around the field-it’ll be like a race.” Coach Finstock yelled before whistling, getting the attention of the whole class.

“Whoever wins first between the pair gets an A+ because I’m feeling kind of giving today.” He added, now in a much calmer tone but still had that roughness to it. You were quite curious how this man could handle teaching Physical Education and coaching the lacrosse team at the same time without getting any streaks of grey hair, because with the way he looks so stressed he would probably already have half of his hair in the color of greyish to white.

“Y/N, Aiden.” The coach called, whistling for the two of you to come forward and ready your bikes. “You’re up next.”

“Good luck,” you heard Liam mutter to you with a smile that also said ‘be careful.’ Knowing that the twins were notorious for causing trouble within the pack, Liam knew to keep an eye on you since Scott told everyone what happened with the Cross Country run.

With one foot on the ground and hands on the handlebars, you readied yourself for the coach’s signal for the both of you to go. Aiden on the other hand, had a smirk on his face while still sitting upright on the bike with his hands in his jacket’s pockets looking quite confident-too confident even.

Once you heard Coach Finstock finally signalling a go, you pedalled at a slow pace first, trying to warm up, before pushing to go faster. Approaching the second curve of the oval shaped lap, right in front of the lacrosse goal net, you heard Brett cheer for you, “GO Y/N!” in which his co-players followed suit making you blush even more. The flushed look you were sporting from out of breath was not helping.

While Aiden was keeping pace with you, you were determined to outrun and give a good distance from him although you knew that he could beat you with his werewolf abilities. But since you were the type of person who’d like an A+ from just a race, you pedalled faster to reach the end of the lap.

By the time of the last lap, Aiden having the same pace as yours, your legs were slowly giving up on you and Aiden was winning. But seeing that it was only a few meters away and the fact that that A+ can pull some of your grades up, you pushed yourself to pedal faster and passing Aiden and leaving him behind.

Thinking that you’ve already outrun Aiden, you looked back to see that he wasn’t there. It made you proud that you were ‘that’ fast but it also made you skeptical on how quickly and easy that seemed. When you looked back to your front, you were suddenly blinded by a black figure and before you can hit it, you turned your back to what you thought was the lacrosse field only to end up running down the hill to side where the forest was located.

Trying to regain your balance and control, you dodged some trees and branches along with large clusters of rocks. But you just now realized that once you pulled the break lever, you didn’t hear the screeching noise of the breaks halting the wheels which now made you worry even more. Looking down, it just confirmed your suspicion when you saw that the breaks on both wheels were damaged.

With the endless rotation of the pedals, it suddenly caught your leg in between the chains that now painfully grinded against your skin. And before you knew it, your bike toppled over a log before it carried you rolling down to flat ground.

Opening your eyes, you tried to move only to feel pain shoot to your brain from different parts of your body which made you cry out. Wrapping your arms around yourself from suddenly feeling cold, and the wet blood not helping, you noticed that were resting on your side with your head painfully on a rock while your legs were tangled with some parts of the back.

With labored breaths, you sat up ignoring the pain and aches in your body to see what you can do with the situation.

“Hey, don’t move.” You heard someone say, the shadows on the ground getting your attention making you look up to see some of your classmates, some lacrosse players and most of the pack along with the coach.

You were overwhelmed to see a number of people that you just thought bluntly, Wow, what a crowd.

“What the hell happened, Y/L/N?” Coach exclaimed, looking worried.

“I fell in a -” you were cut short when Coach started barking out orders to call an emergency before trying to pry the students who were just in for gossips, telling them off by giving them F’s if they won’t go back to the field.

“Is it that bad?” you asked Brett, you was looking at your legs while holding your hand, his veins turning a darker color which gave you just enough relief to get you to the hospital.

“C’mon, let’s get her out.” Scott and Brett immediately went to assess the situation with your leg with the help of Stiles’ smarts and soon you were out of the chains and being carried by Brett bridal style while Liam dragged the bike up the embankment.

“Are you sure you’re okay?” You heard Brett ask, his breath fanning your cheek.

“No,” you groaned. “What kind of question is that?”

“You’re right, I’m so-”

“I mean, what would your mom think if the blood doesn’t come off of your shirt?” you cut him off, trying to lighten up the mood. You heard Liam chuckle on the side but Brett didn’t liked it and just frowned, looking a bit mad now.

“I’m not kidding,” he said effortlessly as if I didn’t weigh any and the fact that he was climbing up a steep embankment.

“Thanks,” you sighed. “You’re a much better kind of pain-killer.”

Brett chuckled before lifting your hand to his lips, lingering there before he held it against his cheek.

“So, what’s the verdict?” He asked.

“Broken leg, cuts and bruises.” You answered, your hand carefully caressing your bruised up aching knee. The ugly discoloration making you wince from pain and the experience.

“We’re sure that it was Aiden and Ethan’s doing,” Brett said after a pregnant pause. “Lydia also came running out to the field from his bio class to tell us that she saw a flash of you falling but before she can even finish that’s when we heard you screaming down the hill.”

“A flash?” You asked, curious all of a sudden.

“Just a quick one, which meant Lydia actually saw you -”

“But I’m here, aren’t I?”

“But we almost lost you.” He said with a pained and saddened expression.

“But I’m here.”

“Yeah, but that was a type of fall that could-is fatal.”

“Brett, I’m here.” You argued, trying to let him see that you’re safe and sound now and not think about what happened before because, with Brett’s tendencies to blame himself because of the mishaps happening to you, it would make him feel like it was his fault in which case it wasn’t.

You squeezed his hand, smiling reassuringly at the werewolf before leaning in and press your lips to his. He was hesitant to respond but slowly welcomed it and moved his lips against yours with the same enthusiasm until you winced and pulled back all of a sudden.

“What, what’s wrong?” He asked, his worried and self-blaming demeanour back again.

“I can’t believe this,” you growled quietly, feeling you lips with your fingers and finding them swollen and busted. Damn it, why the lips!

“Your face hit a rock by the way,” he informed, pointing out also the bandage that was on your face.

“Oh, really?” you asked sarcastically, before pinching his side which earned you an ow and Brett moving away. He only retaliated by tickling your side which was painful.

“Oh god, I’m so sorry.” His eyes were wide as he tried to see the damage only to have him get hit by a white pillow on the face.

“Hey, ow-no, wait, Y/N-OW!”


So… that was only a mild Jackson moment :(( but was that “pretty hurt badly” enough for ya? =))

Yeah, so I wrote this at 3 or 4 in the morning hope that wasn’t much of a meh because I was binge watching Steven Universe… Honestly I don’t really watch those kinds of cartoons because at first I thought it be boring you know, random sht going on (just like my thoughts on Adventure Time).. BUT NO! One episode I watched on tv, I’m suddenly engulfed in those series because of the interesting history, characters and flashbacks and big deal plots like wth… But anyway, hope you liked it and sorry for any errors! I’m going to start my second semester this monday. hope the professors don’t give too much work to do so I can still write the requests ♥ And for those of you from the isaac lahey imagines blog, I won’t be ending it because it will be an ongoing thing (same as with the brett imagines blog) so don’t worry about me having to end that kind of thing because this thing I am doing is a habit of mine in which I can express my writing as well as learn writing correctly. Request away, but just know that by this week, I might not be able to post as much because school is starting. So i’m already giving you guys a heads up as to what’s happening in my life and why I’m not posting as much. :)

Klaine one-shot - “Kittens and Cuddles” (Rated NC17)

While Blaine helps his Dom sort through some boxes of old “toys”, he comes across something that he’s never seen before…and Kurt decides it’s a perfect opportunity to teach his sub something new.

(Written for my Take Me Over verse, but can be read alone…and I think if you’re interested in true D/s relationships with any kind of variety, you should read this as it covers a lot of D/s aspects that are not often seen - an older-than-in-their-twenties D/s couple, a Dom and sub engaging in something closer to ‘play’ than hardcore BDSM, Blaine identifying more as a switch, Kurt being a dominant but an acknowledgement that he plays the switch for Blaine, Kurt using verbal commands to keep Blaine bound instead of cuffs, and Dom Kurt initiating pet play with the use of a tail. Also, pseudo-genderfluidity on Kurt’s part. And then 69 with Kurt’s cat persona.)

Read on AO3.

“Okay”- Blaine looked at the line of boxes Kurt had taken down from his closet, accompanied by three, brand new, empty boxes waiting to be filled – “what are we doing here?”

“Well…” Kurt crouched low, labeling the first of the three empty boxes with a black Sharpie while he explained, “I absolutely have to lighten my load here. I have discovered that I’m a sex toy hoarder.”

Blaine chuckled. “And that’s a bad thing why?”

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Kelly Rowland is Coming out With a Makeup Line for 'Chocolate Girls'

We already love Kelly Rowland for her stunning voice, enviable figure, and firece representation for black women. And now we can add yet another item to that ever-growing list – the Grammy Award-winning singer has revealed that she’ll be launching a makeup line created specifically for women of color. Insert: Praise dance!
We caught up with Rowland on Monday night – at an event sponsored by Claritin and the Boys & Girls Clubs of America – where she gave us the scoop on the exciting new project.  
“My makeup artist Sheika Daley and I are actually starting a makeup line we’re making sure we make, well, we’re starting off with lashes and then we’re going to have it grow for all women,” Rowland told Essence. “But definitely making sure we have our chocolate girls covered. Gotta get the chocolate girls in there! We have to have that, you know. I think Iman has done a beautiful makeup line and I want to do it too!”
Any brown girl knows there’s definitely more room for diversity at the beauty counter. And while beauty brands are increasing paying attention to the needs of women with darker skin tones, the industry still a long way to go. We can’t wait to get a glimpse of what Rowland will be offering.
There’s no word on a launch date for the makeup line – but we’ll keep you posted. You can also look out for Rowland’s new album in the coming months, as well as a book that she explained is “exciting” but sadly “can’t even say what it is yet.”

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What are your thoughts on this "old team vs. new team" tug-of-war? A lot of blogs seem to be under the notion that whenever something bad happens or something negative is written about them in the media, it's old team tarnishing their image before they let them go, but when something positive happens/is written, it's new team coming to the rescue and stepping in. Whilst I do believe they are on their way out from MM and are signing with new people, it doesn’t seem very realistic

(cont.) from a business point of view that a “new team” would go to the extent of defending and managing a *possible* future client, whilst they are /still/ currently being managed by a different team. Why would they manage someone else’s clients when nothing has been fully transferred, signed or guaranteed? The whole old team vs. new team mortal combat seems very childish to me, but then again I have no knowledge on how this business works, so maybe it’s a common thing.


I’m of the opinion that as of now, Modest is out completely and Syco is on its last legs.

I don’t think “New Team” has been in place before now, but I do thing “New Team” has been undermining some of the things “Old Team” has been trying to do.  And yes, I absolutely think “Old Team” was and is actively trying to damage the brand.

I think the negative press that 1D has received in UK tabloids has been the work of primarily Ann-Marie Thomson at Syco. I also think the smear campaign against Louis is her handi-work (with Simon’s approval).  Though I think Dan Wootton’s baseless, slanderous rant against them was because he had lost access to 1D and thus 90% of the hits he got for his column. I don’t necessarily think he was told to print that crap, but I do think Ann-Marie fed him some of the lies to damage their reputation. He seems to actually believe some of it. And then I think the New Team planted articles and quietly undermined the damage (though to this day, some papers still reference things Dan said, sadly).

While it’s not the usual order of business, if we’re right (and c’mon we are) and Azoff will be the new manager, I don’t find it strange at all that he would work a bit behind the scenes to help keep the brand as valuable as possible before he officially took over.

But as for everything good being “New Team” and everything bad being “Old Team”, no, it’s not that simple.  Sometimes what we see as “bad” really isn’t, and things we see as “good” aren’t. You have to wait a while and see how things shake out and what the final results are before making that call.  And we are far from being able to do that just yet.