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OMG Jungkook's reaction like lol??? IDK HOW TO EXPLAIN IT. Bcs. You'd think a totally platonic friend would be saying something else instead or not give a reaction at all but his reaction was so specific? I mean honestly, if anybody wasn't acquainted to the group/the ship and wasn't aware of their relationship and saw that exchange between Jungkook and Jin, I'm sure they would've thought there was some sort of inside joke there or something.

[To anybody who don’t know what we’re talking about, we’re discussing this moment.]

Exactly. If you didn’t have any English subs (or if they muted the video for all you fellow Koreans), you would think that Jin were actually teasing Jungkook. But nope.. Jin was talking about stripping Jimin… and only JK reacted that way so -

Anon: Uuuuuuuu that vlive thooo. Isn’t anybody ever gonna mention how Hobi automatically looked at JK for that “naked body” suggestion? He looked almost like he’s in on the teasing with Jin? And Taehyung kinda frozen up for a second there lol ((Just a feeling but I think Taehyung is one of the most conscious about their relationship? He seems to be alert whenever JK+JM do stuff together like that time in the hotel room with the “private talk” fiasco))

Anon: today in Vlive, when jin looked at jk and said about 1billion convention, i was exciting for jk’s reaction. but everyone else looked at jk except V. he stopped smiling and did not look at jk when jin said that. I’d like to know what you think of his reaction. He make me feel they’re in a love triangle

Anon: I can’t believe I missed that ji/kook moment when I watched the vlive??? But a little something I noticed is how fast Tae’s smile dropped when Jin was making that statement and he kept staring at Jimin and Jimin actually laughed after looking at Tae’s reaction?? Just look at his eyes, they were trained on Tae and Tae then looked at the other hyungs as if saying “Are you gonna let this happen??”

kekire said: after Jin talk about naked Jimin, Jungkook’s reaction makes me replay, what about V’s reaction? he stopped smiling when Jin talked about Jimin, all my ji/kook shippers notice that and be curious about his reaction.       

…If any of you think that I, an OG V/Min nerd (and an expert on all things MPT), did not notice Tae’s reaction then you are sorely mistaken. I also think he was checking Jimin’s expression but he recovered pretty quickly lmao Still, I maintain the opinion that Jimin laughed harder after Jungkook’s commentㅋ It’s all up to interpretation tho.

Regardless of all the big or small details people may glean from this moment, the only truth is this: Jungkook is hopeless and he does not know what it means to be subtle.