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A few months ago I got to babysit Mr Pink for my friend for a few days, he was super cute! He’s a pink hypo smooth knobtail gecko (nephrurus levi levi). Pink isn’t technically a morph in levis, it’s just a line bred trait so we can’t really predict what his hatchlings will be like when he’s paired with our red/orange crosses. Fingers are crossed for a high red female for my male Petrie though 🤞
The last one is Mr Pink next to Petrie, you can see how much brighter & generally fancier Mr Pink is :’)

I think we should start calling pugs “asthma dog” .. just so people know what they would be getting themself into. 

In all seriousness.. I sometimes regret getting a pug.. mine doesn’t have any serious problems so far but I would definitely not get another one. He’s an amazing, loving companion but yes, his life is more limited than that of most dogs. 

I just wanted to add a more elaborate point than - I’m a pug and life sucks *wheeze*! 


❛ You fight much harder than you fuck. ❜
❛ Do not forget who put the crown on your childish head! ❜
❛ Steady your heart. Look deep into your souls. ❜
❛ Fight for your families. Most of all you fight for Greece. ❜
❛ It begins as a whisper. ❜
❛ A wind of justice. A wind of vengeance. ❜
❛ For glory’s sake, war! ❜
❛ I would rather die free than live as a slave. ❜
❛ Steel and flesh… life and death… war. ❜
❛ There will be death and destruction! ❜
❛ This is the birthplace of the world’s greatest warriors. ❜
❛ It’s a curious thing for a simple ship guard…  ❜
❛ Can you explain to me how I don’t know you? ❜
❛ If death comes, I’m ready! ❜
❛ Nothing will stop the march of my empire! ❜
❛ I know every single man beneath my lash. ❜
❛ That could’ve been just a lack of discipline. ❜
❛ They can reveal every imperfection and flaw in his character. ❜
❛ The fate of the world hangs on their every syllable. ❜
❛ For your mettle is to be tested this day. ❜
❛ An unbreakable bond made stronger by the crucible of combat. ❜
❛ What more would you have us give? ❜
❛ There is only one rule in the heat of combat. ❜
❛ You offered a freedom without consequence or responsibility! ❜
❛ Have you come to accept? ❜
❛ My answer is still no! ❜
❛ I fight for the destruction thereof. ❜
❛ We chose to die on our feet, rather than live on our knees. ❜
❛ Is it going to be another homoerotic movie like the last one? ❜
❛ Sit and watch from your golden throne, and enjoy the safety I provided you. ❜
❛ I fight for the freedom of ________ ❜
❛ Don’t get killed on the first day. ❜
❛ I leave this with you. ❜
❛ That breeze became a wind. ❜
❛ Steady your hearts. Look deep into your souls. Choose your glory! ❜
❛ It will allow us to unite Greece for one purpose, against one enemy. ❜
❛ Today we will dance across the backs of dead Greeks! ❜
❛ War is coming. ❜
❛ I will attack the ______ with my entire navy! ❜
❛ We did what we were trained to do, what we were bred to do, what we were born to do! ❜
❛ For there is no nobler cause than to fight for those who will lay down their life for you. ❜


If you don’t like slowpoke you must be that person who also doesn’t like babies because do you even have a soul? All kidding aside, I wish slowpokes were real so I could have a ranch of them and quit illustrating. This is definitely the coolest bandwagon I have ever hopped on. I might release these things as individual posts with fake Pokedex entries later. The story is, these are all Pokemans a slowpoke can be bred with in the game. We all know what happens in that day care, and I feel like I would be super pumped to bring home one of these babies. 

Pokemon is created and owned by Nintendo 

Special thanks to Anndorphin and Scook for artistic/emotional support also go check out their pages geeeze their art is so beautiful gogogogogo

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I've seen a lot of complaints lately from laypeople about feral city clowns that have evolved to mimic statues. "Like giant rats - I hate it when I think I see a statue and then it suddenly moves" people say. I think they're beautiful (Especially a good Long Island Silver or Miami Beach Copper)! And they're ultimately domestic. Heck - they wouldn't have even started down this path of evolution if we hadn't first bred for more and more metallic sheen. What can we do to help these poor things?

Eh, clowns that have adapted to not being totally in human hands don’t really need us anymore. They’re juts gonna have to be left alone. Something that I think would be cool would be if you, like, made a club dedicated to checking up these clowns!!

Imagine aliens to whom the very concept of domestication is foreign. Maybe animals on their world are too fierce to be tamed? Maybe their worldview prevents the idea??

Then they get to Earth and they’re like “what the fuck is that thing and why is it in your home”

“Oh, that’s our dog.”


“He’s nice. The kids love him.”


“Humans have had kept dogs as pets for thousands of years. They aren’t going to start rebelling now.”

“Ah, I see. What a unique interspecies relationship! I wonder how your two species evolved in such a way as to cause this symbiosis.”

“…we just tamed wild wolves.”

“You WHAT?”

“Captured and bred wild dogs until they became loyal to us. Now, it’s in their genes to like us.”

“How barbaric! Unheard of! Genetic manipulation before you even invented electricity! I wonder if these wolves were genetically predisposed to serving beforehand…”

“Buddy, have I got news for you about farms.”


so what if instead of dogs, we had raptors? different dromeosaurids bred for herding, hunting, showing and just being wonderful companion animals. While dogs are pretty great, I have to admit I am such a sucker for the idea of domesticated raptors.

@lupisdarkmoon and I have been roleplaying in the Ironclaw setting recently, which is an anthropomorphic fantasy world roughly set in a napoleonic era in terms of technology. And they seem to use some reptiles and saurian-inspired creatures as wild animals and livestock. It’s not gotten into too much depth about it to be honest. So Lupis and I kinda went a little bit overboard.
So in our story at least, we have tamed herding raptors helping the dhole farmers with their hadrosaur herds. Pterosaurs preening themselves on the docks of Triskellian, snapping up any thrown away fish. Noble horses hunting ceratopsians on their private woodlands atop of their ornithomimus mounts.

We just need to figure out where they get their wool and milk from. :\a

What Donald Trump figured out about America that Hillary didn't:

We have bred the glorification of ignorance, allowing for Demagogues to take root in a hyper partisan environment.

Also, that much of America is rather stupid and falls for con-men. Americans have always loved those that can sell us a quick fix. Nevermind Hillary and her elitist expert policy analysis.

You blew it America. You really blew it.

Socialization? Or Habituation?

The following article is written by Dennis McKeon, who has worked as a trainer in the greyhound industry for much of his life.  This is shared with his permission.  However one may feel about greyhound racing, it’s crucial to understand the background of these dogs and to not give in to emotion-driven anthropomorphism (e.g. he’s so nervous he must have been abused!) in order to understand and help their transition from a performance-driven life to the life of a pet.   It is quite long, so I’ve put quite a bit of it under a cut, but it is a good read, especially for anyone in the greyhound adoption community.

It seems that more and more people who are unfamiliar with purpose-bred dogs, who are raised within large colonies, are being confused by the reams of disinformation published on the internet, particularly as it concerns NGA Racing Greyhounds.

There are many people whose vision has been narrowed and occluded by the litany of propaganda that exists about racing and racing greyhounds, to the extent that they can’t even imagine a greyhound being completely happy and fulfilled —or even loved—as a natural racing greyhound, believing instead, that a greyhound can only find true happiness in adoption. This is a conceit that is absolutely tragic, to anyone who has ever cared for a kennel full of happy, content, healthy and well-loved racers.

The very idea that a greyhound who has yet to absorb the entirety of his newfound adopted life, and who appears reluctant to embrace it at once, might actually miss and long for his previous life, is beyond the scope of their understanding. [emphasis mine] This is a direct result of the false, popular narrative that has become an impediment to an adopter’s ability to perceive and intuit many of their greyhound’s behaviors, and an existential threat to the NGA racing breed itself.

Today, most greyhounds who are bred to race on the track, are raised as part of a large breeding colony. These colonies of greyhounds are usually said to have been raised on a “farm”. There can be anywhere from 50 to 500 greyhounds housed at such a facility.

Unlike most other breeds, greyhounds are kept with their dams for extended periods of time, sometimes until the puppies are nearly young saplings. These dams teach the puppies about pack etiquette, they demonstrate “hunting” techniques, and serve as the “playground monitors” for their developing, energetic, and rowdy, would-be racers. At some point, the litter of youngsters is introduced to other litters of similar age and development, usually around the time that serious race-training is to begin.

One of the many remarkable things with which adopters and other greyhound enthusiasts are always impressed, is the greyhound’s capacity for getting along with other dogs, even with those to whom they are complete strangers. This is because correct pack behaviors and socialization skills are learned and reinforced at every stage of the greyhound’s life – from the farm, to the advanced training facility, to the kennel at the racetrack.

As a result of their colonial, pack-centric upbringing and racing environments, there is probably no breed of canine which has better or more highly evolved, canine coping and social skills, or who is more habituated to a punctual, predictable routine, than the NGA Racing Greyhound. When greyhounds experience difficulties with other dogs, it is often because those other dogs are simply not as well schooled in pack etiquette and social skills.

Because they are valuable, meticulously and expensively bred individuals, racing greyhounds are handled by their human caretakers at very early stages, where grooming, leash-training, and chase-play are all begun. This is done to prepare the greyhound for his/her racing career, where their proper deportment and manageability are crucial to the individual greyhound’s success as a racer. [emphasis mine]

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What I love about the RD DVD commentaries

(Aside from many other things)

 - Craig remembering and spoiling gags before they happen.

 - Stupid jokes.

Rimmer: Three million years ago, it was pneumonia. Since then, it’s bred and mutated and now we don’t know what it is!

Craig: It’s oldmonia.

 - Chris pointing out the passages of time and how it always seems to take awhile to get to the meat of the plot.

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I am always wondering why people say "pit bulls weren't created to fight!" when I try to educate someone on the subject. I always think well okay then why do they look the way they do? Why do you think dog establishments (like petsmart) does not want them on doggy day care? Humans have manipulated dogs for centuries and humans shaped pits to be fighting dogs. We know what dogs look like when they are bred for companionship(small and fluffy, big eyes to look like babies)(part1)

 You can ask the people who say this what they believe created the APBT. What breed(s) was it established from? What were those dogs used for?
A basic rundown of the APBT’s history is as follows:
1. Molossoid/mastiff-type dogs were used for hunting, boar-catching, that sort of thing. They were called “boar hounds” or “bull hounds”.
- To test their abilities as hunting hounds….
2. …The dogs were used for boar-baiting, bear-baiting, lion-baiting, etc as a form of entertainment.

External image

- These dogs proved useless at this due to their size and lack of gameness. The fighters bred for shorter legs, a stronger jaw, and more speed and agility.. and the Olde English Bulldog was born into bloodsports.
External image

3. The Olde English Bulldog was used for boar-baiting, bear-baiting, lion-baiting, ratting, etc
- When this was banned..
4. … The Olde English Bulldog was fought dog-vs-dog for entertainment, because this was easier to conceal compared to a bull-baiting or lion-baiting event. The fighters began to breed the OEB with terrier breeds for their size, speed, and gameness…
- … and the Bull-and-Terrier was born in the dog-fighting pits.
External image

5. The Bull-and-Terrier was fought dog-vs-dog just like the OEB, and eventually the Staffordshire Bull Terrier was born.
- The Staffordshire Bull Terrier was born in the dog-fighting pits.
External image

6. The Staffordshire Bull Terrier was fought and brought over to America. The Americans began to breed the dogs their own way and…
- …. The Pit Bull Terrier was born in the dog-fighting pits.
7. Chauncy Z. Bennett wanted to slap the name “American” in front of Pit Bull Terrier to create the American Pit Bull Terrier.
- The American Pit Bull Terrier was never used or bred for anything but dog-fighting and less-commonly, boar-catching (mostly in the southern USA)
External image

 There is no room for debate. The APBT’s entire history (and it’s ancestors) was created in the fighting pits and in bloodsports. Their dog-aggression has been ingrained in them for hundreds and hundreds of years. In fact, the Staffordshire Bull Terrier was brought over FOR the purpose of dog-fighting in the 1800’s. They (and their ancestors) were bred and used for dog-fighting in the UK for much longer than that.

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What are your views on scholarships that are designed to increase Aboriginal/TSI attendance at universities being given to privileged students who are 'slightly' Aboriginal/TSI? Do you think these scholarships should be given to students who are disadvantaged due to their Aboriginal/TSI heritage?

First of all, I’m going to to need you to write out “TSI” to “Torres Strait Islander”. It’s incredibly disrespectful and offensive to reduce someone of that heritage to just an acronym whilst fully spelling out ‘Aboriginal’.

All Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students are disadvantaged due to their heritage. It only takes one look on your enrollment papers if you’re trying to get anywhere in education and even just jobs. One look at the box that says “tick yes if you are Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander” and people can deny you acceptance, admission ect. 

You can’t be “slightly” Indigenous. You are or you aren’t. Aboriginality or your Torres Strait Islander status is not a matter of skin color, which is what you’re implying here.

Don’t forget that we were attempted to be bred out. So an Indigenous person who is biracial or mixed in Australia would have a very difference experience from the rest of the worlds biracial/mixed students. There were a number of racist policies that were meant to harm all non-white people - with a specific focus on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples since the British first arrived in Sydney. Australia also banned non-'Caucasian’ people (correct term would be white, as Caucasian does not mean white) from entering Australia in September, 1901. This proves how truly racist and xenophobic Australia was and STILL is. There are policies and actions in place that still openly discriminate against Indigenous persons today. 

 Many students at my school who are Indigenous are incredibly disadvantaged even if they are white-passing or as you put it “slightly” Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander. Tutoring is one of the big things that Indigenous students - regardless of skin color or “percentage of Indigenous blood” are going for right now at my school. Education statistics and outcomes are not passed down from each “fully” or “visibly” black person to another whilst skipping the kids who could pass as white. It doesn’t work like that. 

The exact same can be applied to a university attendance or scholarship. Yes, it is important to focus on Indigenous Australians who cannot simply take the disguise as passing for white in most settings - because they are obviously discriminated on a larger scale.. but to imply that darker skinned and lighter skinned Indigenous peoples do not deserve the same opportunities as each other OR to imply that peoples who aren’t “fully” black shouldn’t be receiving financial or an extra hand in their education is really wrong and quite offensive. 

Stop asking me these type of questions. They make me feel very uncomfortable because of the fact that people question and try to pick at one’s identity and to imply they don’t deserve the same opportunities as others because of their (lighter) skin color. As I send before, it does not work like that. We are a people so diverse and different yet ultimately the same in our struggles for our rights and recognition as people.  

“I really wanted to get a pound puppy but my husband wanted to get a dog where we could predict more what we’d get. So this is called a golden doodle. They’re actually bred for this silliness. Our agreement was that what we paid for him, we would donate that amount to the SPCA or different charities like that. He brings so much pleasure to so many people. So many people just go ‘That’s the cutest dog I’ve ever seen! He looks like a stuffed animal!’ Or they say ‘He looks like I could sit down and have a conversation with him.’ And there are so many kids whose relationship to big dogs in their neighborhood is scary. So, because he’s so gentle, they’re sometimes able to overcome that.”

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This is an honest to god thing. Not being rude. Every person who has a fucked up mental state was not born the way they are. You think that in the 1800's people had panic attacks and social anxieties? No. Who the hell had the fucking time for that. We're weak. Nowadays we're given too many classifications and such. The human being bred what you suffer from. Gradually we became weaker and weaker. Making up excuse after excuse for our sorrows and our insecurities.

“Not being rude” No that was very rude.

People actually CAN be born with mental disorders. You know, developmental disorders, autism, all that? What I mean when people are “born ith it” is that they show signs early on in life rather than developing them later on. Some disorders are hereditary, like Alzheimer’s, even DEPRESSION, so YES YOU CAN BE BORN WITH IT.

And yes, I do think in the 1800s people had anxiety and panic attacks and such. It’s just no one talked about it because it was even more stigmatized that it is now. 

In Night Vale, pit bulls are so called because they were bred to help stone fruit farmers with harvest. What we call pit bulls where we’re from are what they call secret terriers. Night Vale’s version of a breed ban is that nobody can acknowledge their existence while it is banned. Not only did calling them secret terriers not work to keep dog fighting under the radar, but also made way for another breed to adopt the name. Ironically, in order to stop the dog fighting, they had to stop the ban.

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Excuse me mister Atticus, but do you know where or how I might find a nice nightmare? Or perhaps you know how I might create one? I haven't dreamed of darkness in months, and I'm becoming a bit agitated by the lack of evil in my subconscious.

A note from Atticus:

I keep a special pool of murk and filth within an uncharted swamp in the South for just such an occasion.

It is an interesting little place that no state wants on their map, so it technically falls outside the jurisdiction of many laws.

I will head down there in a few days and unleash something. It is no trouble, I try to return often to see what has survived and what has bred.

Then we will come find you some quiet evening.

Oh, yes, I will be delivering it personally. They enter your ear, you know, nightmares. But don’t worry. I will bring a cool cloth and dab your forehead, I will watch you drift to sleep, I will pinch your nose as you scream – did you know you cannot scream with your nose held shut?

I will be with you during the experience, though that may make it better or worse. I can never tell, folk never survive long enough to give feedback.