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Helen McCrory on Alan Rickman:

“We met in 2008, on the set of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, when Helena [Bonham Carter] and I were playing the Lestrange sisters, and Helena, Alan and I were making a spell “to the death” together.

Though he was brilliant in the part, he wasn’t so method that he swished around in his large black robe in between takes. Instead we’d have a coffee and a giggle – he has a naughty sense of humour – and I’d say, “So, what’s your power again?”“


I didn’t know I was in love with you until I was talking to someone about falling in love. I started describing how it feels to be around them and how they make you feel and how fast your heart beats around them. Then I realized I was talking about you. I was saying how it felt to be around you and how you made me feel and how fast my heart used to beat around you. But by the time I figured it out that I was in love with you, it was too late. You moved on. You were happy. But for me, I forgot what it felt like to be around you and I forgot how you made me feel and my heart doesn’t beat as fast anymore.
—  falling in love
The Younger Marner Part 2 - Auston Matthews Imagine

I’m already requesting a part 2 to the Marners little sister imagine!! I know you just posted it but it’s so good and I really wanna part 2!

This took wayyyy longer than expected… Whoops? Anyway, I’m making this an actual fic apparently ??? I kinda want to so tell me what you think and yes requests are closed, but not for this okay cool. Lol I hope you all like it, I do. Thanks for reading! -Accius

Part One

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gracelessace  asked:

(1/2) You had a great post on early Genesis and gender, and you mainly talked about Genesis 1:27-28. I found it interesting that throughout the entire creation story, this first of the adam was never named- in my translation he's just called "the human" whereas Eve is named after their expulsion from the Garden (3:20). I was looking to see if Adam was ever named, and I found he was in Chapter 5- "This is the record of Adam's descendants. On the day God created humanity, he made them to resemble

(2/2) God and created them male and female. He blessed them and called them humanity (adam) when they were created.“ (Ch. 5:1-2) Do you have anything to say or any notes on the original Hebrew text and/or meaning of this passage, and what that would mean for your interpretation?

Oh thank you for this ask! While writing that post I was trying to remember if Adam was ever actually called Adam as his name rather than to mean “the human” and I guess I didn’t look far enough ahead – there it is at the start of chapter 5 indeed. 

I’ll pull apart the Hebrew of 5:1-2 now and let’s see what we find.

My translation: “This is the book of the begettings [generations/descendants] of Adam. On the day God created adam, in the likeness of God he made them; male and female he created them and blessed them and called their name adam on the day they were created.” 

[Spoilers: I find that the most interesting bullet point is the last one, so feel free to skip to that.] 

  • “…of Adam.” – This is indeed a usage of the noun adam as a proper name rather than as “the human;” we know this because the article ha (“the”) is not used with it – as well as common sense given that it’s used with the word “descendants” and genealogies are always of specific people. (There are no capital letters in Hebrew so that wouldn’t help us know it’s a name.) 
  • “On the day God created adam– here I suppose adam could be the name Adam since it doesn’t have the article ha with it, but it’s more likely to mean humanity since in the next verse it’s going to refer back to this use of adam with a plural verb (which we’ll get to in a second). 
  • “in the likeness of God he made them” – here we have the singular masculine (or default neutral by English reckoning) pronoun used in Genesis 1:27 to refer to the collective plural implied in adam.
  • “male and female he created them” – here the pronoun is plural.
  • “and blessed them and called their name adam” – here’s the most interesting part interpretively I’d say.
    First of all, we have the same idea found in 1:28, that God blesses not just the “male” but the “female,” so yay for that.
    Then, for something new (not super revelational but as a supplement to what we discovered in Genesis 1 and 2), we have the specific naming of these first humans as simply adam by God. More on that below.

So to me these couple of verses further bolster what I discussed in the previous post, with a little bit extra to add to the interpretation.

Things that 5:1-2 re-affirms from the Genesis 1 and 2 verses of the previous post without adding much new: 
- that God made “male and female” (with the possibility that this is not a binary “and”) in general, but with no mention of God labeling individual humans as either male or female (or neither, etc.). So the possibility that God allows humans to gender themselves after having created those genders (or sexes? or simply physical differences that humans will then try to make sense of through coming up with gender??), rather than “selecting” a gender for each of us, still stands. 

Things that are iterated in new ways here in 5:1-2:
- The word adam being used as the proper name for that first human, Adam, which doesn’t have much to do with the gender interpretation but is good to note since he’s called that in other places in scripture so it’s clearly part of the tradition that the first person’s name was Adam.
- The idea that God named these new beings adam, or humanity/humankind. In Genesis 1 and 2 we could imply that adam is what God called them – rather than ish (man) and/or ishah (woman) – since that is the word used in the text while God makes them, sets the first adam in the Garden, and so on. But here we learn for sure that God calls them adam as their name. Again, this isn’t some huge revelation, but to me it further bolsters the idea that God did not “name” their gender for them – God simply named them all human, with male and female (the “and” holding a whole spectrum of gender) as part of collective humanity but not imposed by God onto individual persons, if that makes sense.

If anyone has more commentary on gender in early Genesis, I’d love to hear it!

Too smart for anyone's good.

You’re mad but you can’t be mad, you’re bursting at the seems.
And you’re mad but you can’t stay mad because the end justified the means.
The stuff of legends, is the same stuff that makes dreams.
And what hurts the kids is what fuels the fiends.

Your heart is a just sculpture that’s made out of stone.
You’ve stolen back every bone that you’ve thrown.
But that’s okay, you’re dumb enough to believe every word that I say.
You didn’t know they started but you’ve lost every game.
That we’ve played,
(Played) Like a damn fool.

You have sharp words and I’ve a sharp mind.
You thought you were only a step behind.
You were actually just running out of time.
You’re not ahead of the game you’re just apart of mine.

You’re mad but you can’t be mad, you’re bursting at the seems.
And you’re mad but you can’t stay mad, because the end justified the means.

And I know I use my good for not so good,
My intelligence is hidden and misunderstood.
My words a gift that few have took.

You had cancerous intent, you clouded my eyes.
You were blocking me from the one you knew I’d find.
The one that was the world to my sky.
The one I’ll stay and wait until after time.
I am hers and you are not mine.


Sher/lollies really need to stop using the argument “you don’t ship it because you’re a misogynist who hates women.” Don’t get me wrong: Sexism and misogyny in society are very pervasive and real, yet where are we lacking for heterosexual relationships in media? The answer is we are not lacking. But we cannot say the same about m/m or f/f relationships. And the fact is, sher/lolly is a very misogynistic ship. It is. If Sherlock and Molly were to get together it would be ABSOLUTELY antifeminist. Having a female character “get what she wants” is surely not l inherently feminist. Particularly when what she wants weakens her as a character.

But they act like two men in a relationship is inherently misogynistic simply because a woman isn’t involved- which is so fucking stupid. Of course a woman isn’t also in this relationship between these two guys. And it also kind of sad. A woman being in a relationship is somehow feminist just because there’s a woman involved in a relationship. Apparently the only way to be feminist is if you have all your women characters fuck the lead. Also gay relationships aren’t about women? Johnlock is not about Molly? And that’s not misogyny fucking let gay men live happily.

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i have two sag siblings and they used to get on my nerves so bad because they were always trying to "teach" me things and debate with me. now whenever they're being all high and mighty i wait for them to finish and then say "sorry what? i wasn't listening". they lose their minds lol

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Not really a duck anybody, but I figured I might find some help. I have a friend who I generally get along with, but they used a phrase that sent me into frantic mode. I tried to explain how I had a sudden irrational fear that…someone…would show up, and they said "Well I'm not them so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯" I pointed out I didn't say they were, I was 'just' panicking and freaking out. They kept going "But I'M. NOT. THEM! So STOP. WORRYING. ALREADY!" What should I do? (not word-for-word bc ask limit)

I’m not getting this entirely, but the jist is pretty clear I think. If someone is doing something that is triggering you and they dodge around it like you’re being irrational or going over board then they’re not much of a friend. If a friend knows something bothers you and you even vocalize that it does but they still keep going with sentences that begin with “but” then they’re not being very thoughtful. If I’m perhaps not seeing something here, feel free to add on in the replies/reblogs, guys. I admit that I can be spacey at times where things can go over my head. It helps to have friends to keep me in check. :) -Abby

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WHaaaaht is the TRUTh? whats your opinion on all this camren stuff rn should we just give up and realize we were wrong or hold on to all the stares and moments that brought us up to this?? #imhavinamentalCrisis

Oh, I have so many things to say. This is going to be very metaphorical but all I’m going to say is go with your heart and by heart, I mean deep in your heart. Really deep in your heart, you know the very dark corners of your heart. In other words, you can still absolutely ship Camren but don’t do it in a crazy manner.  Keep it tamed and lay on the down low like me. I acknowledge that there is nothing right now but I also keep in mind a lot of things.

With Worlds coming up I feel like its time to make another reminder post:


What do I mean by this? I mean please do not go onto photos or videos of skaters solely to make a YOI reference or say “omg it’s (character name)!”. Please do not go into the tags for skating events and make only Yuri on Ice references and not actually comment on any of the skating. Etc.

Seeing similarities between a character and a particular skater is FINE and bound to happen, as many of the characters were loosely based on real life skaters in some way or another, BUT when you reduce a skater to nothing more than a fictional character you dismiss everything that that skater is, everything they work for, everything they’ve achieved and overcome. When you go onto a post of Yuzuru Hanyu (I see it with many skaters but I feel it happens more frequently with him) and comment “it’s yuuri!” you aren’t doing anything good for yourself or for the YOI community or for Yuzuru. Do you think he has worked his ass off through injury and fatigue to improve his programs so people can comment on how he looks like a fictional character and not say anything about his skating? The same applies to any skater. Nobody wants the sum of all their hard work and dedication overlooked in favor of making a character reference. Not to mention it’s rude to people who are fans of skating but not of the show; nobody likes tag spam, and people trying to watch skating shouldn’t have to wade through a pile of unrelated posts or comments just to enjoy their favorite sport.

Many skaters actually like Yuri on Ice (half the people in my freestyle group have either watched it or heard of it; it’s everywhere) but you disrespect them and push them away from wanting anything to do with the community when you do these sorts of things. I personally am thankful the show is getting people into watching/doing figure skating! But please, be a good fan, these are national champions, world champions, Olympic medalists, have some respect. 

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but tbh listen, death note was an anime about japanese people made by japanese people and they Dare to do an all white cast… ghost in the shell 2.0

and if we’re being super honest here, a book with characters whose race/ethnicity is not specified (besides riko, nicky and thea’s) generally gets an All/Almost White cast, not to mention that’s basically how the author sees her characters like. we as a fandom Crave that diversity so it’s never going to be all white for us, and ofc we’ll get disappointed bc we see a character a certain way and then we Look at what they dare to cast and we’re like “maybe i dont want this anymore :/” but yeah IM TALKING LIKE IT’S HAPPENING DKJFKJ but i think you get what i mean. if we Ever get a tfc show… i guess we’ll be have to be happy with what we get? or just like stick to the books. the books are the only thing that matters

#96 - For anonymous

Filling the prompt: "First time with Van”

Note: Instead of focusing on the actual sex, I’ve done the lead up. There is another fic you may like if awkward sex is your thing and that’s what you were hoping for here - linkylink. =^.^=

In the back of the taxi, as he wraps one arm around you, bringing you in closer, and leaves the other hand to rub circles and patterns across your thigh, you have a moment. You wouldn’t call it panic, but something along that spectrum. When he’d asked if you wanted to leave the bar, go someone else, you knew you should have said no because you knew he meant ‘do you want to come back to mine so we can fuck.’ You didn’t say no, though. You bit your lip, red from kissing, and nodded. You waved goodbye to your friends, who looked confused, and followed him into the taxi.

The reason you should not be here is because as a virgin, you have no idea what you are doing. You have three choices then. The first, get out right now. Fake sickness. Get out the taxi. Run. The second, just tell him. The boy may be biting bruises into your neck, but he’s sweet. The third, wing it? Try to guess how to have sex with a stranger effectively?

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Rammstein in Paris: Quick Thoughts

So, I went to the screening and I’m going to share some of my thoughts and actions:

  • One of the top comments on the life feed on Rammstein’s page stated that Jonas needs to calm down, they think he’s given them seizures. I cackled, but it’s true; this film has a LOT of VERY frantic moments that are quite extended in some places. I’m not qualified to give an epilepsy warning, but I WILL say those prone to migraines or oversensitive to flashing lights/images or frantic editing might want to watch out.
  • I LOVE the way most of the songs are introduced, their ‘title cards’. The only ones I didn’t really like were Mutter (it took me forever to realise that’s what the words were going to spell out as they were written) and Feuer Frei! (font was tacky). Buch Dich’s one was fucking hysterical, though.
  • On that note, I really don’t need to see Flake’s pale flat arsecrack for a good solid lifetime now.
  • Irritated, abusive, sloppily dressed housewife Shneider is the best.
  • No matter how much it would have been rehearsed, him ‘kicking’ members down the steps to the second platform always look fucking painful.
  • The slow buildup at the start really does take a while to get going. If it’s for stragglers to get into theatre, very well done. I enjoy spooky sombre Rammstein and monk-like Ollie (did I mention how much I FUCKING LOVE monk-themed Ollie because I do).
  • Paul is a goofball and everyone loves him. Everyone is solemn in the procession across the walkway. And there’s Paul doing an exaggerated stomping march (think Till when he’s getting off the platform in Wuhlheide at the start of Ich Tu Dir Weh, that kind).
  • OH MY GOD IS SHNEIDER GOING TO DO A BACKFLIP oh thank fuck no he’s not jesus man don’t scare us.
  • Nice closeups of Ollie, the forgotten bassist. Between Paul the lovable ham, Flake the abused glitter giraffe, Richard the prima donna, Shneider from outer fucking space and melancholy boyish titan Till, Ollie is somewhat in the background. Easily the most dignified, and he gets some shine here.
  • Speaking of the glitter giraffe, HIS FUCKING MOUSTACHE.
  • I will never get sick of the concert addition of the ‘tick, tick-tick-tick, ticka-tick-tick’ for Mein Teil. I love that little earworm.
  • Till’s finger-in-mouth girly pout at his now empty dick is priceless.
  • As much as Jonas needs to calm the fuck down with his editing sometimes, when he gets it right, he gets it REALLY right. Closeups of Till really shine at certain moments, I can’t wait to see in-between screens for something.
  • Reptile tongue Till is cool until the second time when it looks fake as shit, and lightening fingers Flake is distracting. Also, floating spinning Till made me wonder if the migraine had started and was messing with my eyeballs.
  • Fuckers leaving before the end.
  • Fuckers STANDING IN FRONT OF THE SCREEN as the after-credits come on.
  • Flake staying behind to finish his parts, then casually fucking off as the show ends makes me cackle.
  • I feel sorry for the people behind fuckers who have banners in the crowds, I really do.
  • Till is melting ice-cream from his hair at one point. I know that’s not what it is, it just looks like that.
  • I say that as I am jealous since I am unpierceable. I had two Till left-eyebrow piercings and numerous others, but my body tries to eat them and they never heal fully.
  • Headbutting microphones and smashing cymbals. FUCK INSTRUMENTS WE ARE RAMMSTEIN.
  • Speaking of which, where did Paul and Richard’s en-flambé guitars go guys you can’t just edit them out of existance where did you throw them to did you just really not like the security in the pit around you.
  • “Paul. PAW-AUL. Fuck it, Paul, okay. And I know it’s Flack-eh, but to me it’s Flake. He’s a Cadbury chocolate”
  • Someone get Jonas on some ritalin plz

That’s all I can think of, I’ll add more later

Into the Woods!

As I’ve said before, I am a music teacher. We’ve all had our March concerts, and spring break begins this weekend. So most of us are showing movies this week. I glanced into the choral room today, and noticed that they too were watching a movie. Guess what it was? Into the Woods! And there, up on the big screen, for all the middle schoolers to see and enjoy, was Mackenzie Mauzy! And I must say, she sounded beautiful and did a wonderful job. And her performance with Meryl Streep was great. And the kids were watching like a hawk, not a sound to be heard other than Mackenzie and Meryl.

For some reason, it made my day.

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Could you maybe write something about Ali being sad so Ash just kind of sushi rolls her in a blanket and cuddles her and stuff to make her feel better

    Ali was usually pretty good at ignoring all of the negative comments that came her way on social media. She was a public figure so it was to be expected that there would be some people out there that were going to criticize her or try to bring her down. As sad as it was, that was just what people did. It was getting harder to ignore though.

This was the third consecutive game that Orlando had lost and Ali felt like she hadn’t been playing her best. Not because she wasn’t trying her hardest, she had just felt kind of off lately. People were starting to trash her online, saying things about her age and how she probably wasn’t going to last very many seasons if she kept playing this way.

Ashlyn could tell that this was getting to Ali. She knew that there was nothing that she could  do or say to make this better, she just had to be there to support Ali until she worked through her thoughts and feelings.

It was almost two in the afternoon and it was a rainy day in Orlando. Ali was curled up in a ball on the couch, wearing sweats and one of Ashlyn’s hoodies. Ashlyn had been curled up on the couch with her, but she had gone to their bedroom a few minutes ago with a promise that she would be back shortly. Ali could hear Ashlyn rustling around. Normally, Ali tried not to be too whiny or clingy but she was in a bad mood and she wanted Ashlyn to come back and cuddle with her.

“Ashlyn. Come back!”

“Just a second, Al. I’ll be there in a minute.”

Ali sighed and burrowed deeper into her pillow.

Seconds later, Ashlyn reappeared. She was holding a large, thick blanket in her arms and pillows stacked on top of that. She didn’t say anything to Ali. she just spread the blanket out on the floor and dropped all the pillows at her feet.

Ashlyn leaned over and scooped Ali up into her arms. Ashlyn didn’t question it and linked her arms around Ashlyn’s neck. Ashlyn laid her down in the middle of the blanket and made quick work of folding the blanket around Ali. She started with the side and laid it over Ali’s stomach and then she pulled the other side over to do the same. Ashlyn crawled to where Ali’s feet were still peeking through the edge of the blanket and she tucked it under her toes. Once Ashlyn was satisfied with her wrapping up of Ali, she shuffled all the pillows over and out a couple under Ali’s head and a couple next to her so that she had something soft to lay on as well.

Ali was all bundled up in the little nest that Ashlyn had made for her. “There.” Ashlyn said triumphantly. “Now you’re a sushi.”

Ashlyn had a proud smile on her face and Ali grinned when she heard what Ashlyn had called her.

“Did you just call me a ‘sushi?’”

“Yep! I saw this picture online and it was a step by step diagram of how to wrap someone up like a sushi and cuddle them if if they were sad so that they wouldn’t be sad anymore.”

Ali just smiled. Ashlyn was the sweetest person she had ever met. Ashlyn scooted her way over to Ali and wrapped her up in her arms. There was absolutely nowhere else that Ali would rather be. Ashlyn always made her feel safe and loved. Even though she was upset about the games and she had let some of the rude comments get to her, all of that faded away when Ashlyn pulled her close. Ali knew how lucky she was to have Ashlyn in her life and she thanked god everyday that they had found their way to each other.

It had been silent for a few minutes. Ali was lost in her thoughts and the feeling of Ashlyn running her fingers through her hair. Ali looked up and gently nudged Ashlyn’s chin with her nose to get her to look down. Ashlyn made eye contact with her and smiled.

“Hey, Ash. I’m not a sad sushi.”

“Oh really? Then are you a sad burrito?”


Ashlyn was confused. She wasn’t quite sure why Ali had brought this up. “Then what are you?”

“I’m a happy sushi.” Ali grinned up at Ashlyn.

Ashlyn showed off her dimple when she smiled, which melted Ali’s heart. “Well, good. Because there is nothing that I love more than a happy sushi.”

Ali gave Ashlyn a quick kiss and said, “It’s impossible to be sad when I have you to take care of me.”

“You would do the same for me, Princess.”

“I would. And I love you.” Ali whispered.

“I love you, too.” Ashlyn responded. “And you’re the cutest sushi I have ever seen.”

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Who has the most different aura live/irl, compared to how they seem on camera? I'm sorry for asking, i'm just really curious and envy you for being able to go to their concert TT

I can’t speak for every live stage they’ve performed but for me today it was hoseok. I know he & the members always say that he’s the “hope” of the group and always sets a lively mood but I never fully understood it until I felt it? I heard some of the members were getting sick and to me seemed a little tired ;;;; but hobi’s aura carried the energy the entire night, he is so genuinely happy and positive and vibrant ✨✨✨ so I know I didn’t really answer your question, more like confirmed what was already said lol (bc the other members were pretty true to themselves! they are such sweet genuine souls~)

@zzkatierosezz replied to your photo “i left a somewhat salty comment on Duff’s page today and this…”

I was reading these comments earlier and wondering what her problem was!

where do i start? ive had four people dm me here talking about how this person does this all the time, to everyone! and i read all her other comments (she replied to everyone that didn’t 100% agree with her opinion, even the ones that agreed 98% she came for that 2%), and she goes on and on about how other people don’t realize that IT’S JUST A SHOW! ITS FICTIONAL! LET IT GO! …… she spent the whole day telling other people that they were taking a tv show too seriously…… do ya see the irony

meanwhile im just having some good old fashioned benevolent trolling, didn’t get mad, didn’t insult her, wasn’t rude to anyone. never once acknowledged what she had to say.. four word sentences,,, stupid silly screencaps of jack nicholsons face…. and every time she replied i could just imagine her with that angry pulsing vein on her neck like…. this is the perfect example of everything thats wrong with the Major Crimes fandom (and every other fandom tbh), its not the Rusty discourse its this sort of people who CANNOT tolerate the fact that someone else might have some genuine criticism over their favorite show

stg facebook truly is a hellish place