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Do you have any recommended texts on digital painting that a devoted beginner can pick up, specifically to learn from a novice level to professional standards how best to go about the process? As a machine engineer who is growing increasingly more dissatisfied with my work, I would love to take those drafting skills and apply them to professional concept art! Your grasp of colour and organic form is something to awe at; I would love to know where to begin.

I’m not a professional, nor is my work of a professional standard, but honestly the best advice is to just practice. In terms of illustration I’m primarily self taught but a good place to start is Gumroad, there’s a whole bunch of immensely talented artists there with a whole bunch of video tutorials and tools (like brushes and shit).

Find artists that you admire, see what techniques they use, get a sense for how they create art and approach things. Keep a reference library and seek out concept art books for films and games, I have over a dozen at this point and provide a bunch of inspiration as well as provide a reference for what standard you should strive towards (i’m sure there are pdf’s out there).

But yeah, practice. Don’t settle into a groove where you’re only creating work you feel comfortable making. Find what you feel intimidated to draw and start practicing. Also don’t feel like you have to create work to be shown to people, I’ve drawn a whole bunch of shit purely to practice that nobody will ever see.

Don’t be afraid to rely on photo references, it’s crucial to learning how to draw realistically. As a machine engineer you’re already coming in with some unique knowledge, i’m sure you’d be able to create some kick-ass robot and ship designs.

• People are allowed to enjoy video games that are older than they are

• You are not superior because you played that game when it was brand new in 1985. You’re just old.

• No one has to “prove themselves” as “true fans” to you by playing all the games in a series. It’s not that serious.

• People are allowed to have fun

• Chill

when a shem show up and tells you the only way to cure your illness is to join his stupid shem club and leave your clan forever

(pt. 2)


“he spent five hundred pounds on jeans”

“He’s got his eyebrows plucked and his asshole bleached”

“Tribal tattoos and he don’t know what it means”

“And wears a man bag on his shoulder, but I call it a purse”

“Drinks beer, but has a six pack, I’m kinda jealous”

“He wears sunglasses indoors, in winter, at nighttime”

“Now you’re eatin’ kale, hittin’ the gym”

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Just a quick PSA, if I catch any of y’all threatening to hurt Jeremy in any way, shape or form (joking or not) for not validating your ship, you’re gonna catch these hands, legs, and then some more hands so shut up

yall: “nobody wants a guy with a tiny dick” “short guys are ugly” “if your voice isnt deep dont talk to me”

every trans guy ever:


And they say romance is dead