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Things I learnt today with the Voltron News

1) I don’t care
2) I don’t care in the least
3) Still not caring
4) Couldn’t care less
5) Pidge is Italian

reasons why In A Heartbeat is probably the best movie for LGBT representation

-the main characters are gay and in love (obviously)

-they’re children, there are no stereotypes/sexualization , hell there aren’t even words, it’s so pure and fragile

-shows that children aren’t “too young” to figure out their sexuality or “going through a phase”

-emphasises on how closeted/confused children are scared to admit their sexuality because of society and homophobia

- sexually confused children can find relatable characters for the first time in… forever??

-shows homophobia in the purest and saddest way possible

-short and suitable for anyone

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1x12 | 2x20

#Alec Lightwood fell hard and fast #he went from the boy who desperately repressed any kind of feeling #to openly admitting his feelings #and not being able to live without Magnus Bane in his life #what a character development

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Sven was hands down the best thing about season 3. I wish they'd given him more lines tho :/

i also desperately wish sven had more lines, but i was only expecting him to have the briefest background cameo so this entire episode was a wonderland

Nick & Fiona discuss going to the pub with Harry
  • Nick *reading out a review* : "the person I'd like to go to the pub with is Nick Grimshaw or Harry Styles, or both"
  • Fiona : I can confirm that going to the pub with Harry, and you, and I've done both, is really wonderful
  • Nick : Do you like me on my own, Harry on his own or us together ?
  • Fiona : I like you on your own or you both together. I don't want him on his own
  • Nick : Why ?
  • Fiona : 'Cause it'd be awkward and I wouldn't know what to say. He's quite quiet
  • Nick : True. He's a wallflower
  • Fiona : He just doesn't fancy me, that's the problem