this is what they mean by family

So if I understood this correctly, then Xandarians are physically stronger and more endurable than Terrans, which would mean that Kraglin will always be stronger than Peter physically.

Which made me think – what about the others?

Yondu is Centaurian, Oblo Krylorian – if Terrans belong to the weaker species in the galaxy, than that would mean that at least half the Ravagers on the Eclector would have to watch out that they don’t accidentally hurt the little Terran when being a bit rougher with him.

I’m super amused at the thought of rough, loud, feared Ravagers having basically to walk on eggshells around the baby Terran they suddenly adopted, at least if they don’t want to injure him seriously.

I also like to think that Peter is actually fully aware that Kraglin or Yondu or the others could hurt him – break his bones or snap his neck if they really wanted to – but he’s also, at least unconsciously if not consciously, aware that they won’t.

(Keeping this in mind, this also makes the scene where Yondu beats up Peter in the first movie all the more important, because Peter barely does more than grunt and grimace during that, he doesn’t even have bruises after if I saw that correctly – Yondu was not faking that, but he was pulling his punches. He never meant for Peter to seriously get hurt.)

Creepypasta #1257: Stories From Malaysia - My Aunt

Length: Short

I’d like my story to be an introduction to the rich and strange folklore of Malaysia. To those who are unfamiliar, Malaysia has a very mixed culture – Malays, Chinese and Indians being the most prominent races. Our society, despite being highly-modernized, still holds on deeply to superstitions. And for good reason.

First, a little about me. I am of Indian heritage and my family has always been very much into the spiritual and paranormal. I have grown up learning about curses, possessed relatives, doppelgangers and strange, smoky jars with tiny stick figures inside.

I know what it means to see a rusty nail on an avoided banana tree, a red thread trailing from it. I have listened to forbidden songs known only by older fishermen, who swear that if sung at the right moment on the beach, a puteri (princess) will rise from the sea and walk on the waves.

I have seen what people will do when they are scorned.

Moving on. This story is more about my aunt than me. As long as I have known her, she’s been the kindest, meekest person I’ve ever met. I remember my brother sneaking up behind her with rubber cockroaches from the joke shop, and she’d shriek as if she saw a ghost.

Actually she never shrieked when she saw ghosts. Because she’d been seeing them all her life.

It was a family curse. My grandmother could see the dead, and now she. She said they weren’t frightening, per se – just normal-looking people looking confused and lost. Even when she was in boarding school, she wouldn’t be surprised to see a gaunt, old lady sitting in her room while she was studying. Or in a busy Chinese restaurant, during a family dinner – a silent relative that was present at the table that nobody noticed or spoke to.

However, as I said, my family was deeply spiritual. My aunt was more than well-versed in the ways of Hindu mysticism and prayer. She knew how to ward off a fanatical ghost that was obsessed with a girl. She knew how to cure illnesses brought on by ‘negative energies’. Thus, it wasn’t unusual for a relative to request her help during times of paranormal activity.

One day, she got a call from a relative who lived nearby. The woman claimed that her son was seeing ‘someone’ lurking around the house. The boy claimed that a Malay woman dressed in full baju kebaya was standing in the corner of his room, smiling at him and beckoning.

Well, who you gonna call right? My aunt and I made our way to the woman’s house. It was a normal terrace house with large tree in front of it, and a row of shops across the road (Taman Melawis, Klang – for any Malaysians here). I remember our relative letting us in. She looked naturally frightened and was holding her little boy close.

My aunt asked the boy what exactly did the woman look like. She was very beautiful, he said. With painted lips, hennaed hands and feet, and a lovely smile (My aunt noted that she was dressed very formally – almost as if for a wedding). The woman was always beckoning at him to come to her. Inviting him, as you would a little dog to come play with you.

We began the search. Well, I say we, it was mostly my aunt. We went room to room, for my aunt to sense the ghost. She did this by standing very still in the room and focusing intensely with eyes closed, shivering and writhing. It was very unnerving to watch.

Finally, my aunt said that the ghost was present (we were in the boy’s room). She said that the ghost was hiding behind a cupboard. She could see beautiful hennaed feet under. That was all we needed to know.

My aunt then began a series of prayers to ‘cleanse’ the house. I won’t go into much detail on this, but she basically made sure the house was wiped clean of any unwanted guests. And after another careful round of inspection, the ghost was declared gone.

We left the house, our relative and her son looking notably relieved. As we approached the front gate, my aunt said that we should celebrate by baking some chocolate cake. She was an excellent baker – I’d just hang around the kitchen, picking at the chocolate chips. She was laughing as she reminded me of how I’d beg her to make a blue cake when I was a kid.

The moment we closed the gate, she stopped laughing. Her face turned pale, as if she’d forgotten or missed something incredibly important. She looked up at the tree that was in front of the house. Stared at it intensely with a strange expression of pity and repulse. She then silently entered the car and we drove off.

I didn’t want to ask her what she saw. Perhaps it wasn’t even my business. But a few months later, she told me herself.

On that tree, the ghost of the Malay woman in the baju kebaya sat, staring longingly at the house she was now barred from. Only this time, the formerly beautiful, smiling face was twisted into an expression of pure disappointment and unbridled hatred.

Credits to: rajjiv (story)


hey so the left pic is me on my first day of kindergarten, in 2002. The hello kitty, Winnie the Pooh and blues clues aesthetic was on point 👌🏻

middle pic is me on the annual orchard trip (of that year - 2002) that my mom’s best friend would take us (her fam and mine) on every autumn. That sweater was my fave and my mom still has it I think

last pic is me just before Halloween 2002 with a jack o lantern my dad helped me carve (helped meaning he did all the work ‘cause I kept crying in fear of the knives).

The reason my mouth is closed in the first day of school pic is my lack of front teeth. We can always tell what pics are from 2002 in my family ‘cause I have no teeth !! Haha. I was 5 yrs old in 2002 btw and I adore your blog to piecesssss 💖💖💖💖💖

awww you were adorable!! thank you for sharing❤️
About Evan...

I don´t know…but the way he acts is so strange. He is a total douche at one moment, but five minutes later it seems like he regrets it in a sincere way (or at least that’s how it seems) 
Maybe he has some mental problem thanks to the trauma. If he is 10 years older than the twins then he was full aware of what happened to his parents, he remembers everything, he had to live the loss of his parents and little brothers. 
I mean, where has he been all this years? Not with his family or else Alexy and Armin would have stayed with him. He was too old to be adopted like the twins, usually people preffer babies. I got some theories but that’s for another time.
The point is that he must have a really rough life. I can´t tell what kind of problem he has but it seems like it’s a personality dissorder. I can´t compare him to someone like Debrah yet. He is too aggresive in lots of ways but there must be much more. I wish we can see his story, cause i’m sure it’s hearthbreaking

Some more of my Klance son. 
I think I will name him Joshua, or Josh to make it more short (not sure why, the name just stuck somehow). I am working on a picture of him as a paladin at the moment, lets see when I will be able to finish it.

This necklace is very important to him, its his lucky charm and he got it for his birthday. I don’t think that I have to explain what it means XD
He actually loves it and always wears it since he was a child, just sometimes, when something didn’t worked as planed, he thinks about what his Dads would have done and that they wouldn’t have screwed up like him. 
Yes, he has some insecurities about himself and his family, poor boy ^^’


Peter: You strike me as a woman who’s never been satisfied

MJ: I’m sure I don’t know what you mean, you forget yourself

Peter: You’re like me, I’m never satisfied

MJ: Is that right?

Peter: I’ve never been satisfied

MJ: My name is Michelle Jones

Peter: Alexander Hamilton

MJ: Where’s your family from?

Peter: Actually-um, my name’s not really Alexander Hamilton

MJ: I know. I was humoring you.

every time band blogs deactivate i think i lose a little bit of my soul because i feel like we’re a family that sticks together u know what i mean

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Idk if this is a controversial question, you don't have to answer if you think you'll get hate. But what was Clarke planning on doing if L didn't die/ALIE didn't take over? It's been a long time since I watched that ep. So Lxa finally let clarke leave Polis and go back home. Was L planning on attacking Arkadia still? Was Clarke just going to warn them and find Lincoln? I remember L saying C would be safe if she stayed with her, does that mean L was going to massacre her people if she stayed?

Same anon - the reason I asked is because it sounds super sketchy for L to be like “hey so stay here and I’ll kill all ur family and your only friends but you’ll be alive with little to no freedom!!” Like what? That can’t be right I hope I’m misremembering this.

No that’s pretty much what she said. L had all of Arkadia on a kill order if they stepped out of boundaries and had the grounders poison the water, so they were unable to get food or water to survive. It was a siege even if they DIDN’T flat out kill all the Arkadians. 

L was going to kill the Arkadians and she offered Clarke safety if she stayed there and abandoned her people. Why not? She’d already done that the last few weeks? Oh, right, because that’s not who Clarke was. 

I think Clarke was going home so they could figure it out, without having a plan already. My guess is she would have hoped to team up with Bellamy, because that was how she solved problems, and was in fact what she did, even after things shook out the way they did. Even though Bellamy very well might have solved the problem by turning Pike in to the grounders. 

But yeah. L wanted to keep her girlfriend/wanheda while killing all of the Arkadians.

Super sketchy?

Well that depends upon how you feel about killing innocent people and whether that’s wrong, or it’s okay as long as it’s in the name of vengeance, control, power, and proving to everyone that you are the toughest leader. IDK. 

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When I watch BTS, they have a strong bond with each other. Their friendship is so beautiful and so caring and they really do love each other, that sometimes... I feel like Im kinda alone, you know? and sad. Because I feel like I´ll never find any friends like them and so close and caring. I have watched many kpop groups who are close, but not so close as BTS. I actually have a lot of friends but not so close like BTS, you know... (sorry for talking to you about this)

that’s okay!! and yeah I definitely know what you mean.. they’re truly a family and the bond they share is so beautiful and so strong and I feel like they’re actual soulmates.. forming and keeping a real, strong friendship nowadays is so rare and so hard to do and they’re really lucky to have found each other.. however that doesn’t mean you won’t ever have that! you never know when you might meet your own soulmate(s)! 💌

Why The Mixtape™ is Nothing BUT a Romantic Gesture

In fiction, mixtapes are a symbol of love. While true that they can serve as gestures of familial love—Guardians of the Galaxy is an obvious example—they are far more iconic for embodying romantic love, and you would certainly be hard-pressed to dig up an example of a mixtape being a platonic gift for a friend in any form of media.

That fact alone, however, isn’t proof that Dean’s gift was inherently romantic, so let’s delve deeper into this delightful rabbit hole, starting with two words: Led Zeppelin.

In season twelve itself, Dean recalls that the legendary rock band played a key part in Mary and John’s relationship: When they first met, they were able to bond over a shared passion and knowledge of the lyrics to Led Zeppelin songs.

This is no coincidence. Why draw a connection between John and Mary’s love using Led Zeppelin and then choose, of all the other rock bands Dean enjoys, Led Zeppelin as the sole content on Dean’s mixtape for Cas? It’s labeled with “Zepp Tra xx” so we know exactly what he put on it. That’s not something you can easily wave off as an accident.

Originally posted by bringmesomepie56

Which is why it’s important to explore what purpose (if any) the mixtape serves if it doesn’t hold romantic connotations. I’ve seen arguments like the one below, and I just gotta tell you, they’re not deeply-rooted in much fact or awareness for how literary devices and cinematic techniques work:

In 9x18 “Meta Fiction”, Metatron provides Castiel with the knowledge of every piece of media he has ever consumed, which we know is a lot, so claiming that Castiel is still ignorant to pop culture is canonically untrue. Additionally, we know Dean doesn’t mind listening to Taylor Swift (10x12 “About a Boy”), so I don’t think it’s accurate to say he’d be horrified if Cas started rockin’ out to “Shake It Off”. You know, because…he did.

There’s a difference between sharing music in real life and sharing music in fictional media. In media, a story is being told and it’s safe to assume that things are being done very deliberately. We don’t see the exchange between Dean and Cas when the mixtape was initially given, so we are forced to derive the meaning of the gift from the single scene it’s presented to us.

What does the scene tell us? Not much. Cas places the tape on the desk. We see a close up of it that blatantly allows us to read what its titled (Cas even taps the label to further draw our attention to what it says). “Um, I just wanted to return this.” Dean picks it up and extends his arm. “It’s a gift. You keep those.” Cue close-up of their hands.

Why is this scene framed so intimately, placing such importance on the mixtape by emphasizing its existence in not one, but two close-ups? Because the mixtape is significant, and it’s more than just an excuse for Castiel to come into Dean’s room—ultimately—to steal the Colt. Something feels off, or missing, this entire scene, because it’s not just about Dean giving Cas a mixtape, yet at the same time we’re given little actual text on what it really is about.

So what is it really about? Because let’s be honest, if this was about Dean giving his platonic dude bro Cas some proper tunes to rock to, we wouldn’t be getting close-ups of this thing, because we’d get a textual explanation on why it was created instead, something like: “Yeah, hey man, this is for you, so you don’t have to keep listening to televangelists when you’re on the road.”

The writers of the episode, and everyone involved with constructing the storyline of this whole season, made a conscious decision to omit so much as a mention of a mixtape outside of 12x19 “The Future”, so there was no build. No expectation. We were taken by collective surprise, regardless of whether we later interpreted it as a good thing or a bad thing. This was done on purpose.

Why? Why not give us the backstory? Because the backstory is supposed to be made clear by the mixtape itself. Remember, thought was poured into titling this tape. No one hurriedly scribbled “DeaNs top 13 Zepp TRA xx” on this prop. It was crafted to look that way. The spelling and lettering is significant. The curious half-space between TRA and xx is worth noting.

Pairs of Xs are recognized as kisses. Why decide to write “tracks” this way? Why decide to place the Xs further apart from the rest of the word, almost encouraging us to interpret them this way instead of dismissing them as simply shorthand. They are clearly lowercase Xs as well, and not capitalized like the rest of the word, further allowing us to think of them as separate.

In my opinion, this mixtape speaks for itself, and I believe it’s supposed to, which is why our focus is purposefully drawn to it and why we are allowed to read its label at all. If it was just a mixtape (ha! I laugh), it would be mystifying to present it to the audience in this particular way. No, this is definitely not just a mixtape. It represents something. It’s symbolic, and universally linked to love, specifically romantic love until explicitly identified as otherwise. Given that, it’s easy enough to read a lot into this scene, especially since the mixtape is never mentioned again, which is surprising for something that was made such a poetic fuss over.

(Dramatic much??)

Close-ups are an artistic decision. Professionally, they’re used with care. You show the audience the tape’s label for a reason, not just so it serves as a piece of trivia. Dean or Cas could have read us the label aloud, so it’s not as if they had no other way of giving us this information, therefore they chose to let us read it ourselves. They chose to let us take note of the spelling and the lettering, which are both things you are unable to display in dialogue, at least subtly and with tack. They did this so we could analyze the label on our own, because it’s important that we’re able to.

Likewise, you don’t show a close-up of Cas accepting the tape from Dean unless it actually means something. Again, we never see the tape after this, and when that’s coupled with the decision to treat it like a plot device anyway, you’re getting a suggestion once more that this is, quite simply, not just a mixtape and it never was intended to be.

All of this proves it’s not deluded to interpret this as a romantic scene, and to the contrary, evidence suggests it’s supposed to be one: Dean gives a mixtape to Cas. But we’ve established the mixtape isn’t a mixtape.

So what is it? Can I suggest love without sounding cheesy?

Yeah, yeah damn right I can.

Not to get super emotional, but I’m on this hiring committee at work. Meaning I get to help hire someone. The candidate asked me today if I was happy here. I got to look at her and honestly say that I get to wake up every morning and go to work with my best friends and my family of choice. 

Then it were as if someone started chopping onions in the room. 

Idk I went to Houston thinking the temp gig as gonna re-fire my passion and I’d love academic medicine. Well, turns out academic medicine is awful & what I’m doing already is pretty great. REALLY ACTUALLY GREAT. 

Powerfist Edit 8/∞ || College AU || Basketball Star Luke & Spoiled Danny

As always thank you to the amazing @ironwingedhawk for the inspiration and awesome quote. Right for the heart!

Luke was sitting in the gym, long after it had closed down. Looking at his bandaged leg.

“What are you doing here?”

Luke turned around and saw Daniel Rand, spoiled and sole heir of the Rand family.

Wordlessly, Luke raised his bottle of vodka, “I should ask you that though. You have no reason to be here at all.”

“Is it because of your leg?” The kid ignored him and sat down awkwardly close instead. His body warmth was surprisingly soothing. “I mean, it hurts…but it isn’t the end of the world.”

“It is, if your whole scholarship depends on it!”

“I’m sorry…”, he slowly reached for Luke’s bandaged leg. He should be upset but somehow he wasn’t, somehow all he could think of, was how much he wanted to reach out and touch back.

Danny’s hand or leg or, fuck, even his stupid ridiculous curls looked comforting. Must be the vodka making him mushy, obviously.

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i've been itching to ask this for a long ass time now (ever since that one hc of mitsunari accidentally calling nene "mom"): could you do more hcs of interactions between the bitter bun child and the mother of roast?


But, funnily enough, in the given story my friend and I are writing, it’s a very essential point that Nene and Mitsunari have a close relationship–because at it’s core, we kind of wanted to touch upon the iteration of the fact that they’re rather similar people at their cores and that they both come from some complicated family backgrounds with very strained relationships (though of course in differing ways). 


  • Mitsunari like… immediately has her on a shit list from the get go, because he doesn’t just approve of anyone being close with Hideyoshi. Nene frankly thinks little of it, because she didn’t choose this marriage for herself (she and Hideyoshi aren’t actually that close for quite some time), so she promptly ignores most of Mitsunari’s pratter about it.
  • Because Mitsunari is more extra than any of us even realize sometimes, he makes a point to, uh… observe Nene more often so she can “prove” herself. 
    • This starts with Mitsunari wanting to test her intelligence–Hideyoshi’s partner must be of great wit, after all!–but he ends up losing fairly badly in a shogi match, and he’s real bitter about it.
    • He promptly begins following her around a lot, and while everybody else thinks he’s suddenly become attached, he keeps insisting it’s because he’s gathering information! You incessant fools!
    • He’s lowkey the fool because he looks like a little lost duckling faithfully trailing after its mother.
  • Things start to change the first time Mitsunari follows her into town–Nene frequently dresses plainly to disguise herself and does a lot of work with the villagers to both assist the people and gather information among them. Mitsunari hadn’t actually realized she did so much footwork and is fairly stunned by it.
    • Nene promptly tells him to stop dawdling around, and hands him a box to carry.
    • “I don’t mind if you want to hang around, but at least put yourself to some use.”
  • There is a sudden 180 shift in Mitsunari’s interactions with her, and now he really does actually (without realizing it) follow her around faithfully while showing genuine interest in the work she does–he asks a lot of questions, because he’s a curious little thing.
  • Nene finds this change a little odd, as she doesn’t quite understand where it came from, but she’s a bit naturally maternal herself–so finding Mitsunari so eager to follow after her just makes her want to take care of him lmao. She thinks it’s cute.
  • Mitsunari’s relationship with Nene is a surprisingly easy one for him, because the both of them are particularly quiet and introverted people–Nene can appreciate enjoying someone’s presence without the need of conversation and also doesn’t pry much into Mitsunari’s life, as she thinks it’s not her place to do so. But because there is a mutual trust and Mitsunari has grown to see Nene as a sort of safe space, he can confide in her a little more easily than others at times.
  • While Nene’s not particularly fazed by Mitsunari’s crass tongue, she knows when he’s either gone too far or isn’t being very appropriate, and isn’t afraid to call him out on it. To the surprise of most everyone, Mitsunari tends to listen.
  • Mitsunari’s relationship with Nene actually kind of helps ground him in his hero worship of Hideyoshi–because he’s close with the both of them, he actually doesn’t have the option to be entirely blindsided to how rocky their relationship is in the beginning, and because he cares about Nene, too, he can’t just put all the blame on her like he could with someone else. 
  • Nene actually considers Mitsunari as someone very precious to her in her life, especially after the realization of the fact that she can’t have children. Though they’re actually a little closer in age (about three years apart), Mitsunari has always subconsciously looked upon her as a mother-like figure, and she takes care of him like one would. She learns, after some time, that even if she can’t have children, that she already has a family of her own–and Mitsunari is one of the first people to help her come to that conclusion.
Word Study - Creme13rulee - Yuri!!! on Ice (Anime) [Archive of Our Own]
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By Organization for Transformative Works

Post-Canon , Slight AU (Transgender Yuuri) What does ‘motherhood’ mean? For Hiroko Katsuki, it was something that began nearly thirty years ago. For Minako, it meant attending the sports festivals of her students and late night openings of her studio for the Katsuki children. For Yuuri, it was a future societal role he stepped out of when he came out to his parents in high school. But when opportunity after opportunity for adoption slips through Viktor and Yuuri’s fingers, an oddly timed article sparks a new idea in Viktor’s head. But the building of the Nikiforov-Katsuki family does not come easily, and Yuuri learns what motherhood means to him.

Mature Audiences, No Archive Warnings Apply (but I’ll add that this fic focuses on trans issues, gender dysphoria, and mpreg)

My comment: WIP, 4 chapters posted.

There are hundreds mpreg fics out there. This one’s different. After a few years of trying to adopt a baby without success, Yuuri and Victor decide to take the road less traveled. Yuuri, as it turns out, is transgender. He had top surgery - but not bottom surgery, and therefore, could actually carry a child to term. So that’s what they decide to do. Hence we get an mpreg story set in our world (i.e., not Omegaverse, and not a world where men could get preggers too as a matter of course). 

What’s particularly fascinating about this story is how the author handles what is potentially a super delicate topic. There’s already been trans men who have gotten pregnant or given birth in the real world - but I haven’t seen anyone really discuss the difficult choice those men faced when making the decision to get pregnant. Yuuri’s thought process, worries, emotional state - they’re all treated so carefully in this fic, and explained so well that I was completely caught up in what a tough choice this would have been - and will continue to be, as the story goes on. (Currently, Yuuri and Victor have only just found out he’s pregnant.) 

It’s not much of a secret that I love the Omegaverse. But to me, it’s not about knocking up guys for the sake of knocking up guys - after all, in the Omegaverse, guys get knocked up all the time, it’s not a big deal. Here, in this fic, it’s a big deal, and it’s not treated as anything but a massive life change (and potential target for public derision). I love that this fic is so honest about that. I have no doubt that this story is going to pull some very interesting, thought-provoking punches, both about gender and the perception of it. 

As for the fic itself: it’s well written and interesting. Victor and Yuuri are in character (particularly Yuuri) and extremely sympathetic. I love fics that open my eyes to situations I’ll probably never experience; this fic definitely fits the bill. 


I am not considered very attractive in today’s society at all. I’ve contemplated since I was fucking 9 whether or not I should get my nose “fixed” due to bullying by schoolmates, friends, ex boyfriends, and even family. My confidence completely boosted when I got more in touch with my spirituality. Goddesses of different religions had pointy noses. All noses have potential beauty regardless of what the media pours into your head. Wide noses, tiny noses, “pig like” noses, and noses like mine that are from being of irish & Welsh decent. By all means fix something if you don’t like it. But women are starting to look the exact same whether it be makeup , clothing, big asses and tiny waists, microscopic noses and lips that take up half of their face. I have a large nose, my eyebrows grow really close, I’m pale as shit, and I am beautiful.

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re: the racist slytherin post from a little bit back....i just get so frustrated when people talk about how tough life is for those poor slytherins, always getting put down by jkr and those evil gryffindors! not even given a chance! smh like one of the defining features of slytherin in canon is No Mudbloods Allowed don't tell me any slytherins were going to get up in arms for the muggle-born cause

u and me both pal!!!

i can believe and agree that not every slytherin is going to be a murderous racist but it’s not hard for me to believe that even the ones who aren’t are either a) ambivalent enough to not put their life on the line fighting racism or b) attached enough to their family/friends/etc to not want to fight them to the fuckin death which FRANKLY is probably not what people on tumblr mean about wanting to “fight” their racist trump voting relatives either

if you’re like rarin’ to go for fisticuffs even against those you love in defense of the oppressed, you’re not gonna be in slytherin in the first place. that’s the whole point.