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Ethan Dolan

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Ethan Dolan smut where he sees you talking to another guy and gets jealous and drags you back home to remind you who you belong to. DADDY KINK AND IM SORRY


School. Ugh. Mondays. Even more ugh. I spot my friend Max from across the hall and walk over to him, smiling and waving as I do. I get to him and give him a big hug. “Hey (y/n)! whats going on?” 

“Not much. How about you?” he laughs and smiles. “hahaha, same here.” We talk for a long time and by the time we stop talking 30 minutes have passed. we have plans made for bowling on the weekend I get tapped on the shoulder. I turn around and Ethan picks me up forcefully by the waist and flings me over his shoulder. 

“Ethan!! Put me down!” I scream, laughing. But i stop when i feel him pat my ass telling me to shut up. He puts me in the passengers seat of his jeep and gets in the car, driving to his house. “You made me very angry.” I look at him, confused. “What did I do?” He laughs and looks at me. “You know what you did and don’t talk back to me.” I know whats going on. “You can’t be talking and flirting with other guys (y/n)” and i sink into my seat a bit. Then i figure, if Im going to get in trouble, I might as well have some fun. “Im sorry daddy. I didn’t mean to make you jealous,” i say as innocently as possible. He clenches his jaw and tightens his grip on the steering wheel. 

We pull up to his house and he unbuckles his seat belt and turns to me. “Go upstairs and sit on daddy’s bed in your underwear and bra. You have a thirty second head start.” I open the door and run into the house, up the stairs, and to his rom. I strip off my jeans and sweatshirt and sit on his bed patiently. 

By the time thirty seconds are over, he joins me in the room. “Who do you belong to?” i look up at him. “Tell daddy who you belong to!” he demands. “I belong to you daddy!’” i exclaim. “Don’t forget it,” he says while he pulls down his basketball shorts and briefs. i get on all fours infant of him and open m mouth. “You just couldn’t wait could you, slut?” i flinch at the word and wrap my hand around the base of his cock before sucking gently on the tip. “You’d have taken it from anybody, wouldn’t you have?” 

i moan around his dick and take him as far as i can. i hear him moan above me and he tangles his hands in my hair, shoving me further on his cock. i pull back to breath and he brings me up to his face, kissing me roughly. He forces his tongue into my mouth and pushes me down onto the bed so my back is on it. He moves himself down the bed, gracefully taking off his shirt in the process. He moves my panties to the side and kisses the inside of both my thighs. “I bet he wouldn’t do this, would he?” Ethan questions as he licks a stripe up and down my heat. 

I moan loudly from the feeling and tangle my hands in his hair. He grabs my wrists and puts my hands at my sides. “Naughty, naughty . thinking you have control over daddy, huh? Well i guess i’ll have to show you who’s in charge.”

He slides his body over mine, taking off the remainder of his clothes. He rips my panties in two and i moan at the action. He thrusts into me powerfully, not showing any sign of stopping or slowing down. Im a moaning mess of “oh yes,” and “daddy, fuck” but he doesn’t seem fazed at all. he keeps giving it all he’s got until he stops completely, drops down to my ear and whispers, “Im not gonna last,” and thrusts hard into me one last time, spilling inside of me and making me hit cloud nine. 

“I hope you remember who you belong to know, (y/n)” he says, pulling out of me. “ I don’t think I could forget if i anted to,” i say, out of breath. he turns around to get new boxers on and i complete by saying. “I won’t forget because i can’t even sit down without pain, daddy.” and he turns around as i wink.


Hope you liked it!

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Thank you for all the love and replies! <3 Aaah, look at this >:D I’ve found this mischievous dress, though. Not sure where the actual project went.. I must have finished it once >_>’ ah, it’s okay. I’m just redoing it.

I’m working on this and some private projects. Not sure what I’ll finish first, ha. I’m just doing whatever I feel like doing >:) 

Have an awesome weekend!

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For anyone wondering…. This is me. This is what I’m doing this weekend. We get randomly assigned to a horse, get NO warm up time, and then have to complete rail work (walk, jog, lope) and a pre-determined pattern… So yeah. I’m an actual cowgirl. Though I prefer to ride in my flannels and sparkly jeans ;)

Cos of uni and work I don’t really have a “full day off” anymore. I don’t work long hours anyway so it’s okay, I can still sleep in on my weekends and have afternoons free and things like that.

I guess in those times I try to do work too , but it’s mostly down time for me. Most people outside my own social context (including my family) don’t really understand what I do …Like there’s no transparency, and I never felt it was that necessary but I found myself arguing a lot with my mom lately, cause she says I don’t contribute or care about my family. Sometimes I feel it’s because I don’t do a typical degree where it’s obvious I’m “studying” …Cos I’m always at uni sewing or writing and when I’m at home using the computer for work
But also maybe this is my own projected guilt.

I already feel as if the work I do is not that important and this kind of reinforces it. I feel so conflicted but I try not to let it bother me so much. Mainly because despite feeling a bit shit inside my life is not that hard comparatively, I think

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I brought home a lot of work to do this weekend. And now I can't concentrate, WORK? WHAT WORK! WET HARRY KILLING ME WITH THOSE EYES IS ALL I CAN THINK ABOUT (catch me dying on monday from work overload for all the things i'm not doing today)


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Hi! I love your reviews on a lot of things, especially how spot on you are about Beauty and the Beast live action. May I ask your opinion on something, as a gay man? What do you think of Yuri!!! on Ice? I hope I'm not bothering you, and have a great weekend!

I really loved Yuri On Ice for showing us an interracial gay romance that was about two mature, adult men who were both super interesting both together and as stand alone characters, all set against a really beautiful and interesting sports competition that was surprisingly very multicultural.

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1 and 7 from risky and 2 and 3 for really risky asks ~

oops i kept on putting this off and it’s the weekend now, so here we go

1. “@” people you want to be friends with

@stitch-studies so sweet omg 

@busystudyign also is a really nice person from what i’ve seen

@apollo-studies i highkey really like his name and it’s great that he’s really passionate about what he likes

@hobifulstudies seems really kind and optimistic!

@lychiestudies from what I do know it seems like we’re kinda similar (in terms of basic info)??

ofc there’s a lot more, but i’ll just put a few for now~

7. tell an embarrassing memory or story

hmm… all of my “embarrassing” memories come from, like, being clueless… there was this one time when the bassoons in one of our bands were tuning and it was pretty clearly out of tune, and our teacher/director was telling them that.  A guy in my section turned to me and was like “really? they sound perfectly in tune” (and like this guy is a super high caliber flutist) so I was really confused when I said “no they’re kinda sharp”.  and then he was like “i’m joking”. And it’s like it always happens! with this guy! as in he makes a joke and i don’t realize it until he says “i’m joking” and now I’m cringing as I write this

2. whats your favorite flavor of ice cream?

vanilla, although recently my mom got this pralines and caramel ice cream that’s honestly so good

3. whats your favorite color?

either like a soft pastel pink or a deep navy blue? (yup such different colours)

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The Easy A comparison is right on. This song is a sneak attack bop: I think I'm on my 20th listen of the day and every single time I'm like this is DELIGHTFUL. Zayn's falsetto vocals are beautiful showcased here. I LOVE. Have a great weekend, Melly, you are also always delightful. x

AGREED. I was in indifferent to it at first, but now its pretty much ready to my ringtone, my wedding song, what they play at my eulogy, what’s used as a full choreographed montage of me pretending to do work - you know, the usual essential things. ALSO THANK YOU, YOU ARE VERY NICE! 

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What do you usually do on the weekends?

Eat, sleep, make myself feel good, relax, try and write poetry, take hot baths, sing a little bit (a lotta bit), and just enjoy my time here on this Earth.

Just Breathe’s update is next week Saturday. This is not an April Fool’s joke, because I don’t like those things. I’m just filling in blanks on some parts that say stuff like 

[Additional sentence for beat.] “Lucky you,” Lapis mutters.

Because yes, I do write ‘Add stuff here’ and ‘Check before posting’ notes to my work. I think after this chapter we’ll have one last additional chapter for this series/AU. It’s not as flat-out kissy-poo romantic as I’d like, but it’s what the characters called for and I hope you guys get something out of reading it.

TTH is next on the queue, no date for posting yet. All the stuff that’s been eating up my weekends has finally subsided.

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Have you ever been camping? What's the weather like at your house right now? How many siblings do you have? Do you play any instruments? *Exactly* how bored are you right now?

I’ve been camping many times before, mainly on “family weekends” for my siblings’ scouting troops. I like it, but warm showers and air conditioning are also very good.

The weather is spring-like. It’s pretty warm and sunny, although the pollen count is through the roof.

I have five siblings. I know, big family. I am number five of six.

I used to play the flute in like fourth and fifth grade, but that kinda stopped, and I don’t really know why. I feel like picking it back up again would be gratifying.

I must say, I am bored enough to actually start thinking about doing schoolwork on a Saturday morning, so that should tell you something.

Sorry about the late reply, things got a bit crazier at my house than I anticipated.

Currently doing my Odyssey homework and drinking a WHOLE bunch of caffeine. What are you doing this weekend? Also, I am using the bookmark I got in OwlCrate’s January box and I love it!!! 

Also, I started Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte and I really like it so far. I was super intimidated going into it but I was so surprised by how much I love it! What are you currently reading. 

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Nick, what do you think Harry might wear for the very first time he sings his song? Or what do you wish he would wear? Have a nice weekend.


Anon, I am the worst person to ask these questions to because Harry could literally show up in a potato sack that says “Idaho’s Best” and a belt made out of the pages of “Love Is a Dog From Hell” and a fry cook hat made of trash tabloid articles and a pair of studded cowboy boots, and I’d be like “YES!  WORK THAT SHIT, BOY!  GIVE A TWIRL!  YOU’RE TOO SEXY FOR THIS RED CARPET!  OH MY GOD!”

But I really do hope some of those brightly colored suits are for him.  I’d choose the yellow, personally.  Let’s be extra and give him yellow Gucci boots with white floral decorations that match the floral shirt (yellow flowers on white material) he’d wear underneath.

I hope you have a nice weekend, too, Anon!  Much love!

This morning I ran 4 miles at the indoor track.  It took me 44 minutes and 40 seconds.  I’m looking forward to logging some miles outside if spring ever decides to show up here in the north country. 

I might have found my house yesterday.  It’s a dormered cape in a lovely location.  It’s listed way overpriced….like 50 k more than houses have been selling there in past 2 years. I’m not willing to pay asking price for that reason and it also looks like a little old lady lives there and would need some updating that I’d do over time.  It has an awesome deck and yard!  I love all the outdoor aspects of the property. The problem is that inventory is extremely limited at this time and being in this desirable area, my realtor thinks there could be a bidding war this weekend which I don’t want to get into.  If it’s still available next weekend, he thinks we might be able to get it for a price closer to what others have sold for.  It went on the market on Thursday.  That’s how fast things are going around here.  What I think I have going for me is that there are 3 bedrooms upstairs and only one bathroom.  Apparently needing a bedroom dedicated to the master is a thing these days.  There is another full bath in the house downstairs, but he thinks that might turn some people off.  It doesn’t bother me though.  Keep your fingers crossed.  I have until August until the airport kicks me out of my house.  I know I still have some time, but I’ve been looking for a couple months now and have yet to find something I feel this good about.