this is what the sherlock fandom is doing to me

Why do you ship slow-burn ships?
why indeed, John?

Why, when TFP leaked, did they make sure to call attention to it and ensure everyone and their dog knew it had leaked (which therefore had people watching it early)?

Why did they show TFP three days early when they showed TLD an hour before it aired to stop spoilers?

Why did Steven Moffat allude to a secret, lost episode when literally no one else was asking about it?

Why did radio times publish that article ten times?

Why did the mainstream media write about the Sherlock fandom vs Apple Tree Yard? Literally no one gives a shit seriously

Why is MSM talking about us at all? we’ve always been the crazy side of the fandom, no one gave us the time of day and suddenly our opinion is valued and even revered throughout certain articles?

Why has everyone gone into radio silence?

Why are there so many coincidences both within the writing of this season and the events happening around us?

Why do tv channels keep hinting at more Sherlock and then the listings magically disappear when people become aware of their existence?

Why did a Sherlock episode called ‘The New Friend’ appear in the listings? Where did that come from?

Why do they keep disappearing whenever we get close enough to the dates (almost like they’re saying watch this space)? Why was PBS showing three unknown episodes airing in February back to back?

Why were they going to call The Final Problem 'Backlash’ if they didn’t expect to get backlash?

Why would they have instances of Chekhov’s gun dotted all over the series with no intention to finish what they started?

Why, in TLD, is there a poster saying 'March 8th’ and 'the secret will be revealed’?

Why did they not have anyone sign NDAs for TFP unlike tld and previous episodes before it?
Why did the BBC scour the internet for the chess piece promo and have their lawyers crack down on tumblr blogs and place copyright infringements on everyone that reblogged them?

Why, then TFP was released early, didn’t the BBC lawyers follow up the way we know they can when the finale of their biggest show had gifs, spoilers and meta running rampant on Tumblr? Why ignore all of it and go after the chess piece promo?

Why release the s1 scripts if not to tide us over and keep us playing the game?

Why teach us how to play the game without following through on their own damned story? They placed this subtext into their narrative. They knew what they were doing. no one stumbles onto subtext this beautiful: No one will ever convince me that you told me a lie.

Why is TLD a masterpiece in cinematography and story (but not necessarily characterisation: still not happy about John vs Sherlock) when, one episode later, TFP is a giant shitshow of awful transitions, characterisation and fucky scenarios?


Why does Derren Brown keep cropping up and why does all of this stuff about subliminal messaging make so much damned sense, when certain phrases, words and catchphrases always stick out amongst the entirety of fandom? Things like, ‘there must be something comforting about the number three, people always give up after three’. ‘it’s never twins’. ‘no one could be that clever. you could.’ ‘this is a lie. yes.’ and there are so many more, that’s just off the top of my head

Why would they say ‘insane wish fulfillment’ if this isn’t an ARG? why did BBC say ‘be part of making history’ if there’s nothing to interact with?

Why advertise this whole series around love, and more importantly, why advertise ‘Sherlock’s in love, but who with?’

Why plant the seed and disappear right when it’s about to get good? 

Why say ‘to hell with deferred gratification’ if that’s all we’re getting?

Something fucky, that’s why. Add more if you got ‘em

Actual conversation I had earlier

Me: *staring into the distance* *grins* dammit
Friend: what are you doing?
Me: trying to think about fandoms without grinning. I can’t do it
Friend: then stop thinking about fandoms
Me: yeah, no, that’s not going to happen

Sherlock December Ficlets

A lot has changed in the Sherlock fandom over the past year, but for the past two years I have loved writing seasonal ficlets in December, so I’m doing it again!


Below is a list of prompts—feel free to pick and choose what you’d like to do. Switch them around, just do a few, do them all in a month, or take all year—it’s up to you! I’ve given two prompts each day to choose from, and tried to make sure each day has something that’s not necessarily Christmas-related, in case that’s not your thing. Be creative and do whatever inspires you! Write that trope you love or misinterpret the prompt to fit what you want to say. It’s all good!

You can post your ficlets on Tumblr and/or on AO3. I’ve created an AO3 collection for everyone’s work, which will be open to everyone starting December 1: Sherlock December Ficlets. If you post on Tumblr, use the tag “#Sherlock December Ficlets” so others can find your ficlets. (Also, if you want to do art instead of write, feel free!)

Open to any and all ratings and ships!

Here are the prompts:

1. Bundled up / Peppermint
2. Wish list / Shopping
3. Fruitcake / All dressed up
4. Snowball fight / Winter sports
5. Mistletoe / Decorating
6. Cold / Cozy
7. Christmas cards / Candles
8. Warming up / Scrooge
9. Ghosts of Christmas past / Wrapped up
10. Eggnog / Food and drink
11. Christmas carols / Violin
12. Happy Hanukkah / Winter Wonderland
13. In front of the fire / Pine-scented
14. Elf / Naughty or nice
15. Seasonal illness / The Case of the Frozen Corpse
16. Yule log / Stuck at home
17. Scarf and coat / Christmas telly
18. Christmas crackers / Favorite tradition
19. Father Christmas / Travelling
20. Stocking stuffers / Icicles
21. Winter solstice / Longest night
22. Party time / Under the tree
23. Family visit / “Did you bring your gun?”
24. Holy night / Mittens or gloves
25. It’s Christmas / “I feel the same”
26. Boxing Day / Cleaning up
27. Post-holiday blues / “Thank God that’s over”
28. Many happy returns / Toys
29. Bored / Bad weather
30. Auld Lang Syne / Resolutions
31. Last night / New Year

Here’s the link to the AO3 collection again, which will be open on December 1: Sherlock December Ficlets. Have fun! Let’s spread some cheer!

me after Doctor Strange
  • me: Mum, can I do that thing?
  • mother: No.
  • me: Dormammu, I've come to bargain!
  • mother: What does that mean?
  • me: Can I do that thing?
  • mother: I already said no.
  • me: Dormammu, I've come to bargain!
  • mother: Are you okay?
  • me: Can I do that thing?
  • mother: It's not funny. And I said no.
  • me: Dormammu, I've come to bargain!
  • mother: Can you please st-
  • me: Dormammu, I've come to-

Imagine Mycroft Holmes keeping an eye on you because he has no idea how to express friendship.

You regarded Mycroft Holmes over the rim of your teacup. “You know, if you wanted to know more about my personal life, you really could just ask. You don’t have to have bodyguards follow me everywhere.”

Mycroft offered a tight-lipped smile, “It eases my mind to know that you are safe under my watchful eye.”

You arched a brow, “Mycroft, I’m not like Sherlock. I’m not someone who has enemies. The worst thing that could happen to me would probably be stubbing my toe on my coffee table.”

“Still, being an acquaintance of mine comes with its risks,” Mycroft pointed out, taking a sip of his tea. “And my little brother is oh-so talented at getting people around him into trouble.”

You grinned teasingly, “Mycroft, is this your way of trying to say that you care about me?”

To his credit, the elder Holmes remained unfazed by the comment. “I do not have the luxury of many friends, [f/n]. I sleep better knowing what few I have are safe.”

Gif Credit: Mycroft

In case somebody needs to know this, it’s been nine months since BBC Sherlock series 4 and I have not once lost faith in what I believe their vision to be. Could I be wrong? Sure. I’m wrong about a lot of things. But I do not waver on this. There is nothing you could say, they could say, to make me stop believing. It’s alright if you do not agree, I’m not here to argue with anyone. I’m simply stating that I haven’t lost hope. Some people out there might think the little fire in their heart is the only one that exists in this fandom, but I’m here to tell you that you’re not alone. I’ll be here, patiently waiting as always.

anonymous asked:

After S4 disappointment I'm having a hard time watching any previous seasons and I really feel bad about it, like I failed as a fan. I'm still very grateful that Sherlock introduced me to such lovely actors like Benedict, Martin, Andrew - people I must admit I knew very little about before. Is it even possible to still call myself a fan if completely erasing S4 from my mind and pretending it never happened? Or does that make no sense? I couldn't even bring myself to attend the Sherlocked Con.

Hi Nonny!

Jeepers, did I write this ask to myself while I was sleeping?? Haha! 

Well, if that was the case, Nonny, then I wouldn’t be a fan either; I haven’t really watched a full episode since S4, and the only way I can even deal with S4 existing is assuming it’s fake. Just because you “didn’t go to Sherlocked” doesn’t mean you’re not a real fan, that’s so silly; Sherlocked was expensive AF. The moment you become a fan, you’re a fan forever, in my humble opinion. Just because I don’t write Sonic fanfiction anymore nor engage in the fandom, does that mean I’m not a fan? Hell no: I’ll still fork out money for the games if I have the system to play them because it brings me back to the good days and times and nostalgia of it all.

You’re still a fan, Nonny. Honestly, this stigma that “you’re not a real fan if–” is so ludicrous. You do you, Nonny, and you do what you have to to be happy. There’s no such thing as a “real fan”, just “people a little deeper into the fandom than you”. *hugs* Appreciate it for the GOOD things it gave you, Nonny <3

I’ve been thinking lately, about writing and imposter syndrome and the pressure we put on ourselves. It’s late and I should sleep but I want to get this out.

At what point does one “make it” as a fanfiction writer (or artist?)

There will always be a few Big Name People, yeah, but there are a whole lot of others out there too. I don’t really think of myself as any kind of big name, but I also know I do have a following.

But four years ago I wasn’t anybody important. I maybe had 100 tumblr followers. I had a couple gen fics on AO3, but I hadn’t yet mustered the courage to publically post anything smutty. 

Then I saw a piece of art that inspired me and I sat down and wrote a threesome. And suddenly people were reading my stuff. And the positive comments pushed me to keep writing and keep writing and here we are, four years later.

Now, I had the advantage of getting into the Sherlock fandom just before S3. And I wrote smut. And I wrote the most popular pairing. And I wrote a lot and quickly. But I didn’t set out to write with any sort of thought of “this is what people want.” I wrote stuff I enjoyed, and still do. And some of the rarer pairs I know that all of ten people read. But it also makes me happy when someone reads a fic and comments “I don’t normally read this, but it’s you, so I did.”

But again, that question. At what point does one ‘make it’. Is there some mythical finish line? As a writer I don’t get paid, except maybe a few commissions now and again. Even after all this time I still find myself comparing myself, of feeling sorry about not having that one Fandom Classic everyone has read.

And there’s also the feeling sometimes that it’s mostly just smut, and it doesn’t matter. Which isn’t true, but it’s a demon I struggle with.

Anyway, someone else can probably explain this better than me. I just know we all start from somewhere, we all learn and change and grow as we write and create. This fandom isn’t the place it was when I started, but I’ll still be here to cheer on anyone putting pen to paper.

And just remember, even if you aren’t Big Name Person, what you have to contribute is you, and unique to you, and only you can tell your story.