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She was taken as a child. Cute and creative, loved fairy tales and made up stories as easily as breathing, and born to cruel parents and an uncaring world-she was precisely the sort of child They sought. She was taken.

When she turned up in a field outside the university, no longer cute, no family to speak of, she enrolled. What else was there to do?

Nobody shares her room now. The first year she was there, they tried assigning roommates-the first one requested a transfer. The second was a freshman. Two days into rooming with her, he packed his things and left. She’s a scene of what you risk here.

She doesn’t use a name, goes through stick on “Hi, My Name Is” tags like water, wears one everywhere, Call Me Jenny, Call Me Sal, Call Me Tari. Her first month she went by twenty-three different names. She tries them on the way some of her classmates try on tops at the mall, seeing what fits, discarding what doesn’t, into a pile bigger than she is. After so much time Away, she doesn’t really know who she is, but she’s two years into her degree and has found, so far, 389 people that she isn’t. When a classmate invited her to their study group, she accepted, and showed up, five minutes early, set up chairs and notes, and gave every bit of knowledge she had. A bargain was made. Bargains must be kept.

The rest of campus shied away from her, the face that never changes expression, the eyes that seem to see too much or nothing at all. “That strange girl” they whisper as they pass, “the one who hid under the porch of Hagerworth Hall for a week, who walked around campus unclothed for a week when she was new.” And of course she had, of course freedom frightened her, of course she had no clothing, for the very same reason the stray cats about campus didn’t wear shorts, but she was strange, and she reminded them of the strangeness of EU.

One day, though, a student saw her walk into the library. She had nothing with her but a notebook and pen, and when she stepped inside she smiled, the way a dying flower smiles at the rain. She sat for hours at a small table with one chair, back to the corner, writing. When she got up to leave, the pages were torn out, fed to the fire, offerings to the ones who had raised her, and the ease in her face vanished as she crossed the threshold.

But the whispers changed, a little. And they call her what she asks, they check her for who she is today, but amongst themselves, they call her Story.


[A Seer for the Seer] 

Glass shattered. Then Azriel was racing across the balcony. He darted inside the House of Wind. Feyre and Cassian not a second behind him.


She was having a vision. The crystal vase she’d been carrying crashed to the ground, shattering atop her bare feet. She had no idea. Her eyes were cloudy, lips moving as she mumbled. Her arms held awkwardly in front of her, fingers twitching and fluttering as if playing an instrument, a piano maybe.

Azriel got to her first. He hated touching her when she was in the midst of a vision, but sometimes her feet moved and the last time she’d had one while carrying something it’d been a mirror, and he’d spent all night holding her hand while two healers picked the shards from the bottoms of her feet. It’d taken a day to heal.

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anonymous asked:

Is peevils going to check on Ollie? He was nice to her and it seems she's worry about him as well please😊

Peevils appears in the lobby of Ego Inc. where she assumes she’ll find Oliver working only to crash directly into Dark, who is on his way out. They spring apart in various levels of disarray before they’re able to compose themselves once again.

“Wh-what are you doing here?” Dark attempts to fix his hair as splotches of blush appear on his cheeks and down his neck.

Peevils smirks and curls her hair behind her ear, sending a flush of her aura his way. “I wanted to check on little Ollie.”

Jealously spikes in Dark’s gut even though he knows it’s just her working her magic on him. He shakes his head and glares at her. “Stop that. If you want the yellow nuisance, go find him and leave me alone.”

He tries to push past her and get out the door, but Peevils catches his tie and pulls him back, noting the red spreading across his usually parchment-colored skin. “Well, well. A little more of that quaint humanity back. Isn’t it such a pain, Darkipoo?”

Dark catches her wrist in his hand and squeezes. The blush disappears from his skin, replaced with Dark’s signature ringing and the thick, black abyss of his aura as it closes around her. “Don’t test me. You won’t like the results.”

“Looks like you’re not as redeemed as you’d hoped,” she bites back, keeping her grip on his tie like a dog on a short leash. “Let me know when you finally explode. I’d like to see the show.”

“I thought you wanted me to change back. I thought you missed the old me,” he growls. “Why do you keep doing this?”

“Because I don’t want to let you forget what you turned into. The others might be ready to swallow your little lie, but I’m not. And I’ll make sure you know it every moment until you finally show your true colors again.” She pulls him even closer so that they’re inches apart. “Because don’t you think for a moment I believe this bull.”

Dark grits his teeth. “Let me go then.”

She doesn’t. “Admit it. You’re just trying to fool them.”

“Will it make you feel better? Will it take away the guilt that you were the reason I gave up my humanity in the first place?” Dark bends her wrist until she finally lets go. “Because don’t think I don’t know about that, Starlight.”

Peevils takes a step back when he releases her, staring at him in barely-concealed shock. Dark straightens his tie once again, clearing his throat. “If I had to do it all over again, I still would’ve done what I had to in order to survive.” He levels his gaze at her, and she takes another step back. “So you needn’t worry your pretty little head too much about that.”

He steps past her, pausing in the doorway. “And by the way, tell your little mad scientist friend that if he ever tries anything like that again, the glitch will be the least of his worries.” The door swings shut behind him.

He’s My Prince

Pairing: Disneyland Prince!Jensen x Reader

Word Count: 1515

Summary: An AU where Jensen is a Disneyland Prince and the reader’s niece is totally in love with his character and it might just lead to something more between you and him.

A/N – This is my submission for @teamfreewill-imagine Jamie’s 21st Jobs Celebration, with the job: Disneyland Prince, sorry I couldn’t get it out on your birthday.

‘Are we there yet, Auntie Y/N?’ Your seven year old niece had asked from beside you, in the car.

‘Not yet, my little Aurora,’ you replied, both hands on the wheel, checking the directions on your phone, telling you that you had a little over an hour to get there, to Disneyland! ‘I bet you if you took a nap, we’d be there a lot quicker besides it dark now and the park will be closed. Your mama will kill me if she finds out you’re up past your bedtime anyway.’

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The Proud and Confused Wolf

Brett Talbot x Reader

Requested by Anon

Warnings: NSFW, hints of smut, language.

Brett Talbot Masterlist

Teen Wolf Masterlist

You walked in the direction where Lori’s been pointing out to you earlier, looking for Brett who’s been away for too long from the rest of the pack for their liking.

The sound of a howling wolf echoed in the forest and you soon found Brett by following the sound. He was tied up to one of the big trees in the grove and you saw him struggle like a little puppy with getting loose from the ropes, surrounded by a purple cloud of powdered wolfs bane that affected him negatively.

“Ah! There you are!” you cooed and you walked towards him. Your voice made him tense his jaw and he snap his head towards your direction before he sighed loudly. “Oh great, it’s you.” He snarled and you flinched when you got aware of his already infamous, shitty attitude.

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Fanfic - Can You Seduce Your Lover? - 1/1

Summary: When Barry refuses to have a bachelor party Cisco creates a plan that includes Iris agreeing to take pole-dancing classes with him.

Rating: PG-13

Word Count: 4272

A/N: Day 4 of Westallen Wedding Week : Bachelor/ette parties. Based off a prompt idea from @amuzed1

One day out of the blue Cisco calls her up at work asking if she ever thought about taking a pole dancing class.

“Not really,” Iris answered truthfully, “Never had the desire. Plus I’d feel awkward going alone.”

“Well duh, that’s why you’d go with me.” Cisco said brightly.

“You want to learn pole dancing?” Iris asked in disbelief.

“Of course! Cynthia is not a woman of many words you know. She needs a more physical way of communicating…if you know what I mean.”

Iris figured her was right thinking of the stoic meta-human from Earth-19 who’d only spoke in terse short words.

“Seduction is all about body language,” Cisco continued, “That’s how you convey your true feelings to someone by the pure expression of your body.”

“We’re still talking about the same pole-dancing that strippers do right?” Iris asked.

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Can I keep you? Pt. 4

(A/N) I just pressed the wrong button and uploaded it without all the tags! :D I’m a genius. Either way. I hope you like this part. Side note: I haven’t seen ‘Homecoming’, but I heard something about Tony giving Peter a suit or soemthing like that. If you know more, feel free to let me know!! :)

Imagine being Tony’s adoptive daughter no one knows about because you’re studying abroad. One day you come home without saying a word and all the Avengers are confused by your appearance and especially Loki being quite smitten by you. The Avengers, especially Natasha being very protective of you when they notice the tricksters’ interest in you. You on the other side, being the curious girl you always were, wanted to know more about the mysterious guy and the world he comes from.

Pairings: Loki x Reader ; Tony Stark x daugther!Reader

Warnings: swearing

Original: here

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3



If you want on or off the tag list, let me know! I hope I forgot no one! :)


Originally posted by literallymybritishlife

Even though it was the middle of the night, the city was as bright as day thanks to all the lights. Loki still had his arms wrapped around my body, while I lied my right cheek against his chest and stared out at Manhattan.
Neither of us spoke, the only sounds were those of the people and cars and me sniffling from time to time. Silent tears still ran down my cheeks and Loki’s shirt already had a wet stain on it.
“I’m sorry ‘bout your shirt.” I tried to take a step back and distance myself from the god, but he immediately pulled me back against him.
“Have I ever told you how I found out that I was adopted?” His chin rested on top of my head, while he slowly stroked my back. Shaking my head, he took one of my hands and let me to the edge of the flat roof. Sitting down, with me leaning against him, he started telling me the story, while using his magic to produce images.
“To be honest, I’ve always felt different from Thor. Not just because we are so different in every single aspect, but I’ve never felt as if I really belonged with him, Odin and my moth-Frigga. Odin always treated me differently, he obviously liked Thor better. I just told myself that it was because Thor was older and was more brutal than me. I was just as good in fighting as he was, but I…I was more graceful. And as a bonus, I studied ‘magic’. Thor tried, but didn’t get very far. But, that’s a story for another time. Either way, my suspicion was finally confirmed when I visited, well ‘visited’ is not the right word, we somehow attacked Jotunheim. For our defense, they attacked us first. That somehow was my fault as well, but I’ll tell you about that another time. So we attacked Jotunheim and the ‘Frost Giants’ didn’t really liked us being there, so they fought against us. During the battle, I was touched by one of them. You see, normally, if someone, that isn’t a ‘Frost Giant’ is touched by one, they will suffer wounds from the cold, but I…I just turned blue. Or better said, the part where he touched me turned blue.”
“That sounded sexual.” “Oh hush! Where were we? Right, during the battle, Odin appeared and rescued us all. He banished Thor, since it was his idea to attack and break the peace agreement. Shortly after, I confronted Odin about my true heritage, but he, being the weakling, he is, broke down. Again, story for another time. My mo-Frigga told me that they loved either way, but…well…how was I supposed to believe that? Odin always chose Thor over me, and it finally made sense why. At that time, I wished that old oaf would’ve just left me on Jotunheim to die when I was just a baby, aft-“
“Don’t say that!” I hit his chest, causing him to look at me with wide eyes. “I’m happy that Odin took you with him! I’m happy that everything turned out the way it turned out. If it didn’t…well…you wouldn’t be here right now. And I don’t want that.” I didn’t look at him while ranting about my feelings.
I still couldn’t look at him after I finished. Well, not until he took my chin and made me look at him. “You don’t know how happy I am to hear that, my sweet Y/N.” He kissed my forehead and pulled me down to the floor.
Peter and my father were long forgotten. I would have to face them soon enough anyway. That’s why, I decided to enjoy my time up here.
“Does your story continue?”
“There is not much to be honest. I tried to take over Asgard, and failed. I tried to take over New York, and failed. Now I’m here and my main goal is to annoy the Avengers as best as I can. Other than that, there is nothing.” I didn’t need to be the goddess of mischief to know that he was lying to me. There was more. But for now, I’ll leave him be.
So, we stayed up on the roof until, I had troubles keeping my eyes open.
Loki picked me up bridal style and teleported to his room. Outside, we could hear a commotion going on. The others were apparently searching for me and Loki. Loki! I forgot! The others still hated him! They will never trust him after today! I’m such an idiot.
“I need to go to my room.” I was already at the door, when Loki grabbed my wrist and pulled me against him. “I won’t let you go tonight. You need someone, and unless you don’t want me to, I’ll be that someone.”
He was right. I needed someone. Plus, I didn’t have enough energy to face my father or Peter yet.
I allowed Loki to pull me back, towards the bed, and tug me in.
Without asking, he picked up Pride and Prejudice and continued reading where he left off yesterday. It didn’t take me long to fall asleep, and again, just before a dream took over my mind, I felt Loki lay down next to me.
In my dream, I was on a cold and dark planet. I’m positive, I would’ve frozen to death, if it wasn’t for a blue giant, with red eyes, protecting me.

Natasha POV

After Loki teleported out of the room, with Y/N in his arms, shit got real. Tony send most of the guests home and everyone that was left, helped searching for the two of them.
I didn’t trust Loki, why would I? He, kind of, kidnapped Clint and tried to take over planet. No reason to trust him. Still, I couldn’t shake the feeling, that this time he was the knight in shining armor and Tony and Peter were actually those who we should protect Y/N from.
I searched the floor where the living room was located on, together with Steve and Peter. We looked into every room, searched every storeroom and broke open every locked door. Still, we couldn’t find Y/N or Loki. Sitting down on a couch in the living room, only an occasional sigh or huff was heard. Well, until I couldn’t stand the silence anymore.
“What did you do to Y/N?” I turned to Peter, who looked at me startled and with fear in his eyes. “Ah…I-I didn’t do anything!” His lie was as obvious as Thor’s pride. “Spit it out boy!” Steve towered over Peter, while still sitting. I guess, I’m not the only one that developed a liking towards Y/N in those two days.
“I-I made a deal with Mister Stark. He helped me learning to control my powers and gave me a suit. In exchange, I looked after his daughter at college and played her boyfriend. Just to, you know, keep the other guys away from her. I never thought she would really lov-“ He was cut short by Steve grabbing his collar and lifting him up. “What the actual fuck were you thinking?!” I looked at Steve stunned. You really made him mad kid. That was the first time I heard Cap swear.” I walked over to the patriot, glaring at Peter. He was clearly scared, looking between Steve and me, never setting his eyes on one of us.
“What is going on here?” Tony walked in and Steve let go of the boy. Peter ran out of the room, fleeing from the scene.
“You are asking us?” My voice was laced with venom. All I wanted to do right now, was to kill Tony then and there. “What do you mean?” Pepper, who has returned this evening, stood beside Tony, and looked at me with confusion written all over her face.
“Well, just that great Iron Man here, bribed your daughters, now ex-boyfriend, into faking a relationship with her. In exchange, he gave the boy a suit.” Pepper’s eyes narrowed and she turned towards Tony. “Are you serious?! And you say Loki is the bad guy here!”
Pepper continued to yell at her husband, who had nothing to say in his defense.
I decided my job here was done. Walking to the elevator, one final idea, where to find Loki and Y/N popped in my head.
Going to their floor, I quietly opened the door to Y/N’s room, but found it empty. Okay, that would be too easy after all. Checking Loki’s room, I found the pair, sound asleep on Loki’s bed.
Smiling at the sight, I decided for myself that I will support the two, no matter what.

Life Imitates Art: Part 3

Fandom: Marvel

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Summary: Bucky Barnes is a worldwide movie star. What happens when his world is turned upside down after meeting an amateur actress? (Inspired by Singin’ in the Rain)

Part 1 Part 2

A/N: Bucky is kinda a douche in this one.

Originally posted by lowkeysebastianstan

When you got to your apartment, you were rushing. You had to be at a performance soon and you weren’t ready. 

“Where have you been?!” Your roommate and friend, Wanda, asked. She was already in her costume.

“You would not believe the day I’ve had!”

“Well dress up and tell me on the way! Everyone’s already there!”

“Okay! Okay! I’m working on it!”

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Bring Your Kid to Work Day

Request: @amariemelody Lillian, dear! May I request fic: Tony falls for a single mom, middle-class reporter who’s interviewing him? She even has to bring her daughter w/her to the interview that day b/c all babysitting options were out that day, teehee!!!

You never thought in a million years that you’d be the one doing this story. Sure, it was your idea, and it was your story, you just never thought you’d be able to do it. Tony Stark was the best man to do a story of any kind on. If you wanted millions of people to read your article you put Tony Stark’s name on it. If you wanted national acclaim, you interviewed Tony Stark. Lots of people did those shallow interviews about his favorite color, what his ideal lady of the night looked like, or what brand of underwear he preferred. However, you wanted something deeper, more pertinent to the evolving world around you. You wanted to know more about Tony Stark’s vision for the world of tomorrow. In all of his interviews, you were sure he was always dying to say more about his latest advances in clean energy instead of the scoop on his most recent one night stand. When you wrote to him, summarizing  the intentions of your story you focused on that, on the hunger to learn about his ideal future. You expected your email to get lost in the sea of other emails that Tony Stark receives but within the week you had a response that was signed off by TonyStark- now you doubted Mr. Stark answered the email himself, but it was still a big deal- giving you a time and place to meet for your interview. He’d granted you two and a half hours of his time to pick his brain. All of this great luck and now on the day of the interview your babysitter had strep and couldn’t watch your daughter.

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anonymous asked:

I need a short story about Kylo spoiling his porg children and giving them shots of espresso behind Rey's back. #PorgsHighOnCaf

It was early, too early for Kylo to be fully awake. Yet Luke liked him and Rey up before the sun even rose for training.

Kylo sat near the cliff side and drank his cup of caf as the salty breeze from the ocean kissed his face.

He felt a little peck at his knee, looking down he saw one of the little porgs that had started following him around. Rey referred to these little creatures as their babies. Kylo couldn’t complain, he had grown rather fond of this particular one. He even named him Morg.

Morg was pecking at his cup of caf and letting out a little squawk.

“Alright, just– don’t tell your Mama.” Kylo said as he held the cup of caf down for the little porg.


An hour later, Kylo was warming up with some saber forms when he felt fury through his Force bond with Rey.


Oh, his love sounded mad. He brushed his hand through his hair as he watched his girl, gorgeous in her anger, stomping up to him.

“Did you give Morg caf?”

“Why would you think that?” He asked.

She merely pointed towards the clearing. Morg was flapping around in circles in an erratic pace. The little porg looked much like he did when he took too many shots of Corellian whiskey.

Kylo shrugged his shoulders innocently.

Rey grabbed his neck and pulled him down, kissing him harshly.

“You idiot, you’re lucky I like you.” She said.

“What, I couldn’t say no to him Rey. Just look at his face.”

Kylo gave her the porg eyes look that always served to melt her anger. She sighed and kissed him again.

“No more giving caf to the porgs.” She replied.

@pissbabysithlord Morg is canon. Nobody can tell me otherwise.

Sorry for the wait anon. And sorry if this sucks.

Guinea Chat: Official Taste Tester

Ao3 link

“CHAT NOIR!” The sudden call reverberating off of the brick and metalwork of the Parisian rooftops made Chat Noir fumble in midair before catching himself. Perplexed, he looked around frantically while trying to calm his racing heart to a less adrenaline-induced state. He finally spotted his friend, Marinette, waving her arms like a lunatic with a beaming grin. Hoisting himself to a positon where he could launch himself over, he landed with a light tap just on the inside of the railing and bowed with a grin.

“To what do I owe the pleasure and terror, Princess?” He grinned teasingly.

“I need a guinea cat,” she answered, steepling her hands with a strange look in her eyes behind them. “My parents wouldn’t work and it’s too late at night to call any of my friends and I just can’t wait until tomorrow to do this and-” Marinette broke for breath “-help me, Chat Noir Kenobi. You’re my only hope.”

Chat Noir burst out laughing. “How can I say no, Princess?!” he gasped out, hands on his knees.

She gave another beaming grin and did a fist pump. “Yessss,“she hissed lowly "stay here, I’m gonna go get it.” She hopped down to her room below while Chat evened out his breathing. Not long after Chat’s breathing had returned to normal for the second time in only a few minutes (so many emotions in one day, what would his father say?) Marinette returned, placing a tray of different colored cupcakes on the balcony before pulling herself through the skylight. Bringing the tray over to her guinea cat, she explained “I wanted to try making a new cupcake recipe to share with my friends at school. But I don’t want to make too many different flavors, so…” she thrust the tray closer to Chat’s watering mouth. You’ll probably need the extra calories jumping around those rooftops, right?“

Chat Noir grinned as he chose a cupcake. "I shall try to be a good guinea cat for you, Princess. What’s this one?” He asked, holding up his chosen treat.

“That one should be… chocolate with a matcha buttercream icing and a raspberry cream cheese filling.”

So it went, Chat would pick up a cupcake and Marinette would tell him what was in it before he took a bite.

“I think I’ll be rolling across Parisian rooftops rather than jumping across them, Princess,” he whined good-naturedly. “How did you come up with so many weird - but tasty - combos?! Some of those cupcakes finally made me understand the reactions to food in Shokugeki no Soma!”

She giggled and blushed at his earnest compliments. “I saw a lot of recipes online and requests over the years to develop some ideas of tweaks that might work. It makes me glad that most of them did seem to work out! So which ones did you like the best?” She asked excitedly.

“If I tell you, can I get some more the next time I’m patrolling?” He gave her a wicked grin.

“Maybe you won’t get to try any of the next batch if you don’t tell me.” Marinette deadpanned, the corners of her mouth lifting as Chat Noir panicked.

“No, no! I’ll tell you! The first one - chocolate/matcha/raspberry? - the vanilla/bergamot…? whatever one, the cinnamon/gingerbread thing from Christmas HEAVEN, and that-that flower one!”

Marinette breathed out a relieved sigh. “That flower cupcake was the hardest one to get right” she confessed. “But worth it if you think it’s one of the best 4!” She thrust both hands skyward in triumph. “If everything goes well at school with those flavors, you may just get some more to taste test, M. Noir.”

Chat groaned from his spot on her balcony chair. “My brain and stomach say ‘no’ but my heart and taste buds scream ‘YYYYEEEEESSSSS’” Chat made his voice as demonic sounding as possible.

Marinette giggled from behind her hands that failed to stifle the noise as Chat chuckled at her reaction. “I thank you and your stomach for your great sacrifice” she made her voice ridiculously regal sounding “I apologize for any inconvenience my request may have caused you… and your suit. As this is a school night, I must beg you to make haste home. Though not at the expense of some poor pedestrian below, I pray.”

“Your highness,” Chat played along, forcing himself to his feet “although the pain in my heart at leaving thee tonight is greater than even the pain in my poor, blissful stomach, I will do as begged. For the chance to eat such delicacies is worth any pain to my weakling stomach.” He stepped away with an overly dramatic bow before leaping away carefully, Marinette’s laughs following him through the air where her shout had bounced around earlier that night.


So many Marichat fics start with “Chat Noir?” And/or “what are you doing here?” In some form or variation. That didn’t seem to fit with them, so I wanted to try something else. I came up with the flavor combinations. The vanilla/bergamot is supposed to be a London Fog as a cupcake. I’ve heard of combining chocolate and matcha, but wondered about them with raspberry (idk, it sounds good to me). And there’s a bakery in France known for their flower cupcakes, so there’s that. (I think it’s in Nice, maybe?) (If anyone knows what bakery I’m talking about, I would appreciate the name and location so I can edit this note with it!)

If people would like a continuation, I’d be happy to. It’s just a toss up on whether Adrien reveals himself when she starts bringing cupcakes to class or if they get through more of these taste tests first.

Balance on the Head of a Pin*

Chapter Twelve

Previous Chapter

Pairing: Loki Laufeyson x OFC  |  Word Count: 6435
Warnings: Dre ( @this-kitty-has-claws ) has started calling it Smangst (smut + angst = smangst) so there is Smangst and lots of it, NSFW 18+, swearing

Loki woke when a gentle breeze ghosted across his face, ruffling his hair. Still, he took a moment before opening his eyes, senses reaching out, checking for danger, the breeze an oddity in what was supposed to be a closed room.

The second thing he noticed was he was alone in the bed, Lauren’s space having cooled of her body heat. Frowning, disliking waking without her, and really disliking she’d done it without him realizing, he opened his eyes to glare at the ceiling when movement near the balcony doors drew his attention.

Lauren was back to doing her yoga. White pants, white top, hair curling slightly around her face and shoulders, loose instead of in her regular tail of hair. She looked sleek, like a flexible feline, stretching her fingertips to the sky. A mat the same color as the rising sun, a vibrant orange, protected her bare feet from the wood planks of the balcony, and her hands when she bent at the waist to press them to the floor.

Perhaps waking alone would not be so bad if he could wake to the vision of her in such a pose each morning. Shifting position slowly so as not to inform her he was awake, Loki curled an arm around his pillow, resting his chin upon it so as not to miss a moment.

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anonymous asked:

Can you tell me more about your decision to put Darcy in Hufflepuff? I am a Hufflepuff-identifying person who is often awkward and sometimes rude, but my reasoning is that I value kindness and honor over everything else, even if I am unintentionally unkind sometimes. I'm wondering if your reasoning for Darcy was similar, or if he just didn't fit anywhere else.

Certainly! Darcy as a Hufflepuff was a very deliberate choice on my part, because I think he does exemplify some of the better qualities of the house. Some have said he’s a Gryffindor, but I think that’s the knee-jerk urge to put any hero in the “heroic” house; but just because Gryffindors are known for their bravery doesn’t mean no-one else can ever do anything brave.

I think what I had to look at was what I felt the overall strongest positive traits were in Darcy, and despite his awkward ways, his deepest character element seems to be his loyalty. Even when he does wrong (separating Bingley and Jane) he does truly believe that he is doing what is best for his good friend. Later, even when he feels he must no longer have any real chance with Elizabeth, he keeps faith with her enough to perform a great and selfless service to her and her family, without ever asking for recognition or reward.

There’s a tendency to treat Hufflepuff as the Nice House, which I think does a disservice to people in general, really, because people can’t be categorized so neatly. (Except Jane and Bingley who are ANGELS but they are outliers and should not have been counted.) In every house there are examples of how their major traits can lead people into wrong choices and actions–Gryffindor’s bravery leading to reckless stupidity; Ravenclaw’s intelligence leading them to be too cerebral and unconnected; Slytherin’s ambitions leading them to brush aside anything which does not serve their purpose; and Hufflepuff’s loyalty and hard-work ethic perhaps leading to a kind of single-minded pride which may cause hurt to others.

Darcy is very careful–particularly after the incident with Georgiana, and in his own nature, he is not inclined to take risks. His proposal to Elizabeth is almost as much of a shock to him as it is to her. He’s a conscientious master of Pemberley, well-regarded by his employees and tenants, which speaks to his work-ethic as the manager of such a vast and important estate. Even after his rejection by Lizzy, he works to change himself, if only for the sake of acknowledging that She Had A Point. He does not initially expect to win her after such a rebuke as she left him with.

His honour forces him to delicately explain the truth of what happened with Wickham, as well as what happened with Bingley, and his honest involvement in it. He explains his motivation, there, without trying to soften what he did–only laying out the bare facts and what he had understood, even if he was wrong. Elizabeth, still in a rage on Jane’s behalf, cannot at first even acknowledge that, yeah, okay, her mother totally gave the impression that the girls were after rich husbands, and Jane herself is a touch too diffident when it comes to showing her true feelings towards Bingley in public, besides being A Friend to All making it very hard to read when she actually really really likes someone because she acts like she already really really likes everyone.

All this to say that Darcy is, to my mind, one of the huffliest puffs.

papa kogane used to tell keith that his mom had to go home. he’d point to the stars and say “she’s waiting for you, son”

every night keith would sit under the stars or at an open window and talk to his mom. he’d think to himself “she can’t hear me”. “but maybe. just, maybe she can” he would reason.

he starts small. just telling her what happened that day. “the ear on my hippo ripped while i was chasing a lizard, but dad fixed it. she looks kinda funny now but i still love her.” or “my teacher gave me a sticker for my homework! it had a dragon on it!!! i’m gonna put in on the window, maybe then you’ll see it.” 

“she left for a good reason” he would tell himself late at night when he couldn’t sleep. “she’s gonna come back for me”

then his dad dies and his conversations with his mom fill with questions. “where are you? what are you doing? why didn’t you say goodbye? dad is dead AND YOU NEVER SAID GOODBYE.”

he grows resentful of her. his sadness shows in the form of anger. but then he meets shiro. he finds a brother in a time he thought there was no one left to love him. and so he forgets his mom for a while. his anger drifts away as he sits with his brother.

but when shiro disappears from kerberos all the dark thoughts come flooding back. his first night in the shack is too much. he stands at the window, knife in hand “did you ever love me. when i was a baby, did you ever look down and think ‘this is enough. keith, you are enough.’” he would pause, because maybe this time she’d respond, maybe this time was different. but there would be no reply  “no, you didn’t. of course you didn’t. because why would someone love THEIR OWN SON”

he turns away from the window to face the stuffed hippo on the couch. she’s beaten and torn. two mismatched button eyes and a mangled ear. his dad’s words echo in his mind “your mom gave you this the day you were born. never forget that she loved you.” 

keith sends his knife flying, burying in the chest of the animal. he falls to the floor of the dark and empty shack. he’s shaking as tears stream down his face and a broken voice chokes out between sobs, “liars. they’re all liars.”

Small considerations between partners 10 - Sock monkeys that soothe the soul


A/N - this was a really hard one to write due to Mulder’s total absence in season 9 but I hope you enjoy it because I did my best with what CC gave us! Tagging @today-in-fic@scully-loves-ruthie thanks dude as always for your unending encouragement. :)



I hold up my hand signalling to mom that she shouldn’t speak but then beckon her into the room, telling her without words that it’s okay to come in to join me in the semi-darkness where I am perched atop the bed, watching my baby son sleep, his sweet face relaxed and at peace, a far cry from the fretful, grizzling bundle of misery I had carried up here just a few minutes before.  It’s been an exhausting and confusing day for him and overdue his afternoon nap, he had gotten progressively crankier until finally, I had excused myself and made my grateful escape from the noise and joviality that I knew right from the start would be difficult for me.

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The birds pt 2

“She said please

Mercy me

Mercy me

Let me fall out of love

Before you fuck her

Before you fuck her

She begged me”

She knows that she’s in too deep with me. She’s addicted and she can’t help it. She’s desperate. She doesn’t want her heart to be broken, so she wants me to wait before i fuck anyone else. I don’t know if I can

“She gave me all her pills

Now her back hurts

Oh she lost control

Now she pleading”

She wanted to do what she felt necessary to keep me satisfied. Even if hat meant she had to suffer physically. She just doesn’t know what else to do. She’s lost, damaged and desperate. 

“She on the floor

She on the floor

Baby girl quite pleading

She on the floor

She on the floor

She said it won’t be long

Before she falls out of love

It won’t be long

Before she falls out of love”

She’s on her knees, but not just for that reason. She doesn’t want me to leave yet. She wants to fall out of love first. And is convinced that it’s only a matter of time. We both know that isn’t true


“Sandpaper kisses, paper cut bliss
Don’t know what this is, but it all leads to this
You’re gonna leave her
You have deceived her
Oh just a girl”

“Just a bird”

I come and go as I please. I never stay in one place for long. And as much as you try to chase me, I’m just gonna fly away…I’m just gonna leave…

“I tried to kiss you

But you never let me miss you

But you never let me miss you

I thought I told you

I’m not him

I’m not him”

You never let me feel what it’s like to be without you. I may have taken the place of your ex but I’m nothing like the man you used to love. You always knew deep down that I could never really care about you. And it hurts you now to know this, but you’ve already fallen for me

“Look what you did

Nobody forced your hand

Don’t you fall for a nigga like me

I begged, I begged”

I tried to warn you, I made it so clear in the beginning, but you didn’t listen. Now your heart is breaking, you’re confused, upset, emotional. It’s devastating to see you like this but there’s nothing I can do. 

“Now you’re pleading
She on the floor
She on the floor
Now you’re pleading
She on the floor
She on the floor”

“She said it won’t be long
Before she falls out of love
It won’t be long
Before she falls out of love”

“Sandpaper kisses, paper cut bliss
Don’t know what this is, but it all leads to this
You’re gonna leave

If she only knew

You have deceived her”

“Just a girl (just a bird)
Just a girl (just a bird)
Just a girl (just a bird)
Just a girl (just a bird)
Just a girl (just a bird)”

sillyseal  asked:

Hey Desun you played Dark Souls 3 right? What was the most saddest moment for you in the game or a moment when you felt a pity for npc in the game? Personally i felt pity for Greirat of the Undead Settlement. Especially that one longer line when he said "Heavens she was already dead..."(you know the rest probably) Omg voice of this guy just gave me a goosebumps and a tear in a eye.

Greirat is a very sad moment of the game that is true. His sacrifice towards you, towards everything you stand for ? Its both inspirational and brave. Yet…you could see that all he has seeked was a death worth of him. He took crazy risks too get you what you might need.

But Siegward and his relationship with Yhorm ? Two brothers of different races, different places, yet inclined by the fate of a sword ? 

Or what off Patches ? The man who goes through everything just like you, and gets too the end of the world…only too turn into a hollow. Nearly lost in his hollowfication, only thanks too you getting a last glimpse of his humanity back ?

And Slave Knight Gael ? The man who went too even greater lenghts then anyone, turning into a monster, jsut too bring the soul the Painter needed ? 

There are many, many sad stories in Dark Souls 3.

Father Ariandel, caged in a chair and desperation too kindle the flame. Ahri and the loss of Horace, and her final resting place by the grave of Horace, or the graves of the dead children. Sulywhan, the mna who discovered the chaos flame again…

The Followers of Farron, the Milwood Knights…the Corvians ? All of them each and single one has a story that breaks the heart.

I quess thats the spell and magic of Dark Souls 3.

Without my Queen ~Ben x Evie imagine

A/N: Hi guys! It takes a little time, but I’m posting next imagine! In this story Doug and Evie weren’t together. I really hope you like it, because I really tried to do my best! Send me you opinion please! ^^ Love you all sooo much! 

Request by anon: Hi can you do a Ben x Evie fanfic where they have a devastating break up but get back together in the end?

Originally posted by lindsemorgans

In fact, it all ended as quickly as it started.

When Mal, Evie, Jay, Carlos, and Lonnie brought Ben back from the hands of Uma and returned to Auradon, Mal had to take a big decision. She thought about what she did and decided that she was going to stay in the kingdom, but not anymore as Ben’s girlfriend. She gave him his family ring and after a long conversation they both decided that they are really diffrent from each other.

For Mal life has become much easier. She stopped appearing on television and at banquets, the media and press weren’t inerested in her anymore.  She didn’t have to pretend that she is someone else. She studied as much as she could and she strongly supported Evie, who except sewing and designing found herself a new job.

After she returned to the island and met Dizzy, the only thing she thought of, was the children who were still living on the island and which life was really hard. She wrote for Ben the names of all the children and teenagers who could also had a happy life. She was so involved with that case that she personally returned to the island to tell all the kids how wonderful Auradon is and that their happiness matters.

Ben was full of admiration. Evie deal well with the children from the island and with all the documents that required signing. She proudly talked about how the new students were doing so well and she was staying in his office so often that when she left, Ben was beginning to miss her right away. So, when she once again appeared in his room, smiling and joyful, the king immediately went to the thing.

“Evie, would you like to become my second hand?”

The girl stopped in the middle of the room, not knowing what to say. She missed her words and she was nervously playing with rings on her fingers. Ben quickly got up from his chair and walked over to her, taking her hands in his.

“I’m sorry, I know that you have your own business, dresses and certainly being my assistant is not the top of your dreams, but I can’t imagine that someone else would help me better than you.”

Evie’s eyes gleamed and she turned her head. Ben couldn’t tell whether her cheeks were covered with powder or whether the girl was blushing. He waited impatiently for her answer. He admired her beauty - her dark and full lips, long lashes and big eyes. She was so different from Mal, practically in every way. From looking at her, he felt his cheeks were also red. Evie snatched him out of the trance, saying “Yes”. She agreed.

Since then, Ben’s office has become a place full of memories. In that place Evie and he started working together. In that place he realized that his heart beat faster, when she is around. Whenever she bent over his desk and her blue hair tickled his cheek, he couldn’t control his emotions. In that place he asked her to be his girlfriend and she happily agreed. In that place for the first time he kissed her.

And now he was in the same office at the same desk, but he certainly wouldn’t want to remember this situation later. They both didn’t know about what they were fighting anymore , but they were doing it for a long time now. They were both irritated and angry at what had happened during the day. Ben didn’t deal great with the king’s duties, and Evie neglected her lab and she didn’t have time to sew. They didn’t have the strength or arguments to argue anymore. And yet none of them wanted to letting go.

“I understand everything Ben, I really do. Better than anyone else.  You’re busy and Auradon is your top priority, but that doesn’t mean you have right to scream at me.” Evie was close to crying. Her best friend, her boyfriend, the person she always relied on, made her feel like she wanted to run away from school.

“If you understand everything so well, why you aren’t here, when I need you? You know I can’t handle it all alone, and yet you neglect your duties!” Ben was no longer under control. He loudly shouted and waved his hands. He was sure that Fairy Goodmother and the students heard them in the corridors, but he didn’t care.

“Don’t you dare make me feel guilty!” Evie screamed in anger. No one ever before make her so mad. Her legs was shaking with emotions so much that she was afraid she wouldn’t be able to stand still on her high heels. “These duties are yours! I’m helping you because I want to and I can leave in any moment.”

“Take care of sewing and dressing up your friends, because that’s the only thing you can do! But remember that clothes and beauty isn’t everything! ”

Evie felt her like heart stop beating. Tears blurred her view, and after a while they ran down through her cheeks, smearing the ink. She clasped her shoulders and turned to the window, catching her breath quickly.

“Oh my God, Evie.” Ben approached her quickly, understanding what he said. Evie never wanted anyone to see her just as a beautiful face. She wanted people to see how good, intelligent and industrious she can be. And she thought that Ben understood her best.

When the king embraced her, she turned around violently and ran to the door. She was tired. She grabbed the door handle and sniffed. “You’re right.” she said, turning to Ben. “Maybe I don’t fit there too. I’m not good enough for you.”

When she finished she came out, closing the door gently behind her. Ben began to cry, even though he hated doing it. The king shouldn’t be weak. But she was his weakness. He sat down on the floor leaning back on the desk from which he dropped all the papers before.

Evie had nowhere to go. Her friends would like to know what happened and she didn’t wanted to explain, and especially telling Mal about what had happened. Maybe her friend was right. The island girls didn’t fit in Auradon.

The silence was killing him. Ben was unable to sit in his room and couldn’t hear her laughter, when her pencil was sketching designs of dresses on the page. He passed her in the corridors, and she never looked at him. Just like Mal, they both were avoided him like fire. He didn’t know how to fix his mistake.

Evie was devastated. She told Mal everything because she wasn’t able to hide from her the fact that she and Ben weren’t together anymore. Her friend didn’t know what to say. In her case it was completely different, because she left Ben. Evie was in a totally different situation.

“You sure you don’t want me to cast any spell on him? I’m sure it would make you feel better.”

Mal asked Evie about it almost every day. She couldn’t bear that her friend was suffering. She loved her for her life and she never saw the daughter of Evil Queen being so sad and quiet. Now when they were walking down the corridor, she had to practically carry her behind, because Evie didn’t have strength or inclination to go anywhere.

“Darling, you know Ben is my friend, but you’re my sister. And if you just say a word, he’ll end up exactly like my mom-as a lizard.”

Evie smiled weakly and squeezed her hands. “Mal, calm down. You were right from the beginning. Girls like us deserve at least a prince. But I’m not good enough to deserve the love of a king.”

Mal wanted to deny and shout to the whole school that it wasn’t true, that Evie was the best girl Ben could have ever had, but someone interrupted her. Through the school corridor, someone sighed loudly and pushed a large cardboard box, wrapped in blue paper, with a large blue bow on the top. The box was so big that Evie, who was standing in her high heels could reach the bow.

“What the hell is going on here ?!” Mal shouted, letting go of Evie’s hands. No one really heard her, so she walked around slowly, when from behind the box she saw Carlos, Jay, Doug, and Chad.

“Chad, if it’s a present for Audrey, I’m sure we will be celebrating her birthday next week. ”

Chad grinned and looked at the boys. Everyone of them was smiling slightly and they rolled their eyes. “Not my dear, it’s not for Audrey. This unique gift is for Lady Evie.”

“For me?” Evie said shocked. Doug carefully grabbed her hand and Jay and Carlos pushed her toward the present. “Exactly, go and unpack.”

Evie gently touched the bows material and turned to Mal who didn’t know what to do. “Come on.” Doug improved his glasses. “The box doesn’t bite.”

Evie sighed heavily and cautiously pulled the material of the bows. The ribbon fell, the box walls opened and in the middle of the corridor… stood Ben. And in his hand he held the ugliest dress Evie had ever seen. Uneven, with shorter and longer sleev, protruding strands and a little too short for her silhouette.

“Evie, darling, I was horrible. And I forget that you too can have a hard time neglecting what you really love. You did everything for me.” Ben spoke, his voice trembling as she touched the blue dress. She listened to his words and touched the patterns of gold thread on the dress, which turned out to be words. Intelligent, on the neckline. Wise, in the waist. Noble and brave, at the down the dress. Beautiful, on the belly. And finally the word Queen, embroidered on the chest.

“I wanted to show you that for me, you’re not just a beautiful face. And you’ve never been.”

Evie looked at him and she didn’t stop crying. She hugged Ben tight enough so that there was only a dress between them. She didn’t have to stand on her toes to kiss him, so she didn’t wait any longer.  She close the gap beetwen them. Mal couldn’t control the tears, so Jay had to pull her to himself.

Evie stepped away from Ben and kissed him lightly once more. “I forgive you.” She whispered so quietly that only Ben could hear her. “But you definitely have to spend more time with me in my studio, because I’m afraid that this dress is like, two sizes too small.”

Ben laughed and hugged his girlfriend to himself. Mal and the boys surrounded them and hugged them tight. The most adored couple in Auradon was together again. What kind of a king he would’ve be without his queen?

I’m limiting my caffeine today.  One cup of coffee.  No crazy number of shots of espresso.  

My boss just followed me in the door and let me know he hasn’t forgotten about my request for a raise (for which I provided ample written documentation of my work) and he needs to have one more conversation with someone before he can give me a final answer.   Guys, seriously.  If this is a no, I’m bouncing out when my student loan contract obligation is fulfilled and either working part time private practice / part time stay at home mom, or full time private practice.  The amount of work they get out of me is ridiculous.  (That said, the woo woo lady’s advice must have worked.  I followed up with what woo woo things she suggested and two days later this conversation with boss happened.)

Baby needed all the cuddles this morning and it felt like s* to leave her.  What was even worse was that I gave her an electronic toy (we have two total) to mollify her so I could slip out.  

Bad mom.  Bad habit.  

Now, paperwork and setting an intention of being in this moment with clients today.  Also setting a boundary around my psuedo supervision time, meaning, my first priority is my own clients today.