this is what perfection is

(Tfw you see a stimboard that uses one of your gifs but the creator didn’t credit/source anything so you don’t know if you should tell them to source their stimboards while claiming credit for your gif or just let it go and not make a scene)

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Sweet dreams...
( darkiplier )
Sweet dreams...

@arlinabloodgrave20 submitted a script for Darkiplier regarding a sleeping listener. Enjoy!

(Sees a listener sleeping) 

“Well…would you look at this. Humans are so fragile even when they sleep. Their life can be taken away and they wouldn’t know it. And yet…humans look like they’re at peace. Strange how it’s possible for this to happen. Perhaps they’re not afraid of what will happen to them if they sleep. This is perfect. I could just “protect them” as they sleep.”

(Listener slowly wakes up) 

“Oh! You’re awake! Did I wake you? ….No? Good. I was just merely watching over you as you sleep. What’s that? Of course I’ll stay with you as you sleep. Just rest.”

(Listener eventually falls asleep)

“Perfect. Now I can get to work. Sweet dreams.”


in the perfect timeline, this is what netflix greenlighted. 

A person doesn’t have to be perfect to be exactly what you need.

I was watching the infamous mission in Osaka and it’s damn hilarious. If I think about how jimin was surprised and flustered by Jungkook’s compliments because JK didn’t usually act like that and how now Jungkook can’t live a minute without saying how jimin is beautiful, cool, handsome, talented, sexy, perfect.

I guess it’s what happen when two became boyfriends.


So over the past few days I’ve read everything on @warriorsredux’s blog and it my new favorite thing! I especially love the character design- I’ve always felt like each clan should have some identifying physical characteristic, and their ideas are perfect! Here are some spruced up sketches of what I feel a typical cat might look like in each clan. Credit for design goes to warriorsredux!

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tfw phar//mercy is so strong that people want them nerfed, meanwhile ge//ncy is basically reduced into a 'i need healing' meme :^)

the fun thing is that Chu said that the gameplay is representative of the characters, like how they move, their abilities, their weapons, etc.

what does this tell us if PM has perfect synergy with each other, while g*ncy doesn’t even have a little bit of it? right.

  • me: ok im an adult i need to stop fangirling over men that don't even know i exist
  • taron egerton: *breathes*
Picture Perfect Chapter 12 - Sneak Peek #2

Hey guys! Guess what’s coming at you TONIGHT?! A New chapter of Picture Perfect!!

No this is not a drill.

I’ve actually written double what I’m going to post tonight, but the second half isn’t done yet. This chapter turned into a monster on me, so I decided rather than keeping you waiting any longer, I’d split it into two and give you an update tonight.

Don’t be worried! The update is still about 7K+ words long, so I’m not shorting you.

Texting Mystery Girl felt harmless. It was anonymous, it was all virtual, and no one could connect the two of them together, making it safe for him to be in contact with her. Well, no one except for Diggle. And Thea, who’d found out in the worst way possible - by grabbing his phone before he could reach it when the message notification went off, proclaiming him to be “too smiley for it to not be an important person.”

Grabbing the phone out of her hand, he couldn’t even find it in his heart to chastise her over the “Holy Fuck” she let out at viewing the picture because the sentiment was completely accurate. That particular image had given him fodder for his showers all week.

If you want to be tagged in updates and sneak peeks, don’t forget to let me know! Also, if I’ve forgotten to tag you, I swear it wasn’t intentional! Remind me to include you and it will be done!!

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hi, I used to write poetry last year, and i fell in love with your writing and the way we both have the name desireé. But i lost my motivation and love to write, but nothing feels right. and i miss it dearly. Any advice..?

1. Make a list of things you know to be absolutely true.
2. Make a list of alternate endings.
3. Make a list of all the people you used to be.
4. What was the last straw?
5. What was the last thing they ever said to you?
6. What is the recipe for a perfect poem?
7. Make a word web on a sheet of printer paper
8. Brainstorm all the titles for your memoir
9. Read a book of poems, starting with the end.

Thoughts on New Girl ep "Misery"

(Skipped last week because I watched it so late)

•Winston getting better at burns
•Schmidt and Cece are the perfect couple
•Nick spent more than $300 to win a large stuffed animal named “Stewart”… Sounds about right.
•Jess’ dad wanting to know what’s going on
•Okay but Nickname would be the perfect nickname for Nick
•"How’s that dress gonna fit you when you ain’t got no legs?“
•Winston’s Dad is a Cop
•I kind of love that we’ve gotten to know more about Winston’s past these last couple episodes
•"You’re my dad.”
•Schmidt and Cece are parents.
•The loft residents are their children.
•These are facts.
•Add “Crazy Linda” to the list of Winston’s personas

Well, I watched that trailer for the Death Note Netflixs movie.   By god…it looks bad.

For starters, the whitewashing pisses me off. Just because L was changed to being African American doesn’t change the fact that most of the major player’s races were changed from being East Asian to white. Even with it taking place in the US, they could have still picked East Asian actors to play these characters. So many Asian Americans could have played these characters if they gave them a chance.  (As a side note, I don’t mind L being played by an African American actor, just the rest angers me)  Even with that aside, a lot of the casting is still horrendous.

The choice for Kira is horrible. Light is a very intelligent, charming honour student on the top of his class, being able to get anyone to do what he wants Light was board out of his mind from his perfect every day life until he becomes obsessed with what he does with the notebook. His intentions start out good, but he slowly becomes corrupted by the Death Note…although he had the seeds in his heart before with his God Complex.  He is able to out smart the police, having to stay one step ahead of L and the others.   He is a complex character that treads the line of being an antihero and a fantastic villain.  

Here, in addition to picking a white actor to play him, which also pisses me off in of itself (I still wish they got an Asian American actor to play him – big time)– this guy has none of that! He looks like a stoner (which is saying something since I am autistic and a harder time telling these types of things sometimes), seeming to be the school punching bag and loner.  He has no charm or charisma whatsoever from the clips he was in. It makes me wonder who the hell would follow him or how he will be able to out smart the police! 

I have a hunch he might be painted to be a pure person, which is dumb considering despite everything he still is a serial killer.  His ends don’t justify the means to which he uses in the series, even with his intentions.

In addition, Misa is a goth cheerleader who smokes a lot, which is the exact opposite of her personality in the series. L was changed from a massively powerful detective to a cop. They're quite frankly stripping characters of their motivations and positions that made them interesting in the first place.

There is not a single mention of any of the Shinigami like Ryuk, which played a huge role in the story! (Yes, I know there was a shadow at the end of the trailer, even then I am not even sure if Ryuk is still a Shinigami or not)

The cinematography is super dark and you can hardly make anything out.

Moreover, from what we’ve been told and from this trailer, they’re very clearly changing this from a  thriller to a god damn generic action movie! The trailer is cut like an action movie! Which just throws out basically everything that people liked about the original work… besides maybe the fact that people die from time to time. This should be a psychological game between L and Light – that is what defines the series.

They’re changing the setting, the characters, the genre, and character motivations,  replacing it with what looks like generic shlock. Wonderful.

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Outside of William Defoe playing Ryuk, which I admit is a great casting choice, this whole trailer seems completely cringe worthy.

I would be fine with them changing things and putting a new spin on the source material. Hell, VLD changed a ton from the source material, from changing Pidge into a girl to making Allura coded African American, and it is a great series, improving things a lot. But all these changes in this new Death Note movie, unfortunately,  seem to be for the worse, not the better.

With all this said, like with the Last Airbender movie, I don’t think this will ruin the series. This is just another take on it…although, I do think it’s not gonna be super great by the looks of things.

Tbh I’ll probably still watch it. Just to see the dumpster fire.


I am compiling a shelf on goodreads for books that are complete and total trash

The examples that I could remember include such awful and dangerous POS as:

  • The Continent
  • Sad Perfect
  • The Black Witch
  • Carve the Mark

What, for the same problematic reasons as above, would you have me include?