this is what people call look at her lovingly

I remembered an ask I got concerning what Pidge’s brother and dad might look like in my own version (People that know how I draw Pidge get this).

But anyways I played around and this is the Matt I now know and love. Pidge calls him peanut butter lovingly and reese’s pieces when she’s feeling extra.

Tbh I kinda wish Pidge and her family had been black, I feel like it would’ve added a whole new layer of characterization for them and instead of Matt being that white boy that got like 10 seconds of screen time and we know nothing about him it would’ve had people develop more detailed theories and hcs especially from non white fans in the fandom.

But eh, I can dream.

One Hell of a Pair

Pairing: Negan x Reader
Word count: 1,613
Warnings: Swearing, violence, violent gif
Request: Anonymous. TWD YES could u do one (this is rly specific i’m sorry change it if u want) where negan finds a girl at an abandoned mental hospital on a supply run, and she’s kinda crazy (harley quinn ish) and she joins rick & co to lead them to negan and they find out in the lineup, low-key based on strange love by halsey?? you guys are so cool i can’t btw i LOVE your stuff<3 

Kneeling, you looked down, trying to hide the smirk threatening to appear. Seeing his boots, your eyes trail up his legs, to his jacket, to that grin. Holding out his hand to you, he licked his lips. Taking it, you stood, just to be pulled to his side. The others that were kneeling stared, confused. His lips met yours, roughly. “Good work, baby girl.” He smirked, giving your ass a quick smack.

“Thank you.” You giggled, biting your lip.

“How about you go stand over there and look like your pretty self?” He had a glint in his eye that had your attention. “I’ll let you know if you can have some fun after.”

Clapping, you let out an excited squeal. You went to move, but then turned to the line up. A grin appeared as you bent at the waist, your hands on your knees. “Nothing personal, really.” You shrugged, no remorse on your face. “Have fun.” You sang, standing up before turning to walk behind where your lover stood.

Simon glared at you, hating how his boss treated you. You rolled your eyes, leaning against one of the trucks. Bending one leg at the knee, you put your foot on the tire, your arms crossed over your chest as you thought back to the first time your eyes ever saw him.

Hearing boots, you automatically scurried into the nearest hiding place. Your Y/H/C hair hung on each of your face, creating a curtain. Your back was pressed to the back of the small space, your chest rising and falling with each deep breath.

You licked your lips, trying to keep still, and quiet. There was no telling who was walking through the halls of the now abandoned asylum. Mental hospital, really, or at least that’s what they called it now. Made people feel better about shipping their loved ones off. Asylum had such a negative reputation.

When the others fled, screaming, panicking, and heading in all directions, you stayed. Tucked back in a corner, your knees to your chest, biding your time. This had been your home for so long that you had no idea where you’d go, or even how to survive outside these walls.

The door to your hiding place was swung open, revealing the dark haired man. “What do we have here?” His eyes looked you up and down. “Come on out, sweetheart. I ain’t gonna hurt ya.” He held out his hand for you, for the first time ever, but it would be far from the last time.

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Moments (Kris, You) Scenario

To the fans of “Always & Forever” <3

Requested by Ewyana on Asianfanfics

Can you please make a Meili and Kris - father & daughter moment?

“Oppa! Oppaaaa!”

Wu Yifan never thought he’d hear a voice that’s sweeter than that of little girl screaming at him from across the hall. He turned towards her with a bright smile, his face practically splitting in half as he crouched down with his arms wide open to catch her.

Meili jumped into his embrace, giggling as he spun her around. “Hey you.” Kris said as he carried her in his arms, letting the kid bop his nose.

“Annyeong oppa~ are we going to get ice cream today?”

“You bet.” He said as he placed her down and caressed her cheek. Meili’s eyes suddenly brightened and she gasped when she caught sight of something–or someone over his shoulder.

“Kyungsoo oppa!”

Kyungsoo had just crossed the hallway holding a bag of chips, his eyes widening at the sight of the little girl, almost like he was a deer caught in the headlights. Kris grinned as Meili wiggled out of his grip to run to him and Kyungsoo ran from her playfully, the two engaging in a game of tag.

Kris chuckled as they left then turned when he heard a familiar voice.

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Of Magic And Friendship - Prologue: The Gathering

Type: Fanfiction

Pairings: NozoEli, KotoUmi, NicoMaki, RinPana, TsubaHono

Genre: Fantasy/Friendship/Romance

Words: ~8000

Summary: In a world full of magic, 9 girls will struggle with their fate and themselves. Will they be able to overcome their greatest fears, inner demons and enemies, becoming more than just friends in the end? Or will they fail? (Love Live! with aspects of Fairy Tail)

Note: It’s finally starting. I’m really excited, because this is going to be my first really big project, where I did world building and all this stuff. I’m not sure if you’ll like it, but I hope you will.

A huge “thank you” @megapixelpichu again for being my beta reader. Knowing my grammar I’m sure it wasn’t easy.

Well, enough notes. I hope you enjoy the journey we are now about to begin.

The kingdom of Tokyoshi; a small and peaceful country with 10 Million inhabitants. It is a world full of magic. Magic is bought and sold everyday, being an integral part of people’s lives. There are those who use magic as their occupation, these people are referred to as mages. Mages belong to various guilds, and perform jobs on commission. There are an immense number of guilds all across the country; and in a certain city there lies a certain guild. A guild from which incredible mages were once born - and will continue to be born into the future. That guild’s name is : Sakura Heaven. 

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The problem with Terry

So here’s what went down today…

Someone made a photo manip of Cait pregnant and Sam looking at her lovingly. The s-shippers ate it up. The s-truthers hated it. The rest of us ignored it.

But someone tweeted it to Terry. From the only thing I could figure was to get a reaction from her because…why else would you tweet it to her?

They got one. She laughed about it. Suggested she showed it to Cait. Accused the shippers of following them.

After being called out on it directly by people, she claimed she wasn’t laughing at the fans but laughing at the picture because it was so ridiculous. However, I’m not exactly sure how you can laugh at the picture without laughing at the fan who made it and all the fans who shared it. So…a high up crew member laughed at fans for shipping. Even though they made that for their own pleasure (and countless fandoms have done it).

This clearly hurt the fans who felt laughed at. And delighted the truthers.

Which led to a day of fighting in the fandom. Shippers just tried to mind their own business. The truthers or whatever the hell they’re calling themselves spent the day delighting in their victory. I’ve seen them call people offended by Terry’s behaviour (that didn’t even reblog the pregnancy pic to begin with) lunatics, pond scum, followed by suggesting they were “nothing” and literally cheer Terry for her behaviour. I even saw one attack someone for their interest outside of Outlander entirely. 

Would the fighting happen regardless of Terry’s behaviour? Yes, maybe. But it doesn’t mean Terry needs to step in and stir things up. Is Terry purposely doing it? Nah. I believe her when she says she doesn’t know what goes on in the fandom. Which is exactly why she should stay out of it. Like almost anyone else in the entertainment business does. She KNEW that was a screen cap from someone else’s profile and yet she still commented. She still engaged. And when people responded, she kept engaging. She seems to think it’s her place to debate with fans and doesn’t even bother to do it politely.

This isn’t the first time she’s sided with one group, and suggested that the other side are bad fans or delusional or what not, therefore alienating the people who watch the show. It happened with too much Frank. If happens every time she starts her whole Jamie vs. Claire debate…which there is no need for.

I understand she wants to be a fan. I do. But she’s not. She works for the show. She talks about the job on her twitter and therefore becomes a voice for the show. So her taking a side, mocking and laughing the other side is very much like the show is. And I don’t care if you’re a shipper or not…no one who is related to the show should EVER make someone feel like a lesser fan because of how they choose decide to be fans. 

Terry needs to work on being a professional. 

anonymous asked:

Hmm, Karlie wasn't famous before TS. That's funny. They have a very narrow view of the world obviously . Karlie more recognized maybe but we could add a lot of people to that list including CH who are less accomplished than Karlie. They must have had a hard day yesterday searching for a pic so they could tell everyone how lovingly CH looks at TS.

Karlie and Taylor have what you call an organic pr relationship.. where they obviously both like each other, and aren’t solely using each other just for PR, but with their friendship comes certain benefits business/pr wise. As for that anon, they clearly don’t know anything about Karlie lmao like she was a well established model wayyy before Taylor came around. Yes Taylor has helped her become more famous, but Karlie has helped Taylor too. It definitely goes both ways, if you look at the image change Taylor has had in the last year and a half, I credit Karlie for a lot of it.. The new hair cut, moving to New York, and the “wanting to have fun with her friends” attitude has all stemmed from Karlie. Also it seems like last year was the happiest Taylor has ever been, and Karlie had also kinda gotten her out of that rut she was in with the media and general public. 

I personally also think Taylor needs Karlie a lot more than the other way around.. We saw a clear example of that yesterday, I really think Taylor had some type of a break down in the morning because there’s no way Tree would want to end a week of heavy tayvin interaction with Karlie showing up to Taylor’s apartment.. yes there were other friends there (an odd combo if I do say so myself, like Jack & Lena and then Gigi??) but still they had Karlie come over.. there was no way to sneak her in because the paps had both entrances covered. Also Taylor’s face when she took off those glasses looked a lot different too like she had been crying, there were bags under eyes, her cheeks were somewhat puffy, and she looked like she was wearing more make up than usual (to cover it up?). I think Taylor was starting to have some doubts yesterday because she knows people are starting to not buy it, and with Karlie in town while she’s parading around with him would be quite hard to stomach I’d imagine. 

On the pictures of tay/cal yesterday, that’s also why I think something happened because usually he tries doing it up more than her, but he wasn’t doing that. She didn’t look “okay” until Ed was finally there too lol. It was just all very odd.. idk but watch now they will go out again and it will be all back to normal lmao maybe cause Taylor saw her sunshine again, and she calmed her down? 

All I really know is that kaylor is real :)