this is what people call look at her lovingly

The problem with Terry

So here’s what went down today…

Someone made a photo manip of Cait pregnant and Sam looking at her lovingly. The s-shippers ate it up. The s-truthers hated it. The rest of us ignored it.

But someone tweeted it to Terry. From the only thing I could figure was to get a reaction from her because…why else would you tweet it to her?

They got one. She laughed about it. Suggested she showed it to Cait. Accused the shippers of following them.

After being called out on it directly by people, she claimed she wasn’t laughing at the fans but laughing at the picture because it was so ridiculous. However, I’m not exactly sure how you can laugh at the picture without laughing at the fan who made it and all the fans who shared it. So…a high up crew member laughed at fans for shipping. Even though they made that for their own pleasure (and countless fandoms have done it).

This clearly hurt the fans who felt laughed at. And delighted the truthers.

Which led to a day of fighting in the fandom. Shippers just tried to mind their own business. The truthers or whatever the hell they’re calling themselves spent the day delighting in their victory. I’ve seen them call people offended by Terry’s behaviour (that didn’t even reblog the pregnancy pic to begin with) lunatics, pond scum, followed by suggesting they were “nothing” and literally cheer Terry for her behaviour. I even saw one attack someone for their interest outside of Outlander entirely. 

Would the fighting happen regardless of Terry’s behaviour? Yes, maybe. But it doesn’t mean Terry needs to step in and stir things up. Is Terry purposely doing it? Nah. I believe her when she says she doesn’t know what goes on in the fandom. Which is exactly why she should stay out of it. Like almost anyone else in the entertainment business does. She KNEW that was a screen cap from someone else’s profile and yet she still commented. She still engaged. And when people responded, she kept engaging. She seems to think it’s her place to debate with fans and doesn’t even bother to do it politely.

This isn’t the first time she’s sided with one group, and suggested that the other side are bad fans or delusional or what not, therefore alienating the people who watch the show. It happened with too much Frank. If happens every time she starts her whole Jamie vs. Claire debate…which there is no need for.

I understand she wants to be a fan. I do. But she’s not. She works for the show. She talks about the job on her twitter and therefore becomes a voice for the show. So her taking a side, mocking and laughing the other side is very much like the show is. And I don’t care if you’re a shipper or not…no one who is related to the show should EVER make someone feel like a lesser fan because of how they choose decide to be fans. 

Terry needs to work on being a professional.