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My friend @missyzero and I were talking about what Shadow’s damage might be in Sonic Forces and she was like “watch it be a Shadow bot and real Shadow was washing his bike somewhere.”

For some reason I thought that was funny and decided to draw it!

the latest arc of The Adventure Zone has got me ITCHIN’ to explore Refuge like some good ol point-and-click adventure…..

btw, if you haven’t yet, I would solidly recommend checking out @theadventurezine . It’s going to be killer ✌️

'All your base...are belong to us'
hanzo fucking shimada
'All your base...are belong to us'

i saw some people talking about this audio clip being a Real Thing That Actually Exists and was like “no that can’t be true” and then i found it after spending around an hour looking and i’m posting it now because i don’t want to have gone on incognito to search “hanzo shimada ‘all your base’” for fucking nothing

Supercorp au where Kara swears when she’s stressed and her favorite phrases are “fuck” and “fuck me”. So much so that Lena has gotten accustomed to answering internally, thinking things like “yeah” “sure when” “your place or mine” “I really do want to dear, but I’m quite busy at the moment” and that one time she says it under her breath and Kara hears her, goes up to her and says, “did you just understand kryptonese?” “Yes” “and did you just reply ‘I want to’?” “Uh y-yes”


This is Ravus.

He and Noctis have some issues they need to work out.

(Previously on ‘This is Ravus’)

I know there’s a myriad of good reasons why L chose the name ‘Asahi’ for Soichiro and Light’s aliases, most of them having something to do with Light:

1, ‘Asahi’ (朝日), meaning ‘morning sun’, stood as an antonym to ‘Yagami’, meaning ‘Night god’

2, ‘Asahi Light’ is a brand of beer commonly sold in Japan and other select countries, making Light’s alias difficult for search engines while also taking the everloving piss. Clever, considering his unique original name was easy enough for Misa to search up.

3, ‘Asahi-Lite’ is a company that sells lenses, which covers bases for anyone who spells it differently (see also 2).

4, ‘Asahi Light Metal’ is another company, dealing mostly in metal stamping (see also 2).

5, ‘Asahi Light’ can be loosely translated to ‘Light Morningstar’ - reminiscent of Lucifer (the Devil), called the Morning Star. L’s enough of a shit that I wouldn’t put it past him to have this in mind.

But here’s a sixth:

A Japanese neologism is the verb ‘Asahiru’ - 朝日る - spelt the same way as above and derived from the ‘Asahi Shimbun’ (朝日新聞) newspaper, which means ‘to fabricate stories’, as in, to bullshit to fit your own narrative.

L is straight-up calling Light a liar.

I don’t know how to be good enough for you. And I’m sick of trying.
—  🖤