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Given the Current Climate in fandom, I figured it was a good idea (and a good time) to do something like this. Basically, a series of short oneshots about male Mass Effect companions unabashedly loving men. Support gay and bi male fandom members. Support their narratives and their love.

For Jaal - in fact, for most male angara - loving another man was like breathing. Falling in love with an alien was what gave him pause.

When Ryder passed him in the hallway or when he heard his laugh over the Tempest’s intercom, worries lingered around the outskirts of his mind. But the human didn’t strike him as a conqueror. There was a curiosity in him and a earnestness that brought Jaal a small amount of comfort. Ryder wanted equality. He spoke of sharing resources, of sharing knowledge and culture, and those were things the kett never laid at the feet of the angara.

Falling in love with Ryder was a slow process at first, and then, it happened all at once, like stepping from a rolling hill and plunging a hundred feet. A thousand. More. It was that, but wonderful.

Ryder laid a gentle hand on his shoulder, and Jaal realized that his heart didn’t belong to himself anymore. He realized that somewhere along the way he had grown to trust him, to care for him, to desire him. 

And after that, loving Ryder was a beautiful, flowering feeling rather than a sharp dive. The longing he felt for him was a gift, and the desire was a crackling burn that felt so at home in the center of his chest. An eagerness to explore rose within him more and more with every passing day. There was so much he wanted to know about Ryder’s people that couldn’t be answered by a hologram.

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What I say : Severus Snape is one of my favourite characters.

What they understand : “Severus Snape was a good person and was the perfect man for Lily. He did nothing wrong and we should give him a free pass for what he did to Harry and Neville. Bullying children is right.”

What I mean : Severus Snape was bitter, angry, vindictive and bullied children but I can see the reasons behind his nastiness. He was shaped by his past and never was able to mature because he needed love, positive influences and a strong psychological support. I relate to his character because I was bullied and my alcoholic stepfather verbally abused me but I moved on thanks to my friends and my mother who were always there for me. Unlike Snape I grew up because I had what he didn’t and despite being depressed and hating himself he still managed to be brave. Without him Harry would have died countless times and the war would have been lost. He’s a complex anti-hero and I have no problem with that.

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MM tweeted about 100 cameras Spring Gala in New York. Do you think she's already there?

I think she is back in LA, but obviously I don’t know for sure because I don’t have a GPS on her and I don’t have a crystal ball.

I am only publishing this ask because her patronage notwithstanding (odd how she is all of a sudden so involved), this seems like a great charity and from what I have seen in passing, they do wonderful work and have some cool programs.

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Come Hell or High Water

Hmm… that sounds like it could be

A. a Transformers story in which “Arcee doesn’t understand many human phrases. “What does that even mean?” she’s complained more than once. A mission turned fight for survival with Jack on the Mississippi river soon gives her some ideas, though.”

B. prequel trilogy fun “Plo Koon had once told Wolff, “I’ll face hell or high water to bring you all home if that is what is needed.” Not understanding, Wolff had passed it off at the time as some Jedi platitude. But eventually he’d been curious enough to bring it up to Rex. Who, of course, brought it up to Skywalker. Wolff wasn’t sure if he should regret that or not. He’d soon find out.”

C. Original Trilogy au “When a skirmish in a crime-ridden city ends with Luke Skywalker and several others as prisoners of Black Sun, Prince Xizor sees an opportunity to torment Lord Vader. He does not count on two things: first, to threaten Vader’s son is to court death. Second, to leave a Very Angry Leia Organa out of one’s calculations is to propose to death. By the time the two reluctantly team up to storm the tower, Death is practically planning the reception.”


Once you start coming out of the closet, you never stop. Sometimes it’s easy, and sometimes you want to retreat back inside, hiding in the safety of denial or the rare occurrence of “passing” as something else. Do what you can to be honest, but do what you can to be safe in tandem.

Some days you’ll find someone who ignores your words and gaslights you backwards into the dark of the closet… but other days you’ll find someone who is glad to have learned a new part of your identity, and beckons you further out into the daylight. Keep at it for those days. Keep coming out when you can; you’ll find people who love you for who you are. And sometimes, you’ll show someone else how to be brave, too.

I made the first comic back in ‘14 when I was just starting to come out of the closet as androgynous, and things were hard and very painful for me. But I also made lots of friends and learned who I could trust via trial and error. Eventually, I came into my own and now have a lot of confidence in my identity, and I’ve started having more conversations with my family. Progress is progress, and the more I remind them about it, the more I see them coming to accept it. I’m very lucky in that sense, I suppose, because I know that a lot of people don’t get that chance. But if you can, please don’t give up on people. You’d be amazed at what people can come to understand if you believe in them.

You can do it! Keep trying!

The Time Traveler
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I met her in the early morning by chance 

When the sun was still not awake. 

She looked over the ruins of ancient stones 

Breathing as if it was the last breath she’d take 

I timidly sat beside her to see what she saw 

Carefully and softly with the moves I’d make 

Trying not to disturb her silent meditation 

I put my hand on hers with no hesitation. 

With one touch of our hands 

I felt the entire world slip away 

I closed my eyes and suddenly I could see 

She saw the world of tomorrow and yesterday 

But she did not pause for what would come and had come to pass 

Everything not in this moment began to fade 

My hand on hers; her hand in mine 

She was breathing for this one moment in time. 

When my hand finally lifted from hers and I opened my eyes 

I was not where I once had been. 

I was no longer among the ruins of stones 

But I was glancing at the greatness of man. 

I watched as the ruins came to life 

As they died and came to life again. 

Time did not stop as history pressed on 

Before my next breath the moment was gone. 

I reached for her hand to bring me back 

But I was alone on this journey through time. 

I doubted she was ever with me at all 

Was she the dream in my own mind? 

Now alone, I’m lost in the infinity of time 

Is the present so hard to find? 

I take another breath and I close my eyes once again 

To imagine the ruins where this all began. 

I did not meet her in the early morning by chance 

Before the sun was awake. 

I was alone in the ruins this time 

Perhaps for her I will wait. 

© 2007

(Written and submitted by @jsydbrantley)

Just having a little moment of refection. I feel like the last few year has been an absolute whirlwind! When life gets busy, you often don’t get the chance to stop and think about what you’ve achieved along the way! Time is passing by no matter what you do. So why stress? Why get worked up? Why worry so much when you can be happy and enjoy your life instead! I know that’s easier said than done sometimes, but really when you think about it, you SHOULD be happy. You should be able to celebrate every moment. Time will pass no matter what… you may as well be happy and do what you love. #bbg
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PSA for Baby Witches

Keep it simple.

You don’t need to go out and buy everything, do complicated rituals to the letter, and suddenly have the entire witch aesthetic from the cauldron to the giant leather bound grimoire.

And speaking of, you don’t need complicated, full lists of every correspondence imaginable- just the materials you have.

Honestly I use a teapot instead of a cauldron, use for literally every spell, and hardly ever actually use herbs, moonwater, crystals, or anything else I thought I HAD TO HAVE when I started.

I cleanse by physically cleaning, not by burning sage. I miss almost every new and full moon, and most witchy holidays pass with no fanfare.

I guess what I’m saying is that you should relax– you don’t need a full, dedicated altar with every tool imaginable, an herb garden, full crystal library, and a grimoire the size of an encyclopedia. You don’t have to cast a circle, call elements, find deities, or follow the rules. Do what works for you and ditch the rest.

Had my last test today & I did well…one more week before my final, and I’m honestly not even gonna study much for it because I know I’ll do well.
So then…I can officially say I’ve successfully passed and completed my first year of nursing school 😭
What a turbulent ride…I made it though!! I’m definitely celebrating =)

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Strickler and Jim playing Scrabble and debating about the legitimacy of using troll words?

“Clam. Go.”


“Ooh. Nice, Claire. All yours, Tobes.”


Hulbaked. Your turn, Barbara.”

“Wait, what?”

The dining room table stops short. Corn chips hang in the air halfway from the guac bowl. One Designated Adult turns to the other two teenagers present as Jim points a finger and squints at Mr. Strickler square in the eyes.

“That’s not a word.”

“Indeed, it is, Jim, as Troll shares roots with a number of human languages–in this case, old English and Norse.”

“We agreed you wouldn’t throw pre-modern vocab into Scrabble anymore.”

“I relented to hierarchical pressure and said I would ‘go easy on you,’”

“We’re high school students!”

“I never attended public school of any kind.”

Jim squints harder.

Mr. Strickler smiles back.

“Mom! He said he wouldn’t do this again!”

“It is unclear what it means, Walt.”

“I protest! Hul is Old Troll for “half” and perfectly legitimate!”

Barbara pats his arm.

“You did ‘relent to hierarchical pressure’, babe.”

Mr. Strickler deflates, purses his lips at Jim, then with a huff reaches for his tiles.

“Fine. Halfbaked, for the sake of the present company.”

“Good job, sweetheart.” Barbara presses a peck to his cheek and lays down all but one of her tiles. “Now give me double points.”

The table groans and ‘ooh’s’ appreciatively.

Barbara won that night with a last word: “troll.”

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Four + Reader, 16 and 27? If you can?

Characters: Reader x Tobias “Four” Eaton + Peter Hayes

Warnings: violence, swearing

Prompts: 16: “I’ll kick his ass if you want me to.” 27: “Oh, fuck off.”

Word Count: 394

A/N: of course I can! hope you like it! (and i think this is the first Tobias request)

Want to request a drabble? Read this post [x]

You ripped your arm from Peter’s grasp and scowled. Peter laughed as he leaned up against the bunk bed, refusing to let you pass. You gritted out your teeth and balled your fists. 

“Let me pass, Peter.” you hissed, and Peter scoffed. 

“What are you going to do to me, Amity?” he laughed, and you felt a flush rise to your cheeks. You had transferred from Amity, which had surprised everyone, but it was what showed up on your aptitude tests. Despite constantly proving that you didn’t fit the joyful, peaceful ideals of Amity, Peter still constantly harassed you. 

“I swear,” you growled. “I’ll break your nose.”

“Yeah, right. Well go on, give it a try then. I’ll give you a free swing.” Peter leaned his face closer to yours, a taunting smile on his lips.

“Oh, fuck off.” you growled, punching him in the jaw and he stumbled backwards. He staggered for a moment, shocked, before he grabbed your arm and punched you in the stomach, hard. You wheezed, doubling over. Staggering to your feet, Peter shook his head at you as he rubbed his chin.

“You’re going to pay for that, Amity.” he spat, and raised his fist as Four walked in. 

“Hey!” he roared, and Peter froze. He looked at you, clutching your stomach, and Peter’s red face. “What’s going on here?”

“y/n tried to pick a fight with me.” Peter pointed at you, and you felt the anger bubble up in your stomach. You lunged at him, but Four grabbed your arms from behind and dragged you back. He dragged you out of the room as Peter smirked, pulling you into a empty hallway.

“He’s lying!” you yelled, trying to go back into the dorms but Four kept a firm grip in your arm.

“I know, y/n.” Four responded, his voice low. You looked up at him, incredulous. 

“Then why wouldn’t you let me kick his ass?” you demanded, and Four shook his head.

“You’ll just get yourself into more trouble, y/n. Drop it.” you pulled yourself away from Four’s grip and sighed. Straightening your shirt, you took a deep breath. “However, I can do something if you want. I’ll kick his ass if you want me to.” 

“Whatever.” you shrugged, but finally smiled. “Go ahead if you want to, but I didn’t give you any ideas.” 


An accompanying peice to If.


Roy woke up to Maia pulling on her jogging top and smiled as she reached over and kissed him.

“Don’t forget your buddy.” He smiled

“Text me what you want.” She reminded him as she moved through the room with Red Arrow, her four pawed companion while his, Willow, took Maias place in her bed.

“How did Gigi find you again?” Roy asked the dog with the chuckle as it nuzzled into him.

His alarm woke him up later and after getting dressed, he walked out so see Maia in the kitchen with Lian as she made her sandwiches for school.

“Thank you.” He smiled and kissed her on the cheek as she passed him a bagel she picked up earlier. “What adventures are you up to today?”

“I’m taking team dumbtails to Bellas” She nodded “then I’m finding material for Lians costume and taking them to Jade because she wants her mom to make the costume.”

“Probably safer that way.” He nodded as he chewed “what’s wrong with the pups?”

“S-h-o-t-s.” Maia spelt out “and then a walk if they’re up to it.”

“Thanks.” He smiled thinking back to the last time they took them to take the shots and how he had to walk out at the sight of the needles.

“Of course.” She smiled and kissed him as he picked up Lians school bag. “Have a good day Lian.”

“Bye!” Lian sang as she skipped off


Roy smiled as he walked back into the house to see the dogs snuggled up together and walked into the bedroom to see Maia sleeping in her spot at the edge of the bed.

Approaching her, he gave her a small kiss on the forehead and felt her shift and her face screw up.

“Shit.” He muttered and moved next to her as her breathing intensified, and started to try to wake her “It’s okay, just open your eyes. You’re home, it’s safe, it’s okay.”

He frowned as ice appeared on the blanket she was clinging to.

“It’s okay.” He repeated and rubbed her back as she opened her eyes, still clearly upset. Her eyes darted around the room and looked back at Roy before down at the ice on the blanket. “It’s okay”

He watched as she nestled into the blankets and stroked her hair gently

“Should we call Jen?” He asked her gently and watched as she shook her head.

“Just give me a minute.” She muttered as she turned to face him “I’m sorry about the blanket.”

“It’ll be fine” He reassured her with a smile and pulling her into a cuddle. “Should we watch something​?”

“If you want to, but I need to rest up before my shift tonight.” Maia kissed his cheek and moved back to her spot.


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Almost everything in fashion editor @marchettisimone’s Milanese closet is an ode to Italian design, but nothing is sentimental. “When I first saw Alessandro Michele’s collection at @Gucci I was like, ‘Oh my god, I have to throw everything away in my wardrobe.’ I have to dress like an old picture with new things,” he told us. “I don’t like style; I like fashion. It’s the opposite of what Coco Chanel was saying, ‘Style remains, but fashion passes.’ I like fashion because it passes.” Take a look at his wardrobe and read his thoughts on genderless fashion, his obsessed with matching silk pajama sets, and why he never abides by any rules on
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Today I’m going to be testing the Night Speed Up set bonus on the Stealth set, as well as some other things related to running speed. I’m going to start by testing during the day (noon, specifically) to set some benchmarks.

I’ve chosen the Great Zora Bridge leading into Zora’s Domain as my testing area. There are fifteen evenly-spaced arches spanning the bridge, with small decorations on the railing halfway between each set. There’s no easy way to time my sprints, so instead, I’m going to have Link start under this first arch, run until his stamina has been fully depleted, and note how far he’s gone.

And theyyyyy’re off! I took screenshots of the moment Link ran out of stamina for every test, to ensure accuracy, but I’ll only be showing the results as shots taken from the side, which is what I used for measuring.

Link passed under six arches (not including the one he started under), and ran out of stamina just before the seventh. Repeated testing showed him consistently coming up short of the seventh arch.

The arches look to be fifteen to twenty feet apart, but since we don’t have a way to measure this precisely, I’ll be using the distance between arches as its own unit of measurement. Now, I was going to call this unit a Sidon, because of where I’m testing and the fact that Sidon is tall, but I realized that the benchmark measurement I’ll be referring to for the rest of the post would be 6.9 Sidons, and I can’t give you animals that kind of satisfaction. Instead, I’ll be calling them Arches with a capital A.

Next, we’ll be testing out some Hasty Elixirs! Like other effects, there are three levels of Speed Up, and I have no idea how effective they are. These will be tested in the same way, running until Link runs out of stamina.

To start we have Speed Up 1, which got Link to 7.75 Arches. That’s 0.85 Arches (about 12%) farther, which I would assume is also 12% faster.

Speed Up 2 is 8.6 Arches, which shouldn’t surprise me, but that’s another increase of 0.85. I guess I’m mostly surprised that this testing method seems to be pretty accurate. Anyway, that’s another 12% increase, or a 24% increase over the benchmark.

Finally, Speed Up 3 is… almost 9.25 Arches? There are a few factors that may be skewing the results slightly, such as veering to one side while running, not stopping at quite the right time, or taking a screenshot that’s not perfectly straight-on. In any case, the last two results seemed clear, and the final result is close enough for me to say that each level of Speed Up gives you (approximately) +12% running speed, maxing out at +36% with Speed Up 3!

Oh, but we’re not done! Now that it’s midnight, I can test out the effects of the Night Speed Up set bonus.

Testing consistently showed Link coming just short of 8.5 Arches, or around 23% faster than the benchmark. I have no idea why Night Speed Up would be an increase of 23% when everything else in the game has been so well-rounded, but that’s how it turned out. I feel like I must be doing something wrong, but this is the same testing method as those seemingly solid 12% increases we saw before. Maybe the control needed for this is just too precise for human hands.

Well, whatever! Let’s get to drinkin’!

Speed Up 3 with Night Speed Up was just short of 9.25, pretty much identical to the results for Speed Up 3 on its own. I was sure that the two effects would stack, but it looks like I was wrong! I‘ll admit that I’m a little disappointed.

Finally, it’s time for a couple of costume changes. First up is the Dark set, which grants the same Night Speed Up effect (though with a different icon representing it) that the Stealth set does. Will it give the same results?

Yes it will. At just shy of 8.5 Arches, this result is pretty much identical.

Next, we’re back to the daytime with Link in his skivvies, for an armor-free speed test. Supposedly, Link is able to swim more quickly without any armor on, so I was wondering if the same is true of running. I’ll try first with no armor and no equipment, then with the heaviest-looking gear I have.

At just barely before the seventh arch, it seems like Link might actually be faster without armor… but this could still be within the margin of error.

This looks promising! With the Flamebreaker armor, which I chose because it looks the bulkiest and least maneuverable, Link is in the same spot as the benchmark test! Now the final step: a bunch of heavy Lynel gear!

…aaaand Link’s back in the same spot as the naked test. Oh well, I guess armor and weapons don’t have a statistically significant impact on running speed.

While testing, I noticed that the Hasty Elixir says it also increases swimming and climbing speeds. I just might have to give that a try in future experiments!

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Hello! :3 Idk if anyone's asked this already but assuming the attacker with the gun/Lord Sirius is indeed Real!Ciel, do you think Soma might mention it? Additionally, if what Agni had passed him was the burnt photo revealing Our!Ciel's brother,could Soma start to lose his trust in Ciel?

Soma would definitely be confused and demand answers. He might join forces for some modicum of revenge, but I don’t think he’ll stick around much longer (or become like our earl). 

According to Mother3 theory, Soma should eventually leave to pursue his own happiness… not to get further dragged into the earl’s quest for revenge. They might (I think the should) part as friends, or at least on friendly terms.


Manga, 2003, and Brotherhood



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