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170721 Taipei Boom Goodbye Talk
  • YJ: The concert’s nearly over but it feels like only I’ve done the talking. I’m a singer… am I also an MC? I’m too greedy!! I should pass the mike to other members.
  • also YJ: *struggling in mandarin: ‘I am very… I am very..’ BABYz: ’SHUAI!!! (= HANDSOME!!!) ’ YJ: (SHUAI? SHUAI?) I am very handsome. wait what does that mean. *translator helps out* OH NO!! *giggles* WHAT I MEAN IS, I’m very grateful!!! very grateful for taiwan BABYz.
  • HC: I prepared for this… *looks intently at notes on his hand* *in mandarin* I’m Himchan…?some other undefinable words?…. thanks.
  • YG: very thankful that Taiwan BABYz took precious time out to see us.🙏🏻
  • DH/ZL: we really like TW and would want to visit in our own time… but to be able to come here and perform is an honour.
  • JU: It’s kind of funny how we came here to make you happy, but instead you made us happy. Thank you...
Creepypasta #1194: Nightly Chats

Length: Short

I know I’m a “big kid” now, and Dad says I shouldn’t be afraid of monsters anymore. But he doesn’t hear them. The things they say. Not to me, but to each other. Nasty-sounding things.

“About time that stupid old man left,” says The Monster Under the Bed.

“Too true. I hate having to wait for our talks because he can’t hurry the hell up and go,” says the Closet Monster.

I can’t see them. I don’t know what they look like, but I’m certain that they’re a lot worse than I imagine them, since they can make themselves sound so much like people.

“Now then, where were we?” Bed Monster says.

“I believe we were talking about the others.” Closet Monster replies.

“Ah, yes. Now, and this may be none of my business, but isn’t Basement Monster losing his touch?”

Another thing I find odd. They use their human-given titles instead of whatever names a monster might have.

“True. Not as ruthless as before, and he always lets his victims get away with nothing more than a little scare. Honestly, how pathetic.”

“Um,” I ask. “Don’t you and Bed Monster do that all the time? After all, you haven’t eaten me yet.”

“There is a difference, child,” Closet Monster snaps. “We are on hiatus, thus, we won’t bother with you until you are much fatter. Now shut up and let the monsters speak.”

“Too true,” Bed Monster mutters. “By the way, isn’t it appalling how Pantry Monster believes he can hold the rest of us in such disdain? I mean, no one’s heard of a Pantry Monster.” He asks, “Have you?” I don’t answer.

“As I thought.”

“The others couldn’t possibly compare to us.” Closet Monster chuckles. “I don’t know why they bother.”

“True, but I’m worse than you are, Closet.”

“You wish, Bed.”

“You hide among clothes.”

“And you hide among the trash.”

“I could kill the child any time I wanted.”

“And you think I couldn’t?

“Um, me again,” I whisper. “But it seems to me that since you’re the only monsters I’ve heard of, that you’re both the scariest?”


“You believe we’re the scariest?” Bed.


“Honestly and truthfully?” Closet.


“The most powerful and cunning?”


“The most deadly?”


“Oh, my. It seems you’re mistaken child. Ceiling Monster is the one you have to look out for.”

Credits to: TeamShadowWind (story)

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This might (probably 100% will) be a shot in the dark but do you have any idea what bts skin types are or what you might think they are based off what products they use and stuff? Like obviously jeongguk is acne prone (or was I guess his skins been looking pretty lately....)

These are just speculations based on our observations of their unedited / barefaced pics and products they have used. This info may not be 100% accurate so please take it with grain of salt. All of them are beautiful regardless of their skin types and concerns  

  • Seokjin

Normal. His skin is never too oily, but never too dry either. Though sometimes he might feel dehydrated. He also has redness around the center of his face.

  • Yoongi

Combination / oily. His t-zone is quite oily but the rest of his face is rather dry. It’s especially evident when he’s exposed to dry environment (for example in Bon Voyage S1). He had occasional zits / whiteheads which might be due to improper cleansing (he has mentioned before that sometimes he’s too lazy to do skincare/cleansing).

  • Hoseok

Oily. There were times when his skin looked a bit too greasy (could be sweat too) but iirc he has never experienced anything major with his skin.

  • Namjoon

Dry. Namjoon rarely looks oily, but his skin isn’t as plump as Seokjin’s. Idk sometimes he looked like he needed extra moisture (?) He used quite heavy duty moisturizers too. 

  • Jimin

Oily (?). His skin is kinda like Hoseok’s except his isn’t as shiny. Usually it’s only his nose area that looks oilier but the rest of his face seems pretty normal (?). 

  • Taehyung

??? Taehyung’s is rather confusing tbh. I think he’s one of those people who thinks he has sensitive skin when actually he’s not (i could be wrong though). His skin is on the oilier side for sure. However there were times when the rest of his face kinda looked dehydrated / dull (and he said his face is oily but feels dry at same time). His love for junk food and soda might be to blame for his occasional pimple outbreaks.

  • Jungkook

Sensitive / acne prone. He has experienced breakouts and it’s most probably hormonal and/or due to genetics. Sometimes he looks oily… but the other times he looks very dehydrated. I guess it probably has to do with: 1) the way he applied products. He often rubs his face vigorously and 2) his cleansers. 

Damian [about Jon]: I need some candy for our first playdate, but I don’t want to come on too strong.

Jason: M&M’s?

Damian: Well, if I pick plain, he’ll think I’m cheap. And if I pick peanut, he may have an allergy. You just killed him, Todd!

Jason: *shrugs* How about Charleston Chew?

Damian: What is this, Brooklyn in the fifties? Don’t just say stuff.

Jason: You asked for my help, then you don’t want it.

Alfred: Excuse me, Master Damian, but why not consider an Almond Joy? It looks like you only brought something for yourself, but then you just happen to have two pieces.

Damian: Finally, a real suggestion!

Jason: *gets a piece of Almond Joy from the tray* If he doesn’t like coconut, you’re screwed.

I wonder. In the trailer, it looks like the Seelies take over the Institute. And then we see our gang fighting in the streets. So, what if the Seelie Queen declared a hunt on them? I mean, Harry said at the GLAAD that there would a part that he really enjoyed, a Malec bit, where the whole script or setting was turned upside down. Basically, what if the Downworlders take over and the Shadowhunters become the hunted? Kat did say that by the end of this season, we won’t recognize the show… 

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I had a dream where ned and peter kissed i cant believe theyre canon

ned and peter would totally be the nerds who sit there in peter’s room complaining about how they’re gonna be juniors in high school and they still haven’t had their first kiss.

and then ned would probably be like, “we could just kiss each other.”

“yeah…. i dunno, man, what if that makes things weird between us.”

and ned would roll his eyes and throw up his hands. “it’s just mouths touching, dude!! and besides, we’re both gonna be really bad at it, we might as well practice on each other so that when he have our REAL first kisses we know what to do and it won’t be as scary.”

and peter would lay there on the floor looking up at the ceiling, thinking about how much sense ned was making. “yeah…. yeah, you know what you’re totally right. let’s do it!”

ned would pump his fist in the air and whoop, “hell yeah, lets fuck!!”

“ned, we aren’t fucking.”

“right, sorry, i got caught up in the moment.”

and they would both be sitting crosslegged across from each other, just awkwardly staring at the floor. ned would cough, and go, “well??”

“well, what? i don’t know what to do either!!”

and ned would just groan, kinda surprised that he’s nervous about kissing peter. he didn’t expect to be nervous when it’s just his friend. his plan seems to be flawed, but he can think about that later. “just…. come here. let’s get this over with.”

peter snorts loudly. “wow, that’s so romantic, ned.”

“hey, we never said anything about romance.”

“well, maybe that’s fine for YOU,” peter mumbled, looking down suddenly feeling bashful. “but i want my first kiss to be kinda romantic even if it is with a nerd like you.” peter hoped ned couldn’t see him blushing.

“just.. just come here, pete.”

and peter crawled forward to ned, and situated himself so that he was sat snuggly in between ned’s legs. it didn’t feel sexual really, or even intimate, it just felt comfortable. he and ned had cuddled with each other before, they never really had personal space issues. so sitting this close to ned wasn’t what was making peter nervous, if anything it calmed him down. ned always smelled like cinnamon, it was relaxing.

nah, peter was just nervous because now he wanted a little bit more. he didn’t expect to really want this for anything past just getting his first kiss out of the way, but suddenly he did want more.

“okay now w-what,” peter whispered, so nervous that he felt like he might pass out. he tried to look calm and cool, but his stutter sold him out as did his shaking fingers.

“hey, c'mon dude, it’s just me. it’s just us. hey, we don’t have to do this if you don’t wanna –”

“no, i wanna! do you want to? i mean, do you still want to kiss me? i mean, it’s cool if you don’t, that’s totally cool, i get it, but i –”

and ned rolled his eyes and just kissed peter. the kiss got off to a rocky start bc peter just kind of sat there stiffly in shock. but after a few delayed seconds he began kissing ned back. their teeth clicked against each other’s, and it was clear that neither really knew just how to move their lips. it was clumsy and bad and awful, and peter loved it.

they pulled apart and both began giggling, ned held peter’s hand and played with his fingers.

“you look really pretty,” ned would say, smiling blissfully.

“dude, shut up.”

“you said you wanted romance!!”

“well romance doesn’t mean just saying random compliments, you dork.”

“but you really do look pretty.”

and peter would just bury his face into ned’s chest, not really being able to process the excitement and nervousness still buzzing through him. “thank you,” he mumbled into ned’s shirt.

and then they ordered some pizza and played some video games, both felt really calm and happy for the rest of the evening. after awhile ned called it a night and got ready to go home. peter watched him while he gathered all his things and put them in his bookbag.

“hey ned?”


“i know it was just supposed to be for practice and wasn’t supposed to count, but could our kiss be our real first kiss too?”

and ned would just smile warmly at peter, and nod. “yeah, it can be real. definitely.”

day 5 (favorite scheme) // “We’re the wealthy homosexual couple she promised her womb to.” “Indeed we are. I’m Hugh Honey, and this is my partner, Vic Vinegar. We’re partners in real estate, and we’re partners in life.”

“Why does everything you own have words printed on them?” Dennis grumbles, sifting through slogan tee after slogan tee in Mac’s closet to no avail. He’s already perfected his own look - pink button down shirt, grey sweater vest, madras shorts - and he can’t possibly come up with an outfit for Mac that would parallel his own in style and believability, at least, not with what Mac has to offer.

“I can’t help what I like to wear,” Mac responds, arms folded across his chest defensively. “And besides, we’re Honey and Vinegar. Why can’t we just keep our matching suits on?”

Dennis suppresses an exasperated sigh. “Because we’re off the clock, asshole! Gay couples don’t just walk around in garishly colored suits all day!” He runs his hair in frustration as he considers the next possible course of action.

“You know, I think gay couples of all people would most likely be the ones to do that.”

“God, will you just shut up for a second!”

For once, Mac listens, and after a few tense moments of silence, Dennis has an idea. “Follow me,” he says, slamming the closet door shut. “You’re lucky that I have enough fashion sense for the both of us.”

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The other day I had a customer mansplain my own job to me. He needed a copy of his license and I told him that it couldn’t be done on the same page as his other items, because I would need to flip it over. He insisted that it was somehow possible even without printing on a sheet of paper and then reloading the same sheet of paper to print on again. I explained to him that our machine’s scanbed is one-sided and that is impossible. He then proceeded to walk behind the counter and walk over to the machine and say “here, let me just show you how to do it”. I told him okay while not bothering to hide my borderline-laughing smirk. He got confused and mumbled and walked back out. I said “the printer has an ID card copy setting. That’s what I’m using.” and he legit just didn’t talk to me the entire time he faxed his copies or checked out. What the fuck honey. God I hate looking like a woman and attracting these types of men because of it

Written for @aryaxgendryweek​ Day Six → This is not a drill

This is not a drill.  IronMaiden is a go.  IronMaiden is a go.

IronMaiden???? That’s the fucking ship name you chose.

What?  It’s a blacksmith reference and a “she’s a girl,” reference.

If you had to pick one of the seven, I’d have gone for the warrior, maybe?

Look can we not do this now Lommy?

I’m just saying, I think that it’s important to make the terminology right and IronMaiden is a dumb name for a relationship.

Well what would you prefer then?

I don’t know.  I don’t see why we have to have a ship name for them at all.  They’re actually our friends, you know.  Not like…fictional characters or anything.

Look, I just came here to have a good time and I’m honestly feeling so attacked right now.

Shut up memelord.  Are you sure it’s not a drill?

I’m 100% sure.  They were definitely making out while I was getting the pie out of the oven, and were all flushed and shit when I came back in and I’m p sure Gendry had a hard-on because he crossed his legs and stuff.

Ok that’s too much information.


Is this payback for me ragging on the ship name?

Probably.  Anyway.  Not a drill.  We can start planning the wedding now.

Bro…they just got together.  Chill.

I just want to bake their wedding cake.  Is that too much to ask?

Yes.  If you put pressure on them too soon they won’t stay together.  Let them have their fun.

Can I at least make them a congrats on the sex cake?


Star and Marco: where to go from here

Below the cut are spoilers for “The Battle For Mewni”. You have been spoiler warned. (I also missed out on the live chat, so if there’s any information from that that would be relevant to this but isn’t mentioned, I apologize)

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[Destiny] Generation Gap

I hear a lot of Guardians claiming to like children. How sincere they say it is a good way to tell the volunteers from Cayde’s, uh, volunteers, but it’s a waste of everyone’s resources to send the real curmudgeons down to us so most of them seem to at least think they mean the words.

You watch their eyes the moment they step out of the transport, though, and you’ll start to see it too. Brown eyes, bright eyes, irises or wired bulbs; you watch them once they actually get a look at our beautiful blossoms of youth and you’ll be watching every single one of them go goggle-gaped with what I can only describe as world-turning revelation.

They don’t like children. How can they? They don’t even know what a child is. Kids are a concept to them, the personification of innocence and hope and our wholesome fragile future. If that’s what gets them through a day of punting shanks and wrestling vandals then I’m not about to judge – but it’s a concept that doesn’t hold up to the reality of little Jemala running out pantsless and excited with a double handful of her own shit because she finally dropped the toy she ate on a dare two days earlier, y’know?

Yeah, she was fine. I burned the toy.

Most of the Guardians don’t quite survive the encounter unscathed, by my reckoning. They walk away changed. For the better, I like to think, a little more worldly for having experienced a temper tantrum or seven. There might be a sense of loss or betrayal involved, but there’s also more honesty. Where’s the heart in fighting for a City and people that don’t even exist, eh? If they don’t think we’re worth protecting when we’re ugly and loud and just a little bit repugnant then I’m not about to put my trust in them to begin with.

Some of the others, though…

I suppose it goes both ways, the concept thing. When I was new to this job, and I stood in for my first Guardian meet-and-greet with the kids, I thought dark and dust, what a terrible idea. You know? They might have been alive – properly alive – once but they’re the Traveler’s things now. They’re Guardians. They can’t look at a child squalling over a scraped knee and think, ah well, when I was that age-

I wasn’t wrong, exactly, but I wasn’t counting on the ones who’d look at the crying kid and light up with the realisation of why people cry at all. The ones who’d listen to them chattering about school so intense it’s like they’re trying to learn something themselves. The ones clumsily fumbling along in some game of make-believe and starting to grin with the fun of it. Maybe they can’t look back to memory, but I hadn’t considered what they could find in the here and now.

Always hardest to watch those ones leave. Back to the top of their Tower. We try and get regulars where we can, but…well. When they say someone’s not available, I can’t say I always have the heart to ask why.

Funny. Didn’t used to worry when I was a child.

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What's the estimate amount of people who will be using the beta? We'll find other users using newly made tags for things that we like (maybe we should search for big things like "art" to find more people faster?) or will there be a sort of temporary dashboard were we'll bump into all of the beta testers so we can try the site and experiment all options without amassing our choice of favourite blogs?

So far it’s looking like the 1,000 range for the first wave of the beta, and the second wave will double that!

We’ll have a beta group where users can meet up and find their niches! Consider yourselves the first seeds to get the site’s communities growing!


Wrath- ‘Every stroke our fury strikes is sure to hit ourselves at last’


It was as though all the spite in the world slithered down his chin, it’s residue thick like treacle. Wrath weaved itself to his very core, leaving nothing but rage in its wake.

His figure gradually drew closer to the shaking boy who looked upon the ghost as the devil himself. A low chuckle echoed over the sound of burning wood as the Captain took a large step forwards.

“What….what are you?” The young man stuttered, his grey eyes as watery as the sea below them.

The Captain chuckled once more and his lips peeled apart to reveal a set of teeth drenched in the dark substance that dripped from his chin.



Updates to the Shop!

You may have noticed that the store was a little lacking for a while there!  We’ve been quite busy with where life takes us, and uncertain just what sort of stock we’d have after our run of conventions for the year. 

Well, now we know, and we have some new stuff up in the store too!  Listings have been revamped so that fandoms are easier to find, and we have some new things to check out like:

Listings like our Steven Universe, FE: Fates, and Undertale sets have seen a makeover too!  It helps us with organizing, and makes shipping a little easier for folks looking to bundle! c:

Check out our goodies, and we have more new stuff on the way!


Send me your apprentice.

Not all of us can/want to draw cool fanart and not all of us can/want to write awesome fic. Some of us can, but we still want to yell about our awesome OCs to more people.

So! Send me some asks! Tell me their name! What do they look like? What’s their backstory? Do they have a familiar? Which of the characters do they have a massive crush on?

I love OCs and I want to hear about yours!

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so like what about trans women who have surgery? are they female enough for you? i thought lesbians are women who are only attracted to other women but if you're saying that i can like a (trans) man and be a straight lesbian?

Hi there !

A neovagina looks and smells nothing like a vagina. A body that went under surgeries to look somewhat feminine doesn’t look and smell female either.

Lesbians have the right to be lesbians in peace. Leave our space, which is made for lesbians, and find yours. You will be surprised to see that your lesbophobia resonates with a lot of people in the outside world and is in no way progressive.

Mod C.


i found my biological father on facebook and it’s been the weirdest emotional experience of all time for me. the last photo of him i saw was a mugshot and before that there were only a few photos of him with me and my siblings when we were very young. my mom has always done her best to be hush hush about him, hiding most traces that he existed to the point where my younger brother isnt even aware that he is our half-sibling. yikes.

he’s living in a hut in mexico and hangs out with stray dogs. from what i could gather from his profile he’s still really into God which is consistent with the little bit my mom told me about his last psycho phone call to her. he’s still an alcoholic and posts photos of vodka bottles and shit. i dont know if he still does hard drugs.

i look a lot like him. no shit. i wish i could write a message to him but he’s a stranger who shares my facial features and psychosis and that’s about it.