this is what my spread looks like 3/4 of the way done


@charcoalfeathers was interested in how I did some dewdrops with mainly layer effects so here’s a tutorial of sorts. I mentioned painting them by hand being a real tedious deal and this way is much quicker, easier, allows the drops to change as your base layers do, and applies the effect and changes to every dewdrop at once. Handy! So here’s the steps for each image, under the cut bc it got kinda long:

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I debated whether to make this post or not but received positive feedback, so here we go! 

I am probably in a minority with this, but I like taking tests and exams. By that I don’t mean that I’d voluntarily do them if I didn’t have to, but they don’t cause me much distress or make me nervous - in fact, I’m even quite excited for some of them. In this post, I want to explain how I got that attitude and how it helps me. I realise that people are different and this post won’t magically make text anxiety or stress go away, and some people just prefer essays or other forms of test-taking, but I hope it offers a different perspective on things.

Here are some things that I think are advantages of exams:

1. They’re over faster

One of the best things about exams is that you have a specific time and date for them. Essays can spread out over weeks and months, they follow you around wherever you go. You also have to do much more work yourself - outlines, thesis statement, research, maybe even whole experiments. For an exam, you study in your own way, take the test - no citing, no formatting, no looking for a topic - and you’re done and can celebrate your holidays without being haunted by deadlines. Even if you’re super nervous - in two hours, it’ll be over.

2. They force you to learn everything

If you want to or not, you’ll have to study everything that could be on the exam - and even if it seems like it sucks (which it won’t if you already start preparing early in the semester), it usually means you retain more information and almost guarantees you’ll gain an understanding of most concepts taught, which can prove very valuable in advanced classes or even your later job. It also means you can study more systematically (flashcards! mind-maps! summaries! what’s not to love). Try channelling your inner Hermione for this one - the more you learn, the better.

3. They put you under pressure

How’s that a positive point? For me, it’s the most positive thing about exams - I have to deliver knowledge on the spot, which of course puts me under stress. Instead of despairing and giving up, I learnt to make that stress work in my favour - it enhances my performance. When I write essays, I just laze about in my bed or on my balcony, browsing through JSTOR and waiting for inspiration, taking breaks whenever I want. Exams have me extremely focused for a specific period of time which usually leads to much better results.

4. They’re kinda fun

I personally get kind of a thrill out of figuring out the best answers to problems. My favourite way is “What does the professor want to hear” or “What did they have in mind when they designed this?”. Getting into your teacher’s mindset can get you pretty far in exams, especially in open answer questions, because you’ve listened to them talk about those topics for several months and can usually give a good guess about what they want to hear.

I realise not everyone shares this attitude and that’s fine, but maybe some positive words about exams aren’t the worst thing. I completely understand that not everyone loves situations of stress and pressure and I get that, so if you ever want to talk or need any help, feel free to message me and I’ll try and spread some calmness! :) 

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I really, really love your hero/villain prompts! Could you please do some for me? I hope this situation isn`t too specific: the villain dies/is presumed dead, the hero takes this a lot harder than they thought they would, distances from their friends, starts acting somewhat self-destructive, possibly starts leaning towards the 'dark side' themselves. Then, the villain comes back. Thank you in advance and have a great day!

1) “You know, I always said you’d look pretty broken, but I never assumed it would be over me. Tut tut. What would people think?”  
For a moment, I thought I must have hallucinated you. Then I saw you. Different; I always imagined you flawless, mocking. You were tired, worn at the edges, but as sharp as ever where it counted. You stepped closer. “People will say we’re in love, Clarice.”
“Funny,” I managed to rasp. “You can’t pull off Lecter, you look like crap.” 
Something like a smile crossed your face.

2) “Darkness suits you, I always said it would.”
“You’re supposed to be dead.”
“Everyone’s supposed to be a lot of things, you shouldn’t believe in suppositions quite so easily, hero.” The villain’s head tilted, examining them. Carefully curious. “You were supposed to be happy I was gone.”
The hero swallowed - wondered how much the villain knew, how much they had seen. “Death didn’t suit you,” they allowed. “Especially not when I didn’t even get to kill you myself.”
“Ah, of course.”

3) The villain startled as arms flung around them…hugging them. They weren’t being attacked, or tackled, or assaulted. They were being…hugged. By the hero. The hero who was shaking, clutching hold of them like a lifeline, like something long lost and infinitely precious. The villain blinked. Their arms came up somewhat automatically, one hand sliding into the hero’s hair. What trickery was this? 
“Well, if I thought dying was all it took to make you surrender to me, I would have done it ages ago.” 

4) The hero woke to soft sheets, a strange flat, a groggy ache different to the hollow ache that had been spreading through them for the last few months. A pair of boots rested lightly on their legs, extending from a chair, from- the hero’s breath hitched. 
The villain didn’t even look up from their book. “You don’t get to self-destruct, breaking you is my job. Honestly, it’s fucking pathetic the state I found you in. You should have some self-respect.” 

5) “Aw, it’s like watching a child play dress up in the grown up’s clothing. How are you enjoying being me? It feels good, doesn’t it? But you don’t pull it off better than me. Take a bow now, and get out of my way.”

Reading Tarot Cards Without Spreads

I’ve been putting off writing this post for a while because every time I go to draft it I realize that I don’t have fully have words to explain how I intuit cards without spreads. Normally, when I suggest it to students, they come up with their own unique way so I think it’s totally possible to learn by just diving in and trying it. I’ve taken some extra time lately though to really dig into what it is I do but I still feel like I come up short. So I present this as best I can and I might come back and add notes or revise it later as I have new realizations. In the meantime, here are my thoughts.

Drawing 1 – 4 Cards

For me, when I’m only drawing a few cards, there’s no real placement to read. I almost always take them as “This is what’s going on” or “This is what you need to know”. I use these more as a dialog between me and a spirit or me and the universe. So, for instance, I might pull 3 cards for “What’s going on?” and realize I’m neglecting my physical health and the reasons why. Then I can either stop and problem solve on my own with that new perspective or pull another set with a new question like “What do I need to do?”

It’s conversational and I like it because it really breaks the idea of one card answering one question that you get used to when you read with spreads. I think that’s really vital, especially if you’re doing lengthy interactive readings for querents who might request follow up cards or clarifications cards. When you get out of the “1 card for 1 question” mentality, that process becomes much more intuitive and smooth.

So there’s not much to add here. I really see drawing a few cards like a conversation with a person. They’re not going to always sit there and tell you a story in order – they’re going to highlight how they felt, what it meant, the why and the how. It’s very similar in my experience with pulling a few cards without a spread.

Drawing 5 + Cards

This is where I realized I’ve built up a combination of frameworks in my head for when I pull a lot of cards with no spread. A lot of people will say look at where the characters in the cards face to draw connections, count the major arcana and court cards to know how many people are involved – and I think that style can be really fruitful but it’s not what I know so I’ll let others speak more to that.

I do recommend pulling cards and not flipping them over until you’re done laying as many as you feel are needed for a question, just to prevent yourself from trying to make the story as you lay them down, but it will work just fine usually either way.

This is a rough diagram of how I interpret them.

Observant readers may note similarities between this diagram and my spiraling spread. It’s true they both inform each other, but the difference is that I’m not drawing a card for every “spot” on this diagram. I lay out the cards and then determine their meaning relative to each other rather than the numbered spot they occupy.

For instance, spreads done this way are often bottom or top heavy, pointing toward either a lot of outside influence or a lot of deeply rooted shadow self/unconscious blocks. They’re often left or right heavy too, meaning either the past was particularly relevant to the present or the universe is gearing up for some big shit in their/your life. There might be several cards in the self/present spot which might point to leading a double life or the strain of conflicting roles. I will generally let the suit of the present/self cards determine the area of life the reading is most relevant to.

If a querent is more interested in what to do at the end of a spread like this, then I might use one of my quick diagnosis spreads to gain a little more insight. Or draw 1-4 cards conversationally like I described above.


The real pro of reading without spreads is the flexibility of it. It really helps develop intuition and pattern regconition. It’s also super helpful for developing your own regular spreads. Several of my quick diagnosis spreads were patterns I kept seeing so I codified them into an actual spread. I really hope you try reading without spreads. Borrow from this method if you like, but I think developing personal systems works the best.

Best of luck!

*I do not claim my way is the one true way so take what is useful and leave the rest.

**If you wind up using this stuff in another setting, please credit me. This stuff is my art. Don’t steal, please credit. Thanks!

Starting and maintaining a bullet journal!

For the lovely anon that requested something like this, hope it’s what you wanted!

1. Choose a theme. Obviously, you don’t have to do this, especially if you’re going for a more minamalist look, but I personally like adding some colour. My theme for this week was blue. I found various pictures fitting to my theme and printed them out, along with choosing some pens and tapes to go with them.

2. Layout. I choose the pictures that are going to make it into the spread, and move them around to see how I want my week to look. Once I’ve done that, I start glueing them down. Then I start writing up the days. I usually only give myself 4 boxes per day, as more than that stresses me out and end up being quite exhausting. I also add my tapes and a couple boxes for notes, or planning.

3. Fill it in! Once I’ve finished the design, I start adding what I already know needs to be done on what days and start planning out my week. Adding stickers is a fun way to add texture and variety.

4. Maintain it. If you start your week on Monday, do this on the Sunday before. If you start on Sundays, do it on Saturday. I know that it seems like a lot of work, and it is, but it’s also fun and relaxing. I have a folder on my laptop called ‘Bullet journal’, with multiple folders in it that are all themes that I want to use or have used for my bullet journal. That way, when I’m scrolling through tumblr, if I see a picture that would work well in a theme, I can just save it to the folder. Then when the time comes to do my journal, I have plenty of themes ready to go. I usually have Netflix or Youtube playing in the background whilst I work on my journal (lately, it’s been Buzzfeed’s Unsolved series). Make it a moment of you-time, something to look forward to at the end of your week!



GENRE: Angst, Smut, Pure unadulterated nonsense


A/N: This is only the beginning. You have been given fair warning dolls ~Admin Kae💋

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I dare you

I scoffed at Jimin’s words.

“You think I won’t do it?”

“Oh please, you don’t have the balls darling” Jimin chuckled lightly.

I felt my face heat up at the statement fiercely.

“I’m not some school girl Jimin, I’ve kissed a man before” I bristled, bitterness settling in my tone.

“So have I sweetheart. That doesn’t mean a thing anymore” Taehyung called from the background.

I muttered a ‘fuck you’ whilst Jimin continued his relentless teasing and, much to my dismay, it was working exceptionally well.

“Look sweetheart, all I’m saying is you’re too innocent to test out any of what you’re saying right now. Nothing offensive but even if you really did want this, you’re telling me you could go and kiss all seven of those men out there right now? Including Yugyeom?” Jimin questioned in that low soothing tone of his, which only served to irritate me further.

“In short, you’re all bark and no bite baby” Tae clarified.

“Fuck you both” I hissed, with no real malice might I add, into the phone.

“Time and place” Taehyung’s husky tone came through strong and clear, voice devoid of all previous playfulness and light demeanor.

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You Never Know

Originally posted by silversunsandgoldenmoons

I write stories out by hand but the moment I type them out (because I love making more work for myself), they go in a completely different direction then what I originally wrote.

Part 5

Part 1 2 3 4 

| Steve Harrington x Reader |


‘please please please continue with You never know, i love ittt !!’

You had missed your first period and partly your second. You had walked over three miles to school; you had taken a significant amount of time as you could with every step. You needed to think about what had happened between you and Steve. How you hated yourself on the way you reacted towards him. You didn’t understand why you had run. It kept replaying in your head, everytime you shut your eyes to shake the thought of it; his sweet yet disappointed face was so vivid.

You dragged your feet when you entered the halls. Class was still in session for a good five more minutes; giving you a little bit more time to hate yourself. You let out a heavy sigh, resting your head against your locker. You couldn’t face Steve. You embarrassed more than yourself: he must have felt humiliated. You’ve had done enough damage for the day and it wasn’t even lunchtime. You were deep in your thoughts, you missed the bell ringing, that when you felt a hand being placed on your shoulder you had let out a shriek.

Your heart began racing, your heart in your throat; worrying that it was Steve and him wanting to talk about the incident. When you turned to face them, you let out a huge sigh of relief to see it was only Nancy and Jonathan before you. “Oh, thank God.” You murmured, placing a hand over your heart to calm it back down.

“Y/N, where have you been?” Nancy questioned, “You missed history and Spanish.” You shut your eyes, shaking your head a little. You let out a small laugh, turning to your locker to open it.

“About that,” You let out, grabbing your anatomy textbook, “I woke up late. My dad had already left for work so I had to walk.”

“Walk?” Jonathan asked, scratching his cheek as he was baffled at your statement, “Your house is six miles away from school.” You rubbed your nosed, trying to cover up the fact that you were nervous to tell them the truth.

“Do you think that coach will let me sit out during PE?” You played. You felt the slightest tug on the sweater you were wearing: Steve’s sweater. You didn’t turn around. Your nerves came back as your body had stiffened at the touch.

“This isn’t your sweater,” Nancy noted. She rubbed more of the sweater between her fingers.

“Good eyes, Nancy Drew,” You interjected, trying to play coy but would she buy it?

“It’s Steve’s.” She didn’t. You hid your head in your locker like an ostrich hiding their head in the dirt for when they nest.

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A drive to remember

OK I am attempting something new here…smut. (I know.) This is my entry for @queen-of-deans-booty and her celebration for hitting 1k followers - you should totally go check her out! I picked the classic trope of truth or dare/never have I ever

Word count: 1,618

Characters: Reader, Dean, Sam

Warnings: SMUT, oral (female receiving), heavily implied oral (male receiving), talk of past sexual encounters, alcohol, drinking games, mention of injury to character, one or two swear words, sassy as fuck reader

A/N: this is the first time I’ve written a proper smut scene in a fic so I’d love some feedback on how I did?! Also always practice safe sex people!

A/N 2: if I’ve tagged you and smut isn’t your thing I apologise! And to everyone if you’d like a tag in future work just send me an ask/IM :)

“Never have I ever had a threesome.”

Smirking, you lift your bottle to your lips.


Shaking your head, you laugh at the incredulous looks on both boys faces.

“What? I was young, it was college.” you explain.

“Sammy went to college and you don’t see him drinking.” points out Dean.

“Yeah, but Sam was dull in college. No offense.”

Sam’s response is one of his patented bitchfaces.

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*whispering* lance circus auuuuuuuuuuuu *naruto-runs away*

Girl. GUUUURL i am living. I could probably make this a huge fix of it’s own too, but i won’t cuz I’m very sick. haha. Ok!

“Oh no,” Hunk blots off the white paint that has spotted his bright orange clown pants. His trailer smells like an odd combination of makeup and fresh bread. 

“There’s no way in hell you’re using me as your sacrifice.” Hunk cries with more determination.

“Aw c’mon Hunk! You’re always being shot out of a cannon or something! How is this more dangerous?” Keith whines. His throwing knives jangle in his back pocket.

“Um, well for one thing…. it’s not a real cannon. It’s one I designed and built so I know exactly how much firepower it has and the risk that’s involved.” He sets down his pants. “And like, the whole joke is that I DON’T get shot out! There’s no risk.”

“We also go through our equipment before every show for safety checks.” Pidge chimes in from her dark corner of the trailer. He hair is still sprayed in crazy directions from their last performance, but she’s removed her makeup. There are still traces of red around her mouth. 

“And Hunk even reduced the sugar content in his pies because they were stinging his eyes a bit too much.”

Hunk nods to confirm. Keith rolls his eyes and groans.

“I’m desperate here guys. I really need a new partner. Thace just called and said the doctors won’t sign off on him touring.” Keith had gotten the call just hours before. Thace had been his mentor and partner for all of their tours, but in recent years he had taken more of a back seat. He would participate less in the throwing aspect, and now just enjoyed spinning on boards blindfolded while Keith threw knives at him. Only the circus performers could tell that he was secretly napping under that blindfold. 

But Thace was getting older. He would joke that Keith should find some “pretty young thing” to replace him, but Keith enjoyed working on their act together. he liked the close bond and comradery that they shared and thought he could get at least three more tours out of him. Unfortunately Thace’s heart had other plans. 

“Pidge?” Keith asks. She snorts.

“Honestly, it’s not very impressive if you miss me. I’m such a small target. Not very entertaining.”

“That’s true.” Keith sighs. She definitely had a point.

“You could try Lance?” She asks. On the outside it’s an innocent enough question. Lance was their star trapeze and high wire artist. He was athletic, looked good in a leotard, and used to the adrenaline that came from circus work. Logically he’d be a perfect fit.

But Keith sees that knowing smirk on Pidge’s lips. He walks out of their trailer with a huff.

“Forget it.”

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Yuri on Ice BD choreography commentary translation - Volume 2

Awfully behind schedule due to my throat dying because of all the air conditioning at work and other stuff stealing my time, but here it is finally, the last part of the BD/DVD vol.2. Once again it’s a translation of the complete script. The commentary is by Kenji Miyamoto & Mitsurou Kubo. This time it’s Yuri’s SP and Yuuri’s FS.

-It’s two people talking, not a written interview, so expect them to hop from one subject to another within the same sentence… Even if it sounds a bit unconnected at times, that’s how they said it.
-I still arranged it a little to make it easier to understand as written material, by removing lots of “ehm” “uuhm” “you know” “yes” (I especially removed all instances where someone says “yes” in the middle of the other speaking) and fumbled words.
-Amusingly enough both their initials are KM/MK, but I used the surname initials so M is Miyamoto and K is Kubo.
-I put (LOL) when they’re laughing because otherwise some lines might sound serious while they’re actually joking.

Do NOT use this translation for subtitles, in ANY way.

I don’t support the upload of bonuses contained in BDs/DVDs, as they are meant to be (as the word says) bonuses for the people who spent money to purchase them. If you like a series so much that you absolutely need to watch the bonus contents, please buy the BDs/DVDs.

Kubo: Hello, I’m the original planner Mitsurou Kubo.
Miyamoto: Hello, I’m the choreographer Kenji Miyamoto.
K: Ah, Kenji-sensei. It’s been a while.
M: It’s been a while.
K: Ok, today we are going to look back on the choreography of Yuri Plisetsky’s short program, “Ai ni Tsuite ~Agape~”. This time, for the first time, Kenji-sensei is not the one performing the choreography. But you created it, didn’t you?
M: Yes, I did.
K: This time, Yuri Plisetsky still has the body of a 15 years old boy, so you know, we thought that if possible we would like to ask someone else to perform it. The reason is that this footage is an important reference when translating the choreographies into animation, and changing Kenji-sensei’s body into that of a young boy would have required quite a lot of work.
M: Ah, so it was for that reason.
K: Yeah.
M: I see.
K: So basically we said that a girl, a girl of small build, would be nice, and we asked Kenji-sensei to look for a person like that.
M: Yes. Honoka Kawanishi-chan.
K: Yes. She’s a 20 years old university student, and she even participated in the university’s Miss Campus contest…
M: Really?
K: Well, isn’t she really pretty?
M: Yeah, she’s a beautiful girl.
K: I was like, nice job Kenji-sensei for bringing such a girl!
M: When she was still a competitive figure skater she impressed me because she could dance really well.
K: You didn’t do choreographies for her at that time?
M: No, I didn’t. This was the first time, but really, she learned the choreography very quickly.
K: That’s right.
M: Yeah.
K: He was creating the choreographies at night, we had very little time, and I guess, there are skaters who learn faster and skaters who are slower, right?
M: Yes, and also, I think she was moving very close to the way I was imagining the choreography, so we could go on very smoothly.
K: We also had that impression watching, like, she was absorbing everything so quickly and she danced very boldly, she was really amazing.
M: And this hairstyle, too.
K: Yes, we wanted to draw Yuri with flowing bobbed hair, so we asked her not to tie her hair, to let it loose when she was skating, and you know, skating with loose hair is something that you don’t see in tournaments, so it was really nice to watch~.
M: It’s nice, it looks very dynamic.
K: Thank you. Hah~. So this was Yuri Plisetsky’s short program, “Ai ni Tsuite ~Agape~”.

K: “Really nice to watch~”, I made a face like an old man (LOL). Ok, next up is Yuuri Katsuki’s free skating. The song is “Yuri on ICE”. Uh.. (LOL)
M: Everyone’s laughing at me (LOL).
K: This part, of course the ones who watched the anime know it already, but we asked Kenji-sensei to start from the point where Victor hugs Yuuri from behind..
M: Yes (LOL).
K: Sorry, it’s just somehow amusing (LOL).
M: When I turned around everyone was laughing.
K: (LOL). But actually, it became a really nice scene. Ok. Regarding this “Yuri on ICE”, when we were creating the story later on I decided the title and made it “Yuri on ICE”, but in fact, when we filmed this footage the title hadn’t been decided yet, we just had the song ready, and the story wasn’t finished either, so we just asked Kenji-sensei to do the choreography in the meantime. This time I couldn’t physically be there, but what instructions did the director give you?
M: I’d say, “director, what do you think about this?”, and she’d be like “yeah, that’s good”.
K: (LOL)
M: I said “And this, what about this?”, and she was like “yes, I think that’s nice”. No matter what I said she always replied “yes”.
K: In other words, you were also kind of anxious too.
M: Yes, I didn’t really understand the story completely, so..
K: Yeah.
M: But I was asked to create a program that could win in a tournament, a well done program, and when I listened to this song, this delicate music, I wanted to create a choreography that would look like an ink painting, like thin streaks that vanish as they stream.
K: Hearing this, you know, I’m not sure whether it’s actually connected, but the opening is really that way, like an ink painting, with colors that spread out as the song plays, and I thought that it looks like it’s connected.
M: I was very surprised when I watched it.
K: Ah!
M: I was like, “ah, so they made it like this”…
K: But seriously, this choreography is really… In the beginning, Yuuri Katsuki has just started figure skating and has many worries, then in the scene where he meets Victor the sounds become richer, and we asked to make the choreography so that it would leave a stronger impression too, but the way you glide in that smo~oth line is really nice. Even in the animation version it’s breathtakingly beautiful. And…
M: Today’s socks are lime green (LOL).
K: (LOL). Yeah, we have explained this in vol.1 too, but basically it’s not like Kenji-sensei fancies this kind of fashion, he wore different gloves and socks to make the left and right legs different. Normally he’s a fashionable person.
M: You don’t have to say that (LOL). But this, you know, I really used up a lot of stamina to skate it.
K: Ooh.
M: That axel after a forward counter is quite difficult.
K: (LOL). Indeed, we asked to create a FS that could win the Grand Prix Final, so the movements leading to jumps, and all the other elements, are all made so that you can get a high level. Kenji-sensei did a lot of things (LOL).
M: Yeah (LOL).
K: Sorry for saying it a bit vaguely.
M: That’s ok. This part too, it has an outside rocker cluster with combined movements of the upper body, though my foot touched the ground a little (LOL). It’s made to get level 4, I mean, I’m not sure one could get it, but it’s made so that it’s possible to get it.
K: I heard that some real figure skaters said they wanted to skate this.
M: Yes, that’s true. I was asked to make a choreography for this song, but I replied that it would be better to wait some more time. It’s quite popular actually.
K: I really want someone to skate it! Seriously, the song is a bit too short for a competitive program, but someone could like, make it a bit longer, edit it, and skate it.
M: (LOL).
K: Ah, yes, in the end, he looks in Victor’s direction, points his fingers at him, and the song is complete.
M: My hair is so flat (LOL).
K: Yeah, kind of…
M: It was night in the end.
K: Yeah, it was night. All the clocks visible in the footage are showing past 12:00, but that’s not 1:00 or 2:00 in the afternoon, you know.
M: It was pitch black (LOL).
K: Yeah, it was. But really, now that I hear from Kenji-sensei that there are real skaters who are watching “Yuri on Ice” and want to skate this song… So is it popular?
M: Yeah, this song is popular, and, it’s a different story, but at the rink I went to the other day there was a boy who started skating after watching “Yuri on Ice”.
K: Great!!!!
M: When I told him that I was the one who made the choreographies, he was like “uwaaah”.
K: I’m so happy.
M: It’s nice to see things like this happen.
K: Yeah, I mean, of course grown-up women like this anime too, but I hope that young male skaters who are thinking of starting now or who are already skating, people from all over the world, can feel figure skating as something closer to themselves and continue it.
M: Yes.
K: You also said that you’d like people to feel figure skating as something closer, right?
M: Yeah, I think so.
K: You know, I’m really happy to hear that in some way, even just a little, this is becoming true.
M: I agree.
K: Ah, sorry, I’m wrapping it up a bit in a hurry. So, we have watched the choreographies of vol.2. Let’s meet again in vol.3! Please say something too (LOL).
M: (LOL).

Back To You - 5

As always, thank you for your support and comments on this story! This chapter is a bit long, so apologies in advance. Thank you to @notevenjokingfic for holding my hand once again through this chapter and to @jamesandclairefraser for making it pretty again.

Back To You - mood board
Back To You - 1 (took you like a shot)
Back To You - 2 (thought that i could chase you with a cold evening)
Back To You - 3 (and every time we talk, every single word builds up to this moment)
Back To You - 4 (i want to hold you when i’m not supposed to)

Claire sighed deeply, slumping over the table to let her head rest on top of her arms. Her curls spread over her shoulders and forearms, tickling the soft skin exposed by her short sleeved shirt. She let her eyes close for a few moments before sitting back up with a groan, rubbing at them like a child.

It was after midnight, and she was working in the library at her usual spot, her homework (an assortment of papers, notebooks, pens and highlighters) spread across her work space. She had been there for hours, only taking one break to run downstairs and buy a coffee. She was exhausted (physically) from the lack of sleep she had been getting, and emotionally, from thinking about Jamie and Laoghaire.

After the concert was over, she and Jamie had never gotten a chance to decide who the winner of their bet was.

Claire had stood rooted to her spot, frozen like a statue as she watched the two of them. Laoghaire had reached for Jamie’s hand, trying to intertwine their fingers, to make their palms meet together as they had likely done countless times before (usual, ordinary, normal), but he crossed his arms across his chest, taking a step to his right, away from her.

Claire had watched the delicate column of Laoghaire’s neck, watched as her throat swallowed hard, eyes shifting down to the ground before Geillis dragged her away, the promise of something stronger than beer propelling her feet along the pavement behind her friend. She turned to look over her shoulder, unable to resist the urge to look at him (at them), to see if something had shifted again. Jamie was watching her go, Laoghaire standing stiffly at his side. Their eyes had met, whisky on blue, and what Claire saw reflected there (longing and  frustration, like lightning crackling and waiting to strike) made her look away, her chest tight and uncomfortable.

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Spontaneous Combustion Part 5 | Peter Parker x Reader

Originally posted by mortallyburningperfection

PART 1 PART 2 PART 3 PART 4 PART 5 Complete!

Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader

Summary: what you thought you knew, he might have known all along

Warnings: swearing and sugar 💞

Word Count: a cute 4k

It truly felt like life has resumed back to normal.

Birds were chirping through the city as the winter died down, and spring brought back its flowers.

You were happy and no longer afraid.

The sunshine gleamed a little brighter and warmer than it has in months.

Scratch that, you were still kind of afraid, but healing.

You march up your school steps, looking for Michelle. At the top she was chatting with Ned and Peter.

When you you walked over to them, you shared a small glance with Peter Parker and he smiled back at you shyly. You skipped to join them, and entered the school together, Peter by your side.

His fingertips brushed yours as you matched step.

You felt a violent blush creep onto your cheeks and thought,

I’m going to explode.

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The Many Faces of Victor Nikiforov - Episode 8

After the excitement of the previous episode, I feel like this one tends to fall to the wayside when it comes to being focused on as a source of Victor character development. But fortunately for us, there are actually a lot of things that come together here. Let’s take a look!

You might be able to guess what I’m planning to talk about with this first gif but I still appreciate it a lot regardless. This is the moment when the press is asking Victor what he thinks about facing Yuuri as a competitor. You can see at first that Victor has a moment of “oh, I didn’t think of that” and then pastes on a smile because he doesn’t know what else to do. I find it interesting to note that Victor clearly didn’t consider facing Yuuri on the ice before this. We can make a couple guesses with this; that he either wasn’t thinking in the long term about himself and his career goals (either because he was focusing on the present or in denial about career-related things), or that he had no plans to return to the ice at all. Both come back to the same thing though – when Victor gets a curve ball thrown at him, his first method of dealing with it is to throw up a mask.

The second method, as seen in this second gif, is deflection. Nothing he says here is insincere – in fact it’s the complete opposite – but he’s definitely trying to distract the press away from making him answer the previous question. On an unrelated note, I do think that the distance Victor and Yurio have had has served them well. Before Victor left for Hasetsu, Yurio was in his shadow. Removing that influence has allowed Yurio to spread his wings and has also allowed Victor space to breathe. Victor never asked to become the mentor for the next generation of skaters, it just ended up being a role thrust upon him by virtue of him being as good as he was. The space ended up being beneficial for both because it allowed Victor to sort out what he wants to do and not just what others want him to.

This third gif is interesting, amusing, and sad all in one. It’s interesting because we learn that Victor can jump a quad Loop. This means that the only quad Victor can’t jump is a quad Axel (which, as far as we know in-series, is either impossible or just no one has done it yet). It’s amusing because of how smoothly Victor brushes JJ off… but it’s sad for the exactly same reason. That JJ gets brushed off so easily when just trying to be friendly is something that is written in a way to be comedic but in reality isn’t really. What that says for Victor, however, is that he doesn’t see JJ as a competitor on his level. Although, Victor being a tinge annoyed at him for disrupting Yuuri’s focus probably didn’t help the situation.

For this fourth gif, I just love the gesture of Victor willingly putting himself below Yuuri. I haven’t mentioned it yet in this set but one of the big themes that carries over into this episode is the lesson Victor learned last time – that he doesn’t have to say anything and only needs to be confident that Yuuri can succeed. Of course, that doesn’t stop Victor from wanting to help Yuuri when he can, and we see it in Victor’s silent acts of service such as getting down on a knee to tie Yuuri’s skate.

I find the scene that immediately precedes this fifth clip to be equally as interesting as this one, in terms of meta. As much as I’ve written in this series about Victor tolerates the press, he still enjoys a degree of attention. I doubt he’d have gotten nearly as far as he did without soaking up outside validation from somewhere. But Victor’s time for basking in cheers is over and Yuuri yanks him back to reality – quite literally. From this point on, you don’t see Victor focusing on the crowd at all, and he even goes so far as to redirect any media attention to Yuuri if it heads his way. Unlike earlier in the series where Victor would “protect” Yuuri from the media, he now feels that Yuuri can competently handle it himself.

This sixth gif makes me especially happy to see how immersed Victor has become in Yuuri’s skating. All you see through the entire program are smiles and cheers. There’s not a single frame where Victor showcases doubt, or sighs, or makes any other expression that might show a lack of confidence and/or interest in Yuuri’s skating. Victor’s reached the point where he can sit back and just enjoy Yuuri’s skating for what it is (and the message it’s sending to him).

For a while, I wasn’t sure what shocked Victor so much about seeing Yurio right before he gets on the ice here. Victor’s seen Yurio in the costume, the longer hair probably isn’t a surprise due to interviews and the like, and it’s not like Victor didn’t expect Yurio to be there. In the end, the answer I arrived at is that Victor is surprised by the way Yurio holds himself. This is a level of confidence that Victor has simply never seen in him before. I feel that if this was something even slightly familiar that he wouldn’t be nearly this shocked.

For this eighth gif, I adore how proud Victor looks. Yuuri is getting interviewed but Victor is just standing back and watching him. Victor isn’t trying to jump in front of the cameras, to interrupt the questions, or do anything else we’ve seen him do previously. This particular moment, although it’s a very short one, is a very good summation of many of the things Yuuri has been trying to impart to Victor – that he doesn’t need to say or do anything to be a support, that he doesn’t need to do things for Yuuri to help him, and that it really is his presence and confidence that help the most. And we can see here that, clearly, Victor can learn!

But unfortunately this episode isn’t bound to end on a happy note. Victor gets the worst possible news – that Makkachin’s life is in danger – and his first expression just looks so… shocked and lost. I imagine that Victor hasn’t had a scare like this before and doesn’t really know how to handle it right off the bat. But he’s still in public, so he can’t allow himself the full reaction he would normally have were he in a more private setting. That isn’t to say that he doesn’t feel – quite the opposite – he just forces himself to control the expression of his distress.

And then this last gif… it feels so much like Victor is trying his hardest to suppress all of his emotions but some are slipping out anyway. It hurts to see someone like him, who is usually so good about keeping his emotions contained (especially in public) breaking so visibly. But even if Victor is on the verge of emotional overload, his brains keeps working and he still thinks of a solution that won’t leave Yuuri alone and stranded in the middle of a competition.

Even though this episode wasn’t very Victor (or even Yuuri)-centric, we still got a lot to work with. Although next episode will have even less Victor, I look forward to delving into it. I hope everyone enjoyed reading my thoughts!

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Bonus because public body worship is a thing we’re all into:

What Season 4 of Voltron should have been

I have a lot of bad things to say about season 4, but I was taught that with every critique, recommendations on how to improve should also be provided. Can’t fix it now, of course, but this will help me get over my frustration with the whole thing.

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Disposable pt14

Being friends with benefits with Min Yoongi can be complicated (at best) by itself. But when you accidentally tell your family (and his boss) that the two of you are dating, things get messy. It only complicates things more when you blackmail Yoongi into pretending to date you, and neither of you can quite keep your feelings separate, no matter how much you try.

Angst, fluff, slight smut at times.

Yoongi x Reader

Part 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15 

“How’s he feeling?” Jungkook asked, watching as you buttered toast to bring to Yoongi.

“How do you think he’s feeling?” You scoffed. Jungkook had been the one to hear you trying to half-carry Yoongi inside the previous night, and had helped without saying a word.

“Was he drinking because of all of us? We uh… Kind of backed him into a corner in the car…” Jungkook rubbed his neck, giving you an apologetic smile.

You sighed. Truth be told, while you were fairly sure whatever Jungkook, Jimin, Namjoon and Seokjin had done to Yoongi in the car contributed, you didn’t think that was the main reason—it was more likely your fault. “I don’t know, Jungkook…” You said, turning to face him. “You could be nicer to him, though.”

Jungkook grimaced. “I know, Namjoon keeps telling me the same thing… I just get worried, you know? I don’t want you to get hurt because of some idiot who doesn’t treat you right.”

“I know.” You said, giving him a sympathetic smile.

“But I’ve decided something. I think I misjudged Yoongi.” This came as a complete surprise to you. After all the death glares and accusatory questions, the last thing you thought Yoongi getting drunk would do was make Jungkook reconsider.

“Oh?” You asked, raising your eyebrows.

“Yeah. See, I’ve known him since college, and I guess I just… Assumed he was the same as he was back then when it came to dating.” Jungkook shrugged. “Maybe you changed him. Or maybe he changed, and then you started dating him. Either way, he’s different.”

“What do you mean?” You asked off-handedly. You didn’t want to sound like you didn’t know anything about what Yoongi was like in college, but you couldn’t help but ask.

“Oh, you know… After that girl broke his heart, he just kind of…” Jungkook shrugged. “I never heard exactly what happened, you probably know more about all that mess than I do, but it was like he just… Stopped trying?” Jungkook sipped his coffee.

“Stopped trying…how?” You were in dangerous territory—Jungkook had accepted Yoongi, you didn’t need to put doubts back in his head—but you were so curious.

“He just…Shut himself off from the world. You should really talk to Yoongi about that though, I don’t like to gossip.”

You shook your head. “It isn’t gossip! I didn’t realize you two were so close.”

“We weren’t.” He said. “Not in college, I mean. Namjoon introduced us, he wanted us to be friends for some reason. I’m surprised Yoongi never mentioned anything about it. Then again, no one wants to relive painful memories, right?”

“Right. He doesn’t like talking about it, so…” You said, distracted by your own thoughts. “Jungkook? Do you remember what you heard happened between him and the girl?” It wasn’t your business, you knew, and you almost hoped Jungkook would say he couldn’t recall.

“I didn’t know him very well at the time.” Jungkook said, shifting slightly. “So I never heard from him. Just… what other people said.”

“And?” You pressed.

“And people said that he bought a ring to propose. Then walked in on her cheating.” Jungkook said it quietly, as though he was afraid Yoongi would hear. “And I don’t like spreading rumors, so you should really ask him.”

You nodded again, picking up the plate with toast on it and putting it on a tray along with coffee and some Tylenol. It was no wonder Yoongi pushed people away, going through that would be horrible—not that it excused the way he treated you when you were friends with benefits, but you could see how an experience like that might change someone.

Before you left the room, however, Jungkook caught your attention.

“Is…Is everything alight with you two?” He asked. There was no venom in his voice, however, just a genuine concern. “I know it’s not really my business, but…”

“Everything’s fine.” You assured him with a smile. “We’re fine.”

When Yoongi’s head finally stopped hurting enough for him to venture out of the bedroom, the yard looked nothing like it had the previous day. Large tents, big enough for at least five tables each had been placed around, with fairy lights strung all around. The sun was still a little too bright, so Yoongi turned to go back inside after finding where all the noise was coming from and not seeing you anywhere.

“Looks good, doesn’t it?” Seokjin asked from where he leaned against the side of the house, watching the workers. “Namjoon spends a stupid amount of money on these things, but they sure are pretty.” He flashed Yoongi a smile.

“Yeah, I guess.” Yoongi agreed. He had been looking for you (to find out what was going on, not because he wanted to be near you for some inexplicable reason) and in all honesty wanted to continue his search.

“Are you feeling better?” Seokjin asked, and Yoongi realized he had no idea how much you told them—or even if they had seen him the previous night. You brought him breakfast-in-bed and then disappeared, saying something about needing to help get ready for Namjoons party. “I know Jungkook said you were feeling quite ill this morning, do you think it was something you ate?”

“Just allergies, I think. I’m feeling much better, thanks.” Yoongi said, returning the smile. It was possible that you told Jungkook that he was sick, but the likelihood of Jungkook believing that seemed slim, so Yoongi didn’t know what to think.

“Good. That means you can help me decide where the DJ should set up.”

The day passed in a blur of yelling, decorations, and you trying to convince Namjoon that he wasn’t old, no matter how much you teased him about it. You saw Yoongi occasionally, being dragged around by either Soekjin or Jimin, but never for long enough to really talk to him. Jungkook told you that Jimin was doing it on purpose because he thought it was funny to watch Yoongi try to come up with excuses to be in the same room as you.

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Micah Bunny’s Etiquette for Littles

There’s lots and lots of post instructing Caregivers on how to treat Littles. Things we’re to remember, ways we’re supposed to behave, things we’re supposed to do to make Littles happy and so forth. But Littles need to know how to behave too. GG/L is power dynamic and a relationship. Hopefully by following this cutie pie code of conduct finding a Caregiver will go smoother for everyone.

1. Not Every Caregiver is Your Caregiver
Just like Littles don’t like to be called special nicknames until it’s earned by a CG, the title of Mommy, Daddy, Caregiver, Big Brother or Sister is special to us. Bring someone’s Caregiver means you trusted us out of everyone else to take care of you. You give us the power to take care of you. You’re trusting in us to comfort you when you’re sad, take care of problems when they’re too much to handle, and help guide you into making your decisions. The role of a caregiver is one that should be taken seriously, like any relationship. If I want to take care of someone, I want to know them first. It’s rude to just thrust such a huge responsibility on someone out of the blue. CG/L is a relationship that requires mutual trust and respect. Any person can make themselves good and kind or sweet. Take the time to know if they truly are or not.

2. Communication is Key
Once you’ve talked to someone enough to feel comfortable around them, keep up that level conversation when asking them to be your Caregiver. Get to know them. Some Caregivers (like me) are softer and don’t do punishments well. If you act bratty to get a reaction, you wouldn’t get a strong one out of me. I’m calm and quiet rather than stern and firm. If your potential Caregiver seems spacey and forgetful, can you trust them to remind you to take your meds? This is where you’re really going to have to learn if your relationship will work out or not. And during this time learn their schedule. If you’re an extra needy Little because of anxiety, are they going to be there when you need them? Do you guys sleep on opposite schedules? What are you going to need from them? This is how Rules should be established, even if you can’t say it explicitly, nudge your potential Big in the right direction. “Sometimes I get dehydrated a lot.” So one of rules can be “Drink 3 cups of water, and send me a selfie, so I know you did.” Caregivers aren’t mind readers as much as we want you to believe we’re magical, we need your help as much as you need us.

3. Remember a Caregiver is still a Person
A Caregiver is usually going to be a caregiver because of their “Helper” personality. A main component of this is “I don’t get help, I’m the Helper.” Sometimes your caregiver will be feeling just as sad or depressed or as anxious as you, but hide it because they want to seem strong or helpful to you. You don’t have to come out of little space to help them, you can draw them a picture, or put on a little play with your stuffie for them. But also, you don’t have to feel the need to stay in little space with them all the time either. Sometimes gently telling them “It’s okay.. you can talk to me, too.” Makes all the difference in the world. Just like shy Littles who won’t say something’s wrong because they don’t want to seem needy, sometimes Caregivers will hide their pain so they don’t seem less capable in front of you. Remember CG/L is a two way street. Love and support your Big just the same as they do for you, otherwise you’re just taking advantage of someone’s love attention. Let your CG know you think they’re special too. They need it just as much as you do.

4. It’s -Okay- if Things Don’t Work Out
Sometimes things just don’t work, and unfortunately it’s usually blamed on the Caregiver. “Anyone who can’t devote their time or attention to a Little isn’t a real CG.” “If they weren’t there for you when you needed them it’s their fault.” “How dare they ignore you. What a waste of space.” I have heard all of these things before, and honestly it is the biggest reason why I’m scared to get a Little of my own to look after. I have three jobs to go to, I have sibling and family I take care of, I am busy. But despite explaining this multiple times, I had a Little who swore at me every time I talked to them for this. (I still managed to talk to them at least twice, every day) They said I should never be anyone’s CG because I’m never there, and I’m the worst Caregiver there is. They went on to spread lies about the community and said Littles with mental illness aren’t cared for in the community and nobody wants them. It caused a lot of backlash and unrest and shattered my confidence. If things don’t work out because you’re not getting the care you need, your Caregiver can’t help you remember things, because you don’t feel safe with a CG, for whatever reason, just break it off. Or even they might if things aren’t working out. It’ll be okay. It will hurt, but it’s okay. A relationship like you see in all the cute pictures and posts takes a lot of time and work, and not everything is going to be perfect at once. It takes mutual effort on both sides.

5. Be Patient
Finding someone you trust enough to be wholly Little around and put your guard down takes time. Finding someone who understands what you need help with takes time, someone who is patient and kind with you, someone you can feel safe with, it all takes time and it takes trust. And for some of us, trust is earned and not at all easily given because we’ve been hurt and scared before. Finding that CG that makes you feel like the flowers bloom when they smile, that encourages you to get your work done and shower even when you don’t want to, someone who makes you feel safe and happy takes time to find. Don’t be afraid if you’re a single Little for awhile. It’s okay. I’m here, and you can make lots of friends in the meantime.

Remember that you don’t need a Caregiver to be a Little. You are a perfect snuggly ball of cuddles all on your own. But when you are looking for someone just remember that Golden Rule, okay?
It’s as simple as treating someone as you’d like to be treated.

la douleur exquise (6)

Originally posted by veriloquentmind

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 7 | Part 8 | Part 9 | Part 10


A few weeks have passed since the little date Baekhyun and I had at the ice-cream parlour. It was a few days after that when he asked me to be his girlfriend. The always present smile on his face grew 10 times wider when I said yes.

Things have been going quite well for us, which I am very grateful for. We preferred to keep things quiet since news seemed to spread quite quickly around the office. The only one that knows about us is Jay, who in fact, was very excited to hear that her cousin and ‘work bestie’ finally got together.

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So, I was inspired to make this post, because I know many people want to watch some queer storylines that aren’t just queer baiting. Plus, I just want to spread the gay goodness around! So, here we go! 

(In no particular order)

1. Drew and Rick (The Night Shift) 

This story line is gives me so much joy. Seriously, it deals not only with a gay couple, but with them being gay in the military and adopting a daughter. 

2. Ben and Paul (Eastenders)  

Okay, so I don’t like storylines that end in death, but this one is fantastic and they deal with Ben dealing with Paul’s death in a really realistic way. Plus, they are just to cute together. Paul really brings back the sweet side of Ben that we all thought was lost. 

3. Isak and Even (Skam) 

If you are on tumblr, you know about this show. Just do yourself a favor and go watch it. One of the most realistic and heart felt gay story lines ever. Deals with mental illness in a real and compassionate way.

4. Christian and Syed (Eastenders) 

HAPPY ENDING!!!! Also deals with Islam and what it means to be gay in that faith, very powerful story. 

5. Robert and Aaron (Emmerdale) 

These boys have been through so much, and seeing their wonderful character development has been amazing! These boys have some of the sweetest soap moments ever! (HINT HINT SUPER SOAP WEEK 2016) 

6. Charlie and Matteusz (Class BBC) 

THEY ARE SO PRECIOUS AND IN LOVE <3 My sweet gay alien prince and his polish consort. Seriously, this show is great. Doctor Who spin off with a gay main character, whose boyfriend deals with being kicked out by religious parents.

7. Claudio and Sandro (Italian soap. Only on Dailymotion) 

Super sweet boys with a happy ending. Lots of dramatic moments! 

8. Magnus and Alec (Shadowhunters) 

They are super cute and super flirty. I honestly adore both characters and how their relationship has developed. The show did a great job in doing these characters justice, more than the books ever did. 

9.  Eric and Aaron (The Walking Dead) 

Okay, so they are like barely in the show, but they are to precious for this world when they are. I love their friendship with Daryl and Eric is seriously such an adorable ginger. 

10. Lito and Hernando (Sense8) 

Really well done and really explores the idea of coming out when you’re in a position of fame. Plus, they are so cute and in love <3 

11. Tinco and Francis (SpangaS)

They are really adorable and the show delves into the world of coming out in high school and the rewards of being yourself. 

12. Tristan and Miles (Degrassi) 

I absolutely love these two! This third season was everything I wanted <3 They start off shaky and I’m not in love with how they treat Miles’ bisexuality, but the way they have grown as characters and how they show their relationship changing in tandem with that is awesome. 

13.  Paulo and Miguel (O Beijo do Escorpiao) 

Very cute and full of drama. Actual kissing in this one (that has been censored on other Portuguese TV shows). Happy ending that is so perfect for the end of the show. 

14.  Lukas and Philip (Eyewitness) 

BEAUTIFUL CHILDREN <3 Seriously, the way they wrote these characters was perfect and they really made the story flow so well. It was amazing to see a show centered around gay youths in love. 

15. Brian and Justin & Ben and Micheal (Queer as Folk) 

Just watch Queer as Folk. It’s a gay classic and it deals with all kinds of issues within the LGBT community. Plus, omfg how cute are Brian and Justin…I can’t they are the original gay power couple. 

 16. Carsten and Lenny ( Gute Zeiten, Schlechte Zeiten) 

Totally cute couple that deal with a lot of trauma together. Deals with Lenny coming out after dealing with bullying in army training. 

17. Christian and Oli ( Verbotene Liebe) 

AHHHHH my feelings for this couple…I can’t. They were meant to be, it was true love! ( I can only watch so far into this story line because of how it ended). Again, did not like how they treated Christians bisexuality, but the couple are seriously to perfect. They have some of the best scenes of any gay story line. 

18. Ianto and Jack (Torchwood) 

IANTO DESERVED BETTER! Okay with that out of the way, this is a great story line with lots of good relationship development and Ianto and Jack being sweet and beautiful. I would also recommend listening to the radio plays after watching the show, as it clears things up and made my heart feel better. :P

19. Max and Iago ( El Cor de la Ciutat )

Okay, so I adore this soap, it has amazing story lines and character development for these two, and there are so many sweet and heart wrenching scenes. I adore this couple and have re-watched their story like 6 times. 

20. Fer and David (  Física o Química ) 

LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!! Same as #19. Awesome character development and lots of drama and loving moments between our beautiful couple. I adore them, even if the ending of the show makes me cry all the time just thinking about it. 

21. Jude and Zero ( Hit the Floor )

They are soooooo goooodddd! I cannot even begin to describe all the things that are perfect about this couple and their story line. They are the gay kings of L.A, who got their happy ever after. 

So that is it for now! Go out and have your eyes filled with the beauty of these canon ships! I may update this when I find more story lines so be on the look out :)