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would you stop reblogging those embarrassing posts ~calling out fujoshi like you're any different than what those posts are complaining about? you draw porn of m/m ships, you are constantly writing and hyperfocusing on that one m/m ship, the only difference between you and a "fujoshi" is that you're mildly less obnoxious about it. have some self awareness

I’m sorry, but you do not know me enough to make these claims.

Sadly enough tumblr has a nasty way of making people ashamed of learning. I am not perfect and I’ve learned as I went through fandoms. 4 years ago I didn’t even know what yaoi meant, my sister introduced me to it. And at that time I didn’t know what was wrong with that. Now I do. And I won’t be going around on the streets saying stuff like ‘oooooooooh yaoi!!!! and that was what that post was about and I was trying to offer information that helped me understand to others that might not and thanks to that might!! People learn and change!!!

I do and I try to be as parted from what is considered yaoi. Then you may ask yourself what about the m/m ship you’re obsessed with. I’m not obsessed with them because ‘oooooh impossible love!!! because they’re gaay’  I love them because of their love-story, for how similar they are, but of how their position as warriors is prohibiting them from trusting anyone, from being weak and asking for help when they need it because they are not healthy people and have a lot of issues with their past. Their love is not impossible because they’re gay, it’s impossible because of the situations their respective societies pushed them to and because of the ever-looming threat of death. It’s a love story and it happens to be between two guys.

And now please do count the number of posts I obsessed over them. I don’t. Because tumblr has rotten fandoms. And there are many, many more reasons why I’ll stick only to posting art with slim, vague descriptions. Also let me tell you when was the last time I actually posted a nsfw drawing: 28 March 2016. Almost a year ago. You know what that means? I don’t post nsfw often, I think I have a grand total of 6 such drawings made on the span of 3 years. I do not love this ship for porn. I do not love any ship for porn. I do not look at 2 gay men and think: ‘oh my god the sex will be so hot“. Nope.

So before calling people out on bullshit you’re not 100% certain they’re doing please let them learn and let them grow. Because that’s a thing that actually happens.

  • Lena: You go to the gym?
  • Kara: A couple weeks ago, Alex asked me to go to the gym with her and just sit and tell people Alex been training me
  • Kara: THEN TODAY I found out she been saying i'm her successful student and she's using me to get some trainees
  • Lena: What gym do you go to?
  • Lena: can you also tell me the day and time you're at said gym?
some things to consider

1) I like Bariss/Ahsoka as a ship, because it’s v. dramatic, what with their close friendship, the fall to the dark side and the betrayal and the mass murder of the Jedi. I could easily see the two of them fighting it out over some lava, with Ahsoka screaming “You were my sister, Bariss! I loved you!” 

(like, you know. another star wars ship that likes to hurt me.)

2) I also like Ahsoka/Riyo Chuchi as a ship, as it involves a Jedi padawan protecting a politician they then fall in love with. Said politician is incredibly Good™ despite the evil mentors/allies that surround her, and also her hair is ridiculous at times. gorgeous but ridiculous

(cough cough Padme and Satine maybe! cough)

what I’m saying is ahsoka takes after her dads one way or another, okay, and I feel like this is relevant to @forcearama‘s interests. 

You call that a kiss?

I cant even remember where I got this prompt from, but I found it in my drafts and just started to write. So here it is guys, Barba Imagine Number 2.
This one is kinda long and the end didn’t feel like the end when I was writing, so let me know if you want to know what happens to these two next and I’ll rustle up a part 2.

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Imagine you’re in a bar and some trash man wont take no for an answer and Barba helps you out of the situation by pretending to be your boyfriend. Someone must say ’I wasn’t asking’ and ’you call that a kiss’ at one point.

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Richonne Confession Time

I have three brothers I am trying to convert into Richonners.

My 23-year-old younger brother is (unknowingly) a huge Richonne fan. Some of the things he says about Richonne (unprompted by me) is verbatim what Andy Lincoln says in interviews. It’s totally weird but I love it.

My 32-year-old second to oldest brother is on his way. He’s on season 5 and gives it an overall 10 out of 10 (keep in mind this is the same guy who adamantly said for years Breaking Bad was the only tv show worth watching). How I know he’s on his way to becoming a Richonner? He says he “respects” Rick and I literally saw him fall completely in love with Michonne the second she said “Bam! Crazy cheese.” Now, he grins anytime I call her my wife.

As for the 36-year-old oldest bro, he’s a work in progress. He’s a GoT fan and hasn’t really given TWD much of a chance. 🙁

So that’s my resolution for this year, hope that I’ve had enough influence on the other two to help bring the oldest over to the Richonne side.

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Sherri Holmes

Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about the “other one” that Mycroft spoke about in HLV. Based on Sherlock’s deductions about Harry in ASiP, we know that this show likes to play with our assumptions of gender. And the only times we’ve heard the third Holmes sibling mentioned, it’s been Mycroft saying, “You know what happened to the other one,” and, “Put me through to Sherrinford, please.” So, it’s definitely possible that the third sibling is a sister.

Here’s some further evidence for this.

Sherlock has a traumatizing event in his past that includes (what we assume is) his dog Redbeard. Sherlock has never mentioned the third sibling. It’s possible that this traumatic event included Sherlock thinking his sister died, even if that’s not the case (Mycroft calls for Sherrinford at the end of TST; except whether that scene actually occurs or is part of Sherlock’s mental musings has yet to be established, so Sherri might be dead after all).

If Sherlock believes that his sister died when they were young and he associates her with Redbeard…

… that means his attempts to distance himself from emotion are actually about losing his sister. (Several people have pointed out that the subtitles at this point say that it is a girl singing the [pirate?] song.) So….

If the Holmes sibling that died (or that Sherlock thinks is dead) was a sister, and her death is the major emotional trauma in his past, then his reactions to Irene Adler’s supposed death in ASiB make so much more sense:

  1. Sherlock meets Irene Adler, a woman with a lot of intellectual capability and someone he thinks of as a challenging adversary. (Remember that Sherlock’s “arch-enemy” is Mycroft.)
  2. Irene changes the text alert on Sherlock’s phone to do something embarrassing every time she texts him. (Sounds like sibling rivalry to me.)
  3. Even though he doesn’t respond, she constantly sends him pointless/annoying text messages. (Again, this sounds like the relationship between Mycroft and Sherlock, although Mycroft doesn’t allow Sherlock to avoid his calls for long.)
  4. Irene turns up, apparently dead, and Sherlock has to deal with loss for the first time since his childhood. He allowed himself to care about her, and she left him too.
  5. When he gets a reprieve and finds out she’s not actually dead, he does whatever he can to help her.
  6. She betrays him, as siblings sometimes do, but… he does actually care about her as a person, despite the fact that she tried to embarrass him, drive a wedge between him and Mycroft, and potentially cause great harm to a great many people. So he goes to prevent her death anyway, like he wasn’t able to do for his sister all those years ago.

I’m seriously crying, guys. This is horrible. And I’m about to make it worse. (I’m so sorry, really, I just can’t stay in this hell by myself….)

Whose image do we see (through Sherlock’s drugged eyes) just before the above flashback scene from Sherlock’s childhood?

Yep. That’s Mary. (For more “Mary is the other one” hell, see this post, which is what introduced me to the theory. Fucking hell.)

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Heeey~! Can we get a soukoku since you do yaoi where dazai gets drunk and flirts whit chuuya, uses lame pick up lines(but they're already together) and in the and falls asleep on him but IN THE STREET. Scenario if its possible and thank you😍😘❤

Based on what happened to me and my sister when we got drunk at home when my brother’s ex came to visit lol (we’re actually friends with her since she was pretty chill but that story is for another time)


For once Chuuya didn’t get drunk which was saying something since despite liking wine, his alcohol tolerance is no less than mediocre.

And as for the reason he stopped drinking after his first glass of wine-

“Heya sexy, is that chair you’re sitting on made of sugar, because that is some sweet ass~”

Dazai has been dropping pickup lines ever since he arrived and was already drunk before he arrived. Thank goodness Akutagawa didn’t tag along… or maybe he should’ve, so he can see his idol be an idiot.

“Try again genius” he snapped, but his growing grin betraying his tone.

“ Do you know your ABC’s? Cause I wanna give you the 4th letter of the alphabet~” Dazai sang, knocking Chuuya’s empty glass to the floor.

He heard his other subordinates snicker behind him but was shut up by his glare. But didn’t last long because Dazai kept dropping dirty lines one after the other.

“You know why I am like a squirrel? Cause I want to bury my-”

“ALRIGHT BIG BOY! That’s enough” Chuuya said snatching Dazai’s glass with a his face burning, “We’re going home”

He paid for his and Dazai’s drinks, not really caring how expensive it was because this was the first time Dazai let himself loose genuinely. Chuuya grabbed his hand and dragged him away from the bar.

“Hey chu-chu~”

“keep your mouth shut Dazai” Chuuya snarled, gritting his teeth at the nickname.

“You know, I looooove every bone in your body-”

“Don’t say it”

“especially mine~!” Dazai yelled triumphantly before toppling over Chuuya and sending them both crashing on the sidewalk.

“Jesus christ Dazai my car is just a few paces away you-”

But Chuuya’s scolding came to an abrupt stop when he heard soft snoring from Dazai’s peaceful sleeping face.

Smiling in defeat and carded his fingers through his partner’s brown locks.

“Good night you goof” he sighed, before sitting up and carrying Dazai to his car. With the help of his ability of course.

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Alright, princess, here be a list of questions. What are your favorite flowers? Color? Piece of clothing? Do you remember your mother? How was your relationship with her if yes? Do you ever have to be the "older" sibling to Tina? What was a time when this happened? Have you ever heard a particularly menacing thought and intervened, like someone out to attack or hurt someone? If your sister say, oh i don't know-for some reason-no idea what, move to Europe would you also move? That's all for now!

That’s a long list. Well, my favorite flowers are sunflowers. My favorite color is pink, ‘nd my favorite piece of clothing is my jacket - it’s just so cozy! I don’t really remember Ma, sadly, but she wrote me letters when she became sick. It’s a nice way of getting to know her, even after her death.

I *always* have to be the older sibling, honestly! If it wasn’t for me, Tina would weigh a thousand pounds from all those hotdogs she craves all the time. (Just messing with ya, Teenie.)

I… might, just might, intervene, sometimes. But only if something’s wrong. And yes, 'course I’d move with her. Is that even a question?

I spent an hour helping my little sister with her chemistry homework this evening, and some of the highlights included:

  • Me: Are you meme-ing at me again? Leave me alone, I’m a crusty old millennial and out of touch with the youth of today.
  • Me: Did I ever tell you about the time I answered a complicated question correctly and Mr West’s only response was to say “Marry me”? What a strange man. Her: (after taking about 30 seconds to stop laughing so hard she couldn’t breathe) He is a strange man. I mean, that’s a pun, but still. What an odd man. Me: Has he set fire to any desks recently? Her: A few weeks ago, actually. He was spraying ethanol into a bunsen burner and my friend’s notes ended up slightly singed. He scares me.
  • Answer: 0.5mol Me: 0.5 moles would be kind of messy and gross. It would probably leak everywhere. Answer: 6mol Me: Hmm. Do you think you could fit 6 moles in your hand? I suppose it depends on the size of the moles. Answer: 0.008mol Me: Well, that’s probably a small bit of one of the freaky star-shaped noses.
  • (And then I stopped making that joke every time because she threatened to punch me.)
  • Question: Which of these two students, Brenda and Bryce, has the correct method for working out chemical formulae and why? Me: Well, I can tell you that Bryce doesn’t know shit. Her: *two minutes of solid laughter because Bryce is the first name of one of the physics teachers and Brenda is the first name of the lab tech*
  • Her: No, I don’t want to work out how much alcohol it takes to get a tree shrew drunk. I Do Not Care. Me: But what about next time you go to the zoo? You can tell the tree shrews that you know exactly how much alcohol they can and can’t tolerate. Her: Mairi, that’s creepy. Me: Exactly. You keep saying the one in the picture creeps you out, so it can be revenge.
  • Her: I can’t believe you’re trying to trick me into doing more homework by making jokes. Traitor.
  • Me: Do this last question, and I’ll find the xkcd page about what happens when you get a mole of moles in one place. It’s gruesome, you’ll find it hilarious.
  • (She did.)

You were sat around the bonfire with Peter and Felix at both your sides. “I can’t believe my own sister ended up with Pan”, says Felix smiling. You chuckle, “We spent some much time around each other it was bound to happen”. Peter takes your hand in his, “I’m just glad I found someone that sees the good in me”. You smile, “I’m just glad that my two favourite people finally get along”. Felix laughs, “What did you expect? My baby sister dating my best friend? I was definitely not happy but I see how happy you make each other so I couldn’t stay mad even if I wanted to”. You smile, “I’m always going to be your baby sister, Felix but I’m with Peter now and I love him”. Peter smiles, “I love you too”. You all spent the rest of the night laughing and enjoying each other’s company.

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rules: list ten good things that happened in 2016 (could be about you, the world, your friend, etc. as long as they are positive things) then tag 10 friends

  1. Soon after receiving a raise, I was promoted to a Team Lead position at my work resulting in a total salary increase. Woot woot! 
  2. Learned to say the word “no” and be comfortable with it. So many times I’ve been concerned with what people ask me to do and stressing myself out for other people instead of what I want to do. Still have some work to do but I’ve become way more vocal and I feel great about it.
  3. I’ve gotten even closer with my sisters. We’ve always been pretty close but as we get older, we’re relying on each other more (especially now that we’re all single again) and I love it. I mean, I’m about to move into the same apt complex as one of them, haha.
  4. I found a church home that isn’t toxic. I don’t speak on religion very often because it’s often so polarizing and even I teeter between faith and doubt sometimes mostly because I grew up in an environment where it was all hellfire and brimstone and YOU ARE A SINNER FEEL BAD ABOUT EVERYTHING (yay Bible Belt! *eye roll*). But I found a place that’s not like that at all and the people are open, kind, and preach love and helping others first regardless of their race, gender, class, etc. You know the very thing that christianity allegedly proclaims.
  5. Speaking of religious experiences…I saw Beyonce in concert again! QUEEN. Great fun with my sisters and definitely danced so hard I lost my Fitbit?? Haha.
  6. I realized that I really love being on a boat. I fear deep water (because seriously what’s down there?!) but my dad bought a good sized boat last year and we had several boat outings with the entire family and it was so relaxing. Fourth of July was amazing; we barbecued and ate on the boat, blaring music and watching the fireworks in all directions from different cities surrounding the lake.
  7. I’ve gotten more into interior design. I didn’t think I had an eye for it but I’m getting better! Thanks HGTV, mom, and sisters!
  8. MY BEST FRIEND GOT MARRIED AND IT WAS A WONDERFUL WEDDING. Probably the most relaxing and chill wedding I will ever attend? But that’s just her & her hubby, man. Great match. And it was great to see people I hadn’t seen in so long!
  9. I went spelunking with my dad! We hadn’t done something just the two of us in awhile so it was great to hang out with the best man in my life. <3
  10. I’ve really learned to treat myself more and to quit feeling guilty about it. Whether it be getting my nails done, buying something of better quality, or simply just what I want. Be happy!

…why did I make this so long? XD Tagging anyone who wants to do it!

My Sis and I

I was on the phone with my sis, and we ended up talking for a while about a few things like school and everything until she asked about the group I liked. (Pls help me my siblings need Jisoos) So she basically kept calling them the Ching Chong people and Chinese, Asian, Japanese and Korean group while I’m over here dying and face palming as well as laughing because that’s how I hide my pain. She asked me what the group was called and I just kinda died and said
“U-Uh….Behind The Scenes!!!” And I somehow got away with it. But then she kept saying how there were 10 and so many of them and I just laughed my pain away :’D. We joked about it for some time though lol it was weird but great at the same time. Now you have a small idea of how my sister is. You’re welcome.


You love Hyungwon, but you don’t want to ruin your guys’ beautiful friendship. What happens next?

“People are difficult,” he yells, collapsing on your bed dramatically.

“What now?” you ask, voice muffled by a pillow.

“Oliviaa just called me and swore she saw you at the mall with some other guy, like holding hands and kissing and stuff. And when i tried to explain that you were right here, she yelled at me!”

“She likes you.” you say, as if it explains everything

“She’s like a little sister to me. She’s not really my style,” he jokes, slinging an arm over you.

“What exactly is your style, Hyungwon?”

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  • nicknames: Flower Child, Zoo Child, Capsicle, Soupergirl
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  • why did i choose my url: It’s me + fan of Asa Butterfield
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  • pokémon team: Valor
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  • number of blankets i sleep with: Two
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Some of my sisters will occasionally say things like "girls are better than men" (paraphrasing). I know that they don't actually mean these things out of context. At the same time I'm a gay guy and I never express my love for boys by saying that girls are worse. At what point do you think I should say something rather than not. I don't wanna seem like I don't care about them. They don't want to be rude but at the same time it does sometimes get to me. (Also you're great and those anons are lame)

I’m sorry you have to go through that. I can only imagine how difficult that can be with a lot of sisters. I’m not sure how your sister would take it if you flat out told them that it made you uncomfortable, but maybe when one of them says it again, you should privately talk to them about how you feel?  And even invite all of your sisters so you guys can have a discussion about how that makes you feel uncomfortable. I hope this helps! And thank you!

STAN: I have no idea. Trust me, Kenny talks about this all the fucking time!

STAN: And Butters is like… acting really weird and mysterious!
STAN: We all don’t know what he’s up to! He never has time anymore and is always like ‘Aw, I can’t tell you!‘
GARY: When I went out shopping with my pregnant sister for her baby, I saw Butters there too. He bought some stuff for a baby girl.
STAN: What, are you saying he knocked a girl up and is now a dad?

GARY: Well, I think he’d make a great dad.
STAN: He’s twenty! He’s too young!
GARY: Not long ago you wanted to propose to your girlfriend…
STAN: Ex Girlfriend!

my sister just texted me “I’m worried about you” like BITCH you should be every time we talk I tell you how I’m really going through some struggles and they’re really getting to me and I honestly don’t know how much more I can take and all her ass has to say every time is “it’ll pass just stay strong” my god shut the fuck up I don’t need bullshit words I need HELP


Introduction to CS Science Studies:

Lesson 1: Tale of Two Sisters (4x01)

Summary: Damn you for reading me so well and for leaving me speechless. I just have no idea what to say and I need some more time to think but I really, really like you and I don’t want you to think I don’t but… time, I need time, so here, have a kiss to let you know I’m definitely into you and as a promise that, whatever this thing is, it’s definitely reciprocal. And also because I loved last night’s kiss and I want to taste you again but I won’t actually admit that out loud because walls. A “be patient” will do for now. You’re perceptive, you’ll know what it means.

There are many things that I hate about myself, but my skin colour is not one of them. Having dark skin does not make you ugly, despite what others say. Many relatives have made negative comments about my skin being dark and for some time I was ashamed of it. I have a friend who has a sister with fairer skin, and her relatives would completely ignore my friend’s beauty and compliment her sister. It frustrates me when I hear the word ‘karuppu’ (dark skinned/ black) used as a negative description and 'vella’ (light skinned/ white) as a positive one. I hate how some media also depicts having dark skin as being ugly. I hate the fact that in Indian film industries, dark skinned women are not cast as the heroines because for many eyes. We all came in different colours and we are all equally beautiful. Let’s put a stop to girls being ashamed of dark skin. Let’s prove to the world that dark is beautiful. Let’s make people feel proud of their skin. I am dark skinned and proud. #darkisbeautiful

Being Not Fluent In Korean Really Sucks

The biggest setback I struggle with as a half Korean who has been in the US my entire life is not being fluent in the language. My mother was completely fluent as she was born in Seoul and lived there for years before she moved to the US for my white dad. She still spoke Korean when she was talking to herself and her Korean friends/family but for some reason, she spoke English with me and my sister.

The only time she ever really used Korean for us is when she would call us “이쁘다” (pretty), and sometimes she’d ask if we knew what that meant and we’d say yes, because we picked it up easily. She would always look so happy and proud about it. It makes my heart ache. The only other words we knew were really basic ones like “안녕하세요” (hello) and “감사합니다” (thank you).

For years, the only Korean I knew was that, and I didn’t feel the need to learn any more because I didn’t care much about connecting with my Korean side. That changed after I got into Kpop. I’ve been a fan for years now, and it still amazes me how I can see actual living, breathing Korean people singing and dancing and acting and being stars. Because we all know how Koreans are nonexistent in American entertainment.

So, my feelings took a complete turn around. I started to get immense urges to learn Korean. I started with Hangeul, and I got the hang of it much easier and quicker than I thought I would. That was last year, and now I know how to read and write it, and I’m confident about it. I still struggle with the bottom character sounds because they can change from their original sound, (like ㅊ usually has the “ch” sound but sometimes it can be a “t” sound), but other than that, I’m 100% good.

I now know a lot more words than I did in the past. I aim to learn a new one all the time. Sometimes I get discouraged because I know that learning Korean is hard, and that it will take years before I can speak it as good as other Koreans, but I always get motivated again.

My spaces to use Korean are very limited however, as my mother passed away years ago and my sister is also a beginner. My dad knows how to read and write it, but he is only a beginner too. The only time we can be around Korean people in real life is at church, because it’s a Korean church.

I use much more Korean online than I do in real life, because I have a Kpop blog. Sometimes when I comment in the tags, I’ll use Korean instead of English. I’m sure that most of the time, my sentences are terribly disarranged, and that I might be using the wrong words for the specific context, but being able to make simple sentences in Korean makes me so happy. Because it’s a huge difference from my nonexistent Korean when I was younger. It feels like a big accomplishment.

Despite this, I’m still struggling. I’ll see other Korean bloggers talking to each other in Korean, and talking shit about Koreaboos, and I feel left out because I can’t join them. Being a mixed Korean, I feel like they see me as less. I’m scared that they see me as a yankee or not Korean enough because I can’t speak it well. Especially since I’m American and know more about Florida’s weather than I do about Korea’s culture and history.

There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t regret not asking my mom to teach me. I always feel desperate about my Korean. I constantly daydream about what it’d be like to be fluent, to be able to engage in conversation with Koreans, to understand what the members of my church are saying. To read the posts Korean bloggers make and laugh with them because some Koreaboo did something hilariously ridiculous.

I can’t deny that I wish I was fluent, or at least know Korean well. There have been, and still are, days when I feel so bad about my Korean that I get really distressed about it and find myself tearing up. That I’ll have actual chest pain because it hurts that much to not know my own language. I can never find others who struggle with learning their language, so it makes it even worse, because I feel so alone. Everyone else seems to know theirs well.

And on top of that, I have to sit here and watch non-Korean people learn my language and become good at it, appropriate my culture, get Korean friends, and go to Korea. It makes me so angry because they have the money to go to my home country but I don’t, and probably never will. The worst of it is when Kpop bloggers are throwing around “oppa”, when they use “selca” and “ㅋㅋㅋㅋ” and claim that it’s not offensive because other cultures use those (???????)

I don’t know my own language, and I have to watch other people use it as a toy. It’s so frustrating.

Being a diasporic, mixed Korean that is nowhere near good at Korean is exhaustingly frustrating.