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RWBY - A Very Grimm Theory

Okay.  It is safe to say that the Grimm in Volume 4 have brought with them a whole new level of scary/cool.  First we have the Beringel, which took Ruby an entire trailer to defeat.  Then we got the Geist, which can possess inanimate objects and make themselves into basically anything.  Then we had the Sea Dragon, with its awesome wings and lightning breath, then the Seer, whose only way of communicating is with a sound like dead wood chimes, and then we have this thing:

Up until this point, I believed that Grimm were inspired from either some kind of animal or ghost-thing.  My mind was completely blown when I saw this creature appear.

Seriously, what the hell is that?!

But then, thanks to a post from @violet-kingdom, I found out what this thing could possibly be based off of, and that is a Nuckelavee.  So thanks for that!

However, it still doesn’t explain how this creature even came to be.  So, like all the other times I see something I don’t understand, I made a theory.

The entirety of Volume 4 began with the creation of a Grimm.

I think this is meant to say something along the lines of “Since the CCT’s down, Vale is in shambles, and negative emotions like anxiety and worry are spreading like wildfire, the are more Grimm and they’re even fiercer than before.”  That’s what people took it for at a first glance.

But I think there’s another message here: “Look closely.  This is how Grimm are made.”

Like, they come out of pools in Salem’s realm, which tie her to the Grimm even more.  She’s literally the mother of all Grimm.  They’re like her soldiers, her eyes, all with some kind of connection to her.  But this what I decided to focus on.  They’re pools.  

Doesn’t that mean they’ll work both ways?

Think about it.  How would something like a Geist–or a Nuckelavee, for that matter, ever become an idea?  Both looked pretty rare, as the most powerful Grimm we saw in the battle of Beacon was a dragon (and we saw another dragon fight Sun and Blake, so they must not be as rare as everyone thinks).

Now that that idea’s in your head, let me bring another in: 

There used to be six members of Salem’s inner circle.  You can tell because there are six chairs (minus the one at the head for Salem) and only four of them are filled.  

Emerald and Mercury stay by Cinder’s side, almost as if they don’t have the right to sit at the table.  This makes me think that the chairs don’t belong to Roman and Neo, because they were part of Cinder’s posse as well.  Which meant that there used to be two other people that Salem trusted.  My guess is that they disobeyed or failed her and were killed.

Or were they?

See, the thing about pools is that things don’t just come out of them…you could throw something in, too.  And I wonder what would happen if you threw a corpse in there…or a live hunter and his horse?

Wouldn’t that explain the Geist at the beginning and the Nuckelavee now?  The person who became the Nuckelavee betrayed Salem long ago, long enough for them to go out and destroy Ren’s village.  The Geist was one that had betrayed her not too long ago, and was actually killed before being tossed into a pool (that’s the only way I could see Salem getting a ghostlike Grimm from a human).

There are several hints about this throughout the interactions between Team WTCH and Tyrian’s words when fighting Qrow:

Watts says he’s not particularly fond of failure.  Why use the word ‘particular’?  The sentence would have meant the same without it…unless he’s seen the punishment firsthand.

Cinder insisted that she killed Ozpin when we all know that’s not quite true.  Was she afraid of what would happen to her if she said no?

And Tyrian, specifically when he was talking with Qrow said “One does not upset the queen.”  Sure, he was being respectful of her, but I think he was also saying that as a warning.  “Don’t upset her…you’ll get a fate worse than death” is the vibe I got from that (but in a giddy way; something tells me he enjoyed seeing those two get turned into Grimm).  Tyrian’s behavior after he was crippled by Ruby was literally shock -> pain -> anger -> terror.  Because he really doesn’t want what happened to the other two to happen to him.

Well, there’s my theory!  What do you think?












i’m not okay what if he doesn’t get the gold medal and Viktor is lowkey upset and Yuuri is like I still ahve to give you your Christmas present though and KNEELS AND PULLS OUT A BOX WITH A ROUND AND GOLDEN RING.

hey this may sound crazy but I don’t know what to expect from this show anymore.

City Lights,Sleepless nights//Cisco Ramon

Request:  Oh great writer of Cisco Ramon stories. I request with a thirst aching to be quelled with the sound of harmony. I desire for my eyes to send a signal to my wandering mind to imagine a voice like water splashing softly against the rocks…Basically I want an imagine of Cisco singing to me. Preferably a song like Fireflies by Owl City Safe and Sound by Sam Tsui. I’m a strange soul who wishes that you eat a nice snack while writing this.

I had a lot of fun writing this, probably one of my favorite imagines I have written so far! ♥ Thank you so much for the request, I hope this was what you were looking for. 


It was another late night S.T.A.R Labs, another take out menu used. You knew this was part of the job.

12 a.m.

You laid in bed, holding onto one of Cisco’s pillows breathing in the cologne he left behind. You couldn’t fall asleep due to the lack of cuddles and sound. 

1:30 a.m. 

Still awake, staring at the ceiling with your hands on your stomach tapping a little beat. Your stomach growled, that Chinese food you had eaten wasn’t holding you over anymore. Removing yourself from the silky warm sheets you stepped into your fuzzy slippers.

Shuffling from your bedroom to the kitchen you could hear the chocolate cake that was in the fridge calling your name. 

Digging into the chocolate bliss your stomach thanked you. You were so caught up in the ooey gooey goodness you didn’t hear  the door to your loft open and close. 

“Chocolate cake for dinner and dinner at 2 a.m.?” Cisco got your attention as he placed his backpack on the island in the middle of the kitchen.

You smiled, putting the fork down you pulled him into a tight embrace. Letting out a huge sigh your hands moved from his back to his hair, tangling your finger into the gorgeous soft locks. 

He wrapped his arms around your waist, breathing your scent in deeply. 

“Having trouble sleeping?”

He felt you nod your head. Planting a kiss on your head, “come on lets get to bed.”

Letting go of you he grabbed your hand and walked to the bedroom where you crawled back into bed. You sat and watched Cisco get ready for bed, getting a glance of his bare chest. 

“now lets figure out why you can’t sleep,” Cisco smiled as he hopped in next to you. Pulling you into him, you placed your hand on his chest. 

“What’s going on love bug? Why can’t you sleep?” 

“The city lights, the lonely nights, the silence.”

“The silence?”

“I always go to bed with you next to me with your soft snores and murmurs, but with these late nights I haven’t been able to fall asleep without them, without you.”

He gave you a small kiss on your forehead, taking a deep breath he began to sing your favorite song. 

“you would not believe your eyes if ten million fireflies lit up the world as I fell asleep…”

Cisco’s soft vocals sent shivers down your spine, his voice being the last thing you heard before you fell asleep.

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11:16 I've been super close with this friend for awhile and we've discussed dating and both would love to but he's taking forever to ask. He said he'll ask when he's ready but he's never had a girlfriend before and I don't want to force him. He says "she's basically my girlfriend" when people ask about me so I don't understand why he won't just do it😩

Not to be negative (because that’s not the type of person I am) but just being real it sounds like a guy that isn’t ready for a commitment yet which is a red flag. If you want to be with someone what’s stopping you from it? You know? Just the way I look st things I guess.

Send me the time and what’s on your mind on anon!

So I was thinking...

I have recently found the Demon Stans AU, “DipFord” (Unnamed) AU, and Demonic Guardians AU and thought: hey, they might make a cool AU-mashup.

Idk my mind sounds boring don’t judge me. ;)

The Demon Stans AU is where Ford and Stan are turned into significant objects…

The unnamed “DipFord” AU is basically Voldemort’s diary…

And the Demonic Guardians AU is pretty much what it sounds like.

So imagine this:

What if Weirdmageddon ended and the Stans turned into their respective objects. Dipper and Mabel want to keep something in memory of them and take the eight ball and journal (unknowing that they’re taking their grunkles in their backpacks). So they get to Piedmont and find that their grunkles can communicate to them - Stan talks to Mabel in the classic “8-ball-fortune-teller-rip-off” (ex. Mabel asks “How would one get a bigger allowance?” Stan answers “What do I look like, an ATM?”) and Ford acts like Voldemort’s diary for Dipper. 

As time goes on, the grunkles develop human-ish forms, but not for a while. 

I’m calling it the Guardian Grunkles AU for now.

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*curtsies* Dear Dukesie! First of all, let me wish you best of luck with your dissertation and everything else that you will be doing next month. My question is not urgent at all so don't worry about getting to it right away. I'll be in London on Erasmus for the Autumn term (mid-September to mid-December) so I wanted to ask you if you know of anything I shouldn't miss during that time! Shows, concerts, places to see that are somewhat less known... Anything that comes to mind! Thanks! <3

*Curtsies* It really kind of depends what you’re into! There are a million things happening in London every day and what’s going to be the most fun for you is hard for me to guess at. But here are my basic recs:

  • Museums. There are loads of them. Google museums in London and pick out which ones sound most interesting. Personally I really like the V&A. 
  • Music. One of my favorite things about living here has been seeing amazing live music on the reg, whether it’s the London Philharmonia playing fifty years of James Bond themes or Chris Cornell playing acoustic Led Zeppelin with Jimmy Page right there in the audience at Royal Albert Hall. Check Time Out London or whatever and see if any of your favorites are playing while you’re here.
  • Theatre. Honestly I wouldn’t bother with more than one West End show. Big budget theatre is flashy and fun but it’s really expensive and you can see great theatre for way less money. Example: Go be a groundling at the Globe. It’s a theatre experience like no other and it only costs five quid. Even if the show sucks (which isn’t likely) it’ll still be totally worth it.
  • Parks. London has a lot of big open green spaces and as boring as that sounds it’s actually nice. Spend a whole day wandering Hyde Park. It’s worth it. 
  • Pubs. I don’t know if you’re a drinker, but if you are there are a million and one fantastic pubs around London. If you like wine, hit up Gordon’s and the Cork & Bottle. Get a drink on the terrace somewhere on South Bank and have a nice view of the river while you sip your stuff.
  • Bookstores! So many! Hit up Foyle’s and Persephone and Daunt Books and all the others! London is a very literary city. Go to book readings and signings and goofy bookstore events. Go to the Booker Prize reading if you can. Reading is usually a solitary activity but here it’s a social one, too.
  • Day trips. The UK is small. Hop on a train. Take a day or a weekend and go see another city or just something a little off the beaten trail. Go see the Greenwich observatory. Go traipse around Stratford for the day. 

Hope this helps! Have all the fun.

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What are your views on people and human nature in contrast to the fellow? (If you don't mind.)

This sounds kind of goofy because we were talking about it in the context of Westworld which brings up a lot of moral questions.

Basically, he holds some really cynical views that I don’t disagree with, but they’re really hard to swallow. People are all hypocrites, holidays are bullshit (which they are, but like you might as well just join in and enjoy them is my view,) other things too, which I need to explain Westworld a little more for context.

Basically Westworld is a company that has a theme park populated with AI that are programmed along narratives and not seen as intelligent life (or conscious life,) they’re just robots that have their memory wiped and re-set. So people come to this theme park and basically can do whatever they want, they can rape and pillage and murder because these robots aren’t morally considerable. They display feeling but these are simply programmed responses. The question of consciousness that the show digs into is what consciousness is, but that’s another question and another post to be had. That’s one huge concept in the show. 

I personally find it quite hard to watch and imagine that people would really be able to act out these typically illegal and morally questionable actions even if the AI are simply objects and not persons. Because what is a person? What qualifies as personhood? Are there animals that we would draw the line at as “beings” and “not beings” (mammals vs. fish or insects?) At the heart of it, I don’t believe that there are inherent moral laws to anything (so we have that in common,) but it deeply bothers me that people would even want to act out these things, even if the robots don’t technically feel or remember, etc. Why is rape or murder an activity you want to engage in? Of course, it is a place that presents an opportunity to expand your personal experience in ways you can’t in the real world, without consequences. 

I personally said, I don’t think I would ever do that. If I were in that theme park I don’t think I could harm even an inanimate robot that simulated life (and the show goes into an exploration that actually questions whether they are conscious vs. not conscious, etc. but again that’s beyond the scope of what I need to talk about here.) He doesn’t believe that though. In self-defense would I protect myself? Sure. His question was, wouldn’t you just want to push your limits? He has the same views with drugs, etc. Why not explore our limits, there’s nothing inherently wrong with it and I agree, there’s inherently wrong with it, but there’s this extremely strong sense of morality in me, even if it’s just bullshit. I feel like a good way of explaining myself, is that I’m like a deeply religious, traditional person, very proper, and prudish, except I’m an athiest and I have left-wing political views, but I grew up in a very “proper” household not that it was put upon me, just that it was how we are.

He posed the question of, what if someone was just extremely irritating? Never left you alone, unless you killed them? I said I still wouldn’t do that, I don’t think he believed me, his view is that he certainly would and most people would. I don’t know.

I should note that he studied philosophy for a number of years and thus arguments with him are extremely frustrating. He makes excellent points, I agree, but I do feel condescended too sometimes and then I have to look at myself and see how strong my own biases are which isn’t bad, just uncomfortable.

I struggle with viewing humanity as terrible and also that people naturally mean well in most cases, but are human and make mistakes. I switch back and forth between perspectives, but I really just can’t deal with holding a constantly negative, cynical view of things. I imagine it makes me seem very innocent and naive and I hate that, but it’s just hard not to believe in the good. People are capable of good and bad. I guess I just lean towards needing to believe in the good, but that is an emotional bias vs. rational examination of things and it bothers me to have to face that because I’d like to believe I am always rational and that I would choose the discomfort of the truth over the bliss of ignorance. Not so I guess in this circumstance.

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what's your opinion on parelli bits? i just saw a c1 for sale on a facebook group that almost looks like a twisted wire where it attaches to the ring but the mouthpiece is actually smooth

Anything twisted is not great. Anything associated with Parelli in my mind is going to be overpriced BS. Just skimming their shop, they have something called a ‘Confidence Snaffle Bit’ which is ‘designed to teach horses to have more confidence in Zone 1′ which is such culty sounding bullshit. No equipment can teach confidence. And their basic single joint loose ring is 66 bucks. Ridiculous.


Tadaaaa, here it is!  My first ever voice over tutorial!  (My husband says I sound like Bob Ross, lol XD)

Keep in mind that this is VERY basic, like “OMG I just bought a tablet and have no idea what to do next” kind of basic, with no prior knowledge. 

I made this video with a few people in mind, who have messaged me asking for advice with zero prior experience with digital art.  I hope it helps a little!

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In the final chapter when the children are there as Kaname wakes up human and they tell him Yuki's message what kanji is used for the word beloved is it an ashiteru or is the only ashiteru ever used in the extra chapter? Because at different points throughout the manga Yuki uses the word love and I was curious as to what Japanese kanji is used throughout. Basically is it suki, ashiteru, or koi throughout. I hope this does not sound like a dumb question it just has been on my mind.

Okay, heavy disclaimer here, first and foremost: I’m not an expert when it comes to the Japanese language nor do I claim to be, however, my knowledge is based on what I was taught by someone close to me that did study Japanese for years and also some of my own research.

Now that’s out of the way, let’s get into this lovely discussion I know that has been the bane of our Zeki ships existence for the yume’s to milk; the terms used to express or describe love in Vampire Knight.

Firstly, a bit of cultural background before we begin. When it comes to love to the Japanese, they tend to not say it but rather express it through action. They believe actions speak louder than words which is why they have these different degrees to express their love and barely actually say some of these terms in general.

So, on that note, it’s good to explain what each of these forms mean before we use manga examples of what terms were used.

“Suki” is the most common used term to express love or like. Generally, you’re gonna find most manga’s use this term rather than “Ai” or “Koi” since “Suki” is more like a beginning stage of the feeling, like a crush. It’s also used to express a general sense of like other than romantically, for example “I like cats” or something in that nature.

But this does not demean the term as if it has no meaning of romantic value though, since most Japanese probably would use this term in their life time than ever expressing the other two variations.

“Ai” and “Koi” are more on the level that translates out to “love”. However, “Ai” is a very general sense of love; it’s unconditional love, thus it can be romantic or platonic, it all depends on how it’s used or what’s the connotation being used.

“Koi”, on the other hand is set only romantically and it is the strongest form of expressing love. It’s also said to be on the selfish side since “Koi” is “always wanting” and “Ai” is “always giving.”

I’m really hoping that makes sense.. ^^;;

Now, I’ll start with “Suki” Since the first times we see it being used it was by Yuuki alone to express her love and affection for both men.

Yuuki had used “Suki” or “Daisuki” [to like/love alot] when she was young towards Kaname.

And again later on in the first arc, however, this comes to an end during the first arc towards Kaname. Yuuki doesn’t express her love with “Suki” or “Daisuki” again with Kaname except when she confesses to him after he’s turned her back into a pureblood that she was in love with her brother as a human.

The next and last time Yuuki says “Suki” directly on her own is during the second arc is in the 87th night towards Zero. It’s only this moment during Zero’s kiss when Yuuki admits to herself that she loves Zero and how the feeling is real and inside her.

Next, “Aishiteru” was used a couple of times within the manga, which would translate out to “I love you.” Kaname expressed this form in the 31st night.

The next time “Ai” used was by Zero stating and asking Yuuki, “You love me, that’s enough for you, right?”

Now, this isn’t Yuuki saying directly she loves [Aishiteru] Zero, however, contextually, this is the strongest evidence shown as to who Yuuki was in love with since Zero was confident to use “Aishiteru” to describe Yuuki’s feelings for him. In addition, Yuuki confirms the validity of Zero’s statement and inquiry by her bright smile in response to him, further cementing her feelings indirectly for Zero. Thus, it’s hard evidence as to a direct and indirect way of “Ai” being used to express Yuuki’s love and affection for Zero in a romantic way, especially since it’s Zero, the person she’s having these feelings for, affirming her feelings for him through this term.

And Lastly, “Ai” was used during the 93rd night in the form of “Aisuru” which translates “to love; to care for; to have an affection.” Shojo Beat had translated it to “beloved.” As I previously said, “Ai” is a general sense of love but depending on the contextual factor it can change. When “Aisuru” was used, Yuuki’s son was the one to deliver the message to Kaname from Yuuki, and in doing so, it’s a indirect way of Yuuki expressing her affection to Kaname but because it’s her son saying these words, it decreases the strength of the meaning of the word and can be interpreted as either Yuuki’s romantic or platonic feelings for Kaname depending on who wants to see it as such. It’s not as solid proof as appose to the zeki scene above because of the context of how the word is being used. 

Lastly, “Koi” was only used once, and that was with Zero in the extra chapter “life.” Zero confesses that he finally understands what being “in love” [Koi] feels like towards Yuuki. He expressed his feelings with the deepest and strongest term used. Koi is used to the person you know you’ll be spending as your life long partner with, so it’s not surprising how Hino wrote it as such that Zero would feel and express his love to Yuuki with this strong sense of love.

Anyways, I hope this extensive explanation helped you, sweetie! ^^ Again, I don’t claim to be an expert but I’m pretty sure of myself on my knowledge and facts, so, take this as you will. XD


hi!!! thank you !! i was going to try explaining this textually but i kept making lots of hand gestures & sound effects so that didnt work so here’s a visual instead !

basically heres what you should keep in mind when drawin brows

1) general shape (round, triangle, rectangle, or any combinations thereof)
2) size
3) thickness
4) placement of thickness

all i can say is to experiment with different combos & look at references of peoples eyebrows :^o

also note that like, unless your character gets their brows done all the time, there’ll probably be stray hairs and it wont be Perfect

hi. this is why i love the beatles.

A follower just asked me why I love the Beatles so much and obviously my mind exploded because my knee-jerk reaction is “BECAUSE I LOVE THEM,” which I know is not a real answer. But I actually get that question a lot, so I figured it was time to think it out. Basically my answer boils down to three different parts:

1 - I like their music.  This is the most obvious/surface level thing to like about any artist, and what people assume you mean when you say you like a musician.  I love the catchiness and innocence of their earlier music, and the raw emotion and experimental sound of their later stuff.  I like that each album is distinctive from the others and cohesive within itself, especially in the second half of their career.  Themes and consistency like that create a storyline that you can follow along, which makes you feel like you know them (Taylor Swift also does this very effectively).  Also there’s just something about “I Saw Her Standing There” that renders me incapable of stopping my body from dancing.  It’s magic.

2 - I like their fame and legacy.  The Beatles have become larger than life.  They have a legacy that will live on far beyond the people in the band ever will or did.  The Beatles as an act and as an idea have a life of their own that is almost completely separate from the confines of reality.  They affected so much - musically, socially, culturally - that the ripples from those effects are constantly growing and creating more ripples.  I’m fascinated by this because I think that all anyone wants out of life is to make something that someone will remember, or something that’s a little bit bigger than they are alone.

3 - I like the fan culture.  Although the Beatles fans of today have a completely different dynamic than the original Beatles fans, I love how uniting the love of their music is.  There are Beatles fans that are 61 and some that are 12.  There are fans from Russia, and Brazil, and Australia.  There are fans who are Christian, and Muslim, and Wiccan.  There are fans from all across the gender and sexuality spectrums.  And for whatever reason they all come here, to my blog, to look at pictures of Ringo Starr that were taken 60 years ago.  It makes no sense at all, but it’s SO COOL and I love it SO MUCH.

It’s hard to put something that you really care about into words, but I hope that this helps explain it at least a little.