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ahh yess an arranged marriage au. the typical marriage out of convenience story where wealth marries influence

this is for @hydrachea because you’ve mentioned you like takeritsu and that there isn’t enough content of it hahaha

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When you get this, answer with 5 things that make you happy. Then send it to the 10 last people in your notifications anonymously <3

Might be a bit tough, but lemme see what I can think of…

1.) Drawing what I want
2.) Looking up at the night sky and seeing stars
3.) Inspiring/motivating others and making people smile
4.) My parents and my close friends
5.) Exploring nature parks
6.) I know it says 5, but I gotta throw this in here too: BOKU NO HERO ACADEMIA

High school otp prompts

I was at a new school for one day to look at it (11th - 13th grade is not exactly high school in Germany) and saw a good looking person now I feel trolled sooooo.

Ok you showed me around on my one-day-trip here and I thought you were super nice and hot and

1.) What do you mean we’re in the same club??

2.) Wait you’re repeating a year and try to make friends with me??

3.) Why do we keep bumping into each other

4.) I’ve send you an anonymous valentines rose and him you’re standing around with it in the school yard and I kinda don’t know what to do.

5.) Why do you always catch me in awkward situations??? (E.g. dropping food, falling, not having paper on the toilet etc.)

6.) Why did the school hang up mistletoes in May and why are we standing below?

7.) Why do you randomly try to befriend me we’re not even in the same year wtf.

For the angst:

8.) Why do I always keep catching you when you’re kissing someone or making out in the hallways it hurts.

9.) Ok ok thx I understood that’s your boy/girlfriend/whateverfriend but just don’t keep telling me about what you two did ok

10.) I just found out you’re being bullied and I can’t do anything about it because I’m not your class.

Pop Stars AU facts...
  • Phichit and Yuuri team up to release Finesse (Bruno Mars + Cardi B. edition!) and the music video sends wild speculation as to whether Yuuri and Phichit are dating, because those were the rumors back when they were in 3XO, even though they never actually dated. Phichit likes to fan the fire: “Can’t two best friends just partner up to take the world back to the 90s?” And Yuuri, dressed in his Cardi-B inspired short-shorts just nods, like, “Yeah, I’m dating someone else. Didn’t ya’ll hear my rap? I said VikNik sang to me while I do my money dance…”
  • Viktor is NOT amused. He’s like, what? Chris calls him up because, “Why don’t you ever tell me things? Also, he’s adorable!” And Viktor is like, “there is nothing to tell! I’m not dating Yuuri Katsuki! But I gotta call you later because Yuuri and I are going for McDonalds fries and I have to get ready. We’re going in matching disguises through the drive thru.” – And if matching disguises through a drive thru to eat greasy fries that are 100% against BOTH their diets isn’t love, well, then Viktor’s face doesn’t deserve to be published right next to DENIAL in the dictionary. 
  • The moment Yuuri moves into Villa Vedici for superstar training, he’s ALL over VikNik’s vintage outfits. Of course, VikNik has such a HUGE closet, he has no idea because it’s so easy to lose track of one thing here or there. Yuuri grabs one of his favorites and wears it to a charity gala and the Internet explodes. Viktor is at home feeding the dogs like a good future husband manager/producer when he spits out his drink because #YuurionVogue is trending and… is that Viktor’s priceless Valentino suit?
  • Yuuri gives Viktor a good luck ring because the rings are canon and he seems so genuine and sweet, like he really, really just wants to give Viktor something pretty but “you have so many watches!” and Viktor is also kind of already in deep. 
  • Chris: “OMG you’re engaged now! OMG, you’re engaged again… I knew there’d be an Engagement #4!”
  • Viktor: “No, this is a good luck cha–oh.”
  • Chris: “You’re an idiot. Also, he’s flashing his ring on Ellen. Apparently, she’s going to be his maid of honor. They’re going to wear matching white tuxes.”

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17,25,26 loralei??? I miss her

(Send me numbers 1-97 and one of my OC’s names to ask me about them!)

Fuck, me too, my dude.

17. Do they have a best friend? If so, what makes them their best friend?

I mean, aside from her twin sister, I can’t really say Loralei has many friends. Plenty of acquaintances but… yeah.

25. What type of high schooler are they?

Average? Loralei is a smart kid, she has good grades, but she gets in trouble every now and then so it balances out.

26. Have they ever been in a physical fight before? If so, with who? Who won?

Of fucking course she’s been in a fight. She’s been in a lot of fights, with all sorts of people but guess what? She always wins. She won’t go down.

Loralei is sweet but also ruthless.

My Story

After I posted my letter about starting a new job at Dreamworks I got a lot of messages and emails from people asking if I could talk about my journey more in detail and how I got here despite going to school in Pittsburgh for psychology and almost giving up on animation halfway through college. I know that I would have appreciated reading something like this a year and a half ago so I thought I’d share my story in the hopes that it might be able to help someone who is struggling. Plus: a detailed explanation of how social media has done so much for me as an artist.

Buckle in guys. Lots of text under the cut! 

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How I imagine Faction Rallies work

Guardians, in order of appearance, belong to: @thevolcomhunter, @ask-eriss-rock, @torchhammer, Panoot (Discord), MattChap (Discord), Myself, and @remnants-ghosts

the signs dropping hints that they have a crush
  • Aries, Leo, Sagittarius: Okay there's this guy/girl that I REAALLY hate I mean I cant stand them they're always so dumb *rolls eyes*
  • Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn: You know what? *name of the crush* plays the guitar omg... I love it. He/she has received the Nobel prize once *.* I mean we haven't even met but I know that he/she loves me and our children will look so beautiful
  • Gemini/Libra/Aquarius: Can we talk
  • Okay I know that we've been best friends for years but I think I'm in love with you. Let's solve that problem
  • Cancer/Scorpio/Pisces: Im texting/I met this guy/girl and he/she's amazing. I think I found my soulmate help. *sends you their natal chart* LOOK AT OUR NATAL CHARTS, IT IS MEANT FOR US TO STAY TOGETHER FOREVER AND NEVER EVEN LOOK AT OTHER MEN AND WOMEN. we might get super possessive of each other and legit lose our minds

I brought some oranges to work yesterday but didn’t eat them so this may have happened =D

10 Letters To My Soulmate

An anonymous ask requested a soulmate-themed Drabble, here it is!

On Wednesday morning at breakfast, an owl from OSA (Owling Soulmates Anonymous) was delivered to Draco Malfoy. It read:

Dear Soulmate,

I know it might be odd that I’m contacting you now, since I’ve never tried to before, but I decided that I just have to know that you exist. Since this program started, nearly everyone I know has written to their soulmate and found something, or rather, someone, amazing. I kept wondering why you never reached out, but maybe you have never even heard of this program. I don’t know. Maybe you have heard of this program but you don’t want to know me. I just know that I’ve been through a lot through the last year, and if you’re out there somewhere feeling as broken as I do, then maybe we can help each other heal. Or something.


On Friday afternoon, while Harry and Ron were watching Flitwick put up Christmas decorations in the Great Hall, a return owl from OSA was delivered to Harry Potter. It read:

Dear Soulmate,

The reason that I have not tried to contact you is not because I don’t want to know you, but because I feel that you do not want to know me. Trust me, whoever you are, you deserve more than me. Regardless, I hope you find happiness from someone who can actually give it to you, and I wish you a Happy Christmas. That is, if you celebrate Christmas.


Draco was busying himself in his eighth year dorm on Friday night by organizing his books in alphabetical order of the author’s last name when a second owl from OSA arrived.

Dear Soulmate,

Please don’t push me away. I want to know you no matter who you are.

Also, I think it’s quite pretentious of you to assume that I deserve more than you have to offer. I could be anyone, even a mass murderer. I mean I’m not a mass murderer, but still.

And if you’re wondering, I do celebrate Christmas. I don’t have a family to share it with, but my friends are very welcoming. I like to think that if these letters work out, we could even spend Christmas together. But since you’re being so presumptuous and prat-like, I guess we won’t.


On Saturday morning, an owl tapped on Harry’s dorm window. Harry rushed to open it, and when he took the letter and sent the owl off, he saw that it was an OSA letter and his heart skipped a beat.

He looked at his roommate’s bed to see if he was still there. The bed was made and it seemed that he had left for the day, which was odd, since it was still very early, and he had been up late organizing his books. ‘Oh well,’ Harry thought, and he went ahead and read the letter.

Dear Soulmate,

I don’t see how I can be the prat when you’re the one who insulted me. And, in my opinion, it is presumptuous of you to think that while you could be a mass murderer, I could not be. Of course, like you, I only point that out for the sake of argument, and I am most certainly not a mass murderer. But I am by no means a good person. For the past six months or so I have been trying to make up for all the awful things I’ve done, yet nothing I do can erase the sins of my past. If you were to meet me, know who I am and what I’ve done, you would not want to spend Christmas with me. You’d want to get as far away from me as possible.

I’m sorry that you have no family. I don’t have a great family, but I cannot even imagine how it must feel to have none at all. I’m glad that you have good friends whom you can love and trust. If you didn’t have friends like that, I’d have to send you a puppy or some other sort of pet so that you would not be alone on Christmas.

Truly, soulmate, I want the best for you, but please don’t write to me again. I am a horrible, horrible person and you should not waste your time with me.


Draco sighed when yet another OSA owl came to him on Sunday morning in the library. He set aside the textbooks he’d been studying and prepared himself to read the message from his soulmate.

Dear Soulmate,

I believe that you’ve done terrible things. I’ve done terrible things too. I killed someone in a war and it haunts me everyday. It breaks my heart to think that you have to carry the weight of your mistakes even as you try to make up for them. All I want to do is lighten that weight and prove to you that you can be loved despite that. And I hope you know that having done horrible, horrible things does not make you a horrible, horrible person. I can tell that you have a good heart just by your statement that you would send me a puppy to keep me company on Christmas. That’s a really sweet thing to say, you know.

And if your family isn’t the best then you’re free to join my friends and I. Of course, that would mean confessing your identity, which you should only do if you’re sure that you want to meet me. Until then, I’d like it if we kept sending each other letters. Your words make me smile and make me forget about the nightmares I’ve lived through for a while.


Harry smiled when a third OSA letter arrived for him on Monday.

“Is that from them?” Hermione asked, noticing Harry’s wide smile.

Harry blushed. “Weren’t you about to go to your dorm?”

Hermione rolled her eyes, but she left the Eighth Year Common Room so Harry could read the letter in privacy.

Dear Soulmate,

I have to admit, I am surprised by you. When I used to think of who you might be, I imagined a perfect person with no flaws whatsoever. I think I like you better now that I can tell you’re a real person. You’re understanding and thoughtful and you seem loyal, but you have made mistakes too. I’m sorry that you have to suffer because of those mistakes, though.  

I agree now that we should keep sending letters. Especially since they make you smile. (Don’t let it go to your head, but your letters bring a smile to my face as well.)


Harry was just finishing up the letter with a sappy smile on his face when Draco entered the common room.

“Malfoy? You’re out late,” Harry said.

“I was in the Owlery. I had, uh, a Christmas card to send.” For some reason Malfoy was blushing. “I’ll just be heading up to our room then.” Malfoy hurried up to his and Harry’s shared room and Harry stayed in the Common Room to reread the letter a few times.

It wasn’t until later, when Harry was lying awake in bed, that he realized the implications of Malfoy being in the Owlery just before he received his soulmate’s letter. ‘Could Malfoy be my soulmate?’ Harry thought.

Draco got a reply from his soulmate sooner on Tuesday, when he was helping Goyle wrap his presents. Goyle looked over Draco’s shoulder, trying to catch sight of what the letter said. Draco pushed Goyle away with a laugh. “It’s for my eyes only, Goyle.”

Goyle shrugged and went back to work wrapping the wand case he bought for Pansy.

Draco left the room to read the letter alone, not able to keep a smile off his face.

Dear Soulmate,

I must, unfortunately, inform you that your comment about my letters making you smile did indeed go to my head and all day I have been strutting around with a proud look on my face. My friends tell me that I look ridiculous. I don’t care. I’ve been feeling happy lately, because of you, and I want everyone to know that. I, like you, have found a certain comfort in knowing that my soulmate is out there, that they’re a real person, who can be sweet and can also be a prat.

By the way, my offer to spend Christmas with you still stands. Now that we both know that we’re accepted by each other unconditionally, there should be little standing our way of being together. Of course, I will still understand if you want to remain anonymous. And I will also understand if you don’t want to be with me and would prefer to just be friends.

Anyhow, if you decide to not join me for Christmas I’ve decided that I will get you that puppy which you promised me. I don’t even know if you like dogs, but I have such good taste in pets that I am sure you’ll like the one I get you regardless. I’ll let you name him, but if I may suggest a name, Padfoot is an excellent one.


Draco’s smile stayed all day long. When he returned to his room after helping Goyle with the last of his gifts, he found Potter already inside on his bed, flipping through a gift catalog.

“What’re you smiling for?” Potter asked, smirk on his face.

“Wouldn’t you like to know,” Draco said. He tucked the letter in his bedside table drawer and hummed as he looked for a book from the uber-organized bookshelf.

Draco’s humming was so loud that he didn’t hear Potter whisper, “I think I do know.”

Harry’s reply didn’t come until Thursday, Christmas Eve.

Dear Soulmate,

I’m sorry I couldn’t respond sooner, but I’ve been busy. My roommate has been forcing me to spend time with him. We walked through the snow and went sledding (Have you ever been sledding? It’s much more fun than I thought it would be) and made Christmas cookies. I’ve never spent too much time with my roommate before, but it turns out that he’s actually fun. He and I were laughing practically the entire day. I’m only sorry that doing all that prevented me from writing to you.

Concerning Christmas, please do not send me a puppy. I’m not allowed to have one in my room, and my parents certainly would not take of it for me until I had a place of my own to keep it in. However, now that I give more thought to the idea, I suppose my roommate might help me keep the puppy a secret.

I think Padfoot is an odd, yet intriguing, name, by the way.

Happy Christmas Eve.


Harry quickly wrote out a reply and rushed to the Owlery. He wanted his letter to get to Draco before it was officially Christmas.

Draco got his new OSA letter while in the kitchen, helping the house elves prepare food for the feast tomorrow.

“Hold on, Tink, I’ve got to read this, then I’ll help you with the turkey.”

Dear Soulmate,

Your roommate sounds amazing. Like, the most awesome bloke in the world. I’ll bet he’s good looking, too. He probably has charmingly messed up black hair and enchantingly bright green eyes. Does he play Quidditch too? Perhaps he’s a Seeker. Perhaps he was even the youngest Seeker in a century. Blimey, he’s sounds so talented that I bet you never caught the Snitch before him. Luckily, I think he likes you despite your less than par Seeker skills. I think he likes you as much as I do. He probably wants to buy you a puppy and spend Christmas with you just like I do.

Now, after I’ve thought about it, I’ve realized your roommate and I are very similar. In fact, one might even say that we’re one and the same.


“Sorry, Tink, I can’t help with the turkey. I’m so sorry, but I really have to go. Good luck!”

Harry was caught off guard when, while he was pacing the floor of his dorm room, Draco walked in, his face red from running and his eyes shining with- happiness?

“Did you get-” Draco started, and then a tapping could be heard on the window.

Harry went to open the window and retrieve the OSA letter from the owl. He shut the window and went to sit on his bed as he opened and read the letter. Draco was holding his breath.

Dear Soul/Roommate,

Potter? Meet me in our room as soon as possible.

-Not So Anonymous

(P.S. I can’t wait to spend Christmas with you.)

Everything in the room was silent except for the sound of parchment sliding against parchment as Harry refolded the letter and tucked it back inside the envelope.

“So, I guess we’re-”

“Soulmates? Yeah.” Harry smiled at Draco and slowly Draco began to smile too.

Harry stood up, walked to Draco, took his hand, and said, “I hope you know I wasn’t kidding about the puppy.”

Draco laughed, as he had been expecting Harry to say something more profound, and then he was surprised again when Harry interrupted his laugh to place a kiss on his lips.

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Being Married to Shawn

  • “I love you.”
  • Shawn still taking you out on dates even thought you’re already married
  • Shawn taking you along on tour with him
  • Not having to be apart as much as you did when you were still dating
  • Waking up next to him every morning
  • Good morning kisses
  • Goodnight kisses
  • Shawn getting along with your family
  • And treating your siblings like they’re his own siblings
  • His family loving you
  • Whenever Aaliyah had a break from school
  • You’d convince Shawn to fly her out to wherever you both were
  • And you’d hang out with her and make sure she was safe
  • Shawn having meetings early on a Saturday morning
  • And you being disappointed because you like to cuddle on weekends
  • But he makes up for it by coming home at 11am with Starbucks
  • Spending long nights in the studio with him
  • Shawn surprising you with weekend getaways
  • “I love that you’re my forever.” 
  • Always being Shawn’s plus one to events
  • Getting a cat together shortly after you’re married
  • Buying Shawn clothes
  • Cooking together
  • Him knowing everything about you 
  • All the scary, hard to love, messed up stuff
  • And still loving you anyway
  • Knowing what he’s like at two am when he’s worked hard all day
  • And what he’s like at two pm on a lazy Sunday
  • Knowing everything about him
  • Choosing to love each other daily
  • Choosing to love each other through all the gritty and hard stuff
  • Knowing that ring on his ring finger is for you
  • And that whenever he sees it he thinks of you
  • Having a sign that was a wedding gift: “The Mendes Family, est. 20__”
  • Wedding pictures in your living room
  • Pictures of the two of you and your families all over your house
  • Your house full of cute decorations that Shawn let you be in charge of 
  • Playfully arguing about who’s turn it was to clean the cat’s litter box
  • Sitting on your kitchen floor eating ice cream at 2am just because
  • Literally just getting to do life with your best friend

“I’m numb and alone. What I want more than anything is to feel something and have someone. But I can’t, I’ve pushed every single person who ever cared away, to protect them from myself . I’ve isolated myself with the loneliness and with no contact to other people my feelings are none existent .”

-Excerpt from a book I’ll never write (excerptsfromstories)

Wanted (2)

Steve Harrington x Reader, Billy Hargrove x Reader

Summary: She just wants to be wanted. More specifically, she wants to be wanted by Steve… Until Billy Hargrove weasels his way into her heart.  

Warnings: language, billy’s a jerk, that’s it for noW

Word Count: 1.5k+


Originally posted by strangersthingsdaily

“Y/n, right?” Billy asks her the following morning before school starts. He’s leaning against the lockers next to hers and she’s grabbing her biology textbook. She glances at him questionably and holds the textbook to her chest. 

“Yeah, who’s askin’?” she bites back, shutting her locker.

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Originally posted by yourpinkpill

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

Themes: smut | fluff | christmas!au

Word count: 10.1k

Summary: Jungkook and I work at the Santa Village in the biggest shopping mall in the city. The job’s really shitty; nagging parents with bitchy attitude, screaming, spoiled children, and annoying Christmas songs on the loop. Only his presence is making up for all the hell I’m putting up with.

Warnings: oh boy, Bang PD dressed as Santa, and as for smut, the usual (oral giving, thigh riding, grinding, riding, etc..)


“I swear to God, I’m going to fucking lose it if I hear ’All I Want for Christmas’ one more time!” Jungkook snapped as he heard the distinctive music in the background. I couldn’t blame him, in all honesty, it began to drive me insane, too; it’s the first week of December, everyone was in that vexatious Christmas spirit way too soon! However, we weren’t in the position to complain, as we both worked at the Santa Village in the biggest shopping mall in the city.

“Yeah, it seriously plays every three songs.” I commented, as we both sat in a vacant booth, placing our trays with junk food on the table. We still had twenty minutes of our well deserved break left, and how much we wished we could escape the bustling sounds of Christmas. “’Last Christmas’ is still a blast, though.” I added, and Jungkook nodded his head, as he took off his elf’s ear and put them into his pocket.

“True, I love George Michael as much as a heterosexual man is capable of loving another man,” he agreed, and I almost choked on my coke. I understood what he meant, yet it still made me grin like an idiot. “Three more weeks, am I right?” Jungkook spoke with a deep sigh, and nodded, unwrapping my burger.

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i love matching couples // ft my soft love
.☆。• *₊°。 ✮°。.☆。• *₊°。 ✮°。.☆。• *₊°。 

the worlds biggest thank you to my angel, my pride, my joy @jenos for helping me decide which pictures to choose :’)

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Summoned to Another World Starters

From those who were summoned, to those who did the summoning, and the people in between. Great for cross overs or AUs! Feel free to adjust things as needed to fit your character’s voice. 

  • “Where… Am I?”
  • “And I dreaming?”
  • “This is a different world… Right?”
  • “Looks like I’m not in Kansas any more…”
  • “I don’t know where I am! One moment i was at ( location ) and then the next thing I know I’m here! What is going on?!”
  • “But what about my friends, my family my home?!”
  • “I want to go back! Send me home!”
  • “I’m not a hero.”
  • “This place has nothing to do with me.”
  • “Is that magic?! Real magic?!”
  • “Is this even edible…?”
  • “I don’t think you’re supposed to eat that.”
  • “I’ve never touched a weapon in my life!”
  • “I’m just an ordinary person…”
  • “Thank you! For you help that is… I’d be lost with out it.”
  • “Excuse me, can you tell me how far is it to ( city/country name )?”
  • “Wait… You mean there’s no cars? No planes? No trains?! No television?! How do you people live?!”
  • “It worked! It finally worked!”
  • “Please save us brave heroes!”
  • “Well… That wasn’t supposed to happen…”
  • “Welcome traveller to the world of ( name here )!”
  • “I’m sure you’re taken aback by your circumstances, but time is short here! We need your help!”
  • “We summoned you here using magic to save our race! Once you’ve defeated the Demon King you can return to your original world.”
  • “Your  home is here with us now.”
  • “If you’re not a hero then what are you!?”
  • “What do you mean you won’t help us?!”
  • “If my fault you’re here, so I’ll help you out until I can get you home.”
  • “I’ll do everything I can to get you back home, I promise!”
  • “We’ll teach you everything you need to know.”
  • “Are you alright?”
  • “You’re not from around here are you.”
  • “Your clothes are awfully odd…”
  • “Don’t worry, I’ve got your back.”
  • “Hmmmm, it seems like you hiding a pretty big secret but… That’s fine isn’t it? Everyone has things they don’t want to talk about.”
  • “how about this! You tell me about where you’re from, and I’ll teach you about living here. It’s a fair exchange right?”
  • “You’re from another world?!”
  • “Can you tell me what it’s like? Your homeland.”
  • “Here, use this to protect yourself.”
Re-opening Commissions! Emergency!

Hey guys. So by the middle of February 2018, I need to move.

As it turns out,  I have a new job opportunity in a different city, which I do hope I can materialize and pursue. For the same company i work in, just a different city. Obviously though, this means relocation.

As such, I am trying to gather all resources I can to help with expenses.  

As is customary here, I need to pay two months of rent in advance (1 month +1 month warranty), thus I am trying my hardest to gather up the sum I need to make the move as soon as possible. Some expenses are already covered…but not all. 

Here’s a list with my commission info:

SKETCHES 10$/character (5$ for second charcter)


FULL COLOR BUSTS 25$ / Character

FULL BODY COLOR 50$/Character

ILLUSTRATIONS 60-150$ (depending on complexity)

FANTASY PORTRAIT 80$ (portraits of yourselves,friends, characters, for which you will send me references and details about what character / fandom / style you want to be)

For anything else which is not specified here, you can always drop me an email with your info, and we will discuss it further!

As payment method, I use paypal, and I usually charge half of payment after sketch approval, and the other half upon completion.

Your characters can be from any fandom!

You can send me your details anytime at

If you could please help spread the word, I will be forever grateful, thank you so very much.

All the best,


You drafted me into a job I barely wanted, then tried to screw me?

I’d worked in the mortgage business until I burnt out, and gotten really poor. My old mentor called me with an offer I couldn’t refuse. He said, “I’ll pay you.”

I was in.

But there were some caveats. The reason I left was because no matter what went wrong in the transaction, it was always somehow my fault. If the processor or underwriter didn’t do their jobs, it was my fault. If the realtor or buyer didn’t send in documents, that was my fault. I just couldn’t be that bottleneck again, and it was agreed.

My predecessor made $2,500+ a slice of the boss’s transactions and I was promised the same… except not in writing. We were friends, so surely it would be fine, right? Yeah, not so much.

After a bunch of months I wasn’t making the $5-6k/month he normally paid, but a flat $2k, regardless of his volume or commission. One Sunday he called me on my cell to discover I was at the office finishing off all the work for the week, and he was so impressed, he promised me a raise, which I never got.

His last month at the company, he made over $50,000, and somehow I still only made $2,000… I was absolutely destitute, since I was renting a house he owned for… $2,000… literally every penny I ever earned went back into his pocket.

He was fired and the new boss asked me to stay on another month to finish out his loans. I declined. He made me a better offer, to take over his old spot with his existing clients for what he was earning, and I accepted.

They offered $2k to stay, then upped it to $8k, then paid me NOTHING for the work

A month later, when my first check was due, I came into the office to learn I was fired. Despite having a contract, they SWORE I didn’t have one, and they refused to even pay me for my last months work. Aw fuck no.

I emailed HR, they emailed me back, this went on for weeks. They SWORE I didn’t have a contract, even though I had the copy in hand. They finally offered me a final settlement of $600… yeah, can’t accept that.

I asked my mentor for help, and he repeatedly said he’d make a call and it would be taken care of. He even hired me onto the next company he worked at, but at that job he never even cut me a single paycheck. He just kept stringing me along, taking $2k/month for rent, even when he knew damn well I didn’t have it.

Lawyered up

I was in a pickle, but my sister is an attorney (not the right kind) and she recommended a guy. So I hired this exceptionally talented attorney who really, really didn’t want the case. He said he’d never take it to court, but they’d never know this, but what are my goals? I said, “to get more than $600, and make them suffer,” and he assured me that was something he could do.

The out of state bank had to hire a local attorney to fight me, and a private investigator to see if I’m some sort of asshole, but none of that worked out. In the end we settled not for $600, but $18,000, and they had to eat all the fees they’d paid to their guys. I’d talked to SIX former employees, and FIVE of them told me they’d kept their last paychecks. I wasn’t their exception, I was their rule.

But here’s where it gets pro

My old boss, who offered me $5k/month but made damn sure I’d never get paid more than $2k/month, was under investigation for homicide, and having been his assistant for a year, I was deemed important to the prosecution. That gave me protected status against retribution.

I stayed in his house rent-free for another six months until I got another job and another place to live, vacating just before his case was settled and my police protection expired.

In the end, he didn’t actually lose money, since paying me the agreed upon wage would have still been less than he lost, but it felt good.