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me and my best friend since 8th grade recently connected again when he moved back home. I went to his house to hang out and we watched horror movies in his room. we started talking about what would happen if we decided to hook up and then while I was watching the movie he leaned in and started kissing my neck and we made out. the movie was still going on but we didn't even pay attention and he ripped off my shorts and we fucked...6 times! it's still the best sex I've had.

Hi pals! 

So I’m helping out my friend who’s doing some research into different music genres for work and is currently looking at kpop! 

So if you’re into kpop would you mind sending me an ask or messenger message with the answers to these questions?

  1. How did you discover K-Pop? 
  2. Where do you listen/watch K-Pop? 
  3. What is it about K-Pop that you love? 
  4. Who is your favourite artist? 
  5. Who is the best new artist? 
  6. Where do you find out about the latest K-Pop news and artists? 
  7. What other genres of music do you like?  
  8. When are you most likely to listen to K-pop? 

Would you also mind reblogging this so I can get more responses? 

Thank you so much friends it means the world!

You Belong With Me (Shawn Mendes Imagine)

requested: yes

summary: you are Shawn’s long-time best friend and you have feelings for him that he just doesn’t seem to notice, and now he’s dating someone else.

pairing: reader x Shawn

a/n: tell me what you think! requests are open at the moment, but you can always feel free to talk to me about shawn/send blurb prompts :) 

He’s really doing this again. 

You sigh and flop back on your best friend’s bed as he’s speaking to his on-again/off-again girlfriend over the phone. Shawn asked you to come over to hang out tonight, claiming that you two “haven’t really spent time together” since he got back together with whatshername. You acted shocked when he told you this, but held in the back of your mind that it was because she always got dragged in the middle of your time with Shawn. Tonight wasn’t any different. 

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Question for Kaito: Do you ever get overwhelmed by the amount of people who comment, send questions, and etc? I would imagine that as a popular blog it can sometimes be stressful.

A bit… maybe because I have three blogs and I can’t manage them all at the same time xD I try my best, but alas… with real life, bad home internet, exams coming and this hip pain that won’t go away, my mom sick, a friend’s birthday coming up… I might be getting a little bit stressed out.

Oh, ranting moment. I specially stress out when I see loads of people asking me what could be easily found in my FAQ, they ask it over and over again, help.

A List of Future Endeavors!

Hahahahaha- I don’t know why I keep doing this to myself. I have so much real world stuff to handle, but I also want to do a lot of art and fandom stuff. Just to help me keep track and give you, my beautiful followers and friends, an idea of what is to come, here’s a list~ 

 (1) More String Cup icons! (´∇ノ`*)ノSeries that I know I’m doing are Yuri on Ice!!!, Stardew Valley, Soul Eater and Hero Academia. Ones that are still up in the air include Love Live, Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid, and the Tales of series

(2) Mystic Messenger English Voice Actor Choices. I’m a slut for dubbed anime and even more so for dubbed voice actors (send your “EW DUB” and “YOU’RE NOT WATCHING ANIME RIGHT” complaints to And I’ve always been curious what the MysMes cast would sound like in English.

 So I’ve been listening attentively and making lists of the best VAs for the main members + V, Unknown, and Rika. It’ll take a bit because I also have to gather voice clips, but I’m really looking forward to posting this one. 

(3) Jumin and my Custom MC stuff. Given how much I draw him (which is like three times, all Chibi, not counting Juminyan), most won’t guess Jumin is actually my second fave. Hehe. It’s his hair man. But I have so many ideas for him and his MC that need to be done. Expect a similar comic setup like I did with Zen and his MC. And expect all four of them to appear together. A lot. 

(4) Zen dress up. Literally, just me drawing Zen dressed up as my favorite characters from other games and anime. Why? Because I need to practice drawing clothes. And I’m Zen’s bitch now. I can’t stop drawing him. It’s a curse. SAVE ME. 

(5) YooSeven and ZenxMC AU. This one is tricky because I’m still working out the story in my head. But basically I’ve had this AU in the works where both MC and 707 are stuck in the 11-day loop and are aware of it and retain memories after every reset. Deep down they know the only way to stop it is for the two of them to “end up together” because the “game” they’re in dictates they SHOULD be together. But they’re both in love with other people, and as long as they keep pursuing that love they will always reset. I doubt I will go further with the idea past a comic or two (I stopped posting fanfiction years ago), but I really wanted to get this idea out there. 

That’s basically it. Short but heavy. I’m still doing the challenges you all have sent me, as well. I just take long to answer them because I tend to ramble or be a perfectionist with each request (;☉_☉)

 And of course, I’m doing something for Zen’s birthday. Can’t let a holiday go to waste now can I? 

Anyway- if you managed to get this far, thank you for reading! Hopefully you’re looking forward to the final products as much as I’m looking forward to finishing them (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

Im officially done. No, im not gonna stop the ask blog, but ive been getting a lot of hate recently because of how my art looks. I get two forms of messages:“your art is crap” or “ you are such an ass kisser to other blogs” First of all, im aware im not the best artist and im not very happy with my art right now thanks for noticing. Second, what??? Because I leave nice messages for my friends?? I really just wanna support them as much as I can, im not trying to be an ass kisser but if thats how you see me fine, thats your veiwpoint. Please stop wasting your time sending me these types of things, im already dealing with family issues and stress, too mucb stress. So please,,,,,just stop

Good night, guys.

After this I’m not responding to anymore messages for awhile. I love the support we’ve been getting but I’m going to pull away from here for a bit.

I’ll keep in touch with some of you through messages in the chat. And anyone who wants to talk there is more than welcome to send me stuff!

And I’ll post an update after our vet appointment on Friday.

All I want out of this is for Opal to be okay. No matter what we end up having to do, Opal is my number one priority. I know she deserves more than I have ever been able to give her but I love her so, so much. And I will keep working my ass off to be better for her.

Good night, friends. I’ll be back soon. Keep the good vibes flowing for my fluffy mutt.

Welcome new followers

I don’t really understand why you’re here lol but I’m very very very very HAPPY that you are *^*
I can’t thank you enough and I hope you like what you see in my blog :3

I’m close to 1500 followers, so I’m thinking that I could do something to celebrate!! any ideas??!! please help me :D

And as always, don’t be shy, feel free to send me an ask or a message, I always love to make new friends ^^

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What is 'queerplatonic' and what it means and how it's different from friends?

…I’ll be honest, I’m a little confused as to why you’re sending this to me, as I don’t think I’ve used this term at all recently (or ever). But to my understanding, it’s a term used in aromantic communities (and possibly ace ones too?) to describe a kind of relationship that involves a significant degree of commitment (usually more than is culturally considered normal for a friendship), but isn’t romantic - the participants do not consider themselves to be “in love” or romantically attracted to each other. 

As to how it’s different from friendship - I would say it’s at the discretion of people using it to define that. Friendship is a fluid category that allows for all sorts of levels of closeness, so I wouldn’t say that there’s anything inherent about a qpr that’s different from friendship. It usually seems to involve a certain level of emotional closeness that is more than we expect out of friendship, but I would say that when it’s defined in contrast to friendship, it’s for personal reasons among those using it, and that they have feelings towards their friends that differ from the feelings they have for their qpp(s). Like, with me, I have friends that I feel significantly more intimacy with, and want to be closer to, and others with whom my interactions feel more casual, and I’m content to keep them that way. 

To be clear, I’m not a fan of using this terminology for any of my relationships, whether current or desired, because I don’t personally enjoy categorizing my relationships in such a manner, and I don’t like the way the term is treated in certain aro communities as a universal experience among aro people, or something to “replace” romance with. But I’m sure it’s a useful term for those who use it. 

(When I do draw on this kind of concept for shipping purposes, I sometimes use “quasiplatonic” instead of “queerplatonic”, because I feel that that covers the kind of nebulous emotion and attraction that governs a lot of my ships better. But even those I don’t conceptualize in the same way that people seem to conceptualize their queerplatonic partnerships. 

that-meiko-girl replied to your post Let’s play sheith AU game again. Send me your AUs…

Superhero au? pretty woman au? ~~

I say, why not both? 

“What have you done?!” Keith yelled at the prostitute who just happened to caught the villain whom Keith was fighting. 

“I guess I just caught the criminal.” The man looked at the villain who hasn’t placed any resistance and back at the hero, “You are Red Lion, the superhero! Oh man, I’ve already heard about you! I think you’re cool. My name is Takashi Shirogane, but friends and cool heroes can call me Shiro.” The prostitute smiled.

“Well, yeah…” Keith cleared his throat, “thanks for… that.” he waved his hand at Lotor. 

“He doesn’t seem to be a dangerous one.” Shiro looked at the villain again. When their gazes met, Lotor smirked. 

“He’s not too smart but he’s crazy, and that’s enough for him to be dangerous.”

“Please, I’m as smart as I’m beautiful.” Lotor brushed off his shoulders. 

“That explains why a prostitute was able to catch you.” Keith rolled his eyes. 

“A hot prostitute, how much for an hour?”

“Sorry I don’t sleep with the enemies of Red Lion.”

“Rude,” Lotor pouted, leaving Keith to use handcuffs around his wrists, “careful, my skin is delicate.”

“Your whole existence is delicate.” Keith sighed annoyed. 

“Uhm, Red Lion?” Shiro smiled, his cheek rosy red, “could you give me an autograph?" 

"I have something better for you,” Keith chuckled, “what about a job where you have to show your legs only to me?" 

"Awkward!” Lotor whined, “cliché." 

"I’m in,” Shiro nodded with a smile. 

“He’s in Keith! He’s all the way in Red Lion!” Lotor laughed, “Oh my god.”

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Hey, I'm Dean. I'm a single dad who adores my kid to bits. Wincest and J2 are my life but other ships are pretty damn cool. I kind of have a twisted mind, but that's okay, there's like-minded people here. I'm a dorky short dude who shouldn't do things like ask friends what SPN quotes they associate with me, because I get shit like "I'm going to send Death a fruit basket". I'm cool with helping people out with writing and with life. I write most things, because why not? (pretending to be you)

Actually - you know this pretty much sums me up. You did forget that I’m also a passive-aggressive asshole who likes making it hurt when someone fucks with me or my friends, but everything else is spot on lol.


Hey friends, it’s Meg!

A really late TUTOR TUESDAY on antlers which ARE NOT horns, so ya’ll can stop razzin’ me about not putting them on last weeks tutorial! If you have any tutorial recs send ‘em in here or my personal! Keep practicing, have fun, and I’ll see you next week!

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💌: I have a romantic crush on you.

Dorky Otp Prompts

‘I caught you dramatically singing to your cat that laid on you stomach and it was honestly the cutest thing I’ve ever seen’

‘I saw you rollerskating and I thought ‘that person is cool’ but then you crashed jesus are you okay’

’I found you in the kitchen at 3 AM taking apart our cabinets with a crazed look in your eye ‘cause apparently you thought you heard a mouse are you insane what was tHAT’

‘You made a ‘pun jar’ it’s like a swear jar except every time i make a bad pun i have to put in a dollar looks like we almost have enough for a new aPUNment-fine ill put another one in’

‘I work at a pet shop and everyday you come in on your way to work and pet every single animal here you are the purest soul™ I’m so in love’

'Me and my friends are such memey shits and they made me send you one of those 'send your crush without context’ thing problem is you don’t use the internet much and don’t understand and I’m so embarrassed’

'Our parents work for rival companies and they don’t know we’re friends well my dad pissed me off the other night wanna pretend we’re dating and do like cute stuff in front of him to get on his nerve?’

'We’re at a karaoke bar and you went up as a joke but the lights are hitting you so perfectly and your voice is so angelic and wow I think I’m in love.’

'You had this giant ass ice cream but you were so excited that you dropped it and I’ve never seen a sadder person in my life please let me just buy you a new one’

'We keep awkwardly running into each other and people have started to ship us and I kinda like you ahaha oh god I need to stop blushing’

How You Interact: Dark-Side Friends

Since you guys liked my last “How you interact” post, I feel like I should make another. I wanted to do one for Antisepticeye and Darkiplier since I very rarely see posts for these awesome characters. 
These head-canons are what I think Dark and Anti would be like as a friend. 
Hope you guys enjoy!!

Originally posted by boopymooplier


  • My God, you’ll never live peacefully again! Not that it’s a bad thing, but Anti loves to mess with you. 
  • Small pranks that involve misplaced objects. Bookmarks placed three pages back. Occasionally he’ll make your phone screen all static-y just because you’re ignoring him. 
  • He likes making your mornings just that little more crazy
    Late for work? It appears your car-keys have disappeared
    Rough night out? He’ll be nice and make you a coffee, with two spoonfuls of salt to make sure you get your sodium intake today. 
  • Anti finds your panicked/angry rants amusing. 
  • But you get him back. He doesn’t like being called by cute nicknames. 
  • “Aww, Green-Bean, don’t be so mean. I’m only trying to help” 
    “I will destroy everything you love, (Y/N)”
  • Anti likes to be the center of attention. If you’re working or studying, Anti will try his best to distract you.
    At first, it’ll be small things. Like calling out your name in a whiny, jittering voice, balls of paper being thrown at you. Sometimes he’ll mess with your sense of perception so you have to acknowledge him to tell him off.
  • You simply try to ignore him. It became a game between the two of you to see how long you can last. 
  • The record was ten minutes; but you had to stop since Anti started messing with your electronics. Flickering the lights and making you see double of everything and a loud buzzing sound almost burst your ear-drums. 
  • It gave you a migraine for the rest of the day.
  • Although Anti isn’t the affectionate type; he does small things that brighten your day. 
  • A single flower will appear on your desk. 
  • A batch of cookies with milk. 
  • Even little notes around the house in green writing.
  • When you ask him about it, he just shrugs. 
  • “Maybe a little ghost is playing tricks on you”
  • He’ll try to distract you with video games. You absolutely refuse to let him win at Mario Cart because you don’t want to see his cocky grin. 
  • Competitions between you are dangerous.
  • Lamps are smashed and the walls shake from you two yelling at each other. It’s surprisingly relaxing to come home and yell at something.
  • On really bad days, Anti will appear and disappear on your computer screen. Flashing a smile and making weird faces at you until you give up and allow yourself to laugh. 
  • “Anti, your blocking the screen” 
  • “P-Play with me, (Y/N). I’m bor-r-ed” 
  • On rainy days, when your marathoning a series, Anti will be in the background of the show; waving or dancing ridiculously. 
  • At serious scenes; he can usually be seen making outrageous faces at the actors. You can’t help but laugh,
  • Although you try to hate him, you can’t help but adore Anti. It’s a tiring and irritating friendship but you wouldn’t want anything to be different between the two of you.  

Originally posted by bekadmfb


  • I hope you like a friendship with a lot of flirting. Even though you two aren’t sexual towards each other, it doesn’t stop Dark from winking and speaking seductively towards you.
  • This makes people mistake you two as a couple. You don’t really complain, but sometimes Dark makes it difficult to make new friends. 
  • “You don’t need them, (Y/N). I’m all you need”
    “That would be true, if you could hold a decent conversation that wasn’t always about you” 
  • Dark likes to insult you. But you can see the hint of a smile whenever he says something. 
  • You throw it back at him with as much sarcasm as you can muster. He likes your sass. It challenges him to be on his game when he’s around you. 
  • You’ve witnessed his outbursts personally. But even though Dark has said some violent, horrible things about Mark; Dark is rather placid when you’re around him. 
  • He’s been pushed back and ignored for long periods of time, he likes to be around someone who acknowledges him. He doesn’t want his anger to frighten you away, but sometimes you do get caught in these outbursts. 
  • You wait patiently until he’s calmed down. Then make a little comment on the way his head jerks around. 
  • “So, do you get whiplash? Or are you like an owl under that suit?” 
    “Ask nicely and I’ll show you.”
  • Although he wouldn’t apologize, he is grateful you don’t ask about his behavior. Saves him from having to explain himself to a incompetent fool. ;) 
  • He also likes to play games. Sometimes you don’t even realise you’re part of one until you find yourself in another dimension because you took a wrong turn. 
  • “Tsk, tsk. You should have taken a left, (Y/N). Now you have to try and escape the Third Circle of Hell to return to the bathroom.”
    “If you don’t send me back right now, I’ll show you all Nine Circles of Hell!” 
  • He’s rather affectionate towards you. He’ll give your hand a squeeze as he passes.
    If you’re feeling uncomfortable in a public place, Dark will come up behind you and place his hand on the small of your back.
  • But previous mistakes have taught you that this attention has a price. 
  • He’d never ask anything big of you. Usually he’ll ask you to drive him somewhere, or accompany him to a certain location. Sometimes you “treat” him to dinner on Tuesdays.
  • But you are still very careful of what you ask of Dark. He remembers even the smallest favors. 
  • There are times, however, where he does nice things out of nowhere. 
  • You had a bad day during a work-week and you crumpled under the pressure. Dark found you in a sobbing heap on your bed and sat beside you. His hand gripped your own and he consoled you through the tears. 
  • Once your tears were dried up, he ran you a bath and almost drowned you in rose scented bubbles. 
  • It had been a shock to you. But a nice shock.
  • In the middle of the night, while you’re walking through the house to get a glass of water. You sometimes find a glass of cool water waiting for you in the hallway. 
  • You mumble a thanks to the shadows and stumble back to bed. 
  • Sometimes you feel the blankets pull up under your chin on cold nights. 
  • Other times, Dark will wake you in the early hours of the morning because he was lacking intelligent conversation.
  • Dark also likes to give you nicknames. 
  • They’re small and almost demeaning, but you don’t really mind. It’s better than fool or imbecile. (A name a certain family member is called frequently)
  • “Kitten, have you seen my tie?”
    “You’re wearing it, Dark. Are you blind as well as emotionless?” 
  • It’s a weird friendship. One people would first look at and question. But the two of you have many fond memories and the laughter you two share are contagious. It’ll be hard to tear the two of you apart. 

I hope you guys enjoyed this!

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