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Take Me To Church, Chapter Three

Bellamy Blake made his choice two years ago, but a new friend makes him question if the church is really the place he’s meant to be.  Rated M, chapter 3/6).  Chapter One, Chapter Two.

Note: We’re past the mentions of suicide and violence now, but this is where the story starts to earn that M rating in earnest.  

Bellamy was eating with Kane on Sunday evening when his phone buzzed with a text from Clarke.  <Tomorrow, 7am?> was all it said and he didn’t even realize he was smiling until Kane commented on it.

“Good news?” Kane asked, taking a sip of water.

“What?  Oh, uh, yeah.  My friend from earlier in the week–she’s feeling better, is all.”

“She?” Kane arched an eyebrow.

“Yeah.  We’re running partners, but…well, this week was the anniversary of when she lost her ex-boyfriend.  She was in rough shape for a little bit.”

“I’m glad she’s doing better.”  Kane leaned back from the table and surveyed Bellamy.  “Is there anything we need to talk about?”

“No,” Bellamy said a little too quickly.  “She’s a friend.  We’re allowed female friends, right?”

“We are.  There’s no harm in that.  I just wanted to be sure.  Temptation can spring up on us sometimes, so being vigilant is…wise.”

“I understand,” Bellamy replied, keeping his eyes averted.  That wasn’t a conversation he felt like having.  He didn’t want to look at his friendship with Clarke too closely, afraid of what he would find.

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The Next Chapeter #8 - MMFD Fanfic

Two chapters in one day say what?! haha I’m exhausted and I’ve got to work at 7am. Hope you all enjoy. I can’t wait for the next chapter! Writing this has been so therapeutic. Thanks for reading :) Oh and please forgive any errors as I didn’t have much time to proofread.

Before Rae left the house, she phoned Chloe to fill her in on last night. She left out a lot of the personal details, but Chloe was glad that Rae and Finn had worked it out.

They made plans for Rae to pick Chloe up, so they could spend a few hours looking for a rental spot and catching up. Rae also told her about the house, which Chloe couldn’t be more excited about!

“Ahhh,” Chloe squealed in delight “I can’t believe we are going to live together, just like we wanted to when we were kids.” She pulled Rae in for a hug, causing her to almost swerve the car into a mail box.

“Chlo, you’re gonna make me crash,“ Rae laughed. "I’m very excited too” she confessed.

Rae had put on makeup to cover her hickeys, but in true Chloe fashion, she noticed them right away. “Looks like you two had a fun night” she teased begging for details.

“Let’s just say, no other guy can hold a candle to him and I came more times last night then the whole time I was with Mark” she exclaimed. “I am going to kill him for these hickey’s when I see him next, they look horrible”

They cruised for a few hours, stopping into a few places, with for rent signs in the window. All the places they looked at were either, too small, too expensive, or didn’t have a workable floor plan required by Raven. She felt a bit dejected, but promised herself to not give up her hope too soon.

After getting gas, Rae pulled up outside Chloe’s house to drop her back off. Thirty minutes to Finn.

“My Mum said they were going to pack today and that they should be ready to lug all their things to the Inn tomorrow. Fancy, packing tonight and moving your things in tomorrow? Then we could have a flat warming party on sunday, if ya want?”

“Oh Rae, that sounds perfect. I’ll pack my things up right now then.” Chloe beamed climbing out of the car, and leaning back down into the window. “What kind of furniture should I bring?”

“Well, the inn is furnished, so my Mum says they will leave everything at the house, aside from their clothes and stuff. I don’t think you will be needing anything, not even your bed.” after a moments pause Rae added, “I would probably bring some sheets though, because you will be sleeping in my Mum and Kareems bed…” she shuttered at the thought. Parent sex is so gross.

“Good thinking,” Chloe said scrunching up her nose in disgust. “Okay babe, I’ll see you at the swan tonight?”

“I don’t know, I’ll talk to Finn and see what he says. We’re going to visit his dad at four. I’ll ring you after okay?”

“Okay” Chloe skipped off and Rae smiled. So far, coming home had been the best idea she’s ever had. Twenty minutes to Finn. Just enough time for Rae to stop off the market and grab his dads favorite chocolates.

Walking through the store, Rae grabbed the chocolates, a bottle of champagne because she felt in the mood, and as an after thought a pack of tampons and some deodorant. She had left a lot of her things back in London seeing as she would be traveling there in a few weeks time to go over the proposals with Raven.

Five minutes to Finn, she thought looking at the time when she turned on the car. Perfect. The shop was only a few blocks away which would make her right on time. She couldn’t help the huge smile she had, just thinking about him. She hoped he had a good day and that he was in a good mood when she got there. She was so excited to tell him all about Chloe moving in.

She pulled up out front just as he was closing up. She couldn’t see the muscles in his back or shoulders as he pulled down the large heavy door, but she knew they were there. She was instantly wet thinking of the scratches and marks she had left on them last night and this morning in the shower. She wished he would take off the flannel and under shirt so she could examine them again. Just knowing she had left marks on his skin, made her feel a little bit guilty for being so mad that he had also left some on her. Maybe if she could convince him to walk around shirtless, so everyone could see she had also marked him, she would forgive him.

As appealing as the though was, truth be told, she didn’t want anyone else to see them. She wanted those marks to be between them. People may look or stare, but what the two of them shared would always be enough for her. The sound of the car door opening pulled her from her thoughts.

“God I missed you,” he beamed grabbing her face and pulling her to him. She was so far gone in his kiss, that she forgot she was supposed to be mad at him. It wasn’t until he let her go and leaned back in his seat, that the fog in her brain cleared and she smacked him on the chest.

“Oh, girl what was that for?” holding his chest a bemused smile on his face that told her, he knew exactly what it was for.

“What am I going to do with you?” she chuckled, “I can’t even be mad when you have that silly grin on your face.”

“It was an accident, honest. It wasn’t entirely my fault, as I believe it was you who turned me into a sex crazed maniac last night,” he shyly said not meeting her eyes. He may always get a bit shy when saying things, but the fact that he said them at all was a big change from how he had been last year. He never had any problem showing her how he felt, but words were a different story.

A sense of pride filled her. She had really shocked him and brought him to life last night. He could barely breath at times. “You could have at least warned me this morning, instead of distracting me so I didn’t even look in the mirror” she chastised with a bit of humor in her voice. She had to hand it to him, she had been so lost in his touch and his kiss that she didn’t even think to look in the damn mirror.

“I just didn’t want to ruin your good mood.” he confessed to the crime. Looking at her and pushing her hair aside. “I think they look really hot, actually” he whispered running a few kisses along her neck.

“My mum didn’t think so,” she laughingly joked telling him the story about how she found out.

They had been sat at his dad’s house for about ten minutes finishing up their stories about how their day went. He had been helping a close friend fix up an old classic car for most the day, which he said made the time fly. Finn was good at almost everything he did, but when it came to music, football and cars, you couldn’t find someone better than him.

She had told him all about her Mums offer, and the plans to move Chloe in tomorrow. She even told him about the comment she had made regarding Finn moving in as well.

“She really said that,” he sounded shocked.

“Yes she did. She also mentioned how you had called her quite a bit when I was gone.” she teased him lovingly, not realizing until that moment how much that fact touched her heart.

“I was just worried about you,” he shrugged thinking she were taking the piss.
She grabbed his face, locking her lips with his. The kiss was simple and sweet and she released him all too soon “It means the world” she said climbing out of the car.

He followed, pulling her hand into his and they knocked on the door. After a moment with no answer, he pulled out a key and inserted it into the lock.

“Dad, you here?” he shouted pushing the door open. They both jumped when they heard a large bang up stairs. Finn released her hand and they both bounded up the stairs toward his dads room throwing open the door.

What they saw will forever be burned into Rae’s mind. There in the middle of the floor was Finn’s dad, naked and covered in sweat. His stark naked lady friend, who also happened to be Mrs. Dewhust, was also on the floor reaching desperately for a sheet.

“Get out, get out” she screamed to an already retreating Rae and Finn.

“Oh my god, oh my God” he cried, his hands over his mouth, as he led her into his old room. 

Finn looked mortified, but Rae couldn’t help but laugh. She laughed until she heard the front door close and saw Mr. Nelson and Mrs. Dewhurst climb into a car together and drive off.

“The coast is clear Finn, their gone.” Rae walked over to the bed where Finn was sitting with his head in his hands.“Oh come on” she nudged him with her shoulder “At least your dad seems to be doing well.”

“Not well enough to come back to work, but well enough to fuck apparently.” he scoffed.

“Give him a break Finn, maybe he’s just starting to feel better, get his groove back, ya know.”

“No, I don’t want to know. That was horrific.” he shuddered.

“Remember that time he walked in on us last year?” Rae blushed at the memory “Maybe he was just paying us back”

“You wouldn’t talk to him for weeks,” Finn laughed starting to relax.

“Yeah, I doubt I’ll ever be able to look him in the eyes now.” she shrugged taking a look around the room. Nothing had changed since Finn had moved out into his new flat. She stood up from the bed and walked over to the dresser where she still had photos of the gang above his bed. “I always thought it was sweet how you hung photos of us all up.”

His arms wrapped around her from behind, his lips on her neck. “If I didn’t think it’d scare you off, they would have all been of you.” he sweetly whispered in her ear. “God, I’ve though of nothing but being inside you all day”

“Chloe want’s us to all meet up at the swan tonight” she told him as he nipped at her ear.

“And what do you want Rae?” he seductively asked, his mouth right at her ear.

A shiver ran up her body and her eyes closed. She placed her finger on his joined hands in front of her and quickly wrote ‘Y-O-U’ and with that he spun her around. He bit her button lip, sucking it into his mouth, his hands pulling at her clothes. The need was almost too much for her to bare. She had thought of nothing but him all day.

“Fuck me hard Finn,” she ordered as he pushed her down face first onto the bed. Without warning he entered her so fast and deep that she couldn’t muffle the scream that tore from her throat. There is something to be said about making love and there is something to be said about fucking. Finn nelson was the king of both.

Grabbing her hair, he pounded into her never skipping a beat and before she knew it, she was cumming, her hands gripping the sheets. His release wasn’t far behind as he finished pulling out of her quickly trying to catch his breath. She crumbled to the bed, her entire body shaking. She had nearly forgotten what that had felt like.

“That’s the third time now, we’ve done this without a condom, please tell me you’re on the pill.” he said breaking the spell he had just put her in. 

“Yeah, I am.” She snapped annoyed that he sounded so accusatory towards her. “I’m glad your waiting until we’ve had sex so many times before asking me though.” she quipped.

“It’s not like you gave me much of a chance to wear one last night or this morning and I don’t have any here. I’m just making sure.” he challenged.

Not wanting to start an argument, Rae excused herself to the bathroom after grabbing her clothes. Her after sex glow had faded and she did the best she could, to straighten out her hair. Finn had always worn a condom when they had sex and even after she had started the pill, he had still insisted on wearing one just to be safe. She didn’t mind at all that he was overly cautious about it, but placing the blame really wasn’t his style.

She had to let it go. It didn’t really matter. She was on the pill and the next time they had sex, she would ask him if he wanted to wear one. Something about losing control felt really good, but it wasn’t worth Finn being upset about it at all.
“You almost done, I gotta piss” he asked knocking on the door.

Rae opened the door attempting to slide past Finn, when he stopped her. “I didn’t mean to accuse you of anything babe, I just…I’m not used being so careless. It’s not anyone’s fault, especially not yours.”

“I wasn’t even thinking about it to be honest, but don’t worry we’re covered.” she leaned over for a kiss.

He briefly kissed her back before walking into the bathroom and shutting the door. Rae went right to her purse and pulled out her birth control pack. It was Friday and she started shitting bricks when she realized she hadn’t taken her pills since Tuesday. With the stress of the move, she must have forgot.

She only took the damn things because they helped regulate her naturally abnormal periods, but she usually didn’t forget. She popped today’s in her mouth and threw the pack back into her bag.

She should be fine. It was only a couple of days and Finn had just pulled out. Putting her worry aside, she just started lacing up her shoes when he came back.

“So we’re going to the swan?” he questioned looking in the closet for a clean shirt. “Hopefully I have a shirt in here somewhere otherwise I’ll need to stop at mine first.”

He sounded a bit detached, but Rae decided not to read into it. “I’m gonna phone Chloe and let her know we’ll be headed out soon” she said picking up the phone.

“Ask her if we can meet at the chippy instead, I’m craving a burger.” he stated over his shoulder, still digging for a shirt. “My damn dad moved all his old clothes in here and I don’t know, he might have thrown…oh here it is.” he said triumphantly pulling his old Oasis shirt off the rack.

Rae laughed as she realized it was the one that Chop had got them all, the week they we’re supposed to go to Knebworth. It was also the identical match to the one she was currently wearing. Chloe answered the phone just then.

'Hey Chloe, Finn wants to go to the Chippy because he’s hungry, can we meet there instead?’

'Yeah, no worries we’ll meet you there at half passed five.’

'Okay, uh huh.’

'No we did not thank you very much, how would you even know what my sex voice sounds like?’

'Yes, he is in fact in trouble for leaving these marks on my neck’.

’ Okay, I’ll tell him.’

'Love you too babe,Bye’

Finn was looking at Rae with a large smile on his face, looking delicious in his newly found Oasis shirt.

“So, I’m in trouble am I?” he asked crossing the room to her and pushing her back onto the bed.

“I told her earlier that I was rightly pissed, and I don’t want her to think I let you off the hook so easy, or I’ll never hear the end of it.” she explained.

“What’s wrong with accepting a heart felt apology from your man?” he asked wrapping her legs about his waist and leaning his body over hers.

“Is that what you are Finn, my man?” She asked shyly, not having had the official talk.

Before he could answer he was kissing her, his hands diving under her shirt, to cup her breasts.

“We’ve got to leave in fifteen minutes Finn, Chloe will be mad if we’re late.” she spoke against his lips.

“I’ll be quick he said unbuckling his pants, already ready for another round. She might not even be able to walk after, but she couldn’t even think of turning him down.

"Okay, but if Chloe asks me, I’m telling her you jumped me.” she giggled as he nipped on her ear.

“Fine by me” he replied and for the third time today, she lost herself in the man she loved.

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