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No, I will find him! Shiro is the only person who didn’t give up on me… I won’t give up on him.

heith week day 6: colors
strange nature, to feel your tether… we could coexist - x

the fic i wrote (rated mature) 

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it’s been…………………..84 years………….

me, talking on the phone: y’know, i always joke around wondering what might happen if klance was actually gonna be canon, and laugh it off because there’s no way, but just- hold on, here, listen to this- just- listen!! lance is so sincere and the first one to comfort keith, and he does it so well, especially if they’re “rivals”, y’know? i really think klance is gonna be canon. this is the perfect set up for it, and i can feel it. what do you think?

911 operator on the other line: ma’am,


uhhh i have no excuse for this….. (phone doodle)


hero!Hitoshi and villain!Izuku showdown! which one of them would be saying that, i wonder…

my kinda prediction for @okieclover‘s fic, Enigma’s Box, which just happened to become partly canon in the most recent chap yay!

The other day at work I had a fic/prompt idea pop into my head for like no reason. (Seriously do not ask me where in the world this came from, because I have no clue)  

It was of a Used Car Salesman!Nick AU.  And I have decided to walk to you about it.

Basically it’s an AU where Nick is a Used Car Salesman.  He works at a used car lot and sells cars.  Most mammals think he’s like really sleezy and ripping them off in some way, as he is a fox selling used cars.  Only Nick is literally the only good salesman where he works.  (Well, mostily it’s just his jerk boss and crap policies other salesmammals follow to keep working there)  Not only does he get mammals really, really fantastic deals on cars, but they super good quality, because Nick is a like that.  His boss semi hates him, but he can’t fire him because the fox is his best sales man and suck.  Basically it’s just Nick selling cars…and like Judy shows up to buy a car…