this is what liberals actually believe

You guys didn't freaking care.

When a black lives matter leader called white people subhuman, you guys didn’t care.

When black lives matter tears apart cities, disrupts rallies, and kills cops, you guys didn’t care.

When 4 black kids tortured a white disabled boy and authorities didn’t label it a hate crime at first, you guys didn’t care.

When muslims target and kill Christians all over the world, you guys don’t care.

When the shooting that put Steve Scalise in the hospital took place, you guys didn’t care.

When BLM called for the killing of cops and white people, you guys didn’t care.

When muslims commit an act of terrorism, you guys struggle to call it that for fear of being islamophobic.

Today, what happened in Virginia was a terrible thing and shouldn’t have happened and I hope everyone got punished accordingly.

But if the things I posted above don’t bother you just as much as this, then I don’t believe for a second you actually care. I believe that you just want to find reasons to hate trump supporters.

Like G-d………y'all will cry over brokeback mountain but y'all will sit and make stupid mocking elitist comments @ men who actually live those realities and are brought up since birth to believe that desire for men is unnatural and disgusting and work it out in ways that aren’t fun liberal gay stereotypes.

Like y'all do not care about rural folks a bit and you couch it in these ugly classist ideals that say no one who lives out in the country knows what’s good for them and that’s what drives country folks deeper into the arms of conservatism and those types of harmful ideals, because those groups are accepting of them and don’t call them stupid every ten g-ddamn minutes. Y'all don’t realize that oppressed groups live out here too and are having to figure out our own ways to make it work

Words by Hiba Krisht. Hiba is Lebanese and Palestinian, as well as a scholar and brilliant writer, so when she talks about Palestinian welfare and discourse about Palestine, everyone should listen.

“I’m at the point where I can’t see how focus on the Israel Palestine question re: Chicago Dyke March is anything other than derailment.
I’d also like to say that perception that pro-Palestine sentiment here is being silenced *as a general trend* very much does not sit well with me because I believe the silencing to be happening the other way around, and think this is in fact a longstanding destructive feature of discourse surrounding the Palestinian cause. Also, I believe most of those engaging in defense of a pro-Palestinian liberation stance right now mean well but do not understand how much its framing decenters actual Palestinian welfare.

I will elaborate on both counts. I’m agitated from all sides about this and I can’t do brevity so bear with me I guess.

First, the derailment. It’s of particularly troubling sort because it falls into a larger pattern of whataboutism where what *should be* a case of clearcut antisemitism cannot ever be identified and unilaterally condemned by the left without also being hashed and rehashed in exculpatory ways "because Israel.”

This is ESPECIALLY troubling when:
- There is a persistent phenomenon that’s almost like a lefty inversion of the concept Israeli exceptionalism. Like a reverse- exceptionalism, whereby discussion of Israel’s transgressions are held to singular standards of scrutiny to the exception of other nations/populations with comparable and/or far more deplorable histories and actions and crises. And in that I am including all the unspeakable injustice and destruction the larger MENA region has wrought to Palestinians, and how accountability seems no concern there, in part *because* of eternal return to obsessive, unilateral focus on Israel as the central Palestinian issue.

- Cases of anti Muslim bigotry aren’t held to the same scrutiny. The fact that people will demur about antisemitism but not anti-Muslim bigotry betrays a terrible lack of self awareness re: double standards. I mean, if you want to go ‘head and make weak arguments about how religious symbols are politically wielded, I’m going to have to start wondering why you aren’t referencing the much more appalling and deadly scope of human rights abuses committed under Muslim banners whenever the question of banning Muslim symbols comes up. Which would be a clearly terrible argument, but maybe it’s worth reflecting why the same argument suddenly makes sense when it comes to Jewish symbols.

- Casual antisemitism often manifests as (among other things) conflations between Jewish symbols or beliefs / various Zionist ones / various Israeli nationalist ones. We ALREADY know the Dyke March incident to be an iteration of this problem. Now think about how fucked up what happened next is: the ban of a Jewish symbol at a public event based on a bigoted conflation is called out as anti-Semitic. Then, as a kind of precondition for defense against or acknowledgement of such anti-Semitism, people on the left apparently see fit to hold Jewish people accountable, individually and as a group, for *the same bigoted conflations targeting them*, basically needing Jewish people to declare their politics and/or unilaterally renounce Zionism – essentially acting as gatekeepers despite being outsiders operating from apparently rather reductive and narrow presumptions of Zionist politics, since they somehow have the arrogance of assuming they understand and can judge what any given Jewish person’s Zionist adherence entails and means based on the label alone???
Who the fuck else does this? Who the fuck else has to go through this? Do we have to establish and approve of the political and ideological leanings of Muslims in order to defend them against anti-Muslim bigotry, or do we engage in whataboutism re: the scourge of political Islamism in the Middle East to determine if Muslims have the right to display their religious symbols in the west?

Now the Palestine thing. And necessary conversations. And silencing and whatnot.

Even points that are so reasonable and evident they may well be tautologies by now, like 'Palestinians are entitled to basic human rights’, bear a different weight when made in these contexts. They don’t exist in vacuum, but carry the shadow of a discourse that already has huge issues with privileging particularly anti-Zionist or anti-Israel Palestinian advocacy no matter how tangential to the conversation, and never mind what else is minimized and derailed in the process.

I am not doubting the sincerity and concern of my friends who are struggling to express pro-Palestine sentiment while being confused by hostility right now, but I would urge a more thorough consideration of the relative space taken up by the respective conversations thus far, and to not confuse long overdue push-back from folks who have every reason to be frustrated and sick of derailment and semantic squabbles over definitions of Zionism every time anti-semitism comes up.

If it seems like there is rejection from the left when you want to assert a pro-Palestinian stance here, it is less likely to be because people have a problem with pro-Palestinian politics as such, and more likely to be because there is a salient point regarding how cavalier antisemitism already is today and how these patterns of derailment every damn time end up gatekeeping attempts to counter an insidious kind of racism that can and must be discussed without forcing marginalized people to jump through the Israel Blame Game hoops to defend their humanity. The Israel Palestine thing needs to stop hijacking conversations about antisemitism. Palestinian welfare does not suffer if people refuse to derail conversations about anti-semitism, but conversations about anti-semitism certainly suffer when what-about-Palestine pops up.

And that’s all besides the fact that no matter how well-meaning, this Palestine-specific whataboutism does not contribute anything appreciable to Palestinian welfare and is so oblivious in some ways it’s kind of heartbreaking to try to navigate through. I firmly believe that the kneejerk way the Palestinian Cause is held up like a trump card whenever convenient and the infuriating reverse exceptionalism with which the conflict is treated has been a firm factor in prolonging the crisis and exacerbating Palestinian suffering. I’m struggling to find the words for why it troubles me so much to see all these conversations stuck on questions of whether anti Zionism is anti Semitism because don’t forget Israel and what about accountability for Palestine.

Please. Please. Please try to understand that an anti-Zionist pro-Palestine liberation stance is not one that needs championing in the left, that nobody fucking lets us forget Israel when we try to talk about Palestine, and nobody stops talking about Palestine when anyone mentions Israel, and it hasn’t done shit for diaspora or territory Palestinians except turn us into a handy slogan.
Establishing a stance of basic advocacy for the rights and welfare of the Palestinian people is not what the discourse lacks, it is what the discourse needs to *move past* already. Everybody is well-versed and comfortable with the Israel Blame Game– it drowns out and supersedes everything else, and it’s everything else that Palestinian advocacy desperately needs.

This is something that frustrates me to no end because it’s not reducible to something like Israeli conduct being dealt with disproportionate scrutiny in the left *as such*, but as a function of urgency and relative space. When Israel overshadows discourse about Palestinian welfare even though it is Arabs who are responsible for the most staggering and horrific ongoing Palestinian abuses, we have a problem. And it can never be talked about or addressed because only Israel’s actions are viewed with agency and significance, and attributing Palestinian suffering to anything else is instantly condemned as insidious detraction.

So you can see how it is frustrating to go through the whole 'is pro-palestinian anti-zionism anti-semitic’ rigmarole when it is so often a distraction from more functional questions of Palestinian welfare.

Fact: There are kinds of anti-Zionism that are pro-Palestinian rights and that are also anti-Semitic. Fact: There are kinds of anti-Zionism that are pro-Palestinian rights and that are not anti-Semitic. Fact: There are kinds of Zionism that are consistent with upholding the rights and freedoms of Palestinian Arabs, and, fact: there are kinds that are categorically not.

Educated opinion: Not only is anti-Zionism the established and normative stance across most of the Middle East, but, if we’re being honest, probably the most prevalent and established type of anti-Zionism in the discourse is that which engages in solid pro-Palestinian advocacy while also falling into both gross and casual anti-Semitism. This is definitely the case in the broader discourse on the issue in the Middle East, and what’s more, there is next to no self-awareness of the anti-Semitic assumptions, myths, and bigotries, not to mention the historical revisionism, threading popular and political anti-Zionism in the MENA region and popular Palestinian and Lebanese culture as well. This is a problem, and one that will never be addressed as long as pro-Palestinianism and anti-Semitism are presumed to be wholly non-overlapping binaries by well-meaning leftists. It is both possible and necessary to acknowledge and mount critique of anti-semitic elements in pro-Palestine discourse while maintaining Palestinian advocacy. Acknowledging anti-Semitism in the discourse is not going to undermine the Palestinian cause. Again, people don’t need to be perfect moral agents to justify a defense of their humanity.

Educated opinion: Leftist discourse centering the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is overall entrenched in rigid, binary thinking and overwhelmingly leans pro-Palestine but in unfortunately too-basic, reductive ways. It already has an ideological rigidity problem. The discourse is such that to be pro-Palestine is to be above all transcendentally righteous: the lines of oppression and blame are clear and brook no further complexity; it is the cause no reasonable person can deny or fail to center in any conversation, and Palestinian advocacy is almost synonymous with condemnation for the Israeli crimes against the Palestinian people and aught else.

It is troubled with issues of allegiance and abstraction– maintaining certain principled stances re: the Cause is treated as an almost inviolable tenet for anybody who can claim to care about Palestine, despite the fact that the central narrative of the Cause pits the immediate welfare and prosperity of generations of living, breathing Palestinians against the memory of a Palestine that has not existed for decades and an abstract future promise of a right to return to a place that never again will be. The narrative may have once been in service of the people, but it has not been so in a long time. And it is only the narrative that is treated with sanctity by the most vocal champions of Palestine, and if it comes at the expense of Palestinian lives like in Yarmouk, so be it. Palestinian advocacy is more about condemning Israel than it is about supporting Palestine, and that is the problem.

It’s beginning to feel like despair, seeing how pro-Palestinian discourse is framed in terms of the questions of Zionism and anti-Zionism over and again, constantly centering and recentering the question of Palestinian welfare as a foil to Israeli aggression in broad nationalistic and/or existentialist terms, assuming unilateral causes, ascribing agency very selectively to regional actors, brooking no interrogation of Palestinian, Arab, or Muslim agency in the conflict, and obsessively resistant to moving past the past.

It’s been decades and Palestinians continue to suffer large-scale crises in basic resources, public health, trauma, and disenfranchisement, and they have largely been allowed to persist in the name *of* Palestine, at the hands of Arab regimes that shrug off all accountability in Israel’s direction, though for fifty years diaspora Palestinians in the larger Levant have been purely at the mercy of the Arab states housing them. We do not need to hear tired pro-liberation stances when it is those very stances that are used to justify keeping us holed up in Lebanese and Syrian refugee camps, stateless, in suspended animation, without civil rights or wealth or upwards mobility, dying slowly of poverty and deplorable living conditions and isolation if we’re lucky, and if we’re unlucky, until a guy like Assad comes along and murders, maims, starves, and makes refugees out of a whole city of us– and yet it is in the name of liberating Palestine that Assadist discourse proliferates, being anti-Israel, and Palestine’s catastrophe is only and ever subsumed into the crimes of Israel and not of those of Syria or Lebanon or Assad or Hamas or the PA or Fatah or the GCC states or anybody else.
When I want to talk about Palestinian advocacy, I want to talk about Assad and the nearly 200,000 Palestinians in Yarmouk camp that are now dead or gone or starving under siege and I want to talk about how the Lebanese state has made pariahs and a lost people out of *generations* of diaspora Palestinians practically quarantined in refugee camps because of petty sectarian concerns and I want to talk about the Palestinian political elite grievously frittering away resources and opportunities that could have prevented significant Palestinian suffering and death because of political feuds and a reckless privileging of a jihadi cause over popular welfare– but I cannot, because the justifications, distractions, conspiracy theories loop incessantly back to Israel. Which cements *my* concern that these conversations are not really *about* Palestinian welfare at all.“


Yesterday we drove from Oakland up to Eureka (with a detour along the Pacific Coast highway for a bit - very winding and scenic), with a stop along the way at Confusion Hill!

Friends, you may not believe me (though, I have a witness!), but while driving we were listening to my iPod on a shuffle of 1000+ songs. JUST as we passed the first sign for “Confusion Hill - 1 Mile”, what starts playing but “All-Star”. Swear to god. We pulled in to the parking lot still singing along.

Top row: Is Seeing Believing? (Really enjoyed the liberal use of question marks throughout the place.) Bill surveys the parking lot and snack bar. A visit with Bill.

Second row: the Gravity House is actually pretty disorienting. (I experienced some vertigo, for real.) Bill lurks in many places. A sign that struck me as extremely Stan-like.

Third row: the original Cipher Hunt puzzle! (Not pictured, selfies of both of us giving it the finger.). And, photo of Alex and the crew visiting!

Bottom: what I left in the treasure box (Pines family portrait, needle-felt plaidypus and eye-bat, eight-ball keychain, an assortment of puffy stickers, and rainbow slap bracelets). I took a friendship bracelet, Bill sticker, real sand dollar, “gold” coin, and lump of pyrite. (Like the stickers I left, others had left piles of things for multiple folks to take. But most amusing was the sometimes clearly last-minute search for something to give in exchange for taking, such as the road map of Missouri.)

The plaidypus and eye-bat got taken almost as soon as I put them in. I feel like it’s somewhat fitting that they went to a boy of about 12-14 with curly brown hair (and his younger brother), who were excited to see them.

All in all, Confusion Hill was a ton of fun. It was just the sort of place I’d hoped it would be. I highly recommend it to all.

Today: Redwoods National Park, and perhaps the Trees of Mystery!

(Now: lets see if frickin Tumblr mobile will post this on a fourth attempt.)

getting past the filter

I’ve been reading right-wing media - not all the time, because the point of the exercise is understanding and past a point it just breeds exhaustion. But my impression is that the way right-wing media interprets the protests and the outrage and the fear and anger at Trump’s presidency is something like this:

The left won a lot of battles in a row, and they got used to winning every fight they got into, so they picked fights that they couldn’t possibly really care about, just to grind our faces in the dirt. And then they lost! And we won! And they are handling this with immature hysteria and obstructionism and riots, and we basically have to wade through them to put the country back on the rails, and where we fail it’s their fault and where we succeed it proves that they’re ineffectual and intellectually bankrupt and have no tactics beyond crying and complaining and calling people racist. And they’re complaining about things they were fine with under Obama so they’re not actually sincere anyway. And they still have a stranglehold nearly everywhere, but maybe now people’ll start to see through them and we’ll have a chance to roll it back.)

(Some examples of fights we ‘couldn’t possibly really care about’: making employers cover health care plans that included contraception coverage, making bakers bake wedding cakes for gay people, letting trans people use restrooms of their choice.)

And the presence of the narrative imposes a sort of filter, where things you do that make sense within it, or reinforce it, don’t get seen by half the country. Sometimes that doesn’t matter. But sometimes it really does; sometimes I want to be able to talk to the people who voted for Trump and be heard and be understood to be saying what I’m actually saying and not just ‘blah blah liberals won and won and won and can’t handle losing and are going to call you racist no matter what racist racist racist’.

So, obviously, I think this narrative is unfair in many, many ways. But what I’m really interested in right now is, what could a person do or say in order to slip past the narrative? Because it’s, well, encompassing - narratives usually are. Peaceful protests fit into the ‘the left is all bluster and whining’ arm of it and violent protests fit into ‘the left is a danger’ arm of it and no protests fit into the ‘we are the silent majority’ arm of it. And there are battles which really are worth fighting but which are trivial and silly to people sufficiently removed from them, like fights over letting trans people use public restrooms. 

But narratives are not all-encompassing - the vocal opposition of Senator McCain to Trump’s conduct doesn’t fit into it at all, the conservative judges overturning Trump’s executive orders doesn’t fit into it very well, the testimony of veterans about why their translators saved their lives and deserve the opportunity to live here which they were promised doesn’t fit into it.

Those are, of course, all examples of conservatives who can challenge the narrative by already having credibility within it. I can’t think of a great way for a liberal to establish that credibility - emphasizing that you understand why they believe the things they believe was tried very loudly during the campaign, and I think it mostly totally failed (both at establishing that, and at going from ‘we understand each other’ to ‘the filter you’re seeing me through isn’t capturing what I want and what I actually want is reasonable and comprehensible and human’.)

I feel like one important project of the next few months is figuring out how to communicate past the filter, how to say things that aren’t easily sorted into the narrative, and how to build from there enough trust that our concerns and fear and anger are heard as concern and fear and anger, instead of being easy to round off as ‘they lost and they’re sore losers’. I want past the filter. I want to be able to make myself understood. And I do still think that there’s some way that can be achieved.

Cosmic Child (pt 3) (Jason Todd X Reader)

A/N: So I’ve decided to make this story a Jason X Reader fic because I find that from the second chapter I was sort of leading up to this(?) HAHAH it feels more right to have Jason be the love interest here. But if you guys want Dick or Tim I could always write alternate stories, maybe after I finish this one with Jason!

Sleeping was such an interesting concept. Humans didn’t know why they needed to sleep but they did it anyways. The first few nights you spent with the family, you learned how to sleep. It wasn’t particularly difficult nor was it very easy, however, eventually you got the hang of it.

While you slept you never dreamt but were simply in a dark space filled with your thoughts. You often spent the few hours trying to recall your life before arriving to Earth; sometimes wondering how the Gods were doing up in the sky. Did anyone miss you?

One night, during your peaceful sleep session, you sensed a disturbance. One moment your mind was dark, like always, and the next it was blindingly bright. Then, you were in a warehouse. It was so vivid, you could see every little detail of the run down place.

You placed your hand on a crate, dust stuck to your fingers. You could smell metal and wood and… something that wasn’t supposed to be smelled. It was metallic but you could tell it wasn’t metal. You followed your sense of smell and eventually came to an open space in the middle of the warehouse. Boxes and barrels were pushed towards the walls, creating an arena-like space. In the middle of that free space was a boy confined by rope and chains.

His face was bloodied, his body covered in bruises and cuts. Your heart froze when you realised what that peculiar smell was; blood. You approached the young child slowly and knelt by his side. He was unconscious but alive.

You placed a gentle hand on his shoulder, “are… are you alright?” It was a dumb question, of course he admit alright, but you didn’t know what else to say. What did humans say to one another in times as such?

The boy groaned and opened an eye. A weak smile appeared on his face. Why was he happy? Wasn’t he hurt?

You stared at him for a little longer, he looked very familiar. As you took his face in your hands, you wiped his tears away and concentrated harder. He was so terribly familiar…

“(Y/N)?” A deep voice called from behind you. You whipped around… Jason. The boy was Jason; and Jason was here, all grown up.

Your look of utter confusion was mirrored on Jason Todd’s face. His eyes were tired and his face showed exhaustion.

“Why are you…” he muttered, “in my dream?”

You shrugged. The two of you stared at one another for a moment longer, both trying to comprehend what was happening. As you stood up to go closer to him, Jason’s face turned pale and he leaped towards you.

“Watch out!” He cried, pulling you into his arms, shielding you away from someone. As you were engulfed in his arms, you catches a glimpse of a man in a strange costume. You believed he was what humans called, a clown.

You woke up from your sleep with a loud gasp, a thin sheen of sweat covered your body. Your heart was racing like never before. After you took a minute to calm down, you leaped out of bed, suddenly remembering Jason.

You scrambled to his room, not actually knowing what you were going to do when you found him. All you knew was that you had to see him, to liberate him from his horrid dream. His nightmare.

When you reached his room door, you found that it was locked. You shook the handle furiously, frustration clouding your mind. You started to get desperate when you heard a whimper from his room.

He was the brave one but now he was scared and you needed to save him.

As you clenched your jaw in anger, your hands still trying to open the door, you suddenly felt a warm sensation at your fingertips. You felt energy pulsing through your body. This feeling was familiar. You’d felt it all too well before crashing on Earth. This energy was pure starlight, the same light you emitted for centuries while in the galaxy.

You felt a rush of excitement as you focused the energy on the doorknob and watched as it melted easily. You felt the flow of energy stop as you pushed the door inward. As much as you wanted the feeling of immense starlight in your body again, in that moment, you couldn’t think of anything but Jason Todd.

You ran into the bedroom to find the man laying in bed, sweating and looking anguished. He was tense and breathing heavily. You rushed towards him and shook him.

“Jason. Jason, wake up, please,” you tried your best to force him out of his dream; but alas to no avail. He was trapped in his own mind. You inability to save him from something virtually harmless made you feel utterly pathetic. You could melt metal but you couldn’t get Jason Todd to wake up.

Human emotions were so complicated, you’d gotten so sad so quickly; tears began to form in your eyes. “Jason,” you called again weakly, your distressed voice cracking.

He woke up with a loud gasp. The feeling of hopelessness in you washed away instantly as you leapt towards him. You wrapped your arms around his torso and pulled him close to you. You didn’t know why you did it but it gave you a rush of affection and happiness, being so close to him.

“(Y/N)?” Jason said, confused, his throat was dry. One moment he was reliving his nightmare with the Joker and the next he heard your voice and had woken up. He felt that his familiar nightmare was a little different that night, though he couldn’t recall what made it so strange.

As Jason readjusted from being pulled out of his sleep so suddenly, he finally noticed that you were clinging onto him. He wrapped an arm around you, letting you continue hugging him like your life depended on it.

“I was in your horrible dream,” you spoke up suddenly, “I saw you as a child and a man in a clown costume… He was going to attack me, I believe, but you saved me,” you looked up at him, arms still locked in position. “I woke up but I felt that you didn’t so I came to save you.”

The way you said it made his heart flutter. Jason had nightmares so often he wasn’t too fazed by them anymore; however, your innocence and naive concern for him, your foolishly desperate need to save him from his own nightmare made him realise how much he needed this comfort. As you stared at him in the dark, your large eyes filled with worry and care, Jason Todd felt something stirring in him.

“I’m alright, (Y/N),” Jason said comfortingly, “it was just a nightmare, it can’t hurt me.”

You looked like you didn’t believe him, “but nightmares hurt people the easiest. I’ve heard of Gods having nightmares, as well. I don’t know how but they do.”

Jason cracked you a smile, “you’re right. I guess I’ve been having nightmares so much I thought I wasn’t scared of them anymore… I’m glad you saved me, (Y/N).”

Seeing you smile from his expression of gratitude, Jason felt his heart skip a beat. He knew that he usually would be embarrassed of being caught in such a vulnerable state, but the way you expressed your worries, the way your hug never wavered, he was glad you came.

A moment of silence passed before you spoke, “I suppose I’ll return to my room then.” It sounded more like a question than a statement. Jason was about to agree but the moment you pulled away, he felt cold and lost again, like when he was drowning in his nightmare.

“Actually,” he grabbed your wrist, stopping you from getting off his bed, “could you stay?”

anonymous asked:

For all the headcanons about Enjolras's family being well off and well connected, after reading your reblog, I really *really* like the idea of E's mom loving R as well :) don't you?

There are several school of thoughts on the question of Enjolras’ parents:

  • Super strict far-right whom Enjolras visits once a year for Christmas dinner, which always ends in a verbal brawl sponsored by expensive bottles of wine
  • Bobo gauchistes (rich liberal until their revolutionary ideas affects them directly) who got values and ideals into Enjolras, while hardly acting on them, leaving Enjolras with the desire to actually DO something
  • Real militants who raised Enjolras to fight for what he believes in, took him to strikes at a young age with a little sign he made himself, who then let him craft his own ideas

I personally imagine Enjolras’ parent as rich far-right people, especially with a conservative dad. His mom is more open to what makes her son happy, regardless of her political leanings. They just avoid talking politics at the table. Or ever, really.

But just imagine Enjolras bringing Grantaire to his parents’ for lunch. His parents live in a posh Parisian apartment. His father is away on a golf business trip thing. Grantaire, trying to dress up to the nines, but still looking out of place with his stubble and worn out converse shoes. Grantaire being all shy, trying not to fuck things up when they’re eating.

And all the while, Enjolras talking to his mother about how talented his boyfriend is, and how they learnt to like each other and love each other :’)

And Enj’s mom is just beaming because her son is so happy with that scruffy boy who’s very polite and too nervous for his own good


Don’t believe the pre-election hype that Trump is a uniquely bad Republican. 95% of what he has done the other Republican candidates would do all the same. I still believe that if it was Ted Cruz we’d actually be even worse off.

As the resistance forms, we must remember that we are not just fighting against the singular idiocy of Trump and his administration.  The right has been building up to this moment for decades and now is the time to confront it with a unified mass movement.


Part 1: Imagine being Drizella’s daughter and Chad falling in love with you.

When word got out that you were dating none other than Chad Charming, the whole campus was literally buzzing with rumours as to how it had happened. The more popular cliques had no problem voicing their opinions about how it was a prank or a bet, while others claimed you were getting help from the newly arrived children of the villains with magic. No one spoke of how Chad had grovelled in front of you, asking for a chance at a date. And he didn’t seem to be dispelling the rumours either. It hurt a tiny bit to see he wasn’t even trying to protect you in front of his friends, but it’s not like you expected something else. Did you?

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Things that will never stop irking me about some DAI characters that makes me side eye the writers really bad

  • Sera being all Robin Hood-y and standing up for minorities but somehow not liking dalish elves like????’’ what the fuck is that crap.
  • Vivienne somehow believing that her experience as a privileged member of a particularly liberal and pleasant Circle overrides and invalidates the fact that Circles have been oppressive prisons for mages and violently repressing rebellions instead of using said her newfound privilege to actually change the conditions in which her fellow mages live
  • Dorian Pavus, the kindest and wisest man in Thedas, saying that slavery in Tevinter is optional (when the other option being literally fucking dying in the streets) and defending it while simultaneously being perfectly aware of how fucked up the entirety of the Tevinter society (and of which slavery is a pretty big part) is 
  • Solas being straight

Debating with perfectly indoctrinated drones of the third wave genderist cult is so exhausting because they seem to only or mostly think along the strict lines of thought-terminating clichés and flawed circular reasoning, such as “transwomen are women” and “sex work is work” and it’s so difficult to get them to snap out of their ideological programming because they’ve been conditioned in an aggressive political environment where no rigorous counter-questioning, counter-arguments, in-depth critical thinking and research that unpackages these third wave clichés is allowed. 

Why? because third wave liberal genderism (why even call what they practice “feminism” when these gender warriors don’t even believe female sex-based oppression is real, that sex-role socialization is real, and that the sex industries are oppressive to female people, while they also support/advocate lesbiphobic rape apologism and are male-centered in their gender ideology??) cannot withstand the test of intense debate, actual feminist sociology and historical + material analysis, and counter-research.

Debating with someone who only knows how to react with buzzwords like “TERF/TWERF” or “SWERF” as silencing tactics, and who can only speak in thought-terminating clichés and with circular explanations is headache-inducing.

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are you seriously saying gotham queerbaited you when they made a beloved villain gay even though he wasn't in the comics... or was it just bitterness that he got shot? cause well nobody seriously expected hetboy-nymga to fall in love with os lets be realistic. they never hinted nygma could ever fall for os he's always only shown interest in women. maybe you hoped the same way os hoped; in which case im very sorry for your loss

And these are all after isabelle was introduced the hype on the offical social media was even more extreme from april-early October

then they also uploaded this video with title # nygmobblepot   

within the show all of their scenes were verry romanticaly framed especially in episodes 3x04-3x06 even from ed’s side with him talking constantly with how much he is “ in awe” and “believes in him”  “would do anything for” 

even spouts riddles about love and draws hearts in his face and was even willing to put himself in harms way just to help oswald’s campaign

NOW lets break down the actual definition of queerbaiting according to wikipedia:

The term refers to what happens “when people in the media (usually television/movies) add homoerotic tension between two characters to attract more liberal and queer viewers with the indication of them not ever getting together for real in the show/book/movie”.

The term is used to describe a tactic where a queer relationship or character is hinted at to attract/appeal to the queer market, and then is denied, either modifying the character’s behavior (making them enter an opposite gender relationship), playing it off as a joke (sometimes a recurring joke or trope), or denying the assumptions (in interviews, panels and such) without modifying the character’s behavior.

1. they added plenty romantic tension between ed and oswald and hyped the hell out of it 

2.ed ended up torturing and shooting oswald and now confirmed that they are enemies because ed cant return oswald’s affections because oswald killed isabelle 

3.ed entered a relationship with isabelle causing the previous bullet point 

4. while cory and robin were originally all for the ship and often talked about how much they wanted and enjoyed it all with green and purple emojis as soon as the show started going south they started saying things like “oswald is just confused” and then most recently after monday’s episode cory tweeting that ed is “not queer” despite him never giving any indication that ed was straight and not bi or pan until after ed shot oswald 

this is an absolute textbook definition queer bait 

“ they never hinted nygma could ever fall for os he’s always only shown interest in women “ my ass they fully hinted he could fall for os thats the whole reason os fell for him and just because ed has only been shown in relationships with women dosent stop him from being bi get that straight until proven bi heteronormitve bullshit out of here 

PS fuck you 

dany really believes the seven kingdoms were at its best when the targaryens ruled. so we just going to ignore baelor, aerys, aegon, maegor, all the horrible things that the targs did that brought nothing but pain and suffering? the state of westeroes is no different than it was when aerys ruled, it’s actually better in a odd way. it’s the delusion that she has of her family being these peaceful kings and queens is what drives me insane. shes believes before her father that everyone was fine with the state of the throne which is why she is so sure the people will accept her and view her as their liberator but in reality, they will never feel safe with a targaryen as their queen.

heels over head

the absolute turmoil -  drabble series
part four
ft. YOONGI (yoongi/ofc relationship) + others

words: 2,825
warnings for language, mentions of mental illness and related mature themes.

pls 4give any mistakes

go here to read previous parts and learn more about the series.

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Day One

Eyes open from some blank dream, a car alarm blares. Mina rolls over, too hot and too cold at the same time, shutting her eyes in hopes of drifting off again.

Yoongi, she thinks, cheek against her pillow, hit with a pang of something implacable, because after all, it’s hard for her to label any feeling.

Except panic.

Her eyes snap open and she fumbles for her phone–which has died in the night, how convenient–and she hastily plugs it in before fighting with the comforter that has managed to wrap itself between her legs and around her, and shoots out of bed to at least brush her teeth and put on some semblance of acceptable clothing.

By the time the fuzz of her teeth is gone and her university’s College of Science and Math Science Rocks! shirt is on along with her jeans and flats, her phone is at a measly 2% but enough for her to see all hope is not lost–

She’s missed her chance to catch the bus, and she’ll have to pay for parking on campus (which is bullshit, why do faculty and staff have to pay for fucking parking), but if she slathers on her under-eye concealer in the car while inhaling an un-toasted, dry slice of bread, she’ll make it to work just in time.

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The right-wing have to play this constant balancing act in how they portray the left, and it is pretty hilarious to watch. The left is at once this terrifying menace full of people that are ready and willing to violently kill people at a moments notice, but it is also a place full of weak and precious snowflakes that can’t go outside without crying. The left is smart enough to have infiltrated the entire corporate and media apparatus, which they control, but they won’t grovel and respect the President and the police.

Lost in all of this nonsense is the fact that the right-wing tries as hard as possible to avoid actually talking about what they believe in and advocate for - because, of course, what they believe in is abhorrent and would be immediately written off. So they are left playing this game where they try to simultaneously portray their “side” as the triumphant and powerful conquerors that you should totally join, but also the innocent victims that need your support.

Meanwhile, over here we’ll continue actually building the new world, based on liberating and revolutionary ideas, which we are more than willing to openly discuss.

I was in Charlottesville a couple years ago for a week long medieval manuscript course at the University of Virginia. I stayed on the Lawn… in June… without air conditioning… it was hot. The campus is beautiful and historic, the town is a lovely college town. I had a great experience there.

UVA was also founded by the notorious slave owner, Thomas Jefferson.

I rarely make political posts on this blog, but I honestly have no words to describe what I have watched unfold this weekend. I have been holidaying and off tumblr/the internet, but I’ve seen the news and the Facebook posts and everything else happening in the year of our Lord 2017. This is exactly what I was talking about with my 1x04 Historical Hour With Hilary post and the need to name and condemn Nazis in the strongest possible terms, rather than trying to set up some false equivalence or rationalization. THERE CAN BE NO RATIONALIZATION.

These people are not poor white rednecks. They are squarely in the middle of society. They are not as much of a marginal position as comfortable white liberalism would like to think. They are (hopefully) few, we are many, but that means nothing unless we DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT.

I said a few weeks ago that I can’t believe this is the way we live every day now. Just an ordinary week with the threat of nuclear war and actual Nazi marches. I don’t know what to say. As a historian, I’m depressed. As a person, I’m horrified.

I will be teaching a class in the spring called “Medieval Narratives In the Modern World: Nationalism, Terrorism, and Pop Culture.” Education has to start somewhere, but empathy is something we can all do at home.

Solidarity to all female, black, Muslim, Jewish, LBGTQ, immigrant, refugee, and every other group made afraid by this climate of hate and division. This queer white woman humbly hopes to be accepted as your friend and ally in your, and our, struggle.

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"He know has a powerful studio, Fox, and producer, Murphy, firmly in his corner... I am sure he weighed the consequences of partnering with the very people who are responsible for his current predicament." So why do you think this powerful studio will let him come out?? Because to groom him to be a star they really need to keep him IN. Fox is very conservative and I cannot imagine they want one of their bright lights to be out - especially after all the time and $ spent on the straight image.

Nonnie, you have to consider what Fox has to LOOSE if they don’t partner with Darren.   Imagine a world where Darren decided to walk away from the ACS deal and Chris sold his movies to another studio.  And the time comes for D to come out.  Who takes the blame?  Absolutely no question, Fox and Murphy. Who are the liable parties and the ones who slammed the door and bolted it.  And he and Chris have a lot of power to destroy a lot of reputations. Fox bosses and Murphy, their golden producer.

Imagine Murphy, a man widely considered to be a gay icon, being blamed for not only closeting his young star, but repressing his relationship with his openly gay co-star. That is media frenzy in the waiting and a complete nightmare for Fox and Murphy. 

And do you doubt for one second that Darren and Chris would unleash their fury on them? Have you read TLOS?  Think what Chris was able to do in his fairy tale books. Now imagine what he would be able to do with no barriers. With Darren firmly by his side screaming their story to every media outlet that will listen.  

That would be exceedingly painful for Fox.  And could severely damage Murphy’s reputation particularly in his own community. After all, this story shines a spotlight on the fact that Fox and Murphy are the biggest hypocrites in the universe. They tell a good story. Oh look at Klaine, this iconic teenage, gay couple.  Isn’t this sweet and isn’t Glee a groundbreaking and historic series? 

Oh but wait- they failed to practice what they preached. What was fine for a tv serious was NOT ok for its stars. And what damage does that do to Glee and its place in history with this story line?

So I’d say dealing with Darren and Chris is actually to Fox’s advantage.  They are hailed as being a wonderful studio that is supportive of its star and Murphy is the mentor and hero.   (I honestly believe they never thought it would come to this and banked and C&D breaking up. Because the CC component of this is as damaging as the closeting ).

Next, you say Fox is very conservative. Agreed, no question, again reason why we are in this predicament. But guess what?  Darren is now under the FX umbrella and that umbrella is a lot more liberal than the parent company. I just did a quick review in my head, and I haven’t watched many of the seasons so imagine there are more, on AHS and ACS alone, the following cast members are openly members of the LGBT+ community: Matt Bomer, Sarah Paulsen, Denis O’Hare, Cheyenne Jackson, Zachery Quinto, Colton Hayes, Chaz Bono, Nathan Lane, and Ricky Martin. 

Not so conservative huh?  

Further, they don’t need Darren to be straight to play a gay assassin (i still say serial killer but D disagrees so I will give him this).  They need him to be an an amazing talent. This show was never going to sell to conservative america. 

And the future?  They are relying on Darren getting critical praise for this and that will forge his career path.  

Are they taking a chance? Hell yes. Is Darren taking a change? Hell yes. But i believe it will be beneficial to all.

And while I know this is optimistic and unlikely to happen, honestly, it could potentially be a marketing goldmine to time Darren’s coming out with the promotion for the show.  What better way to reel in an audience than with a major story about the star.  Especially on a show that is going to be focusing on homophobia as a primary theme.

Actually now that I think about it i kind of wanna hear what all sides (anti feminism, radical feminism, liberal feminism) think about this question so I’ll just post it here. If y'all could reblog with whether you’re a antifem, radfem, or libfem and your answer that would be awesome.

On what basis are women oppressed? If you’re an anti feminist and don’t believe women are oppressed in the west, then on what basis are women oppressed in other countries?

Not trying to incite anything, just wanna start some discussion.

So it was DnD night again, and it was a bit of a relaxed one. Now in possession of a horse carriage, our heroes could have a moment to talk to themselves and do a bit of character development.

With the (current) god of death incapacitated, they needed to take her to somebody that could heal her. The crew attempted to contact every god they had contact with, and most of them fell into a panic when told about the situation. Including a party member’s old roommate, the god of Fantasy Pepsi

They also discovered what was in the chest they were delivering - trapped within the stone was the mother of the current Queen, sealed away for safe keeping.

As it turns out, the event that took place 100 years ago was a massive war. The kingdom of Oskaria was actually fighting against what would become their royal police force, The Crimson Guard, and they lost.

The Crimson Guard believed humanity needed to be liberated from the gods, and they deployed a weapon that was able to wreak havoc across the plane the gods resigned, slaughtering many of them. The Queen at the time, the one now locked inside the tune, was able to seal it away.

One of our party members, Jane, also discovered that she was a prominent activist three years ago, before being captured, having her memory wiped, and being dumped off in a ghost town. We also deduced that this was likely the same thing that happened to Yasmine, the blacksmith that is now following along with the party.

They arrived at a necromancer, and, after a rather poor bartering session, managed to convince him to revive the Grim Reaper after giving them Fantasy Weed and sex with a Phantom Taako they conjured.

Now they’re off to rescue their friend Kados, who was captured by he Crimson Guard.