this is what kids play on in germany

please take a moment to imagine the Federation version of Eurovision as @swordfern and I have envisioned it, in a post-DS9 peaceful future:
-Bajor does something very soothing with hand percussion and like…. background eurythmy dancing but the lyrics are utterly heart-wrenching.
-Betazed is always a fan favorite- they really get into the pop ballads and impressive choreography, and of course aim to inspire ~feelings~
-Romulans do the super intimidating acts like that one song about Moscow Germany did one year.
-Klingons just do fucking opera every time, with intense choreography, generally involving weaponry.
-Andorians do… whatever the andorian version of death metal is. imagine andorian headbanging. with those antennae. imagine.
-the new Cardassian Republic, when it finally gains admittance, is intensely earnest and a bit disco. No one really knows how to react to this.
-Vulcan sends one person with a Vulcan lute and they play an extremely logical arrangement extremely well, with no dancers or any illogical frippery… and they repeat this each year. No one ever votes for Vulcan.

This man has 3 children. 2 girls and a boy. He is from Syria. His whole family is. They fled here from war and we were told they lost 2 kids along the way. They don’t speak my motherlanguage but what happens since they’re here is that the kids are outside every single day, playing on the playgrounds. They don’t sit inside like you and me and waste their time in front of computers. These children play with grass, flowers, wood. Anything they find. Their imagination is fantastic, and though I don’t understand what they’re saying I love watching them. When they laugh it’s very contagious.

Today the son got a used bike and unlike German fathers who are too posh to go outside with their children here where I live, and rather send their wives, this father is out with his son since 12 (since 3 hours), trying to teach him how to ride a bike. He is very passionate and terribly careful his son doesn’t get hurt. I see passants pass them by staring at the father for speaking an Arabic language. They glare at him as if he was a criminal. He speaks fast and his language simply has a whole different sound. But even I can hear when he speaks careful, soft or stronger. There’s nothing terrifying about this man or his family and I am happy they found a place that protects them, so they can enjoy what every family should enjoy. Time together, as carefree as possible.


Did you miss Jamie and Sam on MorgenMagazin on 30.3.17? No problem. We have the two acoustics and interview right here and we’ve translated the interview just for you.

Interviewer: He is successful as a model and actor, we can see him here beside Johnny Depp in Sweeney Todd, a vampire in the Twilight Saga or as a shadowhunter in The Mortal Instruments. Jamie Campbell Bower is with us, welcome and good morning.

Jamie: Thank you very much.

Interviewer: One of your talents we haven’t mentioned yet, we have already heard some, you are a musician. You sing and play guitar in Counterfeit. We call it punk rock but you presented it a bit softer a moment ago. Why did you choose punk?

Jamie: Umm, it was never really a decision that I made to go and make a punk band. I never set out to like try and be any specific genre. I guess, I sort of grew up, I’m 28 now, and for like the last portion of my younger life I was very happy and floating around I think. And then as I got older I became sort of a little bit more disillusioned I think with life. Umm and therefore this anger just came out of me and I guess it ended up being described as punk music now I s'pose but that’s cool I’m down with that. That’s fine.

Interviewer: We want to hear and see it so here is a little clip. It’s definitely punk rock from Counterfeit. Tour has started, you played yesterday in Hamburg. How was it?

Jamie: Yeah we started three days ago in Hamburg, it was great. Yeah yeah yeah it’s been good thus far. Yeah we had a night off last night which has been really nice, so I’m rested as I can get which is good. But it’s been crazy, wherever we play it always goes a bit nuts. Our shows are what I’d call reactive, um, so we’ll just react to however the audience are as much as we can. We give back whatever we get.

Interviewer: You are from London where the punk rock scene started. It’s a real export hit. The Germans love the punk rock scene. Can you feel that during your shows? Today you are playing in Berlin, it will probably be massive.

Jamie: Yeah, I think for us like playing anywhere in Germany is always such an honour, I mean the kids here seem to just instantly be into rock n roll music in whatever shape or form, there’s no front to it, they’re very much accepting of everything you’re doing and yeah I think it transfers for sure, I mean in terms of a London punk scene now, there isn’t really a London punk scene now it’s very much like a very isolated small pocket of it.

Interviewer: Jamie, we know you as an actor, we have just seen a few clips. You played in Harry Potter. How can we understand that? It’s the typical question to a musician who is an actor at the same time. What is your second job?

Jamie: What’s my second job, I can’t choose, I can’t choose, they’re both my life. I love them both. I’ve been playing music since I was about 15. Both of my parents work in the music industry so I’ve just grown up around it. Um, it just happened that the acting took off first. Yeah I’m trying to juggle the both of them at the moment which is tough but it’s cool. I’m having a good time doing it. I’m stressed. For sure.

Interviewer: You don’t look like it. A question for the fans? When can we see you in a movie again?

Jamie: Um, I’ve just finished shooting a television show, comes out in June, it’s called ‘Will’. We made it for TNT but it’s coming out over here as well. Um, so that’s about a young William Shakespeare, I play Christopher Marlowe so that’s out in June.

Interviewer: Can you use the different skills in your other job, the musical talent in acting and the other way around? The acting talent as a punk rock singer on stage? What do you do? What can you take from the one job to the other?

Jamie: Erm, I don’t think there’s much of a transfer in terms of what I do in acting to music. Erm, I think that music allows me to be a lot more free than my performance as an actor. Since I started this band I’ve sort of shed a lot of those anxieties and my fears and I think that that gave me the opportunity to on camera, to do the same thing, you know to feel free and to not have any worries. So, that kinda. There’s not much to cross over for me to be honest, they’re two completely different like, skills.

Interviewer: Great that you are here from Counterfeit. You are running the band with your brother and a few other people. Jamie Campbell Bower. Get ready, thank you.

Jamie: Thank you so much.

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How would Russia and Prussia be with children/teenagers

He would really love kids tbh(also I think it’s cannon somewhat that he likes kids). Honestly the kids would love him as much as he loves them. He has the best story telling voice, and he can sing lullabies that could put anyone to sleep. He doesn’t mind any of the hard parts of kids like crying or fits, he just waits till it passes and comforts the kid after and makes sure they feel better. He’s suave a big lovable teddy bear.
He raised Germany so he would be okay with dealing with kids but not for long. He would get nervous about ‘breaking’ them or what to do when they start crying. He’s a very hyper person so having to play with kids would be no hard mission for him. Did I hear homemade snacks?? Cause he would so make from scratch treats for the kids. He would try his best.
-Mod Z

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What if the 2ps played the Yandere Simulator? (Sorry if this was bothersome)

((how would this be bothersome omg the ask box is literally open for a reason? x’D ))

if the 2Ps played Yandere Simulater

2p!america: ‘the fuck? so i’m some psycho crazy bitch out to murder other bitches for this plain ass guy? ……… sweet, how do i play

2p!china: why can’t a real girl be yandere over me awwwwh

2p!england: i do this on a daily basis how is this not normal for other humans– *giggles* hehe… just kidding !!

2p!france: this is actually kinda fun what the fuck

2p!russia: this game is inhumane and grotesque, how do you like this

2p!italy: ….. *points to yandere-chan* me every day *winks at you*


2p!japan: well my reputation is up *stretches*  i suppose it’s time to confess to senpai now

2p!canada: wait what’s the menu button again *doesn’t know how to modern*

2p!romano: nuh-uh bitch *snaps fingers in z formation* get away from my senpai or else i’m gonna cut you up honey *murders NPC* see what did i tell you? mY HIPS DON’T LIE

2p!austria: i love this omg *gets addicted/ won’t stop playing*

2p!prussia: this is really weird………,, can we play some world of warcraft now

What kind of vines they would produce/enjoy:

(Also featuring you!)
Allies + Canada, Featuring 2p!:
America/Alfred F. Jones- Eagle screeches over every god damn thing you could imagine. Pranks on the other countries (mostly Canada.)

Canada/Matthew Williams- All nature, stunning nature. Occasional re-vine of an eagle screeching. (That‘s where America fucking gets them.)

China/Yao Wang- Every single panda/kitten/puppy ever photographed.

England/Arthur Kirkland- Historical documentary types of things.  

France/Francis Bonnefoy- Victoria secret ads. Victoria secret ads. VICTORIA SECRET ADS. Pranks on England.

Russia/Ivan Braginsky- Cluster fuck. Sometimes it’s kittens, sometimes it’s a polar bear attack. Sometimes it’s two kangaroo’s beat boxing. ‘Pranks’ on the Baltic’s.

2p!America/Allen Jones- Protests and vegetarians recipes. Not to mention pranks on Matthew, and you. Especially when you’re sleeping.

2p!Canada/Matthew Williams- Allen’s pranks gone wrong.

2p!China/Xiao Wang- 50% people break dancing, 50% possible murders.

2p!England/Oliver Kirkland- All pastel and beautiful mansions. Pastry’s and ways to make baked good better. Occasional one of Allen’s pranks going wrong and him getting a freshly made cupcake in the face.

2p!France/Francios Bonnefoy- Poetic smoking and uses for a ridiculous amount of wine glasses.

2p!Russia/Viktor Braginsky- Has no fucking clue what vine is, watches over the Baltic states shoulders. Is not amused.

Allies + Romano

Germany/Ludwig- FITNESS, FITNESS, FITNESS. Examples include: How To Do Fingertip Pull Ups Correctly, How To Make A Protein Smoothie When All You Fucking Have Is Pasta, and How To Run A Mile In 60 Seconds. ‘Accidental’ shots of you in athletic shorts.

Italy/Feliciano Vargas- Him trying to sing/serenade to you. Pasta recipes for his viewing public. And what happens when you mess with Germany. Occasional shots of you sleeping on his chest and he couldn’t help but share how beautiful you are.

Japan/Honda Kiku- Pretty art, some of it his, some of it nature, mostly anime clashes.

Romano/Lovino Vargas- While he’s in half of Italy’s videos, he doesn’t have one himself.

2p!Gremany/Lutz- CATS. I can’t stress that enough. Cats in costumes. Cats eating. Cats playing with their kids. You with cats. Cats.

2p!Italy/Luciano Vargas- Knives and their many, many, many uses. These cans range from tooth picks to…well…I’m sure you can imagine.

2p!Japan/Honda Kuro- Gore. Upcoming horror movies, in progress Hentai sketches. Very classy though. You might resemble some of the sketches, but he’d never admit to it.

2p!Romano/Flavio Vargas- Fashion blog. Who’d hot, who’s not. Him always being the very hot. Several videos of you as an unwilling model.

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2!p's react to a kid cussing them out.But then the kid starts apologizing like it's the last thing they'll ever do.P L E A S E.

2P!Italy: literally the most intense glare ever, but inside his ego is crippling. how could the fetus do this to him. his dignity. disintegrated. and for what? he must change is name: luciano is no more, say hello to gern. yes, you heard him correctly. gern. 
2P!Romano: his piercing shriek would be too much for the child’s ears to handle. that is the exact reaction he was going for. yes. scuttle away. fear me. f e a r . m e .
2P!Germany: *stands up from chair extremely slowly in menacing manner* *grins and high fives kid a bit too hard on ‘accident’*
2P!Prussia: *loud gasp* “ex cUSE ME–” would proceed to give child a lecture about being polite
2P!Japan: “What was that? What in the actual fuck did you just say to me, shit stain?”
2P!America: *trying not to laugh/bat the kid out of earth’s orbit* “…” would jump at the child in attempt to scare it away, as one would do as if they were playing with a dog. success.
2P!England: *ground shakes vigorously* *Earth cracks* *buildings burning* *citizens screaming* *babies crying* *the child quivering in fear as the sky morphs from blue to red and the cl oud s le ak bA LLS o F FIRE* “yE W WOT M8???????? ? ?? ??? ??? ???” all is lost. tears are streaming down the kids face. he had done it. he had triggered the coming of S A T A N.
2P!France: “same”
2P!Russia: *straightens posture and leans down to whisper in kid’s ear* “Goodbye, you little shit.” *pUNTS THE INFANT INTO THE NEXT DIMENSION*
2P!China: *pissing self* “diD YOU MEAN: ME?” *wipes tear* “Ah, I’m gonna let that one slide, but don’t expect me to not flip your asshole inside out the next time we meet you buttplug~”
2P!Canada: “Umm.. What..?” confusion.gif

APH Popular Youtube Gaming Channel Types

America- War games and first person shooters. His fans are mostly 12 years old. Uses a face cam and talks more about his personal life than the actual game he’s playing also SCREAMS, but that’s what people like about him that they know so much about him. He attends a lot of cons you either love him or hate him no in between. 

Canada- He plays a lot of Nintendo games full playthroughs. His most popular is his Animal Crossing one that’s up to over 400 parts he uploaded almost twice a week. Couldn’t be more different than his brothers channel. He just uses a mic and comments really softly over his chill game play just about what he needs to do and what he’s doing next. ocatioanly he’ll get really excited like when he catches an new fish he’s been looking for. It’s something you’d sit down and binge watch with a cup of tea. If he and America a recording at the same time you can hear muffled screams from the other room that he’ll apologize for. 

England- Only plays and reviews indie games. But he doesn’t show you him playing the game, like a week after it comes out he’ll make a 20 minute video on why he hated or liked the game and rate it on a 10 point scale. He’s not nice about it either. He rarely likes any game and claims that when he was a kid everything was better. 

France- Only plays and reviews indie games, just like England. But he’ll release a compilation video of his best moments while playing and point out the flaws he found and tell you why it was bad or good rather than England just saying it was good or it sucks don’t buy it. 

China- Basically he just plays bootlegged games and really obscure games. Like Barbie Pet Rescue and bootlegged Mario where you play as Pikachu instead of Mario and none of the buttons work. Sometimes he’ll have to pause because he’s laughing so hard. People quote him all the time around the internet. He don’t use a face cam but his commentary is super funny so you don’t even notice

Russia- Plays nostalgia games from the past like Super Mario World and Donkey Kong Country. He’ll talk about himself like while he plays but he tells you super embarrassing and funny story’s from when he was a kid. No face cam and just a really good mic.

Germany- Does not have a channel of his own…

Prussia- He makes his older brother who’s terrible at games play games and doesn’t tell him what it’s about or what to do and he just watched him get angrier and angrier. Sometimes he’ll play with him too and just beat him so hard that you’re sure he’ll never get him to play again but he’s back again next week. He’ll release stuff that he does by himself during the week but it’s usually just him playing random games. Lately Germany has bee getting better at games so they’ve been releasing them playing FIFA together and it’s pretty popular. 

Japan- Speed runner. He beat games so fast that he goes to competitions. He also does playthroughs of Japanese RPG games. He’s also a competitive Mario Kart and Smash player. He has a face cam during his videos but hardly ever says a word because he’s concentrating 

Italy and Romano- They play horror games. Neither of them are good at video games and are afraid of everything so it’s good fun to watch them lose their shit on their face cam. They got popular by playing Slender when it first came out and now people send them all the horror games they can to play. They stick with it and end up beating it but it’s a hell of a ride. 

A film critic (under the cut)

I watched “Look Who’s Back” (Original title: “Er ist wieder da”) in cinema with my parents today and it was one of the most intense cinema visits of my entire life. I can honest to god say it was worth it, but it was disgusting too. I am so appaled by all of the events concerning the refugees, the rise of national parties and all of those themes that were addressed that are so common nowadays. It’s like it’s the beginning of the 20th century all over again, and that is nothing but a bad thing.

Before you read: I know and understand that there is a lot you shouldn’t laugh about in this movies, and I didn’t laugh at the whole movie. If you read this, you will see that I cried, and I got angry.

Keep in mind that this movie was made (just like the book was written) to make you, me, all of us realise that we are always in danger of being manipulated and that it’s important to self-check before laughing at stuff like this. (Also, this is not spoiler-free but I kept the biggest plot twists out of it. Stuff that didn’t appear in the book.)

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Lancea Longini #5

Summary: Modern-day AU where Steve is a college professor whose specialty is WWII. You work for Stark Industries and after leading an excavation of Hitler’s secret bunker, you find an object that was thought to be a legend.
Characters: Steve Rogers, Bucky Barnes, Natasha Romanoff & Female Reader
Word Count: 1,867
Warnings: Angst and language.
Author’s Note: GIF found on Google. 
Miss the beginning?

Originally posted by lara4552

It was Saturday night and you were drunk; ruddy-cheeked, giggling like a little girl, flirting shamelessly with Steve, properly drunk. The game of charades had been Steve’s idea, the addition of drinking every time you lost a round had been Natasha’s. Needless to say, it didn’t take very long before the four of you had polished off two bottles of Cuervo.

With a hiccup, you sat on your knees and slapped your hands against your thighs. “Come on, Steve! We got this.”

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How would the 2p's react if they were asked about their childhood?

2P!America: me? As a kid? Heh heh… *slow grin* I was always the super fun and cool leader that everyone wanted to be friends with~ But I always got put on timeout for stupid shit… Still, those were the days, man. *leans in, whispers* Mattie was nicer to me too back then… don’t tell him I told you tho

2P!China: oh… *somber smile* I spent my childhood wishing I was older… And now that I am, I kind of miss being young… N-Not that I’m old or anything, shut up! It’s just that I miss having no responsibilities… and chasing girls around the playground… heh.

2P!England: *squeals* my childhood was a whole bunch of fun!~ I used to follow Allen around wherever he went and even though he was mean to me, I knew he enjoyed my company, hehe! In fact… *chuckles* not much has changed since then…

2P!France: *groans* …growing up was awkward and lame. And getting older with alcoholic parents was no fun either. *reaches for cigarette* Actually… hate to admit it… but those worthless parents of mine might’ve effected me as a kid, if you know what I mean.

2P!Russia: hmm… so many children were afraid of me… and I never did anything wrong. They upset me so I chose to never make friends. However… *looks away* I might have come to regret that later on in life…

2P!Italy: *chuckles* I played so many pranks on unsuspecting victims… And I was always getting in trouble for sneaking out at night… Oh, and I always cheated at board games. Even as a child, I knew I wanted to win at life… *sits back and smirks* the world was mine to conquer~

2P!Germany: ooooh boy, I remember me and Zao used to chase girls around on the playground all the freakin’ time! *laughs* but Luci was like my group’s ‘leader’ and he always bossed us around… but we listened to him… *scratches head* and… oh wait, we still do… fuck

2P!Japan: *grumbles* Lutz and I met Luciano at a young age… we were golden until that Italian came along… He was a bad influence on us *looks down* however… I can’t bring myself to regret my decisions, even the silly ones I made as a child.

2P!Canada: *closes eyes for a moment* uh okay… *opens again* when I think about my time as a kid, all I see are camping trips, climbing trees, getting Allen out of trouble, getting dragged around by Allen… beating up people who made Allen cry… and… fuck Allen

2P!Romano: *gasps and places a hand over his heart* my childhood was absolutely precious!~ playing dress up with Oliver, playing ballerina with Oliver, playing kitchen with Luciano, playing potions with Zao and Roland… making cutesy love letters… Ooh, and making flower crowns! *sighs happily* I sure do miss those carefree days~

2P!Austria: such fun times… *nostalgic smile* I loved games where we pretended to be wizards or knights… Ah, and games like Bloody Mary and Ouija and Light As A Feather, Stiff As A Board… basically any ghost or devil-summoning game, oho! Also, I loved those days when we would pretend to be a rock band and make our own instruments… good times, good times~

2P!Prussia: Oh… *small smile* I think… Lutz was a big part of my childhood. Even though I was the big brother, he was the one with the friends and play dates. I wouldn’t come out of my room much, but he would always find a way to include me in his fun. Even if he… had to drag me out… *looks away* …well actually, he still does that…

A little FYI to those who go on about how shippers cross boundaries (which is 99% bullshit). It wasn’t a shipper who bitched about Sam for weeks and slammed him up and down when he had to cancel appearance in Germany, wanting a personal publicly apology and then when she is lucky enough to MEET THE MAN today she demands he explain himself for cancelling right to his face. ARE YOU KIDDING ME???????? What kind of crack pot hypocritical thunderous twat does that? Feel however you want in private, but Sam Heughan owes you shit all. He owes you nothing but his best job playing Jamie. Scolding him in public is so ghetto trashy I can’t even…  The fact that so many would have loved to have an opportunity to meet Sam and you got the chance and did THAT? You’re an embarrassment to the fandom. Please turn your back on Sam and the show and leave the fandom like you keep threatening to do. Yeah. Shippers are the problem. Obviously. 

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What would the 2Ps do if their S/o dropped the ban hammer and declared, "No sex for a week"?

S/O: “Ok you know what?! No sex for a week!”

“WHAAAAAT!!!” The utter shock and disbelief on his face is just so satisfying: 2p Germany, 2p Romano

“Come on stop playing you can’t keep your hands off me for a whole week!” In total denial but knows deep down you’re not kidding and screams internally: 2p China, 2p America

“Are you serious?” Can’t believe what is happening…but will accept it while it lasts, no matter how annoying it is: 2p Spain, 2p Canada

“All right, but the second that week is done I’m pounding you into the mattress.” Endures the ban and eagerly awaits for it to be over: 2p Italy, 2p Japan, 2p France

“So be it, then.” Just shrugs and doesn’t mind it that much: 2p Prussia, 2p Russia, 2p England

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2Ps finding out their 1P has a crush on them? (as unlikely as that may be, it'd be kinda funny)



1P: *confesses to his 2P*

2p!america: wHAT *drops whatever’s in his hands* tAAAAKE ME YOU BIG DORK!~~~ *jumps into his arms, snuggles him* I LOVE YOU TOO, EVEN WITH YOUR FATTY FOODS

2p!china: *instant boner* haah… no way… *pushes him down and straddles him* i knew you’d eventually give in to me, yao~ *has always casually wanted to bang him* let’s give in to both of our desires tonight.

2p!england: *blushes* oh… goodness. *fidgets, giggles* but you were always so mean to me, artie… *leans in* now say it again~

2p!france: *unamused* …you love everyone.

2p!russia: *slight grimace* but we’re… of the same person…

2p!italy: *doesn’t look up from his phone* yeah yeah, now go play with some pasta, little boy. *shoos him away*

2p!germany: *jaw drop* y-you’re kidding me right now, you’ve gotta be kidding– ???!!!

2p!japan: *looks down, smirks* …looks like i was never the only one intrigued by selfcest.

2p!canada: *blushes, looks away, pouts* i, uh… *clenches teeth, flustered* i-i don’t know what to say… dammit…

2p!romano: *laughs and pats his shoulder* don’t look so confused lovi, with your other self being so gorgeous, how could you resist? *winks*

2p!austria: ohohohoho, i don’t blame you, roddy~ falling for me was inevitable, yes? *caresses his face, grins and whispers:* become one with the darkness and only then shall we be wed~

2p!prussia: *just about melts to the ground* aah, uh, w-what… *face burns like fire* do you really… mean that… *is so happy and shocked and overwhelmed that he could cry*

What democratic socialism means to me is that economic rights, the right for economic security should exist in the United States of America. It means to me that there’s something wrong when we have millions of senior citizens trying to get by on eleven, twelve thousand dollars a year social security. It means there’s something wrong when the rich get richer and almost everybody else gets poorer. It means there is something wrong and government should play a role in making sure that all of our kids regardless of their income are able to get a higher education which is why I’m calling for free tuition at public colleges and universities and why we have to deal with this horrendous level of student debt that people are having. Now what’s going on in countries around the world, in Scandinavia, and in Germany, the ideas that I am talking about are not radical ideas. So, what democratic socialism means to me in its essence is that we cannot continue to have a government dominated by the billionaire class and a Congress that continues to work for the interests of the people on top while ignoring working families. What this campaign is about and what I believe in is creating a government that works for all of us not just a handful of people on the top. That’s my definition of democratic socialism.
—  Senator Bernie Sanders

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Germany, Prussia, Spain, Russia and Netherlands as a dad and Belgia as a mother? I also love your blog, keep going like that<33


  • He is a strict father when it comes to school and activities such as sports.
  • However, he’s the one to sneak the little child a cookie every once and a while when his partner isn’t looking.
  • He also makes sure everything is 100% clean so your kid never gets sick and somehow survives adulthood.


  • Definitely the fun dad, taking you to concerts and buying you whatever you’d want
  • He, like Germany, keeps it clean somehow but not as clean as his brother.
  • Even if he says he is in charge, he always does what his partner says and it makes his child question who’s really the alpha in the family.


  • He’s the dad that brings his kid with him everywhere and boasts about how perfect and cute they are, and boast about his partner’s equal cuteness and perfection.
  • He plays with his kid all the time, and constantly wants him to sleep in the bed with him and his partner.
  • He, however, doesn’t shy from showing his affections for his partner in front of the child. He might have almost gotten caught doing the nasty with them by his kid.


  • He spoils his kid rotten because all he wants is them to be happy.
  • He fights for his partner’s attention with the child constantly.
  • His partner has to make sure he’s taking care of the baby correctly. He might try to feed them vodka.


  • Although he’s a silent man, he gives his child much love from affection.
  • He’ll spend slightly more money on his child than on himself, but not as much as he spends on his partner.
  • He’s a quick forgiver if his child starts crying, he can’t handle crying.


  • Her and Hungary tie for best mom ever.
  • She takes care of her child with such care that if they got hurt, you’d wonder how the hell it happened she’s so protective.
  • She showers her child in affection, loving to hear them giggle after every peck.
2P’sreact to their S/O being in sports

Allen D, Jones/ 2p America: “you still aren’t better at sports then me tho”

James Williams/ 2p Canada: “ever try snowboarding? or hockey?”

Louis Boneyfoy/ 2p France: I not interested in sports tbh…”

Oliver Kirkland/ 2p England: ”OH THEN YOU MUST TRY RUGBY WITH ME!!” *word to the wise DON’T play rugby with Oliver*

Sergei Braninsky/ 2p Russia: “i have played a few sports, but none really made we want to stay,that why i like books” 

Yang Wang / 2p china: did i ever tell you about that one time i was climbing a tree and i accidentally fell on Kuro, ahh man…my childhood stunk!”

Siegfried Beilschmidt./ 2p Germany: “wanna do parkout with me and Allen later then!!!” :D

Luciano Vargas/ 2p Italy: “wanna play football then warning i show no mercy” 

Flavio Vargas/ 2p Romano: “that explains why your hands are always have calluses”

Klaus Beilschmidt./ 2p Prussia: “oh w-what kind of s-s-sports do you do”

Kuro Honda/ 2p Japan: *shutters* “sorry it just one time when we were kids yang fell from a tree and ended up breaking my arm…i still haven’t paid him back for it yet” 

Ryszard Edelstein/ 2p Austria: “sports are for people who need to show off there strength in my opinion…oh but if you liek them, go right along with what you are doing”

Santiago Fernández Carriedo/ 2p spain: “I known since the second week i meet you”

2p playing video games

Jason J, Jones/ 2p America: “I am winning i am winning come you guys try to catch up to me” 10/10

James Williams/ 2p Canada: “How do i remote” -2/10

Louis Boneyfoy/ 2p France: ….i quit” 0/10

Oliver Kirkland/ 2p England: *is smiling while stabbing a video game charter* “This is one way to get the anger out of system”  6/10

Sergei Braninsky/ 2p Russia: “this seem like a waste of time,once i master all the moves it so simple to beat why you pay sixty dollars for this” 8/10


Siegfried Beilschmidt./ 2p Germany: “DIE YOU MOTHERFUCKER KILL EM” 7/10

Luciano Vargas/ 2p Italy: “This fucing stinks!” 0/10

Flavio Vargas/ 2p Romano: “I am bored!!!!!!!!!!!!,can we at least play something fun!” 3/10

Klaus Beilschmidt./ 2p Prussia: “This is fun” :) 8/10

Kuro Honda/ 2p Japan: “concentration to the max will hit you if you try to take the controller away” 10/10 

Ryszard Edelstein/ 2p Austria: “are you kidding me, i could cause even more mass destruction in the real world” 4/10

Santiago Fernández Carriedo/ 2p Spain: “I hate this” 1/10

Anastasia Braninsky/ 2p Belarus: “why should i play such silly games, this is boring and to many buttons!” 2/10

Maryska Braninsky/2p Ukraine: “….i have no idea what i am doing,but i am winning” 7/10

We came back to Gaza one year ago because my mother was extremely ill (totally blind because of diabetes), and with the Rafah border consistently closed it’s impossible to get someone in her condition to Cairo, let alone to Germany.

Since our return, my children are constantly asking questions. Why don’t kids in Gaza have playgrounds? Why do children play in crowded streets? Why don’t their peers have enough food? It breaks my heart to answer these questions, but at least I know how.

Since the war [latest Israeli assault] started, though, I’m stumped more and more often — and the questions are multiplying. What is happening, Mom? Why are they killing children? (Three of their young second young cousins — Ibrahim, Eman, and Asem — died, along with a pregnant woman and four other children, when Israel fired missiles at their multi-family apartment building. No military target was identified.) Will we die, too? Why do they hate us? Don’t they have children?

Am I supposed to tell them that, yes, we could die at any time from an incoming shell? Surely, I shouldn’t tell them about 19 children of the Abu Jamei family who were killed when a missile fired at one person struck them all as they broke the Ramadan fast one recent evening. How can I explain that, yes, the soldiers who have killed so many children often have children of their own? How can I persuade them that fireworks in Germany signify joy and celebration, while “fireworks” in Gaza cause death?

The most painful question they’ve asked me is a response to our neurotic nighttime habits. One night, I make all three sleep in the same bedroom with us, hoping to increase the odds they’ll survive if a shell hits one of the empty rooms in our house. But then the next night, I’ll separate them, thinking that if I divide my children they won’t all die in an attack. (Unless we’re hit by a half-ton bomb, rather than artillery shell, in which case we’ll all be killed, anyway.)

These are the painful contortions I’d wish on no mother anywhere. Yet mothers throughout Gaza make these decisions every night — and live with the consequences of one ill-fated move. But how am I supposed to answer when Maryam asks, “Why do we sleep somewhere different each night?”

My children, as with all children in Gaza, will need therapy following this carnage. Most, of course, will not receive it. They will enter adulthood remembering these days and the soldiers, F-16s and drones that were heedless of their nighttime cries and terror. Their mothers and fathers — unable to guard their children from these horrors — will need psychological help. And grandparents may have it worse of all, since the midnight terror this month feels terribly like the nights nearly seven decades ago when they were expelled from their homes in what became Israel, never to return.


Wejdan Abu Shammala, “The awful decisions I’ve made to protect my Palestinian children

The Washington Post op-ed. July 30th, 2014.