this is what kids play on in germany

My 2P Headcannons

2P America: Absolute dork. Loves baseball. Grew up playing baseball and lost a tooth when he got hit by a ball once. If his team loses, he sulks around. Requires lots of cuddles, loves giving affectionate nicknames (most of which just sound like nonsense).

2P England: another dork. Loves baking. Loves babysitting and just kids in general. I can see him baking and giving baked goods to the homeless (also giving what he doesn’t need to them). Such a sweetie. I love him with freckles. Don’t care the hair color, strawberry blonde, ginger, pink hair, just love this cutie. I adore him as a cute little chub

2P Canada: hockey nerd, big buff cheeto puff, I love him as a shy guy who has trouble talking to cute people (he’ll just kind of blush and say random words. Like if he wanted to ask you out, he’d just like stare you down for five minutes before just kind of muttering ‘lunch.’) Sulky baby when his team loses. Probs runs a wildlife rehabilitation in his house.

2P France: smoker, won’t smoke around little kids cause he knows its bad for them. Is the kind of guy who tolerates a lot (such as little kids climbing on him), doesn’t talk much but when he does, he likes to get hella deep sometimes. Is actually a good and supportive friend when someone needs him.

2P Russia: big guy who is actually pretty nice. Similar to 2P france but not a smoker. He likes to spend his free time in libraries and museums, discussing the universe with random strangers who will talk with him.

2P China: he’s a smoker but like 2P france, doesn’t do it around anyone who doesn’t want him to or anything. Likes to talk about the universe as well but loves to travel and try new things. Loves exotic animals and loves to cuddle them

2P Japan: big photography nerd. Probably runs an aesthetic blog on tumblr. he loves traveling and learning about other cultures and what they find beautiful. He’s a flirt but will back off if someone is feeling uncomfortable.

2P Germany: Big nerd. Loves history and military history. Is one of those guys who will get really political to keep the past from being repeated. Also likes video games and just like his 1P, loves dogs soooo much. Big flirt.

2P Prussia: quiet little baby, selective mute. loves video games and comic books, WILL DESTROY YOU AT ANY VIDEO GAME YOU CHALLENGE HIM TOO, prefers a quiet night in than anything else. Basically wears nothing but sweatshirts, probably has a collection.

2P Italy: Big cuddle bug, requires lots of attention, can be a bit of a douche sometimes but doesn’t mean to (mostly). Has a hella good sense of taste and makes the best food. Probably a chef and just loves cooking. Loves little kids and teaching them how to cook.

2P Romano: sassy baby. loves doing anything with clothes and is probs a fashion designer. That friend that will not let you leave the house looking bad because he thinks you deserve to feel your best. One of the people who might over hear a total stranger talking about how they cant afford this pretty piece of clothes and he will buy it for them and expect nothing in return.

2P Spain: kind of quiet but is a good cook like 2P Italy. He gets a lot of attention from 2P Romano because he purposefully likes to wear tacky things. Big dork.

Headcannons for all:



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franziska was klavier's mentor in germany Discuss


oh my gosh.

Franziska is probably not very happy about having to mentor this uppity 17 year old kid who is absurdly cocky for not really having too many wins. (Ohh later on, she’s actually pretty upset with him for screwing over Phoenix hehe.) Okay so anyway she’s very annoyed since he probably doesn’t apply himself that hard now that he’s passed all the tests and his music career is taking off? So Franziska wonders what the point of mentoring him is if he’s just going to play concerts all the time instead ??? Klavier finally gets a case though, and she watches as co-counsel. And he finally pulls through.

Klav is probably pretty intense during his first few trials, and he (at least to her) clearly panics when things aren’t going his way for a little bit. He tries asking her for help, but Franziska thoroughly believes that if he’s made it this far without her assistance, he can keep going. She could do without the guitar riff and the sunglasses indoors thing, but she’ll take it his hard-earned win, congratulating him on a job well done.

SO FLIP SIDE Klavier is probably mostly intimidated by her being his mentor because uh hello the amazing and perfect Franziska von Karma helping him like this? Never in his wildest dreams did he think this would come true. He knew she would be strict and intense, but WOW not like that. So he eventually just stops working as hard, since she demands more and more?? And besides, he still has his musical career to fall back on, so he’s not too worried.

THEN HELLO AJ ERA. He loses Daryan and Kristoph within quick succession and there’s not much he can do but just…..feel really bad? No one is helping, sadly, and he doesn’t know who he could reach out to. Until perfect Franziska von Karma storms into the office, demanding he tell her exactly what had happened. She obviously would have known about everything already from the news and from her little brother, but she’s got to take care of her cocky mentee!

@mesa-verde calls her his Angry German Mom, and I am hopeful that by the events of DD they are best buds and complain in German a lot to each other, since she eventually finds out he wasn’t faking it all along


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What if the 2ps played the Yandere Simulator? (Sorry if this was bothersome)

((how would this be bothersome omg the ask box is literally open for a reason? x’D ))

if the 2Ps played Yandere Simulater

2p!america: ‘the fuck? so i’m some psycho crazy bitch out to murder other bitches for this plain ass guy? ……… sweet, how do i play

2p!china: why can’t a real girl be yandere over me awwwwh

2p!england: i do this on a daily basis how is this not normal for other humans– *giggles* hehe… just kidding !!

2p!france: this is actually kinda fun what the fuck

2p!russia: this game is inhumane and grotesque, how do you like this

2p!italy: ….. *points to yandere-chan* me every day *winks at you*


2p!japan: well my reputation is up *stretches*  i suppose it’s time to confess to senpai now

2p!canada: wait what’s the menu button again *doesn’t know how to modern*

2p!romano: nuh-uh bitch *snaps fingers in z formation* get away from my senpai or else i’m gonna cut you up honey *murders NPC* see what did i tell you? mY HIPS DON’T LIE

2p!austria: i love this omg *gets addicted/ won’t stop playing*

2p!prussia: this is really weird………,, can we play some world of warcraft now

A little FYI to those who go on about how shippers cross boundaries (which is 99% bullshit). It wasn’t a shipper who bitched about Sam for weeks and slammed him up and down when he had to cancel appearance in Germany, wanting a personal publicly apology and then when she is lucky enough to MEET THE MAN today she demands he explain himself for cancelling right to his face. ARE YOU KIDDING ME???????? What kind of crack pot hypocritical thunderous twat does that? Feel however you want in private, but Sam Heughan owes you shit all. He owes you nothing but his best job playing Jamie. Scolding him in public is so ghetto trashy I can’t even…  The fact that so many would have loved to have an opportunity to meet Sam and you got the chance and did THAT? You’re an embarrassment to the fandom. Please turn your back on Sam and the show and leave the fandom like you keep threatening to do. Yeah. Shippers are the problem. Obviously. 

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    If he’d been asked the last time he was here if he thought this was possible, Isaac would’ve laughed in that person’s face.  None of them thought they’d make it and yet here he was, sitting on a park bench in Western Germany, just inside the border, watching his son play with the other kids.  His son… almost fully Jewish, running and laughing with German kids.  He would’ve laughed about this too once but now… things had changed.

    Slouching, he took another drag from his cigarette.  A decade since the war ended… had it really been that long?  Before he could fall into that trap again, a shadow fell and he found himself looking up at a tall young man, perhaps in his mid to late twenties, he guessed.  As he met the man’s cold blue eyes, he tensed, the anger in them clear, and took the cigarette out before trying to recall some of his very rusty German.  “Kann Ich helfen Sie?” he asked, glad that the phrase was similar enough to Yiddish that he didn’t entirely butcher it.  He thought… 

What democratic socialism means to me is that economic rights, the right for economic security should exist in the United States of America. It means to me that there’s something wrong when we have millions of senior citizens trying to get by on eleven, twelve thousand dollars a year social security. It means there’s something wrong when the rich get richer and almost everybody else gets poorer. It means there is something wrong and government should play a role in making sure that all of our kids regardless of their income are able to get a higher education which is why I’m calling for free tuition at public colleges and universities and why we have to deal with this horrendous level of student debt that people are having. Now what’s going on in countries around the world, in Scandinavia, and in Germany, the ideas that I am talking about are not radical ideas. So, what democratic socialism means to me in its essence is that we cannot continue to have a government dominated by the billionaire class and a Congress that continues to work for the interests of the people on top while ignoring working families. What this campaign is about and what I believe in is creating a government that works for all of us not just a handful of people on the top. That’s my definition of democratic socialism.
—  Senator Bernie Sanders