this is what im talking about guise


Bts reaction to you having a Anxiety attack.


Taehyung: You guys were making your way too his car, you guys had just came out of your work place. You start reflecting on all that happened, you just quite your job. The reality starts to haunt you , you start questioning wether you are going to be able to live well. Your mind starts exploding with questions, tae pats your head ruffly “are you going to get in?”. You get in the car and look out the window, he grabs a hold of your hands and tells you everything is going to be alright. His comforting leads you to uncontrollable tears, you turn to the window and let your bangs hide your face in an attempt to hide your tears. He looks at you but says nothing for a little bit , you preferred that he didn’t. He drives up too your apartment and wraps you in a hug “EVERYTHING IS GOING TO BE ALRIGHT, OKAY”he says practically yelling in your face, with a unconfident smile. You stop crying for a quick second but then end up crying harder , he leads you too your house and sits beside you on your couch. You put your head on his laps and he starts petting your hair back until you fall asleep. 


 Jin: Everything seemed to be going wrong today, you woke up and noticed you forgot to send in a final project. You cut your finger while cooking and couldn’t find any of your shit. Your car was being stupid so you had to take a bus too Jins house. A burning feeling echoed through your stomach. “Not, now” you kept on telling yourself. You search through your bag to  get the keys to his house , after 3 minutes of ripping everything apart in this 5 inch deep bag you knock on the door. You started to get antsy and your mind was all over the place, usually you would be able to calm yourself  down a little better but it just was  not happening. Jin opens the door up and gives you a large smile, “I thought you weren’t going to come” he says dragging you inside. You tried to giggle but you just couldn’t. “Why didn’t you just use your keys, you better not have lost it again” Jin says in a joking way. It was like a second until you started to cry, the tears wouldn’t stop.”OMO, what wrong. What happened?” jin says startled. “I lost everything -I-I-I-Im-sor-sor-RY” you say barely pronouncing your words.Jin pushes back some of your hair then pulls you forward into a hug,”You never cry, yet you cry over something so small”  you look down at the ground. 

He nudges your head up “Keep your head up” he says smiling   

 JImin:  You were on the phone with him about an hour ago when you suddenly said you had to leave. Truth is you were about to cry , there was no exact reason to it , nobody did anything to you. It was just that you were thinking to much and caused yourself another anxiety attack. You here door bell ring and go to answer the door in a large hoody to hide your eyes. Jimin storms in your house “Why did you hang up like that!! I was worried that something happened”. You clear your voice “Nothing” you say looking down at the floor trying desperately to calm down. “why is your voice so shaky” he says reaching for your hoodie, you take a couple steps back and he follows. He stops “are you crying? whats wrong?” “its nothing Jimin, really…Im used to it, it happens ” you say tears dropping rapidly, he leans against your table and looks at you. “Does it happen often” his voice gets quitter. You nod your head, he walks towards you and takes off your hoodie and holds your face. “Im always here for you ,so don’t cry alone” he hugs you and kisses your for-head.

 Suga: “You know you don’t have to put on such a tough image” he says to you, you dont look up. He grabs a hold of your hand and rubs his thumb against your index finger. The sound of sneakers on a basketball court fills your ears , Suga leans his head on the top of yours, “talk to me about it” he says. You take a deep breath and let out a sigh, you lean your head back up and wipe the tears off your face . You turn too look at him “I don’t know what it is , he lets out a giggle. “You look really ugly when you cry ..Hopie is worse though” , you start to laugh at the image.

 Jhope:Family drama , that was all that was happening in your life. You were caught staring at the wall too long, “Whats wrong , is it your mom?” J hope says interrupting your view of the dull white wall. You started to get anxious, you start cracking your fingers, you let out a sigh “I’ll get over it soon enough”. He nods his head and looks down at his phone, your thoughts start fighting in your head. You thought about getting up and walking to the washroom but that was too easy , your breath starts getting staggered. The tears rush out and you try not to make a noise. You see Hoseoks head shoot up. 

“Whats wrong, is it that bad??” you shake your head and start to stand up , to go to the washroom. Hoseok rushes to your side and hugs you  his arms wrapped around your head . He leans your head on his shoulder, he does not say anything and just hugs you. After crying for a solid 5 minutes, he starts talking to you. 

“It may be hard , but things have to get better” he says eyes a little wet. 

Jungkook: You were walking down the street when you notice all the people watching you, today was not the day. You couldn’t take any stares and definitely not the criticism , you tug on Jungkooks shirt “Can we go home”. He looks back at you and smiles “Sure”, he holds your hand and leads they way. You still felt the pressure of the stares and it was ruining you , you look down and the tears started to drop. You experienced this so many times ,so you new how to make it less obvious. Before you new it Jungkook pulled your arm whipping you around , so that you were facing him. His hands clenched your hand tighter , “Whats wrong, what happened… We will go home, so don’t cry”. He bent his legs so that you were looking down at him and he was looking up at you. “Y/N, you don’t cry a lot so it must really be bothering you. Im sorry”, you shake your head. “Im sorry, sometimes I just freak out and I don’t know how to stop it” he squeezes your hand and continues walking,faster this time.You guys get to the house and he sits you down across from him, “tell me exactly whats wrong”. He sat there and listened to you, with full attention. 

Rapmonster: You and Namjoon were having a really deep talk, about past events in your guises life. When it came to your turn to speak , you couldn’t contain the tears. The past traumas hit you like a truck and all you could do is cry. “Oh fuck, are you aiight” namjoon says grabbing a hold of your hand. You cry harder and louder ,”I-Im okay”  you barely get out. you hear a loud sigh and feel namjoons head lean on your for-head , “Its okay, its in the past” he says. 

“Sometimes ,it feels like it never stopped” you say 

“but Im here now” he says smiling, you let out a giggle. “But look at the state Im in” you say. 

“Its all my fault” he yells, and starts acting a fool to make you feel better.


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You're a fucking adult, you shouldn't be 'shipping' real people. It's disrespectful and fucking creepy. Grow up.

Literally who are you??? Maybe the cute pink colors and cute designs mislead you to believe im tolerant of bs but i do not give zero fucks about what you think about me and what I do in my spare time. You can sit there behind your slimy fucking computer screen spewing shit into peoples inboxes wit yo crustyass keyboard because you have nothing else better to do, but youre still just a person sitting behind a computer screen. You mean absolutely nothing to me. Fuck off bruh i got too much shit on my plate to have someone hiding behind the guise of anonymity talk me down like theyre better than me. Everyone who ships grumps w me knows that were allowed to do so. I keep my shipping content out of the main tags so people who are squicked out by it dont have to see it. Stop acting like youre holier than thou, protecting you//tubers from the ‘disgusting shippers’ when the only way theyll actually see it is if they go into the shipping tags on their own volition.

Like im answering you because you clearly think i give a fuck about what you have to say, as if you hiding behind anon gets my panties in a bunch. But im stating it right now: i dont. I dont care about you, i dont care about your messages, i dont care that you think im some immature adult, i dont care about what prompted you to message me in the first place, i dont care if youre someone i talked to previously thats suddenly sending me hate, I. Dont. Care. And the sooner you block me, the sooner youll go back to enjoying your dashboard. Dont message me again you fucking twat, i have no fucking problem disabling anon if you feel the need to do so anyway.