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Closet Softie

Or, How Bucky Barnes Nearly Ruined His Tough-Guy Rep

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The trail mix was gone. 

The nice, expensive trail mix, with twelve kinds of nuts and the big sunflower seeds and dried fruits, the kind Tony only rarely left sitting on the common floors for everyone to get at, was gone. 

Clint had been looking forward to that stuff all morning

All the way through a hellish morning “jog” with Steve, all through Nat handing him his ass on the training mats, all through firing the same batch of misweighted arrows over and over so Tony could take scans and fix the design, he’d been thinking, when this is done I get to go upstairs and hang out on the couch and watch Dog Cops and eat the good trail mix, guilt-free. 

And it was gone.

Clint was gonna shoot somebody.

Just as soon as he figured out who’d taken the trail mix.

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yesterday i saw a sad duck in the park who kept getting picked on by the other ducks so today i brought some trail mix and we had a nice lunch together. also i think he might be the duck who pooped on sam last week. if so, he is officially my new best friend. 

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the way homecoming Should Have Ended
  • the pain of jeremiah’s actions stings almost as much as the fact that kara knows this feeling well. she wants the betrayal to burn its way down her spine, but it doesn’t, not when she’s been hurt so many times before.
    • if anything, this is a different kind of pain than true betrayal. it is dull, a constant ache, not a seeking one. it’s a pain that says i’m here, i’m always here, i’m always here
  • sometimes when the anger is too much, when it presses down too hard, she flies. sometimes she screams. sometimes—she cries
    • these times, the moments where she curls up on her couch and just lets go–they are rare, born only from the most desperate of dashed hopes
  • there is a knock at the door, and kara mutters something about unlocked– come in. she does not spare much thought to the figure at the other side, too exhausted to lift her head, x-ray the door. whatever she is expecting, it is certainly not lena, carrying a small paper bag
  • “you had to miss lunch today, and well, when i miss lunch, that means i’m too busy to eat, so i wanted to stop by with some d—”
    • in any other moment, lena’s rambling would be endearing. in any other moment, kara would be blushing furiously by now, stumbling, falling
    • in this moment, her breath catches in her throat, comes out as half a sob. she wipes her eyes, a futile gesture, and tries to smile like lena hasn’t just walked in on her sitting and crying, alone on her couch
    • (of all the people, of all the times. kara almost wants to laugh at the universe for being so against her)
  • “i, uh– well, you’re right, i didn’t eat. thank you,” kara says. lena wavers for a moment before shaking her head, stepping forward once, giving kara a chance to rebuke her
    • it would be as easy as sorry, i kind of want to be alone right now. lena is expecting it–who would want a luthor as a source of comfort?–but the words never come
  • so she sits next to kara, tense and unsure, but then kara is sniffling and leaning into her, and lena wraps her arm around kara’s shoulder and pulls her close
    • it is, after all, what kara would do for her
  • they sit like that for some time, silent save for the occasional trembling breath
  • eventually, kara breaks the silence: “my father back on–” she swallows, hard, shakes her head a bit. “my father made the medusa virus. he created it, and when i found out, i was… i was so angry. i had loved him, believed in him. and he had created that? and my adoptive father here he… he betrayed us too. today. he came back, but he–”
    • lena knows kara is supergirl, has known since the moment kara danvers walked into her office for the first time, hot on the heels of clark kent. but the confirmation, uttered with so much trust, so little fanfare, makes her heart clench painfully
  • “it still hurts,” kara says. “even– even though it’s happened before. it still hurts”
  • “it’s because you care,” lena says softly. “you care so much about everyone, and you trust, and you love. that’s not a bad thing. that’s an incredible thing, kara”
    • she wants to say more. she wants to say i never believed i was a good person until you came into my office and sat on my couch and now– now you are doubting yourself, and oh, i wish i could show you the same thing you showed me
    • she wants to say i love you but she’s not sure about that yet, though she is becoming increasingly confident by the day
  • kara leans back so she can look at lena, bites her lip at the way lena is looking down at her with so much righteous affection, like she would take on the world to prove the truth of her words. it is the same look she gives lena. “do you mean that?”
  • lena does not answer. instead, she reaches for the paper bag she had placed on the table earlier. she holds it up for a moment, waits for kara to understand
    • kara brought donuts when lena needed trust, needed love. it is her turn to return the favor
  •  “i figured you could use a donut. you do eat donuts, right?” lena says. kara stares at the bag for a beat, then she looks up
  • finally, she smiles. “well, i’m not human, but—”
hit and run
  • I stole ur car to outrun these assholes but we got t-boned and now both of us are staring down 7 gun barrels-–don’t worry babe ok I totally have this handled

modern criminal au. part 1/3
fandom: inuyasha // inukag
inukag week day 1: protect
words: 1238
summary: “It’s not like I did it because I like you or anything. When this is over, you’re probably dead meat, and I won’t care a fucking bit!”
“You know, I’d maybe believe you if you hadn’t just taken a bullet for me, you jerk!”

Hello hello, I return to the Inuyasha fandom once more. Coincidentally, right in time for Inukag week! Twas fate. Enjoy this little adventure. <3

It wasn’t every day you found yourself staring down the barrel of a gun. Multiple guns, to be exact. It wasn’t every day, either, to have your car stolen, along with yourself, by an angry, screaming lunatic with a bag full of ramen cup noodles. To have both these things happen in a day was so unlikely that Kagome was ready to sue whoever was in charge of Probability. All she had wanted was to buy some harmless groceries.  

Now here she was, frozen with fear inside her car, while her kidnapper stood in front of the hood with his hands held high. He’d left the car door open, and the smell of gasoline and garbage wafted inside. Not the best part of town. Their persecutors had caught up with them all too quickly, and sadly they had not been the police. Whoever this ramen thief was, he was knee-deep in trouble of the worst kind, and it probably didn’t have to do exclusively with the theft of instant noodles. Then again, who was she to know the workings of criminals? Maybe there was a ramen cup noodle mafia.

But no matter how much Kagome disliked her car-napper, she did not want to see him shot. And, from the looks of it, that was exactly what was going to happen. So Kagome did the only stupid thing she could think of: she jumped out of her car, screamed at an angry mob with guns to please stop and protectively stepped in front of the asshole.

They wouldn’t shoot an innocent woman, right?

Except, she realized a little belatedly, they would. Of course they would.

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Request: can u do an imagine wherein y/n is a college student and is having a hard time balancing her studies and having a long distance relationship with Justin and Justin plans a surprise for her and does all these cute stuff to y/n.

Sorry for the wait. Hope It was worth it.

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Time. It’s either your best friend or your worst nightmare. - A blessing or a curse - A hero or a villain. There are so many scenarios that can play out around the little hands of a mechanical machine that hangs on a dull wall.

In my case, at this second, I honestly could not hate time anymore then right now. It feels like it’s purposely teasing me, trying to boil my blood with every agonisingly slow second. I swear I think I can
hear the clock laughing at me. Each tick of the hands is a tiny giggle directed only at me.

There is so little time left, yet it feels like an eternity more. Just a few more seconds…





Oh thank God! With both hands, I swipe up all my equipment from in front of me and shove them aggressively back into my book bag. Not even letting Mr Martin compete his lecture on political opinions, I rush out the door and away from that nightmare of a class.

On the campus grounds, I’m immediately greeted with rushing students all around, all with the same determined goal and that is to get as far away from this hell hole as possible. Without even sparing a glance in the opposite direction, I’m immediately on the rush towards the girls dormitories.

My dorm room once I had approached it was my number one priority, quickly dashing inside as quick as possible, slamming the door with a sigh behind me. But It wasn’t as if I could just stop, drop and do nothing. I had hours and hours of studying ahead of me, and I was already having trouble keeping my eyes open.

It’s times like this I really wish Justin was here. To calm me down during times of anxiety and stress. I just miss him so much but I don’t have the heart to ask him to come and visit. He’s doing what he loves and I would never make myself a priority during a time made for belieber’s.

Many hours later, my dorm mate had been in out of the room for the last 20 minutes, yelling and laughing about with her friends. This totally threw me off, losing my train of thought somewhere between my books and the noise.

A sigh escaped my lips, fingers applying pressure to my temples in agitation. I can’t do this, not while I’m this distracted. I need my baby boy.  

After rubbing the corners of my eyes of the sleep forming, and removing my glasses from my face, I finally decided on a break and reached for my phone, quickly dialling Justin’s number for a facetime call.

It dialed, and dialled and dialled until….”Yo this is JB. Im probably busy in the studio or performing so just a leave a message and I’ll get back to you soon.” 

“Hey Jay baby. I know your probably busy but I really just wanted to call. Schools been really hectic and I just needed to hear your voice. Call me back as soon as you can. Love you.”

“Hey, Y/N! Can you run down to the store and buy us some beer.”

My head shot over to the door of my room, a sigh escaping my lips. It annoys me that my roommate is too late lazy to go out and do it herself, deciding to disturb my study session instead, but then again, a break and something to get Justin off my mind was definitely well needed.

It was still sun up outside, it being only a few past 2 in the afternoon meaning people were more then likely just finishing there own classes for today. Deciding to leave my phone at home, I swiped up my dorm keys and my wallet, and made my way out of the dormitory.

The walk to the local walmart was short and quite enjoyable. The late summer breeze sang around me, swaying my hair slightly as I strolled down the bustling paths. Students surrounded the entirety of the campus grounds, either chatting or finishing off some work. 

But my mind was set firmly on Justin. Oh how I missed him. 2 weeks ago was the last time we had spoken. 3 months since we had seen each other. It was as if he was only seeming to become busier and busier as purpose tour went on.

And the fact that our relationship is very private worries me slightly. Justin could honestly get away with messing around with a girl if he wanted to. Not that I didn’t trust him. But no one knows about us, so it only makes me more anxious about this whole situation.

As the doors of walmart retracted, allowing me access inside, I quickly dashed over to the alcohol section, grabbing ahold of the cheapest and most affordable box I could find. After a bit of struggle, I had managed to make it over to the register to pay for the beer, only to be suddenly interrupted by a loud yell from outside. 


It sounded high pitched and more shocked then anything. My eyes darted towards the windows of the store, peering outside at the scene before me. the Young cashier doing the same. 

All I caught sight of was a black SUV surrounded by a mob of girls. Suspicion drew within me, only one person I know that could cause such commotion running through my head. No, that’s ridiculous. He’s in New Zealand right now, half way across the world!

“Ma’am!” The boy called, it sounded as if he had been trying for my attention for a while. My head whipped back to stare at the boy, eyes wide.


“That’ll be 19.99.” He repeated, holding his hand out expectantly.

“Oh.” I mumbled, reaching out to hand the boy a twenty dollar note before grabbing a hold of the heavy box and quickly making my way outside. 

Gliding through the mob of girls was hard, and I tried everything to just ignore the scene and attempt to just get this box home as quick as possible, but the shouts of these girls had me drawn further and further in curiousity, one in particular catching me off guard.


Justin?! I-It can’t be! can it?

My head immediately whipped around, turning to acknowledge the SUV parked rather close to me. My eyes locked on the tinted window supporting the back seat, squinting slightly as if something in me just knew something. And before I knew it, the door was opening. 

Slowly, but it was opening, a figure finding its way out of the car. Screams had enhances, more girls appearing at the realisation of the pop icon in our campus but out of every girl, his eyes seemed to only be on one. Me.

My eyes watered, tears threatening to spill at sight and the box I was holding immediately slipped from my fingers, a small crack sounding as it impacted the floor. “Justin?” I whispered. 

A smile played at his perfectly plump lips, arms spreading slightly as if to say ‘you guessed it!’

At that moment, Mikey stepped out of the front seat, a bouquet of bright red and white roses, and multiple shopping bags from stores such as Pink, Nike, VS, Lou boutin and Pandora In hand. All topped with a large card sticking out the top of the roses reading ‘To My babygirl, Love Jay baby.’

Instantly smiling at the use of my nickname to him, I looked over into his eyes with a grateful and loving smile.

“I’m right here baby girl.” He mumbled but to me, it was the loudest thing i could hear. Instantly, I pressed my body forward, wasting no time but to jump into his arms. Ignoring all the confused and jealous stares emitting from all around, I pressed my lips against his as he supported me by placing his arms under my ass.

Both arms wrapped around his neck, pulling him to me to intensify the kiss. 

God, I missed his lips so much.

“You’re here.” I mumbled. 

“I’m here.” he repeated. “Right here.”


ahgase challenge
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[ jb (im jaebum) x cafe!au ]

you can see the golden, pink sunrise peaking up from the city skyline from the view inside your grandmother’s cafe. a yawn escaped your lips without your permission and you lightly smacked your cheeks to get you to wake a bit more.

with all the chairs turned over and placed on the ground from their night’s rest on the tables, you dragged your feet behind the counter to start up the coffee makers and to check the timers on the pastries that were baking in the back. 

as you filled one of the machines with your favorite blends to make your own cup of coffee to fully wake you before the cafe actually opened, a light tap on the glass doors distracted you. your eyes quickly meet a pair of dark, chocolate brown orbs that were slightly hidden behind his messy fringe. even with more than half of his face being covered by a black mask and his dark hair, you felt yourself blush as he gave you a gentle wave to open the door.

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Out Of Nothing At All - Seventeen

It took Spencer twenty minutes before he was able to speak again.

He’d made his way out the city and back onto the freeway, his knuckles white from how tightly he was clenching the steering wheel. Every time you went to speak to him, he just shook his head, sensing that you wanted to talk but that he couldn’t. He was too wound up.

You couldn’t believe that he’d actually told your Mother off. The only person to ever attempt that and come out in one piece was your Grandfather. Reid had stuck up for you….. Despite all of the horrible things you’d done or said to him in the past. He’d had your back.

The anger on his face as he’d stormed out the house had been indescribable, even when interrogating suspects or taking down unsubs, you rarely saw him lose his cool. There was something about it that had been so….. Attractive.

You shook that feeling off, glancing at him as he bought the car to a stop. Traffic… Again.

He sighed loudly, clearly frustrated and then you both jumped as a bright flash lit the dark sky followed by one of the loudest cracks of thunder you’d heard. Seconds later, the heavens opened, rain pounding down on the roof of the car.

“Fucking fantastic,“ Reid muttered.

“I know right. It’s 8pm. If traffic’s as bad as it was coming here, we’re not gonna get home until the early hours. The roads must still be blocked from the accident earlier.”

“And I despise driving in the rain.”

“I know you do.” You reached out and squeezed his arm.



“Thank you…. For sticking up for me.”

He turned to you looking surprised, as if they’re ever been any doubt that he wouldn’t have.

“Y/N of course I’d stick up for you. Your Mother was totally out of line. I honestly didn’t believe she was as vile as you made her out to be but now I think you were perhaps being too nice about her. She has no right saying the things she does.”

“Well still, thank you. It means a lot that you would.”

“Of course.”

In the next hour and a half you moved about five miles at most. The combination of the rain and the accident that had delayed you before, making the roads terrible.

Spencer started to signal to turn off when he saw an exit coming up.

“I remember seeing a motel earlier. I think we might have to just call it a night. We’re not going to get home until a ridiculous time otherwise and I’m exhausted.”

“I could drive for a bit?” you offered.

“If the motel doesn’t have any vacancies then you might have to. But if we can get some rooms, then I think it might be better to just stay here and drive home tomorrow when the roads are clear.”

“Okay… Whatever works.”

He drove for another few miles or so, wipers going ten to the dozen until you spotted a Motel with a vacancy sign. He pulled into the parking lot as close to the reception as he could.

“Stay in the car….. I’ll go see if they’ve got two rooms free.”

“Two? Spence we can just share. It’s fine.” Spence?….. Since when did you become JJ?

He clocked it too, his eyes flickering slightly.

“Sorry…… I know you don’t like anyone else calling you that.”

“No it’s fine…. And it’s not that I don’t like I don’t mind other people calling me that, it’s just JJ is generally the only person who does. It just sounded strange coming from you that’s all, but in a good way. And, if you’re sure, I’ll go for the one room. Be back in a second.”

He hurried out of the car, dashing across to the Reception returning ten minutes later with a key card in hand. He got back in the car, restarting the engine and driving the few yards across to another space just outside a door.

“We actually got the last room anyway, so we’d have had to share.”

“That’s okay Spence….. ”

He grinned at you and gave you the key. “You go in, I’ll grab the bags outta the back okay?”

Sliding out of the seat you walked to the door as quickly as you could, getting pelted with the heavy rain quickly soaking through your coat. Unlocking and pushing the door open you hurried inside, surveying the room.  Standard motel room decor, basic but neat and the smell of bleach at least told you it was clean.

Spencer came hurrying in moments later, dropping your bags on the floor and slamming the door shut, pushing his now dripping hair out of his face.

“Spencer….. ”


“Im hungry.” You’d not managed to eat much at your Mother’s.

He sighed before admitting, “Me too…. There’s a vending machine in reception. Do you have change?”

You chucked him your purse watching him hurry back out into the torrential rain, using the time alone to quickly peel off your dress and climb into your comfortable pajamas.

Shoving your hair up into a loose bun, you used a make up wipe to clean your face before searching for your phone and charger.

Six missed calls…huh? You didn’t recognise the number, but as you plugged it in to the socket it started to vibrate again.

You swiped to answer it, sitting cross legged on the bed.


“Y/N? It’s Lia.”

Your sister? What was she doing calling you. It said a lot about your relationship that you didn’t even have her number stored in your phone.

“I guess you want to have your say too then Amelia. I guess we didn’t really give you much chance earlier.”

Reid came back through the door, laden down with chips, pretzels and cans of soda. Realising you were on the phone, he quietly assembled his wares on the bed.

“Actually no…… Y/N. I wanted to….. I wanted to say I’m sorry. For how Mom reacted.”

“Pardon?” You clicked your phone to speaker, motioning for Spencer to listen.

“I’m sorry….. Look. This is hard Y/N. I know we’ve not always been close and I know that’s probably more my fault than yours…”

No shit.

“But, you don’t deserve Mom going off on you the way she does. And….. What happened to Will wasn’t your fault. What your friend said earlier made total sense. So…. I’m sorry okay. For everything. And….. Congratulations.”

You didn’t know what to say. Your sister never apologised to anyone for anything. Yet hear she was, on the other end of the phone, sounding choked up whilst she was apologising to you.

“Are you still there?”

“Erm… Yeah, sorry. I’m just taken a back I guess.” Even Spencer was looking surprised.

“I get it. It’s totally out of character and all,“ Lia gave a small giggle. “I do mean it though, and I thought I should tell you. Y/N…… I’d like to be in your life again in someway. Maybe we could try to get to know each other again?”


“Erm…. Oh fuck Lia. Erm sure, okay. Maybe when this baby is born you and George could visit or something?”

“Yes…. I’d like that. I know George would too. I’ll let you go now, but congratulations again okay. To you and Spencer. I liked him by the way, it’s not often someone can wipe that smirk off Mother’s face.”

You ended the call, totally gobsmacked.

“So that was weird.” You turned to Reid, grabbing a bag of pretzels and a coke and tucking in.

“Very….. But, she’s making an effort. Are you going to stay in touch?” Reid was shovelling chips into his mouth.

“We’ll see. I’ll leave it to her to make contact again, but we’ll see.”

You ate, and then cleaned up your empty wrappers, Reid going off into the bathroom to get changed.

There was only the one double bed in the room so you settled down next to each other, you clicking the TV on to an channel marathoning old episodes of E.R.

You snuggled down to watch feeling sleepy, but not quite tired enough yet. Plus…. You were cold.

“Spencer…. Is it totally weird if I steal body heat.”

“How can you steal my body heat exactly?” His confused look made you giggle.

“Cuddling? Ugh forget it… It’s definitely weird. I blame the baby. I think she wants to be close to her daddy.”


“It’s strange isn’t it…. Mommy and Daddy.”

“Very….. But anyway, yes. Steal my body heat. I wouldn’t want to deprive the little peanut.”

Result… He lifted his arm and you snuggled close, resting your head on his chest soon feeling warmer and strangely content.

After two episodes, you could feel your eyes drooping and Spencer’s breathing had evened out. You clicked the TV off, Spencer’s eyes opening again as he felt your weight lift off him.

“Night Y/N.”

“Night Spence, thanks again for today.”

You leant in, intending to give him a quick kiss on the cheek as a gesture of gratitude.

But he turned, and your lips brushed the corner of his mouth instead.

You both recoiled slightly, but left your faces close to each other in the darkened room, the atmosphere suddenly as electric as the earlier storm had been. 

You weren’t sure which one of you moved first but your lips were suddenly against each other’s again, moving slowly and gently. His were soft and tasted of mint from where he’d brushed his teeth earlier.

He tilted his head, sucking your bottom lip between his, the motion so reminiscent of that night, that damn night. You’d forgotten what a good kisser he was. It was only when he moved his hand to your cheek that you pulled back, eyes wide as you realised what you were doing.


Just no.

That could not happen.



Both of you apologised hurriedly.

“Can we just…. ”

“Forget that happened and go to sleep. Yes please,”  you rushed out, noticing that his breathing was ragged.

“Yes, that. Sorry… Good night Y/N. Sorry… Shit. Sorry.”

“Forget about it Spence. Please. Good night,” you whispered, you both quickly turning so that your backs were to each other on the bed.

What the fuck was that all about?



No. Just…. No.


Nope, Y/N.

Your internal argument went on for a good while longer before you finally fell asleep.

Lunch Date (Mick x Plus Size! Reader) Imagines - Anonymous Request

Mick has always had a thing for you, and finally grows a pair to ask you out for lunch…


“Hey, Glasses - you got a minute?”

You jumped, startled by Mick’s loud, boisterous voice.

While you could normally hear the pyromaniac approach you from miles away, he had somehow snuck up on you like some kind of ninja. From across the library, Nate and Ray exchanged looks of surprise amongst them before turning to you.

You merely shrugged.

Setting down the stack of encyclopedias you had on the nearest table, you pushed up your glasses and immediately straightened your sweater. You always hated how they bunched up around your love handles and made you appear bigger than you really were…

“Yeah, Mick,” you answered back. “You need something?”

“Like hell I do,” came his response.

His brows furrowed, his mouth set into a hard line, the pyromaniac entered the library, quickly made his way towards you and invaded your personal space. The distinct smell of soot and bourbon invaded your senses and made you unexpectedly lightheaded.

“Um…” You stumbled back a half step, just to put some distance between you two. “What - uh, what do you need exactly?”

“Lunch,” he gestured towards your stomach, making you flush. “Thought a gal like you could spend it with me. You like chicken, right?”

You could hardly process anything he was saying due to shock. “What?”

“Chicken,” Mick grumbled. “For some reason, I remembered Hawkgal and that hussy of hers. Got a sudden craving for chicken after.”

He held up a bucket of legs - crips and steaming - before setting it on the table.

The pyromaniac paused as if remembering something.

“You drink too?” he asked, raising an eyebrow.

You squeaked. “I guess…?”


He raised his other hand and slammed down a 6-pack of Rogue Dead Guy Ale. A high-end convenience store beer that was appropriate in both name and taste.

“I thought we could split it,” he suggested, a flush of pink dancing on his cheeks. “One for you, five for me. Since, you know…you’re not a heavy drinker…”

Your eyes grew wide.

“Oh, um…” You fidgeted with the hem of your sweater. “That sounds appealing and all, but…”

What about the other guys? As sweet as he was being, Mick still failed to realize that you two weren’t alone in the library.

Your eyes darted towards Nate and Ray, who were watching the scene unfold, mouths agape. In the midst of his shocked state, Nate unintentionally let a hefty textbook slip through his fingers. Fortunately, he managed to catch it before it hit the ground; though, not without injuring Ray.

The pyromaniac pursed his lips. “What’s wrong?”

“Well…” you gestured towards the other guests in the room. “Is there enough for them too?”

Turning so slightly, Mick looked over to the other half of the library and came face-to-face with the additional members of Team Legend. The two cringed awkwardly as he pinned them underneath his dark, piercing stare.

Huh…” Mick frowned. “You nerds are here.”

Ray smiled uneasily. “Haha, yeah…”

“Us nerds…” Nate added.

There was an uncomfortable silence that festered between the trio. And while everyone’s attention was turned away from you, there was a strong need to dig a hole and bury yourself in it. I mean, you could practically touch and massage the awkwardness in here and it drove you insane.

Thankfully, Nate got the message.

“We were just…” he jabbed both of his thumbs over his shoulder. “Yeah, we were just going. You know, to get food.”

“Not your food though,” the A.T.O.M. user interjected. “Your food is yours.”

“We’ll be in the kitchen.”

“Away from you.”

“So you can be alone.”

“And we won’t make things awkward.”

…Too late for that, you thought, blazing bright red with embarrassment, as the Bro-Duo was slowly forced the situation downhill. Mick glared at them in a butt-out-of-this-piggies kind of way. Both of them wilted under his stare.

“Get out.” he growled.

They didn’t need to be told twice.

Nate and Ray dashed out of the room before they pyro could get his hands on his Heat Gun. For a while, he kept his eyes trained on the entrance; but, was finally able to relax when he heard a distant door close off.

Shutting his eyes, Mick reached up and rubbed his shaved head impassively. “Listen, Glasses…”

You straightened up when he addressed you.

“You don’t have to do this,” he said bluntly, as he avoided your gaze. “I’m not your type, and I sure as hell ain’t no prince charming. But…”

He took a deep breath.

“I like you. A lot.” he admitted. “So, what do you say, you be my babes and we just do lunch here and now?”

The pyromaniac stood straight and proud, showing you that he had nothing to fear; yet, with the way he was pounding at his thigh with a fist told you otherwise.

Mick Rory - tough-as-nails, sharp-tongued, uncensored Mick Rory - was nervous.

In a way, he reminded you of a little kindergartener who was trying to confess his feelings for the first time; though, with his given personality, the metaphor wasn’t too far off.

That fact alone rocked you to your core.

You released a sigh in awe. “I don’t know what to say…”

He was sweet and charming and, while you’ve never thought of him any other way until now, there was a part of him that you found lovable.

Despite his less than sophisticated demeanor.

Still rapping his fist against his thigh, Mick sneaked quick glances at you. “You could say yes,” he suggested awkwardly. “You know, just to get this over with.”

You smiled once more.

“Okay,” you squeaked shyly. “Then, I guess that’s a yes.”

He blinked. “Really?”

You nodded.

At that moment, Mick looked like he wanted to smile - which was apparent from the number of times his mouth broadened considerably - but every time it did, he would look away force himself to scowl. A gesture that you found quite adorable.

“So, uh…” he started, clearing his throat. “Lunch then?”


Taking mercy upon his uncomfortably affectionate soul, you moved the encyclopedias off the desk and gestured towards the two seats.

He settled himself in the nearest chair.

Before you could take a seat of your own, Mick reached over, grabbed onto your wrist and gave a quick jerk. The gesture was so unexpected that you found yourself tumbling over to him…right in his lap…


Of course, being the uncoordinated doof that you were, you landed in the most unsophisticated, unrefined position you could ever think of. Scrambling to place your hands on his broad chest, you attempted to pull away; only to find that you couldn’t.

Mick had snaked a strong, sinewy arm around your waist and kept you firmly in place. You could feel his heartbeat against his - a strong indication that he was just as nervous as you were.

With one hand, Mick reached across the table and grabbed a beer. He popped the cap off using the corner of the desk, releasing a small ‘pffft’ sound in the process, before handing it to you.

“Beer?” he asked.

Flushing brightly, you nodded. “Okay…”

For the rest of the afternoon, the two of you remained in the library and spent a quiet - yet, increasingly enjoyable - lunch. 

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Prompt: im the last anon and. think itd be really cute to see mick being a bit soft with the (plus sized) reader infront of the team and stuff☺ makes a change from his rough demeanour….

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Bound for Life and Beyond Reason

THE ASK: “ *holds your face gently* *whispers* kyouhaba, dragon AU ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)” FROM THE AMAZING @queerbatnana!!!!

THE RESPONSE: *sweats* f-four thousand words….

i apologize. thank you for the ask though!!!!! this was amazingly fun to write!!!!

If Kentarou thinks hard enough, he can pinpoint the moment he actually condemns the rest of his life, and it just so happens to be the earliest memory he can remember.

A silver stone, with an engraved golden, swirling pattern all over it, sat not too far from his house at the edge of the village. He was small, around three or four, he can never remember exactly. What he does remember is teetered out and picking it up.

The stone was bigger than both his fists and, despite its size, it was incredibly feather-light and pleasantly warm. He gasped and giggled at it, loving how it glinted in the sunlight and how the ridges of gold felt underneath his wandering fingers.

It was only when he pressed his ear to it, thinking that, like the rumors of seashells holding the sounds of the ocean, the rock would carry the sounds of the earth, did his little mind think it was more than a rock. Because the moment he pressed his ear to it, its warmth climbed to a scorching heat, like putting your hands too close to the fire and having the flames trying to lick at them.

In the same moment, his uncle, Kiyoshi, called out to him. Kentarou dropped the rock in shock, from the call and the warmth, and it oddly shook and rolled away to the edge of the woods even though the land was perfectly level. Kiyoshi gathered him up and led him back inside.

So, Kentarou guesses now, its only fate that he grows up to be in love with the only things that seem to be the bane of everyone else’s existence: dragons. They barely attack the village, not anymore, not since the people fought back and they learned to stay away from humans or else. Instead, they fished their oceans and the smaller ones picked off the forest game they could get to. The dragons made food besides anything they could grow hard to come by, and many still thought they should be killed in cold blood for making their lives miserable.

But Kyoutani thought they were beautiful. He wandered into the woods the moment the sun broke the horizon and emptied the traps the other villagers set out (they were all too stupid to set traps that would kill the dragons in sight, too sadistic that they would want to kill the beasts themselves, so it made Kentarou’s job easier). His acts of kindness never made the dragons less wary of him, but it certainly made them accept his help quicker. All his efforts ever got him was a quick glance and a flurry of wings as they fled, but it was all the same; Kyoutani couldn’t shake these creatures, and they couldn’t shake them, not if they wanted to live.

But it started, oddly enough, when Kentarou became aware of the streak of silver at the edge of his vision as he released the dragons from the traps every morning.

He noticed it once, then twice, and then it became a commonplace thing. Anytime he was in or at the edge of the forest, he would see the blur of silver in is peripheral no matter how hard he tried to catch a better glimpse of it. The whole thing would have bothered him to no end if he didn’t assume it was a dragon in the first place.

A dragon following him around? He must be the luckiest dragon-lover ever!

When Kentarou turned sixteen, Kiyoshi believed he was old enough to start helping out the village.

“You spend time in tha’ damned forest often ‘nough, why not try shootin’ a lil’ game to sell in the marketplace? And shoot summa those demons, while you’re at it! Gods know we need less a’them!”

And that’s how Kentarou found himself with a bow and arrow, a new knife, and a whole lot more free time in the forest.

Truth be told, there wasn’t much game to look out for. The dragons picked off most of the bigger stuff, like deer, elk, even bears and coyotes, that would have brought in a fortune large enough to carry them both for at least three months, maybe more. All that were left were birds, rabbits, and the occasional squirrel or chipmunk, which weren’t much but at least they were something.

His first day hunting had him nestled flat on a boulder, scanning the area for anything that moved with an arrow already nocked on his string. He didn’t have to glance to the side to know the streak-of-silver dragon was near, but he couldn’t say it wasn’t tempting. He would’ve, but he could practically feel its eyes burning holes through him, and he didn’t want to scare it off.

It took about a week of nothing, about a week of scouting out almost every part of the forest he could think of that had some promise, before he started getting a little bit of results.

He was perched in a tree with a low enough branch when a startled rabbit dash through the bushes. Elated, he took barely a second to draw and aim before releasing. The arrow stuck true, latching onto the rabbit’s gut and making it topple over, lifeless.

Kentarou launched himself off the tree branch, sticking his landing on the leaf-buried forest floor, and jogged over to the rabbit. When he retrieved his arrow and wiped it on the edge of his tunic, it was only then that he spotted the brilliant silver outline of a dragon through the trees, soaring in the opposite direction. He blinked, stunned, before making the rabbit’s gash wider, tying its tail to a piece of twine, and hanging it over the branch he sat on previously. As its blood dripped down to the forest floor, staining the dead leaves there, Kentarou let himself think about that dragon.

It was small, if the minuscule dot of silver he saw through the trees was any indication, or it at least had to be smaller than half the dragons he’d encountered already. And it wasn’t only following him around now, it was… helping him? By chasing a rabbit towards where he was for him to kill? Which meant that the dragon was a lot more intelligent than most people. And maybe that it wanted to help him.

But that would mean dragons had free thought, or could make decisions for themselves, or had consciences… Dragons were a lot more complicated than he could have ever hoped for. Were all dragons capable of this?

And more importantly, the dragon was a familiar shade of silver that he couldn’t quite put his finger on.

The shade, the glint… it all reminded him of something, but it evaded him every time he thought about it too hard.

By the time he shook himself out of his thoughts, the sun was already in a completely new position in the sky, making the shadows longer and more sinister, and the rabbit was almost completely dry. He sighed, heaving himself to his feet and situating everything he had on his person before making the trudge back to the home he shared with his uncle.

“One rabbit,” he grunted, handing it to a surprised Kiyoshi as he walked through the door.

“Ya actually got sumthin’?” Kiyoshi guffawed, looking at the rabbit incredulously. “And a fat one, at that.”

“Aren’t all rabbits the same size?” Kentarou asked.

“This one here’s pretty fat. Actually surprised the devils hadn’t gotten to it yet,” Kiyoshi noted, bringing it over to the small table they had in the middle of the house and pulling out his knife. “Dunno if we should sell this or eat it,” he muttered.

“Do what you want with it, I guess,” Kentarou shrugged. “I’m headin’ to bed.”

“Tired after bringin’ one bunny home?” Kiyoshi retorted. “You’re getting’ soft, Ken.”

“Gonna get up early tomorrow,” Kentarou amended, not wanting his uncle to think he was lazy. “Something tells me I’ll have better luck.”

At the crack of dawn, Kentarou clambered out of the house and traversed into the woods once more. The paths he’s been taking have been becoming more familiar to him lately, almost a little more worn-down than the rest of the wilderness. He made a note to take different paths in the future. He also took note of the pointed paw print embedded in the a softer patch of dirt along this slightly beaten path.

The dragon, Kentarou figures, smiling a little to himself as he goes and releases the dragons from their traps.

As he figured, the silver dragon that’s been watching over him got a lot better at helping him out. At almost every turn there was some sort of animal scurrying by in fear. Once, at around midday, one tree almost came crashing down to send some birds flying from their nests. Kentarou was grateful, but was honestly kind of worried about how far the dragon was willing to go in order to help him.

Either it being quick thinking or reckless thinking, it didn’t matter, because Kentarou had a plan.

He shot and killed as many small animals as he could, which wasn’t too hard since the dragon really had a knack for its newfound job. He dried most of them, only letting one or two be as he cleaned his arrows and got back to picking off as many as he could. By sunset, he had enough rabbits and chipmunks strung around his waist to look like a nice belt. Normally, he would have gone back home to Kiyoshi to clean out all his kills, but he found a patch of forest that still had sun filtering through the leaves and sat down.

He took one of the unbled rabbits and held it in his hands.

“I don’t know why,” he spoke, looking at the rabbit but making sure his voice carried in the wild stillness, “but you’re helping me more than I could ever ask for. Some of this is your reward, too.” Kentaoru thought for a moment. “You could catch them easier than I ever could, and you’re helping me instead. I don’t… understand… but, please continue to help me!”

He threw the rabbit as far away from himself as he could, and it landed right on the edge of the clearing. He could feel the dragon eyeing him curiously, its gaze as sharp as the points on his arrows, and he had to heave a sigh. So, it wasn’t going to come out with him watching, huh? Fine, Kentarou could play along, too.

Kentarou buried his head in his hands, making sure his eyes were completely covered, and waited.

Time blurred when sitting in almost complete darkness, so it almost shocks Kentarou when he hears the unmistakable sounds of leaves and tree branches shifting and something being swallowed whole. He doesn’t move, doesn’t breath, only waits for the trees to shift again.

By the time he opens his eyes, the sky is painted a transition from orange to blue and a streak of silver slips away from him.

Triumphant, he heads back to the house.

Days pass like this, where Kentarou would return with more meat anyone in the village has seen in one place before, although one or two less than he originally shot. The silver dragon was getting more comfortable, slipping in to eat his offerings nearly a second after he covered his eyes. It felt exhilarating, surreal, like he realy couldn’t believe that it was happening himself.

Everything fell into a pattern, with Kiyoshi going to the market to sell most of the meat he cured that Kentarou brought in the previous day and with Kentarou going out to hunt more and see if he could be closer to his dragon. It felt dangerous, getting close to a dragon, depending on one, really, but what could he say? The dragon was helping him and Kiyoshi get by; he wasn’t about to complain, though he was curious why the dragon seemed so fixed on him in the first place.

About a week after the first offering, Kentarou decided he needed to see this creature instead of glimpse it. He needed to know what this creature looked like if he couldn’t figure out why it was doing these things. It’s not like it could talk in the first place. He just needed to know if all of this was real, that it wasn’t some kind of prolonged dream or a figment of his imagination.

He ended his hunting session like he always did, finding the clearing that let in the most sunlight and sat down. He muttered his thanks, knowing the dragon would hear him, and threw the only rabbit he killed that day towards the edge of the clearing. He jerked, moving to cover his eyes, but peeked through his fingers.

The dragon was larger than him, he could tell that much as it crashed through the tree branches that surprisingly didn’t break. As it lunged for the rabbit, its silver and gold-patterned scales glinted in the waning sunshine.

Kentarou was not expecting for it to look right at him, but in the next moment, they locked eyes, Kentarou’s molten gold meeting its light brown. He couldn’t look away, awed by how human the expression of surprise was as it shone behind its irises, by the way its silver wings tucked themselves closer to its body, as the dragon tensed but its eyes shone with fondness.


The thought reverberated through Kentarou’s mind unbidden and he gasped at the sound of another voice, and the feeling of something else, in his head.

The dragon’s eyes widened before fleeing as it came.

Kentarou doesn’t dream, but that night, he did.

It started in completely darkness. He was claustrophobic, cramped so that his every joint, every limb, felt twisted out of proportion. He couldn’t help but try to yell for help, but to no avail.

Through the walls of his confinement, he felt a warmth. It was pleasant, comforting, and he strove to get closer to it. It felt like home, felt like something he needed or couldn’t live without. He kicked, screamed, tried everything he could to get out, and when he heard a bubbling laughter, his efforts redoubled. The sound was high, clear, and pure, he needed to see who made it! Whatever was on the other side of his trap was as necessary as air, he knew, he had to-

And then the warmth was gone, and his trap spun over and over and over again and he continued to fight to get out. He was frantic, he felt like he was dying without that warmth, that sound, that beautiful, unique

His confinement cracked under his flailing, and he felt sunshine for the first time, but it didn’t compare to the warmth he experienced what felt like a century ago.

His surroundings fell away, reconfiguring itself in a smear of crystal blue that matched the sky perfectly. He left weightless, with his stomach left down on earth as he moved through the sky as easily as if he was slipping into water.

Everything disassembled once more, and instead he found himself perched in a tree, looking down at the forest floor at… himself.

He woke up with a shock, heaving every breath like it was going to be his last. He ran his hands through his hair, down his face and his chest, feeling that he was in his body and in his house and in reality. He was shaking, uneasy, and would have curled under his thin blanket once more if Kiyoshi wasn’t knocking on the walls to wake him up.

That day, there were no streaks of brilliant silver in the corners of his eyes and no abundance of animals to shoot at. It was almost as if the forest had been cleared off entirely; the trees, themselves, were so still the whole forest felt like it was dead.

He did, though manage to shoot one small bird as it flitted away from where he was. It was a lucky shot, he would admit that much to himself. At the end of the day, he sat in the same clearing, murmured a thanks, and threw the bird. When he closed his eyes dutifully, there was no rustling, no movement, and, like the rest of the day had already confirmed, no feeling of dragon’s eyes seeing right through him.

“Wha’ happened ou’ there?” Kiyoshi asked gruffly as he walked into the house with nothing.

“I must’ve cleared my regular hunting ground,” Kentarou reasoned, knowing that was more than a lie and hoping his uncle wouldn’t catch on. “I’ll start looking at different places tomorrow.”

“Haven’t seen any dragons?”


“Damn, boy, I never thought you were the jumpy type,” Kiyoshi chastised, confused by the way Kentarou jerked in response to his question. “You’re ou’ in those damned woods all the time, I thought ya would’ve seen one o’ them devils and killed it by now.”

“They’re not buggin’ anyone.” Kiyoshi laughed. “Well, they’re not bugging me. I don’t have to kill them-”

“They’re the reason you’re ou’ there in the firs’ place!” Kiyoshi erupted. “You think you would be hunting every day if it weren’t for those damned beasts? They take our food! They make us sick with their shit and piss all over the place!”

“That’s not their fault,” Kentarou replied, and when he heard Kiyoshi suck in a breath to refute him, “I’m not arguing about this. I’ll stir the stew we had left over from yesterday.”

And that was that.

The next day, Kentarou trekked deeper into the woods after setting free all the traps he saw along the way. The dragons still scattered away just as fast as they usually did, but for some reason their eyes lingered on him more than they would’ve. Unnerved, but not greatly so, he moved on, but he still didn’t see silver whenever he moved and his mind kept wandering towards the thought of the silver dragon.

It was beautiful, no doubt about it. He’d never seen any dragon colored like that before, it was so unique, and yet, how did the whole thing feel so familiar to him…?

The memory resurfaced so harshly, it made Kentarou freeze.

The rock he found when he was little. The dream of being trapped, the dream of flying, the dream of seeing himself

That was no rock. It was an egg.

“Figured it out, human?” someone seethed behind him, and before another word could be spoken, Kentarou swung around, an arrows already nocked, to look at the person who spoke.

They were taller than him, Kentarou noticed bitterly, and paler. The only thing they were wearing was something that looked like a skirt made entirely out of animal skins.

“That’s the first time you ever pointed that at me,” they said, a little less of a sneer in their voice. “Put it away.”

“Who are you?”

“Haven’t you guessed? You seemed like you had it all figured out a moment ago. Put it away.”

Their features turned harsh, and when Kentarou finally let himself look, he realized that their eyes were the same light brown, and their hair was the same brilliant silver with streaks of gold. He lowered his bow arm and put away the arrow. To say they were beautiful was an understatement.

“You’re the dragon,” Kentarou stated simply, looking at him in awe. “How…”

“Am I like this?” they questioned, stalking towards him with a sardonic smile twisting his thin lips. “You made me like this.”


“You were the one that hatched me,” they stated simply, poking his chest with a finger that had a sharp enough nail to do some serious damage. “I was connected to you, I became able to take on your form at will, I listened to every thought in your head, learned your language… and oh, learned that being connected to a human is pitiful.”

“Well, if you hate me so much,” Kentarou snarled, slapping the other’s hand away from him, “why were you helping me all this time? Why were you following me? Why did all of this happen-?”

“Do you think I had a choice?” they snapped, taking a step away and running a hand through his hair. Kentarou noted it was a very human thing to do, for a dragon. “We’re connected. It doesn’t matter what I think. I’m drawn into you like flies on a rotting carcass.”


“Shut up,” they mutter half-heartedly.

“No,” Kentarou replied. “You’re pretty pissed about this entire thing, but it could be a lot worse. You could be paired with my uncle or someone else in the village that hates everything about dragons. They’d rather see your head on a stick than have a conversation.”

“Don’t you think I know that?” they said. “Fate has some tricky plans, pairing me with a blood-thirsty human.”

“You mean I can’t get rid of you?” Ketarou said, grimacing dramatically.

“Why would you? You think I’m beautiful.”

“Your scales.”

“You thought that when you saw me human, too.”

“Why can’t I hear your thoughts?”

“Changing the subject so soon?” they mocked, giving him a grin. “I’m connected to you, so I can hear everything. You’re not, so it doesn’t work both ways.”


“Well, firstly, you were unaware of our connection until moments prior.”

“So you’re saying with more time-?”

“No more questions,” they said, sighing heavily.

“One more?” Kentarou asked hopefully. “I don’t know what I should call you.”



“It was the name you always wanted for something.”

“Like a dog or a little sibling, maybe! Not a…”



“You only asked for one more question,” they, Shigeru, Kentarou guesses, said shortly. “We need sustenance, don’t we?”

They trekked farther into the woods and Kentarou settled into a spot. Shigeru disappeared through a thicket of trees, and not a second later, the silver dragon appeared and perched itself high in the trees. He was still beautiful, Kentarou thought, hoping Shigeru could hear him, but this was a different kind of beauty. It was fierce. Dangerous.

You’re not bad, yourself,” he heard clearly at the back of his head. To him, the admission almost sounded reluctant. A smile tugged its way across his face just as the first chipmunk scampered down a tree and past him.

“I could bring you cooked meat, if you want,” Kentarou offered, watching almost uncomfortably now as Shigeru swallowed some of his kills whole. A second later, with a slight pop, Shigeru stood in front of him and gave him a confused look.

“Why? This works fine,” he said it with a shrug, but Kentarou would be lying if he didn’t hear a hint of curiosity in his voice.

“But you’re human too, right? It doesn’t sit right with me to only let you eat raw meat.” So, Kentarou felt embarrassed for being grossed out by the whole thing, but he thought he had a point. What if Shigeru made himself sick?

“I’m sure I’ll be fine, but do as you wish,” Shigeru replied. “I’m just surprised you even care that much.”

“What do you mean?”

“It usually takes longer than this for Lifemates to be so invested,” Shigeru said offhandishly. Kentarou gave him a confused look, which made him sigh. “Mothers are supposed to hatch their eggs, but when they don’t, whoever or whatever does becomes the dragon’s Lifemate. It’s just an unbreakable bond between the two and has different effects for different pairs. I’ve known for longer, and since your thoughts accompanied mine throughout my life, I’m more invested than you are. However, your obvious concern hints that the bond is growing.”

Kentaoru thought about it for a second, before smiling deviously. “You make this sound like a relationship.”

“Don’t twist my words,” Shigeru scoffed.

I’m more invested than you are, we have a bond, it sounds like we’re a couple,” Kentarou couldn’t help but laugh at the notion. Shigeru soured.

“Dragon Lifemate pairs tend to be so, yes,” he replied quietly.

“Oh?” That pulled Kentarou up short. “Is it a guaranteed thing?”

“The bond usually strengthens until the two become inseparable. It is usually the next logical step.”

“Well, good, because I can already tell you’re in love with me,” Kentarou muttered.

“I am no such thing.”

“You know everything about me, I’m assuming, you helped me hunt, you’re leading me though this whole thing right now, plus…”


“You sound almost hurt when you said that I wasn’t as invested as you were.” Kentarou and Shigeru stared at each other, the awkward tension palpable, before Shigeru turned away.

“It’s late. You should be back already.”

“Will you be okay?”

“Don’t try to fake anymore concern.”

“I’m not faking it.”

“Then I can already tell that you’re in love with me, too.”

“Just because you’re attractive, doesn’t mean-”

“I think it does.”

Good night, Shigeru.”

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Trans boy Yurio is just really fucking important to me??

I mean. Fuck. Fuck. buckle up kids cause I’m going on a tangent here cause oh, my god am I gonna cling to this headcanon till you rip it from my cold dead trans fingers. Like. I just. UGH.

I’m 26 fucking years old and I feel like I arrived WAY LATE to the transgender game gdi. Sure sure we hear stories of folks in their forties, fifties, sixties coming out or transitioning, but y’all KNOW the narrative that gets told, the one that gets attention is the “i knew since I was born” story. The older folks transitioning is often framed around this, around knowing ones whole life but never doing anything about it, and sure, you get those nice positive posts on here about not knowing till your older and having no signs till your older, but that’s not the stories that get Huff post articles and trans documentaries. It doesn’t fit the marketable ideal. Also, for trans boys, there’s no running away from the narrative of the tomboy. You had to be into sports, you had to want short hair, never wear girls clothes, hunt, wrestle, be tough. There’s usually no room for femininity in the childhoods of trans boys and that is hurtful both for the community and on a personal level cause God I was never a tomboy. Yeah I chopped my hair off super short when I was 6, but it was 1996 and half the girls in my class had bowl cuts or mushroom cuts or pixie cuts; there was no masculine drive to it. I lived on a farm and loved playing outside, but I wanted to do it in dresses an wearing nail polish. It wasn’t till I was 11 (july 28 2001 to be exact, according to Wikipedias info on when Yue first aired in an American Cardcaptors dub episode) that Anything happened in my brain to look back on years later and go oh, that was A Trans Thing.

I don’t know if it’s because I was so late in the game, so femme, if my first inclines were correct and i’m not binary trans or what it is, but 4 years since i had my first thoughts of “could /I/ be trans?” and I still find it hard to actually call myself that. I still feel fake, I still feel like even if I’m trans i’m not the kind that COUNTS, I’m not what a trans person SHOULD be. Keep in mind I’m going on 2 months on hormones now, I’ve been binding for almost 2 years, I pack, I desire a more masculine body, but I still feel like ‘i don’t count’ and don’t even talk to me about writing/drawing/seeing prexisting characters as trans. All those blogs for headcanon trans characters and trans boys I’ve always been like, how? How can you do that? How could i look at a character and go ‘he’s like me’ without feeling like a selfish asshole stealing my friends favorite characters and forcing them into a mold just so they can be like me? I’m undesirable, i’m not pretty, it seems like such stupid 2005 era self-inset Mary Sues on shit to say a character is trans. Besides, to me, saying a character is like me has always been a number 1 way to feel like SHIT since those characters never end up being characters my friends like.

SO THEN THIS MOTHERFUCKER BALLET-SPIN KICKS HIS WAY INTO MY LIFE. I’d already seen him on my dash and knew YUP, he’s gonna be my fav, but my GOD did I not understand how much. He just. He’s perfect and I adore the hell out of him, and after a couple eps I was like you know…He…kinda reminds me of me. I too am an angry little sonofabitch driven by spite and a need to destroy my competition, I also look at who beat me in a contest (im an artist) and find nothing but their flaws. I was raised by a grandparent in leiu of a mother. I just really clicked with this brat and so there was this tiny part of me that said hey, he doesn’t show his chest…he’s beautiful…everyone refers to him in feminne terms…so I thought ok maybe he’s trans. It could happen.

Then I log onto tumblr, and find a couple others with this idea…but then also a lot of people in the comments of posts being little assholes just trying to find flaws in the logic of people giving trans headcanons. Which is a douche move guys when someone wants to see a character as LGBT your job isn’t to prove them wrong fucking christ all that did was remind me oh yeah, that’s dumb and selfish>

But, then i drug my fiance into this, and my girlfriend, my fiance’s boyfriend, friend of mine in Scotland. So many people, several of whom agreed yeah, this could be a trans kid, and I thought again, ok maybe he could be. And then I got ballsy as fuck and thought, and maybe HE didn’t know from the fucking start. Maybe he was 9 or 10 or 11. Maybe that flashback where he looks 12, TOPS, was right after he started saying no, call me a boy, call me Yuri. Maybe he LIKES keeping his hair long and shaggy even if some of his rink mates or whoever still say ‘she doesn’t look like a boy’ for it. Maybe he has a drawer of cheetah print sports bras selected carefully for flatness factor and least amount of seams shown under his clothes. Maybe he doesn’t wanna be called a prima ballerina, but doesn’t mind the beauty and grace he’s learning through it. 

It’s always been hard for me to accept myself as a boy even though i /want/ to be one more than anything. i look at myself and say boys can’t have boobs and boys can’t have periods but here’s the thing; since I was 15, WAY before I knew what trans was or nonbinary or even intersex, I had OC’s who were third gender, who lived in a world with more than two reproductive sexes, who were feminine boys. THOSE were the characters I lived through, people who had vaginas and a uterus and wore dresses but were 100% seen as male by society, not a damn question asked. I never identified with or through women, but I was never hyper masculine either. THis is just the first time i’ve looked at someone ELSE’S character, a POPULAr character and said yeah, that boy has a vagina and wears bras and maybe i don’t gotta bind every day when it hurts. And it’s been a really great feeling, especially, to see that other folks think the same way. 


Character: Sunny & (slightly) Yoona (SNSD)
Word count: 1722
Summary: Sunny would always be there for you, even during your hardest moments | #angst #fluff

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The shouting is what made Sunny wake up.

She shot up, blinking owlishly and trying to figure out what was happening. A book lay next to her, with a cold cup of tea on the bedside table and the room shrouded in darkness. The last thing she remembers is reading, then obviously falling asleep at some point. While this explains where she was, it didn’t explain the cause of the shouting.

As she listened closely, she could make out your voice.

Curiously, she slides off the bed, sliding across the hardwood in her fluffy socks to crack the door open. Light from the hallway flooded in, blinding her momentarily.

Sunny seen you run by, followed by Yoona, trying to grab onto your arm. “No, please, just listen - ” she says, trying to keep her bathrobe shut as she ran. Another figure followed after her, fixing their clothes and tenderly rubbing at the hickeys on their neck.

Sunny swallowed back a gasp.

Would Yoona really do such a thing?

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junggook & 22 plz ! :D

#22. two miserable people meeting at a wedding au
1.5k words

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a/n: im a sucker for awkz jeongguk and also 2 nanoseconds of yoonmin

Jeongguk had always believed in romantic, happy endings. His mother had often put on Disney classics on the TV and he ended up watching his favorites like Hercules, Mulan, and 101 Dalmatians (also The Little Mermaid but he’d never confess that aloud). His cousin had gotten married to his high school sweetheart, had the perfect wedding, and even better honeymoon at the Maldives. He’d dreamt of that.

Finding a soulmate, his other half. He figured he had that with his last girlfriend. They dated through the last two years of high school and into the first two years of university. Jeongguk had already prepared a ring that he’d pop out at the right time. He had even invited her to be his date to his brother’s wedding that was coming up in a week.

That was all before he found her tangled up in his teammate’s sheets. Safe to say, Jeongguk has been religiously avoiding the basketball team (much to their suffering because they needed their best player) as well as his now ex-girlfriend. She tried calling him a few times but he refused to pick up.

“Jeongguk-ah,” his brother called out. Jeonghyun was having a tux fitting and he looked admittedly dashing. All grown up, sharp jaw and all. Jeongguk always felt like a baby next to him, even worse now that he had no date to the wedding. “Why are you so distracted?”

Oh yes, and he also postponed mentioning that things had ended between him and the girl his whole family adored. Fan-fucking-tastic. “Nothing, you look good.”

“Yeah?” He grinned. “Think she’ll like the tux?”

“She’ll probably like you without,” he drawled out, the bitterness dripping in his tone. It took him a full second to realize what he just said and cringed. “Actually, scratch that. I don’t need that image in my head.”

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mutual(s) pining

a work brought to you by bunfox productions, aka yours truly and @lesbianremus! you can also read it on ao3, right here. big thanks to the lovely @nachodiablo who looked it over for us!

this is a prompt fill for the weekly prompt at @introvert-club. this week it was “internet crush”. anyone is welcome to participate, and use the tag #wolfstar introvert prompt for us to see! enjoy :) 

Some days, scrolling Tumblr is pretty boring. A flower, a transparent backpack, a dejected joke about depression, a dead Soundcloud link, nothing to inspire. Sirius is hunched over their laptop, watching the screen with their chin resting on their hand. A long discourse post they can’t be arsed to read, gifs from a show they don’t watch, and then.

Inspiration strikes.

It strikes in the form of two selfies. The person in them is standing in a sunny garden, curls spilling out from under a snapback, and smiling with their eyes closed. You can see lilacs blooming in the background. The person has freckles and a t-shirt with a whale on it, featuring the text “I’m a little overWHALEmed”. Same, Sirius thinks.

They click follow without even looking at the blog.

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The Last Night of Summer (M) // Im Jaebum

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Pairing: Jaebum x Reader

Genre: Smut, fluff

Summary: You meet Jaebum on vacation with his family on a resort island - and as summer draws to an end - you both make a promise to each other after losing your virginity to him.

This scenario contains smut and is rated M for mature. Contains first time sex and unprotected sex.

Sometimes the best moments in life are the moments that are unplanned; as natural as the gentle summer breeze that spreads the dandelions in the wind. It was proving to be one of the hottest days of August ever recorded; which only meant tonight would be even hotter.

It was the last night of your summer vacation with your family on a private island resort. At the beginning of the holiday, you were brought there against your will almost kicking and screaming – wanting nothing more than to spend your entire summer cooped up in your room playing video=-games and eating your body weight in snack foods; but that all changed when you met the family that would be occupying the villa next to you.

He was just like you - an only child with his parents who dragged him along for ‘quality family time’ on an island in the middle of nowhere surrounded by other happy families with spoiled screaming children. Your first encounter with him was shortly after you arrived – you with your thrash metal band t-shirt and ripped skinny jeans in complete defiance with the weather as you walked from the bar with your iced coffee; only to have him accidentally send you flying to you ground when he crashed into you – too busy scrolling through music on his phone to notice you were right in front of him.

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If you’re struggling like I am - Ch. 21

Summary: You are hired as a makeup artist for BigHit working with BTS. You are older than all of them, yet, despite your best efforts, you find yourself slowing falling in love with the youngest member.

Pairing: Jungkook X Reader, Jungkook X Noona

Genre: Angst, Fluff and Smut

Chapters: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27(final)

Chapter 21 - Consequences

The press (and Twitter) finally catch up to you…

Word Count: 2.3k (of 73k)

Warnings: brief reference to self-injury (not the main characters), a lot of angst

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since ive been complaining about shit already tonight i might aswell just mention random crap that i’ve been thinking about, but ill spare your dash, feel free to read me rambling about absolutely random shit if you want

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Can I request a BTS reaction where it's raining outside and your white shirt gets soaked and your bra is showing but you don't notice cause your innocent. Thanks!

Hi! Sorry, I know this is really late, I tried, but my laptop needs to be checked
I’ve always wanted to do one like this xD I’ve been waiting

BTS Reaction When It’s Raining Outside and your shirt gets wet

You and Jin were on a dinner date. It was beautiful when you entered the restaurant, but time flied by and you didn’t even notice the rain. Sadly, the two of you didn’t expect the weather to change so drastically, so none of you had an umbrella. The both of you also walked to the restaurant.
“Let’s just run it jin”
“What- Are you crazy?!” You grabbed his hand and ran back to your apartment. Luckily, it wasn’t far away. As soon as you entered, the both of you took a breather. He glanced over to you and noticed that your clothes were soaked, “See? You’re soaking wet princess. I’ll go start a bath for you”
“Ah, thank you Jin” You stood up and stretched, “That was good exercise, huh?” He didn’t answer back so you looked at him and found him staring at your chest. He swallowed thickly before looking back at your eyes, “S-Sorry, I was distracted, what?”

The both of you return home soaked. “Well that was unexpected” he said, breaking the silence, “No kidding” You took off your sweater which was completely drenched and threw it into the laundry. You didn’t notice that your soaked sweater also got your white shirt wet. The shirt itself was almost see through, but there’s no doubt it definitely isn’t now. You walked back to Namjoon, he was changing his clothes. You walked in on him changing. He stared at you (Or more specifically your chest) “Uhh… B-Baby, would you like to.. borrow a shirt?”
“That would be great, thank you” He sighed at the fact that you were so innocent. He told himself to stay calm as he threw a shirt over to you before walking out the door, “uhh, I’ll leave you alone to get dressed” He would say before closing it and maybe accidentally knocking something over in his attempts to stay calm

You were on your way to see Jimin for the first time since he came back from tour. You were happily walking to his house when rain drops slowly hit your face. “oh shi-” Before you could even finish, it started down pouring. You dashed towards the house that was still a few blocks away. You slipped a few times, but not enough to make you fall over. You quickly rang the doorbell and you were greeted by a smiling Jimin, “Hi Jagi! I missed you- oh..” You quickly entered the house, soaking wet. Jimin couldn’t help but stare. You took off your shoes and tried to fix your hair. You were about to head to the bathroom to fix yourself up but Jimin stopped you when he pulled at your waist, bring you into a back hug, “it’s the first time you see me, and you’re not even going to give me a proper hug?”
“I’m sorry Jimin, I just need to fix myself up-” He kissed you passionately and you couldn’t escape his grasp. He started playing at the hem of your shirt, pulling it up. He nibbled on your ear before his hot breath spoke, “You know I love lace, right?”

You always did things like this. You always did the smallest and most innocent things that would make Yoongi’s heart flutter and his stomach flip. You were so fragile and innocent and he secretly loved it about you. The way you would absent mindedly eat a popsicle or lick a lollipop would make his thoughts go wild. And now, you’re standing before him, dripping wet god cleanse your minds people, your bra showing through your white tee. You had no idea what you were doing to him, yet you still played so innocently. He couldn’t handle himself any longer and attacked you with kisses, “Yoongi-ah! stop it! You’ll get wet!”
“Maybe I already am"asdfghjkl


Playing in the rain was a thing. And you did it with your boyfriend. It was a ton of fun, splashing around, acting out raining movie kisses. But it was when You started sneezing when Taehyung said the both of you should so inside. The both of you had so much fun outside that you didn’t even notice how drenched you were. You took off a sad excuse for a rain coat and went into the bedroom to get some new clothes. You realized Taehyung was in there and he was half naked. It made you blush at the sight, but he didn’t seem to notice. Not wanting to bother him, you asked him to throw you a shirt, “just come inside, I don’t mind” He smiled. You walked inside the room and he looked at you. Scanning your body up and down, his blank face showed before it turned into a smirk. He licked his lips and wrapped his arms around your waist, “We had a lot of fun outside, but how about we do something to warm us up, jagi?”

It was a great day for the two of you. Just having a casual walk in the neighbourhood. Your hands intertwined. Nothing could make this day bad, or so you thought. The rain drops hit. Light at first, but soon taken over by heavy pounding. Once returning home after getting drenched you looked at each other. There was a moment of silence before the both of you burst into laughter. “Well, that was a great way to end our walk” he said, grabbing a towel for the both of you, “yeah, That’s too bad though… I was looking forward to it, but we didn’t even make it to our destination” “That’s okay, because I get to see you like this” he walked closer to you. You noticed that a dark glare took over the happy one, “I think the rain was trying to tell us something” he said, moving in for a kiss

The shower head broke. You yelled for Jungkook and he came rushing in, “Everything okay??” “The shower head is broken, could you fix it?” “Yeah, you might have to help me though” The two of you struggled trying to get it back into place. You accidentally turned the shower on while trying to help him, which eventually got the both of you soaking wet. “JAGI!!” “IM SORRY!!” You panicked and moved back, letting him finish the job as you watched. Once he was done, he walked out. You noticed you could see through his shirt and you blushed a little. He wasn’t any different. He saw your bra showing. He told himself not to stare, but it wasn’t something he could help. He walked over to you and kissed you out of no where, “what was that for?” You asked, clueless, “it’s just so I can temporarily stop my hunger. But I’ll be coming back for more in a bit. Just you wait jagi” he smirked before leaving the room.

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Bite (Chapter 15)

Taehyung x Jungkook x Reader
Witch/Vampire Smut AU
Word Count: 2,518 

“Slow down (Y/N), you still have bambi legs.”

I froze mid stand and whipped around to see a healthy Taehyung, barely a trace of torture marking his face. Only the slow to heal cut on his lip and slight bruise on his cheekbone visible as he sat in a chair from the corner of the room I had overlooked. So many emotions hit me at once and stole the breath from my useless lungs. Joy, relief, love, sorrow, guilt, and happiness.


I literally flew into his form, arms squeezing around him with relief and love as my heart swelled into a big, shiny balloon.

“Ha-OW! I still have sensitive ribs, you know. And now you’re especially strong.” He mumbled into my hair and his arms found their way around my middle anyways.

“Oh! Im sorry!”

I released my death grip but couldn’t bring myself to free him completely.

“Why aren’t you completely healed?” I asked, genuinely confused.

“Well, Kris bled me as he tortured me so I was too weak to heal. It takes a while to get back to normal from 0% even after you’ve fed. I’m almost good as new though, don’t worry, Love.”

I sat back in his lap, studying the small traces of the battle that reflected in his beautiful brown eyes as water formed in mine. Curiously, the world turned a peculiar shade of rose and I wiped at my eyes to find my fingers were stained with bloody tears.



Taehyung took my hands in his and rubbed them clean, sparing his own shirt in an attempt to comfort me.

“…don’t cry. I’m okay and you will be too.”

He kissed each fingertip slowly and smoothed his hands against my hypersensitive new skin.

“I don’t know how to do this, how to be this…” I uttered with shaky breaths.

Overwhelming anxiety brewed in my chest and a storm clouded my mind but he quickly broke away the clouds with the sunshine that was him. Warm, soft lips connected with mine and his thumbs wiped at the wetness slowly traveling down my cheeks. I closed my eyes and breathed in the sweet mint and nature scent of him, visions of rolling clouds and sunsets filling my brain. I allowed myself to enjoy the moment before slowly pushing myself from him.


“I know. I just needed one more. One last kiss to get me through life without you.” He whispered.

My eyelids opened and I drank in the bittersweet expression that painted his face in beautifully somber shades and lines.

“You know I love you. If there was no Jungkook, I would be yours, no question. But there is, and you deserve the same level of completely consuming, freeing, all-encompassing love.”

My hands cupped his face and titled his downturned eyes back toward me.

"I believe there is someone out there for you that you will love deeper than me, someone who opens your world and suddenly everything makes sense and colors are brighter and you wake up smiling for no reason. I can’t accept that there is a world in which you don’t have all the happiness you deserve. You deserve it more than any of us…”

I smoothed the hairs from his eyes and leaned in to give him another hug, content in the comfort of his arms and willing to spend much of the day locked in their embrace. His hands groped my back and smoothed over my hair slowly and he breathed in, inhaling my scent.

“I hope you’re right.”

We sat like that until I decided that it was time to finally break free and face my reality.

“Now…” I started, siting back on his knees and facing him with a worried expression.

“What happens now?”

His expression faded from sad acceptance to amusement like the sun breaks over the dark dawn of the morning.

“Now we see what you can do…” he teased, eyebrows twitching with excitement as his fangs dropped down like white spears.

“But first, blood.”

We reconvened with the rest of the group, emerging from my room and walking to where the group sat watching T.V. in their living room. Namjoon was seated in a separate chair, seemingly engrossed in a thick book while Jimin and Hoseok were hanging onto the couch in awkward positions, half on each other. Yoongi was slouched in the couch next to them half asleep with his mouth hanging open, slack jawed and drool beginning to coat the corner of his mouth, a comical sight that countered his usually tough exterior. Jin was dashing around the kitchen, a mad focus on his face and cute pink apron draped over his front while he prepared something that smelled delicious. A large, silver pot on the stove was steaming and I was curious to know exactly what it was; do Vampyre eat actual food? I guess I would be finding out soon enough. Jungkook. Jungkook. There he sat, eyes focused on the screen but unseeing, his muscles tense and strung with visible stress. The moment his iris’s landed on me he was in front of me, appearing in the blink of an eye, hands holding mine and nose inches from mine as Taehyung walked to plop on top of a complaining Jimin.

“You’re okay? I waited by your bed every minute. Taehyung asked me to let him be there when you woke up. I wanted to be there but he begged and I was so guilty about what happened…” he trailed on, anxious worry creasing his beautiful brow.

My lips crashed to his and immediately silenced his rambling, lips stilling on mine as he lost himself in my kiss. When I finally broke free, his eyelids still fluttered, slightly closed and heavy with emotion as I smiled from below him.

“I love you, too.”

In that moment, we were the only ones existing, in our own little orb of space and time that compromised of each other’s arms and eyes, the rise and fall of our synchronized chests moving with life and love.

“Time for dinner everyone!!”

Jin’s loud boom shattered our peaceful bubble and all hell broke loose, everyone else, with the exception of a dozing Yoongi, sprung up and dashed for the kitchen, three pairs of hands vying for dominance while Namjoon hung back with an expression that said “I’m used to this by now”.

Kookie urged me forward until I was in ‘line’ waiting my turn.

Jimin, Taehyung, and Hoseok scattered with hands full and Namjoon grabbed what appeared to be a bag and a straw before heading back to his large reading chair.

“Here you go (Y/N)…” offered Jin with a sweet but somewhat watchful smile.

A dripping bag of A+ hung precariously from the pair of tongs in Jin’s hand, steam rising from the translucent bag that had just come from the boiling silver pot on the stove.

“Oh… it’s blood.” I said lamely, still unsure of how to be a Vampyre.

Although, at the mention of blood, a vicious hunger erupted within me, prompting me to snatch the bag from Jin with an animalistic growl as I leapt from Jungkook’s arms. I made out to tear into the plastic before a bell rang in my head, shocking me into calming down enough to realize my actions.

I blinked one, twice before my face flickered up to the amused expressions on everyone’s faces as they watched me, the mealtime entertainment. 6 pairs of eyes looked at me with expectation, Yoongi still sleeping except for the straws hanging from his mouth like a walrus, placed my do doubt the giggling group, Tae and Jimin.

“What was that?” I asked, embarrassed at my primal reaction.

“Bloodlust. It’ll get less intense. For now you need to drink up, you’re a fledgling, you need the strength and nourishment, c’mon…” Jin urged, the motherly side of him that Jazmin loved shining through.

I tentatively placed the warm plastic in my mouth and tore through, with what I assumed were my new fangs breaking through my gums uncomfortably. Warm, smooth, thick liquid pooled on my tongue and I immediately moaned, eyelids fluttering closed at the taste I could not accurately describe. It was more of an overall sensation rather than a taste. It reminded me of rich chocolate and swimming on a hot day, like the satiated feeling of eating your fill after hours of hunger, like the bliss that come from a beautiful song and complete sustenance. I could feel the effects it had on me as I stood there, my world coming to life around me. Colors deepened and shone with new vibrancy, smells bloomed in my nostrils and made me dizzy. Sounds I shouldn’t have been able to hear were suddenly whispering in my ear and I could feel the air current weave against the tiny hairs spread over my body.

Besides that, I even felt stronger and more energized within myself, muscles taught and ready to spring, my mind hyper aware of my surroundings. The perfect predator. I downed the bag in seconds, tongue flicking to catch the last drops catching at the corner of my mouth, careful to avoid my piercing fangs.

“That was…” I huffed.

Hoseok, Jimin, and Taehyung broke into cheers welcoming me to the species at last, inevitably scaring the sleep from Yoongi who woke with a violent start, scowling and pulling the straws from his mouth to throw at the noisy children and eventually accepting the bag of blood that Jin tossed his way. With my own thirst quenched, Jungkook grabbed a bag and sucked down the crimson drink and moving to sit at the dining table next to us, dragging my form to sit on his muscular lap. My nose poked the air, sniffing the scent of carbonara pasta among every other potent smell that swirled in the overwhelming concoction among us.

“Is that pasta? Why is there pasta? And should I be hungry?” I asked, truly confused.

“I anticipated this!” Jin answered, throwing off his apron enthusiastically and reaching into his scarce cupboards and pulling out a bowl in which he ladled creamy noodles into.

The white ceramic hit the table with a pleasant dissonance, fork stuck in the dead center and shining with promise. I knew it would taste amazing just from the aroma that enticed my nose closer; garlic, white wine, olive oil, eggs, parmesan all mixed together to create a scent that was almost visible to me and enticing enough to distract me from Jungkook’s hand resting high on my thigh, fingers squeezing slightly, a move that would otherwise have me swimming in my own personal pool.

I didn’t hesitate to grip the fork and twirl the spaghetti around its prongs until a large mound sat atop, glistening with rich sauce. One bite later and I was in heaven again, chewing and swallowing the food with gratitude. Jin’s eyes shined like a kid in a candy store, waiting for my verdict.

“It’s absolutely delicious Jin, really.” I managed to say around the second bite I shoved into my mouth.

“You’re such a good cook!”

The smile that stretched his face was completely full of happiness and pride, clearly enjoying how much I enjoyed his food.

“Thanks. I haven’t had any human to cook for in a while.. Excuse me, I mean hybrid, in your case. I enjoy cooking so I was anticipating your reaction.” he ended with an almost shy downturn of his eyes.

“What do you mean, you cook for Jazmin right? She told me so…” I asked, mouth still full of my third bite.

That question seemed to be a wrong thing to say as his eyes fell and the smile tugging at his cheeks disintegrated immediately.

“I broke up with her.” he simply stated as he straightened and began to clear the mess near the stove.

“Wai, WUFF?” I choked.

“What?!” I coughed out after painfully swallowing the clump of noodles I had just deposited on my tongue.

“Yeah. Or rather, I compelled her to forget me…us, for just a while. As soon as this is all over, I’ll fix it. But, it’s so dangerous being around us right now, I couldn’t let her get hurt because of me and what I am, what we are…” he finished, back to me and Jungkook.

“It’s for the best, (Y/N).” rumbled Namjoon from behind us, startling me a little at his sudden voice.

They were right, I realized that immediately, but it didn’t help the pain that stung at my chest. I hadn’t even thought about her in days, I was too wrapped up in my own story, my own problem, and that is what stabbed at my heart, my own selfishness.

“I understand. You’re right. I hadn’t really thought about it to be honest… I feel terrible.” I set down my fork, no longer hungry.

Jungkook’s warm hand rubbed shapes into my back and I relaxed into him, sliding to sit between his thighs and brood over my problems.

“Don’t worry, she’s safe. It’s understandable to overlook a few things when you just went through everything that happened.” He assured me with a firm kiss to the back of my head and a hug that he seemed to need desperately as he inhaled my scent.

His words were soothing but a seed of guilt lingered. I twisted in his lap and wrapped my own arms around him, tucking myself into his body and sighing in pleasure and contempt. Just hours ago I had nearly lost them all, the image of blood draining from their bodies as vivid as ever. Or was it days? My previously closed eyes flew open and I pushed myself to face them all.

“Wait, how long was I out?” I asked, bracing myself for their answer.

Unexpectedly, it was Yoongi who answered.

“Three whole days almost. You had everyone on edge to see whether you would live or die, but obviously you’re strong…” he said, voice lilting with approval near the end as he stood up to throw away the multiple blood bags in his fist.

“Three DAYS?!” I exclaimed.

“My grades are so fucked, and im sure I have been fired, my parents are probably worrying like crazy!”

Dread filled my bones at the phone conversation I would be having later.

“Yes, but the good thing is that you are a witch/Vampyre hybrid with a lot of powerful friends and boyfriend who happen to have a small mansion and an unlimited supply of money sooo….” Added Jimin playfully.

“Yeah! And now we can have some real fun too.” Hoseok added, jumping up and breaking into a weird dance.

Namjoon’s book snapped shut and he stood up, sliding it onto the cushion behind him, a new excitement entering his own pupils.

“He’s right. Let’s see what you’re made of little Fledgling.” He drawled, hands rubbing together like an evil maniac.

I turned to Jungkook with a questioning glance and his own eyes were alive with energy a smile cut across his mouth as he spoke.

“It’s time for the Olympics.”

[A/N] I think Chapter 16 will be up soonish, full of fun and smut

i hope you like this chapter, <3 :)