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another au…whatever that is LMAO

i wanted to make a matching joseph for this avdol…so here he is

credits to @caelumnautae for the MOST GORGEOUS !!!!!!!!!! avdol design i’m dyign

steve & his gf’s wisdom teeth removal - headcanons

this dope ass idea was requested by @greasers-with-glitter - thank u & i hope u like them!! anything for ma boy steve.

  • for the first 5 minutes after surgery, you’re so quiet, like you’re not even talking 
    • “IS SHE OK”
    • “WHA T  HAPPEN D
  • and then u fucking lose it ???
    • “steve, she’s on laughing gas. it might last for a while.”
    • and then u can see the tension leave his face while a lil mischevious smirk sets in and he’s just like
    • “oh.”
    • ;)
  • he totally just wants to mess around w u now
    • “WHAT. IS. MY. NAME.”
    • “stheebe”
    • and he’s being an ASS SO HE CAN HEAR U FUCK HIS NAME UP AGAIN
    • but after a while it gets annoying lmao
    • like in the car on the ride back home, he’ll be driving and you’ll be like
    • & you’ll have him glance ur way while he drIVES & stick the middle finger all up in his face
  • u stick ur head out the window while he’s driving and he is conceRned
    • u open ur mouth while ur out the window (??) and one of the gauze things flY OUT
    • “IT FELL OUT”
  • but when u get ur head back inside, u yawn cause now you’re tired for some reason ???
    • “AH”
  • you’re sporadically falling asleep
    • like even in the middle of you talking
    • aaaand ur sleeping
  • steve brings u to the Curtis house bc he cant do this by himself
    • ^^ *voice crack*
  • except the gang really isnt of much help cause they all wanna do is mess with u
    • “Y/N THE FUZZ IS CHASING aFTER U” (dally)
    • “dallY NO” (steve)
    • “i swEAR IM INNOCENT” (u)
    • “BUT THE BLOOD” (dally)
    • cue the waterworks!!
  • soda & two are trying way too hard not to laugh
    • but two is deadass walking off into the kitchen cackling LIKE A FUCKING WITCH
  • johnny, pony and steve are the only ones concerned for u, like they’re trying to help u stop crying
    • johnny and pony got u tissues and steve got u ice cream but u start crying more
    • “why cant you eat the ice cream????” (my man is stressed rn)
  • steve is so spent lmfao he needs a nap
Mark Soulmate AU

Soulmate AU where a single sentence that your soulmate has said that day appears on your arm

  • to make this easier on me you go to school with mark and hyuck
  • i decided to spare mark of an angsty scenario lmao
  • lets start boyos
  • so youre actually good friends with hyuck
  • you think youre best friends but he makes fun of you so much you question your relationship sometimes
  • you feel bad for his soulmate
  • because hyuck says some really, really stupid things
  • “y/n i cant find my phon- oh nvm its in my hand lol”
  • “note to self: the smoke alarm should not be used as a timer when cooking”
  • “if you dont have “me” in your life, everything is just “aweso”
  • but i guess that makes him unique and i guess somewhat easier to find
  • you think your soulmate is very studious
  • “no no the answer is 234 i swear it is”
  • “i will actually give you my brownies if thats helium and not hydrogen”
  • nerd
  • but sometimes he says the sweetest things
  • “ahh im sorry but im not giving up on my soulmate yet”
  • “im sorry but i cant go on a date with you, my soulmate is still out there waiting”
  • and it makes your heart speed up when you see quotes like these on your arm
  • but this also lets you know he must be popular with the ladiesss ;)
  • anyways
  • you thought this day was going to be just like the rest but fate had a different plan
  • “y/n im going to my other friend mark’s after school, wanna come?”
  • “hard pass but thanks for the offer”
  • “pfft youre no fun”
  • “what ever you say fart face”
  • its unusual that hyuck doesnt walk home with you
  • but its w/e
  • lets jump to where hyuck and mark are
  • “mark why dont you date?”
  • “why date when you know you have someone out there for you?”
  • “youre so whipped for them and you havent even met them yet”
  • “yeah i guess i am whipped they say some cute things sometimes”
  • “i guess this is not one of those times”
  • mark looked down at his arm and noticed what hyuck was laughing at
  • ‘what ever you say fart face’
  • cue a blushing mark
  • hyuck is over to the side having the time of his life
  • but then hyuck realizes
  • “i knOW WHO SAID THAT”
  • back 2 u now
  • its late
  • like youre asleep late
  • but then your phone goes off turns out its hyuck calling you
  • “bith i was sleeping and im not going to mark’s its too late now”
  • “no no just tell me the words (mark shut up no get off of me im not giving you the phone) on your arm”
  • “um hold on i havent checked. it says..”
  • ‘ok fine my hair looked like noodles a few months ago but its fine now!’
  • cue another blushing mark and a laughing hyuck
  • “oh..oh my god thats too good…ok thanks y/n bye”
  • “wait hyuck why!”
  • whoops too late he hung up
  • “so mark, did you say that today?”
  • “…i want to say no but yes i did”
  • “mark you know what this means?”
  • “yeah i do dont touch anything while im gone ill know”
  • just when you were about to fall asleep, you hear a banging at your door
  • “jesus who is it??? its like 2 am”
  • lo and behold its mark lee, out of breathe because he was running 2 u
  • “jus…just give me a minute to catch my breathe”
  • “umm ok do you want to come in?”
  • “ just give me a minute”
  • thats when you caught a glimpse of his arm and the words you had previously told hyuck that day
  • “oh my god were soulmates”
  • once he (finally) caught his breathe he kissed your forehead and hugged you
  • this hug made you feel safe and at home
  • lowkey he smelled like strawberries
  • “so did you really have noodle hair?”
  • “shhHHhh dont ruin the moment”
  • “but yes i did”
  • ok im done
  • thanks for reading
  • its much appreciated
  • byebye
Owned - pt 11

Originally posted by hopeatuuli

“Y/N. Please.”

“Namjoon…please stop calling me. Think things through first.”

“Just tell me where you are. This is stupid. We need to talk. Running away from your problems won’t fix them.” He growled.

“Don’t you see that’s exactly what you’re doing?”

“Well what am I supposed to do when you turned everyone against me?” He yelled.

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The oh so powerful cured vampire - Klaus Mikaelson imagine

Request – Can you do a imagine with Klaus protecting one of his long time witch friends daughter and he feels in debt to the friend for helping him break his curse but he falls in love with her. From  @wes1wifey

I’m so sorry that this took so long and I sort of added a lot more details into the friendship so I hope you enjoy it.

Warnings – 3 different POV’s                            

Y/M/N – Your mothers name

Y/L/N – Your last name



It had been a while since I had last saw my best friend, Klaus Mikaelson. Maybe a couple hundred years at least. His sister, Rebekah turned me into a vampire a few years after they had learnt all their different trick and treats that they had acquired once their mother turned them into the people they are now. Ever since i turned, I was around at least one Mikaelson. I was there the many times that Klaus daggered his siblings and I was also there when he undaggered them, watching him face the hatred that they had for him in that moment.  I always found it weird that I never developed any romantic feelings for any of the brothers as I spent my whole 1000 years of life with them. Maybe this was because I always felt like they were my siblings too, as I did grow up with them.  

Although I love being a vampire, I miss what I never had. Every day I wish I had children or that I could do magic again. Yes I was a witch, which is one of the main reasons as to why I did grow up with the Mikaelson’s; their mother taught me the magic I still remember to this day.

Klaus’ POV:

“Y/M/N, where are you!” I roared. I could feel the walls moving in reaction to my loud voice.

“Yes Niklaus” She smiled at me. She knows I hate it when people use my full name. Just call me either Nicki or Klaus, it’s not that hard to understand. “I’m joking, yes Klaus”

“I need you to gather some witches. We’re going to break my curse”

After a few weeks of rivalry’s and unusual friendships, I managed to break my curse thanks to Y/M/N’s witch friends and the last human doppelganger.  My and my family decided to stay in Mystic Falls for a while as it was a nice town that we all felt comfortable in. About 6 months after I broke my curse, all the supernatural residents of Mystic falls learnt about a cure for vampirism and after a long journey to get it with a lot of betrayal within, my best friend ended up taking the cure after it has passed through a couple of people. And she left to start a new life.


~20 years later~

After a long thousand years, I finally got my wish, I was a witch again. The past twenty years have been amazing although I did have to move away from the Mikaelson’s as I had the cure running through my veins so I had to cut ties with all vampires. Shortly after I moved across the country, i fell in love with an amazing man a few years after I got cured and fell pregnant shortly after. My daughter is one of the best things to happen to me, she is perfect. The only problem is, I haven’t told her my past yet. She doesn’t know anything about me being alive over 1000 years, being a cured vampire and she doesn’t even know about me being a witch. I’ve been protecting her for as long as I can but im afraid it is impossible for me to do so now.  

A few weeks ago, as I was picking up some groceries, I had a weird feeling that I only used to get around vampires. As I was driving home that day, I noticed a car following me and ever since that day, the same car has been following me around wherever I go. There is only one thing to do.

“Honey” I say to my 17-year-old daughter, Y/N. “pack your bag, we’re going to see my old friend in New Orleans”

Y/N’s POV:

I always knew there was something not normal about my mother’s childhood stories or just her in general. I always had a certain vibe about her, like magical or something like that. Although that’s silly, there’s no such thing as magic.

Right at this second, I am packing my bag for god knows how long of a stay with my mom’s old friend in New Orleans that she has never mentioned before. I need to know how long we’re staying for otherwise I wont pack as much as I need, maybe more.

“Mom, how long are we staying? I don’t know how much to pack” I shout out to her, thinking she was in her bedroom next to mine.

“I’m right here you don’t need to shout” She says chuckling to herself. “You don’t need to pack much and if we end up staying longer than planned, we can just go shopping. There are some amazing shops in the area that we are going to”

“How come you’ve never talked about this ‘old friend before but now we’re going to stay with them for a while?”

“Sweetheart, just hurry up and pack and ill explain everything you need to know in the car” She explained to me. This got me worried, what else wasn’t she telling me?

I nodded, signaling to her that I would do just that and wait till the car ride to find out what I needed to know.

The car ride to New Orleans was weird. I ended up learning way more than I half expected. I learnt my mother was a witch, who was a vampire and was born over 1000 years ago. I also found out that im a witch and the bracelet my mother gave me when I was 5, stops my magic from working. It was a lot to take in.

Klaus’ POV:

As usual, Kol had brought in a sea of bodies as his search to bring back Davina still continues to fail. It’s been 18 years and he still loves her. I’ve got to say he has dedication.

Its been over 20 years since I last saw or heard from my best friend, Y/M/N. For all I know she could be dead.

As I walk down the stairs of my home, I catch sight of Rebekah and Elijah standing facing me, with 2 women in front of them. I couldn’t tell who they were but my siblings looked somewhat over the moon to see these people. I wonder who they could be.

“My darling brother and sister, care to introduce me to our guests” I say walking up to them smiling while they look over the two womens shoulders like something out of a movie.

“My my, its been a long time since I’ve heard Niklaus’ voice” There is only one person who dares to say my full name.

“Y/M/N?” I questioned my best friend as her and the other women turned around.

“Yes, its me and the latest generation of the Y/L/N witch bloodline. Meet Y/N”. She said and oh my god, I have never saw a more beautiful woman in all my life.


anonymous asked:

Idk if you write headcanons but, can you do an ace!Jason and bi!Percy headcanon list thing? (i also requested some from i'mnotstraightorcis, etc. etc. , lmao. thank you in advanceeeee

@dontcallmestraightorcis is a great blog for anyone whos into content similar to mine - aka That Gay Shit tm B3c lil promo there

and ace jason and bi percy are my lifeblood tbh yes please


• jason (gr)ace figures out pretty early on that he’s not into people That Way - you dont grow up raised by wolves and then as a soldier beside other soldiers and not hear about The Do and how fun it is. he doesnt understand it though - if anything, it sounds gross and unnecessary. why waste time with something like that when you can be doing something else? the idea that he cant Provide that for someone stops him from dating in the barracks even before becoming praetor, however, even though dakota flirts constantly (which mostly just makes him laugh)

• percy doesnt get that hes bi until hes around 13-14 and hes talking to someone who Isnt like “yeah those guys are super good looking” “haha wow gay” “nah im straight” “those are not straight thoughts percy jackson” “…oh. guess im not then” and he doesnt beat himself up over it too much. its another thing that fugliano would have hated about him and the idea feels like rebellion, like blue food. it makes him grin

• when they meet, they’re ridiculous. percy is all peacock, being aggressive and showing off and trying to be The Coolest. he doesnt get that he has a crush. jason responds back to percy the same way, and KNOWS that he has a crush on percy. hes never liked someone that much before and really doesnt want to. hes afraid of not being Enough, of “leading percy on”, so to speak. he hasnt accepted that there are people out there that wont expect that of him - that would be happy with him as he is and would find no shortcomings in that which he could give. luckily percy doesnt seem to like him much, so that suits jason just fine (even if he is maybe secretly pining a little)

• percy is hanging out with piper and they get talking about jason. jason is on percy’s mind 24/7, the way luke was, the way annabeth was for a while, and he Knows but he hasnt put 2 and 2 together yet. piper, luckily, does. “percy, you like him. you like him and thats super gay and i approve.” “[gasps] piper, you useless lesbian, i cant believe this” “youre the useless lesbian. now go find jason and tell him the OTHER L word”

• so percy goes to find jason and apologize for his behavior because pigtail pulling is not an appropriate way of displaying a crush. jason goes stock still and is like “…a crush?”

percy goes on to say its okay if he doesnt like him back and that he’d get over it eventually and no sweat, i just came to say im worry, it wont happen again and jason hushes him pretty quickly. “its fine, percy… i mean. i kind of like you too just… i dont know. things are different.” he struggles to express how he feels. “but i dont want to lead you on.”

percy thinks hes saying “i dont ACTUALLY like you” and nods, a little hurt. ‘i like you but i dont wanna lead you on’ then what was that, he thinks bitterly. but he thinks he understands. “its okay, dude. dont worry about it.” jason shakes his head and says “but i DO worry about it. i want to be able to go all the way.”

percy blinks. “wait, what?”

“i just,” jason struggles again, bringing his hands into the air and looking exasperated. “i just.. i dont know. i want to go out with people and kiss or hug or whatever but then theres what comes next and i just cant do that. i dont think ill ever want that.”

theres a beat of silence, jason looking at the ground while.

“then we wont go that far.” jason looks up and when they meet eyes, percy shrugs easily. “youre a really cool, strong guy. youre nice, too, and you care about people. i wanna get to know you better, maybe not be at your throat all the time trying to 1 up you to get you to like me.” that makes jason laugh. “im okay with just taking you out. i dont think i need to ‘score’” he uses air quotes here, pulls a face at the word. “to score with you, if you know what i mean”

jason is smiling and blushing and maybe his throats a little tight and his eyes sting because a cute guy totally just used an awful line on him and doesnt mind that it wont get him into jasons pants. “then… okay.”


“okay, ill go out with you.”

and if percy raises his fists in the air and yells “WOOHOO!!!” then let it be known that jason didnt stop laughing for a long while after that


…wow im gay wtf - mod will

Jonathan Toews Imagine - “Go Kick Some Bruin Ass”

@sw-michelle​ request:  Can I request an imagine where a girl plays for the Blackhawks and gets hurt in a game and all the guys see her as their sister and get mad/upset, but Toews is her bf and goes worried/protective bf? Please and thank you!!!!

sorry to any bruins fans just to me they are a really rough team, i dont mean any offence. 

this was also a very fun imagine to write i hope you enjoy. 

keep sending in your requests:))

Originally posted by captain-furious

yes i made history. yes i was the first girl in the national hockey league. no the guys didnt go any easier on me and i didnt mind it. in the year 2018 i was drafted by the chicago black hawks, maybe not first over all but sill a girl in the nhl. i was fairly new to the team but the guys and i all became friends fast.

“y/n you should skip the game tonight” jonathan said. johnny was one of the guys who i had an instant connection with, one that made us more than friends. “no way in hell i am missing this game” i said unlacing my skates that were tied from morning practice.

“y/n its the bruins someone is going to get hurt, im not saying its gonna be you but if you do get hurt this whole team is going down with you” brent said from across the room. i gave them all a look, “im part of this team so if i get hurt, i get hurt but im not skipping this game end of conversation.”

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Because i’m in love with you

Request - Can you please write a story where you’re best friends with Kol but he’s in love with you but you don’t know about it. You’re with Jeremy and you’re in love with him, he’s your boyfriend. One day out of the blue Kol starts arguing with you. You’re completely lost to why he started to pick a fight with you and he blurts out he’s in love with you but before you can say anything Jeremy walks in.

I changed the story a bit which i hope is okay :) I might write a part 2 to this, depending on the reactions to it. 

Word count - 1097

“I’ll be round soon with it and chocolate, don’t worry” Jeremy laughed on the other side of the phone. 

You were going to be having a lazy day with Jeremy, your boyfriend, at your house as you weren’t feeling up to going out at all and facing all the vampires roaming round Mystic Falls. Jeremy was on his way over with chocolate and a few films to watch through the day. You and Jeremy had been together a few months now and you were completely in love with him. Although your best friend, Kol, didn’t approve of him. Mostly because Jeremy was one of the five and Kol was afraid that one day, he’ll try to kill him. 

“Okay. Hurry though, i miss you” You replied to Jeremy over the phone. After an exchange of ‘I love you’s’, you heard the door knock. “That was a quick soon” you shouted through the door while laughing. As you opened the door, you soon realised that it wasn’t your boyfriend, it was Kol.

Originally posted by showandwrite

“Oh thank god you’re okay” Kol said as he wrapped his long arms around you. “Why haven’t you answered any of my texts, I’ve been worried” he confessed. 

“Well for one, yesterday i was throwing up all day so i didn’t really want to talk to anyone and today, i only woke up half an hour ago and I’ve been waiting for Jeremy so i couldn’t really reply. Speaking of whom, he will be here soon and considering you two don’t really like each other, it would be best if you leave. If i’m feeling better later, i’ll come round and we can catch up” As soon as you mentioned Jeremy, Kol rolled his eyes. You knew he didn’t like him but he didn’t have to be so rude and up front about it. 

“Why are you still with that Gilbert boy? He’s not good enough for you. You, my love, deserve someone who makes you feel alive.” He said in a deep voice, stroking your cheek.

“Kol, we’ve been through this before” You answered, standing up with your hand on your hip. “I love him and nothing you can say will make me chance my feelings and for your information he does make me feel alive. He also makes me feel safe and he makes me happy. Which is more than i can say for all my other boyfriends”

You hadn’t really had much luck with boyfriends over the past few years. One was an enemy of the Mikaelsons who was just using you to get to them, another was a psychopath and all the other’s were just normal, immature boys. Kol knew this, as he was the one who ended all those relationships by killing them all. You weren’t going to let that happen this time. 

 “There are a few things that i could say that would change your mind, but they’re for another day” As soon as the last word left his lips, he stood up and started to walk out. He almost looked upset when you saw his face. 

“Kol wait” You shouted out to him, running in front of him to stop him from leaving so soon after saying that without explaining himself. You knew this wouldn’t stop him as he was an original and one of the strongest vampires you knew. “Tell me now” Your voice was barely a whisper but there was still hints of curiosity and nervousness in it. 

“It don’t matter Y/N. Enjoy your day with your boyfriend, ill talk to you tomorrow.” You hated when he did stuff like this, say something then make you wait a while to know what he meant. Although whenever he did this, you could always sense that he was lying when the time finally came to tell you.

“No Kol. You always do this. You say something, then say you’ll tell me another day and when that day finally comes, you lie to me” Kol looked like he was going to start speaking but you hadn’t finished. “Don’t try to deny the fact that you lie, because i know you do. Remember that time i asked you what you were going out to do, you said you’d tell me when you get back right?” He nodded in response. “When you came back, you said you went to get a drink but i could tell you were lying so i went and asked Klaus. He told me that you killed 3 people feeding that day. That’s how i know that you lie to me and yet you’re still my best friend. That proves that i’m always going to be here for you and with you. So just tell me” You pleaded. You were desperate to know what he meant, it was eating you alive and you only heard it less than 5 minutes ago.

“Fine,i’ll tell you but you have to promise me one thing” You nodded your head to signal Kol that you would promise him anything. “You won’t start to avoid me or stop being my friend just because of what i tell you next”

“I promise you Kol. Nothing will make me avoid you. I will always completely understand you.”

Kol finally moved from his spot in your doorway. He grabbed your hand and walked with you over to your sofa, sat down and looked you right in the eyes. You and Kol were always close, ever since his brother, Klaus, undaggered him. You two clicked, but not in a romantic way. It was like you were friend soulmates.

“Wow, this is harder than i thought it would be” Kol stuttered. You had no idea what could be so big that he was this nervous to tell you. “Y/N… the way that i act around you, the reason why im overly protective of you is… is because i’m in love with you”

“You’re what?” A third voice appeared from behind you and Kol. Jeremy had just walked in and heard Kol’s confession. After an awkward few seconds, Kol finally spoke.

“I’m gonna go, i’ll talk to you soon” and in that second, Kol used his vampire speed to disappear from your house. 

“What happened after we ended the phone call?” Jeremy questioned. You couldn’t tell if he was angry, confused or just curious. That was the problem with Jeremy, you could never tell how he was feeling.

You then knew that you had to tell Jeremy. You told him what happened and then something new happened. You could tell what Jeremy was thinking. He wanted to kill Kol.

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun (one-shot)

Sebastian Stan/Reader

Disclaimer: Drinking, teasing, fluff

Originally posted by love-buckybarnes

Sebastian’s POV

It was a girls night out which meant I was home alone while (y/n) goes and has a good time. Now don’t get me wrong, she deserves to have a good time with her friends, but I swear she goes out with them more than she goes out with me. The only plus side of this is that she is the funniest when she’s drunk, she’s also usually pretty horny and teasing her is my favorite pass time.

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I like you- Sodapop Imagine

Requested by: @butdallywinston

Hey babes! Could you do an imagine where the reader is best friends with Soda, and they always low key act like a couple (sleeping in the same bed, going places, always going dancing, etc) but they swear they don’t have feelings for each other? But then one night something happens (you can make that up) and they realize how they really feel? Just like all cute and fluffy? Thanks love!!


*Y/N’s POV*

“What do you want to watch, doll?” Sodapop asks me. He comes in the living room wearing only sweatpants, leaving his muscular upper body exposed, which might i added was extremely distracting. 

“Sweetheart, are you gonna stare all day.”He says with a chuckle. “Shut it will you.” I scoff. He turned on the T.V. and sat down beside me. He puts his are around me and i cuddle into his chest, like we always do. We were comfortable with each other, no feelings just friends. 

But recently, i really started to feel something towards Soda, i actually really liked him. i mean we practically act like a couple already except he hasn’t asked me to be his girl, like we hug, cuddle, I sleep in his bed most nights, we go to the drive-in, we go out to eat at the dingo,  and we kiss but not on lips. I want to tell him how i feel but i am afraid he won’t feel the same way.

While Soda and i were cuddled up watching T.V, the boys came home. “Well look at the happy couple.” Two bit teases. I blush and hid my face in soda’s bear chest and he wrapped his arms around me. “Look at little (Y/N) blushing.” Steve teases. “Why aren’t you guys together yet?” Ponyboy asks all of a sudden, getting everyone’s attention. .

I pull my head out of Soda’s chest and looked at ponyboy. Everybody was silent. “I really don’t know.” Soda says, i turn my head and face him. I was shocked. “What do you mean you don’t know?” i asked. “Well i guess i should tell you now.” Soda lets out a nervous chuckle. “Well (Y/N) i really like you and i have for a while. And i wanted to ask if you wanted to be my girl?” He said. “I feel the same way Soda, of course ill be your girl.” i say. He leaned in for a kiss and as clique as it sounds i felt fireworks. i had the guy of my dreams and i was so excited.

“I’ve been waiting so long to do that, love you (y/n).” Soda says and puts his forehead on mine. “I love you too Soda.” i say with a smile “Alright now, you two go get a room if your going to be all over each other like that. i’m trying not to throw up my lunch.” Steve says. 

Soda and i laugh it off and continue to watch our show. i was so happy to finally be Soda’s girl. 

I’m so sorry this took me forever, i’ve been super busy but now i have a lot of free time so don’t forget to request! Thank you so much @butdallywinston for requesting!

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Your sheith post about it possibly being canon I did read that the writers wanted to take Tim in building relationships and the story. Which I think is cool since a lot of shows rush into relationships without any build to it. Also I don't think it's queerbaiting since as far as I know the writers never said anything was going to canon I just think they like to show support.

hi! sorry this got a little long ;; so under the cut it goes:

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Klaus x Reader

Requested By Anon

“May I help you?” A man in a suit asked as he opened the door.

“I’m looking for Elijah, Niklaus said I could stay?” You muttered nervously and then man frowned.

“Niklaus… told you, you could stay?” He asked slowly and you nodded.

“This is the right house, isn’t it?” you asked nervously and he nodded, reluctantly letting you in.

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Hiii Sensei! How did you know what you where ment to do? Or did it just kinda happen? Im getting older and i know time doesnt wait for anyone and at times its hard not being grounded to reality. My mind is a mess.. and i feel like a burden to my family because its impossible for me to do the most simplist things sometimes. I wanna get better but theres always those days where my mind seems to tell me no you cant. I just wanna believe in myself and i try, but i always end up back at square 1.🤕

I know just too well what you mean. I took quite the while to know what to do with myself and also took long time for recovery from mental illness, which still hits me sometimes. It’s understandable you don’t want to be a burden to your family, but what’s important is you. You need to see what you can and can’t do. It’s true that time doesn’t wait for anyone, but it’s also true, that you have all the time in the world to figure out what you’re meant to do. we have so many possibilities today and yet so little, that it’s often hard to find the right thing. I started five different things before I ended up with something I really enjoyed and today I know that’s cool. Back then I was really stressed out about having to get a job soon and be a productive member of society, but you do you and there’s no need to rush into something you can’t or don’t want to do. Take time to recover, for therapy or for coping and start with little steps, maybe a honorary office for a few hours a week to get into something and to get yourself more resilient. I know there’s lots of pressure, but the only thing that matters is you! Allow yourself to try lots of stuff with internships or little jobs for a few hours a month, nothing too big. I love you and I’m proud of you!


Poly Squad x Reader

“Why don’t they ever smile?” Alex wondered out loud, causing the rest of his partners to look up at him.

He was talking about his partner Y/N.

They never seemed to smile, and nobody could figure out why. They weren’t unhappy, in quite it was the opposite. They were quite content with where they were in their lives.

But a smile never seemed the grace the lips of dearest Y/N.

“I don’t know,” Lafayette replied. “They seem quite happy, at least they say they are.”

“Why don’t we just ask them?” Hercules asked. John nodded.

“Ill ask them,” Alex said, rising from his chair.

“Wait. I have a better idea,” John said, stopping Alex in his tracks. “Why don’t we see who can get a smile out of them. Jokes, pranks, games, all sorts of fun.”

The others pondered.

“What do we get if we win?”

“Her smile?”

“Sounds good too me.”


“Y/N. You wanna hear a joke?” John asked as he sat next to you. You looked at him confused but nodded.

“Sure why not.”

“Why should you never use a dull pencil?” he asked you. “Because it’s pointless!”

He gave a harsh laugh while you rolled your eyes and turned back to your book.



Alex and Lafayette decided to team up together to pull a prank on Hercules.

They had baked some cupcakes but hadn’t frosted them. So they put mustard on a few and offered them to Hercules while the two of you were working on mending your work shirt.

“Hercules would you like a cupcake?” Lafayette asked. He nodded and took one off the plate. “You don’t want one Y/N?”

You shook your head. They were up to something.

Hercules took a bite and his face instantly twisted into a disgusted expression.

He spat out the cupcake and ran from the room to get a drink of water, leaving Laf and Alex howling with laughter.

You sat there shaking your head. What on earth were they thinking>

The two of them looked at you.



Hercules was the last one to go.

His plan was to go the old fashioned route and just attack you in a tickle hug.

He waited until you were laying on the couch before sitting next to you and tickling you with all his might.

Harsh laughs erupted from you, but there was still no smile on your face.

They were all at a loss at this point.

“What should we do know?”


“Y/N, can we talk to you?” John asked at dinner.

“Of course? Is something wrong?” you replied confused.

“We were wondering… is there a reason that you do not smile darling?” Alex finished.

“You are not unhappy I hope,” Hercules added while Lafayette stared at you worriedly.

You sighed.

“I am perfectly happy my darlings, believe me. There is no other life that I would like to be living. But I have always had a hard time with showing my emotions, so smiles just don’t happen.”

They all nodded in understanding and looked relieved.

“So there is nothing wrong?”


“Thank goodness.”

Tip to fellow psychotic people: When you see neurotypicals trivialize or fethizse your mental illness with statements like “I’m so insane” or “I went totally psychotic yesterday” or by wearing shirts with “psycho” printed on them or whatever they do these days, go to them like “wait, you’re psychotic too?! I also have a psychotic-spectrum diagnosis and I’m so glad to meet someone who knows what it’s like” and watch them die of shame and discomfort while they desperately try to explain that they were “just kidding” and didn’t mean that they were “actually psychotic” without coming across as assholes who trivialize and fetishize mental illness. 


(1) Canon → (2) Interpretation → (3) Reaction

Discussion and fandom engagement comes in at 2 and extends through 3. Antis upset this process. Antis have an alternative canon, one developed in furious echo chambers and that they believe in with fanatical devotion. Thus any discussion with an anti is ultimately pointless because one is never actually discussing the same subject, only using common words.

Frequently an anti will hijack an actual social justice issue, giving themselves an arsenal of language to silence any attempts at communication while simultaneously painting themselves as champions of justice, martyrs subjected to the unfair persecution of the bigoted masses. This has the effect of not only silencing fandom and damaging the very cause the anti believes they are crusading for, but also prevents correction by or engagement with authors/writers/actors or anyone involved in the show/movie/book lest they be labeled with something that can have serious repercussions for their careers and livelihoods. This unfortunately only encourages the anti, who takes silence as agreement or even an admission of guilt.

tl;dr Engagement with an anti is like beating your head against a wall that has painted itself with logic-repelling conviction in a reality of their own making, a futile practice that will only give you a headache, possibly a concussion, and cover you in their mess. Save yourself. Ignore the fuckers.


Im gonna attempt to make a Ghoul Grumps Masterpost for everyone that wants to join in on this crazy ride but has absolutely no fucking idea where to start lmao I’ll try to find all the pictures Ive drawn, all of the headcanons that became canon, all that good shit. Ill also being giving a slight breakdown on the actual universe since that tends to make some people very confused :o

IM SORRY THIS IS SO LONG OKAY!! I cant even make a tl;dr for this bc weve got too much shit in this au now haha. So I guess if you wanna read the whole thing, just buckle down bc Its gonna take awhile :0

MAKE SURE TO CLICK LINKS for more information :3c

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