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Season 6B:
  • Killian: *angst*
  • Emma, who is usually angsting, or definitely too scared to take big steps in her relationship: oh
  • Emma: let me go canoeing
  • Emma: omfg I love my kid
  • Emma: dumb kid forgot the life jackets
  • Emma: who needs lifejackets?
  • Emma: if Killian finds out we had Poptarts AND didn't wear life jackets he'd kill us omg
  • Emma: Better go home to get the life jackets
  • Killian: *is angsting*
  • Emma: wait, what are you hiding? Did you buy a puppy? Cause I've been thinking, a puppy would maybe be something I-
  • Emma: wait
  • Emma: don't be sad, I love you and we're alive and there is no angst in our lives bae
  • Killian: *gallons of angst*
  • Emma: see you later, alligator! <3
  • *several hours later*
  • Killian: *angsting outside the house*
  • Emma, flying down the steps: KILLIAN
  • Emma: I'm making melty yummy popcorn COME INSIDE
  • Emma: did I mention I LOVE you!!!!! and we have pOPCORN!!
  • Killian: *angst*
  • *the next day*
  • Killian: *wakes up at the crack of dawn to get an early start on angsting*
  • Emma: *wakes up*
  • Emma: I'm all alone :O
  • Emma: *gasp* Killian's so cute he's probably getting the puppy today
  • Emma: I miss him
  • Emma: look at his cute little sea chest
  • Emma: I wonder if it's locked
  • Emma: IT'S NOT LOCKED!?
  • Emma: what's even in here? He's never...wait, what? omg. OMG. OMFG.
  • Emma: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Emma: I can't look at it. I can't. I can't.
  • Emma, an hour later: *spinning around her room with her ring on*
  • Emma: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Emma: when is he gonna be HOME
  • Killian: *getting drunk, drowning in angst*
  • *way too many hours later, the door opens*
  • Killian: Emma? You home-
  • Emma: *flies down the stairs at 99mph*
  • Emma: dearly beloved, we are gathered here today
  • Emma: so that I can finally marry the most wonderful person in the entIRE WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Killian: .....*angst*
The Outsiders Conversations (based on actual conversations I've heard at school)

Ponyboy: I spent an hour on my hair this morning and now it’s messed up!
Johnny: …. Because you slept on the bus..
Ponyboy: Yeah but I used aquanet so it should’ve been fine, I thought


Steve: Wanna fight bro?
Sodapop: Do what?
Steve: Ya wanna fight.. bro?
Sodapop: I beg your pardon?
Sodapop: I’m doing my algebra homework. We can in Spanish next period
Steve: Alright lit


Dallas: Why the fuck are the peanut butter cookies 3 quarters but the chocolate chip ones are 2? They’re both the same size!
Two-Bit: Ain’t that called discrimination?


Darry: Homie what the matter?
Sodapop: that girl I was talking to bro
Darry: what about her?
Sodapop: she got someone on the side
Darry: shit fam
Sodapop: yeah she got a girlfriend
Darry: bro


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Hi. I wanted to ask you if you ever done a tutorial of how you color your arts, it look so realistic, I need some tips

this could be a really long answer, because it’s a super loaded question! it depends on what specifically you’re having trouble with. i just did a speed paint of a little comic piece i did recently:

but with something like this:

you’ll see it’s a layering process. the canvas is also huge! so to start:

  • i lay in flat base colors that are in the general wheelhouse of what i want to build on top of. everything has a trillion values, but normally there’s one that acts as a baseline for all of them. this includes big shadow values as well. i consider them to be their own beast.
  • i do the most detailed/technically difficult parts first, generally starting with the face. the secret here is, i bounce around with a thousand different colors with a brush with opacity control turned on:

i use solid blocking of color VERY conservatively, so when it is in place, it actually stands out. 

while not classically trained, i’m like 95% sure my style falls under impressionism. so even though it’s not blended, the colors give an optical illusion from afar that it’s realistic. i also don’t use black!

it’s hard to give tips on something that more or less came to me organically as i started doing more and more of what i wanted. i simply discovered i hated the way i did smooth blending, so i tried a different method instead. experimentation can sometimes be the best thing you can do! i’ve also been on youtube studying a lot of other artist’s work, which has been a huge help to me personally in the past year

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Hi I just recently found your tumblr when i was scrolling through the Voltron tag and I jsut wanted to say your writing is so great <3 (I've been going through your blog for over an hour now just reading your stuff) <3 <3 Will you please give us some more Lotor HCs ? [the new problematic favorite hahaha]

Holy shit I have an hour’s worth of content on my blog?? Already?? *^* Thank you for your dedication for that hour, and I’m glad you enjoy my writing.

I hope you enjoy your new problematic favorite~

I don’t think I have headcanons anymore idk what this is, I think it’s just a list of how I want Lotor to be tbh

– Ryan

• Has this rly embarrassing Galran habit of purring when he’s content
• Tbh the habit is adorable as fuck, but that’s why he thinks it’s so embarrassing
• He has Altean markings, but they’re on his hips and his shoulders.
• His favorite snack is popcorn
• I’m sure he’s amused with it bc when you make it, it sounds like a tiny war inside the microwave
• Knows how to ice skate!!
• bc I want him to know how to ice skate I don’t need a reason
• Would really enjoy cinnamon, yeah? I think it’s just a flavor he’d really like
• Definitely prefers tea over coffee
• Ha you thought I was gonna say he’s a coffee person
• It’s too bitter for him, and he doesn’t care for the energy it gives him
• He’d rather wind down with some tea
• He’s become very dependent on your voice yeah?
• Hearing you, as well as seeing you, nearby helps him to calm down
• As a result of this, you’re the only one who can really ever calm him down
• He’s extremely insecure and doesn’t show anyone this side except for you

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i think the whole concept of Elsewhere U is wonderful and i've been reading through this blog for hours now. i've been wondering, what of physicists?? do The Gentry ignore us entirely? do we know Too Much about the fundamental workings of the universe?? is what we think we know laughably incomplete or entirely false??? does our ability to prove a lot things with somewhat fudged maths win us favour (its pretty useful) or cause Problems???? really i just want to know how i might get on at EU <3 <3

Knowing about the fundamental workings of the universe is perfectly fine so long as you never try to fit the Gentry (or really any of the weirdness around them) into the equation. They’re enormously self-centered, and the bits of the world that don’t involve them aren’t worth thinking about. But if you start trying to understand the why and the how of the Elsewhere, they would object strongly. They take offense to people trying to fit the pieces of their existence together like it’s a puzzle, trying to answer and categorize and solve.

Although frankly if you’re trying to study the Elsewhere through a physics lens, it’s entirely possible you’ll go mad before anything can express its displeasure.

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Hey dude! Can you maybe recommend some places to get good furniture/objects from? I've been searching for hours now without finding anything decent (yes, i'm picky). Thank you! <3

ur just in luck because i have this here nifty tag on my cc finds blog chock full of good stuff! i have like zero build/buy stuff anymore tho lmao because i too have become very picky, so now when i see cc i have to stop and think “would i reeeally use this tho” most of what i have now is from @budgie2budgie, @jools-simming and pictureamoebae who it’s not letting me tag for some reason. ALSO @leo-sims is my fave. i used to use a lot of @daer0n and @dreamteamsims stuff as well. but yeah just explore that tag and i’m sure you’ll find some g00d stuff

some people are born gillovny, some people achieve gillovny, and some have gillovny thrust upon them.
—  what tonight has taught me

I don’t always do gift exchanges, but when I do, I go way the hell overboard.

This is gift request for #31 is for disizletzi. Thank you for your awesome request, which caught my eye immediately. Road trips? Yes please. I sort of put some of your prompts and likes into a blender. I hope you like what came out.

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3


otp meme - 3/10 quotes

↳ The Hour: Lix Storm & Randall Brown

“Dust on the lens. Didn’t I always tell you what happens if you leave the cap off the lens?”

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So I've been able to improve my sleep tremendously thanks to you, but I can never seem to get that last ninth hour of sleep. I always wake up after 8. How do I fix this?

Well if you got a Solid 8 hours that is Phenomenal so its natural to wake up when you hit that and its good. The extra hour is a bonus so I’d suggest taking a “GROWTH NAP” during the day. Lol thats what us fitness people call naps to get even more muscle growth haha taken Preferably between 12pm-3:30pm If you sleep after that it can mess with your sleep schedule at night. So thats one way you could do it. Add in that daily nap

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I've seen this asked other places and I want to ask you. If there was only 3 receipts you could use to convince someone about Larry what would they be?

Okay, I’m sure you sent this last night but I’ve tried my best to think of the three receipts I could use and here’s what I’ve come up with.

tattoos. who can explain these tattoos to me? if they fucking aren’t together then they have a lot of explaining to do about these goddamned tattoos.

the second thing I’d choose would be this:

the paris interview. I’d make that person watch this with me for hours on end and try to explain this flirty shit they had going on and when they couldn’t explain it i’d be all “exactly”

and the third and final thing would be this:

Okay, Harry didn’t know that he would be famous one day. He didn’t know this interview would be world known one day, he literally just told the truth. His first real crush was louis tomlinson. louis truly had a crush on harry, too. so if this was a joke, explain to me why he’s so serious and why it’d be a joke when he didn’t even know he was going to be famous one day and he didn’t know that others would “ship” him and louis. explain me a thing.

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Fans don't enjoy a show only for the writing. Bonding with main characters play a big part. That's disrespected now for the idea that someone has to die to make the show better. Some fans are resilient. For me, losing Finn was the most disappointing, hurtful TV experience I've ever had. Returning for a season 3 with no Finn would be as hard as Clarke returning to that bunker. A show I enjoyed was spoiled by a trend I hope to see an end to. There has to be another way to keeps things interesting.

Losing Finn was very difficult for us, the writers, as well. Like the fans, we love and are very much bonded to the characters we create. In fact, we spend hundreds of hours thinking as them, feeling what they feel. We put them through challenges and test them at every turn because we want to see them persevere and overcome. Yet every so often, the greater story will demand a sacrifice. Last year, sadly, it was Finn. 

We worked very hard to explore this loss throughout the season, and the death of Finn haunts our show to this day. You’re not alone. But in the writers room, we constantly remind ourselves: if life has no meaning, death has no cost. Losing Finn hurt, and that’s why it mattered

To us, to Clarke and Raven, and – of course – to you, our loyal audience.

What we will never do here is capriciously kill characters just for shock value. Every decision is thoughtfully argued and considered and debated. We flipflop and wrestle with the cost of every death. But as you know, The 100 is a show about survival, so we’re going to lose some people along the way. Our hope is that these deaths will allow the characters who are left behind to come to appreciate the value of life.

carlotaaa2  asked:

Hi! I've been going through your FAQ and some of your tags for hours; your blog is amazing. Thank you for sharing all your metas and theories with us. I'm sorry if you already answered this before, but: do you think the Stark siblings will eventually know where are the others and what they're doing? Like I know Bran had a little info thanks to Sam, and so, but... Do you think that they will learn that -except for Robb- they're not actually dead? Do you think they will be reunited? Thank you! <3

Thanks so much! :)

-Do I think the Stark siblings will eventually know where are the others and what they’re doing? Yes

-Do I think that they will learn that they’re not actually dead? Yes

-Do I think they will be reunited? Ye– maybe – yes– I think – um.

To clarify:

Bran already is keeping track of his siblings (and Theon for that matter). For Jon he’s in Mormont’s raven (and that grove of weirwoods near the Wall may also be relevant). Arya is having wolf dreams where a tree watches her. Rickon, “only heart trees see half of what they do on Skagos”. Sansa has nothing yet from him but I do not think that will stand forever. (Some maester’s raven is going to say something weird around her one day, I’m sure.)

Sansa is aware that Jon is Lord Commander; if she eventually hears about his assassination, the way news travels in Westeros it’ll probably include info of whatever happens to him afterwards as well. If the plot to take the North with the Vale army does actually progress, then when Rickon comes back as the Stannis-supported heir she’ll definitely hear of that. Arya– well, Sansa will hear of the Bolton marriage, even though that’s not the real Arya, but it should give her similar “I thought she was dead but this is worse than death” thoughts as Jon had – until/if Littlefinger clarifies the situation (in which case if he says it’s Jeyne I certainly hope that’s what begins his downfall). She will learn about the real Arya and also Bran eventually. (“Eventually” may be a long way away, mind you.)

Arya’s way out of the loop unfortunately, but once she returns to Westeros (or hears news that’s what makes her want to return to Westeros) she’ll get updated shortly. Rickon is also extremely out of the loop (and may be too young to remember even), but Osha at least should be reminding him Bran is alive, and when he comes back to the North he’ll be aware of Jon, and he’ll find out about Sansa if the Vale army plot is a thing, and Arya will be an “eventually”. Jon, also, same as the others, though what with his own problems his siblings may drop to a lower priority of caring, though lord knows what he’ll be like, we’ll see.

I definitely think Sansa, Arya, and Rickon will be there for the reunion (in Winterfell), though I’m also fairly sure it will probably not happen until almost the very end of ADOS. Some people feel very strongly that Bran will be there as well – I currently don’t, at least not in person (and please y’all you don’t need to reblog this to tell me he will be, I’ve read your metas ok thanks), but I am sure he will have a major presence among his siblings. Jon… it very much depends on whether he dies saving the world or not. Though even if he does die I am certain he’ll reunite with Arya (at minimum) well before that happens.

And there may be some minor reunions before the end, possibly including some frustrating near-misses and some where one person may not be aware the other is near them. It may be very frustrating for quite a while actually. But by the end, I do believe we’ll be satisfied with the connection our Starks will have. Well. Mostly satisfied, at least.

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I tend to go to the gym Monday to Friday and workout for 3 hours. According to the gym machines I burn roughly 700 calories but I've heard the machines aren't accurate. What's the best thing I can do to burn fat? I cycle, use the rowing machine, run/walk and lift weights

Working out for 3 hours 5 days a week is probably not the right approach to fat loss.

I highly recommend you to try HIIT (High intensity interval training), it’s the most efficient way to burn fat.

More info:

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What if Bungie made it so you could customize you're ghosts voice? Like there would be a female option and a male option that you can customize. There would be presets for the voices but you could choose what you wanted your ghost to sound like.

I want Ashley Johnson as a female voice, but I want her to cuss more than Ellie does in The Last of Us.

“I finally found you now wake the fuck up and start killing shit”

“He’s in the fucking walls are you kidding me with this bullshit”

“Guardian down. Fucking again, really?”