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Hi!! I was wondering if you (or anyone!) could help me find a BTS live performance that I believe was at an award show? From what I remember, they used BST as a transition into Fire I believe.... I don't remember what was the first song they performed. I know it wasn't MAMA or Melon. I've been trying to find the video again, but w/ no luck... :(

Golden Disk Awards 2017 HERE ^^

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Ever since I found out that clockwork Angel is being made into a movie I've just been slowly waiting for news about it to come out

what? WHAT? W H A T? IT’S BEING MADE INTO A MOVIE? HOW COULD I NOT KNOW THIS? oh my god you’re better not shitting me

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your taz stuff makes me wanna listen to it too esp bc i like mbmbam, but also....... i physically can't focus on audio-only plot driven content i've already daydreamed my way through most of the first episode i don't know what's happening i'm in hell

i feel that tbh also i don’t blame u the first episode is rlly long but it gets easier and better once the boys get comfortable w the game lol

i found that it helps me 2 pay attention if my hands are doing something so usually i’ll just draw when i listen. but sometimes i’ll make myself lunch and just sit and listen while i eat lol. also going for walks/cleaning ur room is a good way to focus (at least for me lol)

  • What she says: I'm fine.
  • What she means: I'm working for an hourly wage, I went to high school, but I didn't do great, Still I gotta make more cash, more education is what I'm looking at. When I get a degree I will make a bigger salary. So now I've got to see which college is right for me. I went on the internet and found Education con-nec-tion. I took a some free tests to find out my direction. I'm taking my classes online getin my degree at my own time. Education con-nection. Matched me with the right college for free! Get connected for free (free!) with education con-nec-tion. Get connected for free (free!) with education con-nec-tion.

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All I know about the siren au is that it was for some zone and that the stuff I've seen about it are all adorable. Is there more to it than what's on your blog that I haven't seen or is it that all that's been released so far?

Yes! :D
It is for the @yoinauticalzine ^w^
Most of the fics and stuff can be found on @lucycamui‘s blog! :D
She also has answered quite a few questions about the AU ^W^
The beginning of the story, however, will only be available in the zine! :D

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I'm frustrated because I'm obviously too stupid to look in the right places because I've been trying to find the diversion files where E&D answer questions such as when Eric says him and Dylan are best friends but Dylan says him and Eric are good friends etc etc. I've found some of the diversion documents but they're not what I'm looking for. I'm also looking for the ones thedragonrampant mentioned where they say they know about safe sex or w/e. Do you know where to find the rest of them?

First off, give yourself a break. 🙂There is a lot of Columbine information and it’s not always easy to locate what you’re looking for immediately. Trust me, I’ve been there with the frustration. There are some things I recall reading but if I haven’t book marked or screen capped the info, I’m sometimes sifting through docs tearing my hair out. We’re not stupid it’s just a massive amount of material and not always easy to find stuff.

Dylan’s Diversion File

Eric’s Diversion File

These are my two favorite docs, btw! They are so insightful into their individual personalities.

Peter Langman’s is a very good, well-organized resource for most of the major 11k doc

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I don't know anyone that i can talk about this with that would understand or have any answers.. so here I am on your blog that I found via poly tags. anyway I think I'm in love with two people. I've been in a monogamous relationship for almost 3 years now and I have been recently questioning if I'm poly. I've loved multiple people at a time in the past, and its happening again. I cannot picture my girlfriend w/ anyone else unless that person is with me too. Is that still poly? idk what i am. TIA

Hi! Thanks for reaching out! It is still poly, and that’s a natural way that many people start thinking about things. However, I encourage you to do some more thinking about different arrangements and how they might benefit people. I’m going to lay out some hypotheticals. This will be pretty blunt, but please know I’m not making assumptions about how you would actually behave, I’m only describing the ways that people sometimes unintentionally approach these things without realizing how it might cause difficulty.

If a new person had to be with both you and your girlfriend, what if someone you like (who likes you back) feels pressured to like your girlfriend too because they know that’s the only way they are allowed to be with you? Not everyone clicks with everyone, and it’s actually pretty darn rare for someone to click with both members of a pre-existing couple. Even if someone is into both you and your girlfriend, that also means both you and your girlfriend have to be into that person, too. You can see how this gets statistically less likely. Even assuming that’s true, then imagine how those relationships might develop. How would you feel if your girlfriend and the new person had a stronger connection than you had with the new person? Would you be okay with the two of them spending more time together than they spent with you? What if the new person wanted to break up with only one of you, not both? Would that get weird? Would the new person get dumped rather than get to stay with the person they still wanted to be with? It’s really important to try to put yourself in the shoes of the new person, who is often at a disadvantage when dating people who have been together for a long time. To treat someone well, try to imagine how you would feel if, say, you were a single person, and you were approached by a couple. What sort of agency would you want in your decision-making and the development of your new relationship(s)?

I don’t tell you these things to scare you or to tell you that you’re wrong for feeling what you’re feeling. Like I said, it’s incredibly common for people’s thoughts to go down that exact path you’ve described when they are first thinking about polyamory. Something that looks a little like “monogamy + 1″ makes sense to our brains that have been conditioned to think about relationships in terms of monogamy.

When you say, “I cannot picture my girlfriend w/ anyone else unless that person is with me too,” try asking yourself this: is it actually important that you are able to picture who your girlfriend is with? Could that be something that’s up to her? Do you want to be able to pursue people who aren’t interested in your girlfriend, or who she might not be interested in? If you are comfortable with non-monogamy as an idea, I encourage you to reach for the courage that would let each person determine the course of their own relationships and who they want to have those relationships with. 

From what you are saying about having feelings for multiple people, it does sound like you learn towards polyamory yourself. If your girlfriend does too, it may be that she has feelings for people who you wouldn’t be interested in, or who wouldn’t be interested in you, or maybe even who aren’t a gender you’re interested in (I don’t know your gender or orientation, so that might or might not be relevant). If you decide to open your relationship, again, I encourage being open to the idea that you might each be interested in different people.

Many newly poly people picture a closed triad as their ideal. What many people don’t realize is that triads (open or closed) are actually incredibly complex. In a triad, you have 4 relationships: one between each dyad (3 couples), plus the larger triad relationship. It’s not impossible, but many people who attempt it when they very first begin polyamory end up feeling in over their heads. I won’t tell you that you shouldn’t try it, but I can warn you that it’s a lot to think about, and it’s so important to make sure you are treating everyone truly as an individual. (Check out for more info.)

In short, I strongly encourage all newly polyamorous people to try dating as individuals. You met your girlfriend as an individual, right? Even if you do someday end up in a triad (or bigger group) relationship, there is nothing to be lost from developing individual one-on-one relationships first. Most successful triads that I’ve heard of actually developed organically, even accidentally, when people just so happened to get along with their metamour (partner’s partner) – not because anyone tried to make it happen.

That was a really long answer! I hope it wasn’t overwhelming. I’m glad you’re exploring what’s important to you in relationships. I wish you luck! If you want some further reading, I highly recommend the book More Than Two and the website by the same name. And please feel free to get in touch again if you’d like to talk more.

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GAAAAH!!!! YOUR ART IS SO BEAUTIFUL!!!!! I just found your mafia au recently and I'M SO IN LOVE!!!!! I've been constantly checking your Tumblr then I realized... there's an option for notifications... Anyway love what your doing!!!! Do you have an estimated guess of when you'll release the next part of your au?? Hugs~

I’m glad that you like my art and the AU~~~~
I warn you, you’ll get messages about all the asks I answer as well XD

and no idea XD
A while
I have a few more commissions to finish P:

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I've recently found your blog, and I love it. Keep up the good work! 😁💕 Assuming requests are open, here's a silly request. Can I ask for Ace, Sabo and Sanji's reaction (hcs) when their shy crush suddenly confesses to them (maybe by interrupting the conversation), merely saying, "Shhh... Did you hear that? ... It was my heart, saying 'I love you'."? ((I'm in a fluff mood which isn't normally???))

I hope you like!

• his face would be so red.
• he’d be a stuttering mess.
• “w-what-what did you say. C-can you repeat that?!” He’d say loudly, clutching a chair or table in complete shock.
• he’s so happy you confessed to him.
• he wanted to confess to you but you beat him so it!

•his face turns red instantly. He’s in complete and utter shock.
• he gulps and stares at you.
• he hugs you and pulls you close to his chest and breathes deep.
•he is so happy, and his heart is at peace.
• he asks you on a date.

• he falls in love with you all over again.
• “oh Y/N MY SWEET BELOVED Y/N! MY DEAR MY LOVE!” He would scream and tell the world about you.
• he’d hug you and try to kiss you but that would probably be too soon.
• he’d jump up and dance around, hugging you.

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hi :) i remember seeing (a while ago) on this blog a fic where one of them (can't remember if it was dan or phil) was an alien that came to earth to learn about humans.. could you help me finding it please, i've checked the alien/space masterlist but it wasn't there and i have no clue what the title could be :( thanks ^w^

Of All New Things, You Were My Favorite - Dan is a curious non-binary alien who doesn’t understand human culture but really likes to wear pastel pink skirts. And aliens, Phil learns, are a lot to handle – or maybe that’s just Dan.


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Hey yo I was wondering if I could request a super insecure mc with severe eczema (on the arms, wrists, hands, legs and feet) being nervous and scared about their first time with the RFA+V+Saeran? (I've got really bad eczema myself and hate it ;w; )

(´• ω •`) ♡ Of course you can, dear! I did a bit of research of things that could help, and I’m going to apply what I found. If any of it is wrong, or if you want any other care included, message me and I’ll fix it up.
(I love you! I know something like that must be painful to have, but don’t hate yourself for it, okay? If anyone says anything mean to you about it, I’ll fight em for ya!!ヾ(`ヘ´)ノ゙)

-It took you a while to wear clothing that would show your skin around him.

-I mean, look at him! He was so handsome and perfect. You were scared he’d be disgusted.

-One day you took him aside in the kitchen and took a deep breath, giving him a brief explanation on what it was and how it would bother you, he gently took your hand in his and kissed our forehead

-”Just tell me any way I can help you, okay?”

-You nearly bursted into tears right on the spot. All the fear you had pent up just slowly melted away as you hugged him close.

-After that, it was a little less stressful. He’d always give you little words of praise when you looks uncomfortable in public with a dress or something on that showed your skin.

-He’d help you buy clothes that looked cute, set up a wardrobe for days when you felt confident in your body, and for days when you just didn’t feel comfortable with everyone seeing. Everyone has their off days, and he’d be careful not to push too much on you on those days

-Every time he took selfies with you, he’d always clear them with you before posting. He never, ever, wanted to make you uncomfortable.

-If he noticed anyone looking at you funny, he instantly showered you in PDA. You were his girlfriend! He loved you no matter what, because you accepted every part of him. Why shouldn’t he accept every part of you, too?

-Skin care nights were him applying safe lotion on all of your dry patches while he wore a face mask. Maybe he’d even be able to find a face mask safe for you to wear!

-During sex, he’d be so careful- Making sure he didn’t grip you too hard or make sure he didn’t nip and suck on sensitive areas

-Afterwards he’d cuddle with you and rub lotion on any area he may have caused some irritation to. He’d kiss all over your face and repeat how much he loved you over and over again

-Loved loved loved you to pieces


-You opened up about it when Elizabeth 3rd tried kneading on your legs. Right on a patch of eczema! You know she didn’t mean to hurt you, but Jumin instantly asked why you looked pained

-So, shakily, you admitted to him about having bad skin, and that she had dug her damn claws right into it.

-There was a moment of silence while he pulled out his phone, looking through it.

-”Jumin, are you okay? Does…Does this bother you?”

-You kept clasping and unclasping your hands, feeling so nervous as he looked through his phone.

-”I’m seeing if any of the doctors in my contacts can help you with this. I don’t want you to be in pain.”


-”So, are you going to be able to be around Elizabeth 3rd alright? Do I need to put her in a different room when you visit?”

-Oh my god, he kept dodging the question. But with how concerned he looked, digging through his list of doctors, it was easy to tell he was more worried about this condition hurting you rather than anything else.

-It was a little difficult trying to be with him with this condition. He’d never say anything negative about it- He’d even give you little pecks as he helped you apply lotion.

-But going out to events? Having to wear formal dresses?

-It was so overwhelming at times. Sometimes you could stomach it, but one day he was having you try on a dress that nearly showed every dry patch on you. As you looked in the mirror, you just ended up not being able to say anything.

-”Mc? Are you alright? Do you not like the color? I thought it suited you…”

-”Uhm….Does it have to be this one?”

-”Why not? You look stunning.”

-”I…I don’t feel stunning.” You could just imagine the stares you were going to get. I mean, the doctors he had recommended had helped, but you got so stressed before these events, and that usually made you have a bad flare up

-He’d walk up and hug you from behind, giving your hair a kiss. “You always look stunning, no matter what you wear. I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have suggested otherwise. Let’s get you something you’ll feel better in.”

-It’d take a bit for you to be able to open up about the parties- How uneasy you felt and how everyone stared- but he’d instantly stop you from saying anything bad about yourself. 

-”Mc, I’ve had women of all sorts come after me. All sorts, and out of all of these women you call ‘beautiful’, I chose you. If you think they’re beautiful, don’t you believe the fact that I chose you makes you beautiful as well? I certainly think you’re the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen, and nothing is going to change that. Not even your skin flaring up at times, okay?”

-Sex would be a little difficult- You know he liked the rougher stuff at times- but he’d adjust and only make it rough when you were feeling alright enough to do it.

-He was willing and able to stop at any time if he ever accidentally hurt you.

-Afterwords, aftercare was you cuddled in his lap as he rubbed lotion on any irritated areas- Giving you sweet deep kisses almost every other minute.

-You told him about it shortly after the two of you got together

-He had been excited and grabbed your wrist to pull you to a store front

-When you winced and let out a hiss, he felt so so bad!

-Afterwards you showed him the patch of eczema on your wrist, tears starting to well up.

-He didn’t say a word except ‘Sorry’. He didn’t know and he so didn’t mean to hurt you! He gave you a tight hug and asked you to tell him all the sensitive spots when the two of you got back to his apartment

-It was so nice knowing he didn’t mind, and he treated you so normally even with this skin condition! (Like everyone should!!!)

-If you were ever out in public and felt nervous about people seeing your arms, he’d instantly take off his hoodie (No matter how cold he was) and let you wear it until you guys got back to his apartment or yours

-Would maaaaaaybe try getting you a matching hoodie like his to try to be extra cute about it (dork)

-If you ever admitted or looked extremely self conscious, he’d start shyly and carefully kissing nearly each dry patch, telling you how much he loves you and your body, no matter what.

-He’d look up so much stuff about it. Of course he’d ask you a few questions about it, but mainly he’d try to do his own research to try and be able to help you out

-Once the two of you were more comfortable with each other, he’d start taking baths with you in bath oils that were supposed to help your skin, and the two of you would just relax and talk a bit about how your days went

-(Sometimes if he was feeling adventurous, he’d try to initiate bathtime sex. It’d basically be a reverse cowgirl type, buuuut hey…It would help with his awkward bath boner  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) )


-When you told her, she’d be a bit surprised, but she’d want you to tell her every bit of information

-What helped you the most? What treatments have you had? Did any fabrics irritate you? Are long hugs okay?

-She would restrict how much coffee you had. Caffeine causes anxiety at times, and anxiety leads to stress, and stress can lead to bad eczema flare ups

-When you got stressed, especially due to your skin, she would make you calming teas and maybe a sweet or two

-Sometimes she noticed you staring at the Zen posters, then looking a tad upset. It wasn’t hard for her to put two and two together.

-She’d hug you from behind, give you a couple of kisses, and calmly and lowly tell you all the different ways she loves you. Every little thing that you do that makes her heart flutter

-Soon she’d slowly start replacing some of the pictures of Zen with beautiful pictures of you. You smiling, you in uniform, you in a pretty dress.

-She wanted you to feel loved

-Sex would be the only time she’d worry

-Were her hands hurting you? Did the sheets hurt? Was she gripping your thighs too hard when eating you out?

-Otherwise, she’d love you no matter what


-Seven would find out the hard way

-He was trying to tickle fight you one day, and after a loud yelp and him being kicked, he realized he might have hurt you

-Gradually you let him look under your knee, showing him the eczema and quietly giving a small briefing on what it was

-He’d feel so bad, but he’d bend over and kiss your knee, giving you a small apology

-If you ever felt bad, or he saw you looking down, he’d pull you into a hug, rocking you back and forth playfully, telling you how you were better than all the honey Buddha chips in the world

-(Gee, thanks Seven)

-If his light heartedness couldn’t cheer you up, he’d take you for a ride in one of his cars, the whole time just reminiscing over fond memories he had of you. Favorite dates, favorite snuggle sessions. How you made his life feel like it was worth living again.

-He loved you so much, and he wanted you to see it.

-After the drive, he’d take you to the bed for some top notch Seven Snuggles

-Which may or may not led to lazy and loving sex, like most snuggle sessions did

-He wouldn’t worry too much, since he wasn’t so rough with you, but he would suggest a nice bath afterwards with some bath oils you liked


-He couldn’t see that well, so his main telling would be one day when he held your wrist and it felt different than before

-After a few questions, he finally understood.

-He’s moreso the type to quietly adjust to the change. He’d slowly start making sure not to grab at your wrists or hands too harshly, start to hold around your waist more often.

-He’d do little things to try and cheer you up, to try and show he loved you

-He would want to take pictures of you, but at times this could make the situation worse if you weren’t feeling so confident.

-If this happened, he’d walk over to you and just silently pull you to his chest, rest his head on yours, and just slowly rock you a bit while you cried for a moment.

-Once you calmed down he’d kiss all over your face, rub your back. “I love you, so much more than you’d ever know. I love you, I love you so much.”

-He’d slowly start telling you a list of everything he loves about you. Why he wants photos of you, why a simple skin condition isn’t going to sway his love for you at all.

-After you calmed down, he wouldn’t push another photo for a few days or a week.

-In bed, he’d love it when you were on top, but he worried about your thighs. Doesn’t it hurt?

-He’d want to kiss every sore spot, but he’d settle on applying lotion instead with little kisses on your cheek

-Much like the others, he wouldn’t react much when you showed him. He didn’t mind it. I mean, he has a permanent tattoo of a cult that fucked him up. He wouldn’t mind.

-He wouldn’t want to ask you too much, but you bet he’d be constantly researching on his own

-If anyone ever said a word to you he’d threaten to beat them within an inch of their life

-Like Yoosung, he’d be quick to give his jacket to you to help you feel a bit better in public.

-If you still felt uncomfortable and started getting a little teary-eyed, he’d drag you somewhere less crowded and hold you in a hug. Kissing your forehead and muttering how much he loved you

-(He’d also say that they were probably staring at him since he still dressed like a punk)

-At home he’d constantly give you little hugs, or kissing your shoulders. Letting out a little murmurs of how much you mean to him

-He’d be the most mushy in his bedroom while cuddling you, just the two of you calmly hugging and talking low

-He’d be a bit worried about sex

-He loved doggy style the most, and that could be harsh on your knees

-Aftercare would be even more cuddling (this punk craves them 24/7) and lotion to sensitive areas

Requests are open!

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Just popping in real quick, I've been listening to my brother my brother and me and I got to episode 47, and I found a line I think you could use for a certain other blog of yours. The line is "wholesale devouring" and it is specifically said by Griffin. I'm sure you'll put it to good use.

what a perfect opportunity to remind everyone i have an IRONIC vore sideblog called @griffins-vore-fetish

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Aaaahhh! I just found your blog and your Mafia AU is the most perfect thing I've ever seen!!! The art, the flow, the characterization *clutches heart* it's just too beautiful! Can't wait to see what happens next!

Awwww, you’re too sweet >w<
So wonderful to hear that you like the art and story so much :D
Definitely working hard to make the plot flow well and the characters be likable and with the canon personality as close as I can o3o
Glad you like it all so much ;w;