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Gift Swap

Dex sucks at poetry. He has never written a poem before other than in like, 6th grade English class, and that is not an experience he wants to revisit. Dex has never been great at words, and writing code is usually the only writing he likes to do. He likes machines because they don’t try to talk to you. He understands machines and how they work and what they need. Poetry, not so much. He doesn’t get why some poems rhyme and some don’t, and why they need metaphors. Some poems just make no fucking sense to him, and why the hell do they have to be all convoluted? But he always likes the poems that Nursey writes for him. Nursey gave everything he had into his poetry, and you could tell. Dex would often roll his eyes whenever Nursey read a poem to him, but that was mainly just to annoy Nursey, because he secretly could listen to Nursey read his poetry all day. So for their anniversary, Dex decides to write Nursey a poem for a change. He sits down at his desk for a few hours, and in the end it’s clunky and made of random bits and pieces, but he thinks about the poem like a machine that he’s trying to put together.

Nursey is at a loss of what to get Dex for their anniversary. He thinks about writing Dex a poem, but he writes Dex poems all the time, so he wants to do something new and different. Nursey saw writing as creating something with your hands, so he decides to try to be creative in another way: by trying to build something for Dex. Nursey knows that he’s clumsy as all hell and is no good with a toolkit, but he wants to make something for Dex anyway. He thinks Dex will appreciate it, it’ll show that he actually does pay attention when Dex talks about mechanics and building shit (even though Nursey likes to pretend that he doesn’t pay attention just to piss off Dex). He decides to make him one of those mini desks that people use in bed to do their homework, because honestly Dex gets way too stressed out while he’s doing homework and needs to chill more, so doing homework in bed might help. Nursey goes to Home Depot and definitely buys some of the wrong tools after like two hours of wandering around aimlessly, but eventually he gets what he needs. The next day, while Dex is in class, Nursey sits in the basement of the Haus and works on building the mini desk. In the end, he only injures himself twice, and the desk is a little lopsided, but he hopes Dex will like the creativity and passion he puts into it. Nursey thinks about all of the words that Dex will write on the desk, and it makes him happy.

Nursey can’t believe that his boyfriend wrote him a fucking poem, can’t believe how much he loves this stupid boy and his red hair and mechanic’s hands. He can’t stop reading the poem, and after a day he’s memorized it. He pins it up over his desk so he can look at it whenever he’s writing.

Dex stares at the mini desk, and almost can’t believe it. Nursey made this? The desk is made from sturdy wood and even though it was a little lopsided, it was exactly what he needed for his homework. Perfectly imperfect, just like them. Dex can’t stop smiling, and can’t remember the last time he smiled this much.

Instead of going to bed like he said he was, Evan simply turned off his phone for the night, tossing it in a bag and grabbing a few extra things before heading out the door to give to a late-night diner. Ordering a cup of coffee usually made him at least smile at the irony but today that seemed a lot harder. Right now what Evan really needed was someone to talk to. Instead an open journal lay in front of him as he tried to set his thoughts down in words. But nothing was working. Every time he put words down on the paper he found himself unsatisfied with them and promptly ripped the page out of the journal. With his last atttempt he was frustrated enough to actually toss the page away, hitting a random bystander by accident.