this is what i'm doing instead of catching up on sleep

10.03.17 // 20:48 // day 9/31

Day 9“Stay offline, for however long you want.”

Song of the day : Perfect - Ed Sheeran

Instead of mindlessly browsing through tumblr like i do every evening, I listened to some chill music and started knitting a blanket, and then i went to sleep. What an exciting teenage life i’m living.

  • Neal: While I have you, can I ask you a question?
  • Kel: Shoot!
  • Neal: What if she asks me if I’ve been married?
  • Kel: Have you?!
  • Neal: No.
  • Kel: Well, then say that.
  • Neal: But then she’ll wonder why I haven’t been married. You know what I’m gonna do I’m gonna say that I was married. The real question is should I say that I have kids? Girls like guys that have kids, right?
  • Kel: Whoa...
  • Neal: What if I get drunk and I talk about Scanra too much… Or not enough, what if I don’t bring up Scanra enough?!
  • Kel: Neal, relax!
  • Neal: Yeah, okay... I just have a few more questions for you Kel; What if she shows up with another man? What if one of my sleeves catches on fire and it spreads rapidly? What if, instead of mints, I pop a couple of sleep tablets and I have to keep punching my leg to stay awake?
  • Kel: Those are all insane hypotheticals, and I promise you they won’t happen!
  • Neal: They have happened. All of these have happened to me.