this is what i'm doing because i can't write anymore

Pro tip: do not get emotionally invested in a ship where even kissing may very well be a physical impossibility

Because We Have A Hard Time Telling The Difference
  • stuff including jeremy: yes!!!
  • stuff including ray: yeah!!!
  • stuff including jeremy and ray: super good!!!
  • stuff including a ship with ray: woohoo!!!
  • stuff including ray and not jeremy before jeremy’s promotion: thats okay but if you talk about the au again add jeremy if you can!!!
  • stuff including ray and not jeremy after jeremy’s promotion: wait stop-
  • stuff including a ship with ray and everyone except jeremy: guys-
  • stuff excluding jeremy for no/a shitty reason: but my son-
  • stuff excluding jeremy for a valid reason: thats completely okay but try to add him sometime?
  • stuff excluding jeremy made by people that don’t acknowledge jeremy’s promotion: dude this isn’t-
  • “i like the original six better than the new six”: the only change is one person what the fuck
  • “i like ray better than jeremy”: okay but be a good parent and show love for all your sons equally
  • "jeremy's just a replacement": are you saying that you can never get new friends when you lose another? Or are you just an asshole?
  • "well this is set in the past": you didn't write it with that intention in mind unless it's a flashback or a backstory, don't lie
  • "i need ray for a [insert au] fic tho!": then have him come visit his friends time to time, he's allowed to do that as an adult
  • "are you saying i cant make ray stuff anymore!?": i'm saying include jeremy
  • "but what if it's specifically ray!?": that's fine, just don't have ray and everyone else except jeremy
  • "this fanart/fic doesn't have jeremy in it!": well if it was made before his promotion, then it's okay. you can't expect people to change stuff like that
  • "I don't know how to write/draw jeremy tho!": the best way to learn is through practice
  • "you can't police me and my works!": no, but you shouldn't be excluding someone just because you don't like him

anonymous asked:

I don't think we have any hope of a renewal/pick up anymore. The actors were released from their contracts, Fuller has other project, NBC cancelled it, Netflix/Hulu can't pick it up because of the Amazon deal. I'm sad to think it's really over.

This is why I hate people spreading those click bait articles, because THIS is what happens.

The actors being released from their contracts isn’t the end of the world - they can write new ones. None of them hate the show, they aren’t desperate to get away. They do alot because they want to. Every indication is that it is a very fun and productive atmosphere made up of people with the same or similar vision. hugh and mads are super free rn, they have no other commitments and they aren’t going to jump on the first tv that catches their fancy and lock themself to a different company for 5 years. They were ‘giddy’ at the season 4 idea, they’re probs going to want to make sure they can do it. Essentially, if actors can make the time (which by all indication they will want too) it’ll be totally chill.

Bryan Fuller had planned to do another series alongside hannibal when it started, he planned to show run BOTH, he’s not show running american gods (as far as I know) just writing. This isn’t damning for hannibal at all. On a normal schedule, they would begin writing season 4 in september/october, lets assume this renewal issue is going to extend that, he has the time to do both. 

No one said anyone else can’t pick it up because of Amazon, amazon can either make it easy or hard, rumour has it they’re making it hard, doesn’t make it impossible. When was something legal ever easy? fucking never.

(This is all repeats of stuff I’ve already said like 50 times today but if I need to say it again I will.)