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miscellaneous umfb&mha meta

so in the run-up to ch14 i ended up sending even more textwalls to @aceinplainsight about virtually every thought that popped into my head about @kazliin‘s fic. i thought i could post some more observations of stuff i came up with when i reread the entire thing in anticipation of ch14, since my last post seemed to go over well. not sure there’s anything super insightful in here, but here it is. beneath a cut because of length:

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fireunderthemountain  asked:

sammmmm my darling how abt some cuteness w/ Jeremy, where he's crushin real hard on a gal from broadcast and during off topic keeps making dumb faces at her camera and she's using all her might not to burst into giggles and once it's all over she's like "dude you're gonna get me fired" and he's just "whelp i cant do that, then I'd never see you around"

A/N - Oh, Holly, bless you for giving me another chance to write good ol’ Lil’ J! I will never tire of writing that handsome little man :3 Hope you enjoy this one, buddy!

Pairing - Jeremy x Reader

Warnings - None.

Word Count - 1, 117

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Inspired by h3h3 200 shirt dance. Reader embarrasses boyfriend Michael in a group livestream by dancing in a horrible but funny outfit/costume. The Chat and other people on the stream all tease him about it too.

Pairing: Michael x Reader
Words: 830
Warnings: Swearing

The boys were currently doing a Six Siege livestream, and as per usual they weren’t doing great. A lot of swearing, especially towards Geoff who had just accidentally killed their hostage. You were there for moral support, also because you had nothing better to do than watch your colleagues and boyfriend play the same game for two hours. The couch was your current abode, lying down with your head resting up so you could watch The Lads’ screens.

“Has it really only been an hour since we started this stream” Gavin whined, as he got killed once more, going back to watching the other play from their perspectives.

“Yes, it also may be dragging because you suck at this” Michael said, in a teasing tone.

“You’re not much better” You commented, looking up from your phone to smile at Michael. A chorus of ‘Ooohs’ sounded from the rest of the group with some light laughter as well.

He turn slightly in his chair, glaring at you in a sarcastic way before turning back around to look at his screen. “Shut up, bitch” he said, obviously not meaning it offensively.

“A lot of people are asking what they missed, why we were laughing” Jeremy commented, seeing the YouTube live chat. “Basically Michael was owned by y/n, in pure loving fashion”

“Cut to my screen to see y/n’s head, she’s lying on the couch” Gavin added, seeing his total views rise a little as people went to see you.

The way their cameras were positioned did mean you were completely out of view, accept for Gavin’s where you could see your head in the corner if you were laying down. You did an exaggerated wave so people could find you and laughed to yourself as you started getting screenshots sent to you on twitter.

“She’s just an attention whore, don’t give her the satisfaction” Michael groaned, seeing the YouTube chat talk about you.

That flicked a switch in you, knowing how to embarrass Michael and make him regret that statement. Earlier that day you had opened some packages on AHWU that had T-shirts in, each with a quote from one of the boys printed on them. There were about 40 shirts, which you went over a grabbed from the pile while the boys went into another match. You decided to go to the editor’s office to change, and also have help getting into all the shirts.

After about 10 minutes of struggling, as well as having Trevor and Andy help pull the shirt down over you, you finally had the 30 shirt on over you original clothes. It was very hot but you knew it was amusing, having Trevor have a laughing fit after stepping back to look at you was a good sign. You walked back into the AH room as casually as you could, Trevor behind you with his phone ready to blast some random music. No one had turned around or see you yet, apart from the people watching Gavin’s camera. You gave Treyco the signal and Staying Alive was suddenly filling the room with sound. You started to dance as badly as you could, honestly not being as hard as you thought. You threw your arms up in the air and started to shimmy towards Michael who was trying not to look behind him but he could see you in his webcam.

The rest of the crew had stopped and were laughing, Gavin had his phone out and was recording you as you tried to twerk and drop in your large mass of clothing. Soon you were fed up of Michael facing the wrong way, so you pushed his chair till he was facing you. You did the best you could and sat on his lap, attempting to give him a lap dance but the 1000′s of layers made movements minimal.

“Oh my god” Michael mumbled through laughter, sat there doing nothing but his cheeks were beet red and his head was shaking.

The song was coming to an end so you hopped off Michael and did some old school disco moves to finish. You bowed at the end and cheers, clapping and whistles came from around the room. Michael still sat there, face redder than you had ever seen. You could tell you may have been the same colour from being so hot, but it was worth it.

You strode towards Michael and sat back on his lap, “So.. Am I still an attention whore or..”

Michael shook his head and grinned, “Yes.. but now you’re also the most embarrassing person I have ever known”

“That’s I title I’d like to keep” You smiled,

He shook his head once more before leaning forwards and placing a soft kiss to your lips.

“Well, I was about to ask whether the camera saw all that but by the looks of things they did” you commented with a laugh, seeing the chat blown up with people talking about your moves.

I think my problem with Dragon Ball Super is...

It’s made Vegeta more heroic than Goku, but continues to give Goku all the fights that matter.

I absolutely adore “Battle of Gods” because A) Beerus is my spirit animal, but more importantly B) It gives Goku his first good dose of humbling in a battle that not only does he lose even after being given power beyond what he could ever achieve himself, but he’s forced to admit outright that he gives up because there’s just some powers out there he shouldn’t mess with.  So I was kind of annoyed that Super’s retelling of the movie made Goku’s humbling much more muted, to the point that Goku didn’t lose so much as Beerus got bored of fighting and went home to nap.

I do appreciate that Super doesn’t try to take itself as seriously as DBZ did and has gone back to more lighter humor, and I know Goku just being an airhead who likes to fight and test his strength was Toriyama’s original intent for him, and that’s also fine.  I can even mostly forgive the crappy art in some episodes (the past two weeks’ have been noticeably bad even to me, and I usually don’t care).  It was precisely because Goku’s character is written more selfishly that when I started watching “Battle of Gods” I found myself thinking, “Man, I actually kind of want Goku to lose this one, because this fight is over nothing but his ego”.  And then he DID, and it was such a pleasant surprise.  So the writers at least understand that Goku’s selfishness in Super is a fault that needs to be addressed.

But even though Goku is now written in a more morally ambiguous manner, which is fine, this SHOULD have been a reason to bring some of the other characters to the forefront to get a shot at winning battles that Goku by all rights doesn’t deserve to win.  But… no, it’s still Goku who has to win the fights that matter, every time.

And it was after watching the livestream of this week’s episode that it really struck me.  Last week, Vegeta stormed off and made a vague “He’ll pay for this” declaration that a lot of Vegeta/Bulma shippers assumed referred to his desire to avenge Future Bulma’s death.  And this week’s episode… yeah, explicitly confirmed that’s what he meant: Goku Black will pay for harming his family.

Which leaves us in an awkward position that Vegeta has WAY more stake in resolving this arc than Goku does, who as usual for Super, is just in it to fight someone strong.  Thankfully, Future Trunks is back as the voice of reason and he’s already called out Goku twice for not taking the fight seriously, from being disgusted at Goku wasting time toying with Black rather than just finishing him right off the bat, and reprimanding him for only caring about how strong he thinks he is.

Meanwhile, Vegeta has a future dead wife and a son with massive PTSD, and he wants to do something about it.  If he ends up being Damseled or Worfed again at a pivotal moment in this arc, as he has been for all the other fights, it’s just going to feel like he was robbed of a victory that this time around should by all rights be his.  The enemy is even a Goku doppelganger.  So this time around, just…

Just let Vegeta have this one.  Please.  You can let Goku win all the tournaments he wants, since those really are just about fighting for the sake of fighting but this one… This is Vegeta’s wife and kid we’re talking about.  And unlike in the Androids/Cell arc, he actually gives a damn about them.  Like, a lot of damns.  Let HIM get to make the difference in avenging them.  “Battle of Gods” was able to get it right by recognizing a battle Goku didn’t deserve to win.  Please get this one right, too.


Season 1 Episode 2: Winning the Lottery!

CaptainSparklez = Jordan
SynHD = Tom
II_JERiiCHO_II = Tucker

Transcript below; episode dialogue under readmore.

(This episode was recorded straight after the first episode, so there’s no intro this time.)

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Wow! You're amazing, your drawings are amazing! I just started drawing and I was wondering, can you give me some tips?? :) I'm really such a newbie and I'm afraid I'll never be able to draw on a level you or some of the other people here on tumblr..x

Oh my, t-thank you!

- First of all, never ever let negative thoughts get to you (trust me I’m struggling with this myself when it comes to drawing). See every drawing you do as a new achievement on your way! 

- Second thing, it’s okay to be new, you don’t become a pro at something over the night ;) . Keep practicing, your skills will improve a little every time you draw and the more hours you put in to it, the faster you will see the difference. Try looking at how others draw for ideas, what kind of style you would feel most comfortable with and after that, start creating your own! Watching livestreams is a really good way to learn and on youtube there’s tons of tips and tricks you can embrace ^^

Tips: I’m still learning myself and whenever I get the feeling that I’m not getting better, I go back and look at my drawings( A year old, a few months and the most recent one) to remind myself that even though I’m not where I want to be right now, I’m slowly getting there ;) 

I’ll start posting tutorials again next months on how I’ve learned (and still learning) drawing things such as hair, body ect.. So feel free to check them out as well!

Keep on practice and you’ll become awesome!! 

BTS reacting to you doing something silly

Hey, thanks for the request!:)

Today was an emotional rollercoaster while listening to the livestream of the concert, right? Still not over it but so proud of what the boys have achieved:)

And having a headache so trying to finish this request now because it was in my askbox for like a week now and I have been procastinating so long…

-Kiki <3



“How do you like the chicken I did today? Is it too hot to eat right now? Please pay attention, it might be too ho…(Y/N)?” He asks but it was too late.

As he turns around, he sees you, cheeks full with chicken and you whining muffled because the chicken is indeed too hot.

“mmmmJIn…wmmmy….dimmmdnt…mmmyo…u….smmmmammyyy….mmthmmmaammt..mmmemmmarmmlmmmier?????” You try to ask him which was supposed to say: ‘Jin, why didnt you say that earlier?’

He bursts out in laughter: “I didn’t expect you to eat it so fast. Come here and drink some water so your poor mouth can cool down.”

Originally posted by seokline

(a fire gif because your mouth is on fire lol i am so not funny)


“Okay and I would maybe then speed up that beat…? (Y/N), tell me why you are laying on the ground?” He asks and sees you on the ground, face to the ground with your crisps bag all over your sweatpants.

“I fell from the sofa, just let me die here and be a horrible boyfriend which doesn’t pick me up from the ground. It is okay, the floor seems warm I am getting used to it.” You murmur against the floor and hear him let out a chuckle and then stand up to lift you up.

“Oh yeah…I am such a horrible boyfriend, alright. But you still love me, right?”

“Take a guess.” You grin against his lips which were kissing you before you could say anything else.

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Taking a nice spring walk, you two decided to walk by the nearby park, catching some fresh air.

“Oh, sweetheart, I am so happy we have some time for us, together, just relaxing without any schedules for us both to…DANG! Jagi, what happened? Did you just walk against the latern?” He laughs but immediately reaches out to you to check if everything was okay.

“I guess I did…woah, Hoseok everything is moving right now, it is somewhat funny.” You say totally paralyzed.

“(Y/N), I don’t even know if I should laugh or be concerned at your behaviour…but let’s sit on the bench first, so not everything’s moving anymore…”

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“Are you sure you can carry all the tableware at once? I could help you with something so you don’t have to walk twice.” He suggest seeing you attempting to carry a lot of tableware in one go from one room to another.

“Namjoon, no offense, I appreciate your help but…I want the tableware to be safe in the next room and not in pieces. I can do that, I am not as weak as you think I am…” You say, picking up the tableware and walking out of the room.

“Oh no it is okay, how could I take that as an offense…’No offense’“ He mimicks your voice in a sarcastic way as he hears a loud smash in the next room, followed by a even louder “CRAP!!!!”

He holds in his laughter, goes to the next room, seeing the pieces on the floor, you standing in front of it.

“Umm…do you now want my help? Or can I make it worse in some way?” He laughs and you glare at him.

“This is not the time for jokes, Namjoon.”

“No offense but I could trip and crash the tea cups which are standing on the table…”He jokes.

“Namjoon, I swear!”

“Yeah, no jokes, I got it…I just had to make a remark.”

“I got your point, now help me!” You whine helplessly.

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“I don’t know how to do this move, maybe you can help me with that, Jagi? What the heck are you doing there?” Jimin asks you as you start rolling forward on the ground.

“I am rolling forward…why are you asking the obvious?” You plainly say and continue.

“I am just reevaluating my life choices…including the choice of my girlfriend…”

“Oh don’t tell me you are never like that, Mr. randomly doing a split?” You chuckle as he goes into a split as soon as you mention it.

“You got a point. Okay, 1:0 for you.”

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Right the moment when Taehyung enters the room, he sees his girlfriend sitting on the couch, screaming: “Don’t touch the lava, you are burning!!! Oh no, don’t die Tae, save yourself! Here a rock to stand on!”

You throw a pillow towards him.

He picks up the pillow, a questioning expression on his face.

“What the…?”

“Ah, Taehyung I thought you knew? Playing don’t touch the floor, it is lava?”

A silent ‘oh’ forms at his mouth and he immediately smiles widely.

“I’m in!” He puts the pillow on the floor and tries to get to the couch you are sitting on now.

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After a nice day going shopping in the mall, you two decide to fetch a cup of coffee and then head home. Easy plan. Not with you, certainly.

“Oh, jagi, that’s a nice jacket in the shop window, do you think it would suit me? Jagi?” He turns around but you aren’t at his side anymore.

Carefully he shouts out your name not to catch to much attention, only to find you at the escalators, trying to walk one up the other way round.

He catches you and lifts you and sets you down in front of him. Before he could talk he cannot hold in a little laughter, looking on the ground, shaking his head at the quirky traits of his girlfriend, standing in front of him, panting from running up the escalator.

“Okay, sweetie…I will try to go on like nothing happened.” He chuckles and you can’t hold it in neither.

“Now tell me: does this jacket suit my style or not?”

Originally posted by theking-or-thekid

Thanks for reading, hope you liked it! <3

None of the gifs are mine, credit to owners <3


With RTX coming around the corner it’s time to bring the panel etiquette list back. This list has been compiled by several RT site and RT Tumblr fandom veterans over the years and should be strongly considered before going to a panel and/or getting in line to ask questions at the mic. I have edited it from last year, to reflect some things that should be more relevant this year.

Good questions and comments vs bad ones are really what can make or break a panel and how interesting it is to sit through. Especially for the people at home watching the livestream, or for people who waited an hour in line to sit through the panel.

Do remember this is a general guideline based on common sense. We can’t stop you from doing anything. We’re just asking you to consider reading this and thinking before you do so.

Dont Ask/do:

  • *DONT ask after hot button issues. Don’t be that person.*
  • “Will you watch my show/video?” The answer will be no.
  • Alternatively, dont try to give them scripts or character designs for their currently running shows
  • Also do not bring resumes they have explicitly stated they will not accept any at the convention.
  • *DONT Spend 5 minutes saying thank you to them and not ask a question.*
  • *DONT touch or distract other people in line, or who are asking a question*
  • *DONT bring a gift to the panel unless its a prop to your question and you can make it funny. Even then consider not doing it. Its better to bring any gifts to the gift area, as the Guardians organize and keep track of them and they are less likely to be lost.*
  • *DONT Ask about shipping unless they bring it up first*
  • *DONT ask the RT staffers out. This has happened a while back. Had to add it because it happened.*
  • *DONT Deepthroat the microphone or otherwise do unsanitary things to the equipment. I cant believe this had to make the list but its been done so here it is*
  • *DONT Ask questions that could be called Not Safe For Work in any capacity. *
  • *DONT Ask after RT staffers’ private lives*
  • DONT ask them if they’ll sign something. Showing up to a panel and taking mic time to ask them to sign your shirt or poster uses up time that could’ve been spent answering questions. Please do this at the appropriate time, such as at an autograph line of which there will be many! *
  • *DONT Forget to use your common sense*

Do Ask/Do:

  • Keep it to two shorter questions or one big one so they can get to everyone.
  • Overcome your stagefright! I promise you can ask that burning thing you really want to about yellow Church that you’ve always wanted to know about, even if you think you’re nervous.
  • Ask questions about development or inspirations
  • Ask about things the people in the panel are interested in (EG ask Joel about Gold) or ask funny questions (But remember, keep it relevant to the panel).
  • Ask questions about characters and how the voice actors/writers/etc view them or what went into their creations etc.
  • Ask about older plot devices that are unclear (EG DO ask about something that was never answered, like what Wyoming was up to in season 3-5. DONT  ask when X character is coming back they’re not going to tell you, or about character semblances in RWBY that havent been revealed yet. Theyll just say “stay tuned to find out”. )
  • Have your question prepared, and have a backup in case you get stuck into the Lightning Round
  • *REMEMBER to use your common sense*

anonymous asked:

where did you learn to paint digitally? do you have any recommendations on where to start???

Ack! this is kind of a hard question because it’s pretty general. But I will do my best. 

1. Copy people! I don’t necessarily mean copy style or content, I mean find your favorite artists, pay close attention to the things you like about their work, and try and emulate it to learn how they accomplish it. That’s one of the things that helped me grow a lot. For years, while learning to digital paint, I’d open a painting up of my artist of choice, and just try to figure out how they got the look they want and incorporate it into a painting i was working on at the time. 

 If you’re copying content in any way though, don’t post it online. It’s a practice technique and you should use it privately. Some artists specifically say whether they’re okay with you doing this or not. If they say don’t do it, then don’t do it. Respect artists wishes, please!! But I see nothing wrong with repainting a person’s work trying to figure out how they achieved what they did as long as you’re only doing so in private for learning purposes. Some people disagree. That said if you want to do so with any of my work, have at it. 

2.  Paint from photos. Something that helped me become more familiar with digital paintings in the past was to find a photo I liked and just try to paint it. It helps to have a canvas that is similar in size/resolution to the original when doing this. Then after that you just kind of eye drop and paint. Doing this can also help with looser painting styles and keeps your from over-rendering if you try and do it with speed paints. (I’m not the best example as I still tend to over render sometimes). 

3. The eye drop tool is super handy for digital painting. it helps ton with blending. I use it constantly with all my paintings. Try not to over use it/abuse it though! If you blend too much, that’s when paintings start to get muddy and gross. (I’m still guilty of this at times!)

4. Find process gifs and save them and study each layer! This particular tool has also helped me a lot because I can see how artists get from point a to b to c, like at what point did they do what shading, etc? Eventually you kind of find your own groove with the steps you take, but this was a good place to kind of get the gist of it. I only have two myself, but if you type “process gif” into tumblr and find a painting you’d like to learn from and look at the layers in your art program of choice. 

5. Watch livestreams whenever you’re able to. Or find artists that post their art streams on youtube/etc. Rossdraws is the only example that comes to mind at the moment, and his work is hard to follow because he’s really good at detail and filling up his paintings, super advanced, but i’ve already learned a few new techniques from watching his videos in the past few months! He’s also a super positive person so it’s kind of nice to watch and feel motivated instead of “how will I EVER DO THIS”? 

6. Brushes do matter! (Sometimes). I hate when people ask if they can have a brush from an artist and they get the whole “The brush doesn’t make the artist” speech. IT’s so condescending. If you don’t want to share a brush, just politely decline! I could not have achieved several of my paintings without certain brushes and the kind artists that are willing to share them! The default photoshop brushes can only take you so far, and for some people, they can really make them work, but I know for a long time i had a hard time with photoshop because I just couldn’t get my brush strokes to get the look I wanted, and that’s bc the look I was going for wasn’t really possible with default photoshop brushes at their default settings. A few brushes I use often are from charlie-bowater, pheberoni, and theboyofcheese. Mess around with them, find brushes you like and want to incorporate into your painting style. Also I believe theminttu explains how to manipulate brushes (in photoshop)! I’ve made a few of my own, but I honestly still don’t 100% get how to make a brush that I want for the effect I want! It takes a lot of messing around! But messing around with brush settings helps a lot as well! 

7. Depending on what art program you’re using, just…mess around. Lol. But I mean figure out which buttons do what. Try and learn as much about your program as possible to help you with your process and help speed you up. I’ve been using photoshop for like 12 years? And sadly I still don’t know how to use it to it’s full capabilities. This is a trickier part because a lot of this is trial and error and is hard to really look up in a tutorial without knowing specifically what you’re looking for. But just push every button I guess is what I’m saying. 

8. Use references as often as you can. Save every tutorial that shows you how to do something you want to learn to do. This is my dA resource folder to see what kind of things I save for reference. But I’m still learning new things every day because other artists are kind enough to share. 

Honestly I’m by no means close to being any kind of authority on learning digital painting. It’s really a process that takes time and patience and trial and error. Some things come easily, other things take years to master and figure out (color/color theory is still really hard for me!) Just don’t give up or get mad at yourself when you can’t figure something out right away. Don’t discourage yourself when something doesn’t come out the way you want. Each painting is a learning experience whether it seems like it or not. I’ve spent several hours on a painting only to trash it because I didn’t like the end result. This has happened more than once, and it’s frustrating, but even failed paintings help you learn what not to do in the future. So just keep at it! I hope I answered your question. If you meant something more specific please feel free to leave another ask! 

anonymous asked:

I've been practicing art for a few weeks, can I have a few tips for getting better? My stuff looks mediocre.

Got around to answering this at last!

Just going to express my obvious surprise at being asked this by anyone to begin with. Insert generic comment about my artwork being poop etc etc.

Okay that’s out of the way.

Jade’s Guide For People Who Can’t Art Good (And Want to Do Other Stuff Good Too.)

  1. Practice.

    Yes I know it’s a cliche and it’s horrible to hear, but the more art you do, the better you get. Here’s a 60 second drawing of mine from 2011

    And here’s a 60 second one from the last month or so:

    Obviously not my best work, but it was chosen as a fair comparison. I don’t feel like showing too many of my other older pieces because they are quite frankly awful.

    Time spent = skill gained.

  2. Gesture drawing. 

    A good way to get poses down is to do “gestures”. This is where you take a stock pose and redraw the “basic idea” of the image as fast as you can, usually with a set time limit. This is ideal for getting the hang of poses and the concept of the action line.

    Here is a good tool for gesture drawing. I recommend you start by just trying to draw stick figures of what you see, before maybe moving up to basic shapes (triangles for the leg segments, circles for the torso etc etc) and beyond. Remember, these are about speed, not reproduction accuracy.

  3. Look at other peoples art. 

    Look at as much art as you can. Take it in. Steal bits from styles you like and incorporate them into your own style. Reference your favourite pieces with your own personal twist on them (make sure you source your references!). Learn from livestream how a piece is built, learn from tutorials online how to do fire, fluids, hair. Observe and remember.

  4. Don’t get jealous of other peoples skill.

    Easier said than done, especially given #3, but for the love of all that is holy, do not ever compare yourself to other artists.

    I keep this picture in the root of my Google Drive at all times:


    I cannot stress the truth of this enough. You are you, and are what is important when it comes to your achievements, not other people. If something was hard for you to achieve, then it is that much more of a victory. Take pride in your artwork, and don’t live in the shadow of others.

  5. Pick a tool and learn how to use it.

    A common thing you see in newer artists is tool-hopping - where they see a “cool artist” using something and immediately flock it it, hoping that it’ll make them better.

    Unfortunately, it is not the tools, but how they are employed. There is no magic piece of software, no perfect pencil, no expert pen that will make you better at drawing.

    Some people use Photoshop, some people use SAI, for example. However, you give them MSPaint, and while they’ll gripe and complain about the lack of layering and poor functionality, they’ll still be able to come out with something obviously respective of their ability.

    Find a medium and toolset you are comfortable with, and learn it. There is no right or wrong method of creation here. People who use Manga Studio are not better artists than those who use SAI. People who ink on paper are not superior to those who ink in Photoshop (although I respect their bravery).

  6. Draw what you want.

    Do not become a slave to other people with your artwork. If you don’t draw what you want to draw, you won’t enjoy it, and if you don’t enjoy it, you won’t improve nearly as fast. We learn best when we are enjoying ourselves.

    You’ve got to have fun! You want to draw a cartoon horse, do it! You want to draw a fox eating a berry, go for it - I think they’re meat eaters but WHO CARES. You want to draw porn? Scribble away!

    Have fun.

  7. Don’t be afraid to experiment.

    Remember #5 when I said to pick a tool and learn it? Cool. Don’t mistake that for me telling you to get stuck to your chosen medium. Don’t be afraid to experiment. Try straight lines instead of curved. Try paper instead of digital. Try Photoshop instead of SAI. Try lineless art, try painting, try abstraction.

    It’s important to have something you feel comfortable with, but it’s even more important to be able to break out of your comfort zone.

  8. Look up and learn artistic principles.

    Shading, textures, line weight…there are a lot of them and I certainly don’t know that much of it myself.

    A good collection of teaching videos for digital artists is here, but books still exist, and are definitely worth checking out of your local library where possible.

  9. Practice.

    Yes it’s worth saying twice. No I don’t care you didn’t want to hear this one. It’s the most important one.

Some useful references can be found at my personal reference material collection here, and this pinterest board I found here.

Anyone wants to add anything, feel free, but for now, GO DRAW SOMETHING.



draw my oc

2015 / #NAPPYNEWYEAR . . . lol

So as 2014 comes to a close, I can’t say that I’m not already taking into account everything that has happened this past year and attempting to apply it to projects already in the works for 2015. When it comes to my channel(s) i actually want to be the very best, no pun intended. I want to be the best let’s player, the best TCG channel, the best livestreamer, or anything else we attempt to do. When I say “the best” though, I don’t mean in the sense of me versus someone else. It’s more so a personal goal or rather like saying, “I want to ensure that I’m being the best that I can be.” I just want to put out the absolute best content that I can, and if people find me to be “the best” overall, that’s just a secondary benefit. 

I know all of this sounds cocky but it’s not meant to. :/

Ether way, with 2015 quickly approaching there’s so many ongoing projects across all channels that need to find some sort of closure. Alpha Sapphire is nearing the end, even though these Legend capturing episodes seem to last forever lol. Just another week or two worth of episodes and we’re done there. That’s really the only “project” of sorts happening on the main channel atm, so it’ll be exciting to move on to something new. To that extent, the ides of being “the very best,” has taken over again. I feel confident in saying that our Alpha Sapphire Let’s Play is one of the best on YouTube. I said with this project it’d be like opening a new chapter on the channel and the project has instilled an entirely different mindset for me towards how I create my content. 

I want to keep this new chapter for the channel going strong and when I say our next planned project is huge, I literally mean it’s a huge project. So large in fact, that it’s actually going to be pushed back due to the amount of preparation required, and another project will take it’s place until it’s ready. Let’s just say this massive project is estimated to take almost 2-3 months alone just for graphical work and planning. I’ve never taken on a project of this caliber before but i’m literally so hyped to finally see it in action and just to see the reaction from everyone in the #NAPPYNATION! Anyways lol, more information regarding the next projects on the main channel will come soon enough. This post is more of a way to just collect my thoughts as we move forward into the new year. 

For the second channel, I really want it to continue to do well and eventually get to the point where it doesn’t need to lean on the main channel for support, and can handle keeping activity on it’s own. With it being a channel as diverse as it is, I don’t expect everyone subscribed to enjoy everything that’s uploaded to it. I mean one day we had Gears of War & the next, Captain Toad. Lol, it will absolutely collect a wide variety of audiences. Moving into the new year however, what I want the most is for people to see it not so much as a “second channel,” but as an extension of the #NAPPYNATION we’ve worked so hard to construct already. My priority will always be the main channel, but I don’t want this second channel to just be cast to the side and forgotten either. I love Pokémon but I’m a true gamer at heart. While Pokémon is one of my all-time favorite games, it’s not he only thing that i’ve ever played. Plus, this channel gives me so much more freedom as a Content Creator in so many ways you could never imagine. 

A third platform in the #NAPPYNATION is quickly rising as well, livestreaming on Twitch! I was thinking about it the other day, and our Twitch channel has 30,000 followers…just from casual streaming. We could grow so much more and have so much more fun with regular streams featuring a massive collection of games. While most scheduled streams will probably be Pokémon related, we could just stream anything and everything whenever we wanted. Again, freedom as a Content Creator. Much like the second channel however, i would really want this to be viewed as an extension of the #NAPPYNATION, and not just some side livestreaming-thingy. Lol, we as a whole have our hands into so many different pots, we just need to wrap up a few projects on all fronts and brace ourselves to move on.

A certain area of interest for me though is branching out and working with new people in the community. I’m sure some of you have noticed this through our #ORAS FFA series. It’s just the easiest to work with new people on a series like that because it’s an hour or recording that amounts up to four videos. It’s not a full-fledged let’s play or a co-op or anything like that. Plus, this whole “rift” in the community, if you want to still see it that way, is something I’d like to help mend. People see Content Creators in our community as being divided into groups, which I guess will happen no matter what lol, but it doesn’t mean we have to limit ourselves as not just Content Creators, but people as well. While it’s difficult to just become best friends immediately with everyone, I appreciate the ones that I’ve invited to be apart of the FFA series that have come through already. I’ve extended invites to a few others and we’re just waiting to line up perfect times to record but if there’s anything that will help mend this community, i’m down to try it. 

Moving past the FFA series, there’s a few others that I’d like to work with this year as well. I really don’t like working with people that don’t work as hard as I do. That’s why the only people you ever see me launch all-out projects with on the main channel have been Callum & Shady. Their work ethic is monstrous and coupled with my own, I know we can pump out the best project we can. 

Luke and Mo are two people I’d like to work with as well sometime this year. Mo & I have great chemistry and he’s honestly one of the funniest people I’ve ever met. I know he can pull through when need be just through the number of projects he’s completed with me on the second channel. I think to date Mo has been apart of eight series on the second channel? That’s def more so than anybody else lol. When it comes to Luke though, idk, I can’t place it yet, but there’s just something about him that catches my fancy. hashtag britland. Idk, he works hard as well and i think spending time with him working on a project or two would turn out great. They both deserve a bit more recognition than what they have already as well. I’d love to help them both out in any way I can.

There are plenty of other people I want to work with as well this year, just not necessarily on that all-out project level. Probably through our new Twitch livestreaming schedule or the second channel I can test the waters with different people and see how well things turn out. I really see a lot of hope in a few smaller Content Creators in our community too. I don’t get the chance to speak to a lot of them due to a whole host of reasons. I’ve had some people tell me that smaller channels are “intimidated” by me due to my channel size, so in turn they don’t want to approach me. Nigga. Lol, Twitter is an open book. Just tweet at me and start a conversation. I’m no different than any other Content Creator in this community. I record, commentate, edit, render, and upload, just like the next guy. It’s what it is I guess, lol i speak to a few smaller Content Creators and they’re all great in my opinion. They have room to grow of course but that just comes with experience. You just have to be doing something long enough to build on what you’ve done and make it better. 

I can see how the example I provided in the last paragraph is a bit cocky again but I’m only speaking off of what people have told me. :/

Back to the smaller Content Creators though. Some of them I wish wold recognize the people that call “friends,” for the scrubs they are but that’s all just opinionated. Lol, and I’m not in the business of telling people who they should & should not be friends with. I’m sure some people think the same of me. The point that I was trying to make though was that some of their friends are just scrubs. They don’t share the same work ethic and to me, that’s just going to ultimately hold you back from achieving what you need to. Everyone has their own paths and their own experiences though. 

I think now is as good a point as any to end off though. Consider this a Tumblr/Twitter-exclusive mini-update. More information and details on what I spoke on in this post will come with the actual channel update (for the main channel) once Alpha Sapphire is finished. Thank you guys so much for your support. It’s beyond anything I could have imagined. 

I’m out-


Christmas Appreciation

This will probably be a long post but I will do it anyways.


I have been a fan of them since the beginning of the year and to be honest they are the reason why I even wanted to start drawing. Their art inspired me and I looked up to them in every way. They made me smile, cry, laugh, and feel like I was actually myself whenever I looked at their blog. If it wasn’t for them I honestly don’t know how I would have been able to go through the year and if it wasn’t for them I never would have discovered their amazing friends that also gave me hope and want to keep on living. They are a hero to me.


My amazing grandparent who is the coolest meme around. They are so many things to me..a hero, an idol, a possible friend one day, a grandparent and many other things. They are strong and have a good heart and have helped me feel like myself. Their streams have always made my day and their art is something I love and look up to. They are so amazing its hard to describe… And even if we hardly have ever talked I wish to make them smile whenever I can and to protect them because they mean something in my life. They have made me not want to give up, to be myself and reach the goals I wish to achieve in life, to keep living and not back down. 


The space mom, the goddess of memes and sin has made me so happy these past few months when I first saw her on Deo’s stream.. When I followed her I saw her amazing art, her hilarious and kind personality and I looked up to her. Now..when she followed me I honestly screamed from happiness in front of my entire school because someone I admired followed me. She is someone I also look up to and she has made me stop in my tracks from doing some really stupid things for the past few months. I would send silly and weird stories or just crazy and kind things as an anon to make her smile and laugh (sometimes i know i have weirded her out pfft) because I loved to make her happy. And on the days she would be down I would try my best to be there for her and would practically work my head off to get as many people as i could to send kind messages to her to help her feel better.. I always want to be there for her and protect her and to help her keep on smiling because she deserves to be happy.


The adorable nerd who’s art I strongly admire, the meme with the cutest god damn otp, one of my hero’s. Cassy is a star that shines brightly and has a wonderful personality with a heart of gold. I look up to them and they make me smile from ear to ear when they are happy because they are just too adorable to not be happy around. I like to make them smile whenever I can and help them when I can because they deserve to be happy. Cassy’s art is so beautiful and creative I love everything she creates. I look up to her and I think she is truly one of the coolest people I have come to know. 


They..they are honestly so amazing. Their singing voice, their art, their personality and just so many other things is amazing about them. I remember the times I was sad and remembered their words of encouragement, how much they have made me smile and laugh till I cried, how they made me feel like I was myself and how I look up to them..They have helped me without even knowing it and I want to always do my best to make them smile and protect them as much as I can. I love their streams when I can watch them because I love to hear their voice because they help ease my low self confidence and make me feel like I can do something great. They are also a filthy sinner and they may think they can hide but I found their sin blog so there is no hiding it 0-0


I love their art so so so much because the style is adorable and cool and some of the things they draw makes me smile and laugh so hard I can’t breath. They are a meme that I can’t help but look up to them. They are strong, funny, kind, seriously one of the biggest sinners ive seen which is hilarious, and have a good heart with a fabulous persona to fit with their coolness! I send things every once in a while to help make them smile and they deserve to be happy because they make so many other people happy!  I look up to them for that and I will do my very best to be there for them even if they do not know I exist. 


A super amazing person who I loved talking to when I see her in streams and is absolutely hilarious! Her personality and heart of gold makes me smile and I think she is super super nice and cool! I want to be there and help her smile and laugh because she deserves happiness and all the dank memes


Sinten Ninten..We had met a few times a while back but never really talked much until not very long ago. But even in this small time we have become friends and I look up to ninten and I think they are honestly one of the nicest people I’ve befriended. Even though they can be super weird I think they are really funny, nice, and cool and is just an all around good person! I will do my best to be there for ninten and protect them always.


The queen of the smols. Wow! It’s been what? Two or three days? I already think they are a really cool person with awesome cosplay! Hanging out with them during Deo’s livestream was honestly amazing and I think they are really cool. Their personality is uplifting and they made me smile. I can’t wait to talk with them again and I hope to make them smile and laugh like they did with me.


A really good friend of mine who has been here for me and made me smile. His art is amazing and I enjoy it when I see him at streams and when he knows how to drive the entire stream chat crazy with his sin. He is a really good friend who I will do my best to protect and be there for him. 


A fabulous raptor friend who knows so much about me even though we haven’t known each other for very long. They were always so nice to me and I always had fun whenever we would skype and they accept me for who I am. They trust me and I trust them and they are such a wonderful artist. I will always be there for them and protect them as much as I can.


My parent, my friend. I care for them so much and I can’t even describe how amazing they are. I trust them and will always be by their side. They are also really fun to roleplay with even though we didn’t get to much I still had so much fun. They have a heart of gold and their personality makes me feel safe, being around them when I can makes me happy and I will always be there for them as their chold.


Their art is beautiful and so are they. Even though I usually miss most of their streams, when I DO make one I always have such an amazing time and when I make them laugh I feel so happy. They are truly wonderful and they light up my life whenever I can make them smile even a little because they deserve to be happy.

I would also love to mention these amazing people who have made me smile and I look up to: @punnifullife @mentalmeles @teshis @rykitsu @raevik @birbamena @spaceshakesandstars @weretoons @choopasaurus @windows-and-pencil-marks @anidiotblogger @doodleturtle @ghostyknight @jinxpikachu @kittfox15 @mrkenyon @noahjodraws @varsyl and others

All these people have given me hope in my life, they have helped me through living this year and have made me be myself and not back down. They have saved my life so many times I can’t even count and I look up to them because to me they are heroes. I am inspired by them, I look up to them, and even if they don’t know who i am I will always be there for them and try to protect them and make them smile. 

And thank you to all my followers, I love each and every one of you and I am here for you too. 

Thank you.