this is what i was going for

“Are we ready?”


Takumi Aldini, how much, just how much, do you actually care about Megumi Tadokoro

Times like this, it’s okay to give her a hug, a pat on her head, a shoulder for her to cry on, or even some words of encouragement / acknowledgement would do too, you know

If you are holding back there’s no need

don’t complain later when bts don’t get up to receive any awards at mama when you didn’t vote.

A summary of my Playlist :

It went from ’ I fell in love with a bad boy in Havana’ to ’ It aint my fault you keep turning me on ’ to ‘You say you want a bad bitch, show me you can handle it ’ ’ DESPACITO THE F OUT OF ME PLS’ to ’ Why did you leave a hot girl like me ? #gashina’ to ’ I’m not sorry. I AM A HOT PIECE OF MEAT and you can suck it up’ to ’ I want to spend money and Yolo Yolo Yolo’ to ’ I’m trying to get over this guy, so I got new rules ’ to something like ’ I had so many expectations but I’m broken over how badly our relationship ended’

Yeah… I previously made fun of jungkook for his Playlist #Hana, girl , get your shit together , you’re worse than him 😧

Songs :
Havana ( Camila Cabello)
It aint my fault (Zara Larsson)
Bad Bitch (bebe rexha)
Despacito (Luis fonsi ft daddy Yankee)
Gashina (Sunmi)
Sorry I’m not Sorry (Demi Lovato)
Go Go (BTS)
New Rules (Dua Lipa)
Impossible (Shontelle)