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Dating Jonathan Byers Would Include:

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(i’m aware this gif is not from stranger things, but dayyyuummm anyway continue…)

  • always hanging out his house
  • cooking dinner with joyce and eating together almost every night like you’re one big happy family
  • i feel like he would be really protective of you
    like he’d kinda be jealous and ready to fight someone for flirting with you but he’s also a shy little small bean so you’d calm him down really easily
  • will would absolutely adore you!!
  • and you guys would geek out together all the time over comic books and what have you
  • and you’d always be taking jonathan and him out to fun places and conventions
  • and honestly jonathan would really appreciate that you care so much about his little brother and try to protect him and he probably would overhear a bunch of cute little conversations you and him have and it just warms his heart 
  • one day you’d probably be going through some portfolios of his and try to pick a good one for colleges and job opportunities and you’d stumble upon a bunch of pictures of you (and not in a creepy way) 
  • “what are all of these? is this me?”
    “oh god, you weren’t suppose to see those!” 
  • and it’s because you’re his muse and he loves taking candids of you because he thinks you’re most beautiful when you’re yourself and in your element (so they’re probably pictures of you like eating, lounging around, laughing at a corny joke, reading, dancing around, walking through the woods, probably just you like zoning out a window or something) 
  • you’d also be like the daughter joyce never had 
  • you guys would probably get caught kissing in the red room…a lot, which makes him really embarrassed of course 
  • he’d constantly be showing you new music first thing he hears it and constantly tries to catch glimpses, trying to read your face and see if you like it
  • he’d make you a lot of mixed tapes
  • he’d probably be really nervous with PDA and stuff 
  • and hella on edge to meet your parents 
  • but in the end they would love him
  • he’d probably buy you small little gifts with extra money he gets
  • like a promise ring, and flowers every now and then 
  • and you’d visit him at work a lot, which would only distract him and cause him to fumble around and he’d get yelled at by his boss, but you both don’t care
  • and you’d probably have late night chats about life and how he really feels about his dad and relationships with people, and you’d help him get through all of that 
  • and you’d be like the world in his eyes- ok i’m done lol 

paperribcage  asked:

That is amazing, please tell me everything. Were you in costume? What did they say, are they nice in real life?

Oh, yes! The entire cast is incredibly nice. I met Robin in both the glitter coat and the purple/red one. He geeked over it but then saw the shoes and geeked out more.

I met Ben at BCC this year as Query- and oh my goodness, I nearly flatlined. (He mentioned he liked that costume as well and recognized it.) He’s even more handsome in real life, but I digress.

Sean I met briefly but man oh man is he a funny guy. He’s super nice and very easy to talk to- very attentive and genuinely interested in the fans.

As for Anthony Carrigan (my favorite and most magical encounter ever) he is the sweetest, most chill, easy to talk to, down to earth guy. I’ll reblog the entire story later when I’m not on mobile. I wasn’t in costume, but, basically after talking to him at his table twice, he kept accidentally running into us around the convention and went out of his way to interact with my friend and I while on his break- he even made jokes about running into us each time we saw him/crossed paths.

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What if there was a VoltronLD/Transformers prime crossover? I think if there was Pidge would totally geek out over the Cybertrotians. What do you think?

Oh, God, Pidge is like a mixture of Raf and Miko. She and Hunk would both understand Bumblebee right off the bat, and my god she would drive Ratchet nuts. She’d argue with him over human tech and demand to learn about Cybertronian tech, and she and Wheeljack would bond over blowing things up. She’d get the armor to fight and beat up Starscream. She’d get along with Arcee, too, because they’re both small and always ready to fight, and maybe her dad and Matt are missing in this crossover too and so she and Arcee bond over that, as well.

She would absolutely hate Ultra Magnus at first. Lance would have to pull the same stunt he did with Iverson, covering her mouth and drawing attention to himself to keep her out of trouble. Shiro would be the one sent to Cybertron and he and Optimus would get along well. Keith would be so confrontational with them and he’d fight with Ratchet, but he’d probably be partnered with Arcee. It goes wrong immediately, but they figure it out.

Hunk is best friends with Bee and Bulkhead and helps Ratchet around the base with repairs and such. He’s the one that gets paired with Smokescreen to teach him about blending in on earth. He absolutely gets sick the first time he goes through the ground bridge and he backs up Lance when he wants to help find the relic in New York City. Pidge fights to go on that one, as well, and Keith won’t be left out, so Bee and Arcee are stuck with all four of the kids on that mission. Keith tries to fight Knockout all on his own. It goes about as well as expected.

Allura would be Fowler. Or, even better, Allura would be Fowler’s partner, because can you imagine Pidge and Fowler in the same room? Oh, my God that would go so wrong so quickly. Shiro ends up having to carry Pidge out of the room over his shoulder. Iverson is General Bryce. He absolutely is startled with Optimus come to the window and has no idea what to do when OP asks how he is through the window.

God. I will scream about this all day, this is a beautiful crossover, thank you anon.

Tokusatsu 101: Kamen Rider Memes (Part 1)

So you are new to this particular fandom? That’s okay, its fine to be nervous or feel in the dark about some things that go on here. We want you to feel welcome and experience something new in super heroes, and if you have any questions don’t be shy and ask.

The established fandom has had a few laughs over the years or are simply showing off their geek cards to confuse the masses/get a high five from fellow fans. I think what is best for this one is to explain them so newcomers don’t get lost in the conversation.

SO Let’s get started:

Meme #1:

What a Cool Guy!

Point of Origin: Kamen Rider Kuuga

While Kuuga is based on a word in Japanese that means “Clear-Self”. My best guess to the origin is the mishearings of some English speaking viewers makes the word sound like “Cool Guy”. This was especially true when Internet audio was more muffled due to dial up speeds and simpler tech in the early 2000s.

Add to the fact that Yusuke is the man of 2,000 skills, destroys deranged monsters who murder multiple humans for sport, his bike-fu and uses a “Thumbs up” to cheer up his friends. Yeah, he IS a cool guy.

Uses: This one is pretty simple. If a Rider Fan sees a picture of Kuuga in a discussion in or out of context from Kamen Riders, they respond “What a Cool Guy!”  This is usually from fans who love Kuuga, so you may not always get a response to it. There are variants such as simply referring to said Rider as a cool guy or THE Cool Guy with out mentioning his actual name.

Meme #2


Point of Origin: Saban’s Masked Rider

I’ll let the clip speak for itself:

This is actually SKYRIDER.

Masked Rider was a failed American attempt by Saban to double down on profits from Toei’s superhero franchises after hitting the big time by adapting Super Sentai into Power Rangers. They chose to adapt Kamen Rider Black RX and the results were disastrous. Bad video and sound editing, poor acting and weak writing…FERBUS (The Jar Jar of Kamen Rider)

This clip is from a scene where Prince Dex discovers that there are other Masked Rider Warriors. While they do go in order of the shows that aired, they did not edit the footage correctly. As a result, Skyrider became Amazon.

The only good things this series ever produced in the eyes fans was: Its music and sound effects was reused for the dub of Digimon (to much better effect), Shotaro Ishinomori was rumored to have angrily declared that Saban would never EVER lay their hands on his creation again and this meme.

Use: Anything really considering how goofy it is. For example if someone asked who you are, instead of saying “I’m just a passing through Kamen Rider”(thereby quoting Decade), say loudly: “I AM AMAZON!”. It can also be used for demotivational posters, T-shirts, coffee mugs, an April Fools gag, Youtube Poops (are those still even around?). Its the meme that keeps on giving.

Meme #3

ONORE DECADE/ONORE DEKEIDO/ONORE (Name of Rider/Person you are mad at in the series) aka the Narutaki Meme

Point of Origin: Kamen Rider Decade

Behold! The most overused and most popular meme in the fandom! Sure, you will have your fun with it. But after 7 years of it, you will rue the day you even heard of it. BECAUSE ITS ALL DECADE’S FAULT!

Kamen Rider Decade is a 2009 anniversary series celebrating the 50th anniversary of TV Asahi (Kamen Rider’s home TV broadcast network) and the 10th anniversary of the Heisei Kamen Rider Series.

The gentleman you see before you is Narutaki, a mysterious traveler who seeks to discredit or destroy Kamen Rider Decade. Not much is known about him: He can travel through the Multiverse, assume the form of past villains or summon evil Riders/past enemies and he constantly shouts; “ONORE DEKEIDO!”

He blames Decade for everything: Global Warming, US Republicans, Obama, kittens being stuck in trees, world hunger, Killer Bee Weapons and that vending machine that gets his favorite snack stuck inside it and takes his money. (Okay none of those things are in the show, but you get the idea.)

Use: If something goes wrong with show continuity, your life, or you just endured another horrible Taisen film. We blame Decade. Because admitting someone else or yourself is at fault is hard yo.
Also used if viewers see Decade appear in a crossover or in fanart.

Simply google “Narutaki Kamen Rider Decade” and you will see how big this meme is.



for a contest!

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I just watched batman v. superman in theaters last night and I’m a huge superhero geek so why not??

To celebrate the awesomeness of the movie and my huge milestone, I’m starting a contest that’ll last until Wednesday, April 20th! Here’s what you do if you want to participate:

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-Reblog this post with a pic/reference of your pony oc and mention a marvel or DC character you want me to draw him/her as.

-wait a few days for me to announce 6 winners.

-If you win, I’ll draw your character as the marvel/DC character you chose!

((marvel or DC character you choose can be hero or villain, doesn’t matter!))

(((you can also choose what costume that character is wearing such as New 52 Joker, classic costume Harley Quinn, Gwen Stacy spider costume etc.))

Simple as that! Happy reblogging, friends!! <3

  • Armin: Has he come out yet?
  • Jean: What?
  • Armin: Have you come out of the closet yet?
  • Jean: What?
  • Armin: I've had a lot of time to think things over and it's pretty obvious, Jean.
  • Jean: What?
  • Armin: Has he come out yet?
  • Eren: No.
  • Jean: Stop it!
  • Mikasa: I thought you were when I first got here.
  • Jean: You be quiet, serial killer lady. All I need is to listen to this from two geeks, a nutjob and a serial killer! Allyalls can kiss my backside.
  • Sasha: But guys first, right?
  • Jean: All y'all.


If anyone sees this photo without this story attached:


So, I cosplayed as Orochimaru, my friend was Tsunade, my other friend was Jiraiya, and my other friend was Agent Coulson.

We decided to stop at Meijer for some goodies, and were roaming the produce section when I heard the words ‘sannin’. I looked over, and this guy was geeking out to his coworkers, who had no idea what he was so excited about.

“You don’t understand! You don’t understand! It’s the three sannin! It’s all of them! Here! You don’t understand how awesome this is! I can’t believe it! It’s the three sanin! You don’t understand!” Were some of the things he kept saying.

I grinned and went over there, and he was so happy, and I asked a friend to take a picture of me next to him, and then he had a friend take his picture with all of us.

Now look at his face. THAT FACE. He was so happy. That is the face of ultimate happiness right there, and it made my day.“ “

Please add the story if you reblog it and message the person who reblogged it to add the story on and credit me. Someone took the story off, and people are starting to reblog it from each other without it.

Some have made some not so cool comments because it’s out of context. I can take a hit, but it’s my responsibility to protect the guy in the photo. It needs the story attached.

  • gay IT guy in nintendo shirt on scruff: wow i can see you've listed yourself as a "geek" too! wanna "come" over and "play" some "games" ;)
  • me: hey just wondering but what's your credit card number