this is what i wanted ever since this drama started

(i wrote most of it yesterday when the news of Neymar wanting to leave was confirmed hence the usage of today)

It’s hard to describe how I feel today… So incredibly hard.

When I read the news this morning it didn’t really hit me if I’m being honest. I just felt numb. Trying to find more news and just posting it, but not feeling much. 

Not feeling how I felt for the last two weeks when the press in Brasil first reported about it. When it was just Sport I ignored the news and laughed it away. I found it hilarious, but when Marcelo Bechler of Esporte Interativo the following day said it was a done deal and he was on his way to PSG in the upcoming weeks I felt a shock. I felt anxious and sick. I wanted to act like it was nothing, but Brazilian media also reporting it? That made me worry… When I saw – in the following days – every other big Brazilian news station/paper also confirming the news (especially Globo) I knew I had every reason to freak out.

Some people may have thought I overreacted or even called Globo unreliable or were – as always – plain rude to me acting like I was a hysterical teen… But look at where we are today… 

Neymar is leaving FC Barcelona. He’s leaving us. He’s leaving the club I love so dearly and always have and always WILL support. I’ve said it times again: with or without Neymar I AM a culé for life.

He just broke my heart today… And not just today, but these last two weeks have been so emotionally draining. The news went reliable so quickly, but then Geri gave us hope with ‘Se Queda’. I really thought he would stay, but the rumors kept going and Geri had to say it was just a Tweet of how he felt… After that everyday was again like a rollercoaster for me emotionally. One hour I had hope, then the next I felt down again after reading something. I don’t think I’ve ever used Twitter as often – on my mobile – as in these past two weeks. Afraid I would miss something positive, but the positive news never came again after ‘Se Queda’….

But how much I may hate this Brazilian kid now, with his god awful hairstyles, terrible sense of fashion (aka none at times) and ALWAYS surrounded by some kind of on- or off-field drama: I know deep down inside I can not hate him.

This kid stole my heart ever since I saw the first video of him at Santos. When Barça was rumored to be buying him I HAD to know more about this kid. Of course I’ve heard his name – I think everyone in football did – but I didn’t know much about him. I started with the football videos, but then I saw some funny moments and wanted to know more and more about him. His episodes showed me what a humble kid he was, but also a cocky little fucker (and I mean that in the nicest way. You know what I mean if you know Santos Ney).

Here at Barça he stole my heart like no other player ever did. I like the Brazilian type of play: the ‘Joga Bonito’. Dribbles, tricks (who some may hate but I love them), the passion and playing with so much happiness. He has all of that combined plus a very fun and nice personality.


I’ve made this blog – mainly about him – a couple years ago, because I wanted to talk about football with people who love the sport as much as I do. Some of you might think I don’t have a social life, yet luckily – or sadly sometimes friends can be a pain in the butt HAHAHA – I have.

Yet sometimes I think I know more about him than my own friends. I’ve come to know so much about him that just by looking at him I can tell how he feels. When I see him smile in photos of videos I can tell if it’s genuine or if it’s just for the camera’s. For example – and maybe some of you can remember this - how I last year around October/November I think I said Neymar looked off. I’ve never really explained why I thought that nor did any of my anons agree or understand me, but it is something I’ve been thinking about a lot since this thing started… 

After all these years of following him I’ve seen many of his ups and many of his down. He is temperamental – and probably will always be – sometimes still annoys me with diving (that will stick with his name forever I’m afraid) and sometimes he just doesn’t think when he does something on/off the field. I protect him when I can and when he deserves it. And I always protect his privacy when I get send things on here that I know would cause a lot of controversy. 

However I’ve seen him grow so much as a player and as a personality in these 4 amazing years at FC Barcelona. After a tough first season he became a part of one of the great forward trio in football: M S N. He scored, assisted and showed amazing things on the field and besides trophies he was also voted in the top 3 of the Ballon d’Or. The pride I felt when I heard he was one of the finalists and saw him going to Switzerland to go to the gala was immense. Many tears of joy were shed when I saw he was nominated and when I saw him on that podium. He became an established and important player for us and has been ever since. 

He gave us – and me - so many beautiful and funny moments: Remontada is what we will all forever cherish and showed us how he stood up and took the lead. That goal in his first Champions League final against Juventus and the happiness afterwards, his everlasting love for hamburgers during our parades and seeing his amazing bound with some of the players on our team. What about the end of NeyMessi, NeyFinha, PiqueMar and NeyRez… You could see him being so close to them.

But one of his most beautiful moments for Barça defiantly was his goal against Villarreal. The combination of his first touch of the ball, skill, trick and then goal is just Neymar captured in one goal.

A new phase has come by in his career: now he’s off to PSG to be a leader of a team. A reason I can understand, because we all know Leo is the leader here and will be until the day he decides to leave us. With his brilliant form that shows, he’s in no way slowing down and I can understand his decision to leave and be a leader of another team.
He’s not a Masia player, he doesn’t owe us that loyalty that we want from our youth players. He’s not obligated to stay here and if I’m quite honest I never thought he would play only here in Europe. There was too much rumors surrounding him– a player with a contract for years – and every transfer window too make me believe he would stay at us and go back to Brasil when he’s done in Europe.
The many Brazilians at PSG probably also helped to make his decision easier and lets not forget the insane amount of money he will earn. I mean no one wouldn’t think about that kind of money and he decided to take it. I don’t think it was his main reason to go, but you can all have your own opinion about it.

Of course this whole transfer saga went on for way too long. I think the tour played a really big part in the delay and made him truly doubt his decision to leave. He will come out with a statement when it’s officially announced. I’m sure of that and that’s also what I need of him and what many of us want from him.  

The hate towards him was difficult to read and so many went overboard with it. It’s understandable he’s not loved by many Cules anymore, it’s understandable that you doubt who you supported for the 4 years he was here, but I hope that you also won’t forget the great memories he gave you, the fans and the team. The amount of times he let you laugh because of his singing and dancing or killed us with hot ‘Princesa’ Rafinha posts… I get it might take time for many to get over this, but I hope eventually the people that hate him now will be able to see him at least normally again.

For me the combination of him at Barça was ideal: My fave club & my fave player. How much I want to say that I won’t follow him anymore I know that won’t be true… I know I will be behind the tv or my laptop, but this time I won’t be rooting for a team I will just be rooting for him to do well. I can’t and won’t ever cheer for PSG. I will be cheering for him to win prices, making assists and to show me that Barça magic. But for him only (Ok, and maybe a little for Kevin too haha). You know a couple months ago when we played against them I said I hoped we would get a selfie of him and Kevin…. I didn’t think I would get it with them being teammates…

I will forever be sad about the fact that the one weekend I could have seen him up insanely close (within my touch) he had to be sick. The fact that I won’t ever get to see him play in a FC Barcelona shirt live will be my biggest football regret. Because now I will see him play for PSG instead… 

He is taking a HUGE risk by leaving Barça for them, but I hope to see him win prices. Win that Ligue 1, win the French cup and win that Champions League ((but not by playing against us please). Write history by winning the CL and even if you don’t win it, I know you will still do good. Be successful and what I want to see most of all is him being happy. Because I know that without happiness everything else is not important to him.  

It’s time to say goodbye to your time at FC Barcelona and thank you for what you gave me as a fan of you and the club. A new challenge awaits you and - though it may take some time to get over and used to it for me - I will follow you. 

I became your fan when you came to FC Barcelona and I still will be your fan now that you leave this club.

You may not stay Ney, but I will still stay with you.

Boa sorte Juninho y sempre tamo junto <3

Princess Land CD DRAMA (Summary-ish)


In the beginning they’re all talking about going to Princess Land! Why? I don’t know since I didn’t understand to be honest ;;w;; but thing is
Everybody wants to go alone with yui but of course they all ended up going together

But when they arrived.. REIJI USED A WHISTLE AND TRIED TO ORGANIZE EVERYBODY. (By the way.. The mukamis aren’t with them.. they separated)
But of course Ayato wasn’t going to stick with reiji’s rules so he took Yui’s hand and started to run away AND REIJI WAS GETTING MAD. But then Kanato and Raito joined Ayato uwu

Thing is AYATO BROKE SOMETHING AND HE SORTA HURT HIMSELF. I don’t know what he broke but … Subaru appears along with reiji and I think Reiji said something about it being expensive?? 

Thing is Subaru takes Yui away and Reiji also goes with them but Raito and Kanato tried to join of course… BUT AYATO STOPS THEM AND DOESN’T LET THEM GO (I think it’s because they said something about him?)

Well After that I’m pretty sure Reiji says something about getting on a roller coaster? well in a game, AND SUBARU GOT NERVOUS
so Reiji was like “ Are you scared~?”
SUBARU WAS LIKE “ NO. “ And the one in the game was shu aswell and he was also like reiji saying subaru was scared. 


The game stops and well Subaru being Subaru… I think he broke it? And well Reiji is all angry and stuff, Shu grabs the opportunity and takes Yui away….

But while shu was alone with Yui… The Mukamis Appear~! And they tell Shu to let go of her and at one point he does and walks away.

So they all go there and Ruki said something? And Yuma got like scARED and told Ruki not to say those things and Ruki apologized.
AND THEN KOU BEING THE TEASE HE IS was all like “ Are you scared~?” 
And yuma was the same as Subaru and said that he wasn’t
AND YUMA SCREAMS AND JUMPS. And then he like broke the floor I think? Or something? And thing is Yuma falls along with Yui and so Kou asks them if they’re okay and Yuma said that they were okay.
So yuma starts to walk with yui and at one point they heard something AND YUMA STARTED TO GET REALLY SCARED. 
And then you can hear Azusa say something but in a slow…creepish way? AND YUMA JUST …..RAN AWAY SCREAMING. I SWEAR HE GETS SCARED EASILY.
Yui wanted to go after Yuma but Azusa said that he was going to be okay. And then he started to walk with her but KOU APPEARED AND WANTED HER but he had something? Like a weapon? AND AZUSA TOLD YUI TO RUN. So they started to run and Kou was trying to use that weird thing but he couldn’t make it work… 

And after that I got really lost but something happened and got Azusa and Yui were in trouble so then Ruki appeared and saved Yui and I think he said he would come back for Azusa or something like that.

Then it changes scene back to Kou, who was still trying to make the thing work and got angry AND HE DID SOMETHING? I think it was a bomb of sorts? So he ran away to find Ruki and he did and he told ruki what happened AND RUKI STARTED TO GET MAD and kou was sorta… um …. laid back about it ;;w;;? He was talking to Yui and then he told her to grab his hand and run away AND SO RUKI AND KOU RAN AWAY WITH HER. AND THEN BOOM ;;W;;

(I have no idea what happened to azusa and yuma LIKE LEGIT THEY NEVER WENT BACK FOR THEM.)

And I think shu heard the explosion … but then reiji and the others appeared and they just started to say how next time They’ll just come alone with yui ;;w;; AND THAT’S IT ;;W;; aahh I seriously love this cd drama ;;w;; and sorry for the really bad summary ;;w;;

#PROJECTTWOTI This is probably the longest post I have ever done, but please do read.

The project #PROJECTTWOTI is a project made in 2015 and is still alive. Back then they were just ideas and not a project. But now it is. The name of this project actually means this
The World of the Interwebs.
What is this?, you ask. Well my dear friend that’s a fanfic that I’ve been making since 2015 and thanks to it I have improved a lot in my writing.
This fanfic was made just for fun and to kill the desperation I had when the last and the longest hiatus happened on The Interwebs Series. Since I have a pretty pessimistic personality I thought that this was the last hiatus and that after this a post about Crestor was going to tell us that she actually cancelled it. Guess that I was right and I’m pretty happy of making that decision. I see that some people hate it by it’s flaws. At first I didn’t see the flaws of The Interwebs Series, this doesn’t include topics about politics, because what is important in here is the writing. This fanfic is going to fix that, this fanfic is going to be the new refuge for these new fans of the interwebs series and yes, there’s a amount of people I have met that are new into this, finding out it ended this abruptly. Mainly the found me because I’m the only one active in here.

This is what a want with this fanfic. I want to this fanfic to be able to make the fandom be alive after it’s death. Just because something ends doesn’t mean it has to also the fandom die. We have a lot of examples. Don’t Hug Me I’m Scared was supposedly dead,(now they are making something related to it and I’m happy) still people were active in there. The Powerpuff Girls ended and the fandom was still alive, I bet it became more alive since that atrocious reboot.

Everything has it’s flaws. This isn’t an exception for the interwebs series.
I completely understand that Crestor hates it. She made it when she was 13 years old, I mean everybody Is kinda dumb at that age! But I’m surprised she did a lot by her age. I understand why she sees it so bad, because is one of her oldest works. I see why she hates it because she actually didn’t wanted it to grow like this. She just expected to be like another drawing that will be forgotten and after years you will cringe about. That wasn’t the case for her, people pushed her to make it a series and when you get pushed for that isn’t it enjoyable. Of course you are excited about it but when you have to do this for others NOT FOR YOURSELF it gets tiring boring… And I completely understand her! I got through something similar!

She wants to let it die, but I just can’t do that. I see so many potential in this and most of these errors can be fixed. But this is mainly about how much the interwebs series did to me, it may sound cheesy and like “dude wtf” but the interwebs series brought me so much people into my life. Thanks to the interwebs series it made me more inspired than ever, thanks to the interwebs series it made me have a real BFF and realize who were the fake friends I had even though my best friend is so far away from me. Maybe this and more The Interwebs Series did this to other people! Crestor may not see this and I understand her. I may not see why she finds it so bad about it. We are all blind in our ways and that doesn’t deserve hate, it deserves respect. We have our opinions.

I can still see that the interwebs series has potential, and with my fanfic I could fix those errors.

1. The whole Bing being young thing.
If Bing is supposed to be a kid then why is he working with Google and Yahoo!? Shouldn’t he be still studying?
The webcomics shows us that Google and Yahoo! are more intelligent than Bing, but by following this logic Bing is more intelligent than them, because he skipped most of his grades. So when he’s at Google’s age he would be WAY more intelligent than them. In the fanfic this is all replaced with one little thing. Have you guys seen the documental about the world smallest girl? She suffers from some kind of condition that makes her look like a kid, when in reality she’s an adult. Her body is tiny and her voice is like a little kid. There’s also more people suffering about this. So Bing in the fanfic may suffer that, which it lead to bullying and the fact of why his personality is like that or maybe that’s he’s just an asshole.

2. The whole YouTube Drama Thing
I won’t fix this, because this is in the past and it’s already cannon. But there’s some big flaws in here.

Let’s face it people, DeviantArt was only in this because she was going to be the stereotypical girl from mangas of Yaoi that interrupts the also stereotyped gay couple in Yaoi and that she was literally thrown away after that and that she was comfortable of shipping them. Yeah DeviantArt cried but she didn’t suffered a lot,the fact that she agrees with he shipping make her seem more obsessed for Blogger than in love with him, and agreeing with the shipping make her a hypocrite because she hates YouTube. I kinda see that Crestor tried to use her in more comics to try to fix that. But what is done is what is done. I have a pretty strict opinion on Yaoi and it’s about the whole stereotype thing and the false representation it brings to the LGTB community and so goes for Yuri. I don’t hate LGTB’s couples, I dislike those manga genders. In fact I am bisexual lmao.

b. The overused yaoi references.
I explained this on the A.

c. The drama was going too fast.
I remember reading somebody saying this to Crestor. Maybe she misunderstood it but she replied to it being pretty rude, or maybe she wasn’t mad at all and she wrote it like that and I’m misunderstood it. This happens to me a lot in real life. Anyway if you want to see that it’s up to you to find it on the blog.

3. Blogger
The reason of why he isn’t in the second problem it’s because he doesn’t affect the YouTube Drama thing but it also affects the blog. The problem with Blogger is that he actually doesn’t have a personality. He looks cute and is kinda nerdy and shy and other stuff. Just like the typical uke on the yaoi’s. I know that all of the characters are stereotypes. But Blogger was used and identified stereotypically. The rest of the characters may be stereotypes but by the way they talk and act we get to know more about them. Blogger didn’t do that. Blogger was acting all “cute” over the place acting shy and more stuff. Yeah he said stuff but it didn’t personalized him. So he doesn’t deserves the overrated thing on interwebs. The second problem is that Blogger is one of the characters that most appeared on the blog, even if this happened with my favorite character Yahoo! I still wouldn’t be glad to see that, mainly because I don’t get to know well the characters. This is what happened with Blogger, we didn’t got to know more about the rest and even if they did appeared less than him, they brought us more than Blogger. Because they weren’t used for the purpose of a whole drama. I never enjoyed this character, I love all of them except him, I don’t hate him, but I dislike him. Blogger was there to make the YouTube Drama and to satisfy the girls fantasies and I could say more about him more specifically but If I do that I would never end this.

4. YouTube Drama 0.1
a. It was fanservice. Clearly it was. Or I think. Since people liked mostly that part they started to request that a lot, and that goes the reason why it appeared a lot. (This was actually the part that I least liked about the blog, I actually enjoyed more the funny interactions other websites had with each other.)

b. The YouTube Drama was so overused that it didn’t got to other websites dramas to shine or to ever happen.

1. Add more time to shine to the characters. In the fanfic there would be star moments. Which it means that in a lot of characters a drama would be based on that character, still the other characters have their spotlights.

2. Add more depth to the characters (character development)
Yes, they are based in stereotypes, but with enough character development we can make them break them and be even more lovable character, but still with their original shine that they had. I’ll do my best to do this with Blogger, since he didn’t had an actual personality.

3. Tell more about their world adding more computer and internet based references.
They just can’t be humans, nobody is named after a website and we don’t see a lot of references about internet in the comics.

4. Add more drama in it.
There’s going to be a lot of drama in it. But not only romantic ones, because with only romance dramas,then this would be boring.

5. Add more diversity.
To be honest as a Latin I do not care about this, but people would be happy about it. Some slightly but not annoying changes are going to be in the characters! Most are going to be still the same but more POC characters will be added, of course they would just be secondary, because he protagonist are the canon characters. I’ll give you some examples.

A. Pinterest is an Spaniard and she has an apple figure.
The origin of this headcanon happened in my school because I brought some old drawings I did for TIWS and a friend told me Pinterest looked like an Spaniard. The apple thing came to me because I see her having that shape better than a hourglass figure.
B. Wikipedia is a corean albino.
This headcanon is based of the way his eyes were differently shaped than the others.
C.DeviantArt is not white, she’s more tanner in skin, this is because she’s bi-racial her father is black and her mother is white. That color skin fits her better with the green she has. It makes a big difference but not an annoying one.
D. Fanfiction is more chubbier than she used to be.
E. The boys will also have different body shapes and described in the fanfic.
F. The girls will have different shapes as described in the fanfic. The only one with an hourglass figure is Yahoo! even though that Yahoo! will have a non noticeable through clothes little tummy on the start of the fanfic what happens to it is obviously exercise.

And now, what is the fanfic about?
This fanfic is about being in the world of the interwebs. Their universe is another dimension mainly based in ours. This is because the alternate dimension was created accidentally by Crestor so her (our) universe is based by that universe, still it has pretty big differences. Yet Crestor left the place and stopped being a god so probably another creator came and is going to make a lot of twists between the past and the lives of our protagonists. There’s something else besides websites and animals living in that world though, and there’s some powerful stuff going on without them noticing. This takes place after 7 months that Blogger told YouTube that he also has a crush on him.

(Note: The canon past that Crestor did is not edited)

If you got it through here CONGRATULATIONS! Please support me by reading the first chapter, the other 23 ones are being fixed.

Thanks for reading!
Ugh! I wanted to get this out of my chest so hardly!

Keisha and Tommy One Shot! #PowerFanfic

“That tickles” a barely awake, extremely satisfied Tommy mumbled as she circled his nipple with the tip of her finger.
A lazy smile creeping across his face as he lay in her bed eyes still closed but clearly awake as she felt him slightly harden against her thing as she wrapped her smooth long brown leg over his muscular hairy one.

“Tell me something you like about me” looking at his slightly damp hair and rose tinted cheeks, he looked so innocent, almost peaceful, but I guess fucking all night would do that to a guy, she’d lost counts of the orgasms and positions they they’d got into, but now she was starting to wonder if that was the only reason why he came to see her.

He never came by when Cash was up, or had taken her to dinner, she was starting to feel like a booty call, which she wouldn’t mind if she wasn’t so terrified she was catching feelings for the motherfucker, or maybe it was just the good sick playing tricks on her, but she wanted to know what he thought of her.

“Did you hear me?” She pressed herself up to lay on his chest.

“ You see how I’m lying here with my eyes closed and shit…that means I’m sleep.”
Tommy grumbled, eyes still closed that stupid silly smirk on his face.

Keisha rolled her eyes and smacked his firm chest lightly.

“The fuck! That hurt!” Keisha had worked in a salon most her life, was mother to a 6 year old and was sure that Tommy was the most dramatic drama queen she had ever known.

“I barely touched you” rolling her eyes she flopped on to her back, coming to terms that they clearly weren’t going to have the conversation she wanted…needed.

“What you mad about now?” He rolled over, throwing an arm across her stomach and nuzzled her shoulder. “Huh? spill it, what I do now?” He continued, trying to lighten her mood.

Her mind was screaming, but she knew if she pressed, he’d pull away, Tommy didn’t spill his guts, he’d been a heartbreaker since he started hanging with Ghost since they were in school, before Ghost settled with Tasha, they were out there, Puerto Rican, Dominican, Black, White, the little Irish girls with the red hair, they smashed em all, and left their broken pieces in their wake.

At no point had any of them bar one, Tasha, managed to settle them, maybe it stemmed from Tommys mommy issues, but he would never let a bitch in, she didn’t think that was gonna change tonight, not even Big Red, managed to do that, and she had his nose wide open.

“Its cool, nevermind, let’s get some sleep.

She shit her eyes pretending to be over it all.

He was quiet for a minute, and she could feel him thinking, it was making her damn heart race.

” Your eyes" his deep voice heavy with Queens accent slowly cut through the dimly lit room, she pretended not to hear him at first, but curiosity got the better of her.

“That’s it?!” The annoyance in her voice at his less than adequate answer couldn’t be missed, and neither could his quiet laugh.

“Whadya mean that’s it, you asked me what I liked about you” he countered, his stupid smirk and big blues dancing with mischief.

“Well, like I said, nevermind, forget it ” with a huff she rolled onto her side giving him the shoulder.

The silence continued.

“Well at least that was the first thing I noticed, when I first saw you, wearing those tight as Jean shorts, that crop top with Bob Marley on it, with them beat up converse, I thought, she’s cute, I like her eyes.”

Keisha was awake now, wide awake, he was talking nearly 20 years ago, some Dominican kids thought a block party, it was the first time she saw him, didn’t think much of him, heard he was “That Tommy” everyone in the neighbourhood knew about the crazy white boy always with Jamie, but he just seemed pretty regular, she was in her thoughts as he continued, gently stroking her stomach and then her thigh as he continued to talk.

“But as time went on, I see they ain’t your best feature, they pretty as shit, but not the best part of you. You’re kind when you ain’t being a crazy loudmouth, yous a good friend, a great mother, smart business women, loyal, and you got heart, you special”. Keisha didn’t say anything for a second.

“I guess I like everything about you, man I dunno” Tommy shrugged and stopped talking.

Turning to face him, those hazel eyes of hers sparkling, she couldn’t help the smile creeping across her face.

“Thanks for telling me” with a kiss to his nose, she resumed her previous position on his chest.

“Keish, I know what you want from me, I ain’t gonna bullshit you and say I can give you a fairy tale and we gon’ be together forever or some shit, but Ima promise you something real, if you want it…it ain’t always gonna be perfect and pretty, but it can be ours, so whatchu sayin? You wanna be my girl or what?.”

Lakeisha chuckled, it wasn’t the most romantic gesture, but it was romantic coming from Tommy, his neck and cheeks slightly flushing from mild embarrassment of his declaration.

“Tommy I been wanting to be your girl” she replied with a giggle.

With a wink, and a kiss to her forehead, he slid between her legs.

“So I’m your man?” Lifting her leg he smoothly put it over his shoulder.

She breathlessly stroked at his chest from below him, the wetness already present between her thighs.

Barely above a whisper she spoke while he peppered her collarbone and neck with languid relaxed kisses.

“Hmmm…yeah.. you’re my man’ she moaned, as his hand found her glistening pearl of a clit.

“Say that shit again” he grunted as thrust into her deeply, and unapologetically.

Her stomach flopped and her chest heaved, as kept hitting that spot deep in her guts that gave her butterflies.

“Uhh … you’re my man” Tommy looked at her with nothing but smug primal pride.

He loved this time with her, when she was losing her shit, incoherently babbling and clawing at him.

He watched her, his dick growing even harder, she didn’t run from it anymore like the first time he hit, he was more than aware he broke all kinda stereotypes, and the first time he tried to get it in deep, let’s just say it took some time to adjust, didn’t help that Keisha was tighter than a fucking rat trap.

He took pride in the fact that his baby had found her stride, and could take the dick like a champ now.

It only spurred him on. He started to slam, delivering a punishing rhythm, the perfect blend of rough and sweet and watched unravel.

It wasn’t just the sex either, he liked just being with her, she wasn’t mixed deep in his world, and it was nice to have a different perspective a different view.

Having Keisha around relaxed him, with a deep kiss, he slid his tounge against hers as he gathered her other leg, and raised it over his shoulder, reaching down to cup her buttocks as he started to really fuck her with conviction, her moans and screams music to his ears.

Looking down he could see she was close.

“ You got something for me baby?” He groaned, coaxing the emerging orgasm from her, almost breathless at the beating he was putting on her pussy.

“Yes! Yes! Yes!” With a silent scream, she came with the thunder, stars dancing behind her eyelids as she squeezed them closed from her climax.

Tommy couldn’t hang on anymore, that was it, with a groan that grew from the pit of his stomach, he buried his head in her shoulder as he came fast long and hard within her.

They both stayed in that position while they caught their breath.

Tommy slowly came to put his head between her slightly damp breast, his favourite go to place once they were done and he was ready to sleep.

“So I guess I got myself a boyfriend huh?” Keisha smirked, gently stroking his hair.

She felt his shoulders shake as he chuckled.

“ Yeah you do…so don’t let me hear about any other motherfucker around my shit, coz I’ll kill em.” He groaned, and knowing Tommy he probably had a genuine frown to match.

She kinda liked it. He was jealous.

‘Believe me you ain’t got nothing to worry about, trust me …what do you always say to me?“ She continued to stroke his hair as she waited for his response.

"I got you..” his voice was sincere when he spoke.

“Exactly, well guess what?”


“I got you too…”

She felt him smile against her skin, them both enjoying their little moment, before he spoke again.

“Sooo…which one of us is telling Tasha?”

The End…

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one last chance | Part one

Genre: Romantic, fluff, a slice of life

Word Count: 1204

school/teacher!AU   -   Multifandom

Part 1: music teacher Mr.Min

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The room started to file up into the fairly sized room which was still pretty small for all the students along with the instruments to sit in there altogether comfortably.  This room was the main music room where the afterschool band would meet, along with all the musical clubs, and most importantly; music classes.  Today marked the first day of the last official month of the school year, which leaves us with our last final project of the year, which it given to all the students in highschool, excluding the ones who are the graduating class.  Every year above the previous year, the expectations for this project becomes increasingly arduous in how they view our work ethic.This project is basically a free for all. 

 There are almost no rules or restrictions on what you can do.  The whole point of it is to show your personal interest.  So for example, if you’re really interested in art, you would create a piece using the mediums and techniques that you’ve learned that specific year.  Many take this project as an opportunity to show off their interest to others to impress them, some may take it as another project to worry about and spend all-nighters because of the endless roads of procrastination they take.  But then, there are people like me.  The person who is indecisive of her own personal interest.  Making this project even harder than any of those two categorical people combined.This is now my third year doing this project, the last two weren’t really that appealing towards my viewpoint of them.  My first year, I choose a path to an elective that wasn’t really my liking.  This elective was drama.  Yes, drama class that focuses on theatrical performances, which forces you to remove yourself out of your comfort zone and act in a way that is a completely different person from yourself.  Yeah….I wasn’t the best in that, but I made my project on it anyways and made a short film.  We don’t have to get into that.The second year, i choose to choose a safe elective, which was music, but from the last year’s experience with relying on electives to get me to my completed yearly project, i choose to go a safer route.  Which lead me to one of the core subjects in any school; Historical studies.  But what my brain didn’t comprehend at the time; not many students will want to learn about the specific topic you choose except for one person, which happened to be your history teacher, Typical.

“Good morning class” The door of the classroom shut, popping me out of my thinking bubble of memories and revert my attention to the man standing in the front of the classroom.  he was the music teacher who’s a musically gifted genius, who can make up any tune in a snap; Mr.Min.  Mr. Min was one of my most favorite teachers.  I’ve had him for two years now since he’s the only music teacher at this school.  He started teaching last year,  which was the same year I’ve started taking music, hence the fact that I’ve had him for two years now.  I was one of the few students who stayed for another year as the other went onto do an elective they found more interesting in their personal taste.  So this whole year was me and some other few people who stayed with a bunch of first year students who know really nothing starting out.  The whole hour of class was spent on rehearsing this one song for a school singing competition held in the summer for the students in the class would go to compete.  This is probably one of the reasons why some people disliked this class after the first time they took it because it takes up a few days of their summer vacation because the competition is held in Mr.Min’s hometown, Daegu. 

 It was now recess, which lasted for about 20 minutes to give students a little free time before they would have to get back to their intended classes.  The students started filing out of the classroom, leaving a couple students behind who were slow on packing up or stayed for a few minutes to tell something to the teacher.  I packed up my stuff, looking up to find a girl just finishing up talking to Mr.Min, leaving them both in a round of giggles.  Making her leave as Mr.Min proceeded to wipe the chalkboard clean of his notes he took for the class to see.

“Its the time of year again” Mr.Min suddenly spoked, still facing the direction of the chalkboard as he still continued to clean it.  From his words, I sat in his chair behind his desk, lifting my feet so it could rest on the top of the table.  I nodded my head at his question, quietly making out a “yes”.  It took him a few more minutes to finish cleaning the board as he walked over to me.  He pushed my feet off of his desk and sat in the same area where they were.

“Do you know what you’re going to do this time?” he adjusted his glasses a abit before he stared down at me, slouching in his chair, knowing me too well to know exactly how i feel about the project hes talking about.  A simple word that rolls off the tounge. ‘Clueless’.  He sighed as he stood up and walked over to me crouch down to look at my face, since i was looking downwards towards the floor.“You have time its okay, just think about it and the right idea may pop up” he patted my head, making me pout. “What if i dont come up with something…”i softly said, straighting up my poster. 

“I want to awe the other teachers!” i said extravagantly, motioning my arms in the are to make it dramatic….this is what a year of drama does to you.  I looked down at Mr.Min who was staring at me, his face gleaming with no expression whatsoever.“Its my last year to do this project Mr.Min…” i softly said as my tone got more saddly faint from my last outbust of words.  “I know y/n….just know that whatever you do, you can come to me for help, like youve always have” he said, making us both smile.  He was right, ever since ive first started calling him my teacher, i would come to him for advice….advice on music, school work, family problems, mental problems, guys even….he was like that one cool teacher that acted as a fried to me…since i dont really have a ton of that.  The bell suddenly rang, telling every student that their 20 minutes of free time was over and it was now onto the next class.  I quicky jolted up out of the seat, walking towards the door, letting Mr.Min slip in one last advice towards me, 

“strive for memorable than for self desire” i turned to nod at him, with a small smile, officially ending our talking session.

Diary of a Black Male: Entry #19

It wasn’t until my senior year of high school that I would say that women began to show interest in me. I had lost a good I’d say maybe 30 to 40 pounds. In the process of loosing weight my body had transformed into this things. I say thing because even though I lost a lot of weight I also began to put on muscle. I may have dropped a few inches around my waist but I also started to gain inches in other places. For one, my arms and shoulders grew tremendously. 

This probably was the time where I felt most confident about myself while still being insecure at the same time. A lot of people began to take notice of the change of my physical appearance. There were some guys who looked up to me and wanted to know what I did to get those results and there were women, who just like the way I looked. 

Many of them were too afraid to say anything but a lot actually came to me in private and slipped their number to me. I remember one day in my english class, I was sitting at a table with four girls. Somehow I always end up being surrounded by women. But this particular day, we had an assignment. My experience with sharing a table with women was this: women talk about any and everything no matter where they are. 

On this particular afternoon one of my classmates were talking about sex they had and how awful it was. She was saying how this dude couldn’t get his dick hard, so he ate her out the whole time. I acted like I didn’t hear it but I couldn’t hold back the grin. Everyone at the table looked at me and started laughing. So this one girl took my paper and wrote something on it and gave it back to me. It was a number and I asked her, “what is this?” and she goes, “call this number for me tonight”. I did, but that’s another story. 

Now at this point in time women were kind of throwing themselves at me and I really began to enjoy it. I really made me feel good about myself. Even before I lost weight I always had a lot of female friends. I was weird because I would hang out with more than I would hang out with my boys and that’s probably because I never spent the weekend in the same place. 

Before my senior year, I have only went to first, second, and third base (once). But it was pretty apparent that I was going to have sex pretty soon. There were more women then I could handle, I never had this before. There were about 3 women from my school, 2 from another, 1 from another, a girl in my neighborhood, a girl from an entire different county, and one of my friends older sister. That’s “NINE” women. 

Whenever i saw any of them I would play it cool. I’d be calm and act uninterested. But I also would smile and laugh and make jokes. A friend of mine told me it was too easy to get women, and he had being doing it for years. He old me it is easy to manipulate women, just tell them what they want to hear. So from there I took his advice and started laying to women.

I told them my goals in life and I would make sure I include them in it. Sometimes I really didn’t have to do that because a few girls only wanted sex and I was ok with that. After a while I kind of picked up this reputation that not many people knew about. Only among a few people though. It wasn’t too well known. But people started to know me for being a ladies man. I kept a lot of it secret but come to find out I was messing with two cousins at one point and I had to kind of nip that in the bud. That was my first drama with women. 

Since then I would tone down on the lies but I would always tell them what they want to hear and if a girl ever question me about commitment or talked relationships I would always blame not really have money and being able to afford take her out like a man is supposed to or telling her I will ask when the time is right just wait. After telling the same ol story they got tired of it. But I didn’t really matter because for every girl who got fed up and left there was another girl waiting in line. 

I would talk to at least 2-3 girls heavy and then when one goes I would go to the next and pick up where I left off. I got so good that I had a time schedule for each girl. At these days and time I where free, for each girl it was different. I eve kept a schedule on my wall in my room and took it down whenever someone came over. 

There was this one girl, her name was Vickie.She was a grade below. I knew her because she was the cousin of one of my good friends. I used to play football with him (her cousin) and her brother. I had known her for at least four years now. The first time I met her was when I was in their neighborhood my freshman year. I remember her trying to talk to me years ago, before I ever lost any weight. Then she comes to me again after I lost weight. Because of that I felt different about her compared to the other girls. To the other girls I felt like “Mike Jones” with her I felt like Davis Banner. 

She told me that she had just broken up with her boyfriend for 2 years. I laughed a little bit and asked her did she mean in 2 year, you all are getting back together or what! She laughed it off and said no. She had been dating him for two years. I thought to myself wow that’s I tong time. Then she just says, “yea I know, that’s a long time to be committed right?”. I looked at her and told her no. It really wasn’t that long to be committed if the both of you were equally committed and really loved eachother. She told me it probably should of ended a long time ago. 

She started telling me these stories one day. Most of it was through facebook before I actually gave her my number. She was telling me how she felt like her ex used her for sex and for anything that was convenient to him. I was kind of touched by her sob story. Her told me how she wanted to be celibate until she got her head on straight. I told her I could respect that and I could really appreciate it. 

I guess at some point she began to fall for me. We hung out a lot and talked just about every day. Whenever we hung out I never tried anything or said anything that would imply something sexual. I guess at that point she began to see the good in me. She was very attractive and some guys would ask how come I haven’t had sex with a girl who’s that attractive. I told them that it easy when you’ve been snacking on someone else all day.

I had been fooling around with other girls. So not trying anything with her was easy. Thing I liked about Vickie was thought we saw eye to eye on a lot of things. We were pretty much matched at an intellectual level. Some time past and I find myself outside of her house, we had just came from movies. We were talking about life, our dreams, goals, fears, etc. I Think this was the one time I didn’t lie about anything. 

Finally I told her, I gotta go.and before I knew it she climbed on top of me. She said take me, take all of time. I guess at some point she was afraid of loosing me because she wasn’t having sex with me. She had been a little guarded after her breakup. She put it down a little bit and we actually did things together. I don’t know what it was but it was like all her principle went out the window. 

Part of me feels bad because I felt like I lead her on. I had no intentions on being with but after she said “take me, all of me”. I was shocked but the moment it became passionate I knew everything out the window. While we were having sex in the car I started to think about how bad I’ve been playing her. Telling her I love her and acting like i am asleep when I am really in bed with someone else. 

I was quiet. She asked me what’s wrong and I didn’t say anything. She got up and left. She had tears in her eyes. I don’t know was going through her head. But after that I didn’t call or text her. When she would call me I would ignore it. We met face to face on day when I was at the grocery store. She walked up to me and was like “WHAT THE HELL!”. She started to cause a scene and I just walked out the store.

I never really told her what happened that night.  didn’t always have problems committing or anything. I felt like she was perfect and I didn’t deserve her and I couldn’t face the fact that I wasn’t shit. So I figured I would continue not being shit and let someone she deserves sweep her off her feet. After that night in the car I realized that I really liked her, but I knew I couldn’t. So I tried all I could to just leave it alone. I really didn’t think about how it would make her feel. I just didn’t want to hurt her.

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It's funny that Darren's now the only one to have written an original song for Glee. It's also funny that you're obviously bias and therefore, your reason does not make any sense. Darren Criss is the reason MANY people started watching Glee in the first place. If it wasn't for Darren, many people wouldn't be watching it still to this day. Chris Colfer is wonderful, but so is Darren Criss. So back up and maybe take your biases somewhere where they are wanted.

First of all…….

It is very funny, Matt got to perform a song from his Album on Glee and direct it. Chris wrote a whole episode, AND Glee had Original songs on the show. Who cares about Darren’s song? His song outside of Glee do not matter, anyone can write a song for a tv show. A song that matters if its good its talked about, you get a number 1 song on billboards ect, and Darren’s song he wrote for Glee first of all sucks really bad and second of all will not be a top hit at all what so ever. 

Lea and Naya both had songs playing on the Radio outside of Glee, what about Darren? Where is his original music playing in my local radio station? Where his album? Oh yeah, it is shelved!

I’m biased? Really? You might message me again and bring up Hedwig so let me just state this right here right now:

Hedwig was suppose to close, but since Darren stans like yourself tweeted the show runners they figure that they maybe can squeeze some change out of you idiots before finally shutting it down since Darren manage to get money out of you suckers for HT$ when he was at the height of his popularity on Glee and there was people who liked him because he was fresh and new, I even liked him at the time and many many other people I know before he started showing his true colors and made me and many people see how untalented and disrespectful Darren really is. 

My prediction about Darren on Hedwig is he will have a big crowed the first few weeks because his fans will want to prove people like me wrong, but since his fan base have died a lot since Darren first started, the seats will become more and more empty, and then the critics will say how horrible his run is and Darren himself will show the world just how lazy he really is. 3 Weeks playing on HT$ got complaints from non Darren stans, lets see what people who do not were those pink sunglasses shades think after watching Darren fail doing a classic production of Hedwig for 12 weeks especially when people he come see him have seen people like Neal Patrick Harris already play the role. I hope REAL critics do come and see him just so you can shut the fuck up out of my inbo and take a damn seat. 

I can admit he was once popular because anyone who was a love interest of Kurt Hummel on Glee would have been popular at that time. Glee was one if the best and highly watched shows on air before Darren entered the show, Chris just won a Golden Globe and Kurt Hummel was America’s gay sweet heart so of course Darren playing Blaine singing Teenage Dream was gonna be a heart throb!

 Kurt’s fans wanted him to have a love interest, hell even people who was not Kurt’s main fans and just enjoyed Glee was excited for Kurt to finally have some one who was gay and can be a love interest so when Teenage Dream happened it was gonna be popular because how happy Kurt was! Kurt’s popularity made Blaine an interest to the Glee fans, Glee fans who were in the 10 millions at that time.

Then season 3 and 4 happened and people started to leave because the writing got horrible and then it became the Blaine and Rachel show and now look? Glee can barely scrape up 1 million viewers when it use to be able to easily have 10 million weekly. Darren might have brought a few thousand Star kid fans, but not 20 thousand, not a hundred thousand fans and most certainly not a million viewers to Glee. I can at least say that Darren most likely was responsible for about 20 thousand viewers who might have came because of Starkid. I will give him that much credit. but in tv viewers, 20 thousand is not a lot what so ever, it is not even a lot of youtube viewers.

Also just so you can see the viewers of Glee before Darren show up I will show you a small quick rating numbers to show you what a fool you are for coming up in my inbox tonight:

I will show you the pilot episode ratings, the highest episode ratings, and the final episode ratings of Glee season 1

  1. The pilot episode of Glee averaged 9.62 million viewers 
  2. Glee returned on April 13, 2010 with “Hell-O”, which was watched by 13.66 million viewers
  3. The final episode, “Journey to Regionals”, was watched by 11.07 million viewersand attained a 4.7 Nielsen rating in the 18–49 demographic, an increase of 18 percent on the previous episode, giving Glee the highest finale rating for a new show in the 2009–2010 television season

That was just season 1 of Glee! BEFORE Darren Criss even existed, he tried out for Finn Hudson and was rejected too thank god! Also looking at the ratings, Glee held a good 9 to 10 million viewership for the total season 1, well god damn Glee, you were popular!

Now, on to season 2 BEFORE Darren was thought of! Ah, I nearly forgotten, Chris won his Golden Globe for an episode in season 2 before Darren showed up also ;) That was back when Glee gave a shit about telling Kurt’s story before Darren ruined the show!

So I will now show the first episode of season 2 Glee ratings, then the highest rated episode, then the final season 2 episode:

  1. The season premiere episode, “Audition”, aired on September 21, 2010; it averaged 12.45 million American viewers 
  2. The second episode, which featured the music of Britney Spears, was also Glee ’​s second best showing at that point after its April 2010 return after a four-month hiatus, with 13.51 million viewers
  3. 11.80 million viewers for the final season 2 episode
  4. For the season as a whole, Glee was number 43 of 268 primetime shows that averaged at least a million viewers, with an average viewership of 10.11 million, while it tied for number 13 of 249 of shows that received at least a 0.5 rating in the 18–49 rating demographic, with a 4.1 rating average.

Basically season 2 was a good 10 milli viewers which was awesome! The highest rated episode was episode 2, and guess what? No Blaine! And also guess what? The viewers did not increase once Darren Criss joined! If they did, they would have Beat Britney/Brittany which had 13.51 million viewers!

Now, let us go on to season 3 when Darren was made an official main character shall we?! 

Since Darren became a Regular and season 3 writing started to have too much focus on relationship drama and not letting the characters be individuals, the ratings have dropped, it looks like Darren’s solos and screen time did not help Glee, Matter of fact I will even list ever single ratings for the episodes of season 3!”

The Purple Piano Project! It had the highest  views of the season and the fans of Glee got to have Blaine as a full time student in Lima yay! that’s what they wanted right? Maybe they did at that time before he showed what a waste of screen time he was!”

  1. The Purple Piano Project 9.27 viewers, 3 million viewers lesser than season 2! and a few hundred thousand less than the pilot!
  2. I am Unicorn 8. 60 million viewers„„ damn, where are the Darren fans who brought Glee more viewers at this episode? :( He even got to sing a solo in purple piano project and I am unicorn, I cant believe all the viewers Darren brought to Glee did not increase the second episode ratings! Like he just showed the US viewers that he was a permanent member on New Directions! Why did viewers leave this episode? D: Ok, let me stop with the comments for now and just list the season 3 episode views mkay!
  3. Asian F 8.42 million viewers
  4. Pot O Gold 7.47 million viewers
  5. The First Time! The Molester Blaine episode had 6.91 million viewers!
  6. Mash Off 7.08 million viewers
  7. I kissed a Girl 7.90 million viewers
  8. Hold On to 16 7.11 million viewers
  9. Extraordinary Merry Christmas 7.13 million viewers
  10. Yes/No 7.50 million viewers
  11. Michael  9.07 million viewers
  12. The Spanish Teacher 7.81 million viewers
  13. Heart 6.99 million viewers
  14.  Ok I lied, I got tired of writing down ever episode ratings, basically it stayed in the 6 millions until the last Glee episode
  15. Goodbye the final episode of season 3 had 7.46 million viewers 

So Season 3 was an average of 7 million viewers, season 2 was an average of 10/11 million, Season 1 was an average of about 9/10 that was all before Darren Criss showed up. Now lets go to season 4 viewers where Blaine was given more screen time after cheating on Kurt and we had the noobies aka old glee characters 2.0! 

So lets see how the ratings suffered when Glee made Darren the ‘leading male’ in season 2! And gave him more songs and Screen time than the original males and 3 year leading males of Glee, Cory and Chris and even Kevin! I am getting bored so I am gonna do it like I did with seasons 1 and 2 and list the first episode of season 4, then the highest, and then the last, then will say how much was the average viewers of season 5 mkay!:

  1. The New Rachel, who the viewers all found out was Blaine, gained  7.41 million viewers
  2. Britney 2.0, The highest episode of season 4 pulled a season 2 with Britney tribute, probably because the Glee viewers thought it would be just as good but was disappointed, gained 7.46 viewers
  3. The views went down hill from then, mostly stayed at  around 5 million viewers
  4. All Or Nothing, which ended showing Blaine with that ring he had for Kurt, the guy he cheated on, even though Blaine was still in highschool, he and Kurt was not together, and Burt told Blaine no when he asked for Kurt’s hand in marriage like if Kurt was a girl or something. That episode had gained 5.92 viewers for season 4 finale 

After that, Glee advertised the engagement for Klaine, Cory Passed away that summer and it was a real hard time for all of the Glee fandom. While we all needed a tribute for Cory and Finn, Glee decided to promote that engagement so we got the two Beatles Tribute for season 5 then The Quarter back. 

Now, Blaine will have been a series regular for 3 full seasons once Season 5 was finished. Now let us see how many viewers was here! I will go with the first episode viewers, then the highest, since The Quarter back was special, I will list the second highest,(Not the fseason 5 premire) then list the final episode of season 5! 

  1. Love Love Love, the highly promoted Klaine engagement episode gained 5.06 million viewers, It was promoted as a Beatles Tribute with Klaine duets and Blarren singing yet was lesser than season 4 finale! Wow! Not only did season 5 had less viewers than the season 4 finale, the viewers started leaving more and more!
  2. The second highest episode was Tina In The Sky with Diamonds at 4.42 million viewers
  3. The viewers officially started to leave when Glee showed Sam and Blaine going to New York In Moving Out (Which had 4.09 million viewers) after Chris, Lea, and Naya just won their PCA awards for fan favorites and Darren and Blam and Klaine lost theirs. It was obvious Viewers and fans of Glee did not care to see Blaine or Blam (Sam stopped being a fan favorite once they dumbed him down in season 4 to become Blaine’s best bro, Glee ruined both Sam and Tina’s character for Blaine.)
  4. The untitled Rachel Berry Project 1.87 Million viewers

Once Blaine and Sam moved on down and New York was no longer what the fans wanted anymore, Glee had an average of 2/3 million viewers, the worst viewers for Glee ever.

Now it is season 6 and obviously the fans have left anon, why isn’t Darren’s fans that he brought to Glee giving us more views? Why is Glee’s average viewers are lesser than 2 million? Including the double gay wedding anon? Why isn’t Darren’s song for Glee promoted all over my t.v like Amber’s song was or Chris episode? Amber got to do an interview for Color Blind on T.v and Chris did interview on popular tv interview for Old Dogs New Tricks too even though Glee did not promote them, they got to promote their work, what about Darren? 

Now, I might be biased, but you are pure delusional to state such bull shit in my inbox. I gave you my proof anon, where is yours? What viewers or critical awards (Not fan voted or best new guy award from Teen choice ect.) Did Darren gain and win? Did he win any actor guild awards? Get any Emmy nominations or wins? Golden Globe nominations or wins? No? Then shut the fuck up! 

Now anon, I will go back to your last remark to me, let me bold your words so I can respound to you in Kind ;)

Your exact words above anon is, ……..

Darren Criss is the reason MANY people started watching Glee in the first place. If it wasn’t for Darren, many people wouldn’t be watching it still to this day. Chris Colfer is wonderful, but so is Darren Criss. So back up and maybe take your biases somewhere where they are wanted.

So… as you can see from this long ass response I gave you, your first statement is false: MANY people DID NOT start watching Glee for Darren Criss, Glee had an average of 9/20 million viewers in season 1. 

In season 2 Glee held an average viewers of 10/11 million viewers and the highest rated episode was episode 2 of season 2 and that was 13 million viewers and Darren Criss or Blaine was not relevant at all to Glee. 

Season 3 of Glee with Darren as a main character had lost viewers and the average ratings was about 7 million viewers, nearly 4 millions viewers :LEFT after Darren was made a regular, what happened? You told me he was the reason why Glee gained Viewers anon :(

Season 4 got even worse, Season 5 was really horrible, and now lok at season 6, Glee can not scrape even 2 million viewers and it was an average 10/11 million viewer show before Darren Criss joined and became a reglar. 

Blaine was popular simply because Kurt and Chris was popular, any guy that was Kurt’s love interest at the time when Glee was super popular and Chris was winning awards for the show and was America’s sweet heart, would have been popular. Blaine the character was not a fan favorite, Kurt’s boyfriend was. 

Now, if Blaine and Kurt broken up in season 2 and Kurt dated someone else, guess what would have happened? The new guy Kurt was involved with would have gotten just as much, maybe even more praise that Darren. Especially if the guy could sing better, was taller, and attractive. 

Glee was at the top of its popularity then and Glee should have been smart and let Kurt date someone else, the rest of the characters of Glee had more than one bf/gf in a season, Glee should hazve made it interesting and gave Kurt another lobve interest as an option inseason 2 and that might have even saved the ratinbgs and GAINED ratings in season 3 if they would have hired an allready famous actor who can sing as Kurt’s new boyfriend.

 Darren Criss is not that great of a singer, his acting is horrible, and his looks are mediocre at best.

 if Glee could have gotten someone like Zac Efron to play Kurt’s NEW boyfriend after Blaine, trust me, the world would have loved him more because he would be able to sing better than Darren, could act better than Darren, was taller than Darren, and for Hollywood shallowness, his abs and hot face and hair would have had the Glee fans and girls going nuts! Damn, Glee should have hired Zac Efron! 

Yes, I am being funny cause the whole 17 again thing. Most likely the person who will be playing the lead is Billy cause he can actually pass as 17 still unlike Darren will by the time the production starts sometime in 2016 lol! And Speaking of Zac Efron, lets have a look at what we could of had as Kurt’s new bf via season 2 and 3 shall we? ;)

Who Glee should have hired as Kurt’s second bf…..

Who us viewers and Kurt got stuck with for 4 horrible seasons with instead

And Blaine can act all crazy and possesive over Kurt and scream at Kurt’s ONLY friend…..

Yet do shit like this?

Be a Cheater

Dont forget how he thought Kurt was just Kurt and not hot…. Yeah what an awesome and supportive person Bland is, not!

Then jump all over Sam and twerk on Ryder!

Yet he can do all this and then have the nerve to be insecure with Kurt about Elliott and Kurt getting noticed at Nyada? LOL, What a waste of a character screen time that could have gone to the Originals , what a waste of a love interest for Kurt that could have gone to several other actors with actual talent! Darren Criss ruined Glee, and that is 1000% The Truth! Mad? So fuckin what, its now 5 am, wanna then inbox me on anon and talk about my grammar, spelling, ect, idgaf im tired and this post is long as fuck, so my feelings are

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Can I get a gif reaction when you think they don't love you anymore

Jin: *sits you down and gets on his knees in front of you, looking into your eyes the best he can without crying and says full of meaning*
“I love you, no matter what. I will always love you”

Suga: *doesn’t know what to do but really wants to let you know that he loves you*

J-Hope: *through sobs* “Jagiya I love you, please I’ll do anything to make you believe that I do. ANYTHING”

Rap Monster: *serious mode* “Jagiya, your the most wonderful, incredible, beautiful girl I have ever laid eyes on. I love you more than anything or anyone in this whole world and I want you to be happy and I want you to know that I love you, I worry about you, and I think about you every single day since the day I met you. Don’t you ever forget that” *Brings you into a tight hug where your head is on his chest* (sorry my inner drama writer has been unleashed)


V: *holding back tears* “Jagiya I love you” (gif says everything else)

Jungkook: *starts crying* “What can I do to make you believe that I love you”
I hope you all love it  ^-^ 
Goodnight *blows kisses* love you all!!!!
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Glad someone else is kinda excited about the spoilers :) I mean yes Rob is being an idiot and making it worse and Aaron is exaggerating things (which will cause me actual pain) but we know it had to reach boiling point for him to lash out? Idk, we've weathered much worse - bring on the angst and pain!


(I’m sorry I didn’t answer this last night, but I wanted to wait until I wasn’t drunk because that would have just ended in me yelling absolute nonsense at you lmao)


And ok so we don’t really have a clue what’s happening. Emmerdale release spoilers in a way that you feel like you can piece together the entire plot and you know it all and who needs to watch we know what’s gonna happen… and then the episode airs and it turns out we only knew like 10% and all of our assumptions were incorrect and then plot twist the boys are off to Manchester this weekend if Aaron can get a hotel SOMEONE TELL ME THEY SAW THAT COMING COME IN MY ASK BOX AND SAY YOU SAW THAT COMING

we literally don’t know shit, is what I’m saying

The thing is, one thing we do know is… this is their wedding we’re talking about. At no point were emmerdale ever going to give Robert and Aaron a wedding and not start stirring things up and do a “will they/won’t they” because… like… it’s a beloved soap couple. That’s how it works. It’s basically soap law.

And if we’re gonna sit through drama???? YOU BET YOUR ASS I WANT IT TO BE ANGSTY AF LIKE HELLO












I ended up yelling at you anyway sorry but yeah I completely agree with you lets be excited together

I actually wanted to be a jazz musician first. My grandparents introduced me to Louis Armstrong. I loved Louis Armstrong so I took up the trumpet and just did that every day and practiced that. That was what I was going to do. Then I got to be about 13 and everyone started playing guitars and being in rock bands. There was no place for me with my trumpet and I wasn’t cool anymore. Although now if I played the trumpet it would be the coolest thing in the world. So I got cast in a school play and I fell in love with that. I felt comfortable on stage and found out it was a brilliant way of expressing myself and I was happy and I could do it. So then I wanted to become an actor. I went to Guildhall School of Music and Drama, which is one of the main drama schools in London where you go when you are older. But I was doing the junior one when I was a kid. And some friends there had agents. I was fourteen and I was like, “I want an agent! It sounds awesome!” I had no idea what that was. I thought those guys looked like men in black. They were hanging around in suits all the time. So I luckily got a very good agent in London and started auditioning. And then when I was 16, I got my first film and I’ve been working ever since.

140120 10asia - The reason why we became singers (Interview)

JYP Entertainment unveiled their new rookie group GOT7. On the 15th, they held their garage showcase and showcased their debut stage on various music programs, already at the center of the attention. In fusing together martial arts and bboying, they carry out an impressive performance with martial arts tricks and have come out with strong, addicting music that has JYP’s special sound. Not only that, but they also have stage manners that can’t be seen from rookies that they show off. They’re all ready to be on their toes as KPOP’s representing candidate with talent found in Namyang-ju, Mokpo, Jinhae, Ilsan, and other places within Korea as well as foreign countries like United States, Hong Kong, Thailand, etc. By building the nest in JYP Entertainment, we decided to hear their reason as to how they became GOT7 and why they wanted to be singers.

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With a lot of vigor,  I took a photo of the scene where I can’t help smirking♪ Lines in the scenario were using bold fonts too :)

from Movic Media Team twitter 29 Oct 2014, retweeted by Yoneda Sensei


My attempt to replicate the photo of the scenario for the “thumb’s up” scene, one of the favorite scenes according to Yoneda Sensei.  Bold round fonts were used for the lines where the actor needs to raise their voices.

The scenario looks like it was dog-eared, showing the CD cover underneath, so the picture wasn’t printed on the corner, but I thought it was cute and imitated it anyway. Also please note the translation is mine, and sorry if it’s lousy.

For those of you who have the drama CD, check the scenario while listening to it. Their first love making scene, where Deguchi asks Onoda “What got you in the mood?” in part 2 track 3 starts around 7:15 in my counter. Then the “thumbs’s up”, and “I’m not passive like that” ends around 10:00. The juicy part starts from there onwards, continues to the bathing together up to the end of this track.

In the last part, Deguchi uttering in relief that their first time went well, in a soft shaking voice was so adorable, I wanted to hug him! 

I liked Onoda ever since Doushitemo, and still is my favorite character, but after listening to the drama CD, I like Deguchi much more than before! They’re really a great couple and very glad Sensei completed their story which started as a spin-off Doujishi into a Tankobon, and now a drama CD!

I highly recommend buying this to Onoda X Deguchi fans, even to those of you who own the Doushitemo drama CD. ;)