this is what i use a $2k camera for

Ruther asked for some info about this pic ^ for #setlock.  

If this is for Sherlock once S4E2 airs we’ll know *exactly* which shot they used this camera for. My money is on Sherlock vision and/or assassin cam.

This ^ is a 4k Flex high speed Phantom camera – it does stuff like this in 4k HD:

None of the series eps so far were shot in 4k b/c it costs too much to store that much data during production. I don’t think that they’ll actually shoot 4k with an eye towards broadcasting or screening the episode in that high of resolution. (Most digitally shot movies you see in the theater are still 2k- that’s slowly changing. By S5 they might consider 4k?) 

The Gratical Eye is the round mebobber with the eye cup.  It’s an ultra lightweight Electronic View Finder (EVF)- what you look through on a camera to see what you’re shooting. It’s OLED which means it’s high resolution, high dynamic range basically. Blacks are black. (OLED EVFs are pretty new.) I’m guessing the camera operator intends to use the EVF and the focus puller will use the OLED monitor next to/behind it. (Don’t get me going on monitors and LUTs and grading!)

That lens is long. Are they using the Phantom for a telephoto shot?

(more about the VFX of this shot at Barts)