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I saved every transmission you sent us
From the moment I heard them
I knew you weren’t mine
You said you were mine
I thought you were mine

Do you know what Allura said
When we saw your first transmission arrive?
She said

“Be careful with that one, Lance
He will do what it takes to survive.”

You and your plans flooded their senses
Your bluntness has left me defenseless
You built them voltron out of Paladins
You built an army
I’m re-playing the transmissions you sent us
I’m searching and scanning for answers
In every line
For some kind of sign
And when you were mine
The earth seemed so


You shared the transmissions he sent you
You told the whole team how you brought
This prince into our bed
In clearing your name, you have ruined our bond
Do you know what Allura said
When she heard how you played your part
She said
“You have loved an Paladin
But You kept him too close to your heart.”

You and your plans, obsessed with your victory…
Your sentences border on senseless
And you are paranoid in every battle plan
How Shiro precedes you

You, you, you…

I’m removing myself from the Paladins
Let future alliances wonder why The blue paladin
Left when you broke his heart
You have torn it all apart
And earth seemed so
Just watch me go
You have no right to my heart
You have no place in my bed
You don’t get to know why I left
I’m erasing the memories
Erasing the transmissions that might have redeemed you
You forfeit all rights to my heart
You forfeit the place in our bed
Im leaving with blue instead
With only the memories
Of when you were mine
I hope that you learn

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Tbh when I first saw ur tumblr icon of maccachin I thought it was some weird ass art of a curvy headless woman's shiny breast As her organs fell out 😅 I now realize that's not what it is


Hawkeye (2012) #11

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omg i love your description on all the boys!! i'm surprised about what you said about yoongi (my bias) i always thought he'd have a more tough presence on stage but i love the idea of him being cute and soft AHHHHH and looking at the audience and connecting jfhdhjfhjsksh

HE IS SO CUTE OK HE’S ADORABLE. and yeah!!! that’s why i said i was the most surprised by yoongi when i saw him. he’s super pretty, like really lovely-looking if that makes any sense :(( and jdfjhdfhdfd he kinda just had his hands folded behind his back calmly and was looking at the crowd, i saw him scanning the upper sections a lot too wearing this small but proud smile. hes a totally different person when he performs, his energy levels just skyrocket. it’s crazy but also amazing to witness sbhjfdjfkjdffjkhsd I LOVE HIM.

I looked at you, and somehow I knew. This was the last time. I saw the color of your eyes and I tried to remember not as I see it right now, but as the way I saw it yesterday. Because yesterday I saw your eyes before what I knew was our last kiss and the last time I would hold your hand. Yesterday I saw your eyes as I did when I thought you loved me too.
—  Your eyes were different then

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Isn't a request but I want to know your opinion. In the manga, before L dies he thinks something like " so I wasn't wrong... But... I...". What do you think he would say after this " but, I "?

Personally I think it was “but I hoped I was”. Not really because he thought of Light as a friend or he liked him very much, but I think he saw Light as something of an equal as far as intelligence goes and it was a shame for his brilliance to go to waste as the bad guy.

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SLAM DUNK ANON BACK I MET HIM! I was going to give up and I walked away but as I reached the stage I turned back and I thought I saw him stood by himself at the merch table and I walked up and it was really him and I told him how his music changed my life when I was too anxious to go school and he asked my name and hugged me and Katz I swear I'm shaking that was incredible. He's so kind I take back calling him gross and a troll he's lovely I can't believe what just happened.

WHRGW WHAT!!! INCREDIBLE!!! oncgratz im so glad you had such a good time!!

fake fake fake
  • the clip starts with eva talking about causeries: humorous written piece that, in english, can be referred to as “talk of the town”. eva says she’s not good at it while noora says she doesn’t even know what it is. 👀👀👀
  • even before sana starts focusing on the carrot munching, from the very first second of the clip, the audio has a slight echo to it. which could just be the staircase in which they’re in but i’d think that the team would fix it in post-prod. i feel like they left it because it gives a daydreaming quality to the scene and sana’s pov. from the start, she’s not really listening.
  • carrot munching from the trailer
  • i’ve seen people comment that noora is eating too loudly, that’s not what it is.
    firstly: have you ever managed to eat a carrot silently? and secondly: the shot is to show how much sana is annoyed by noora now. when you hate someone, you tend to find every single thing they do annoying. suddenly, they breathe too loud, eat too loud, are just generally gross.
  • in my attempt to find out if there was a word for this phenomenon other than misophonia (as i understand it, misophonia is when you’re hypersensitive to certain sounds regardless of the context or person…i was looking for a word for when it happens only when you hate someone), i discovered a video of 5mn of carrot munching noises. here it is if you want to die.
  • the mcdonald’s discourse
  • sana looks outside at sara, vilde, and laila and…
  • …i’ll come back to this image later.
  • as sana focuses on noora and eva joining the group, she tunes out the noise around her just as when in prayer or when she was looking at yousef’s facebook profile. it seems that the music from sigur rós is used here as it was used in the other focusing scenes.
  • isak literally gets his nose into other people’s business (and i feel that almost everyone noticed immediately, despite how little of the frame it takes, because of the reading sense)
  • again, we have isak trying to reach sana and he says exactly what’s on sana’s mind: “has sara stolen all your friends?”

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Tonight I went to see Ariana Grande in my home town of Manchester with my two nest friends and we had an incredible night until the end of the show. I never thought that mine and my two best friends’ night would end the way it did, as we were about to leave the venue after the last song we heard a loud explosion.

The explosion came from the doors we were supposed to leave through and we didn’t know what it was at the time. When we left we saw numerous injured people and a lot of blood.

I can’t really process what has happened right now if I’m honest, I never thought this would happen in my city and I definitely never thought I’d be there to witness it, some of the things we saw tonight will scar us forever.

At the moment I’m at home and I’m physically fine but I’ve since learned that this was an attack that has killed 19 people and I honestly don’t know what to say, I feel sick.

My thoughts are with the victims families and Ariana herself, nobody should go to a concert and not return home and she should not blame herself for this.

I’m almost too lazy to make this post because God it’s just so self explanatory but my loyalty to Temari runs too deep so here goes: 

They did exactly what I called they were gonna do and made her an over aggressive nagging house wive. This is why I complained over and over again three years ago when I saw they had moved her to Konoha because I KNEW someway somehow they were going to subject her character to this. They want her to be Yoshino 2.0 even though that’s NEVER been who she is because “lmao get it Shikamaru is just like his dad! Parallels!!”. They don’t take the time to think about how her character would actually react because none of that matters now - she exists solely to be Shikamaru’s wife. 

Some people are crying “abuse!” at what she did but I don’t really want to go there tbh. It’s very clear that in the Naruto universe things we find abusive are just par for the course. Calling out Temari in this instance would require we call out basically ever other female character which is not realistic. Domestic violence in Naruto is always played for laughs which is obviously fucked up but not something I think it’s fair to fault the characters for as we’re not intended to see it as abusive (even though realistically it is). No, what I really take issue with is the fact that being an overbearing and strict mother/wife is basically all Temari is given to do. 

This woman was born in one of the most fucked up situations of any character we see. He father was a walking human disaster, her mother was dead, and her youngest brother had a nasty habit of slaughtering anyone who looked at him the wrong way. She has always been strong and confident but throughout the series she softens considerably as she learns caring is not a weakness. She is a better diplomat than either of her brothers and remains calm and collected in even the tensest of situations. Her dynamic with Shikamaru has always been one of mutual respect and understanding which is what makes their relationship work so well (and IMO better than any of the canon relationships we got). Yes, Temari is a take no shit kind of person who probably WOULD chastise her son for his pitiful behavior - but not in the way we’re shown. In Boruto her parenting method basically amounted to “I’m just going to hit you and intimidate you until you get the picture and ultimately just end up listening to your cooler nicer wiser dad.” She doesn’t actually say anything of significance to Shikadai at all - that is reserved entirely for Shikamaru as he’s the influential one in their sons life. Temari is just there to be the ol’ ball-and-chain ~what a drag~ mom whose only dominion is the house she is confined to. THEN there’s the fact that Temari refusing to make dinner inevitably meant neither Shikamaru nor Shikadai could eat - as if a grown man could not make his own dinner and HAD to have his wife do it because it’s her domestic ~duty~. This is extra and dramatic but it actually makes me sick that they’re doing this to her. After everything she went through she would have something worthwhile to add to the conversation other than “bah you’re too easy on him I’m going to withhold meals to prove a point!!!”. She doesn’t treat her brothers like this and they’re consistently shown to value her opinion because her opinion is worth hearing. 

Temari played a crucial role in Suna politics prior to the end of the series. She sat on the council and came with Gaara to all the kage summits/meetings. She was one of the best kunoichi in the series just brimming with potential and strength and ferocity. During the war I began to get annoyed with how much they were making her revolve around Shikamaru’s character because after a certain point basically all her dialogue was in relation to him. That’s when I knew things were about to take a hard left turn for shits-ville and boy was I right. In chapter 700 ALL we see her doing is sitting in a house chastising her son and serving her brothers tea before they head out to a kage meeting without her. We don’t get any indication that she’s still affiliated with Suna, hell we don’t even get any indication that she’s still a ninja. In the boruto manga/movie she doesn’t interact with her siblings ONCE and is not with them in the pit with all the other Kage/advisors. I was happy to see she still had her fan but other than that I left highly unimpressed. Now in the anime she is ONCE AGAIN pictured in a house, serving people drinks and nagging away as if that’s all she’s good for anymore. I know it was played as a joke but that’s exactly what makes me so mad - her character has become nothing more than a trope meant to appeal to the lowest common denominator. The nagging housewive angle truly is the lowest hanging fruit but studio peirrot really could not resist could they.

Nevermind the fact that it would have been way funnier had they subverted the whole “why did you marry such a strict woman” thing by having Shikadai side with his mom instead, saying something to the effect of “why did you marry such an unmotivated slacker”. Can we stop treating Temari like she’s just an overly aggressive loaded gun that’s just one mistep away from going off. I mean I genuinely love Shikatema but I do not think the Boruto anime understands Shikatema. Part of me still wishes they just hadn’t got together because they don’t actually feel like “them” when they’re portrayed like this. No one is being respected as a character. 

Anyway all this to say I’m basically done with the Boruto anime now. I might still watch the next couple of episodes because curiosity is gonna get the better of me but emotionally I have severed all connections. It just comes down to the fact that I cannot handle them so grossly mischaracterizing characters that I have loved since I was 11 years old. I actually don’t mind the new gen when they’re on their own but every damn time they show one of the original characters they manage to fuck them up in some way. We see it with Temari, with Naruto, with Yamato, with Sakura. Hell I can’t stand Sasuke and even I’m mad about what they did to him post chapter 699. I am never going to like the new gen characters more than the original cast so if watching Boruto means seeing them get completely decimated then I’m not gonna watch it. Simple as that. Naruto being an absent father is the worst crime but I have no doubt they’ll continue to top that in future episodes.