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I almost had a heart attack this morning?? I heard loud footsteps right outside my window and what sounded like someone stepping over our small fence into the backyard (basically just there so our dog doesn’t wander off) and y'all.. I thought it was my mom that disappeared 3 months ago. I thought she just… Had the audacity to show back up & break into our backyard. Oml. I was ready to die,, BUT it was just at&t ppl coming to fix our wires or something bc I’m getting actual internet set up on the 22nd,, false alarm sksnkss


I came across @snuffysbox ‘draw your otp’… templates? is that what they are? idk what they’re called exactly but I got the urge to do a few of them and thought it would also be a nice excuse to draw these two in my style some more. Cause I need practice. I did change the poses a tiny bit here and there, I hope that’s ok. 

First one is middle school. I’m thinking Helga needed to go to school for something important no matter what but she woke up pretty sick and either that makes her a little loopy that day or the medicine she quickly nabs some of makes her loopy and when she sees Arnold that happens^. He escorts her to the nurse’s office despite her complaints b/c girl needs to rest. 

Second one is college. Last one is married dorks.

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Ok but what about the missus like flaming H because of his first suit? She’s like “you look cute or whatever but you also look like you’re going to a brunch meeting”

“So what d’you think?” Harry swings his arms out before him in a grand sweep, the sheer material of the mint button-up tightening across his chest, his butterfly tattoo just barely visible through the faintly shimmering fabric.

“I dunno,” you say slowly in a thoughtful tone, pursing your lips unsurely as your arms fold across your chest. “Give me a twirl, yeah?”

Harry sets his large hands on his hips, rings clinking lightly against one another as his fingers perch on his subtle love handles, his eyes narrowing in faux annoyance as he gifts you a playful scowl. “You are aware that I’m a performer for the show and not one of the models, right?”

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Can someone please explain to me what in the world is wrong with Priest’s face in Amanda’s vision? It looks like it’s been split open like when Amanda has her pararibulitis attack on the train tracks.

Does this mean she can project her visions onto others, and that’s how she attacked people with the lightning thing in the cage?

Does that mean Amanda is going to split Priest’s face open?


Olicity Appreciation Week

Day 1: Favorite Underrated Moment: 1x18 Salvation.

This episode gave us a couple of great olicity moments (Felicity ogling Oliver is so damn great), but I feel like this isn’t always appreciated. And for me it’s so important: He is so soft and thoughtful when he is asking if she is okay with him going after Nickel, and that question is so full of meaning, because he wants to know if she is fine with  what the consequences would be, namely Oliver having to kill the man. It’s different at the time when he went after Ken Williams, and a (tiny) step forward in their relationship as partners and friends.

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My son has moon conjunct saturn in his 11th H and after reading various interpetations im terrified of me becoming an emotionally distant mother because i have trouble with affection/nurturing already (i have moon square uranus 5th H)

i can sympathise with this on this level bc my daughter has moon opposite neptune (in the 4th and 10th to add to the severity lol) and it says ‘the mother effects emotional development by being mentally ill and dependant and overly emotional and the child feels unsafe’ so it can be very confronting but what i want you and others to do is also just understand this is  the internal temperament of the child and its possible response to the behaviours you could have and lack insight on. i thought about it. you know i do cry in front of my daughter may be a bit much, so it did help me realise she has a more sensitive response to this than other kids. and she is the kind of child that more than others needs that safe place, whereas other kids it goes over their heads ok. like in this scenario a normal, integrated, and otherwise validating mother even with all the care and consideration cant quite possibly meet the needs of a very sensitive and emotional child even if all siblings were treated the same but that one had that temperament that felt a certain coldness.i hope this made sense, its kind of hard to explain. i mean the fact you are worried about being a cold and distant mother is kind of a clue that you are very caring and concerned already. -C

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What’s an album that changed your life?

Radiohead - Kid A

“Everything in its right place.” Words that are sung, when clearly right off the bat you can tell, things are not sounding so “right.” Gone is the Radiohead that powerfully strummed their electric guitars and played their roaring riffs from the age of OK Computer and those prior. In the following verses, Thom sings “there are two colors in my head” showing that even he’s not sure what exactly is unfolding. This tune opens the gateway of expanding songs in terms of their structures and breaking the idea of what makes an album a rock album. All of my favorite records push the boundaries of songwriting in some way shape or form, and Kid A is the album that completely changed the way I thought about music.
The title track, “Kid A” leads the path to the darkened world that Radiohead is creating in the album, and as you go further along the track, you come across the civilians of this world singing “we’ve got heads on sticks, you’ve got ventriloquists,” showing the listener that this is no ordinary world, and they clearly are not apart of it and must adapt. The listener must right now be thinking “Ok, maybe the guitars will come in the third track,” refusing the accept that that Radiohead is from the past, and that this world is looking onwards to the future.
Queue in “The National Anthem.” ‘You want your rock? You got it. Here’s something you can head bang to’ thought Radiohead sarcastically. A repeating bassline boiling up something explosive, and the radiations spewing in sounds of synthesizers and horns in the background chills the listener. “Everyone is so near. Everyone has got fear. So alone,” Sings Thom, confessing that the people around him are not in a place they enjoy, which is full of riots and mayhem, expressed in the chaotic horns exploding all at once near the end of the track, completely rattling the listener.
The chaos simmers and the fires die down. You’ve somehow survived, but you don’t want to be there anymore. You want to disappear. “How to Disappear Completely” begins. The light strums of Thom’s guitar and his croon singing encapsulates the feeling of not wanting to be somewhere that you don’t accept as reality. “In a little while, I’ll be gone…./… I’m not here, this isn’t happening.”
Once you’ve disappeared, then what? Treefingers surrounds you in a dream world. It is the pause of the preceptor’s sense of time, of trying to understand all that has happened. It is somber, but up-lifting. It is gloomy, but hopeful…
“Flies and bugs around my head.” You’ve awakened from your dream, and now you’re trying to make sense of everything fucked up around you. In the track “Optimistic,” Thom is conveying someone with some sliver of optimism, even when things are clearly dying and fading away. “The best you can is good enough” sings Thom, showing that obviously, in the worst of situations, all you can really manage to do is to try the best you can. But how futile that is in such a place like this.
In the sea of your optimism, you somehow get lost, you lose sight of where and who you are, and start to feel like you’re going slightly insane. “In Limbo” is exactly what the title of the track is; limbo. “I’m lost at sea, don’t bother me,” words of a maniac who is clearly lost, but demands to be left alone, even if the person bothering them is trying to help. The repeating and jarring guitar riff throwing off the listener with its odd timing, while Thom sings “You’re living in a fantasy,” makes the listener think ‘is anything real anymore?’
The answer is no. Things aren’t making sense. Everything is glitched and distorted. You’ve now lost it, singing along “I laugh until my head comes off,” in the track “Idioteque.” Pounding beats, glitchy snares, and rhythm eccentricities going on in the back display that something is crumbling down, maybe your sanity and the connections you once had with others?
A 10/8 drum beat startles the listener, but is also calmed by the minor chords played on the keyboard. But then the chords switch to major all of a sudden and then back to minor. The constant switch back and forth between happy and sad show that something is tearing you in two, but trying to remain as one and not fall apart. “Morning Bell” further displays these efforts in the high notes of the guitars showing strain of someones psych. “Cut the kids in half” sings Thom, showing that something must tear in two, or at least collapse. The something is the person themselves who think those words.
You’ve fallen down, and on your last breath. Even though things have fallen apart, theres a sense of beauty and relief that all this chaos is coming to and end. “Motion Picture Soundtrack” is a perfect ending that shows that there really is some sliver of hope in a world full of so much havoc and uncertainty.
All of these songs, to me, not only push the boundaries of music and songwriting, but also parallel the world we all live in. The world is a confusing place and its up to you to interpret it in whichever way you want. Kid A points out all the flaws of everything that surrounds you, but in the very end, its up to you to decide how to take in those flaws and further understand people and the events that occur day to day. Even if there is a certain moment in your life that seems impossible to get through, you’ll eventually come to realize that things will get better, and you as a person will grow from the experiences you have. Kid A changed my life in terms of how to think about music and life in general, and will continue to do so.

  • Blake: Yang, for half of the semester I thought your name was Fang. No one corrected me!
  • Ruby: I only love some of my stuffed animals and the guilt is killing me!
  • Weiss: Sometimes I use big words and I don't actually know what they mean. I'm supposed to be the smart one! If I'm not the smart one, who am I!?
  • Yang: Ok, I'm not actually laid back. I'm stressed like 24/7! Have you met my family?!

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I thought of a good theory and think it be ok if I ask what you think. So we know Sammy's a conductor (and ever since the new easter egg, we dunno if he's coming back or what). And Norman mentioned Sammy can dance. After curiously looking at old cartoons, a thought came to me for one specific character in Betty Boop; what if Sammy's character is based on Cab Calloway? He's with a band and is known to make some amazing dance moves that are drawn in the cartoons

It’s an interesting thought, though I don’t know if there’s enough to really back up that theory. Sammy being a music director (maybe he also conducted the music but first and foremost he’s the music director) doesn’t necessarily mean he has anything in common with Cab Calloway. Cab Calloway did make music for some of the Betty Boop cartoons(two of which are pretty infamous), but he wasn’t the only one. The music we’ve heard so far in the game doesn’t seem to support this yet, either. I’m curious where you heard this thing about Norman knowing Sammy can dance, since this is the first I’ve heard of this. Even aesthetically speaking there doesn’t seem to be a connection. If the game ever shows us what the characters looked like before they were corrupted by the ink, maybe there might be more of a chance that there’s a connection. But as is, there just doesn’t feel like there’s enough evidence to say one way or the other.

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How do you overcome depression? For some reason it's easier to believe that taking drugs are what actually help, that what is wrong with us is something outside of our control, that our mood changes throughout the month because of a hormonal balance, etc. but through law of attraction I learn that its because of how we feel. How can I shift my thoughts when depression is controlling them so much in the first place? Thank you❤️

Great question!

Begin by being kinder to yourself and giving your body what it needs. If it needs rest, that’s ok, go to sleep earlier if you need to.

Don’t do what you don’t want to do. Don’t hang out with people who you don’t want to hang out with. It’ll be better for them in the long run too because they deserve to surround themselves with people who love hanging out with them. Don’t go to places that you don’t want to go to… Basically, quit doing everything that makes you sad.

Then, think of ways that will naturally improve your mood. I really like romantic comedies for that. A nice walk in nature can help too. Just take small steps toward happiness and before you know it, you’ll be there!

All of the above can help you get out of depression. To specifically shift your thoughts, meditation helps (at least 5 minutes per day) and so do affirmations that counteract any thought you don’t like. For example: to counteract “I am not good enough”, you can say: “I am good enough, and any thought that contradicts this isn’t my truth.”


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SUPER LATE but i remembered you were once getting messages from people about their out-of-context assumptions about jojolion or smth? and i had the vaguely related thought (bc i was reading along but still had no fckin idea what was gonna happen) that i was thinking that when yotsuyu showed up he was gonna reform and become an ally since he had a lot in common with rohan: weird circlet thing, crop top, first appearance torturing a hirose. then he died and i was like "oh ok"

//LMAO i wonder if rohan will ever get a counterpart but tbh i feel like rohan just straight up appearing is more likely considering how Sacred araki holds him

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Do you think Joji is ok? It seems so strange that he was posting multiple times a day and then nothing for 4 days and then he backs out of the It's The Ship show, literally right before he was meant to go on. I hope his health is ok and that he's not pushing himself too much, I just wondered what your thoughts are?

He’s had that pattern in the past of posting frequently and then stopping for a few days, I’ve kind of got the feeling that maybe social media is exhausting to him or sometimes he might even “forget” to post? 

It is weird how he backed out but I was wondering if 88 knew he may or may not perform all along because they hadn’t mentioned It’s the Ship once on any of their social media. Someone even messaged them about It’s the Ship a couple months ago, they read it and didn’t answer, so maybe there’s more to it?

 He also could’ve been jetlagged (I think they got there the day of and there’s a 12 hour time difference), gotten too lit before the show, seasick, etc. All in all, I think we should just wait a few days and see if Joji posts anything. The Window MV is coming out pretty soon so he’ll probably at least post about that! 

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can i get ur opinion on somethin?? its ok if u dont wanna discuss, but i was wondering what ur opinion is on ppl bein virgins in their early 20s?? im 20 n havent slept with anyone yet n i get a lotta shit for it but i just ?? dont wanna yet ? its just not somethin on my mind rn?? but like i say people seem to think of me as some hugely introverted n lonely girl but nah man im alright lookin, and quite extroverted, but just busy with uni n stuff/ not interested atm lmao, what are ur thoughts??

There’s nothing wrong with being a virgin. Have sex, don’t have sex, do whatever you want. It’s nobody’s business but yours. Those people who give you shit for it should stfu

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Dude I literally thought about kuroken when i listened to that song earlier this week And i was just FULL of feelings


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Is it normal to have so much trauma that you start to think that what happened to that child(you) is ok and you think about doing it to other kids. Obviously not acting on it but those thoughts feel normalized. I feel absolutely repulsed by myself for having those thoughts

It’s normal, like it happens a lot, but being normal isn’t good and you gotta get those thoughts out of your head through therapy and meditation. That doesn t work for everyone but some kind of recovery or frequent stress relief that doesn’t hurt anyone including yourself. I usually go to the forest and burn shit or beat up a tree.

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82 and 96 of the otp asks for stozier?

82. What do they love about each other the most?

as much as stan rolls his eyes at richies dumbass remarks they secretly make him really happy and he also loves how giddy richie is. richie loves just how much stan listens to him and he really loves whenever stan smiles when he thinks no one is looking

96. What artist/group did they go to for their first concert?

red hot chili peppers !! idk why but rhc gives me strong stozier vibes