this is what i think of when i go to delilahs

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what a bad morning to start with, she thought. delilah only had two hours of sleep last night because of an assignment she had to submit in class that morning, and she was already late by ten minutes when she reached the room, only to be told that the class was cancelled and the submission date would be postponed to next class. she almost wanted to scream her lungs out at that moment, too frustrated by just thinking on how hard she had sacrificed her beauty sleep… for nothing. she couldn’t even believe this was happening right now. 

her next class was in two hours and while she could just find somewhere she could sleep ( she was sure as hell she looked like a mess now ) for now, she decided to just head to this coffee shop in the campus. she knew it wasn’t really a good idea for someone who was supposed to be sleeping, but for some reason she was craving coffee. while she was waiting for her hot espresso to be served, she pulled out her phone from her pocket to text a friend. last night party was wild and it was unfortunate enough that they had to left early. if it wasn’t for the damn assignment. once her coffee was done, she paid and took the coffee in one hand, the other busy with replying her friend’s message. she let out a low chuckle when her friend had asked if she’s up for another party that week, and honestly she was. 

her eyes were too focused on the screen so when someone had showed up out of nowhere, she didn’t even have the chance to avoid and ended up bumping onto him, spilling her hot coffee all over the place. “shit,” she said under her breath, taking a moment to register what was happening before finally freaking out, after she realized she had stained the stranger’s shirt with her drink. “oh my god! i’m so sorry… i’m just… uh, are you okay?” right when she thought her day couldn’t be worse and she just had to ruin someone’s shirt with her coffee.