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So I have been struggling because I think I might be attracted to girls as well as boys but I have been raised in my religion that that is wrong. I believe my religion, but then I think I might like girls, so it's hard and I don't know what to do. I am leaving home for college in August and am kinda stressing. Any advice?

I grew up in Dallas, Texas immersed in a very religious community so this is a concept I’m very familiar with. I spent a lot of Sundays sitting in church feeling extremely lonely and almost like I didn’t belong there or deserve a sea.

What I can say to you is I’m completely in the belief that you can be both a member of the LGBTQ+ community and the church, no matter what religion that is. One does not mean the loss of the other. Religion and sexuality are both such personal experiences in my opinion and no one can take either from you.

Poor Ciao Ciao…

The song in question.

I’ve had this in my head since reading chapter 8. I cannot really art, and what even are your eyebrows, Cestino?  but I had to get it out of my system, and it wouldn’t have worked as a text post or chat.

I’ve finally depleted my stock of stupid posts about UMFB&MHA, at least until Sunday. Welp. So soon. Am I even ready?


Lesbian Noodle and her girlfriend (OCs/Self-inserts are welcome).

Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Mystery Girl
The Butchies - She’s So Lovely
Bikini Kill - For Tammy Rae
The Front Bottoms - Peach
TacocaT - I Am A Girlfriend
Sleater Kinney - I Wanna Be Your Joey Ramone
Peaches - Boys Wanna Be Her
The Anemic Boyfriends - Bad Girls in Love

Falling Playbook 2

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Subtitle: Setting the Rules

Pairings: Jeon Jungkook x Reader (Seol)

Themes: smut | college!au | fwb!au

Word Count: 12.5k

Summary: Jungkook and I want to test the waters before we start anything serious.

Masterlist | 01 | 02 | …

It was Monday; first out of five days which were going to determine whether Jungkook and I could be friends or not. We had five days to test the waters before we could proceed with our arrangement. By Friday, we would either start our sexual adventure or just settle for that one time thing we had already shared. Regardless of the outcome, I was excited. It was new to me, and I just couldn’t help but smile whenever I thought about it.

Jungkook had been very persistent when he had told me he wouldn’t have let me leave his apartment until he had had my every social media account. We had to be in touch, we were supposed to become friends after all.

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jealous | reggie mantle (riverdale)

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prompt: 28- “shut up, just shut up!”

a/n: this is work of my newest lil bean co-owner davina!! please leave a warm message in our ask box or down below so she knows you guys are loving her work!! leave request my babies!!

it’s been two months since Reggie and I started dating, two truly beautiful months.

we’ve been best friends since the kindergarten so we practically grew up together, even though our families hated each other for unknown reasons.

because of that, we decided to keep our whole relationship as a secret. so the two of us were happy, at least for a while.

it was Sunday night and as a weirdo that I am, I spent it watching my favorite horror movies. Suddenly, I heard tapping on my window. I hurriedly stood up and grabbed my flashlight.

“Who… who is it?” I stuttered.

“Michael Myers” I heard a familiar voice. It was my beloved significant other, Reginald Mantle.

“Reggie?!” I was upset and creeped out.

“What on earth are you doing? You scared the shit out of me!”

“Now, now, can I come in or not?” He said trough laughter. I quickly dragged him inside my room, trying not to wake up my parents.

“So? What is so important, Mantle?”

“Look" he sighed

“Will you come to the match tomorrow night?”

“The football match?“ he nodded. 

“Reggie… I don’t think we…” “Y/N…”

“My parents will be there!” I halfshouted

“I’m sick of these secrets, Y/N! You are my girlfriend, my soulmate. I would kill for you, I would take you on a journey to heaven and show you to the angels. I care about you more than I care about their reaction.”

he grabbed my hand “please” he whispered

I was truly touched with his words, so I decided to say yes to the match.

“Fine.” I sighed

‘What could possibly go wrong?’ I thought. well, I wasn’t right.

I spent the whole day thinking about the match and my boyfriend. I hoped that my parents won't be there, regardless to the fact that my older brother was in the team too.


unexpectedly my best friend, Veronica approached me

I met Veronica last year and we have been friends since then. Best friends, actually. In attempt to grab my coffee, she realized that I was in fact wearing a Riverdale Bulldogs shirt underneath my denim jacket.

“You are not going to that match, right?”

“I am, actually.”

Even though we were besties, I haven’t told her about my relationship with Reggie.

“You… have some something you wish to tell me?” Crap, she knew me well. She knew I was hiding something.

I shook my head “No, I do not.”

That was a terrible mistake.

It was finally 6:30PM. I grabbed my phone along with my car keys and left the family house.

i was terrified and excited at the same time. The stands were full, this surely was an important match for the Bulldogs. All of a sudden, Veronica appeared in front of me.

“Veronica?” I gasped.

“What… what are you doing here?" "I'm a cheerleader, silly” she laughed.

the situation was getting worse and worse “Are… are my parents here?” I asked the raven haired girl in front of me

“Oh yeah. They are with your brother in the changing room.” Boom. That was it. It always gets worse.

“Veronica… I have to tell you somet….”

“Good evening, ladies and gentlemen and welcome to the annual Riverdale High vs Kingsley High match.” I was cut off by the host.

“Listen, I gotta go. See you later, okay?” She kissed my cheek and ran away to her River Vixens.

I quickly sat on my seat in the stands, waiting for my boyfriend to appear.

I saw my parents, sitting there, without even noticing me. My anxiety hit me.

Suddenly, a strange group of boys in lather jackets sat next to me. I couldn't recognize them, they weren't from our school.

“Hello there, beautiful” One of them spoke, grabbing my shoulder.

“I… I'm not” I was fearful. I tried to pull down his hand

“… and now we welcome the Riverdale Bulldogs and our one and only, River Vixens!”

“I have a boyfriend” I whispered, my voice was shaky. On spur of moment, the Bulldogs appeared, with my boyfriend in the first row.

“He doesn't have to know, babe” He tried to press his lips against mine.

“No!” I slapped him. That caught my boyfriend's eye.

“Hey!” Reggie said to the guy next to me.

Suddenly, the music stopped.

“What do you think you're doing?”

He was furious. The guy in the lather jacket stood up.

“Reggie…” I tried to calm him down. The whole crowd, including my parents, was staring.

“If you ever lay a hand on my girlfriend, I will murder your ass!"  He said with anger in his voice. Tears started forming in my eyes.

Everybody started clapping and cheering "Reggie?!” I whispered.

“My… OUR parents, we cannot…”

“Shut up, just shut up.”

He sensually kissed me and the clapping became even louder.  I saw my parents, sitting there, laughing and clapping with the rest of the crowd.

I was happy, for the first time in my life, I was actually happy. I loved Reggie, the way his eyes met mine. He surely was a jealous type, but if you weren't jealous every once in a while, you wouldn't be in love.

NurseyDex Week Day 1: Get Together/Mutual Pining

Derek Nurse was fucking beautiful.

And not just like, physically, although he was definitely beautiful in that way too. Derek Nurse was just a beautiful person.

Dex had noticed the physical part first when he was on his tour of Samwell back before he didn’t even know Nursey’s name.

They were at Faber and Nursey had his hands shoved in his pockets as he was making smalltalk with Chowder, and Dex couldn’t help but feel his throat go dry.

Nursey had the slightest stubble on his jaw and his cheekbones were high and sharp like the male models his sister had hanging up in her bedroom.  

And that outfit. Nursey was wearing a tight white t-shirt under a black jacket and Dex couldn’t stop looking at the way the fabric of the thin t-shirt slid over his broad chest.

At the time Dex had been mostly silent, unable to speak for fear of giving away his attraction. But then there was Bitty, and he was so…well, Bitty, and maybe Dex could allow himself to ogle Derek Nurse a little bit…just for the tour.

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SILVER SPOON: Part 6 [Yoongi x Reader; Rom-com, fluff]

A girl who had to work hard every day of her life to rise from nothing, meets a man who was born with and given everything.

A classic tale of what happens when a cold, uptight farm girl meets a playful, rebellious, easy-going city boy that was born with a silver spoon in his mouth.

Summary: Having been born and raised in the country side, you have worked hard your entire life to make it to the big city. You eventually achieved your dream and now you have a wonderful paying job for a large company and you continue putting your 110% into everything you do. However, your perfect plan to climb to success through consistent effort and hard work becomes disarrayed with the arrival of your branch’s new rebellious and easy-going CEO, who never desired the position in the first place and has never truly worked hard a day in his life. Your job is on the line if he can’t be turned into a quality CEO within a year, but he has no intention of changing himself for anyone or letting you boss him around so easily. How will you work your way through this obstacle? Will you succeed in changing him or will he be the one that changes you?

Yoongi x Reader (ft. Jimin & VIXX’s Leo as side characters; some other BTS members show up too lol)
Office au
Romantic Comedy, Fluff

Parts: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 (Finale)

A/N: So this was a pretty long part haha so I’m gonna insert a “Read More”/ “Keep Reading” link for it. I don’t really put them in cause I don’t trust that they always work ;_; so please let me know right away if it isn’t letting you read more!

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          The following morning was filled with sad goodbyes from your family members. Yoongi had dropped the bomb after breakfast and you thought Jin and Taehyung were going to cry on the spot. Honestly, you also couldn’t shake off the feeling of dread inside you, not since you received the text from the Chairman last night. But seeing Yoongi’s bright smile and how excitedly he announced the end of his punishment, you figured he was happy about returning to his fancy apartment and his comfortable bed. I mean, who wouldn’t? And it’s not like you wanted him to stay at the farm forever either.

           You watched your mother fuss over him before you two made your way to the bus with a gentle smile.

           "Make sure you eat well. Pack a big lunch. Eat a hefty breakfast. And if you ever want me to pack you a lunch, just give Y/N a heads up. And if you want to come visit on weekends, you’re more than welcome to. I’m sure the boys and the girls would love it.“

           "Thank you mom.” Yoongi grinned and let her give him a tight hug and a few kisses.

           Jin and Tae squeezed the life out of him and you had to pry Yoongi out of their grasps in order to make it to the bus stop on time.

           "I’ll e-mail you hyung!“ Tae bellowed as Yoongi waved and chuckled.

           "I’ll write you letters and have Y/N deliver them to you!” Jin shouted.

           "Oh please don’t make me do that.“ You groaned.

           Yoongi laughed and ruffled your head. "I wouldn’t mind that at all.”

           You huffed, trying not to look flustered at his subtle action. The effects from yesterday still weren’t worn out after all.

           Soon enough, you two fell into a comfortable silence as you trudged towards the bus stop. It was just going to be you two heading to work today. Leo stayed behind in order to pack everything they had brought with them. Then he would head to Yoongi’s apartment to make sure the building was ready for his return.

           You realized that this was the last time you were going to have a companion on this stroll and on the agonizingly long trip to and from work. You frowned at the thought.

           As usual, you two climbed onto the bus and claimed the back row. Yoongi smiled as he stared out the window.

           "I’m actually going to miss this view.“

           "Well, my mom said you’re welcome to come whenever.”

           "Will you be okay with that?“

           You blinked. "Why not?”

           He snorted. “Have you forgotten I’m your boss?”

           You blushed. Right.

           "Oh well…I mean…you do whatever you want anyway…“ You tried to find an excuse.

           He chuckled. "You’re right. I just didn’t want to be ‘inappropriate’ by your standards and regulations.”

           You smiled gently.

           "Oh. Here.“ Yoongi rummaged through his bag and handed you his Ipod.

           You raised an eyebrow questioningly. He chuckled and grabbed your hand, placing the device into your palm.

           "You asked me yesterday what it was that I was interested in.” he closed your fingers over it. “And it was actually you that pointed it out to me a few weeks ago. I thought it was a normal interest that everyone had, but when I thought about it, I’ve always turned to music my entire life. It’s been the most consistent and comforting thing for me.”

           You glanced up at him, surprised. You didn’t think he was mulling over what you had said candidly and spontaneously last night, so it shocked you to hear that he had been thinking about it deeply. When you looked into his eyes, you recognized his serious gaze, but there was also a sprinkle of worry laced into it as if he was nervous about your reaction to his answer. You felt the corners of your mouth turn up and you looked down at the IPod.

           "So what would you like to do Mr. Min?“ You asked lightly.

           He grinned. "I would like to find a way to run a business related to music. I don’t know exactly what kind yet, but I think I’d like to take my time figuring it out.”

           You giggled and nodded. “I’ll look forward to it then.”

           "It’s yours.“ Yoongi gestured to the IPod. "I spent last night organizing my music and making you playlists for you and your family.”

           "What?“ You stared at him.

           "I think it’d be more fun doing farm work with a bit of music.” Yoongi smiled. “And I think your bus ride would be more enjoyable too, because I’m not going to be here to entertain you.”

           He grabbed the IPod and turned it on. “I made you a 'Work Work’ playlist when you’re doing last minute documents or something, a 'Farm Girl’ playlist, '3rd Sunday Parties’ playlist, and when you’re having a hard time falling asleep there’s a 'Lullaby’ list too. Oh and there’s a 'Strolling’ playlist when you’re walking to the bus stop or to work…”

           You tuned out the last few playlists he was explaining because you were busy studying his facial expressions. He was so close to you and he was talking so animatedly that it filled you with awe. So this is what he looked like when he was passionate about something. You admitted that you were going to miss having him around for some reason. It was nice to have someone that you could talk to about work and the farm life, someone to travel with, and someone that got along easily with your vivacious family members.

           "And I told Leo to leave the charger at the farm. I’m sure you know how to use that.“ Yoongi glanced over at you and found you looking at him intently, with softness in your eyes. He searched for what type of emotion you were displaying, but he couldn’t quite pinpoint it. Unlike other times though, you weren’t shying away from his eye contact and he felt himself leaning closer to you. As if realizing what you were doing, your eyes widened and you tensed up. He grinned, his face mere centimeters away from yours.

           "Finally realized how handsome I am?” he cheekily jeered.

           You rolled your eyes and scoffed. “I was just amazed. I didn’t you’d actually be interested in anything.”

           Yoongi cackled. “I’m amazing, aren’t I? A man of many talents and surprises. A genius.”

           You groaned and shook your head.

           "Do you like it though?“ he asked nervously.

           You blushed and nodded. "Yeah, I love it. Thank you, Mr. Min. It’s so thoughtful.”

           He beamed, and you wondered if his smile had always been so dazzling.

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Imagine being the first and only girl in the Penetrator Russ bus.

Author’s note: I like drama way too much for my own good hahahah here is part five guys! Sorry I let y’all waiting for too long. Now, I’m finally home and I can write as I used to. Also, please go show my beta writer Alyssa (@imyourliquor-youremypoison) some love. She is always taking time to fix my mistakes and helping me to improve. Check her fics with Chris too, because they’re incredible!! Let me know what you guys think about this part.

Part 1.

Part 4.

Part 6.

Masterlist ❁


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summaryWhen your father contacts Tom to protect you, he just sees a spoiled, rich girl from Upper East Side. But behind designer clothes, exclusive parties and expensive champagne there’s a lonely girl with a big heart.
[from the story] “Keep your hands off that dress” you screamed “That dress was a gift from Donatella Versace. She made it for my eighteenth birthday. I bet you can’t even spell ‘Versace’”
One of the twins rolled his eyes at your statement “Tom, I’ll give you fifteen dollars if you let me punch her”

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Chapter 7

The following day, after lunch, you found Sam cleaning the dishes. You spent lot of time studying him. He was rigid, his movements were repetitive.
You walked next to him “Do you mind if I help you? There are a lot of dishes”.
Sam blushed “N-no, th-thank you. Usually I- I clean because I’m g-good at this”.
You gave him a warming smile “Ok, why don’t you wipe, and I dry?”
The boy nodded “I-I am not good at t-talking to girls”.
“Same for me. I attend a female boarding school. I don’t know many boys”.
He did not reply. You two started a sort of assembly line: he cleaned meticulously and then passed it to you. You could also see a sort of smile appearing on his face.
“Are you enjoying this?” You asked with a smile.
Sam blushed and nodded. He passed you a fork that accidentally slipped from your hand. In that moment, Sam started panicking.
“The f-fork. Give me the fork, I have to clean it again.” He screamed.
You kneeled down and picked it up.
“Sam, everything is ok. You can wash it again”.
The freckled boy was on verge of tears “N-No, y-you don’t understand. Now I-I have to cl-clean everything again” he sobbed.
In that moment, Tom, concerned from the screams, entered the kitchen.
“What happened?” he asked looking at the two of you.
You opened and closed your mouth, unsure about what to say. Tom’s gaze travelled from your figures to the dishes until the fork you were holding.
“Y/N, can you leave us alone for a moment?”.
You nodded at Tom’s request. You put the fork near the sink and left the room. You went in the garden where Tom was fixing his car. You started strolling trying to calm yourself.
From the window, you could see Tom talking to Sam. His strong hands where on his brother’s shoulders. You bit the inside of your check.
A few minutes later, Tom came back.
“Tom, I swear it was an accident” you told him before he opened his mouth.
“I know, he told me what happened” he sighed “You see, Y/N, Sam is…”
“Autistic, I know” you finished the sentence for him.
“H-How did you know?” he asked confused.
“Last year I spent my Sunday evening doing volunteering and I worked with kids affected by autism” you explained briefly “I just wanted to be friendly. I fell a bit lonely.”
“Lonely… here?”
You shook your head “Lonely in general. I am sure that no one is worried about my sudden disappearance”.
Tom put his hands on your shoulders just like he did Before with Sam. “Hey, you are not alone. You have your dad, Mia and me” you looked at him “me and the boys, Paddy adores you and also Sam”. He took a step back.
“Thank you”. you whispered.
“that’s all right. Would you like to help me?” he asked.
You nodded “Yes, what do I have to do?”
Tom took you to his car. The bonnet was open, a toolbox in the ground.
“I was fixing the car when I heard a strange noise” he explained “you have to put your hand in the motor between the rocker arm and this valve. I’ll set in motion the car.”
You looked down at your feet “I-I need to change before”
“What? You are wearing a white blank t-shirt” he asked confused.
“It’s by Giorgio Armani” you admitted.
“Ok, then” Tom took off his t-shirt and throw it to you “You can wear mine”.
You blushed and looked away, even if his toned torso was a huge temptation.
Tom smirked, he knew he influenced you. He liked having this effect on you.
A few drops of sweat run down his muscled back, reaching the waistband of his Calvin Klein boxer. You were pretty sure they were fake, but he looked extrem-
“Y/N, are you with me?” He asked once seated in his car.
“Uhm, yes sure” You stuttered.
“Ok, do like I showed you before” you obeyed and Tom switch on the motor.
“Do you feel anything?” he asked.
You shook your head.
Tom snorted and thrown the rag on the seat near him.
“Ok, now I know what it is going on”.
He descended from car. “Thanks for your help.”
“That’s fine. I had fun.” You admitted.
Tom sketched a smile “You know, my biggest dream was become a mechanic”.
“Was?” You asked curious.
“Yeah, I mean… this job gives me enough money to look after my brothers and I have different clients. It’s more complicated becoming a mechanic and the pay is not as good as the one I have now”.
You opened your mouth when someone called him. You tried to disguise your disappointed expression when Tom left you to reach Laura who was standing behind the small wall who separated the two gardens.
“Hey there, Laura” he greeted her.
“I was thinking, why don’t we have dinner at my place tonight?” she asked, her eyes travelled on his toned body.
“Uhm-uhm” she murmured, her arms surrounded his neck. With the corner of her eye, she saw you staring at them, your arms crossed.
Laura was not stupid, she knew you weren’t Tom’s cousin but a possible rival.
“I-I can’t” Tom stuttered moving away her arms from his figure “I have my cousin and my brothers here”.
Laura gave him a serious look “Tom, they are not babies. I am sure they can look after themselves”.
Tom sighed, he could not say if he really wanted to spend the night with Laura or not.
“Ok, but let’s make tomorrow night”.
The black girl smiled: Laura 1 - The rich white bitch 0.

When Harrison received a call from Regina, he knew he was in trouble. He expected a call from Don Pietro. Harrison was waiting for him in the waiting room. He was nervous, but he did not want to show it.
In that moment, Donna Imma, Don Pietro’s wife, showed up “Come inside”, she said, her Neapolitan accent was stronger than ever. She was a beautiful woman, brunette, with deep brown eyes.
The old mafioso was sitting on his luxury new armchair while a few men were wrapping the old one.
“Cops” he said pointing at the old armchair, a cigar between his fingers “they put bugs inside to incriminate me”.
“Did you wanted to see me?” Harrison asked.
“Yes, take a seat” he flicked the ash off in the ashtray “Harrison, why did I call you?”
Harrison looked down at his laces fingers “Because I haven’t done the job you asked me to do”
“Exactly” with a gesture, he made his man leave the room with the armchair “I’m truly disappointed. I expected you to accomplish my job. Maybe I was wrong, I should have asked someone else”.
“I’m working on it” Harrison added immediately.
Don Pietro smirked, he opened the drawer under his desk and took an envelope full of pictures. He thrown it on the writing desk so that Harrison could see them. Those photographs represented him with Mia walking hand in hand. Harrison closed his fist, his knuckles turned white. It was a bad signal, Don Pietro did not have to know about Mia, she was now a target just like you.
Harrison fake a malicious smile “This girl is her best friend. I’m just trying to get information about our prey”.
Don Pietro gave him a suspicious look “If at the end of the week I don’t have Y/N Y/L/N here, your little friend will take her place. Capisci a me? (Do you understand me?)”.
“Yes, sure”.

Harrison left the lair with a huge concern. If he was worried for himself, now he was worried for Mia as well. He took a cigarette from the packet he stole from Jacob’s jacket and decided to have a walk. Five blocks away, he found police cars and an ambulance. The street was crowded, everyone wanted to know what was going on. Harrison came closer.
“What happened?” He asked an old man.
“A car with darken windowpanes shot twice a guy. A sort of feud, I think” the man explain, Harrison could understand from his breath he was tipsy.
In that moment, Harrison could see the dead boy, he recognized him immediately.
“A feud?” Harrison asked.
“Yeah, the boy was probably a criminal. He had a star tattooed on his forehead”. The man’s gaze passed from the dead body to Harrison “Did you know him?”
Harrison shock his head “No, I have never seen him” he said and, with that, he moved in the opposite direction. Once far from the crowd, he started running and stopped in a dark alley. He hid behind garbage cans and thrown up. He knew that boy, he was his same age. He was working on a drug trafficking. In that moment, Harrison realized his precariousness: Don Pietro would have done the same with him once finished the job.

P.S. I forgot to say that Don Pietro and Donna Imma are taken by Gomorra, the TV series
every winter fades away (into the spring)
By Organization for Transformative Works

A year in the lives of Emma and Regina, falling in love all the way through and doing every bit of it backwards.

Emma reaches for Regina’s hand again, but Regina’s moved her ice cream to it instead. “Though, I mean, if I were into women, your mom would definitely be first on my list,” she tells Henry.

“I’m flattered,” Regina says dryly.

Her voice sounds a little strained, and Emma tries to lighten the tone. She hadn’t thought Regina would be uncomfortable with the idea of…well, Henry has two mommies, but the Enchanted Forest had seemed a little regressive. “What? Are you saying I’m not on your list?”

“Yes, Emma,” Regina says, and she barks out a choked laugh of her own. “If I were into women, you would definitely be on my list.”

Cherry Bomb Part 3

Part 1  Part 2

Summary: You were Billy’s best friend when he lived in California. You lost touch not by choice. You never took the chance to share your feelings before he left. Will you take the chance now that you followed him all the way to Hawkins?

Billy x Reader/ POSSIBLE Steve x Reader

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters featured in strange things. Story will contain mature content as it progresses. Requester open & hope you enjoy.

Warnings: Foul Language, mentions of abuse, and implied rape.

You decided to wear something kind of cute to dinner. Some tight jeans and off the shoulder black sweater. You put on a little bit of makeup just to freshen up your face and spritzed on your favorite perfume. You kept dinner simple with some salad, pasta, some mixed vegetables, and garlic bread. You were just finishing setting the table when someone knocked on your door. You opened it to find both boys almost on top of each other trying to get to your door first. You couldn’t help but chuckle at ridiculous they were being.

“Come on in boys. Dinner is ready and waiting.”

They both tried to step through at the same time, thus getting them stuck in the doorway. Steve held back and let Billy walk through first to which he was smug about of course.

Billy gave you a hug and a kiss on your temple, “Lookin’ good princess. You get all dolled up for me?”

You couldn’t miss seeing the biggest eye roll to ever exist come from Steve. “Nope, just wanted to freshen up. It has been the first few days I’ve had a DECENT shower and an occasion to doll up a little bit. Driving solo can be boring.”

“Well I can’t believe I’m going to agree with Hargrove, but you do look good.” Steve gives you a hug as well and you can see Billy puff up.

“Let’s stop standing around and get to the food before it gets cold.” You had to put distance between them and food in their mouths to shut them up before they try to show up each other further.

The boys both seemed to really enjoy the food and were actually somewhat civil over the discussion at the table. Steve was asking more about your life back in Cali while Billy was curious as to what you had been up to after he left. You tried not to leave Steve out of things too much with memories and inside jokes only you and Billy shared, but Billy tried his best to keep it that way. You didn’t share everything with them at the table. You figured some of what had happened after Billy left was not to be discussed at the dinner table, but in private and he caught on when you did your nervous twitch of rubbing your nose before you spoke. He was not going to let you go without talking about it later.

Before you knew it the plates and were cleared as the boys cleaned off the table and put the dishes to soak. You were smug as you saw them both turn around and received an eye roll from each.

“We CAN be civil…when the time calls for it.” Steve said exasperated.

“Glad to hear it, because I wanted to have a little get together around Christmas.”

“And who else have you met around town princess?”

“Well I’m supposed to meet the little punks Steve watches every once in awhile. I still have to see Max. And I’d be open to each of you inviting some other friends over. Let me to get to know some other people around town so I’m not only stuck with you two.” You stuck your tongue out as you got up out of your chair.

“I’ll see who I can wrangle. I can think of a few people I think you’d get along with.” Steve gave you another hug and a kiss on the top of your head as he grabbed his jacket to leave. “I’ll see you around y/n. My dad needs help setting up our lights tomorrow, otherwise I’d love to stay longer.”

“Thank you for coming Steve. And thank you for all your help with my move. I wouldn’t have been able to do it without you.” You gave him another hug and a kiss on his cheek. You couldn’t miss the blush that flushed his cheeks.

He cleared his throat and gave you a small wave as he made his way out the door.

You could feel the tension rolling off Billy as you turned around. You saw his jaw set and his hands at his sides in fists.

“Would you calm down, it was only a kiss on his-“ You were cut off by Billy closing the space between you and placing a rough kiss on your lips. It took you a moment to realize what was going on before you kissed him back.

He gripped your waist as he pulled you closer and you wrapped your arms around the back of his neck. It was when he started to trace his hands up your sides you flinched away when he reached your ribs. He didn’t say anything as he pulled you closer to him as he lifted your shirt to see your sides wrapped.

“What the fuck y/n?! What the hell happened? Who do I have to kill? Wh-“ You cut him off with a  quick kiss to his lips before pulling back.

“Sit down. I’d really rather you hold me while I tell you everything.”

He still looked pissed and ready to lash out of frustration, but complied and laid back on the couch with one leg hanging for you to lay against him. He let out a frustrated sigh as he started to trace his fingers through your hair. You instantly relaxed and Billy slowly did as well. You were surprised that he patiently waited for you to start explaining the bandages around your ribs.

You let out a sigh, “Your accusing that Bobby got tired of me really hurt the other day, especially given what had actually happened between us.” You felt him tense up again ready to hear the worst and drive back to Cali to handle Bobby himself.

“You already know we were moving in together and at first it was great. He worked at the auto shop with his dad, I went to work at the small vet office, you remember Dr. Johnson, right? I had classes Tuesday through Friday and we each only worked a little bit on Saturdays. So we had dinner together just about every night, spent Sundays either doing work around the apartment or just relaxing. Then after about the first month things started to change. I got really upset I hadn’t heard from you, even though I had written to you.  He got really pissed off I was so concerned about hearing from you when he was my boyfriend and I was living with him. What would I need you for? Then he started accusing me of being in love with you and not him. I told him he was crazy and that was the first time he slapped me. We had been drinking so I blamed it on the alcohol. He was so sorry the next day and took me out to dinner to apologize…Then he started having later hours at the shop and was drinking more. He stopped apologizing and I became a shut in hiding in my own room when I got home. I finally told my Aunt and Grandma when they didn’t believe I got a black eye from a dog head butting me two weeks in a row. I couldn’t go back to living with my dad and stepmom. Not only because I hate my stepmom, but she had already turned my old room into a workout room. My grandma was in the old folks home and my aunt had my niece and nephew to worry about. So they helped me come out here. Bobby caught me packing to leave and lost it. I told him I was leaving, and he couldn’t believe that even after he kept all my letters from being mailed and hid the ones you sent that I was still going to see you. Then I was livid and started to fight back. It was the wrong choice. He hit me over the head pretty bad and everything went blurry, then he started to take off my clothes and…I blacked out to wake up in the hospital. My Aunt got nervous when she hadn’t gotten a phone call from me that I was done packing and came over with my Uncle. They found me half undressed and Bobby on top of me.  I woke up in the hospital the next day with a concussion, severely bruised ribs, and scattered bruises all over. My trip was postponed for a couple of days while I recovered, and my Aunt wouldn’t let me leave anyways. And then I came out here without looking back.” At one point you had started to have tears just stream down your face and Billy’s chest was soaked.

“I’m gonna kill him.”

“No, you’re staying here with me and never going near that psycho.”

“Y/n…I’m so sorry I wasn’t there. If I had known I would have driven myself back in a heart beat to take you here myself. I-“

“Billy, you didn’t know.” You sat up slightly and rubbed your nose with your sweater sleeve and he dried off the fresh tears with the pads of his thumbs.

He looked away from you and gnawed on his thumb nail slightly.

“What’s wrong?” You could tell he wanted to say something but was holding back.

“I…I have something to tell you and you’re not going to like it and given what you just told me I’m even more terrified to tell you how things have been since we got here. I’ve been…I’ve never been as bad as I was a few days ago and I couldn’t be more thankful that you’re here now.” He moved you off of laying on top of him, even though his body was screaming to hold you to him in case you never wanted to see him again after he told you.

“Billy, you can tell me anything. You know that.”

“A few days ago, Max snuck out of her room and didn’t tell me…Dad got home before she got back.” You tensed knowing this was going to be bad, so you grabbed his hand encouraging him to keep going. “He was furious, and I was tired of being her babysitter. She’s old enough she shouldn’t need someone to watch her all the time. So… I talked back.” You squeezed his hand tighter and laid your other hand across his forearm. “My back is still sore from when he threw me into my shelves and it only made me that much madder. I went looking for Max, found her with Steve and some other kids. I saw red and attacked. I got aggressive with a damn kid and may have killed Steve if Max hadn’t sedated me.” Your grip loosened, even though your body was telling to hold him close and let him know that he’d never face his dad alone ever again. “I know it was wrong, but I just…I can’t explain it, because there’s no excuse. I just…I don’t want to become my dad.”

You sat there not able to say anything. You just ran from one abusive dick head, but did you only end up running into the arms of another one?

“Y/n…please…say something…anything.”

“I’m not sure I know what to say.”


robert sugden, the playlist

listen here (x)

i. ever since new york - harry styles // ii. why does it always rain on me - travis // iii. the reason - hoobastank // iv. craving - james bay // v. doubt - twenty one pilots // vi. look what you made me do - taylor swift // vii. starboy - the weeknd // viii. the man - the killers // ix. savages - marina and the diamonds // x. (don’t fear) the reaper - blue oyster cult // xi. i don’t care anymore - phil collins // xii. bitter sweet symphony - the verve // xiii. crash world - hilary duff // xiv. no son of mine - genesis // xv. heaven - troye sivan // xvi. smalltown boy - bronksi beat // xvii. losing my religion - r.e.m // xviii. i can change - brandon flowers // xix. want you back - haim // xx. let me fly - mike & the mechanics // xxi. bloodstream - ed sheeran

A Soulmate to Remember chapter 14

Hi guys! Still out of town for a wedding, keep sending in requests for my plane trip home!!! There are some shifting POV’s (kinda) in this chapter, give me some feedback on it!

Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3, Chapter 4, Chapter 5, Chapter 6, Chapter 7, Chapter 8, Chapter 9, Chapter 10, chapter 11, Chapter 12, Chapter 13

Y/F/N - Your First name

Y/M/N- Your middle name

 Y/L/N- Your last name 

Pairing: Jason Todd X Reader

Word count: 735

TW: Not that I know of, some thrilly drama, but nothing like, violent or big (if I’m wrong feel free to tell me)

Tags: @otaku-fangirlse, @lucy-fire20  @purplelily24, @welcometothecity, @miss-nerdalots,@marvelsimaginess, @naturalnation123 , @suavehayes @nervouswastelandvoid, @glrynwor, @miraisnotavailable , @lunar-vulpix (let me know through my askbox if i missed someone or you want to be tag)

    You were spraying the room down after a very tiring Sunday. Three dirty diapers, two complete meltdowns and way to many spills of food and different drinks to count. All of the nursery workers had spent the better hour just cleaning up after all the kids had been picked up. Steph then volun-told Ben and you to take out the trash. You chugged your water bottle and hastily before doing what You were told so you could get to your homework that waited for you at home.

It was quiet trip that ended as both Ben and you heaved the garbage sacks into the dumpster. You turned around to walk back into the church, but then everything went black.

Keep reading

Never Leave This Bed ~ Sirius Black

Request: prompts #68 « Five more minutes » and #81 « You’re a work of art » with Sirius please ?? love ur work xx

Requested By: Anon

Pairing: Sirius Black x Reader

Warnings: None

Y/N: Your Name

Word Count: 450

The sunlight streaming through the open curtains caused a groan to escape Sirius’s lips.

Immediately, he closed his mouth, realizing that you were still asleep. The last thing he would ever want to do, is wake you up in the morning; not for any romantic reason, but because you were an absolute nightmare if you didn’t get enough sleep.

Much to his dismay, his groan caused you to stir and you shifted in his arms. He looked down at your face, and saw your eyes flutter open.

“Merlin, Sirius, if you keep this up, I’m leaving you.”

“Keep what up? I didn’t do anything!”

“Really? You groaned so loud I thought someone was torturing you. You’re so dramatic.”

Sirius took one look at your disheveled state; your hair was matted and messy, and your right cheek was bright red from resting it upon his chest all night, and breathed out a soft chuckle.

“I may be dramatic, but look at you, love, you’re a work of art in the morning.”

A fiery blush blossomed on your cheeks as you realized he was teasing you because of your not-so-beautiful morning look.

“You really know how to make a woman feel special, Sirius. I’m so lucky I snatched you up, so many women would kill for their fiancé to call them ugly as soon as they wake up.”

“Oh, come on, I never said you were ugly. I said you’re a work of art! You’re a masterpiece! The Mona Lisa pales in comparison to your mystery and ethereal aura!”

You snorted in laughter, and let your head drop back down to rest on Sirius’s chest.

“Five more minutes, please, then you can talk to me about famous paintings.”

Sirius shoved you off of him quickly, and jumped from the bed taking all of the blankets with him.

“We don’t have time for five more minutes, dear! We have places to go, people to see, things to do…”

“It’s ten o’clock on a Sunday, Sirius, we have nothing to do. Get back in bed before I call my brother and tell him you’re upsetting me.”

“I’m not afraid of Remus, he doesn’t scare me!”

“Do you not remember what happened when you made me cry in our sixth year?”

Sirius’s eyes widened and his face paled as he recalled the memory of the week he spent with puss filled boils adorning his face and a nasty, itchy rash that covered his bum: courtesy of Remus John Lupin.

“…On second thought, we have time for ten more minutes if you want it! We have time for ten more hours! Let’s never leave this bed!”

“Being born and raised in the Hawaiian Islands, I spent a lot of time connecting with and enjoying the ocean. Those experiences have completely shaped the person I am today, as well as provided me a strong conservation ethic. I love my job, because I get to bring awareness of America’s underwater treasures and promote ocean conservation and stewardship to the next generation of leaders in our country." 

This Sunday, and throughout the coming months, we’ll be bringing you a little ocean optimism from our staff and volunteers. They’ll be sharing what inspires them about the ocean and what they do to help protect it! Today’s inspiration comes from Claire Fackler, our national volunteer coordinator. 

What inspires you about the ocean? 

(Photo: Humpback whale in Hawaiian Islands Humpback Whale National Marine Sanctuary. Credit: Ed Lyman/NOAA, under NOAA permit #15240)


Another day dedicated to my thesis! It’s still very much in a vague, abstract form, but after a weekend spent doing very preliminary research, I’m starting to get a blurry understanding of what I want to do. I told my mentor that I would get the proposal draft to him by Monday, but that’s starting to seem very unlikely, so I’m aiming now for Tuesday. We’ll see…

I hope your Sundays have been well! Aren’t these hedgehog stick markers cute? The package says “Composure creates time to the full”. I could not agree more!

What Made Me Smile This Week:

Sunday: My friend Pat came over this afternoon to watch the first Sunday of NFL games. I abhor the change of seasons, but it’s nice to know that every Sunday of the next four months will be spent chowing down on party food and neurotically watching all of my fantasy football lineups. Pat eating 35 sweet and sour meatballs also made me smile. I ate two.

Monday: While I do indeed detest the approaching winter months, the transition to fall does provide another joy that I had forgotten about until today—pumpkin beer. I bought a case of Weyerbacher Imperial Pumpkin Ale, which I highly recommend if you’re into that sort of thing. Pumpkin pie in beer form makes me smile.

Tuesday: As much as I hate the impending cold, dark months ahead, I do enjoy waking up on a brisk morning and putting on pants instead of shorts. Unfortunately, it’s that time of year where pants are only necessary until about 9am, when the temps reach a smug 84 degrees and you begin to melt into a constricted, soggy bag of sweat. Brisk mornings make me smile.

Wednesday: Every time I think about the end of summer, it makes me want to smash my head through a thousand walls, but today I ordered pumpkin spice coffee from Wawa, and for a brief moment, as the steaming liquid splashed down my esophagus and filled me with warm thoughts of fireplaces and snuggly blankets and watching snow dance in the moonlight, everything was right with the world, and it made me smile.

Thursday: I’m not exactly sure who invented autumn, but s/he was a cruel person who deserves nothing but misery for the rest of time. Luckily, I remembered this morning that a new season of Stranger Things will be coming out soon, so at least I have that to look forward to, which makes me smile.

Friday: Winter, which is arguably the dumbest of the four seasons, is the time of year when I begin to worry about the threat of illness. For someone with SMA, ordinary winter sniffles can rapidly turn into full-fledged respiratory infections in the blink of an eye. Because of my weakened lung muscles, clearing phlegm out of my lungs is an involved process that requires large amounts of energy and a variety of breathing machines. Between the months of October-March, every coughing fit or runny nose sets off a chain of panic in my head. Today, I woke up feeling groggy and throughout the morning I felt the tickle of phlegm in my windpipe—great, here we go—but I chugged water and tea, and by noon, I felt completely better. Not devolving into panic-mode made me smile.

Saturday: Every year, I lament the changing of the seasons from summer to fall, but this week, I made a conscious effort to reframe that dread by taking time to acknowledge all the things I actually really enjoy about this time of year. As you can see, there were plenty of reasons to be happy this week, and when I look at the coming months from that perspective, I can’t help but smile.

What made you smile this week?

Working on a bunch of in-progress art that will hopefully be posted in the coming week, but in the meantime I thought it’d be cool to show off my home work desk (minus the desk part because it was covered in comic thumbnails lol). Since I’ve been talking so much about artist habits and learning. 

Spent some time today fixing stuff up and I was just pretty happy w/ the results of what I decided to keep on and around my desk. Most of it is organizational and inspirational shit. 

  • A to-do board that I populate every Sunday with stuff I want to get done that week, divided up into a task pool, a completed pool, and a ‘stretch goals’ section.
  • A monthly calendar for an overview of due dates and events.
  • A super-simplified headache chart bc I’m prone to those
  • A ‘do this every day’ reminder taped to my cintiq
  • A small library section where I keep high-level to do books and current study notebooks so that I can access them right away. These include:
    •  a High Level to do book for all my current projects
    • a future projects book (full of all the things I plan to do, along with currently level of completion and a SWAG–stupid wild-ass guess–time estimation on how long it’ll take me to do)
    • A sketchbook devoted to shot studies from movies (currently working through Kagemusha every few days in 25 minute bursts, which is ~10 minutes of movie studied every time)
    • Notes for creating plug-ins for RPG Maker MV
    • Notes for learning C# in Unity
    • etc etc etc… 
  • For daily inspiration: 
    • A letter and signed litho from Brad Bird
    • A “big why” blurb in a conspicuous place so that I don’t lose track of the core reason I do anything (that one is for weight loss) 
    • A daruma I started for my goal of completing Desendi (dude’s going to have one eye for a good long while haha). 
    • The predator. To threaten me. 

As you see by my to-do list, I’ve got a bunch of shit that I do any given week, and that’s not including art I do on my breaks. I’ll hit y’all with at least one illustration this week, for sure, though. 

If you got any questions about anything, feel free to drop ‘em on me! Cheers!