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So I have been struggling because I think I might be attracted to girls as well as boys but I have been raised in my religion that that is wrong. I believe my religion, but then I think I might like girls, so it's hard and I don't know what to do. I am leaving home for college in August and am kinda stressing. Any advice?

I grew up in Dallas, Texas immersed in a very religious community so this is a concept I’m very familiar with. I spent a lot of Sundays sitting in church feeling extremely lonely and almost like I didn’t belong there or deserve a sea.

What I can say to you is I’m completely in the belief that you can be both a member of the LGBTQ+ community and the church, no matter what religion that is. One does not mean the loss of the other. Religion and sexuality are both such personal experiences in my opinion and no one can take either from you.

Poor Ciao Ciao…

The song in question.

I’ve had this in my head since reading chapter 8. I cannot really art, and what even are your eyebrows, Cestino?  but I had to get it out of my system, and it wouldn’t have worked as a text post or chat.

I’ve finally depleted my stock of stupid posts about UMFB&MHA, at least until Sunday. Welp. So soon. Am I even ready?

Falling Playbook 2

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Subtitle: Setting the Rules

Characters: Jeon Jungkook | You | Mentions of BTS

Genre: smut | college!au | fwb!au

Word Count: 12.5k

Summary: Jungkook and I want to test the waters before we start anything serious.

Masterlist | previous part

It was Monday; first out of five days which were going to determine whether Jungkook and I could be friends or not. We had five days to test the waters before we could proceed with our arrangement. By Friday, we would either start our sexual adventure or just settle for that one time thing we had already shared. Regardless of the outcome, I was excited. It was new to me, and I just couldn’t help but smile whenever I thought about it.

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jealous | reggie mantle (riverdale)

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prompt: 28- “shut up, just shut up!”

a/n: this is work of my newest lil bean co-owner davina!! please leave a warm message in our ask box or down below so she knows you guys are loving her work!! leave request my babies!!

it’s been two months since Reggie and I started dating, two truly beautiful months.

we’ve been best friends since the kindergarten so we practically grew up together, even though our families hated each other for unknown reasons.

because of that, we decided to keep our whole relationship as a secret. so the two of us were happy, at least for a while.

it was Sunday night and as a weirdo that I am, I spent it watching my favorite horror movies. Suddenly, I heard tapping on my window. I hurriedly stood up and grabbed my flashlight.

“Who… who is it?” I stuttered.

“Michael Myers” I heard a familiar voice. It was my beloved significant other, Reginald Mantle.

“Reggie?!” I was upset and creeped out.

“What on earth are you doing? You scared the shit out of me!”

“Now, now, can I come in or not?” He said trough laughter. I quickly dragged him inside my room, trying not to wake up my parents.

“So? What is so important, Mantle?”

“Look" he sighed

“Will you come to the match tomorrow night?”

“The football match?“ he nodded. 

“Reggie… I don’t think we…” “Y/N…”

“My parents will be there!” I halfshouted

“I’m sick of these secrets, Y/N! You are my girlfriend, my soulmate. I would kill for you, I would take you on a journey to heaven and show you to the angels. I care about you more than I care about their reaction.”

he grabbed my hand “please” he whispered

I was truly touched with his words, so I decided to say yes to the match.

“Fine.” I sighed

‘What could possibly go wrong?’ I thought. well, I wasn’t right.

I spent the whole day thinking about the match and my boyfriend. I hoped that my parents won't be there, regardless to the fact that my older brother was in the team too.


unexpectedly my best friend, Veronica approached me

I met Veronica last year and we have been friends since then. Best friends, actually. In attempt to grab my coffee, she realized that I was in fact wearing a Riverdale Bulldogs shirt underneath my denim jacket.

“You are not going to that match, right?”

“I am, actually.”

Even though we were besties, I haven’t told her about my relationship with Reggie.

“You… have some something you wish to tell me?” Crap, she knew me well. She knew I was hiding something.

I shook my head “No, I do not.”

That was a terrible mistake.

It was finally 6:30PM. I grabbed my phone along with my car keys and left the family house.

i was terrified and excited at the same time. The stands were full, this surely was an important match for the Bulldogs. All of a sudden, Veronica appeared in front of me.

“Veronica?” I gasped.

“What… what are you doing here?" "I'm a cheerleader, silly” she laughed.

the situation was getting worse and worse “Are… are my parents here?” I asked the raven haired girl in front of me

“Oh yeah. They are with your brother in the changing room.” Boom. That was it. It always gets worse.

“Veronica… I have to tell you somet….”

“Good evening, ladies and gentlemen and welcome to the annual Riverdale High vs Kingsley High match.” I was cut off by the host.

“Listen, I gotta go. See you later, okay?” She kissed my cheek and ran away to her River Vixens.

I quickly sat on my seat in the stands, waiting for my boyfriend to appear.

I saw my parents, sitting there, without even noticing me. My anxiety hit me.

Suddenly, a strange group of boys in lather jackets sat next to me. I couldn't recognize them, they weren't from our school.

“Hello there, beautiful” One of them spoke, grabbing my shoulder.

“I… I'm not” I was fearful. I tried to pull down his hand

“… and now we welcome the Riverdale Bulldogs and our one and only, River Vixens!”

“I have a boyfriend” I whispered, my voice was shaky. On spur of moment, the Bulldogs appeared, with my boyfriend in the first row.

“He doesn't have to know, babe” He tried to press his lips against mine.

“No!” I slapped him. That caught my boyfriend's eye.

“Hey!” Reggie said to the guy next to me.

Suddenly, the music stopped.

“What do you think you're doing?”

He was furious. The guy in the lather jacket stood up.

“Reggie…” I tried to calm him down. The whole crowd, including my parents, was staring.

“If you ever lay a hand on my girlfriend, I will murder your ass!"  He said with anger in his voice. Tears started forming in my eyes.

Everybody started clapping and cheering "Reggie?!” I whispered.

“My… OUR parents, we cannot…”

“Shut up, just shut up.”

He sensually kissed me and the clapping became even louder.  I saw my parents, sitting there, laughing and clapping with the rest of the crowd.

I was happy, for the first time in my life, I was actually happy. I loved Reggie, the way his eyes met mine. He surely was a jealous type, but if you weren't jealous every once in a while, you wouldn't be in love.

NurseyDex Week Day 1: Get Together/Mutual Pining

Derek Nurse was fucking beautiful.

And not just like, physically, although he was definitely beautiful in that way too. Derek Nurse was just a beautiful person.

Dex had noticed the physical part first when he was on his tour of Samwell back before he didn’t even know Nursey’s name.

They were at Faber and Nursey had his hands shoved in his pockets as he was making smalltalk with Chowder, and Dex couldn’t help but feel his throat go dry.

Nursey had the slightest stubble on his jaw and his cheekbones were high and sharp like the male models his sister had hanging up in her bedroom.  

And that outfit. Nursey was wearing a tight white t-shirt under a black jacket and Dex couldn’t stop looking at the way the fabric of the thin t-shirt slid over his broad chest.

At the time Dex had been mostly silent, unable to speak for fear of giving away his attraction. But then there was Bitty, and he was so…well, Bitty, and maybe Dex could allow himself to ogle Derek Nurse a little bit…just for the tour.

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SILVER SPOON: Part 6 [Yoongi x Reader; Rom-com, fluff]

A girl who had to work hard every day of her life to rise from nothing, meets a man who was born with and given everything.

A classic tale of what happens when a cold, uptight farm girl meets a playful, rebellious, easy-going city boy that was born with a silver spoon in his mouth.

Summary: Having been born and raised in the country side, you have worked hard your entire life to make it to the big city. You eventually achieved your dream and now you have a wonderful paying job for a large company and you continue putting your 110% into everything you do. However, your perfect plan to climb to success through consistent effort and hard work becomes disarrayed with the arrival of your branch’s new rebellious and easy-going CEO, who never desired the position in the first place and has never truly worked hard a day in his life. Your job is on the line if he can’t be turned into a quality CEO within a year, but he has no intention of changing himself for anyone or letting you boss him around so easily. How will you work your way through this obstacle? Will you succeed in changing him or will he be the one that changes you?

Yoongi x Reader (ft. Jimin & VIXX’s Leo as side characters; some other BTS members show up too lol)
Office au
Romantic Comedy, Fluff

Parts: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 (Finale)

A/N: So this was a pretty long part haha so I’m gonna insert a “Read More”/ “Keep Reading” link for it. I don’t really put them in cause I don’t trust that they always work ;_; so please let me know right away if it isn’t letting you read more!

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          The following morning was filled with sad goodbyes from your family members. Yoongi had dropped the bomb after breakfast and you thought Jin and Taehyung were going to cry on the spot. Honestly, you also couldn’t shake off the feeling of dread inside you, not since you received the text from the Chairman last night. But seeing Yoongi’s bright smile and how excitedly he announced the end of his punishment, you figured he was happy about returning to his fancy apartment and his comfortable bed. I mean, who wouldn’t? And it’s not like you wanted him to stay at the farm forever either.

           You watched your mother fuss over him before you two made your way to the bus with a gentle smile.

           "Make sure you eat well. Pack a big lunch. Eat a hefty breakfast. And if you ever want me to pack you a lunch, just give Y/N a heads up. And if you want to come visit on weekends, you’re more than welcome to. I’m sure the boys and the girls would love it.“

           "Thank you mom.” Yoongi grinned and let her give him a tight hug and a few kisses.

           Jin and Tae squeezed the life out of him and you had to pry Yoongi out of their grasps in order to make it to the bus stop on time.

           "I’ll e-mail you hyung!“ Tae bellowed as Yoongi waved and chuckled.

           "I’ll write you letters and have Y/N deliver them to you!” Jin shouted.

           "Oh please don’t make me do that.“ You groaned.

           Yoongi laughed and ruffled your head. "I wouldn’t mind that at all.”

           You huffed, trying not to look flustered at his subtle action. The effects from yesterday still weren’t worn out after all.

           Soon enough, you two fell into a comfortable silence as you trudged towards the bus stop. It was just going to be you two heading to work today. Leo stayed behind in order to pack everything they had brought with them. Then he would head to Yoongi’s apartment to make sure the building was ready for his return.

           You realized that this was the last time you were going to have a companion on this stroll and on the agonizingly long trip to and from work. You frowned at the thought.

           As usual, you two climbed onto the bus and claimed the back row. Yoongi smiled as he stared out the window.

           "I’m actually going to miss this view.“

           "Well, my mom said you’re welcome to come whenever.”

           "Will you be okay with that?“

           You blinked. "Why not?”

           He snorted. “Have you forgotten I’m your boss?”

           You blushed. Right.

           "Oh well…I mean…you do whatever you want anyway…“ You tried to find an excuse.

           He chuckled. "You’re right. I just didn’t want to be ‘inappropriate’ by your standards and regulations.”

           You smiled gently.

           "Oh. Here.“ Yoongi rummaged through his bag and handed you his Ipod.

           You raised an eyebrow questioningly. He chuckled and grabbed your hand, placing the device into your palm.

           "You asked me yesterday what it was that I was interested in.” he closed your fingers over it. “And it was actually you that pointed it out to me a few weeks ago. I thought it was a normal interest that everyone had, but when I thought about it, I’ve always turned to music my entire life. It’s been the most consistent and comforting thing for me.”

           You glanced up at him, surprised. You didn’t think he was mulling over what you had said candidly and spontaneously last night, so it shocked you to hear that he had been thinking about it deeply. When you looked into his eyes, you recognized his serious gaze, but there was also a sprinkle of worry laced into it as if he was nervous about your reaction to his answer. You felt the corners of your mouth turn up and you looked down at the IPod.

           "So what would you like to do Mr. Min?“ You asked lightly.

           He grinned. "I would like to find a way to run a business related to music. I don’t know exactly what kind yet, but I think I’d like to take my time figuring it out.”

           You giggled and nodded. “I’ll look forward to it then.”

           "It’s yours.“ Yoongi gestured to the IPod. "I spent last night organizing my music and making you playlists for you and your family.”

           "What?“ You stared at him.

           "I think it’d be more fun doing farm work with a bit of music.” Yoongi smiled. “And I think your bus ride would be more enjoyable too, because I’m not going to be here to entertain you.”

           He grabbed the IPod and turned it on. “I made you a 'Work Work’ playlist when you’re doing last minute documents or something, a 'Farm Girl’ playlist, '3rd Sunday Parties’ playlist, and when you’re having a hard time falling asleep there’s a 'Lullaby’ list too. Oh and there’s a 'Strolling’ playlist when you’re walking to the bus stop or to work…”

           You tuned out the last few playlists he was explaining because you were busy studying his facial expressions. He was so close to you and he was talking so animatedly that it filled you with awe. So this is what he looked like when he was passionate about something. You admitted that you were going to miss having him around for some reason. It was nice to have someone that you could talk to about work and the farm life, someone to travel with, and someone that got along easily with your vivacious family members.

           "And I told Leo to leave the charger at the farm. I’m sure you know how to use that.“ Yoongi glanced over at you and found you looking at him intently, with softness in your eyes. He searched for what type of emotion you were displaying, but he couldn’t quite pinpoint it. Unlike other times though, you weren’t shying away from his eye contact and he felt himself leaning closer to you. As if realizing what you were doing, your eyes widened and you tensed up. He grinned, his face mere centimeters away from yours.

           "Finally realized how handsome I am?” he cheekily jeered.

           You rolled your eyes and scoffed. “I was just amazed. I didn’t you’d actually be interested in anything.”

           Yoongi cackled. “I’m amazing, aren’t I? A man of many talents and surprises. A genius.”

           You groaned and shook your head.

           "Do you like it though?“ he asked nervously.

           You blushed and nodded. "Yeah, I love it. Thank you, Mr. Min. It’s so thoughtful.”

           He beamed, and you wondered if his smile had always been so dazzling.

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Imagine being the first and only girl in the Penetrator Russ bus.

Author’s note: I like drama way too much for my own good hahahah here is part five guys! Sorry I let y’all waiting for too long. Now, I’m finally home and I can write as I used to. Also, please go show my beta writer Alyssa (@imyourliquor-youremypoison) some love. She is always taking time to fix my mistakes and helping me to improve. Check her fics with Chris too, because they’re incredible!! Let me know what you guys think about this part.

Part 1.

Part 4.

Part 6.

Masterlist ❁


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my bechloe fic rec masterpost

Recommending Bechloe fanfictions is apparently what I’ve decided that I do on this blog, so this is the masterpost with my all-time favourites. All of them have excellent plots, are really well written and – the most important thing – their character depictions are on point. In my opinion.
Hope you agree, hope you enjoy.

  • Experimentation by @redlance
    About Chloe’s whispered offer back in the tent at the retreat and what we all wish had happened afterwards, basically. This fic also happens to kind of be the Bible of Bechloe Fanfics™.
    Words: ~21k. Chapters: 27/?. Read on AO3 or
    –(Bonus: anything by Redlance is great, really. I once spent an entire sunday going through her fics. No regrets.)–

  • stare into the sky until we’re blind by @thecousinsdangereux
    A roadtrip, pretend dating, all the chemistry and everything you didn’t know you you needed until now.
    Words: 23k. Chapters: 5/5. Read on AO3.

  • And Everyone Wins by @pipgoeswild
    AU: Beca as a single parent, her and Chloe being domestic as shit and slowly falling in love. Prepare for a real slow burn and all of the fluff.
    Words: 80k+. Chapters: 23/?. Read on AO3.

  • this love ain’t enough to leave you by @lismicro
    AU: Aspiring DJ Beca Mitchell and journalist Chloe Beale meet on a two day long bus drive to Los Angeles.
    Words: 9k. Chapters: 1/1. Read on AO3.

  • You Still Make Sense to Me (Your Mess is Mine) by @emilyjunklegacy
    “The one where it takes a fake-engagement and being domestic as hell for these two idiots to realize they’re in love.”
    Words: 31k. Chapters: 1/1. Read on AO3.

  • Be Still My Heart (Cause It’s Freaking Out) by @a-writer-of-things
    “Beca has a one-night stand with Chloe and is more than surprised when she learns that the redhead will be starting an internship at Barden Hospital where she is an attending.” Aka the Hospital AU you didn’t know you needed.
    Words: 58k. Chapters: 27/27. Read on AO3 or

  • You Will See Me Come Undone by @teacupsandbechloe
    Beca and Chloe kind of have a game going on who can flirt harder… Little one-shot with unestablished Bechloe. Great build-up. Much sexual tension and humour.
    Words: 12k. Chapters: 1/1. Read on AO3.


Another day dedicated to my thesis! It’s still very much in a vague, abstract form, but after a weekend spent doing very preliminary research, I’m starting to get a blurry understanding of what I want to do. I told my mentor that I would get the proposal draft to him by Monday, but that’s starting to seem very unlikely, so I’m aiming now for Tuesday. We’ll see…

I hope your Sundays have been well! Aren’t these hedgehog stick markers cute? The package says “Composure creates time to the full”. I could not agree more!

A Soulmate to Remember chapter 14

Hi guys! Still out of town for a wedding, keep sending in requests for my plane trip home!!! There are some shifting POV’s (kinda) in this chapter, give me some feedback on it!

Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3, Chapter 4, Chapter 5, Chapter 6, Chapter 7, Chapter 8, Chapter 9, Chapter 10, chapter 11, Chapter 12, Chapter 13

Y/F/N - Your First name

Y/M/N- Your middle name

 Y/L/N- Your last name 

Pairing: Jason Todd X Reader

Word count: 735

TW: Not that I know of, some thrilly drama, but nothing like, violent or big (if I’m wrong feel free to tell me)

Tags: @otaku-fangirlse, @lucy-fire20  @purplelily24, @welcometothecity, @miss-nerdalots,@marvelsimaginess, @naturalnation123 , @suavehayes @nervouswastelandvoid, @glrynwor, @miraisnotavailable , @lunar-vulpix (let me know through my askbox if i missed someone or you want to be tag)

    You were spraying the room down after a very tiring Sunday. Three dirty diapers, two complete meltdowns and way to many spills of food and different drinks to count. All of the nursery workers had spent the better hour just cleaning up after all the kids had been picked up. Steph then volun-told Ben and you to take out the trash. You chugged your water bottle and hastily before doing what You were told so you could get to your homework that waited for you at home.

It was quiet trip that ended as both Ben and you heaved the garbage sacks into the dumpster. You turned around to walk back into the church, but then everything went black.

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I spent a big chunk of this lovely Sunday morning reimagining my pedalboard. The drawing is crude, yeah, but it’s really just about making sure there’s room for everything. When it comes time to build it, as the bottom picture of my current setup shows, it’ll be tight. I pride myself in my technical craft as much as I do in my artistry.

I’m at something of an inflection point, musically. I don’t really know what the next ten years of my music sounds like yet, but it seems almost certain to be pretty different from the previous twenty. It feels like time for the high-gain, multi-channel amps which do a bunch of things pretty well but none of them fucking amazingly to give way to a single-channel vintage amp that does only one thing but does it fucking amazingly along with a new complement of pedals to offer different sonic possibilities.

To spend a lot of time on gear planning while being unsure of where the music is going probably seems backwards. One probably ought to decide on a musical direction and then shop for the toys to support it. But I’m going at it the other way intentionally. I find myself playing and creating what sounds good given the tools at hand. Give me a gained up, scooped-mid half stack and I’ll naturally start to shred. Give me a spanky clean silverface twin and a Strat and I’m likely to bang out funk licks. And so on. The tone I’m going for here is a moderately compressed mid-gain crunch, something where I can back off the guitar volume into something fairly clean, or crank it and stomp on the red channel of the Full-Drive for a sustainy solo tone. I also need room for a reverb pedal since my Marshall doesn’t have it, and I want to add my looper pedal since that seems like an interesting way to go as an artist. I know that once I have those tones underneath my fingers, the music I want to create—I am loathe to use either of the terms “Americana” or “roots rock” but they at least get you in the neighborhood—will come from it. I write with guitar in hand, literally. I have to get into the right aural idiom first.

So. Those new pedals mandate a bigger board and travel case, and since I’m going that way, I’m going to add a Timefactor and a second distortion based on the old Muff designs in case I need that “alternative” rock tone again. At 36″ x 14″ there’ll still be room on the board to spare in case I want to expand later. 

This project represents a moderate-to-severe financial and time commitment, and I’ve got a ton of other stuff to do. But the events of the last four months, globopolitical and personal, have impressed upon me very deeply. Life’s too short for bad tone.

Hello there! First of all, I’m sorry for those here who follow me on IG XDD I had to promote something there, and so, once again, sorry for the Italian spam ahaha XD Anyway, I had fun at the convention! It was very hot though (and it’s still hot here geez) - IN FACT I wanted to cosplay Mew Mint from Tokyo Mew Mew both on Saturday and Sunday, but the wig just couldn’t stay still and the anklet (whatever that was) kept falling and so screw it XD

I chose to cosplay our table on Sunday instead ;P (cibia you’re not funny)

Aaaanyway. My boyfriend actually managed to draw and sell something, and that’s what counts! <3 (I tried to ask for a Gaston but he just wouldn’t listen to me the bastard jk I love him)

and lots of Indy(ies) of course

and according to my grandma we were on our local tv news XD Hope I wasn’t doing anything embarrassing *cough* well, I spent a lovely weekend and I’m so sad that it’s over now, especially because I must start studying (AGAIN) ;_; too many exams ARGH. But I also have lots of gafou ideas and so I’ll try my best to find some free time for drawing them! >< …if you’re still reading this, thanks! XD


(le me attending a convention = le me buying a plushie, that’s the rule.)

Oh dear, sorry for the long post! Have a nice day, everybody!

Structure Is Good For Me

Here is a problem I’ve had, which you may be having too.

When I first got in, one of the statements which came up a lot was “Paganism is never a once a week affair!” - which I think is pretty rude to Christians, on reflection. but what that translated into for me was, spending hardly any spiritual time because it’s not expected.

Which is weird because hmmm for most people of faith it is entirely normal to pray twice a day (or more!), and spend at least Sunday morning at church (or equivalent). Whereas I’d say in Paganism, it is more normal to feel bad about not having a regular practice. 

One of the problems is: being a Pagan is typically MUCH more hard work than any of those other religions. Think about Christianity. You already know who your deities are, you likely have a local church leader who plans sermons and prayer AS THEIR FULL TIME JOB, you have a book of trad prayers and hymns you can simply use, and a holy book with all your key information in it. As a Pagan, you almost certainly have none of these things. And then when we get into ritual, it’s often super involved: research, props, expenditure of energy, lighting candles, making and sharing food, it’s freakin tiring especially as a spoonie perennially short of spoons and bad at executive function. Getting through rituals is so tough for me; fex, I’ve abandoned the need for ritual cleanliness in recent years just because having a bath or shower is so draining. I think Paganism focuses a lot on the presence of the gods to a detrimental effect - does that make any kind of sense? My mum is a Methodist and I’m sure she’s never heard the voice of Jesus, she just prays and then done. We could stand to do a lot more of that casual, informal, few-words-of-prayer style, and save The Big Rituals, the ones where you dance until divinity arrives, for special occasions. Not least because it’ll make 99% of pagans feel less inadequate when they hear nothing.  Like, we don’t need to hear a reply to do meaningful rites. The rites themselves have power: they demonstrate our commitment, and they help us focus on the divine, and those two things are important even if you’re certain you did not get Anubus to manifest with you.

So you’re doing more work than those other guys to begin with, and experiencing extreme choice paralysis between ALL the options of who to worship and how. Especially with background beliefs about fate and destiny and Finding The One. I often think it’d be better for new Pagans, instead of being told “it takes time to discover your path and your gods!”, be simply handed “Spend six months in the Golden Dawn, revering Thoth” entirely at random. It’d be good to think, like we think of life partners, that there is no One path - but many potential Ones out there, and it’s good to invest in the ones you see in front of you at least in the short term rather than waiting for Mr Right or your soulmate.

So that’s three big barriers, formed from our three freedoms. Choice paralysis, low/no expectations, and the additional work we have to do vs members of a major religion taking up some of that time.

And basically I’ve solved it by putting the structure back in. As much as Paganism doesn’t “need” regular structure - I do.

For me, ritual structure means a DAILY, WEEKLY and MONTHLY practice, and even though that sounds intense, and like it’d be more discouraging to fail at than succeed, when you start thinking about how Christians etc practice and basing off them it does become easier.

DAILY for me is 2x5 minute somethings. Here’s a shortlist of ideas: I do the top two:

  • Time spent sitting outside
  • gratitude for my senses (i.e. when seeing something lovely, feeling happy, eating something nice, essentially doing mindfulness etc)
  • doing meditation
  • doing a one-card tarot reading
  • lighting a candle to a Power, feeding a spirit, tending their altar
  • saying a prayer
  • tending your plants

Or abiding by a taboo or promise, and using that to keep the spiritual in mind.

WEEKLY for me is one morning a week, and again I’m basing this off my memory of what Sunday School felt like. It’s good to designate A Morning for this, not just “when I have time this week”, or a regular evening slot, the same time every week. Time spent:

  • going for a walk in a natural area (“Spend time with the gods”)
  • reading a book/articles/learning more about Pagan things (“Listening to a sermon”)
  • Doing something to please your spirits, for example swimming for Poseidon, dancing for Bes, programming for Thoth, some hobby which helps you experience their attributes or gifts OR like charity work, such as working food bank for Demeter, something in Their name(“Putting a coin on the charity plate”)
  • Making a craft project or engaging with the divine in other ways, like writing a hymn or making a mask or an altar cloth.
  • Planning big rituals
  • Doing a “regular circle” - you know, just casting one up, eating with the divine, chatting, but not doing anything solemn and not caring over-much about feeling the divine or hearing them
  • Doing a spell

MONTHLYish is when I do big rituals - either a Sabbat, a Full or a Dark moon. These rituals do take work, esp as a solitary, and I hardly manage all of them because life. It gets easier if you write A Moon Rite or A Midsummer Rite and repeat it each year. And that’s when I take things v seriously, try and take a bath, try and reach trance, try to call the divine and experience their presence in the way Pagans Are Supposed To and so on, or doing a freakin serious spell to coincide with a key date or time or phase.

With the exception of a big monthly ritual, setting aside that kind of time wouldn’t be weird for members of any other religion - I think we are just facing unique challenges, and a unique like religious history/context which makes it a lot harder to do. And for me at least, having that structure and comparing myself to what other lay-members of a faith would be doing, helps.

I guess tl;dr is, I did well by a) trying to make worship far more casual and less ritualised, and b) setting a weekly structure based on what I can see Christians achieve, and it’s working well for me to solve some problems inherent in Paganism. If you have these problems too, I hope these are helpful ideas.

Sunday Stuff

Visited with the step family today
It is awkward because we spent many years not mixing the families
How much do I love Whole Foods right now?
Have you ever had mochi? With ice cream in it?
It’s interesting, probably better if you know what you are getting into before you eat it
I love my Dad , I can almost separate the man he is now from the abusive man that raised me.
Plus, even though he was abusive , he was loving which I can’t say about my mother. One of the best things about my dad is that he would read to me. I hold that so dear.
My oldest turns 22 this week. I might be feeling emotional about it.
Have a wonderful week! Glad you’re here!

So I’m going to HVFF London and let me be honest, this is my first con I’ll ever be attending, but I’m extremely disappointed with the management and planning of this entire con. First they announce that autographs will be pre sold only for Stephen, Melissa, and Emily. They schedule that pre-sale in the middle of the day when a lot of people are at work. This leads to me sneaking to the bathroom on the middle of work to try and get EBR/SA autographs. But guess what? They sold out with tin 5 minutes so I’m sitting there in the bathroom with no autos and the manager of the con saying #toobad.

Well okay I take it with stride. I my 2 day VIP passes so I’m like okay I’ll have photo ops and the panels. Now today the panels are released and there is no Olicity panel. You see this wouldn’t anger me as much if HVFF hadn’t been stating all over their twitter for the longest time that should they get EBR, that they’d be doing an Olicity panel. They even went as far as to criticize and make fun of another con (COH2) for not giving fans what they want. Well let me break it to ya, at least COH2 gave Emily 2 solo panels.

I bought my 2 day passes. I scheduled my photo ops for Sunday because I thought oh there will be panels and autos on Saturday. Well I couldn’t get any autos and the Arrow panels are on Sunday. So what am I supposed to do on Saturday? I have an entire day where I’m probably not going to go to the con and just go site seeing. Now this wouldn’t be that bad… if I hadn’t already spent so much money on my 2 day passes.

Honestly the con hasn’t already started and I’m already having such a bad experience with Heroes and Villains. I’m driving from Miami up to NY and then flying to London. I’m wasting a LOT of money, but James Frazier, organizer of the con, goes and tweets that I should be “grateful for what I get” instead? Excuse me? I’m PAYING for this experience and I’m not satisfied with your service. I’m allowed to be disappointed.