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Hello!! I fell in love with your writing and followed you some time in December when you were doing those little Weird Headcanon prompts like what the character smelled like, how they sleep, etc. and I was wondering if it's too late to ask for one for my Disappearing Boi Fugo? :3c I'd love to see what you'd come up for him! <3

ah man i loved doing these and i hardly ever get asks for fugo so just for you anon i will go back and do it for the swiss cheese boi! i think these are the prompts i did back then:

What they smell like: He uses strawberry-scented body sprays, and he spends so much time in cafes (so he doesn’t have to go home and be alone) that he always smells faintly like baked goods. 
How they sleep (sleeping position, schedule, etc): Fugo doesn’t sleep very well. He tends to be plagued by nightmares, often about Purple Haze and what his Stand could do to his friends - no matter how he goes to sleep, he ends up sweating and curled up in a little ball when he wakes up, blankets tangled around his feet and heart always racing when he wakes up. 
What music they enjoy: He doesn’t listen to much music, truth be told; although he does have a fondness for Narancia’s loud rap music, he wouldn’t let it be known just how much of a fondness.
How much time they spend getting ready every morning: He actually spends a fair bit of time getting dressed, though he doesn’t spend so long doing his hair or any of those things - he might always look dead-eyed and like he didn’t get enough sleep, but he’ll be damned if he isn’t going to be fashionable whilst looking like it. 
Their favorite thing to collect: Other than his strawberry-patterned novelties, he has a large collection of ties that he likes to switch out depending on the season or his mood. In general, he’s got a pretty vast wardrobe of strange and eclectic things, and he can’t stop buying them.
Left or right-handed: Left-handed. 

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Dear dad,

Ok so I think Im supposed to write in on here but here I go…

Dear dad, I wish you spent more time with with me as a kid… You were never there for me. Like when I got punched by that boy in elementary, I tried to tell you what happened but you didn’t feel like listening to me. Also theres that time where we go to dinner.every tue. because you don’t spend much time with us and when we said no because we had to go somewhere you took Libbie…. And you let her complain about me and my sister. And you even complained too! You lie to me so much…why you do it? I don’t know. But why did you lie to me about you smoking again? I know its bad but its your choice I really don’t care but you shouldn’t have lied… One last thing give me MY dog back.

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you're life seems so boring. all you do is lay on the couch all day watching tv and going on tumblr, by the looks of your snap chat you literally never leave your house lol

Is my life that much of an issue for you? Is the way that I live my life a bother for you? A life that isn’t yours? The way I live, and the way I choose to spend my time, is none of your concern… so what if I’m not out every single night? That’s not what I enjoy doing. So what if I stay in and enjoy the comforts of my own home? That’s where I feel most comfortable.

I shouldn’t have to explain anything to you, considering how rude you’re coming across, but I’ll have you know that I’ve been really ill over the last two weeks so that’s why I’ve been inside since the new year began. I’ve had a serious bout of the cold that is going around and it wasn’t nice, it wasn’t pretty, and it wasn’t something I’d wanted to spread. It was horrible. I felt disgusting. I felt tired all the time. I didn’t want to go out and I shouldn’t have to go out, if I don’t want to.

My life might seem boring to you but it’s good for me and the way that I choose to spend my days shouldn’t be any of your business. :)) x



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^^idk how long it’ll stay lol 

but yeah i totally edited the wiki page on it. the boys deserve some recognition, it’s THEIR bridge now! BE AFRAID, YOU DEMON FUCKS

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hi your andriel 'I hate Neil Josten and his pretty face' headcanon is beautiful and pure and wholesome and has healed my soul and i was hoping you'd be open to expanding on Neil's 'revenge' calling out Andrew and being dorky in the process?

Hi! Sorry for the late reply! Thank you so much and, sure, here you go!

  • Andrew is waiting for it
  • he knows Josten’s too much of an actual child to let go of the video
    • no matter that he solved the coming-out problem
    • and made Renee and Reynolds a tonshit of money
    • fucker never knows when to back down, does he?
  • so really
  • he’s not that surprised when Nicky sends him a link to some live streaming website
  • there’s 10-reasons-to-hate-Andrew-Minyard-by-Neil-Josten in the page name so it’s not hard to guess what’s going to happen

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List of “People Who Are Our or just My Inspirations”

Hmm…I can´t sending that much words into that much inboxs….time for tagging then and for text under these amazing people >:3

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For all these people I want to say “Thank you”. You all are inspirations for us or just for me, and when I say that ”you are” then I mean it. THANK YOU FOR BEING WITH US, you all are awesome people who deserve so much love, I´m/we´re so glad to seeing you all, or some, on our dashes everyday. It´s almost another year and we´re still here together, please don´t give up for some people who don´t want to accept you, they don´t know what they´re doing anyway. My holidays will be horrible as always, and as some people were curious why, so I can tell you that I lost someone important of my family because of cancer and after that I was very lonely on these days when I couldn´t spend time with that person, with only one person, and I really hate gifts too of that fact that the best gift for me was spending time with that person and I never got anything else on this holidays, I don´t deserve that anyway and yea I know it´s for some people nice thing when someone gave you a gift but…*sniff*..give me a moment…………………..but I don´t mind on it anymore of that when I´ll see you all being happy and being at home..together, and that´s I think the best gift which you could get..when the family is together…. And I noticed that the cristmas will be in Sunday, and that´ll happen only every 20 years so this year is special for this day, and I´m wishing you all only the best..unlike me but that´s not important. And as always don´t forget that you´ll never be alone, there´s always someone for you who´ll try to help if you need it or if you need to talk, as me, I´m always open for you all, even if we don´t know each other and I´m not that good or cool as you wish/ed..but it´s okay, I´m used to. Even if I´m shy I really like to talk with some people, but I´ll get so nervous and then people will see me as an idiot who´s trying something, but I just want to talk to people like normal person do.. Nevermind, have a nice rest of day everyone ^^”

And I´m just a normal person who really likes to talk about the others or with the others, and trying my best with my work as with helping people, and wants to give them as much love as they deserve because you all are really amazing and really meaning a lot for me!!! QwQ

+ Please write into the comment or into the reblog your favorite color, it´s for something what I´m working on and I need to know this thing, so please do it and thank you. QuQ

My Self-Care Tarot Cheat Sheet

The use of Tarot and various divination systems has been such a monumental part in my self-care toolkit. Being someone who deals with chronic illnesses, there are days when I don’t have the time nor the energy to lay down a full spread and interpret it for myself. Because of this, I created my Self-Care Tarot Cheat Sheet to use whenever I needed some advice or a starting point in my self-care regimen.  I encourage you to use mine or create your very own self-care guide. If this post has helped you, or you know a friend who may gain help from this post, feel free to share the link to this post, reblog it, or tag them. It would mean a lot to me.

The Major Arcana

  • 0. The Fool: Start a new project.
  • I. Magician: Improve a skill you already have.
  • II. High Priestess: Pay attention to your inner voice.
  • III. Empress: Pamper yourself.
  • IV. Emperor: Start taking control of the chaos in your life.
  • V. Hierophant: Read your favorite book. 
  • VI. Lovers: Watch a romantic comedy. 
  • VII. Chariot: Travel someplace new in town.
  • VIII. Strength: Face your fears.
  • IX. Hermit: Spend some time alone.
  • X. Wheel of Fortune: Take a risk.
  • XI. Justice: Speak your inner truth.
  • XII. Hanged Man: Change your perspective on an unresolved issue.
  • XIII.Death: Declutter. Clear out the old, make room for the new.
  • XIV.Temperance: Find a balance in your life. Also drink some water. 
  • XV.Devil: Do some shadow work. 
  • XVI.Tower: Rebuild from the rubble.
  • XVII.Star: Make a wish for the future.
  • XVIII.Moon: Write a letter to your higher self.
  • XIX.Sun: Be proud of who you are.
  • XX. Judgement: Forgive yourself and your past.
  • XXI. World: Celebrate your successes.

The Minor Arcana


  • Ace: Search for inspiration in your everyday life.
  • Two: Make a decision to do something small yet worthwhile.
  • Three: Accomplish one small goal.
  • Four: Make an awesome music playlist.
  • Five: Make up or reconnect with an old friend. 
  • Six: Recognize your achievements.
  • Seven: Let go of negative people in your life.
  • Eight: Focus your energy on feeding yourself.
  • Nine: Make room for recovery.
  • Ten: Deal with your stresses through writing.
  • Page: Heed the signs and messages provided.
  • Knight: Go on an adventure.
  • Queen: Accept support from your loved ones.
  • King: Remain motivated by hyping yourself up in the mirror.


  • Ace: Find what makes you happy.
  • Two: Make sure you are communicating your feelings.
  • Three: Celebrate your friendships.
  • Four: Change up your daily routine.
  • Five: Write down then rip up your past pains and regrets.
  • Six: Reminisce the good memories.   
  • Seven: Consider your options before choosing.
  • Eight: Leave behind your troubles by watching tv even if only for an hour.
  • Nine: Embrace and send out positive vibes.
  • Ten: Appreciate the good in your life.
  • Page: Ground and center yourself.
  • Knight: Create some art.
  • Queen: Take a luxurious bubble bath or long shower.
  • King: Honor your feelings.


  • Ace: Write down hopes.
  • Two: Meditate.
  • Three: Allow yourself to mourn.
  • Four: Take some time to rest.
  • Five: Walk away from conflicts.
  • Six: Retreat to a safe place like a blanket fort. 
  • Seven: Confront your hidden feelings.
  • Eight: Get out of your comfort zone.
  • Nine: Cry and let it all out.
  • Ten: Go to the doctor or support group.
  • Page: Speak aloud your feelings.
  • Knight: Move forward without fear.
  • Queen: Stop judging yourself harshly.
  • King: Seek unbiased advice from someone you trust.


  • Ace: Create a vision board.
  • Two: Balance your work and personal life.
  • Three: Go to a support group.
  • Four: Make someone else smile.
  • Five: Ask for help.
  • Six: Help someone else in need.
  • Seven: Assess how far you have come this week.
  • Eight: Take a much needed break from social media.
  • Nine: Take a nice walk.
  • Ten: Spend time with your family.
  • Page: Learn something new.
  • Knight: Make plans for the future.
  • Queen: Decorate your room.
  • King: Treat yourself to something nice.

Post Notes:
Please do not remove the captions.
Title: My Self-Care Tarot Cheat Sheet
Copyright: © Ivan Ambrose 2017
Disclaimer: This is my own personal self-care regimen. I am not a medical professional, nor claim to be, nor do I suggest this post to be used in replace of medical treatment. This is just what helps me and I wanted to share it with others. As with all of my posts and content, this post in no way, shape, or form is intended to tell you how you must go about this topic. The intention of this post is to share my experiences. This isn’t the only way, the absolute right way or the way that you “should” approach this topic. I encourage you to use what you find useful and tweak or dismiss what you do not find useful. I am sure there are various other people in the world who choose to do things differently regarding this topic and that is perfectly okay. I can only speak from personal experience and what has worked for me for countless years. I encourage you to do your own research, to do what you are comfortable with and to tailor any advice provided henceforth to your specific needs and individual situation.
Safe Space Tags: Depression, Anxiety, Chronic Illness, Mental Illness, Long Post
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Who wants a few thoughts about the pictures Jason dropped today, because I have them?

These are the pictures for your viewing pleasure:

Unfortunately for JRoth he unwittingly gave us an Episode number (S5 episode 5. Thanks to SpoilerTV we know that Episode 505 is supposed to be titled “Shifting Sands” (of course these are production titles and can change), but it does seem as if they are 1. in a sandy background (thanks @octanakin) and b, shifting sands is also used as a metaphor for something/one that is unpredictable and/or constantly changes (this could be very relevant to Octavia’s character/mindset this Season based on the little bit of BTS information we do have. 

My first thought (and the one I like the most) is that this still shows the initial Blake siblings reunion after their 6 year separation. Unfortunately, not everyone looks very happy. My best guess is (based on this being a “5″ episode w/potential “5″ parallel potential is the following:

Octavia murders someone just as Bellamy and Clarke catch up with her. Octavia is happy to see her brother, but both Clarke and Bellamy are a bit unnerved by her actions. I did a quick rewatch of the Flarke reunion scene in 205, to compare and contrast and found some similarities in facial expressions here:

Clarke in 505 as compared to Bellamy in 205 when they enter the village just after Finn has killed everyone. Both have the narrowed eyed look of concern, mouths slightly open: 

Same for Finn in 205 and Octavia in 505, we only get a side profile of Octavia, but even here the expressions are similar. Mouth slightly agape, both looking a bit wonder/awestruck:

And again, same with Clarke in 205 and Bellamy in 505. This is only a side profile and he doesn’t look terrified like Clarke does, but this expression isn’t exactly what I’d imagine one would look like after seeing their sister for the first time in 6 years. He looks more worried/concerned, than happy/pleased. 

I do have a second possible theory, keeping in mind that my timeline for the Season thus far looks like this:

501: Mostly flashbacks so we know how our characters got to the places they’ll be in when the 6 years later really gets heavy (especially as we know JRoth doesn’t want to spend too much time in the past) with maybe 10-15 minutes of “current day” at the end of the episode. 

502: Clarke and SS7 could reunite this episode. 

503: Very Bunker focused. I also believe Jaha dies this episode (it’s the last episode Isaiah Washington filmed based on his tweets-he hasn’t been back in Vancouver since this episode wrapped). I suspect this is also when Clarke and/or SS7 get to the Bunker (either together or separately and meet there) and uncover it.

504: If Clarke and SS7 don’t reunite in 502, they would reunite here. If 505 is the Blake reunion episode this would be very focused on SS7 and Clarke reuniting, with minimal Bunker focus until the end. If not 504 is the Blake reunion. We did see Bellamy and Clarke standing with Miller and someone I assume to be an Eligius crew member in Polis and they looked like they were getting ready to travel somewhere (Note the backpacks):

This is when the possible second theory comes into play:

505 has SS7 (some or all) leaving with some of Bunker crew (Miller, Octavia, etc) and some of Eligius and Clarke to go find food (I’m focusing on JRoth’s “there’s nowhere good to eat in Polis” caption here). They wind up in/near a desert, Aaron Ginsburg did tweet about having to write about/for a group walking through a desert: 

So they’re walking through the desert and they are separated/attacked and Octavia winds up saving them in a particularly gruesome manner and then she comes to check on Bellamy, and both Clarke and Bellamy are confused/horrified/worried/concerned about what they see. I am convinced this scene is not a happy reunion that we are probably meant to believe it is because the background of the scene, and Octavia’s hair and makeup in the still released today, are the exact same as they are in the still JRoth released on Dec 18th:

with the following caption: “This was the expression I got from @iamAvgeropoulos when I told her no trailer before the winter break. It’s Octavia’s “someone’s gonna die” face. You’re gonna see a lot more of it soon. #The100 #The100season5″

It stands to reason then, that this two scenes are connected and someone dies in this scene. 

This is all I have for now, but…if you have any thoughts feel free to add!!!

Jealous Lovers Sentence Starters

as requested by anon. Feel free to change pronouns or anything else !

  • “Who was that?”
  • “I don’t like the way he/she/they look/s at you.”
  • “How could I make you jealous? I melt whenever you say my name.”
  • “Hi! I’m ___’s girlfriend/boyfriend/partner/etc. Ever heard of me?”
  • “So what if I’m jealous?”
  • “You are spending WAY too much time with that guy/girl/person.”
  • “How come you never do that with me?”
  • “Hey. You’re mine.” / “Don’t worry. I’m yours.”
  • “I’m going to kick his/her/their ass! No one can touch you like that except for me.”
  • “I heard you and ___ had lunch.”
  • “Are you jealous?~”
  • “Can I just give you another hickey?” / “Did you really have to give me so many hickeys?”
  • “I can’t have these people all over you.”
  • “Oh, come on. Don’t worry about him/her/them, we’re just friends.”
  • “Don’t you trust me?” / “You’re not the one I don’t trust…”
  • “I know that you love me, but your jealousy is getting out of hand.”
  • “You don’t own me…except when you make that face.”
  • “I don’t remember our hello kiss being a hello makeout. Are you threatened by my friend?”
  • “Who are you texting? I thought I just saw a heart emoji.”
  • “Why is your ass so amazing? Everyone is staring at it and I hate it.”
  • “Hey, pal. His/her/their eyes are up there.”
  • “I don’t know what that was about, but I love seeing you all riled up.”
  • “This is outrageous. I demand more attention.”
  • “Oh you and ___ went there? That’s where we went on our first date.”
  • “You’re with ME now.”
  • “What is/are he/she/they doing here?”
“I always forget he’s so helpless”


The One With The Picture

Title: The One With A Picture

Summary: The reader stumbles upon Dean’s biggest secret. Dean’s not happy about it. He thinks…

Author: deanssweetheart23

Characters: Dean Winchester x reader, Sam Winchester

Word count: 500 (look at me, I can drabble!)

Warnings: Uh, language, I guess. And so much fluff, guys. So much fluff.

Author’s Notes: This is my sumbission for @trexrambling Daring Drabbles. My dear Jess, congratulations on your milestone and thank you so much for letting me participate (see how I was on schedule this time, even I can’t believe it lol.)

Special thank you to my wonderful twin @ravengirl94 for helping me figure out what I wanted to do with this. I wouldn’t have come up with this story if it weren’t for her (shocking, I know).

My prompt for this was the world “befuddled” and has been inserted into the fic.

Enjoy <3

Originally posted by hallowedbecastiel

Dean keeps a picture of you in his wallet.

It’s an old photograph, a fading reminder of all those mornings you’d spend at Bobby’s back yard, back when the world wasn’t such a complicated place.

Sunshine sweeps over your face while you’re sitting on the hood of the Impala, mug of coffee in hand, laughing at something Dean’s said. It’s loud and warm, a real laugh that makes your eyes crinkle and shine, and you wonder if you can still laugh like that after everything you’ve been through.

But that’s not the point.

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MOVIN IN | Moving in with Shawn [BP]

A/N: Hi here’s another bullpoint thingy haha. I’m planning on two other bps! Chrismas! Shawn and Best Friend! Shawn. Tell me if you want me to make them! Hope you like this! Feedback is welcomed! Much love xx

Moving in with Shawn:

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a possibly unpopular gripe

you know what bugs me so much? people who don’t work in education saying something like this:

School should teach life skills, like paying taxes or paying bills or how to balance a checkbook, and spend less time on stuff kids are never going to use, like algebra and history.

Originally posted by geekylaugifs

here’s why i hate it. those tasks, while very useful, require the ability to read basic directions and utilize tools like the internet to define basic terms. also, there are many resources that the average person can access to guide them through these processes. also, i actually do expect that when my students graduate, they can read and follow directions and access resources to learn new things. these learning skills are part of the capacity building that many schools employ when teaching their students to be critical thinkers and problem solvers.

also, like, you know who else complains that students never learn anything useful? STUDENTS. and students aren’t always the best judge of whether they are learning at all…have you ever heard a student say “we never do anything in here” even though you are building beautifully scaffolded lessons and your students are demonstrating growth and learning your content? yeah, me too.

meanwhile, we live in a country where lots of people think that the mainstream media just MAKES UP the news and that memes on Facebook are reliable sources of information, adults in charge of making decisions for the nation literally refuse to collaborate with one another, and people who sit in the highest offices demonstrate an utter disdain for critical thinking. we need close readers and critical thinkers. we need scientists and historians and people in all fields who value numbers and data, who aren’t afraid to ask tough questions, and who are willing to listen to voices vastly different from their own.

one might say that it’s the value of budgeting one’s money, or the cold hard reality of how taxes really affect ones earnings that really needs teaching, but to that i would say, they do learn those things. the republicans just passed a ridiculous tax bill. do you think kids across the country aren’t reading about this in their econ and government classes? do you think that in the push to provide access to college for students of all socioeconomic backgrounds that educators aren’t prepping students to understand the difficulties of taking care of one’s self?

this, to me, is just more of the disrespect and misunderstanding that plagues educators and the education systems, and it’s a lot of white noise that jams up the frequency when people who actually know what they are talking about…like people who work in schools…can speak about what their students are actually doing and what types of changes would make schools better.

if your highest aspiration for our young people is that they learn how to do something that a website will do for them for free, then i would say it’s not teachers who are failing kids.

Single Mom

Let me know what you think!

Being a single mom was not something that you had ever expected your future to hold. Having to leave your home in Star City and go back to Gotham in order to get you and your baby away from an abusive ex even less so.

“Thanks for letting me stay with you, Roy”

“It’s no problem, Y/N, you and Jackson are welcome to stay as long as you want. Trust me, I know all about needed to get away from Star City”

You reach out and pull your cousin into a tight hug, “We won’t be staying long, I already have a job and just need to look for an apartment”

“Don’t worry about it. I know that Gotham can be a difficult city to find a safe apartment in.”

“Tell me about it, luckily your dad sent in a good word to Bruce Wayne and I’m going to be his new secretary. It’s a surprisingly good salary, hopefully I’ll be able to save enough to get us out of Crime Alley – Not that your apartment isn’t nice! I just -”

“You just don’t want to raise a three year old in Crime Alley. Don’t worry, I understand”

“You can come live with us, get to a better neighborhood”

Roy ruffles your hair, “Nah, cousin, I like it here, this place has grown on me. And plus, if I leave whose gonna make sure that the girls on the corner ain’t pushed around?”

“So you look out for the hookers?”

“They’re sweet ladies, they just gotta do what they gotta do. I just make sure that the Johns don’t get too rough, and if they need a snack I’ll toss down a few things”

“You’re such a bleeding heart, Roy!”

“I can’t help it! They have kids and some guys can be assholes”

You let out a dry chuckle, “I know all about guys being assholes. Trust me”

“I’m so sorry you had to go through that, Y/N” Roy pulls you down onto the couch, “Do you think Jacks will remember anything?”

“I hope not, the only time he really saw Lyle hit me was when we were trying to leave, at least I hope that’s the only time he saw it. Jackson’s a smart kid though, hopefully he’s too young to remember anything.”

“You think he’s gonna try and sue for custody?”

“I sure as hell hope not”

Roy smirks, “For his sake I hope to hell he stays far away from Gotham”

Six months later finds you in your own apartment in a much nicer side of Gotham than Roy’s apartment in Crime Alley. Jackson’s been enrolled in pre-school, and then goes to daycare while you’re at work.


You kneel down, easily catching your son in your arms, “Hey, pumpkin! I missed you”

“I missed you too, Mommy!”

Scooping up the now four year old boy you turn and head back to your car, “I have a little bit of work that I still need to do at the office, okay sweetheart? Will you be a good boy and draw me a picture while I work?”

The smile your son gives you is bright enough to warm your heart, “Yeah! And I can tell you about my new friends!”

“Of course, Jacks, of course. You know I always want to hear about your day”

Jackson continues to talk while you drive back to WE, “And everyone’s my friend! Even the teacher is really cool! She says that I’m super smart because I already know how to write my name and read some!”

Thankfully Jackson’s always been eager to learn. He took to reading relatively quickly, and even wants to try learning how to speak another language. The woman down the hall from your apartment likes to speak to Jackson in Italian, and has started to teach you and Jackson a few phrases.

“Did you show her that you can add and subtract too?”

“No, Mrs. Ellie said that we get to do math tomorrow, so I have to wait”

“Well, if you want you can practice your math when we get inside, just to make sure that you haven’t forgotten anything”

Jackson’s eyes light up, “Yeah! You’re so smart Mommy”

“Thanks, pumpkin”

Once you get Jackson set up with his math problems, several sheets of paper, and a cup of juice, you can finally finish your work for the day. Most people think that being a secretary is easy work, and it might be if you worked for anyone other than Bruce Wayne. Mr. Wayne who was constantly canceling or rescheduling meetings, having some kind of scandal, or hosting some kind of party, was a lot of work to keep up with.



“How long are we gonna be here? I’m hungry”

“I’m almost done, sweetheart. I just need to make a few more of these invitations so I can send them out tomorrow and then we can go.”


You whip around, coming face to face with your boss. “Mr. Wayne?! What are you doing here so late? I though you left at 3 today”

Bruce raises an eyebrow, “I could ask you the same thing considering I know you left at 5 pm, but here you are at 6:30pm and still working”

“I – I had to pick up my son” you make an aborted gesture towards the four-year-old, “and I had to come back to finish these invitations for the gala in two weeks …”

“I didn’t even know that you had a son”

“Well, I try not to bring up my personal life at the office, I mean I’m just your secretary Mr. Wayne”

“Yes, but you’ve been with me for over six months and I still never knew that you had a son. Hasn’t he gotten sick or anything?”

“Well, my cousin Roy can usually watch Jackson when he’s sick so I don’t have to take time off work. I mean I can’t really afford to miss much, it’s a little difficult to be a single mom and pay rent. I was only just recently able to move out of Crime Alley and I’d like to be able to stay out of there”

“I’m … sorry. I always asked you to work weekends, or come in after hours. I never realized you had a son” Mr. Wayne pauses for a minute, “You mentioned your cousin. Roy? Would that happen to be Roy Harper?”

“Yeah, actually. Do you know him?”

“He and my sons, Jason and Dick, are good friends”

“Yeah, he mentioned a Jason and Dick, but I never got the chance to meet them before I moved out.”

“Mommy, I’m hungry”

“Sorry, baby, I’m almost done. Do you want some fruit snacks?”

“Yeah!” You quickly pull out a pack of fruit snacks and pull it open. “Thanks”

“I’m really sorry, Mr. Wayne, but I need to finish this up so I can figure out some dinner”

“Actually, I was going to go to dinner with my sons and I wanted to know if you and Jackson would like to come. It’d be my treat”

“I can’t ask that of you, Mr. Wayne”

“Call me Bruce, and I insist. You’ve made my life so much easier these past few months that dinner for you and your son would be the least I can do. What do you think, Jackson? Would you like to go out for dinner with my sons and I?”

“Yes, please!”

You narrow your eyes at your boss, “What was a dirty trick, Mr. Wayne, using my own son against me”

“Come on, Y/N, it’s just dinner. And three of my sons are close to your age, I know that you don’t have very many friends your own age, not with how much time you spend here and then with how much you must spend with your boy”

“Please, Mommy? Can we please go? I promise I’ll be good and I’ll use all my manners”

“Fine, we can go, but you have to clean up after yourself first”

Jackson scrambles to get everything in order. He puts all of his papers in his backpack, and throws away his juice cup and snack wrapper. “All clean”

“All right” Quickly logging out of your computer and gathering your own things, you turn back to the billionaire, “So, where are we going?”

You all arrive at the small diner at the same time. “Boys, I’d like you to meek Y/N and her son, Jackson. She was working late tonight and though it would be nice if they joined us”

“Hi, I’m Dick” The man grins, his blue eyes sparkle with the light of a man that’s seen a lot in his life, but still manages to see the good in everyone. “It’s really nice to meet you guys” He doesn’t seem to know how to handle Jackson though, so it’s obvious that he’s never been around kids.

The second man that steps forward is huge. He’s about as big as Bruce, but he has gunmetal grey eyes and a strange white streak in his hair. “I’m Jason” As soon as you let go of his hand Jason crouches down and smiles at Jackson, “Hey, big man. My name’s Jason, what’s yours?”

The little boy grins and to your surprise darts forward, wrapping his arms tightly around Jason’s neck. “My name’s Jackson, but mommy calls me Jacks”

Jason pulls back slightly, a soft smile on his handsome face, “Oh yeah, bud? And what does your daddy call you?”

You twitch not expecting the question, but before you can even open your mouth Jackson answers, “Well, my father liked to call me bad names, like bastard and little shit, and he used to hit mommy, but mommy and me left to come here and live with Uncle Roy”

Everyone paused, either in shock or in horror at what Jackson had just said. Slowly crouching down and pulling Jackson away from Jason, “Baby, we talked about this, remember? We said that we weren’t ever gonna tell people about your father and what he did.”

“I know, but -”

“You promised that you wouldn’t tell people, Jackson. When people ask where your father is you tell them …”

“That I don’t have one” Jackson’s lip wobbles, “’m sorry, mommy”

“It’s okay, sweetheart. Come on, lets meet everyone else and then we can eat, alright?”


Dinner is a surprisingly fun affair. It’s full of the brothers constantly picking at each other, Bruce trying to control his sons, and your own son’s laughter. Jackson seems to bond even more with Jason and, to everyone’s apparent surprise, Damian.

Damian places the menu on the table, “No, Jackson, chocolate milk is obviously superior to plain milk, so that is what we shall get”

“You like chocolate milk too?!”

“tt – of course.”

“Mommy, can I have chocolate milk?”

“Only a small cup, I don’t want you to have too much sugar before bedtime”

Jackson’s smile is bright, “Thank you!”

Jason smiles at you, watching his youngest brother and your son debate which is better, grilled cheese or chicken nuggets. “He’s a cute kid”


“He’s pretty damn smart too. He was telling me about his math and reading when you were talking to Tim and Bruce about work.”

Your eyes soften when they fall on your boy, “He’s always been smart and he soaks up new information like a sponge. He likes to watch animal documentaries instead of cartoons, and one of my neighbors is teaching him a little bit of Italian.”

“Even smarter than I thought” Jason’s eyes meet yours, “You know you’re pretty awesome too”

“I just your dad’s secretary, Jason”

“You’ve also gotten yourself out of an abusive relationship, and are raising a pretty awesome kid”

A blush starts creeping up your cheeks, “Thank you. You seem to be pretty good with kids you know”

“Before Bruce adopted me I lived in Crime Alley, there were a lot of kids on the street that needed to be looked after. I honestly think that kids can sense that I’ve had experience, that I like to be around kids”

The chocolate milk comes for Damian and Jackson, when Damian just tries to drink it Jackson shows him the wonder of blowing milk bubbles, “I was surprised when he hugged you. Ever since we left his father he’s been wary of strange men, the only man he really likes is Roy. Damian I can understand because he’s young, but you’re huge and basically a stranger”

“Kids have pretty good instincts, especially ones who’ve witnessed abuse”

Jackson lets out another shrieking giggle, this time at Dick and Tim fighting over the last French fry, “You guys are just really good with him” Dick starts whining when he realizes that Jackson stole the fry among all the fighting. Bruce calls the waitress over and orders another three servings of fries.

“So, I know that we only just met, but I was wondering if you’d like to go out with me sometime? Like on a date?”

“Yes!” Both you and Jason look at Jackson in surprise, “Say yes, mommy!”

“You want me to go on a date with Jason?”

Damian snorts, “tt – you would be an acceptable partner for Todd, much better than any other woman he has brought around. The child is also acceptable, I quite enjoy his company”

“Glad we have your approval, Demon Brat, but it’s up to Y/N whether or not she wants to go out with me”

Giving Jason a shy smile you nod, “I think I’d really like to go out with you, Jason. I mean Roy had some pretty good things to say about you, and if you’re his best friend than I guess you must be a pretty good guy”

Jason’s grin is blinding, and Jackson cheers, “Yay, mommy!”

Jason’s out patrolling, making one last round before heading in for the night. He hasn’t been able to stop smiling since Y/N said yes to a date, but that smile is quickly wiped off his face when a red arrow hits his helmet.


Jason yanks off the helmet, looking up in shock at his best friend, “What the fuck, Roy?! Did you just shoot an arrow at me?!”

“That was a warning shot. You hurt my baby cousin or her boy and the next time I shoot, you won’t be wearing the helmet. Understand?”

“Yeah – Yeah I understand”

Slowly Roy unnotched his arrow, sliding it back into his quiver, “Good. Jay, I love you like a brother, but I’m serious, you hurt either of them and I’ll kill you”



Can we say that Season 2 is getting better and better? Unlike the others, I watched this one in French (which isn’t a problem since it’s my first language) so my translations of what they said might not be exact. So first of all, am I the only one who thinks Marinette’s grandma is awesome?? She looks so groovy, even for an elder lady! And I know some of you say it’s Marinette’s fault of she got akumatized, but I think it’s deeper than that. Gina, her grandma, wanted to spend time with her, just like they used to when she was a kid, but Marinette (isn’t a kid anymore). She’s 14 and like most of us, she also wants to spend time with her friends. That seems like a thing that some adults don’t necessarily understand. We love you but we just want to chill with our friends sometimes. And that’s exactly what happened with Marinette. She was hoping for a surprise birthday party and when Alya send her that text, she couldn’t wait to go see them to maybe celebrate her birthday. She still felt bad for leaving her grandma tho, and she told her that, but Gina brushed it off and (insisted that she goes). Of course, I understand why she was upset but (she) was the one who insisted. In the end, she realized that Marinette wasn’t a little girl anymore but at that time, she just wanted her little girl back to spend the whole day with her. That’s what caused her to be akumatized. The fact that she saw her granddaughter so rarely and expected her to hang out with her and do the same things every year, she expected her to (not change).

Moving on to the party… I LOVE MARINETTE’S FRIENDS SO MUCH LIKE THEY ARE SO SWEEEEET. I really love how Kim practically jumped on the grandma to save Marinette or how they almost all tried to help while using teamwork like MY BABIES. It’s obvious that they think highly of her, and Rose proved it when she said that Marinette was the nicest girl.

AND ADRIEN. THAT DORK. DON’T YOU //DARE// TELL ME THAT HE ISN’T IN LOVE. What was his first preoccupation when he transformed into Marinette? Keep her safe. He even carried her to the Eiffel Tower to make sure she’ll be okay. She called her a sweet girl AND wished her a happy birthday as Chat Noir. SO SWEET. And did y’all see how relieved he was when he saw that Marinette wasn’t in that closet?That’s adorable! Oh, and my favourite part was clearly when Adrien gave Marinette the bracelet. A BRACELET THAT MATCHED THE ONE SHE GAVE HIM!! He is such a lovestruck doofus and he doesn’t even know it.

Even the parents know there’s chemistry between them at this point because they smiled proudly when they watched them like oH mY gOd. And when Marinette did that speech on how the present didn’t matter and that it was the person who gave it to you, they even did a closeup on Adrien smiling goofily whole staring at bracelet. I SWEAR BOI YOU’RE SO IN LOVE WHY DON’T YOU REALIZE IT??

Also, Tikki was an adorable cinnamon roll and really wanted Marinette to love her present, we need to protect her at all cost.

OH and I almost forgot the part where Hawk Moth wanted for La Befana to attack but she asked him to say please.




I swear Season 2 is gonna kill me-


Name: Keep talking.
Pairing: Loki x reader
Summary: the reader has the fear of being annoying, so she always stops talking as soon as she feels like she may overstep a tiny boundary. Loki suddenly realizes that.

“And that was a weird feeling,” you are in the middle of telling Loki about your day, when you notice the watch. Damn. Too long. You must be terribly annoying. So you shut your mouth and stare at the cup of tea he is holding. Loki always follows the golden lines on the edge of the cup with the tip of his finger - gentle, soft movement. The moment you stop talking, he stops stroking the edge of the cup.

“What is wrong?”

“I… I have been…” you chuckle nervously. “I have been annoying.”

“At what point?” he does not seem to understand.

“I have been… talking about myself.”

“Yes,” he looks up at you and puts the cup on the table. “You cannot seriously believe you are limited in time or that I am not interested in what you have to say. Do you?”

“Well, I don’t want to annoy you…”


“I am sorry,” you lower your head.

“Y/N, look at me,” you slowly look up at him and momentarily wish you didn’t. He is hurt. You didn’t know a god of mischief would look so hurt, yet there he is - sitting in front of you, biting his lip a bit, his hands struggling to stay still. You hate it when his eyes lose that light of happiness he always has. “Y/N, I freed all my evenings and nights especially for you. What kind of a relationship we have if you don’t talk to me?”

“But you probably have your own problems…”

“That we will talk about when the time comes. I want to hear about what happens in your life. As much of it as you spend without me, I want to know about it. And…” he stops talking for a second, looking for the words. Bites his lip again. “I do not know who taught you to stay quiet. I do not care. I just need you to talk to me. Can you try? Can you talk to me and not look at that damn watch?”

“I will,” you suddenly see why he wants you to do that. He has always been ignored. He has always been the second son, the least important brother. “Loki?”

“If you say something about not being worthy of my divine time, I will poison you,” he promises you quietly, and you can hardly help a laughter. Loki gives you a short smile and raises a hand to gently stroke your cheek, then pulls you closer to press his lips against your forehead. “You are stupid, and I can’t help but want to save your stupid mind.”

“I just don’t want you to get annoyed and…”

“Y/N, I could not get annoyed,” he chuckles. “Have you seen yourself when you are talking about something that matters to you? That light in your eyes? How you stumble because words can’t express your passion for something? Your smile when you are happy about it?” you blush. A lot.

until forever

This is short and more a thought than a real story, similar to what Cozy and Romantic is like. It’s kinda a continuation actually.

Summary: What I think H would say when he tries to ask the most important question.

This is based on a request. Hope you enjoy. :)

Harry would watch from where he’d sit on the couch, eyes filled with amusement, warmth and adoration, as I would sit on the floor next to our small fire pit and arrange and then rearrange the wrapped gifts under our tree until the ensemble looked nice in my eyes. He’d bite his lips and then smile a little, overwhelmed with how happy this oh so domestic feeling would make his chest tingle. And he’d want this picture to last a lifetime.
The flat would smell nice, especially since Harry had agreed to have a real tree indoors, which meant that its smell mixed with the constant aroma of christmas biscuits he would bake every day (though I wouldn’t be allowed to eat any but one, and that only because he’d want to know if I liked it, the rest he would store away and keep hidden until christmas day) and once I put up the honey wax candles, those too transformed our flat into a warm and comfortable little home.
Harry’s heart would give a tiny squeeze and he’d swallow hard before sitting up. 

“Y/N? Can you come here for a second?”

It’d be unusual for him to call me by my given name instead of a nickname, so he’d have my attention and worry instantly. My eyes would find his, I’d frown at the sight of his serious expression and then climb to my feed and sit by his side on the couch, where he’d take my hand in his much bigger one and give it a squeeze. 

“Are you okay, my love?” I’d ask gently.

His lips would turn upward and he’d grant me a small smile before meeting my eyes with hesitation and uncertainty in them. I’d pull my legs up to sit closer to my now silent boyfriend and reach up one hand so I could scratch his neck and lightly tug on his curly hair, knowing he’d find it comforting. The lights decorating our walls as well as the small fire to his left hand side shone in his pretty eyes and gave his skin a warm glow. 

“M’thinking a bit,” he would say after a while more of me caressing his cheek and neck tenderly.

“That’s new,” I’d giggle, relieved to see him smile as well and my heart would flutter at the sight of my favorite person happy and close to me.

Harry would smell almost as good and homey as our flat did and if he weren’t so deep in thought and obviously troubled, I would’ve cuddled up into his side and breathed in his neck.  I’d initiate a make out session, because kissing him was something I’d never tire of, before leaving to prepare a dinner we could then enjoy while watching ‘A Christmas Prince’, a movie I’d refused to watch before the 20th of December when my festive mood reached its high.
But now, I wanted nothing but to find out what was wrong with him and make sure he’d feel as warm and good as I had just a few moments ago.

“Harry, you’re worrying me,” I would sigh against his shoulder, “Normally when you’re all quiet and stuck in that head of yours it’s because you’re hiding something bad from me.”

“M’not,” he’d answer quickly, “Not tonight at least. Kinda… the opposite, I hope?”

His eyes would be hopeful when they’d meet mine with sparkling love in them and this time I’d let myself lean forward and kiss his pretty mouth. 

Tomorrow, our home would be filled with people we both loved dearly and Harry would be aware how much I would be looking forward to that, making that night perhaps not the best moment to bring up another subject. One much more important and life changing. 
But after he would’ve spent a month decorating our flat, going to christmas markets together, shopping for presents and bake christmas goods for the third year in a row, he’d know that this was what he’d want every december to be like, for the rest of his life. 
The thought would scare him, would scare any person and whoever claimed otherwise was lying, but upon looking into my eyes, his heart would know. This would be what he’d want more than he’d ever wanted anything else.

I’d smile when his fingers would raise mine so he could press a soft kiss to my open palm, though when he’d pull away and raise to his feet, I’d scoot back on the couch and look at him confused. 
Harry’s hands would clench and unclench, his knees shake and when he’d speak, his voice would quiver. 

“M’in love with you,” Harry would choose to say and suddenly he’d regret having decided to do this today, when it was christmas. 

Because oh god what if I’d be unhappy? What if I wouldn’t say what he’d so desperately hope I would?

I’d smile again and hold out a hand for him to take where he stood, “I’m in love with you, too.” 

“And I want things to be like this forever.” 

I’d swallow hard. “I agree, but why are you bringing this up now?”

“Because you’re beautiful. And…” 

His lips would part, surprised at his own honesty and my fingers would squeeze his gently, before I’d drop them and press them against my mouth to silent the loud gasp falling from it. 
Harry would’ve dropped to his knee in front of the couch, coming closer to my body where it would’ve gone rigid with shock at his action. 
The hand I’d let go of would reach for mine again and I’d watch a flash of fear cross his lovely face. 

“Hold m’hand, baby,” he’d whisper, “S’reassuring and I could really need some courage at the moment.” 

“Harry-” I’d stutter, but of course complying by taking his palm, “What are you doing? Are you-”

“M’so crazy about you, Y/N. And I hope you don’t completely hate how I’m bringing this up when it’s christmas time, and you’re head is busy planning tomorrow’s dinner, but watching you tonight as well as spending this month with you… m’just so happy. Genuinely happy.”

I’d scoot closer to the edge of the couch so I could bring his hand to my lips. “I am, too, Harry. This december was much calmer and better organized than the last and- gosh why am I talking about that when you’re… H, are you…?”

“I want you to marry me.”

The words would tumble from his lips, this time no hesitation in both, his tone or his eyes. The position on his knee would slowly become uncomfortable but it would be hard to notice when his ears would be ringing and his heart thrumming loudly in his chest. 

“Please,” he would ad, and I’d give a little cry at how utterly sweet he’d sound.

“Harry, oh my-” unable to finish I would throw myself forward and wrap both arms around his neck, before bringing my mouth to his and kiss him passionately. 

His hands would settle on my hips and I’d giggle softly when he’d stumble back and fall on his bum harshly, bringing me into his lap so we’d sit awkwardly on the floor. Our embrace would be tight and my lips a constance against his face. 

“Want to have kids, celebrate this time of the year with them and figure out how to tell them that Santa isn’t real once they’re not little anymore. I want to spend hours shopping for their christmas presents and when people ask what we’re planning on doing on Christmas Eve I want to be able to say that m’gonna spend it with my wife and family. I just… I want an us and I want it forever.”

He’d be out of breath by the end of his speech and I’d sob heavily, seeing our future as clear in front of his eyes as he would.

“Of course,” I’d promise him, lips pressed to his cheek, “I’ll marry you. Of course, Harry, my heart… I love you.”

I’d feel his tears against my neck before hearing him cry, though it would be when I’d hush into his ear that he had no reason to be sad, he’d laugh quietly and point out that I myself, was crying too, and that be was certain that neither of our tears were caused by sadness, but because we’d be overwhelmed with how happy we were.
We would be together forever and the thought alone would be enough to make me kiss him, swear that I’d give him my heart until we died and longer, and wrap him into an embrace I’d hope I wouldn’t ever have to let go of again.

This is something I’m not too sure about, but that’s okay. Hope you’re all well and happy. :) x

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