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High School Band AU: Ch. 10

“Hi there! I thought you wouldn’t come.”

“Me too.” You chuckle nervously.

“Ha! You haven’t changed at all, MC!” he laughs “And that’s good.”

Ugh… this chill going down your spine everytime V smiles. That’s exactly why you didn’t want to come to this get together at his place. Well, not because of him, specifically, it’s just… the last party you’ve been on didn’t end exactly great (it could have been so much worse, but still…), and it’s really weird showing up in a place you don’t know the owner that well. It’s V, he seems cools and all, but what is this feeling? Ah yes, the feeling you don’t belong here.

Because you don’t! Look around! These guys are Tumblr accounts coming to life, these girls must had been born with natural Instagram filters all over their faces. You? Wearing a sequin dress you found in your mom stuff and Zen’s jacket in an attempt of looking cool. Attempt.

If at least Zen was here, or maybe Jaehee and Yoosung, you would have someone to talk, but they didn’t come.

But how did you end here, anyway? Cue to flashback!

You know those horror movie scenes where someone is looking at a mirror and leans down, for some reason, then something appears behind them in the reflection?

There you are brushing your teeth after the break, you leaned down to wash your mouth and when you came back… Rika was smiling at you through the reflection. You obviously yelped.

“Jeez! Calm down, honey… it’s just me…” yeah, exactly.

“Sorry, I was just surprised.” So she scares the sit out of you and you apologize? Ugh… you’re so weak sometimes. Especially next to her.

“Did I make you nervous? I’m sorry.” She pouts, well, she’s apologizing too, even though it doesn’t sound too sincere… “Anyway, how have you been? With the band and all…”

“I’m good.” You nod, trying to find something else to say. “Goody good.” Ugh…

“Well, I’m glad, I thought something was going wrong because Yoosung suddenly stopped talking about you… I thought it was weird, because he couldn’t shut about you, your talent, your coolness, and you know…” you… don’t. But you know Yoosung has been a little aloof, indeed. “So I thought should come to the source directly.”

“Well, the source is dry, everything seems fine to me.”

“You’re getting along with everyone, then?” let’s see… Zen and Jaehee are acting a little weird, Yoosung gets even shyer around you than before, Saeran and Jumin are enigmas (not in the cool mysterious way, just the “stay away before they stab you” way) and there’s Saeyoung… which… made you feel pathetic for wanting to kiss him and them making a whole fuss when he refused.

“I am.”

“Great! I couldn’t go to the show at my friend’s party. I was in a studio session with a famous singer… can’t say his name.” she winks playfully.


“It’s Nick Jonas.”

“Okay.” You prefer Joe, anyway.

“Anyway, I heard the show was great! And it couldn’t be otherwise if you and the guys weren’t getting along, right?” Ugh… why does it feel she can see right through you? “And let me tell you, you must be someone who really makes everybody feel comfortable around you, it takes this ability to be a great vocalist. But I’m sure you know all that.” Shit…

Is there tooth paste in your chin? You forgot how ridiculous you must look right now, well, it’s probably not even close to how ridiculous you feel.

“Oh… I almost forgot why I was looking for you, in the first place…” wasn’t it to see the ‘source’? Source… you’re just a source of endless awkwardness, that’s what you are. “Oh yeah, Jihyn is throwing a little get together at his place on Saturday. You should totally come!”

“Me? Why?”

“Why?” she chuckles “Because you’re part of something he created, we both did, and you’re doing such a great job with that, so… you deserve it.”

“I don’t… I…”

“You don’t deserve it?” you stare at her thought the mirror, her olive eyes look on fire. Ah, this feeling… this anger you get when someone acts like they’re daring you knowing you’ll chicken out…

“See you on Saturday, Rika.” But you know what’s worse? The fact that you’re predictable enough to let yourself be dared.

So here you are, completely dislocated at a party you know no one. Well, not no one, you know V… sort of. And Jumin, yes, he’s here too looking like the bad kind of enigma… there’s Rika too, and you’re such good friends, right?

Oh, and you know the DJ. It’s Saeyoung. And you have been avoiding him ever since that day.


“MC! I’m glad you made it!” and it can get more perfect! Here’s Rika, oh, and Jumin! “You look… sparkly.” Hum…

“Don’t you mean ‘glowing’?” Jumin asks, ugh… he just doesn’t get it!

“Yes, that’s what I meant. Are you having fun, honey?”

“The time of my life.” You drink whatever it’s in your cup. This must be the taste of gasoline burning down your throat. You do your best not to make a disgusted frown.

“Good. I was so worried this wouldn’t be your scene with all these older people from college and all.”

“Yes.” Jumin nods. “The scene here can be quite boring for her.” Both you and her look surprised at him. Did he just… get your back? Ah, don’t forget this is the guy who wanted to punch Zen a few weeks ago, don’t… don’t smile. “For her and for Saeyoung. Did you talk to him, MC?”

“I didn’t. There was no chance.” Another sip into the gasoline. It’s a drinking game with yourself for every time you lie. “Why is he djing here, anyway?”

“Didn’t you know? He gets hired to play at some parties. V always calls for him when he needs. It’s more to help him, if you want to know.”

“Help him?”

“Yes, Saeyoung and Saeran work in several places to provide for their mother. She is sick.” Oh…

“Oh, that’s… that’s sad.”

“Yes. That’s why Saeran misses so many classes. If he doesn’t watch out, he’ll be expelled like Zen did.”

“Zen got expelled?” you raise your tone, attracting some curious eyes.

“From his previous school, yes. His grades were terrible and keeping him could be a problem, so they expelled him.”

“That’s… awful.”

“You didn’t know any of that?” Rika asks curiously.

“I didn’t. “ you’re not lying, yet you drink again. “Excuse me, I… gotta pee.” You could have said that you’re going to the restroom, but who cares? Jumin knows how you are by now. And fuck what Rika thinks. Intentionally or not, she already made you feel embarrassed enough.

And you’re not going to pee, anyway. You just need to walk away a little. It’s painfully uncomfortable here. Uncomfortable… you never let Zen comfortable enough to open up with you about stuff like that. What about Jaehee and Yoosung? Did you make them uncomfortable as well? Rika’s words drum your head, is it really true that a great vocalist should make everybody feel comfortable?

Then, aren’t you a great vocalist?

“V told me that this drink made him wake up behind the fridge once.” You look to the voice coming behind you in the balcony you went to get some air. Saeyoung is leaning against the wall with his hands in his hoodie pockets.

“Can you walk off your booth?”

“Well, there’s this new technology, I don’t know if you’re familiar with, it’s called ‘flash drive’ and…” you throw your cup on him, making him laugh. “Catching some air?”

“Yeah… I shouldn’t have come, so I’m gathering some guts to go away without V noticing me.”

“Why shouldn’t you have come?” he walks towards you and stands next to you in the balcony.

“Because this isn’t my scene.” Not because it’s boring, it’s because you’re lame. “And because of it, I just realized I’m not a good person.”

“Now why would that be?” you look at him, shocked.

“Did you know that Zen got expelled from his previous school?”

“Well, yeah.”

“Well, I didn’t! And I spent that night with him at that bar once!”

“You’re mad at him for not telling you?”

“I’m mad because I never made him feel comfortable to tell me. I… I just made him get up on that stage with me, because that’s what I do. I get dared, and I don’t see anything else around me, because I’m selfish and… childish, and…”

“Dramatic.” He smiles, and you glare at him. “MC, you know Zen for less than a month, you can expect him to open up like this. Zen is an open book and all, but even him must have things he doesn’t want to share for someone new.”

“Okay, I can be a little dramatic, but don’t tell me I’m not selfish and childish, you’re the one who saw for yourself that other day…” you blush, looking away from him.

“That… had nothing to do with you…”

“Then it has to do with who, Saeyoung?”

“Forget it, MC. It’s just… you wouldn’t understand. It’s just… do you know I play drums too, MC?” what tdoes this have to do with everything?

“No, I didn’t. But so what?”

“So what that I know how to play drums, I’m as good as Saeran, matter of fact. Actually, I auditioned for the drums when joining the band, and I made it.”

“So why don’t you play the drums?”

“Because my brother plays drums too, he is so good I just had to show a video I took of him playing and V asked him to join while I could be the roadie/dj. And… I really wanted to include my brother, you know?”


“I want him to be happy, I feel like I owe him, so… I’m always willing to let it go when we want the same… thing.”

“That sounds mature, but it’s pretty sad, Saeyoung.”

“It is.” Both of you nod. “And I hope you understand why I wouldn’t feel comfortable sharing about this, but… the problem is our mother.”

“I know a lot about problematic mothers, don’t worry. No questions asked.” He smiles. “Except for one, why did you change the subject and didn’t answer me with who it has to do?”

He widens his eyes and chuckles.

“Because you shouldn’t be asking me.”

“Who should I be asking, then?”

“You had just one question, remember?” he smiles at your confused face. “Better getting back to my booth. Take care, MC.”

“You too” you scoff when he passes beside you to go back inside.

This conversation wasn’t helpful at all. At least you’re on good terms with Saeyoung, apparently. And you’re pretty confused, but it’s better than the insecurity you were feeling before. And with who this has to do? Saeyoung.

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Malfunction (A Barry Allen’s Daughter one-shot)

This is based on the Comic-Con trailer for Season 4! And in this scenario, Cisco made a machine that’ll bring Past Barry back but there was a malfunction with the machine. And instead of Barry coming out of the portal it was his daughter! And she is not happy.

(I do not own The Flash or ANY CW related, that includes the gifs the actors, EVERYTHING!)

(3rd’s POV)

They were out on a private territory where Barry had his first training. 

Cisco was doing a last-minute calculation on his invention to make sure that everything was in place. 

“So how exactly are you going to track Barry with that thing?” Wally asked.

Cisco closes the latch of his invention. “I made a few modifications as ‘Captain Solo’ would say, haha!” He started caressing the machine as if it was his own child. “I monitored the sensors to specifically search Barry’s DNA along with his meta DNA so that it’ll open a portal  without the need of Barry’s speed to open it.”

He then points out at two mechanical looking machines that were placed in a far and safe distance. “Those two generators you’re looking at are linked to the gun and it has the same technology that we use to create the portal to open earth 2 and other dimensions. We did a few changes to open it’s portal in any past or future we want. Once it’s open and find’s Barry, that’s when Caitlin will give the signal to shoot.”

“Are you sure this is going to work?” Joe asked the meta-human nerd, apprehensive. 

“Positive… well, maybe 85% sure. But! I assure you that it’ll work.” He gave Joe an assure look when he saw the detective’s troubled look.

“What are we waiting for then?” Wally asked in excitement, wanting to see his mentor again. Even if he was in the past.

“Right!” Cisco exclaims and pointed at Caitlin. “Caitlin turn on the hyper monitor to 90.5%. Passing to a 100 will probably make us disintegrated to piles of ashes.”

Joe and Wally shared a disturbed look.

Cisco grips the top handle of the time machine a turns to the Flash’s future in-laws. “You might want to step back.”

And they did.

Caitlin went to the monitors and quickly types in the numbers that Cisco commanded. After a moment later a beeping sound was heard. “Hyper monitor is active! Generators are turning in 3. 2. 1!”

A loud machine hum was heard from the two generators and suddenly a flash of electricity was sparked. And a small swirled portal was slowly appearing. The vortex was open.

The team felt the strong wind that was coming through the portal and a distant thunder was heard.

(Nora’s POV)

I was running through Central City after stopping a group of criminals that were robbing a highly secured bank. Too easy.

I stop at a roof of a tall building to admire Central City’s lights. It was beautiful, as always.

Good job Nora!” Uncle Cisco congratulates me through my earpiece. “That’s the third time this week!

“Thanks, Uncle Cisco.” I said happily. “What else do you got for me?”

Sorry kiddo, it’s almost your curfew and you know how your parents are when you don’t come home early.

I rolled my eyes in annoyance. “Don’t worry, I’ll be home before you know it. Plus, it’s not even a school night!”

But tomorrow’s your 16th birthday. We reserved Jitters and everything. Do you know hard it is to find an ice sculpture company to make your favorite Japanese stuffy?

“You mean Rilakkuma?”

Yes! Every ice company I went gave me a hate look and told me that it wasn’t possible. So I had to go to Central City’s School of Arts as a last resort and asked their principal if one of their students can do it. Luckily, four students agreed to take the challenge.

“Why not just ask Aunt Cait? I mean she is an ice meta-human.”

There was a long awkward pause until Cisco finally replies. “I need to make a quick call.

I chuckled. “You go ahead and do that. I’m just gonna do a quick patrol first and I’ll come back to the lab.”

Ok, we’ll see you later. Okay?

“Yep. See ya.”

I took one last look at the nightly view and sighed. It was weird to see this without Dad. He’s on earth 34 with the Justice League for an important meeting.

He didn’t say much, but he told me that Kara had encountered a green guy with powers. Alien obviously.

Dad assured me that he was going the be at the party tomorrow. But I couldn’t help but feel anxious. He always does this, being late and not on time for one of the most important moments of my life. 

And yet, he still manages to get there in time. And that’s what’s important.

On the first month that I became Dash, I understood how my Dad felt everytime he get’s late in one of my science fairs and my ballet recitals. 

It sucks, but it was worth it to see a smile in the end from either my friends or family.

I look at the view one last time and began to run through the city to do my last patrol.


“I got a lock on something!” Caitlin exclaimed.

The vortex was getting bigger and bigger by the second. Cisco’s grip on the gun began to tighten as he watched anxiously.

But when Caitlin announced their progress on the portal, his hope began to alter.

Suddenly, a large lightning flashed inside the portal. It was orange.

“It’s him.” Cisco breaths out. “It’s him!” He calls out in repeat.

Joe and Wally watched in astonished as they began to wait anxiously for Caitlin’s call.


I ran into the subway for a shortcut to go back to the lab. I was far from the lab than I thought when I saw the border sign of Central City.

I got a few minutes left until curfew. I really don’t want Mom to give a lecture or her deadly hard stares. They always made me feel weak.


Caitlin looks at the screen anxiously as she tries to find Barry’s source of DNA.

But unknowingly to her and the others. The wind moved one of the wires that were connected to one of the generators and landed on a small puddle of water that was made from a rainstorm last night.

A small spark began until a small smoke ignites from the wire. But it too small to be noticed from the Team as they continued to watch the portal.

And finally, Caitlin made her call. “Now Cisco!”

Cisco pressed the button and a large laser was inside the portal.


I jumped to cross the small ledge of the subway for fun as the train came and it missed me.

But as I got to the exit tunnel, a white light appeared. 

And I wasn’t in the subway anymore.

Instead, I was surrounded by swirls of lights, I looked around and began to say images of . .. my memories.

How is that possible?! 

Is this… the Speed Force?

I then saw a large bright light and. . .I don’t know why. But I feel this pull in my body that I need to go there.

I arrived at the light and founds myself fall into a hard surface.


A figure came out from the portal and Caitlin immediately turns off the machine. The humming sound disappeared and the portal was gone.

Team Flash expected to see a very confused Barry. But who they saw scrambled to stand up and had their back at them.

The speedster’s suit was red, but what was weird was that this Barry had a slight figure on his side.

“Barry?” Cisco asked in hesitation. 

The figure turns in surprise and to the Team’s shock and slight disappointment. 

It wasn’t Barry at all.

It was a girl.

The girl took off her mask and reveals a tied dirty blonde hair with confused green eyes. Barry’s green eyes.

The Team looked at the girl in shock, this was definitely not Barry.

The girl panted and yelled. “WHAT. . THE HELL?!”

“Might of had some miscalculation… Or a malfunction..” Cisco breathes out.

This is not good.


There you have it! 

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—————-(Bonus chapter!)

Nora watches in boredom at the adults who were screaming at each other of what had happened and what were they going to do with the. . . Samurai? She doesn’t know, all she knows is that she in Star Labs in the past, and hungry.

“What are we suppose to do now?!” Iris yelled at Cisco who sighed. 

“I don’t know! All I know is that we have a young speedster child,” He points at Nora. “And we have a broken generator.”

“So that’s it? You can’t fix the machine?” Wally asked.

Nora went to Cisco stash of candy on his desk and took out a plastic bag with fudge in it.

No cookie dough flavor? She thought and went back to where she was standing.

“It would take weeks to fix it. And while we’re at it.there is a teenage girl that came instead of Barry.”

He turns to her. “Who are you anyway?”

“I told you my name is Dash.” She said with her mouth half full with fudge.

“But who are you? And is that my fudge?” He snatched the fudge from her hands and she let a small sound of disappointment. 

Cisco then realized that he hadn’t had the chance to study the girl carefully. What he noticed was the symbol on the suit. 

A lightning bolt. 

“That symbol.” Cisco points.  But quickly puts it away when he realized that he practically pointing at her breast.

“What about it?” She asked.

“That’s Flash’s symbol, are you working with Team Flash now? Or something?”

Nora blinked. “Wait, what? You seriously have no idea who I am?”

“If I would, would I asked?” Cisco retorted.

That made Nora shut up immediately and sighed in defeat.

“God, Uncle Cisc, you can be a pain sometimes.” She then places a hand on her mouth. Shocked of what she had revealed.

“Uncle Cisc?” Cisco said in confuse. “Why did you call me Uncle Cisc?”

She looked at in hesitant and to the Team who is a wonderful family to her in the future.

If she’s ever going to get back home, she’s going to need their help. And the only way to do that is to be truthful.

“Because,“ She started. “You’re my Godfather.”

Cisco looks at the girl in shock.

“And I’m Nora. Barry’s daughter.”

This time, the others look at the girl in shock as well. 

“Oh.” Cisco said after a long pause of silence. “Well… good to know.”

Nora smiles awkwardly at her godfather.

Opening Up (Waitress AU) ~ Mistress

A/N: got this idea from my third listen through of the show. Jenna is Pearl, Trixie is Dawn and Kim is Becky. Enjoy. Lemme know if I should continue, but I might just anyway because I’m loving writing it. Lyrics/lines taken directly from the show are in bold.

Summary: “Pearlie, it’s time to pee on a stick.”

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Westallen Wedding Week: Day 3:-Vows

A/N: This time I wrote from Barry’s perspective as he struggles to put his feelings into words.

Barry knew he had a habit of tapping his pencil on the table when feeling frustrated. But, Barry didn’t realize that he was currently tapping his pencil at such a high speed until it was too late. The pencil moved so fast it phased threw the table and fell to his feet. Barry groaned and rubbed the back of his neck. Why was writing wedding vows so difficult?

This was Barry’s 7th attempt at writing vows. Everytime he tried to put his feelings for Iris into words it just came out as a redundant mess of “I love you” and “you’re my best friend”. Barry didn’t think there were enough adjectives in the English language to describe the way Iris made him feel. There may not be enough words in any language to capture the way his heart pounds when she kisses him. Or the overwhelming sense of peace and comfort he got she held his hand. Or what about the way his head would spin when she was wearing those thigh high boots? There definitely weren’t words for that feeling. Ever since they were children she gave him butterflies. Every time he thought that Iris couldn’t make him any happier, she did. Her smile made him rethink the meaning of life and the capacity science is able to explain it.

Barry sipped his coffee and looked over to the couch to see Iris still deep asleep. They were at Joe’s house for movie night but he got called to work before the opening titles finished. Iris said they’d wait up for him but fell asleep within minutes. Barry felt a weird sense of envy as he looked at how relaxed she was. She’d written her vows weeks ago. She was a professional journalist so needless to say she was a much more talented writer than Barry. He thought about what she might’ve said. It must flow so eloquently and perfectly describe her feelings.

But what are those feelings exactly? Obviously Barry knew she loves him. But after pining for Iris for such a long time he still occasionally had trouble believing they were finally together. Iris claimed to love Barry just as much if he loved her, if not more. Barry thinks that impossible. Not to toot his own horn, but Barry’s pretty sure he feels more love for Iris than most people feel for anyone in their lifetime.

He thought about Christmas of 2014, when he first told Iris how he felt. It was terrible timing, and at first she didn’t understand that he meant romantic love, and it was all word vomit. He wished it could’ve been romantic. Through the years Barry sometimes daydreamed about how he’d tell Iris he loved her. He daydreamed about his first kiss with Iris even more frequently.

Barry’s mind played him a scene from a day only he could remember. The day Mardon kidnaped Joe and almost destroy Central City with a tsunami. That was the first time he kissed Iris. Sometimes he had to remind himself that it was real, that it actually happened. The fact that it happened so often in his dream combined with the fact that nobody else could remember that day made the insecure side of Barry believed it was all an elaborate fantasy. But it was real. He couldn’t forget that feeling. At that point, it was the best he’d ever felt.

It was strange that Barry could remember their first kiss but Iris couldn’t. He hadn’t told her the specifics of that erased day. He wondered if he should. Would she be upset that they kissed and she couldn’t remember it? Hopefully not because that day was not the only time it happened. Barry kissed Iris on the porch after defeating Zoom. It felt just as good as their first, first kiss, but he was too emotionally drained at that moment to appreciate it. When Barry created Flashpoint and asked out Iris in that timeline he knew they would need to have another first kiss. He didn’t expect it to be in the presence of Eobard Thawne just moments before his mother was killed again. It was his fourth kiss with Iris that was her first kiss with him. Or… it was the first for both of them because technically those others never happened? So, in a way, they were just figments of Barry’s imagination?

Barry shook his head and decided not to go down the rabbit hole of what was and wasn’t real when it came to the idiosyncrasies of time travel. He still had vows to write. Barry crumpled up the piece of paper in front of him that was blank except for a few crossed out sentences. He stood up and started pacing around the living room. He looked at all the pictures Joe had of him and Iris growing up. That’s when he got the idea. 

He ran at super speed to the attic and searched the many boxes piled in it for his old notebooks. When he found them he felt like he found a long lost treasure. These notebooks were a diary Barry had written from freshman year of high school to a few years after he graduated from college. His feelings for Iris were a recurring theme in the entries. Barry’s idea was to use these entries detailing the feelings he had for Iris at different points in his life as his vows. He thought ‘Hey if my vows are going to be awkward and poorly written, they may as well be sentimental and genuine.’

Barry selected the best Iris focused diary entries and put them them together. He decided to write one final paragraph as an entry for his current self. He wrote “As you can tell, I’ve never been good at writing. I’ve never been able to find the words that accurately describe how much you mean to me, Iris. So I just have to show you. And I promise that I will. Everyday.”

I’m a Nervous Wreck (Patrick Stump)

Based Off of the Requests: Hey, first of all I just wanted to say that I love your stories so much and that I think you’re a really talented writer! Second, could you do like a high school type fic where the reader and Patrick like eachother but they are both like super nervous and it’s really fluffy <3

Monday Morning

I can’t help but smile as I see my name on the seating chart. It’s arranged in alphabetical order, just like every year, which means, just like every year, I’ll be sitting next to Patrick. I try to hide my glee as I walk back to my seat, sitting down and calming myself down to wait until he gets here. I wonder if he changed over the summer, I wonder if he’ll think I changed. We haven’t seen each other since the last day of school, two months ago, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been thinking about him. It’s possible I might have the tiniest crush on him, and in the past I’ve always been too nervous to talk to him, but this year, this year it’s gonna be different.

Right before the bell rings, Patrick walks in and immediately checks the seating chart, before shuffling back to slide in the seat next to me. He gives me a small smile, but the teacher begins to talk before he says anything.

“Good Morning class, I hope you all had a lovely summer. Now as you know, this is homeroom, so we will be meeting here every day for fifteen minutes. And the seating chart is permanent so I hope you get comfortable”

The teacher goes through rules and roll call, and then we’re given free time to talk. I see this as my chance to start a conversation with Patrick, but I suddenly find I have nothing to say. I open my mouth but nothing comes out, so I quickly drop my eyes to my desk when he glances over. Okay, maybe this year won’t be different.

“H-hey (Y/N)” Patrick says, glancing at me, “How was your summer?”

“Oh” I say, momentarily surprised out of words. “Um. it was fine. And yours?”

“It was good” Patrick replies simply. I nod in response, unsure how to respond, so we sit in an awkward silence for a second.

“Well, did you, um, do anything fun?” I ask, attempting to restart the conversation.

“Not really” Patrick says with a shrug, “Just stayed in town and hung out with friends and stuff”

I nod and wait for him to say something else, but he doesn’t. I clear my throat, trying to find something else to say, but the words die in my throat.

Patrick glanced awkwardly around the room, and looks back at me, but right as he opens his mouth, the bell rings.

“Well, I’ll see you tomorrow?” he asks quietly.

“Yeah, see you then” I say quietly, with a small smile.

I heave a sigh and walk to my next class, hoping that I can figure out how to be a little less awkward by tomorrow.


*Patrick’s POV* Monday Afternoon

“It was horrible” I groan as we push through the door’s on our way out of school.

“Im sure it wasnt that bad” Joe says, squinting in the light of the sun.

“No, it was, trust me” I complain, “We said like, twenty words in the entire fifteen minutes, and it was awkward and silent and I don’t know, it was weird”

“I thought you had some big plan about how this year was going to be different- you were finally going to talk to her, maybe even ask her out-”

“Yea well obviously I’d like that to happen” I say miserably,” But everytime I see her I just forget anything I want to say”

“Aw how adorable” Joe says in a fake sappy voice.

“Shut up,” I say, shoving him to the side, “ I can’t go through another year of this, what am I supposed to do?”

“Grow some balls and talk to her” Joe says rolling his eyes, “ Just ask her questions, girls like talking, you just have to come up with topics, and it’ll be easy after that”

“I doubt it, But I guess I’ll give it a try” I say doubtfully, sliding into the bus seat next to Joe.

I hope tomorrow’s going to be better.

Tuesday Morning

“Good morning, (Y/N)” I say with a smile, trying to stop my heart from pounding as her golden brown eyes meet mine with a nervous smile.

“Hey Patrick” she responds quietly.

“So, uh, what classes are you taking this year?” I ask nervously, trying to not sound weird, which I probably failed at.

“Oh um,” she says, looking surprised at the question, “ Well I’m taking…”

I hear her start the list of classes she’s taking, but I’m too nervous that I barely hear her words.

“Sorry, what?” I say quickly, realizing she’s staring at me, as though waiting for an answer.

“I asked what classes you had” she said, looking confused.

“Right, sorry, i’m, just kind of tired’ I give as a half hearted excuse, and answer the question.

We talk lightly about classes until the bell rings.

It wasn’t much, but at least  it was a conversation.


Wednesday Afternoon - (Y/N)’s POV

“It’s nice, actually,” I say slowly,” Just kind of strange. It’s like he’s asking me all these questions, but hardly listening to the answers”

“Im sure he’s just nervous,” Paloma says reassuringly, “At least you guys are talking”

“Yea,” I say with a smile, “ But it’s still just normal small talk, I want to be normal around him, but I’m so freaking awkward and nervous I act like an idiot every time we talk”

“No you do not,” she says sternly, “ You just have nerves, it’s okay, he does too”

“Yea but If I’m nervous like this all the time, nothing is ever going to happen” I complain

“And what is it exactly that you want to happen?” she asks grinning suggestively.

I feel my cheeks go pink,”I don’t know, but I’ve liked him for two years now, and we’re finally making a little progress, I just want, I don’t know, something more”

“And you’ll get it, I promise, it sounds like he likes you just as much as you like him, you just have to be patient, grasshopper. Now, have fun at lunch, I’ll see you later”

“Wait, you’re not staying with me?” I ask, grabbing her arm, “ I thought you changed your schedule to get into this lunch?”

“I tried, but they wouldn’t let me, I’m sorry” she says, apologetically.

“No, come on, I don’t want to sit by myself” I complain, even though I know there’s nothing she can do about it.

“Sorry, but I’ll see you in math, okay?”

I murmur an agreement and head into the cafeteria. Looks like this year I’ll be sitting alone.


*Patrick’s POV”

“Go sit with her” Joe demands, jabbing me in the shoulder


“Dude come one, she’s all alone” Chris points out.

“So you guys go sit with her” I respond defensively.

“She’s your girl” Joe says, raising an eyebrow.

“She’s not “my girl”” I say immediately.

“Okay but you want her to be” Chris says knowingly.

“Okay yes sure, but if I go over there, It’ll be 25 minutes of awkwardness and it’ll ruin what little progress I’ve made”

“Dude, all you’ve done is bombard her with questions over the last two days. If you want to build a relationship with her, you need to have real conversations” Joe says firmly, shoving me off on the bench, “ Now go sit with her!”

“You guys are dicks” I say gruffly.

“You’ll thank us later” Chris says with a smug grin. I flip the both of them off and grab my lunch off of the table and make my way across the room.

“H-hey (Y/N)” I say, clearing my throat, “Mind if I sit?”

“Of course not, sit down” she say with a relieved looking smile.

I get distracted by her smile before I realize I should probably say something.

“Where’s the girl you usually sit with?” I ask, praying that doesn’t sound rude.

“She got switched to the other lunch period, so it’s just me” she says looking a little sad.

Okay, I can do this. Cheering people up is something I’m actually decent at.

“You know, the worst lunch I ever had was the first day of fourth grade” I start.

“Oh yeah? How come?” She asks, intrigued.

“Well, I was uh, wearing these brand new pants my mom bought me right? They were bright yellow, and they had batman on the pockets, so they were clearly the coolest pants to ever exist” I say, grinning when she giggles at my joke. “ So obviously I was super proud of these pants, I mean who wouldn’t be?” I ask with a grin, feeling a little more euphoria as she continues laughing, slowly giving me more confidence. “ So I was bragging about them to the class, and when we went to lunch, I realized we were having chicken nuggets and fries- the height of luxury, so Obviously I was also excited about that too. I grabbed my tray and was racing back to my seat, because I was Batman, and so I had to be the fastest. But then, I tripped over my shoelace, and accidentally dumped my tray, ketchup and all, right down the white shirt of a boy named Jack- the scariest boy in all of the fifth grade”

“Oh no!” (Y/N) says, eyes growing wide with worry, “ What happened?”

“Well, he looked down at me, grabbed his grape juice, and dumped it on me, ruining my shirt, my shoes, and my wonderful Batman pants.”

“That’s horrible!” she says, cracking up at the story.

“A true tragedy, those pants were never clean again, my mom threw them away”

“I’m so sorry for your loss” she says giggling, “ but I think I can beat that story”

“Oh yeah?” I say surprised, “Try me”

She grins at the challenge and delve into a story involving summer camp and s’mores, and the rest of lunch flies by in the blink of an eye.

“I could walk you to your next class,” I say nervously after the bell rings,” I mean if you want me to”

I see the blush creep on her cheeks, and It only makes her even more adorable

“Sure Patrick,” she says, “ I would Love that”

*Thursday Morning*

“Hey (Y/N)” Patrick says with a smile as he sits down, looking me straight in the eyes.

“Hey, what’s up” I say, surprised to find I feel a lot less nervous than before.

“So um, are you free tomorrow night?” he asks, now looking uncomfortable.

My heart immediately starts fluttering, “I think so, why?”

“Well my friend Joe is having like a hang out thing at his house with a few people, I was wondering if maybe you wanted to come hang out?”

I can’t help but grin, “ I’d love to! I can give you my number and you can text me the address?”

“Sounds good” he says, also looking very happy. He pulls out his phone, and we switch numbers.

I guess I know what I’ll be obsessing over until tomorrow night.

*Friday Afternoon*

“Is this good?” I ask Paloma, twirling so she can see my full outfit through the camera.
“Girl, you look wonderful, I love how you paired the black leather pants with the flowy top- makes you looks adorable and hot, at the same time”

“Thanks Pal,” I say with a giggle, “ I’m really nervous for tonight” I confess, dropping on the bed.

“I know, but it will be fun, I promise, now go before you’re too late!”

I nod my head, say goodbye and get ready to go.

Tonight might change everything.

*Friday Night* - Patrick’s POV

“Why isn’t she here yet?” I ask anxiously, wringing my hands.

“You told her to come at 6. It's” Joe stops, checking his watch, “ 6:04, you need to chill”

“You’re right sorry. I’m fine, go hang out with the other people I’m just gonna wait”

“Alright, “ he says, standing from the couch, “ Don’t spaz out, ok?”

I roll my eyes and mutter a sarcastic thanks, eyes still pretty much glued to the door.

Five minutes later, she walks through the door, and she looks amazing.

I jump up from the couch,” Hey (Y/n)” I say, walking up to her, “I’m glad you came!”

“Me too” she says with a small smile, reaching up to adjust her beanie, “ I didn’t know what to wear so..” she trails off glancing down at herself.

“No you look perfect” I say immediately, my blush matching hers as I realize what I said.

We start talking, and we even manage to get through a whole conversation without me stuttering.

“Okay, Okay” I say finally, holding my hands up with a laugh, “ If we talk about school any longer my brain is going to explode! Let’s do something else”

“Like what?” she asks with a smile

“I don’t know… we could play truth or dare or something”

“Okay” she says with a grin, “ I like this”

We begin our game, both of us going for far more truths than dare, and I learn more about her in that hour than I’ve ever know over the last several years.

“So,” she starts nervously, looking at me after I pick truth “ Why, um, why do you stutter so much around me”

“Oh,” I say blushing,” Um, well it’s because you make me really nervous. Truth or dare?”


“Do I make you nervous?” I ask seriously.

“Yeah,” she says with a surprised laugh, “ You actually make me more nervous than anyone else I’ve ever met”

Im suprised by that, but it also kind of makes me happy for some reason.

“Truth or dare?” She asks.

“Dare” I say confidently”

She smiles shyly at me, “ I dare you to do something you’ve wanted to do for a long time”

I cock my head, thinking about what to do. I glance around the room, and suddenly I get an idea.

“Are you sure?” I ask her. She nods, looking a little confused.

I take a deep breath, lean forward, and kiss her softly.

“Um, sorry, but I’ve wanted to do that for a long time” I say, pulling away blushing.

“N-no, that was, that was good” she says blushing a brilliant red color.

“Truth or Dare”

“Truth” she says

“Why are you so nervous around me?”

She takes a deep breath, turning red again, and looks away, avoiding my eyes “ I’m so nervous around you because I really like you and I don’t want to mess that up”

I smile, relieved, as that is exactly the answer I would have given. I desperately want to kiss her again, so I decide I might as well try. I lean forward slightly and she notices, a small smile coming onto her face. She sets her drink down and looks at me through her lashes, leaning forward to meet my lips.

And that kiss was perfect. That kiss changed everything.