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I’m a Nervous Wreck (Patrick Stump)

Based Off of the Requests: Hey, first of all I just wanted to say that I love your stories so much and that I think you’re a really talented writer! Second, could you do like a high school type fic where the reader and Patrick like eachother but they are both like super nervous and it’s really fluffy <3

Monday Morning

I can’t help but smile as I see my name on the seating chart. It’s arranged in alphabetical order, just like every year, which means, just like every year, I’ll be sitting next to Patrick. I try to hide my glee as I walk back to my seat, sitting down and calming myself down to wait until he gets here. I wonder if he changed over the summer, I wonder if he’ll think I changed. We haven’t seen each other since the last day of school, two months ago, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been thinking about him. It’s possible I might have the tiniest crush on him, and in the past I’ve always been too nervous to talk to him, but this year, this year it’s gonna be different.

Right before the bell rings, Patrick walks in and immediately checks the seating chart, before shuffling back to slide in the seat next to me. He gives me a small smile, but the teacher begins to talk before he says anything.

“Good Morning class, I hope you all had a lovely summer. Now as you know, this is homeroom, so we will be meeting here every day for fifteen minutes. And the seating chart is permanent so I hope you get comfortable”

The teacher goes through rules and roll call, and then we’re given free time to talk. I see this as my chance to start a conversation with Patrick, but I suddenly find I have nothing to say. I open my mouth but nothing comes out, so I quickly drop my eyes to my desk when he glances over. Okay, maybe this year won’t be different.

“H-hey (Y/N)” Patrick says, glancing at me, “How was your summer?”

“Oh” I say, momentarily surprised out of words. “Um. it was fine. And yours?”

“It was good” Patrick replies simply. I nod in response, unsure how to respond, so we sit in an awkward silence for a second.

“Well, did you, um, do anything fun?” I ask, attempting to restart the conversation.

“Not really” Patrick says with a shrug, “Just stayed in town and hung out with friends and stuff”

I nod and wait for him to say something else, but he doesn’t. I clear my throat, trying to find something else to say, but the words die in my throat.

Patrick glanced awkwardly around the room, and looks back at me, but right as he opens his mouth, the bell rings.

“Well, I’ll see you tomorrow?” he asks quietly.

“Yeah, see you then” I say quietly, with a small smile.

I heave a sigh and walk to my next class, hoping that I can figure out how to be a little less awkward by tomorrow.


*Patrick’s POV* Monday Afternoon

“It was horrible” I groan as we push through the door’s on our way out of school.

“Im sure it wasnt that bad” Joe says, squinting in the light of the sun.

“No, it was, trust me” I complain, “We said like, twenty words in the entire fifteen minutes, and it was awkward and silent and I don’t know, it was weird”

“I thought you had some big plan about how this year was going to be different- you were finally going to talk to her, maybe even ask her out-”

“Yea well obviously I’d like that to happen” I say miserably,” But everytime I see her I just forget anything I want to say”

“Aw how adorable” Joe says in a fake sappy voice.

“Shut up,” I say, shoving him to the side, “ I can’t go through another year of this, what am I supposed to do?”

“Grow some balls and talk to her” Joe says rolling his eyes, “ Just ask her questions, girls like talking, you just have to come up with topics, and it’ll be easy after that”

“I doubt it, But I guess I’ll give it a try” I say doubtfully, sliding into the bus seat next to Joe.

I hope tomorrow’s going to be better.

Tuesday Morning

“Good morning, (Y/N)” I say with a smile, trying to stop my heart from pounding as her golden brown eyes meet mine with a nervous smile.

“Hey Patrick” she responds quietly.

“So, uh, what classes are you taking this year?” I ask nervously, trying to not sound weird, which I probably failed at.

“Oh um,” she says, looking surprised at the question, “ Well I’m taking…”

I hear her start the list of classes she’s taking, but I’m too nervous that I barely hear her words.

“Sorry, what?” I say quickly, realizing she’s staring at me, as though waiting for an answer.

“I asked what classes you had” she said, looking confused.

“Right, sorry, i’m, just kind of tired’ I give as a half hearted excuse, and answer the question.

We talk lightly about classes until the bell rings.

It wasn’t much, but at least  it was a conversation.


Wednesday Afternoon - (Y/N)’s POV

“It’s nice, actually,” I say slowly,” Just kind of strange. It’s like he’s asking me all these questions, but hardly listening to the answers”

“Im sure he’s just nervous,” Paloma says reassuringly, “At least you guys are talking”

“Yea,” I say with a smile, “ But it’s still just normal small talk, I want to be normal around him, but I’m so freaking awkward and nervous I act like an idiot every time we talk”

“No you do not,” she says sternly, “ You just have nerves, it’s okay, he does too”

“Yea but If I’m nervous like this all the time, nothing is ever going to happen” I complain

“And what is it exactly that you want to happen?” she asks grinning suggestively.

I feel my cheeks go pink,”I don’t know, but I’ve liked him for two years now, and we’re finally making a little progress, I just want, I don’t know, something more”

“And you’ll get it, I promise, it sounds like he likes you just as much as you like him, you just have to be patient, grasshopper. Now, have fun at lunch, I’ll see you later”

“Wait, you’re not staying with me?” I ask, grabbing her arm, “ I thought you changed your schedule to get into this lunch?”

“I tried, but they wouldn’t let me, I’m sorry” she says, apologetically.

“No, come on, I don’t want to sit by myself” I complain, even though I know there’s nothing she can do about it.

“Sorry, but I’ll see you in math, okay?”

I murmur an agreement and head into the cafeteria. Looks like this year I’ll be sitting alone.


*Patrick’s POV”

“Go sit with her” Joe demands, jabbing me in the shoulder


“Dude come one, she’s all alone” Chris points out.

“So you guys go sit with her” I respond defensively.

“She’s your girl” Joe says, raising an eyebrow.

“She’s not “my girl”” I say immediately.

“Okay but you want her to be” Chris says knowingly.

“Okay yes sure, but if I go over there, It’ll be 25 minutes of awkwardness and it’ll ruin what little progress I’ve made”

“Dude, all you’ve done is bombard her with questions over the last two days. If you want to build a relationship with her, you need to have real conversations” Joe says firmly, shoving me off on the bench, “ Now go sit with her!”

“You guys are dicks” I say gruffly.

“You’ll thank us later” Chris says with a smug grin. I flip the both of them off and grab my lunch off of the table and make my way across the room.

“H-hey (Y/N)” I say, clearing my throat, “Mind if I sit?”

“Of course not, sit down” she say with a relieved looking smile.

I get distracted by her smile before I realize I should probably say something.

“Where’s the girl you usually sit with?” I ask, praying that doesn’t sound rude.

“She got switched to the other lunch period, so it’s just me” she says looking a little sad.

Okay, I can do this. Cheering people up is something I’m actually decent at.

“You know, the worst lunch I ever had was the first day of fourth grade” I start.

“Oh yeah? How come?” She asks, intrigued.

“Well, I was uh, wearing these brand new pants my mom bought me right? They were bright yellow, and they had batman on the pockets, so they were clearly the coolest pants to ever exist” I say, grinning when she giggles at my joke. “ So obviously I was super proud of these pants, I mean who wouldn’t be?” I ask with a grin, feeling a little more euphoria as she continues laughing, slowly giving me more confidence. “ So I was bragging about them to the class, and when we went to lunch, I realized we were having chicken nuggets and fries- the height of luxury, so Obviously I was also excited about that too. I grabbed my tray and was racing back to my seat, because I was Batman, and so I had to be the fastest. But then, I tripped over my shoelace, and accidentally dumped my tray, ketchup and all, right down the white shirt of a boy named Jack- the scariest boy in all of the fifth grade”

“Oh no!” (Y/N) says, eyes growing wide with worry, “ What happened?”

“Well, he looked down at me, grabbed his grape juice, and dumped it on me, ruining my shirt, my shoes, and my wonderful Batman pants.”

“That’s horrible!” she says, cracking up at the story.

“A true tragedy, those pants were never clean again, my mom threw them away”

“I’m so sorry for your loss” she says giggling, “ but I think I can beat that story”

“Oh yeah?” I say surprised, “Try me”

She grins at the challenge and delve into a story involving summer camp and s’mores, and the rest of lunch flies by in the blink of an eye.

“I could walk you to your next class,” I say nervously after the bell rings,” I mean if you want me to”

I see the blush creep on her cheeks, and It only makes her even more adorable

“Sure Patrick,” she says, “ I would Love that”

*Thursday Morning*

“Hey (Y/N)” Patrick says with a smile as he sits down, looking me straight in the eyes.

“Hey, what’s up” I say, surprised to find I feel a lot less nervous than before.

“So um, are you free tomorrow night?” he asks, now looking uncomfortable.

My heart immediately starts fluttering, “I think so, why?”

“Well my friend Joe is having like a hang out thing at his house with a few people, I was wondering if maybe you wanted to come hang out?”

I can’t help but grin, “ I’d love to! I can give you my number and you can text me the address?”

“Sounds good” he says, also looking very happy. He pulls out his phone, and we switch numbers.

I guess I know what I’ll be obsessing over until tomorrow night.

*Friday Afternoon*

“Is this good?” I ask Paloma, twirling so she can see my full outfit through the camera.
“Girl, you look wonderful, I love how you paired the black leather pants with the flowy top- makes you looks adorable and hot, at the same time”

“Thanks Pal,” I say with a giggle, “ I’m really nervous for tonight” I confess, dropping on the bed.

“I know, but it will be fun, I promise, now go before you’re too late!”

I nod my head, say goodbye and get ready to go.

Tonight might change everything.

*Friday Night* - Patrick’s POV

“Why isn’t she here yet?” I ask anxiously, wringing my hands.

“You told her to come at 6. It's” Joe stops, checking his watch, “ 6:04, you need to chill”

“You’re right sorry. I’m fine, go hang out with the other people I’m just gonna wait”

“Alright, “ he says, standing from the couch, “ Don’t spaz out, ok?”

I roll my eyes and mutter a sarcastic thanks, eyes still pretty much glued to the door.

Five minutes later, she walks through the door, and she looks amazing.

I jump up from the couch,” Hey (Y/n)” I say, walking up to her, “I’m glad you came!”

“Me too” she says with a small smile, reaching up to adjust her beanie, “ I didn’t know what to wear so..” she trails off glancing down at herself.

“No you look perfect” I say immediately, my blush matching hers as I realize what I said.

We start talking, and we even manage to get through a whole conversation without me stuttering.

“Okay, Okay” I say finally, holding my hands up with a laugh, “ If we talk about school any longer my brain is going to explode! Let’s do something else”

“Like what?” she asks with a smile

“I don’t know… we could play truth or dare or something”

“Okay” she says with a grin, “ I like this”

We begin our game, both of us going for far more truths than dare, and I learn more about her in that hour than I’ve ever know over the last several years.

“So,” she starts nervously, looking at me after I pick truth “ Why, um, why do you stutter so much around me”

“Oh,” I say blushing,” Um, well it’s because you make me really nervous. Truth or dare?”


“Do I make you nervous?” I ask seriously.

“Yeah,” she says with a surprised laugh, “ You actually make me more nervous than anyone else I’ve ever met”

Im suprised by that, but it also kind of makes me happy for some reason.

“Truth or dare?” She asks.

“Dare” I say confidently”

She smiles shyly at me, “ I dare you to do something you’ve wanted to do for a long time”

I cock my head, thinking about what to do. I glance around the room, and suddenly I get an idea.

“Are you sure?” I ask her. She nods, looking a little confused.

I take a deep breath, lean forward, and kiss her softly.

“Um, sorry, but I’ve wanted to do that for a long time” I say, pulling away blushing.

“N-no, that was, that was good” she says blushing a brilliant red color.

“Truth or Dare”

“Truth” she says

“Why are you so nervous around me?”

She takes a deep breath, turning red again, and looks away, avoiding my eyes “ I’m so nervous around you because I really like you and I don’t want to mess that up”

I smile, relieved, as that is exactly the answer I would have given. I desperately want to kiss her again, so I decide I might as well try. I lean forward slightly and she notices, a small smile coming onto her face. She sets her drink down and looks at me through her lashes, leaning forward to meet my lips.

And that kiss was perfect. That kiss changed everything.